Alex Rider (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode One

1 [MUSIC.]
MICHAEL: Parker? Well, I'm on my way.
Okay, Dad.
I'll see you later.
You got plans today? There's an exhibition at the Rubin.
Faith and Empire.
Sounds interesting.
I thought so.
Well, maybe we could get lunch or something later.
I'd like that.
Suzie, change of plans.
Cancel my 3:00 with Senator Andrews and tell Parker we gotta reschedule our lunch.
And get the jet ready for a trip to London.
BLUNT: This is Alan Blunt.
Leave a message.
Yeah, Alan, it's Michael Roscoe here.
I need to talk to you.
It's, um It's a little difficult to explain.
It's about Parker.
I'm coming to London.
I think I may be going out of my mind.
Set our eyes west ♪ Chase the sunset ♪ Hint of wine on my breath ♪ And you got ♪ Your hand on my hand ♪ Lips to my ear ♪ Whisper "Switch to 5th gear" ♪ I will ♪ Aye, look ♪ Cosa Nostra in a Tesstarossa ♪ Pull me closer ♪ Baby, don't let go ♪ Get away ♪ From where we came from ♪ Where we'll end up ♪ I don't know ♪ We got the whole world ahead ♪ And the old world behind ♪ Nothing in the rear view ♪ But wasted time ♪ Steal my heart ♪ I promise I won't tell ♪ And if I steal your kisses ♪ Baby, pay my bail ♪ We got the whole world ahead ♪ And the old world behind ♪ Whole world ahead ♪ And the old world behind ♪ Whole world ahead ♪ And the old world behind ♪ You're the whole world ♪ And the world is mine ♪ [CAGE THE ELEPHANT'S "READY TO LET GO" PLAYING.]
Not doing it.
Hey, come on, mate.
- No.
- Two minutes.
Just two minutes' worth of film.
Haven't you got a lesson to go to? - No, we can get it on the walk.
- Oh The thing I most remember about Tom at school was his creative determination, you know, his drive.
That's what really set him apart.
Just talking about it now, almost as if I can still see him, like right in front of me.
If you don't take it seriously it's gonna look stupid.
It is stupid.
How can you do a making-of documentary when you haven't actually made any movies? It's called "shooting out of sequence", mate.
It's called "get someone else to do it.
" Very witty, smart.
Looks good on you.
- Well, it was Jahid's idea.
- Get Jahid to do it then.
Jahid actually had another idea.
Actually, he said, "Oh, that's a really good idea, Tom.
" "Maybe we should get some footage tonight at the party - that Ayisha's going to.
" - What? That perked you up a little bit.
I knew that would work on you.
- Which party? - Typical, so predictable.
You won't do anything for your friends, but the ladies When we talk about the classics, we think about ominous, dusty, Victorian tomes and forget that these books were written to be enjoyed.
How come Jahid knows about the party - but doesn't know where it is? - Because he's not invited.
He was in a stall in the girls' toilets when he overheard Lianne tell Kellie she and Ayisha were going.
What was Jahid doing in the girls' toilets? That's what you're choosing to focus on here? Interesting.
How can we go to the party if we don't have an address? Who says I don't have an address? BOSWELL: Phone.
Right now.
No, I was getting my phone out to You know the rules.
See you tomorrow, gents.
Come on, man.
We all have our own particular set of skills.
This is definitely a more your-skills kind of thing.
You got it confiscated, you get it back.
The lights are low.
You're next to Ayisha.
The magic starts to happen.
Or a horror movie marathon and a long cold shower.
It's your call.
The city's burning down ♪ While you come and watch ♪ They would diagnose you sick ♪ For a common cough ♪ When you're on your deathbed ♪ Till you run it off ♪ So how we ever gonna win? ♪ The city's burning down ♪ The city's burning down ♪ The city's burning down ♪ The city's burning down ♪ Everything all right, Tom? Yep.
Yes, sir, all good.
- All right.
Get home safe.
- Will do.
The city's burning down ♪ Burning down ♪ The city's burning down ♪ Everybody's famous ♪ They're all superstars ♪ 'Cause their Instagram ♪ Account says who they are ♪ Who's got the bigger watch ♪ Who's got the newer car ♪ Don't know where they're ♪ Going but they're moving fast ♪ - Excuse me.
