Alfred Hitchcock Presents s03e07 Episode Script

Enough Rope for Two

Good evening, television addicts.
Thank you for your kind attention.
Please don't jump to conclusions.
We have not joined the stampede for Western stories.
Tonight's story does take place in the Far West.
But it is not about cowboys and their playmates.
I feel that the cow has been very much overrated as a performer.
By way of further contrast, my portion of tonight's potpourri will have a definite Eastern flavor.
Now for an amazing demonstration.
Charles! I can see that this is especially useful when you have a place you want to get away from, but no place you want to go to.
He doesn't seem to be coming down.
Perhaps we'd better have our play.
It will begin in a moment and is called "Enough Rope for Two.
" I hope you appreciate how skillfully we have woven the theme throughout our introduction.
Who is it? It's me.
Joe's out.
He got out yesterday.
I know.
You haven't heard from him? He hasn't been here? Don't lie to me if he has, Madge.
Would I lie to you? He's the only one that knows where that money is.
If you double-cross me Double-cross you! You're just the boy to talk, aren't you, Maxie? And I was the girl to listen! "What would you rather have, Madge? "$50,000 and Joe, or the whole hundred and me.
" You were a real nice boy, Maxie.
A dreamboat.
Well, I planned it, didn't I? Any chump with a gun could've pulled what he did.
Then why didn't you do it? And maybe he isn't the chump we thought he was.
He didn't leave the money where we were supposed to pick it up, did he? Maybe he had plans of his own.
That doesn't make him any different than me.
I want my share now.
I've waited 10 years for it, too.
But not in San Quentin where you put him when you tipped off the police.
"We'll pick up the money and you'll be clear, Joe.
" "We'll meet in Las Vegas and split.
" Why don't you go back to the bank and crawl into your cage? You listen to me.
He'll come here After 10 years? I'm not 22 anymore, I'm 32 and he's got $100,000.
Joe, I wonder what changes 10 years have made in the way you moved, the way you looked.
I can see the changes they've made in me.
Joe You're all dressed up.
Expecting someone? I was expecting you.
Ever since I read about it.
Come in, Joe.
Come in.
Sit down.
You're thinner.
I'm older.
So are you.
But you don't look it.
I'm glad you don't think so.
Can I get you something? A drink? Sure! lt'll have to be gin.
That's all I have.
Gin was never your drink.
It was Maxie's drink.
You ever see Maxie? He drops in once in a while.
He was the only one I could talk to about you.
I've been so lonely, Joe.
I was afraid you'd forget me.
You look so tired.
I'll bet you haven't even eaten.
Why don't you wash up and I'll go downstairs and get some pizza and stuff and then we can talk and think about a place for you to stay.
I haven't had that worry in a long time.
I won't be long.
I wonder who that can be? I was followed, but I thought I shook him.
You'd better see.
Hi, Madge.
I just dropped by to Joe! Joe.
Boy, am I glad to see you! Hey, no wonder you're all dolled up.
When did you get out, Joe? Why didn't you call me, Madge? He just got here tonight.
It's been a long time, huh? Yeah.
I'm sorry you had to do it alone, Joe.
Why? It wouldn't have made it any easier.
I don't know whether Madge told you or not, but I'm afraid we got bad news for you, Joe.
We haven't got the money.
We looked for it in Barstow.
We went through all those lockers.
Including the one you were supposed to use.
I didn't leave it there.
Why not? I lost my nerve, I guess.
I was afraid of Madge being picked up.
That money was never recovered, Joe.
Where did you leave it? About 100 miles out in the middle of the Mojave Desert.
That's why you were driving a truck when they picked you up.
Did you try to pull a fast one, Joe? I told you.
I thought something would go wrong.
And something did.
The Las Vegas police.
One of them was even playing desk clerk at the motel when I went in to register.
The messenger gave a pretty good description of you.
They issued an All-Points Bulletin.
I knew it.
That's why I couldn't risk Barstow.
I heard it on the car radio.
So did we when we were leaving Barstow to meet you.
It's a good thing you didn't.
If you'd walked into that motel and asked for me, they'd have had you, too.
Well, the main thing is you're out and the money is safe.
We drink to the future, huh, Joe? Whose future? All of us.
Look, Joe.
I've waited for that money as long as you have.
I'm entitled to my share.
With one difference.
You waited out here.
I did my waiting in a cell.
That's not my fault.
The money's still only half yours.
I don't think so.
Well, you better think again, mister.
You're here for one thing, you need help.
You need a car, you need clothes, you need a stake.
You've gotta get that money and get out of the country as fast as you can.
You needed me before and you need me now.
All right, Maxie.
I need you.
$25,000 worth.
