All American (2018) s01e13 Episode Script


1 Previously on "All American" - Did Tyrone give you that bag? - Mind your business.
Whatever you're about to ask, don't.
Your boy already gone.
Ain't nothing gonna change that.
It was Tyrone.
He had Shawn killed.
SPENCER: Why you join his crew? These dudes, they about loyalty, but they got to trust me first.
So if they find out Tyrone had Shawn killed, they gonna handle him for me.
Coop, this is gonna get you killed.
OK, I want you to train me.
Why? I want to be great, and you're the only one who's ever held me to that standard.
When you chose Corey over me, that broke the last tether that was holding me to Crenshaw.
Maybe your father I don't have a father.
Not anymore.
[DRUM CORPS PLAYING] [CROWD CHEERING] BILLY: Winton Mark, Scott Anderson, Jeff Austin.
Then we got Shane Butler.
You can't forget Asher Adams.
[CHEERING CONTINUES] And, of course, JJ Parker, Jordan Baker, and last but not least, your division player of the year, Spencer James.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Now, I've been hearing all this stuff about Logan High knocking out the first seed in playoffs two seasons in a row.
They are calling them the giant killers.
[CROWD BOOING] Not no more.
We are ready for Logan High, y'all.
We are ready for Logan High.
ASHER: 1, 2, 3! PLAYERS: Beverly! We are not ready for Logan High.
Dad, we're the number-one seed.
And Logan barely made it to the playoffs, Coach.
Thank you.
Thank you for demonstrating why we are not ready.
The regular season is over, y'all.
Records don't matter.
What does matter is that they have an All-American lineman.
What matters is that they are called the giant killers.
[CHUCKLES] But we will be ready.
We just have to add a Wrinkle to the offense.
A Wrinkle? This season we have successfully run wildcat with Spencer.
We are now gonna start the game with Spencer behind the center taking direct snaps.
for how long? Till Logan adjusts to the defense.
And if Logan's defense doesn't adjust? - We win.
- With me on the bench.
Yes, with you on the bench.
Moving on.
I know y'all realize it's midterms week.
[PLAYERS GROAN] If y'all want to be out there on that field with me on Friday, get your grades up.
All right.
Get out of here.
[SCHOOL BELL RINGS] MAN: OK, I'll finish grading your papers today, so, everyone, you'll have your grades by this weekend.
Good luck.
Spencer, a moment.
What's up? Yeah, I was grading the essay papers this morning, including yours, and you are aware that this assignment is worth 50% of your grade, right? Yes, sir.
And yet you still chose to write that your greatest influence in life is Neon Deion Sanders.
- Prime Time.
- What? That's his nickname.
Prime Time.
Neon isn't his nickname? He got a lot of nicknames.
Is that your goal in life, Spencer, to have a lot of nicknames? I haven't given it much thought.
- Yeah, kind of like this paper.
- Excuse me? I learned nothing new or insightful about you.
Perhaps football is getting in the way.
And this isn't South Crenshaw High anymore.
And what's that mean? You can't coast by here, even if you are good at football.
So what, you think I'm just some dumb player from the 'Hood? What I think is that you should be thanking me for giving you an opportunity to rewrite this essay.
And have it in by Friday morning or you're not playing in that playoff game.
Neon Deion? Prime time.
You can do better than that.
Ma, dude changed the game.
I can't believe you're siding with Mr.
Not taking sides.
But at least he cares.
My professor doesn't even look up at us.
I could bump into her at the grocery store, she wouldn't know I was in her class.
So why take the class? Because it's important.
Urban planning.
My assignment this week is to take a plot of land right here in Crenshaw and formulate a plan for the community.
It can be anything I want it to be A park, house, business.
And my job is to weigh all the issues.
You like it? I love it.
Heh! you're gonna change the world, ain't you, ma? I'mma try.
Neon Deion was legit, though.
Prime Time.
Prime Time.
Hey, Dad.
Just drawing up these new plays.
you forgot about this one over here.
What is that? That is the sideline, that's you, and that is me standing next to you.
We talked about this.
No, you shut me down, Dad.
You questioned my decision in front of the entire team.
But you understand me, right? I mean, why now, Dad? What has changed all of a sudden? I've delivered for you all year.
You want to know what grandpa Willy thinks? I don't really care what grandpa Willy thinks.
He said you don't think I'm a clutch player.
You tell him not to speak for me.
You tell him yourself.
He'll be here tomorrow for the barbecue.
We agreed that this barbecue was something we do as a family once a week.
Yeah, and he's family.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
I still got a lot of film on Logan to break down, so I could use your help.
MAN: All I do is cash out All day Now, all these , they want me And they know I'm trying to smash now All I do is cash out, all day TYRONE: Where you been? I was with Malik.
Yo, Coop, I don't like waiting on you.
Shawn never made me wait.
Well, since you bringing him up, why you don't give me Shawn's old spot? 'Cause you ain't ready.
I could show you I'm ready.
All right.
Show me.
I'm gonna roll with you and see if you can handle Shawn's route.
What, you gonna be my driver? Come on, bro.
I could do it by myself.
consider me your babysitter.
This our driver.
Coop, meet Preach.
He just got out.
What up, Preach? Preach don't say much.
Let's go.
MAN: Good evening.
For those of you squinting in the back, no, I am not Mrs.
I'm the guy who grades your papers, Micah Richards, Mrs.
Hill's Teaching Assistant.
You're stuck with me tonight, so go ahead, put your books away so we can talk for a bit.
Why urban planning? Urban planning is the development and design RICHARDS: No, no, no.
Not the Wikipedia definition.