So sorry.
Can I borrow your phone? - No.
- No, like really quickly, just like two minutes.
- No.
nothing about their money ♪ Won't do nothing for free ♪ You need to know ♪ Where you're going ♪ If you're coming ♪ With me ♪ The city's burning down ♪ While you come and watch ♪ They will diagnose ♪ I need to make an emergency call.
I'll give it back to you.
Till you run it off ♪ So how we ever ♪ Gonna win? ♪ The city's burning down ♪ Don't do anything like calling Australia - or anything like that.
- No, no, no.
burning down ♪ The city's burning down ♪ [BUZZING.]
The city's burning down ♪ - Got it.
- Abort, abort, abort.
burning down ♪ The city's burning down ♪ The city's burning down ♪ Alex? Uh Hi.
For heaven's sake, Alex, what were you thinking? - I forgot my coursework.
- Don't lie.
Tom's phone got confiscated.
All I was doing was getting it back.
By breaking into school? - Seemed like a plan at the time.
You should answer that.
And put it on speaker phone, please.
- Yeah? - EDDIE: You and Alex coming to the party? I texted you.
Tom and Alex won't be available for any parties this weekend.
They've got a lot of revision to be getting on with.
Put that in the glove box, please.
- Come on.
- Actions have consequences.
Put it in the glove box.
ALEX: There's no food in the fridge.
JACK: Your uncle looked a little uptight.
He's always uptight.
- What did you do this time? - Nothing.
- That's a lie.
- Okay, something.
It's just he wants me to be just like him.
What's wrong with that? Jack, come on.
He's the world's most boring man.
He works at a bank.
His casual wear is gray.
You guys go scuba diving in the Med.
Canopy climbing in the jungle.
And that thing with the yurts and the camel dung, that was not boring.
It was disgusting, but it wasn't boring.
- What is that? - It's just cutlery? - Is that how you set the table? - It's takeout.
It's dinner that I cooked from scratch.
You mean you forgot to buy food again? I had stuff.
Important stuff.
So, what we're gonna do is we're gonna take this wok and take a little sauce out of here and put it here.
We're gonna throw all these empty containers into the trash and we're never gonna speak of this again.
You really have this down to a fine art.
Shut up.
Oh, by the way, you owe me half.
You were supposed to buy food.
If I chip in for this, can you talk to him? Come on, Alex.
You have to fight your own battles.
REPORTER: Is it difficult time, Mr.
Roscoe? I thought we had a no-devices-at-dinner rule? This is work.
Michael Roscoe was a client of ours at the bank.
ALEX: Parker looks so weird in a suit.
How do you know Parker Roscoe? I'll see if I can find it.
This is called Having Your Cake and Eating It.
Everybody needs cake.
MICHAEL: An operation of this magnitude takes a lot of people, but I'd especially like [PARKER LAUGHING.]
Parker, what is the matter with you? [PARKER LAUGHS.]
MICHAEL: I'm so sorry.
Hey, Dad, say "cheese".
- Ooh.
It kind of puts things into perspective, like getting your mate's phone back from school isn't such a big deal.
When was this? - Like last year.
- Mm-hm.
Oh, his dad had some hissy fit and sent him off somewhere to get straightened out.
And now he's in a suit.
Sent him off somewhere? What do you mean? You know, like a boot camp.
That sounds like a good idea, doesn't it, Jack? You remember the name? Mm No.
It was only mentioned in the comments.
Somewhere in France.
Martin, hi, yes.
Sorry to bother you so late, something's come up.
Do you remember Serenkov? Yeah, he had a son, didn't he? And there were issues there, I think, and he got sent to a school.
For troubled kids.
I think that school was called Point Blanc.
Just one sec.
Yeah, could you call our friend in Moscow and double-check? Thanks.
- You wanted a word? - I did, I did.
The school tried calling you today, - but you didn't pick up.
- Yeah, sorry about that.
It's okay, though, right? You got there.
Yeah, I did, I did.
I was just a little concerned.
Because, um Well, you know Alex, he's bright and he's determined, and he questions everything.