That's what you get at the bank, isn't it? A little extra for Madge and me.
Because she's been waiting, too, haven't you, honey? Take it, Maxie.
Take it or leave it.
I'll let it rot before you get any more of it.
Let it rot the way I rotted.
All right.
When do we leave? Tomorrow morning, it's the weekend.
Where is it? I told you.
In the Mojave desert.
After 10 years, you can still find that spot? I can find it.
You're the banker.
Look under Classified.
A small truck, four-wheel drive.
What else? Work shirts, denims, shoes.
What the weekend prospector wears.
We can pick up the rest in the town at Mojave.
I want $100.
What for? I want the feel of it, that's all.
I'm paying for everything until we get that money.
A hundred bucks, Maxie.
A hundred bucks.
Just enough to cover expenses if you steal a truck and want to take out on your own.
I kept you out of the pen for 10 years.
I took it alone.
Do you think I want to fall on a stolen car rap with a hundred grand waiting? How can you even think that, Maxie? I'll give it to you tomorrow.
I want it now.
I want to know that I can buy something if I want to.
Look, what are we fighting for? We're all going to get what we want.
Why fight now? Okay.
Where are you staying tonight? You got a place? No.
Then you'll stay with me.
A lot of people going away for the weekend, but not where we're going, not for the same reason.
I wonder if Joe and I will ever take a trip like theirs someday.
Just for fun.
Without fear.
Boy, it's hot.
You can relax.
I'll be driving the rest of the way.
We'll only be a couple of minutes, honey.
Anything else? What strand? Half inch.
What's the rope for? The money's in an abandoned mine shaft.
Sounds as good as the bank.
Why don't you go and fill this at the service station? I'll be out as soon as I get the rope.
Yeah, sure.
Let me see one of those pistols.
There you are.
Shoots a.
That's good for small game.
How about big game? Well, that depends on how close you are and how good your aim is.
I'll take it.
Give me a box of shells.
Isn't he out yet? No.
He knows.
How can he? He knows.
I tell you.
I've had a feeling all along.
He's been too easy.
He just bought a gun in there.
I saw him.
Maybe he has a reason.
The reason's us.
If he knows about me, he knows you were in on it, too.
You want me to sit here and die? Listen to me! We can still do it like we planned.
I brought this along just in case.
Now he won't do anything until we get where we're going.
When we get there, you watch me.
I'll tell you when.
Here he comes.
Put it in your purse.
Put knots into that two feet apart.
Well, we've waited a long time for this.
Is this it? Yeah.
out into nowhere.
Maxie, tie the rope on the hook, drop it down and throw the shovel down.
Joe, I didn't mean to do it.
It was a crazy thing to do.
I was sorry right after I did it.
I know.
Like I'm gonna be sorry for this.
Madge! That's what you wanted, wasn't it? All the money with one of us? Either one of us? I'm sorry, Joe.
I didn't mean to hurt you! I loved you.
Get up.
What are you going to do to me? I'll decide that later.
After I get what I came for.
Get the shovel.
Lower the twine to me when I tell you.
Then you can pull the money up.
You can get your hands on it once.
Just once! Lower the twine! Okay.
Haul it up.
$100,000 dollars.
I might get none of it or I could make sure.
I could get it all.
Joe! Joe, are you all right? Can you hear me, Joe? My leg.
I broke my leg! The rope snapped! I'll lower the twine for the rope and tie it.
It barely reached before.
Now I can't even stand.
I'll back the truck closer.
It'll reach then.
I'll lower the twine for the key.
It's coming down, Joe! You cut the rope! But you forgot I had the key! I'll throw the money down again.
You give me the key so I can get you out.
Please, Joe.
Do you want us all to die here? You'll have the money, Joe! Sure I'll have it! With a broken leg, 40 feet deep in a hole in the desert.
When you come back with somebody else to get it, next week or next month, I'll be dead.
Won't I? Well, I'm gonna die a lot easier than you.
I'm gonna die down here where it's dark and cool.
I'm not gonna die with the sun burning into that white skin.
I'm not going to be screaming out for water while it eats my eyes out.
You got $100,000, Madge! Buy yourself something with it! Buy yourself the key to a secondhand truck.
In case you're wondering what happened next, Madge Griffin was found by a uranium prospector.
So our story had a happy ending.
For the prospector, that is.
You see, he didn't find Madge for two years.
However, you'll be glad to hear that the money was in an excellent state of preservation.
Perhaps I'd better reel our little friend in.
He'll catch cold if he stays up there too long.
He's left a note.
"I just came to the end of my rope.
" That, I'm sure is enough mystery to last until next time when we shall return with another story.
Now we come to that part of the program for which you have all been waiting.
Good night.

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