Alexa & Katie (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

New Year's... Whoops

1 [ALEXA] It was New Year's Eve in my beautiful new room, and life was good.
Three months ago, I could barely sleep because I was waiting for my test results.
Now I could barely sleep because I was so excited for my sweet 16 party, and the year ahead.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Hey! According to my checklist, Taboo is in your closet.
Ha-ha! Yeah, I can't wait to rule game night! [CHUCKLES] It is your New Year's tradition.
Yeah, I do love to start every New Year dominating.
[CHUCKLES] Put your clothes away! Oh, that's crooked.
Just warmin' up! She's crazy, but she's right.
Ladies and gentlemen live and in person, put your hands together for the paycheck that gets me over the $2,000 mark, - and gets me to London! - Congratulations! - Oh, take our photo! - Okay.
[ALEXA] Yass! Now one of the three of us.
[CAMERA CLICKS] [GIGGLES] I'm so proud of you for making this happen.
I'm proud of me too.
By the way, I'm going to want another photo of me at school making my payment for the trip.
On its due date.
Are these the centerpieces for your party? Yeah, so I finally picked a theme Mardi Gras! Yeah, it's fun and crazy and a little too loud.
Like me.
And it's a celebration.
You know, with you being healthy and everything you've been through, you'll have a reason to party.
[DOOR KNOCKING] Hey, Lex, can I borrow your curl-defining cream? It's your curl-defining cream.
I know.
I'm really here to tell you that I'm going to an epic New Year's Eve party.
[CHUCKLES] Seniors only.
Yeah, well, I think you're having a senior moment because that's the hundredth time you've told me.
Enjoy whatever sad things sophomores do on New Year's Eve.
Well, you know what? In two years, we're going to be seniors and you're going to be a sophomore again.
Yeah, it checks out.
In two years, they'll still be talking about how historic tonight was.
Oh, and don't ask me about the awesome tradition that happens at midnight 'cause I'm sworn to senior secrecy.
Everybody jumps in the freezing lake with their clothes on! [LAUGHS SOFTLY] [GASPS] I've said too much.
I can't wait to turn his room into a yoga studio.
Who cares about being a senior? With your birthday party and my London trip, this is going to be the best year of our lives.
I'm gonna keep doing this whole wanting stuff and going after it thing.
From now on, I'm being bold.
- Hmm.
I like it.
- Yeah.
No excuses, no fears, just me out there, getting what I want.
Right now, do you want to get to work? Because you're gonna be late.
Oh! I do! And boldly! I've got you When I can't take it any longer You make me feel stronger I've got you When I can't take it You make it so much better We'll do this together Oh-oh-oh We'll do this together I've got you Oh-oh-oh We'll do this together [SPRITZING] I added a little extra whipped cream to your mocha.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, I'm being bold.
I ordered black tea.
So you did.
Oh, nice! Extra whipped cream.
[BARRY WHISTLING] Barry seems happy.
That's unsettling.
Yeah, well, it's time to take down the Christmas decorations.
[CHUCKLES] Or, as he calls it, "The most wonderful time of the year.
" Now I'm going to go de-holiday the roof.
You're back! Oh, how was your Christmas? Great! My grandma and I got food poisoning from old lettuce! So we had tons of time to catch up.
Christmas in Chicago was fun too.
Well, not as fun as throwing up with your grandma, but you can't have it all.
Hey, I'm getting your drinks right now.
[THUD] Did someone just push Frosty off the roof? Barry's taking the decorations down.
Still murder in my book.
Did I mention that Ryan gave me the sweetest gift? You mean the eight texts that said, "Ryan gave me the sweetest gift"? What did you say to him when you opened it? Well, I didn't see him when he dropped it off, so I just texted him thank you.
- Oh! What did he text back? - Um "Glad you like it.
" Then Katie replies, "I really do!" Ryan: "So happy to hear that.
" - "Happy you're happy to hear that.
" - "Oh, good!" - "Good, good.
" - "Cool!" - "Cool!" - "Well, thanks again.
" "You're welcome again.
" And it goes on like that for another 50 or 60 texts until this morning when Katie sent: "Going to work.
" That's so romantic! Or just endless banter between two people who really like each other, - but are too chicken to say how - I really like Ryan! - [HANNAH] Really? - [ALEXA AND REAGAN] Finally! - [SIGHS] I guess I always have.