But he can be impulsive, and he can be irresponsible.
I need you to help set him clear boundaries.
He's not a kid anymore.
He doesn't need me to tie his shoelaces and pack his lunch and run his life.
He can do that all himself.
You hold this place together, Jack, remember that.
I got my graduation papers.
Well done.
What's ? It's been six years? - Six years.
- Six years.
Well done.
We should celebrate.
You shouldn't have cooked.
We should've got a takeaway, opened some champagne.
This was supposed to be a part-time thing.
While I got my degree.
And now you've passed.
Are you saying you want to leave? I don't want to [CELL PHONE BUZZING.]
- Sorry, it's work.
- Go on, it's okay.
Sorry, Jack.
What, he took it off you? - But that's my phone.
- ALEX: I know.
I told him, but you know what he's like.
It's just in the car.
I can get it later, it'll be fine.
All right.
Well, anyway, Jahid sorted us out the address.
I know where it's on.
You coming? I'm not allowed out.
I'm grounded.
Dude, are you serious? It's a party.
Hold on one sec.
Sorry, big man, it's just constant with Look, I'm not going by myself, man.
- If you're - I've to go back to the office.
I'll see you later? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Oh, Alex.
That, um That school you were talking about, wasn't Point Blanc, was it? Yeah.
Why? No reason, just well-remembered.
And the window of opportunity swings open.
Come on through.
- ALEX: He's quite a tosser.
- TOM: Someone might like it.
- TOM: Why don't we try it? ALEX: Um, sports.
- TOM: Yup.
- ALEX: Of course.
Of course it is.
Hey, don't try and work.
ALEX: Heh.
Hey, man, you've got your own.
Oh, no ♪ [MUSIC.]
So, what have you got? Well, it's kind of interesting, actually.
I called our friend in Moscow, but he's not there.
Turns out he's here, in London.
- Really? - Yeah.
Yeah, and he says he wants to see us.
Look, everything was normal.
We're talking, he's fine.
Then I mentioned this school of yours, there is one hell of a reaction.
What kind of a reaction? The second I mentioned Point Blanc, he clams up.
He's completely paranoid all of a sudden.
He won't say another word over the phone.
So why are we meeting at this place? Zero surveillance? Like I say, he's paranoid.
Did you shave? Why would I shave? There's nothing to shave.
Stole some cologne, though.
That's why I'm asking.
I'm the lyrical gangster ♪ Murderer ♪ Big up the crew ♪ In-a de area ♪ Murderer ♪ Still love you like that ♪ Murderer ♪ Okay.
Yes, we multiply ♪ Anyone pressed will hear ♪ The fat lady sing ♪ - Welcome to the party, man.
- This is the party.
See you in a bit.
Touch them up and go, uh-oh ♪ Ch-ch-chang-chang ♪ Here come the hotstepper ♪ Murderer ♪ [MUSIC.]
We're not expecting any trouble, are we? No.
But unexpected trouble's always the worst kind.
TOM: Nowadays, scripts are just copy and paste.
There's no real feeling behind it.
There's no energy, you know what I mean? It's just And that's what's so great about the X-Men movies.
Well, I always thought it was just mutants with superpowers.
Well, I mean, yeah, but the thing with X-Men is they're hidden in plain sight.
They walk among us, but they keep themselves to themselves.
Until they don't, and people realize and people react with fear and confrontation and paranoia.
Oh, Ayisha.
Oh, hey, uh - Alex.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Hey, uh - Hey.
- We have - Uh, history.
- Yeah.
- History together, yeah.
What is that? I think it's like beer and vodka and like whiskey.
There's a guy back there, he's making them.
Yeah, that is beer and vodka and whiskey.
Um - I'll see you around then.
- Yeah.
See you.
The X-Men, that's got real grit.
That's real.
You know? The whole thing is like a metaphor for the LGBTQ community.
I mean, just swapped superpowers for socially permissible sex.
I mean, the X-gene even kicks in during puberty.
And it's like their version of coming out, you know.
You're kind of hot.
You know that? I Well, I [VOMITS.]
Shit! Shit.
Oh, are you ? I I'm so You - [COUGHS.]
