Alfred Hitchcock Presents s03e09 Episode Script

The Young One

Good evening, and thank you for being so prompt.
I detest being kept waiting.
I thought you might be interested in this collection of gift selections.
They range from conventional to rare.
Here is the ever popular revolver.
It is an excellent means of establishing credit in a strange city.
It is equally useful in the removal of unwanted or unsightly persons.
Here is a jar of poison mushrooms for those smart alecks who know toadstools when they see them.
Here we have a weapon that is primitive but effective.
It is guaranteed to be 50% painless.
You, see, it takes two men to operate it and the one at this end doesn't feel a thing.
And for the Hausfrau whose aim with the family china is not what it use to be, here is a very handsome item, an exploding cream pitcher.
Says on it, "God bless our happy home.
" As for tonight's story I won't tell you whether or not any of these weapons are used.
You'll have to watch and see.
I did think I had an example of a blunt instrument to show you.
Ah, yes, what could be more blunt than the following? Honey, we've been through this before.
Why not? Look, are you going to do it or not? I can't do it, Janice.
I can't.
Why not, Stan? Why can't you? It's just not right, that's all.
Please, Stan.
You said you'd do anything for me.
You promised.
Two lemonades, fifty cents.
Well, it just so happens I didn't order lemonade.
Take them away, please.
The lemonade's all you're getting.
No alcoholic beverage under 21.
It's legal.
Oh, that.
Well, it just so happens I'm over 21.
This place makes me sick.
Come on.
Come on, I'll take you home.
We don't belong here.
Where do we belong, in kindergarten? Too young for this, too young for that.
Stan, take me away from this town, Aunt Mae, that awful house.
I can't stand it anymore.
I'll just die, that's all.
What's the use of harping on all that, Jannie? lt'll just make it tougher now.
Your Aunt Mae is not so bad.
Maybe her house is a little old fashioned, but you don't have to live there forever.
If you'd just give me a chance to get set in a job I can I told you I can't wait.
Besides it wouldn't be any different with you.
You don't want to live.
You just want to wait.
For Pete's sake, Jannie, I'm only 18.
That's true.
You know, come to think of it you're really much too young for me.
Dance with me, Stan.
I'm too young for you.
Then I'll just find somebody else who isn't.
Honey, let's go.
Janice, come on.
Come on, everybody let's give the little girl a big hand.
Please, let's go.
You know something? You're good.
I've been around a lot.
I know when something's good.
So do I.
I'm not kidding.
You're going home before you get into trouble! Don't paw me! I don't like it! I don't like a lot of things! He makes me sick.
What's your name? Mine's Janice.
Thanks, I think I will.
I'm not allowed to smoke at home.
I don't get much practice.
You're pretty and you're honest too.
It's a combination you can't find too often.
It's easy to be honest with strangers.
Look, maybe you shouldn't hang around here.
You know, like your boyfriend said you could get in trouble.
Not unless I wanted to.
You're not from around here, are you, Tex? No, I'm not from anywhere in particular.
I just sort of move along from there to here and do whatever suits me, like now.
Sounds lovely.
Take me with you.
What? Now wait a minute, sister.
You got the wrong guy.
You see, I live with this perfectly awful aunt and I can't stand it any more.
You wouldn't have to care about me, or anything like that.
I just need an escort so I can learn how to find my way around.
Looks to me like you already know how to do that.
I'm gonna check out of here before I get into trouble.
You're afraid of me.
Well, like you said, strangers can be honest.
I sure am, doll baby, so long.
You don't have to run.
I'll go.
Anyway, Stan's waiting outside for me.
How do you know? He always waits.
Is that what you like, somebody to wait for you? I would, if it were you.
Well, so long, stranger.
It still smells of dinner.
I'm sorry it turned out to be such a rotten evening.
Well, anyhow.
I'm sorry.
Good night, Jan.
Don't you want to kiss me? You'll wake Aunt Mae.