- [HANNAH] Yeah! I just didn't want things to be weird and ruin our friendship.
So what's the next move? Because these texts have to stop.
I'm going to tell Ryan how I feel.
Yeah, that's what a bold person does.
I just need to find a quiet moment between us when we get back to school.
Are you crazy? It's New Year's Eve.
Ask him to hang out and do it during the fireworks.
Yeah, yeah, you're right.
Okay, I'll text him.
Or you can tell him now.
Hey! - [KATIE] Oh! - [GIRLS] Hey! Okay.
Uh, I just thought I'd stop by since Katie said she was working.
Yeah, it's great to see you, Ryan.
[CHUCKLES] It's good to see you.
And the text chain lives on.
Hey, what are you doing for New Year's tonight? Want to hang with me and watch the fireworks? Yes! I mean [CHUCKLES] sure.
I mean [CLICKS TONGUE] Yeah, I could probably make that work.
[THUD] We can watch the fireworks from the roof! I'm in! [CHUCKLES] Me too! [GIGGLES] So who all's gonna be there? Like, you and me [GIGGLES] Yep, yep, you - You and me - [BOTH CHUCKLE] and Alexa and Hannah and Reagan.
Oh, so it's a group thing! Yeah, that's fine.
[LAUGHS] A group thing can be fine.
Is it is it safe up there? Good question 'cause I do not want to fall through another roof.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Well, uh I'll see you later then.
[KATIE CHUCKLES] That was amazing.
But how dare you invite us! Wasn't it, so you could tell him that you like him? And I'm going to.
I just thought it'd be easier to be bold with my friends around.
But this means we have to figure out a way to get the roof key from Barry.
You know what? I'm just gonna tell him I need the keys.
[SIGHS] You are bold.
Um - I am a hard worker.
- No.
- This is important.
- No.
Hear me out.
Fifty cents more an hour.
No, I just wanna watch the fireworks from the roof tonight with a few friends.
- No.
- I'll be responsible.
- Roof only.
You can trust me.
- Fine.
Huh? Ha! Yay! - [KATIE CHUCKLES] - [KEYS JINGLE] Lock up first, no drinks, and make sure it looks exactly like it does right now.
Actually cleaner.
This place is disgusting.
This is so exciting! I'm able to stay up until next year playing games! - [DAVE CHUCKLES] - Yup! - [JACK SCREECHES IN DELIGHT] - Jack! You just got your cast off.
Remember how you broke your arm in the first place? Running around Dave and Laurie's couch.
Oh! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [LUCAS SIGHS] What a day! Or getting ready for "What a night!" Ha-ha! Party prep started with an 8 a.
run, followed by the gym, a haircut, and practiced my entrance for the party tonight.
[SOFTLY] Ooh! And it is good.
Hey, Mom and Dad.
Happy New Year's Eve.
How are you? This party is a big deal.
- Seniors only.
- [BOTH] We know! Look, I'm sorry I'm missing game night, but staying in is an old person thing.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go soak my feet and take a nap.
[JENNIFER] All right, it's time to draw for teams.
[LAURIE] Well, listen, whoever is my partner needs to look alive, all right? I'm not about to lose my five-year winning streak.
Oh, Dave.
All right! We've got our teams! [CHUCKLES] Wait.
I got Laurie! Oh, my first game night and I'm partners with the champ! All right, Jack.
Come on, huddle up, all right? We've gotta talk Pictionary strategy.
We should have a team handshake.
[EXHALES] Already seeing that team chemistry.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [ALEXA] This is so romantic.
New Year's Eve on a rooftop.
[HANNAH] Under the stars.
Perfect view of the abandoned tire factory.
So, I figured out how to tell Ryan I like him.
I'm gonna walk right up to him and say "Hey, Ryan.
You know how you crack a peanut and there's usually two nuts and not just one?" Oh, no.
[JACK] Um a watch? No.
Um, a robot? - A robot watch? - [BUZZER RINGS] [BOTH] That's a stop light.
- Oh, yeah, I see it now.
[GIGGLES] - [LAURIE] Yeah! Well, you guys win.
[DAVE] New champs! [BOTH CHORTLE] Look at me.
I'm winning.
I'm like the new Laurie.