- I am gonna You stay there.
I think I pulled? - Yeah? - Yeah.
- Drink? Drink.
- Drink.
- Drink.
- Drink.
Step inside myself ♪ And dance until ♪ I drift away ♪ We just don't care ♪ Something doesn't feel right, Martin.
I agree.
MAN: Ian.
IAN: Yassen.
Small world, no? - How was New York? - YASSEN: I didn't see much of it.
Mainly the inside of an elevator shaft.
And Serenkov? Serenkov? Wasn't me.
Someone else.
Where do we go from here, Yas? Well, I'm afraid you're not going anywhere.
MARTIN: Drop the gun.
You have no idea who you're working for.
I know what I'm being paid.
You really think you're gonna be around long enough to enjoy it, do you? Drop the gun.
Who else have you told about this? No one.
He was just running down a hunch, that's all.
No one knows.
And this meeting? I hid it in the Varna files, like you asked.
I'm sorry, Ian.
I really am.
So am I.
You did very well.
Blunt's never gonna believe Varna as a cover.
Well, maybe you're right, but don't worry.
We've done this sort of thing before.
If you don't mind? [GRUNTS.]
So keep pressure on the wound and, um, breathe easy and go call it in.
I want to see him.
OFFICER: I'm sorry.
The crash was very bad.
I want to.
It's best you don't.
I don't understand.
It was a head-on collision, and your uncle was over the speed limit, so there's a lot of damage to the body.
I don't understand.
He He wouldn't [SOBS.]
We started a full forensic sweep at 1 a.
It's taking longer than we would like.
It's very clean.
We'll have ballistics later today, but it was a 9 mm pistol.
Wilby is back at the department.
He was lucky.
Let me speak to him.
JONES: And what about the boy? You do it.
First his parents, now his uncle.
JONES: Ian was more than a colleague.
He was our friend.
All of us at the bank are here for you, Alex.
They say he was over the speed limit.
I understand that was the case.
He never did that.
Sometimes people make mistakes.
Not my uncle.
Alex, if there's anything you need, anything at all, my number's on there.
Point Blanc.
I'm sorry? It's the last thing he said to me before he went out.
He wrote it on his desk.
Where was he going? I don't know.
But we'll find out.
BLUNT: So he called you? MARTIN: Yeah.
Ian said he had new information about the Varna file, and he wanted me to come with him.
- As backup? - Yeah.
So he was expecting trouble.
He didn't say.
Varna was a data-focused cyber-attack.
When we trace that all the way back, we're gonna find a sweaty Maths graduate with a broadband connection.
People like that don't carry guns and don't get the drop on people like us.
So it's obviously not that.
Well, then if it wasn't Varna, then what was it? I don't know.
He didn't mention anything else? No other connections, investigations? No.
Nothing at all.
Hi, Tom.
How is he? He's upstairs.
ALEX: No, Rider.
Yeah, well, can you check again? [KNOCKS.]
How are you doing? Well, I mean, I know you're not good.
- Um - It's all right.
I'm okay.
Look, man, I'm no good at this, so we can talk or we could watch a film I can't find where they took him.
There's no hospital record, no mortuary transfer.
There's nothing.
Mate, this really doesn't matter.
No hospital in London has any record of him being brought in.
Maybe they spelt his name wrong.
They're always doing stuff like that.
- Yeah, or maybe it didn't happen.
- What? He never went over the speed limit.
Mate, I can't imagine how hard this is for you, but But what if it's bollocks? All of it? What if it's bullshit? What if they're lying? Who? Have you got ? Have you got "Find My Phone" switched on? - What? - On your phone.
Have you got Find My Phone switched on? The battery's probably dead now.
Doesn't matter.
It will have saved the last location.
How's this gonna help? We find your phone, we find the car, maybe we can find out what really happened.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Where's that? Somewhere by the river.
Some kind of industrial estate.
Why would your uncle go there? MICHAEL: Yeah, Alan, it's Michael Roscoe.
I need to talk to you.
It's not It's not easy to explain.
It's about Parker.
I'm coming to London.
I may be losing my mind.
Roscoe's death reminded Ian of something.
Another case entirely.
Gregoriy Serenkov from Moscow.