Did you really mean it about letting me kiss you? Why not? I like being kissed.
Oh, Janice, I don't understand you but I love you so.
Take me away.
Please take me away.
If you don't I swear I'll get somebody who will.
I can't stand it.
Darling, don't.
It'll be all right.
Everything will be all right.
Janice? Is that you? You've got to go.
Aunt Mae is a terror about things like this.
And don't you dare tell her where we were tonight, either.
She doesn't mind when you're with me, darling.
She trusts me.
She's not so bad.
I guess I know her better than you do.
Janice! Coming, Aunt Mae.
Take it easy, honey.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I thought you'd be asleep.
You haven't even been to bed.
I'm sort of glad.
Oh, I had such a dreamy evening.
I feel like talking.
Where were you tonight? You know.
I was with Stan.
You like Stan.
We ran into a bunch of kids and we all drove out to the lake for a while.
Oh, it was just dreamy out there.
And then we all drove back to Mr.
Pierson's and had sodas.
I was a pig.
I had two.
Thank goodness it doesn't show.
You're lying! You were at the Wooly Bear, that cheap road house.
Whatever you were drinking, it wasn't soda.
Who told you? Mr.
Pierson phoned.
He had something for me.
He was closing up.
He hadn't seen you all evening.
That doesn't prove I was at the Wooly Bear either.
I called there myself.
Why do you do these things? Why do you lie? Sometimes it's easier, I guess.
What an awful thing to say.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
You see I just told you the truth and you don't like that either.
What do you want from me? I want you to be nice.
Nice! How corny can you get! Janice, don't be fresh! I'm just being honest again.
Besides, I don't see what you're so upset about anyway.
I didn't do anything really bad.
I just wanted a little fun.
And I was with Stan.
Why don't you get angry at him? Stan loves you.
It's easy to do the wrong thing when you love someone.
You've wrapped him around your finger the way you try with everybody, even me.
But it won't work.
You're my sister's child and I've got my responsibilities.
I know.
I know.
I just don't understand you.
I've tried.
Lord knows I've tried but you always want whatever you haven't got.
I had everything I wanted once.
Everything shiny and beautiful and grand.
Not like this smelly house.
Not like you.
I want to go back where I belong! Janice, Janice, this is where you belong.
That other house, it wasn't yours.
Your mother and father were only servants there.
They lived in the gardener's cottage.
That's where you were born.
That lady in the chiffon was not your mother.
She was the lady of the house.
You know all this.
Why do you make up these stories? I remember such a beautiful party once.
With flowers and silver dishes and candles.
They invited me.
They wanted me.
What happened? Why did everything have to change? They still wanted me! I know they did! It's your fault, you took me away! It's your fault, don't you see? Stop! You're acting like a baby! I never heard of such nonsense.
Get up off that floor! You make me sick! Janice! Janice, come back here! This minute! Do you hear? Just where were you going, may I ask? I want the truth.
Back to the Wooly Bear if you must know.
Well, you're not.
Not tonight.
Not ever.
I tried to love you.
Maybe I didn't find the right way.
But it's still my job to see that you grow up properly.
Whether you like it or not! Don't try anymore.
Let me go somewhere, anywhere, away from here.
Someday you can go anywhere you like.
But right now you're going to bed! No.
Why can't you leave me alone? Just leave me alone! You waited for me this time.
I'm glad.
I'm very glad.
I am too.
I guess.
Pretty late for you to be out, isn't it Janice? Hi, Matt.
Not necessarily.
I just felt like a lemonade, that's all.
I'll bet there's one sitting in your Aunt Mae's icebox right now.
So, why don't you run along home where you belong? Go on.
Shoo! And don't think I won't check up on you later.
Mighty pretty girl.
Mighty young too.
You just passing through? Maybe you better keep right on going.
I waited for you this time.
Well, you shouldn't have.
Don't you like me? Yeah.
