All About The Washingtons (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

You Gots the Chills

Joey, look what I found.
A card Wesley made for me in the first grade.
"I love you more than chicken nuggets.
" Wow.
Coming from a six-year-old Wes, there was no higher compliment.
He was so warm and cuddly back then.
Now when I talk to him, it's one-word answers.
He's a teenage boy.
What did you expect? To be his prom date? Why is that so frowned upon? Hey, guys, can I show you my talent show act? Oh, my baby.
Jeez! Let him breathe, Jus.
Don't ever grow up.
All right, let's see you act, Dae.
Well, I have so many talents, it was hard for me to decide.
Then I realized, I don't have to.
I can do it all.
So, check it out.
Hold on! Hold on! Dude, you know they asked me to emcee the talent contest, right? It would be easier to intro your thing, if it's an actual thing.
But more is more.
You don't understand.
This is show business, Dad.
Your dad may not have a lot of experience in show business, but he might be right about this.
Okay, I can do something with Corey.
Corey? Who's that? He's a new kid at my school, and we're already like best friends.
You and Corey can work on your act when he comes over for your playdate.
Oh, and, Dad, I met Corey's father, and he's a rapper, too.
Really? What's his name? I think he said it was Dr.
Breakneck? You're friends with Darnell Bell's kid? Jus, you know about this? No, I just text with his mom.
I didn't know who his dad was.
- What's wrong with Dr.
Breakneck? - Nothing.
Leave me and your dad alone for a minute and, here, take your bag of talent.
You know Breakneck's a thief, right? You still holding onto this? Yes, he bit my rhymes, he bit my style, even his name Breakneck.
What comes after Breakneck? Speed.
But he came after me.
Breakneck speed, huh? I never got that.
Yes, and he ran around telling people he beat me in a rap battle.
Nobody ever beat me in a rap battle.
Joey, that happened so long ago.
Nobody's gonna remember.
February 22, 1983, at The Fever and that crowd said I was the winner.
I'm sure they did.
And Daevon will learn all about that in his history class.
But you gotta put that behind you now, Joey, and set an example for your son.
I'll tell you when I set an example for my son.
February 22, 1983 at The Fever.
- Joey.
- Fine.
- Wes, what's going on? - Nothing.
- What are you up to? - Stuff.
You wanna go to the outlet mall today? Yeah, your mom wants to get a prom dress.
So, what do you say? Uh Nah.
Oh, chicken nuggets! I love these more than anything.
I don't believe this.
I know.
Those were my nuggets.
I shouldn't be doing this.
I need to stop.
But I'm not going to.
Man, even his dog is cute.
- Hey, Veronica.
- Hi.
What you doing? Um I'm just looking at this picture of a cute dog.
Aww! He's so cute.
- Like.
- Mom.
What? You just said it was a cute dog.
You can't just be liking random dogs.
I'll just go hug Daevon somewhere.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
This is so bad.
This is really bad.
What's really bad? Nothing.
Everything is fine.
Oh, my God.
This is so bad.
Veronica, you're freaking out.
What's going on? You have to swear not to tell anyone.
I swear.
I love Malik, but I met this incredibly cute guy named Blake, and I can't stop thinking about him.
You're torn between two men.
I've read about it in Russian novels, but I've never seen it in real life.
You're not gonna throw yourself under a train, are you? - What? - Anna Karenina.
Never mind.
Anyway, I was looking through Blake's feed, and mom came in and liked this picture of his dog from two years ago.
And why is that so bad? He'll get a notification that I liked it.
No one looks at pictures from two years ago unless they're a stalker.
Oh, so, you're gonna seem like a stalker because Yeah, 'cause I'm a stalker.
There's gotta be a way out of this.
It's a border collie.
Isn't it possible that you're just really into border collies? Yeah.
It's not a bad idea.
I could just say I'm a huge border collie fan, the kind that's constantly looking for pictures of border collies.
And that when I liked the picture of his border collie, I went to go see if there were more pictures of border collies on that feed, and I saw a picture of him.