Oh, no, no, no.
[CHUCKLES] No, I'm still the Laurie.
We're not done.
You still have to play Speak Out.
Come here.
[CLEARS THROAT] All right.
This is important.
So you've gotta listen, all right? All you have to do is figure out the words I'm trying to say.
Wow, this is easy.
I understood almost all of that.
How many points do we get? - We're not playing yet.
- Oh! Okay.
I'm gonna have to put the mouthpiece in, and it's gonna be really hard to understand me, so you've got to really focus on the syllables and the emphasis.
Got it, teammate.
Let's do that after we win.
Okay, here we go.
All these years, I never realized how beautiful your gums are.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [ALL LAUGHING] [MUFFLED] A conference for fans of mannequins.
[JACK LAUGHS UNCONTROLLABLY] [MUFFLED] A conference for fans of mannequins! [CONTINUES LAUGHING] She's saying words, but I can't understand them! [JACK CONTINUES LAUGHING] Oh! Nothing like the sound of your child's laughter.
This is a disaster.
Hey, guys.
- [GIRLS] Hey! - [KATIE] Hey! Welcome.
New Year's Eve.
Know what I'm saying? [CHUCKLES] Be right back.
What's the plan? You guys said you'd come up with something.
We're still working it out, but just stall him with small talk.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It's really incredible up here.
- Oh, thanks.
- Yeah, great idea.
I didn't even know Wired had a roof until I started working here.
I'm gonna be right back.
Uh what have you got? I think you're gonna like it.
Picture this: [ALEXA] You're cool.
You're calm.
You found something to stand on, like a stage.
You'll get everyone's attention and confidently announce: "I have something important to say.
" [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [REAGAN] Then Hannah will play a song.
[ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYING] That's your cue to look at Ryan and tell him [ALEXA] I should have said this sooner, and I can't hold it back any longer! [REAGAN] Then say it, Katie! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [ALEXA] When we first met, I thought you were really cool.
Now that I've gotten to know you, I know you're more than cool.
You're one of a kind! [REAGAN] Aww! You're one of a kind too.
I guess that makes us two of a kind.
[ALEXA] Yeah, we are.
That's why I have to tell you how I feel.
I like you, Ryan.
I really like you with every bit of my heart! Pretty great, right? [GASPS] It's perfect, and I'm gonna make it happen, right now.
[SIGHS] Excuse me.
Attention, please.
Got something to say.
Listen up, people! Uh, I I'm saying something now.
[CHUCKLES] [KATIE SEARCHING FOR WORDS] Wow, my tongue is super, super dry.
Just one sec.
I know the Heimlich, but I just ironed this.
So, it's not a complete disaster.
While you were coughing, I noticed Ryan was looking at you.
Yeah, yeah.
[MUFFLED] Pugs practice jumping rope.
- Pugs practice jumping rope! - [DAVE] Woo! She's right! [MUFFLED] Bees have little knees.
Bees have little knees! Woo! - [BUZZER RINGS REPEATEDLY] - [JENNIFER CHUCKLES] I feel like I've found my calling! The scoreboard agrees.
Uh, Nobody's Puppets, 30 points.
Team Laurie Zero! We know we have zero, Dave.
[SIGHS] Okay, listen.
We're not done, all right? [CLEARS THROAT] Little partner! All right.
Time to rally! [YELLS] I said it's time to rally! Did we win? No, sweetie.
We killed you.
Good job, Mom.
All right.
Come on, you.
Time for bed.
[LAURIE] No, no! It's not even midnight! Okay? I've got more games.
Yeah, we've got Boggle, and we have Catch Phrase.
Thank you.
All right.
Honey, play me in Yahtzee! All or nothing.
Babe, I'm so tired.
I choose nothing.
That's because you're scared! I win by forfeit! Laurie, one.
[CHUCKLES] What did you want to show me? I have a new way to tell Ryan I like him.
I'm writing "I like you, Ryan" in the foam of a latte.
It's romantic, and playful [BITTERLY] and surprisingly hard to execute.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Are all of these your fails? I like to call them my stepping stones to success.
Well, I'm going to help myself to a cup of "I like " errrrr.
This is a really cute idea, but while you're down here, Ryan is up there listening to Hannah talk about her My Little Pony fan fiction.
You guys, it's almost midnight! You're gonna miss the fireworks.