He died in a yachting accident.
He had a son too.
And this was found in his apartment in London.
We didn't think it meant anything.
Then we found this.
That's Roscoe's study just after he died.
Point Blanc.
It's a school for troubled teenagers.
How did you make that connection? I didn't.
Alex Rider did.
Stay here.
MAN: All right! Let's wrap this up.
I want this area swept and clear by 1900.
Let's get the car printed and moved on.
If anyone asks, it's the usual cover story.
MAN: All right! Let's wrap this up.
I want this area swept and clear by 1900.
Let's get the car printed and moved on.
If anyone asks Oy! What are you doing here? Alex, leave it.
Leave him, man! Jesus Christ.
Right, who was that man? What did you see? Is it about Ian? Do they know ? What happened, man? - Can you do something for me? - What? Go home, tell Jack I'll be back later.
What? Just do it! Well, call me.
I don't have Don't have a phone.
MAN: Good evening, Alex.
- I know Krav Maga.
- Well I know shooting people in the head.
Why don't we calm down and have a cup of tea and a chat? BLUNT: Well, this is very embarrassing, isn't it? He sees straight through our cover, traces his uncle's car to the scene of his death with remarkable ingenuity.
Gives one of our agents a broken nose for trying to apprehend him then follows you all the way across London and finds his way here.
I find it very impressive.
He's a walking security breach.
An emotionally unstable teenager who knows who we are and who assaulted one of our people.
And isn't that exactly what we need? An emotionally unstable teenager? [MUSIC.]
BLUNT: So he didn't work in a bank, obviously.
He worked for us.
And who are you? BLUNT: Who do you think we are? Security Services.
MI6 or something.
Or something is about right.
My name's Alan Blunt.
I'm in charge of this department.
We are a specialized subdivision of the British Secret Intelligence Service.
MI6 gather information, we apply it.
We take care of the bigger picture, and we use any means necessary.
And your uncle was one of our very best field agents.
He lied to me.
My whole life.
Who he was, what he did.
Secrecy is an occupational necessity in our line of work.
Your uncle was shot and killed doing his job.
There was no car crash, obviously.
But you know that already because you are very much your uncle's nephew.
And why does that matter anymore? Because there's something we'd like you to do for us.
- What? - A job.
You want me to help you? He died in some scummy warehouse because of you.
You can piss off.
All of you can piss off.
Just pick up the phone in the morning, Alex, if you change your mind.
This is just wrong.
The world is changing, Mrs.
If we play by the old rules, we're going to lose the new battles.
Alex? He shouldn't have died.
I know.
He shouldn't.
They shouldn't have let him.
Sweetie, it was an accident.
No one can stop that.
It wasn't.
Someone did this.
Someone did this to us.
- [SIGHS.]
- MAN: Jack Starbright? - JACK: Yeah? MAN: Home Office Immigration Department.
- Mind if we come in? - JACK: Uh, I suppose.
May we see your passport and visa, please? - JACK: Why? - Your passport, Miss Starbright.
This won't take long.
ALEX: What's all this about? - Yeah, this looks fake.
- JACK: What? I'm afraid this visa is not valid.
We have a deportation order in your name, Miss Starbright.
How long have you been working as a housekeeper? - WOMAN: Alex Rider? - Yeah? Child Protective Services.
Can I come in? I suppose.
OFFICER: Not wrong, I can assure you.
What's all this about? You were told about the care order? No.
What? There's no longer a responsible adult in the house.
- We have to relocate you.
- Relocate me? - You should've been told.
- I'm here with him.
I don't need anybody Got an overnight bag you can gather? Some clothes and a toothbrush? POWELL: You're not help Wait.
Wait! Wait! Wait.
Just wait.
A moment.
I don't even need to dial, do I? You're listening right now.
I was gonna come in.
I was already going to.
All you've done is show me what kind of people you are.
But I'll do it, all right? I'll do it.
Call off the dogs.
Go ahead.
- What the hell? What was that? - Jack, I have to go out.
Alex, tell me what's happening.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'll be right back, I promise.
- Alex.
- You saw what they can do.
They can deport you, take you away.
I'll be right back, I promise.

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