- What are the chances? - Yeah.
So, I had to call him to make sure he didn't thin anything weird was going on.
This is a good plan.
Got to be better than throwing yourself under a train.
- Hey, Mr.
- Hey, Dad.
Hey, Dae.
We got our act.
- I don't know if I really wanna - Five, six, seven, eight.
- So, what do you think? - Adorable.
- That's probably my dad.
- I thought your mom was picking you up.
No, my dad said he wanted to see you.
Really? I wanna see him, too.
Hey, Dae, why don't you take your friend upstairs and lottle, dottle, dig, dig, dig some more? Speed.
Got something for you.
It's toffee.
I remember how much you had a sweet tooth.
Come on, man.
Bring it in.
It is great to see you, man.
How ridiculous would it be, if after all these years, we still had beef? Yeah.
And how crazy is it that me and you, two knuckleheads from the streets, end up being private school dads in the suburbs? Yeah, the exact same suburb I moved to first.
Um Another thing.
The principal at the kids school; he called me and he realized that he had not one, but two superstar MC dads and asked me to co-host the talent show with you.
- Co-host? - No doubt.
School ain't gonna know what hit 'em.
Ha ha! Hey, guys.
Come on, Corey.
Let's go.
All right, baby.
See you tomorrow.
Ha ha ha! Breakneck Speed! Breakneck Speed! Breakneck Speed! Breakneck Speed! It's Speed Breakneck.
Take that ship somewhere else, man.
What's going on? Principal Bagley asked that thief to co-host the talent show with me.
So, co-host a talent show.
But that was my gig.
It's a fourth grade talent show.
I was gonna rap all the kids intros.
Now what am I supposed do? Me with another dude on stage, trading off lines, that's gonna seem weird.
Joey, I'm gonna need you to act like a reasonable adult here.
Everybody's against me.
Hey, Wes.
Mom, do we have a thermometer? What's going on? I was over at Derek's, and I started feeling bad all of a sudden, like like achy and the chills.
I think I need you to make me some soup.
You You need me? Yeah.
Can you feel my forehead, please? Do I have a fever? - Yes! - I mean, yes.
Go on upstairs and I'll be right there to give you whatever you need.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Do you realize how great this is? Our son is sick and this is good? Yeah, because I can take care of him.
We'll have plenty of time to talk.
He'll be all vulnerable.
This is the best thing that could ever happen.
Now I see why you need me to be a reasonable adult.
I definitely seem like a border collie fanatic now.
My last 50 posts are border collies.
My profile picture is a border collie, and I paid $75 to join, the Border Collie Society of America.
No one made you subscribe at the Platinum Collar Level.
This is pretty good.
I'm gonna make the call.
It's voicemail.
Hi, Blake, it's Veronica Washington, Tanisha's coding teacher.
Funny thing.
I just realized I liked a picture from a couple of years ago on your feed, which may have seemed a little weird, but it's not.
You see, it was a picture of a border collie, and I happen to be a huge border collie aficionado, which you would see if you went on my feed.
I'm just always searching all those border collie hashtags and liking those border collie pictures.
So, while it may seem like I was stalking you, the only thing I was stalking was border collies.
So just to wrap this up, something that may have seemed weird was actually not weird at all.
Okay, have a great day.
- What? - We have a problem.
I thought I just solved it.
Look at the picture Mom liked.
There's no border collie hashtag.
He didn't hashtag it.
There's no way you could've found it that way.
The only way you could've found it is if you were A stalker.
I'm afraid so.
That soup is so good.
Oh, great.
Just let me know if you need anything else.
Thanks, Mommy.
Yes! So, I wonder where you picked up this bug from.
Hanging out with any new people? Have any new feelings for anybody? What do feelings have to do with it? Mind, body, it's connected, Wes.
It's science.
Well, I am sort of dating this new girl, but I don't think I got it from her.
Really? New girl? What's her name? - Tessie.
- What's Tessie like? She's a year older than me.