Uh Okay, okay.
Forget the lattes.
I'm just going to go up there and tell Ryan I like him, right before the fireworks.
That's a great idea, and you'll look so good in that lighting.
Really? Thank you! You too.
- Oh, really? - Really.
- We should go.
- Oh, yeah.
[KATIE SIGHS AND CLEARS THROAT] I just I just need a second to get in the zone.
Good luck.
- Oh, here we go! - All right! You've got this.
[ALL] Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one! - Happy New Year! - [FIREWORKS] [PARTY HORNS BLOWING] - Hi, Ryan.
- Hey, Katie.
Happy New Year.
I just thought I wanted to say Happy New Year! Happy New Year to you, too.
[EXHALES] Wow! Ha! "Quail!" Ha-ha! 45 points.
[LAUGHS] That's what happens when you leave a triple word open.
Oh, honey, I'm so glad you came back down to play with me.
It's only slightly worse than the nightmare I was having.
" Three points.
Honey, you should have put it next to the S and gotten a double word score! - You're letting me win, aren't you? - Happy New Year! I love you! Hoo-hoo-hoo! I'm ready for my epic party.
So glad I took that nap.
Have you been upstairs this whole time? Don't wait up.
I'll see you in the new year! [CHUCKLES] Have fun at your little game night.
- Should we stop him? - No! I wanna see how this plays out.
Why does my phone say 1 a.
? [SCOFFS] Why do I have 47 messages? Why are there pictures of people at the party? Why are they already crawling out of the lake? Because you slept through everything.
- [BLOWS PARTY HORN] - [BOTH] Happy New Year! I'm not in any of these pictures! What am I going to tell people? Tell them the truth.
You're a sleepy boy.
What do I do now? I'm wide awake.
You could join us in Scrabble.
Now you're just being mean.
This was fun.
I'm looking forward to your birthday.
Thanks for the invite.
You know, you're really going all out.
Well, with everything that's happened, it makes turning 16 that much sweeter.
What's happened? Uh You know, things and stuff.
I love our super vague conversations.
- [KATIE] That was fun.
- [BOY] I know.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Hey, latte to go? We've got tons left over.
- No, thanks.
- Yeah, enjoy.
Bye, guys.
Happy New Year! I'm sorry you didn't get to tell Ryan how you feel.
You know, it's it's not over.
I just realized that I'm not a big public moment girl.
Ha! You are not.
I was just agreeing with you.
Look, tonight didn't turn out the way I was imagining, but when the time's right, I'll pull him aside and talk to him.
Just the two of us.
You know, start with my peanut story.
He'll get it.
And I'll tell him I like him.
Yeah, if it's meant to be, it'll be.
Well, when you get the chance, don't even think about when you choked on your latte.
That was so last year.
Thank you.
[CHUCKLES] - [ALEXA] Happy New Year! Love you! - Bye! [RYAN] I think that's everything.
Oh, you got the lights! Thanks.
Need anything else? The two of us got it from here.
You know what? I do need help.
Yeah, could you go unlock the door? [MOUTHING] - Good night, Ryan.
- Good night! [KATIE SIGHS] - [KEYS JINGLING] - [RYAN HUFFS] [KATIE] It's It's kind of peaceful when the lights are down.
[RYAN] Yeah, it is.
I like it.
[KATIE] Yeah.
[CHUCKLES] You know Uh, well Well, you know how when you crack open a peanut, there's usually two nuts inside, and not just one? Yeah.
Yeah? Okay! Well, yeah.
See, I knew you'd get it! [CHUCKLES] So there's something I wanted to tell you all night.
You can tell me.
Ryan I really like Oh, my gosh.
The latte machine! Oh, my! [SCREAMS] Okay! I forgot to check the dial! I was supposed to turn it off if it got to 11, and it's at 15! - What happens at 15? - Oh! That.
[RYAN WHIMPERS] Aah! Ooh! Hot! Um - [RYAN] Yeah.
- Okay.
Oh, my God! Oh, it's a fire! Fire! I I I've got it! Okay.
- The pin.
- [KATIE] Move! [SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS] - [RYAN HUFFS] - [KATIE SOBS] So uh you were going to say something? - I'm in big trouble.
- Yeah.
We'll do this together SDH created by: Chiranjib Sahoo