I like you.
Well, here we are.
Tex, take me with you, just as far as the next town.
Now, look I won't be any trouble, honest.
Are you kidding? Come on give ol' Tex a good-bye kiss.
It's really been awfully sweet of you to walk me home and I do appreciate it and I had a wonderful time.
I'm sorry I can't invite you in but Aunt Mae would be furious.
She's asleep upstairs.
You understand, don't you? Well, couldn't I come in for just a minute? Well, gee, honest I'd love to but I can't.
Your Aunt Mae won't mind.
Come on, we'll be real quiet.
Well, if you promise not to make any noise.
She's probably asleep.
Don't make a sound.
Can't see a thing.
Follow me and be quiet.
In here.
I like it in the dark better, baby.
You don't have to whisper in here.
Aunt Mae can't hear us.
Besides she wouldn't do anything to you.
She sure must be a dilly, your Aunt.
You know what's the matter with her? She's good.
She's so good she makes you sick.
Yeah, I know about people like that.
They just kill you with kindness.
And when your back's turned, they stick knives in it.
I'm not like that.
You know something? I don't know what you're like.
You're funny.
You're funny, too.
Maybe that's why I like you.
It's a pretty nice place you got here.
Why're you so set on leaving? Would you like to live here permanently? No.
Not any place.
I like visiting.
It's a lot safer.
Did you have a nice, kind family who stuck knives in your back? Yeah.
They weren't very kind about it.
You don't look scared anymore, so I think I'll blow.
Come here, Tex! This minute! This very minute! Who do you think you're talking to? Kneel down so I can look at you.
Is that what you make Stan do? Who cares about Stan? I like you better.
Now, look, baby.
Don't fool with me.
I'm not, Tex.
I like you.
Besides I'll get you a drink.
You stay here.
I thought I told you to stay out of here.
I just wanted to help you.
Say, what's eating you anyway? You were going to leave! I know you were! You can't leave yet, don't you see? Look, it's still a free country.
But that policeman, he said he was coming by here to check on me.
What if he caught you leaving? Well, so what? We're very well chaperoned.
There's always your Aunt Mae upstairs.
Yes, of course.
But Besides, you haven't had your drink yet.
You know something, you really are a kid.
Help! Help! Oh, thank goodness.
Oh, it's horrible.
What happened? Who did this? He's inside.
He would have killed me.
He tried to.
You wait here.
Now, look.
Now, look, wait a minute.
Get in there.
What happened? How'd this happen? Stay there.
What happened? He followed me home.
Oh, I should have listened to Aunt Mae.
That's a lie.
He wouldn't go away.
I was afraid he'd wake Aunt Mae.
Oh, no.
So, I gave him some milk but then But then he tried to kiss me and everything.
No, that's not Oh, it was horrible.
I fought him.
And then I screamed.
No! And Aunt Mae came down.
Officer, that's not true.
Shut up.
Go on, Janice.
He killed her.
I didn't do it, I swear it! Look, you've got to listen to me! You've got to listen to me! She must have planned it this way.
This kid's crazy.
This is Matt.
I'm gonna need some help.
I got a murder on my hands.
Why, you little Look, you can't do this! Jan.
Oh, darling, where were you? I needed you so.
I've been walking around.
I didn't know what to do.
You see, I came back.
I wanted to tell you that I changed my mind.
I wanted to take you away.
But you were gone back to To get him, I guess.
She was lying there.
Where you left her.
I didn't want to kill her.
It's just that She wouldn't leave me alone.
Well, she had me fooled.
After all anyone who would bludgeon her elderly aunt can't be all bad.
And now while I'm briefly away I'd like to show you still another lethal weapon if used in large quantities one of these can bore a person to death.
When the dosage is as limited as that there's no danger.
After all a one minute commercial never hurt anyone.
We have another play prepared to show you next week.
I hope you'll join us then.
Good night.

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