She's really nice and smart and we used to have one until the wheels fell off.
Oh, the medicine's kicking in.
- You know what's a weird word? - What? Crisp.
You get some rest.
We'll have plenty of time to talk later.
What the heck is this? Your "My Child Is Sick" dance? No, this is my "I'm Getting What I Want" dance.
Remind me to hire a nurse next time I'm sick.
Can you imagine how much I'm gonna learn, in the next few days? Thank goodness we didn't get those flu shots.
Hey, Nina.
Yeah, Wes doesn't feel well.
Derek had it too? Really? Are you serious? Okay.
Thanks for telling me.
What is it? Is he gonna be okay? Yeah, but I'm not.
It's just a 24-hour virus.
Ahh! Pretty cool, huh? Me and you sharing the stage? Yeah, cool.
First time since The Fever, right? The Fever? I can't believe you're bringing up the scene of the crime, man.
The scene of the crime? Are you still holding on to that old beef.
Thought we was cool, man.
No, man, we ain't cool.
You bit my rhymes.
Next thing I know your taking all my moves.
I'm like this and then you're like this.
Then you run around telling people you beat me in a rap battle? Me beat you in a rap battle? Why would I say something like that, huh? You were the king.
I mean, you are the king.
Go on.
If I did any similar moves, it wasn't that I was trying to rip you off.
It's the fact that I idolized you, man.
Man, I can't blame you for that.
You mean to tell me, I've been carrying this around for all these years and it wasn't even true, for real? Yeah.
I want no beef with you, man.
Come on now.
We cool, right? Yeah.
- Yeah, we cool.
- That's what I'm talking about.
I'm thinking we should get some intros like first up we got Eric.
- OK.
- The Magician.
Your dopeness.
Get up.
You ain't gotta do that.
I can see why you're doing it.
So, how's my favorite stalker? It's not funny, Sky.
I hate that Blake thinks I'm a freak.
The voicemail didn't make it any better.
What should I do? You should just stop.
I think doing things is really what's been your problem.
No, an adult confronts their problems head on.
- Adult? - Shut up.
I have to come clean.
- Hello.
- Hi, Blake, it's Veronica Washington.
- About that voicemail I left yesterday - You left me a voicemail? I have terrible reception here.
A lot of the time I don't get messages.
So, you didn't get a chance to see any notifications or voicemails? No.
What was the message? Is everything okay with Tanisha? Yeah, everything's okay with her.
Then why were you calling? Because everything's not okay with her.
I should have said that before.
Oh, no.
What's going on? It's not something I feel comfortable talking about over the phone.
I understand.
I'm happy to meet you in person.
Yeah, in person would be good.
- Where should we meet? - Where should we meet? Uh - Champagne brunch.
- Champagne brunch? - Champagne brunch? - No, not champagne brunch.
I meant my office.
It's next to the coding classroom.
Great, I can meet you there in a few hours if that's okay.
Yeah, that's fine.
If you do get that voicemail, you can just go ahead and delete it, because I told you everything on it, so there's no need to listen to it.
Okay? Great, bye.
Champagne brunch? What do you want from me? I'm 12.
Jus, what you are doing? It is freezing in here.
I know.
You think it'll work, or you think blasting heat is better? Are you trying to make our son sicker? No, that would be terrible.
I'm just trying to keep him the same amount of sick, but for longer.
Jus! What? Hey, guys.
Hey, babe.
How are you feeling? You know, I feel a lot better actually.
That's great.
Yeah, that's great.
Yeah, it's like I just slept the whole thing off.
Yeah, that's what you did all right.
But you can't be 100%.
You want some soup? You know, I think I'm okay.
I'm gonna take a hot shower.
It's kind of freezing in here, Mom.
I can't believe I'm back to freakin' "Mom.
" - Hey, Veronica.
- Oh, hi.
Thanks for coming in, Brad.
It's Blake.
Is it? I'm sorry.
I deal with so many parents and none are more significant than others.
Um, what's going on with Tanisha? Is there a problem? No, there's no problem.
And that's what alarms me.
What? Ironically, the least problematic students require the most intervention.
Why is that? Because a problem could crop up at any moment.
Like now or now.
- Now? - No, not now.
You'll get the hang of it.
The Harvard Journal of Studies did a report on this.
They tracked 1,000 non-problematic youths into adulthood and yikes! The Harvard Journal of Studies? I know.
It's sobering.
I felt I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't bring this to your attention.
Okay, I'll keep an eye on my non-problematic child.
Unless there's another reason you asked me to come down here? No.
Just this.
Thanks for coming in, Brad.
It's my pleasure, Virginia.
Oh, my God.
So, do you think he found out you like him? I don't think so, but we may have to make a website for the Harvard Journal of Studies.
Oh! Yo, welcome everybody.
I'm Dr.
Breakneck, AKA Corey's dad.
Hey, and I'm MC Speed, AKA Deavon's dad.
And the two of us ain't shared the stage in a very long time and I wanna say in front of these folks, I ain't gonna get moist, but yo, I'm excited to be rocking the stage with you, brother.
Thank you.
Much respect to you, bro.
We've got some really talented kids here tonight, and thank you to our judges who will be deciding the winner.
So, let's get this party started.
Our first student is Eric Carmichael.
He's gonna do some magic.
What the heck are you doing, man? Yo, man, that's my rhyme.
No, it's not.
I wrote it.
I remember it was in my mind and it came out my mouth.
Eric, let's go, baby.
Ladies and Wait, wait, wait.
Hold up, man.
This is not gonna happen.
- Dude is a thief.
- What are you talking about? - Man, you's a biter.
- I'm not a biter.
Principal Bagley, this dude is a biter.
Doesn't the school have zero tolerance for biters? Okay, that's enough.
I'm telling you, Jus, this dude stole my rhymes.
Listen, I'm tired of hearing about this.
If you two have a problem, you need to settle it.
- I know, like adults, right? - No.
You need to settle it with a rap battle.
- What? - Yeah, man.
A rematch.
Ha ha! Okay.
Well, I'm just gonna crush you again.
MC Joe Speed, you're up.
Whatever, whatever.
I can oh! - Hold on.
- No need to hold on.
Okay, let's settle this once and for all.
Judges, let's see some scores for MC Joe Speed.
That's gonna be hard to beat.
Let's see some scores for Dr.
What the heck? Tens are actually the only cards we have.
We don't want anyone to feel bad.
You know what? Let's let the crowd decide.
If you like Dr.
Breakneck, give it up.
If you like MC Joe Speed, let's make some noise.
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! I crushed MC Speed again.
This guy's unhinged.
What the heck? Asking you two to co-host was obviously a huge mistake on my part.
Let's get on with the 4th Grade Talent Show.
Daevon, you and Corey killed it.
I know.
We left it on the stage.
That's why we got nothing but tens! Ya-ha! Ooh! Wow! I'm gonna tell you, the crowd loved me.
It's undeniable that I won.
No one's denying it.
You won the fourth grade talent show.
Yes, and it felt amazingly good.
You set the record straight.
You can put all that behind you now.
And I ain't gotta see Breakneck no more.
I did get us a table together at the Winter Carnival.
His wife is nice.
Hey, Wes, by any chance you feel a relapse coming on? No, I feel fine.
Oh, Okay Hey.
Because of you, I kicked that thing in a day.
Thanks, mommy.
Mommy? Oh, my.
Oh, no.
- Everything okay - Everything is fine.
I just got a notification.
Blake liked one of my pictures from two years ago.
Why would he do that? - Unless - He knows I like him.
And he likes you.
Who's that? Surprise.
Malik, what? It's a border collie! I never knew you were such a border collie fanatic.
When I saw those pictures on your feed, I knew I had to get you one.
Veronica's a border collie fanatic? I sure am.
I love those border collies.
That's why it's the perfect gift for me.
Thank you, Malik.
What shall we name him? Definitely not Blake.