Why did you choose this class? Because it's an elective.
[LAUGHTER] MICAH: That's fair.
That was an honest answer.
You gotta Get that degree somehow, right? Um, how about you? Elective.
anyone here choose this class voluntarily, not just for a credit? Why did you choose urban planning? Flint, Michigan.
Oh, the water crisis.
Good, OK.
Cleaning up the water, upgrading the pipes, dealing with the health issues.
See, all of this takes careful planning.
Actually, I want to prevent the next crisis.
Obviously, Flint needs planning right now to clear up that tragedy, but it shouldn't have never happened.
That's why I'm here.
Good answer.
Anybody else? Why'd you pick this class? Elective.
[LAUGHTER] Moving on.
BILLY: Yeah, there he go again.
JORDAN: Yeah, dude's a monster.
Yo, is that Mitchell? You're gonna be running for your life this Friday.
Hey, did you rewrite that paper yet? Mr.
Vega stopped by my office today.
Yo, dude will not let up.
Who did you write your paper on? Neon Deion Sanders.
What? Prime Time.
That's what I'm talking about.
Yeah, Vega, he does not like sports.
He does have the power to keep you out of that playoff game, so whatever he wants you to do, just do it.
- All right, see you, Dad.
- All right, y'all.
All right, Spence, we got Logan's entire season here.
All right, let's get on it.
what's this? South Crenshaw High? Yeah, I guess my dad's just planning ahead.
I mean, you do know that if we win out and they win out, then we meet them in the state final, right? Yo, I got to check out my old team.
Oh, OK.
I've seen this a million times.
Why is the quality so bad? It's just one of my dad's old high school games.
ANNOUNCER: Handoff to Corey James.
Up the middle.
And look out, here comes a burst! There he goes.
Give that kid an opening, and he's gone.
Touchdown! That's your dad.
ANNOUNCER: Corey James just doing his thing.
Such an electric player.
Man, he had some serious wheels.
I knew your dad played ball, but I didn't know he was so good.
Neither did I.
Well, now we know where you get it from, right? Maybe he's your greatest influence.
You should have seen that.
It was like the other team was in slow motion.
You didn't know your dad was good? I didn't know he was great.
Nobody told me.
Back in Crenshaw, everybody talked about Billy Baker 'cause he made it to the NFL.
But watching that game, my pops was the best player on that field.
Well, like father, like son.
I wish people would stop saying that.
It just sounds like maybe you got some of that talent from him, not that he deserves credit or anything.
JJ: What's up, Spence? Spencer: Hey, what up, Dog? I heard Vega’s all over your ass about that essay.
He's just messing with me 'cause I'm on the football team.
I'm on the team.
Who's your essay about? Dwayne Johnson.
The Rock? Taught me everything I know.
And what exactly do you know? I know I don't have to rewrite my paper, so Vega must have liked it.
Hey, let me know if you need any help.
The Rock? Dwayne Johnson.
- I know.
- The Rock.
WILLY: 225? I don't set mine a degree over 200.
These are gonna be dry, Billy.
Do you even got any mustard in that rub? - No.
- Paprika? Nope.
My mouth's watering.
What did I miss? - Oh, battle of the barbecues.
- Uh-oh.
It's actually kind of fascinating.
Stop messing with the temperature.
I hate dry ribs.
Jordan, get over here.
Let me show you how it's done.
I will teach my son how to make some ribs.
The same way you've been teaching him how to play football? 'Cause I've been doing all the work while you have him sitting on the sidelines.
I'm gonna check on the baked beans.
- Just tell the boy the truth.
- About what? That you don't think he can handle the pressure of the playoffs.
Look, all I'm saying is the boy is untested when the game is on the line.
And playoffs, every game's close.
He's better than you think he is.
Will you stop trying to drive a wedge between me and my son? You're doing that all by yourself.
Dry-ass Beverly Hills ribs.
Ain't got no mustard.
MAN: Who's that creepin' in my window? Play like Nintendo, smokin' on that indo Got to get the paper, and I split it with my kinfolk The family matters, so I never keep my ends low What? but can you ride? Hell no What's up, J.
? What you doing here, Coop? Came to pick that paper up.
You got Shawn's spot.
I miss that boy.
Yeah, me, too.
Remember that red duffel bag he had? Yeah, that thing was beat up! He gave it to Tyrone right before he died.
But I heard Ray got it now.
- Who's Ray? - Dude that shot Shawn.
How he get it? I don't know.
Maybe he stole it from Tyrone.
What you thinking? Thinking about what? Nothing.
We good, J.
? That's all of it.
Got some sort of cheese.
Cheddar, maybe? Oh! Grape jelly.
Asher ate the peanut butter, but you can have a jelly sandwich, except that he already ate the bread.
How about a spoon? How long is this dude living here? Sorry.
All I have is a spoonful of jelly.
The Bakers are having their weekly family bonding barbecue, so I'll get some ribs when I get back.
Paper's due tomorrow? Yep.
You any closer to an answer? It just seems like for every question I have, I realize I ain't got the answers.
Who does? Maybe my mom.
At least you have your mom here to answer questions.
I have a million questions I want to ask my mom, but Even though they'll never be answered, I still know how she influenced me.
Remember, Spencer, the essay is about you.
You think I could read your essay? I mean, it might help me figure out what to write.
Um, I don't know.
I'm not really ready to show it to anyone yet.
It's kind of personal.
Too personal for me? I thought you trusted me with stuff like that.
I do trust you.
Just, you gonna ask to read my diary next? No.
OK, I get it.
You ain't got to show me everything.
I'll figure it out.
OK, now you're leaving? Hey, I'm not mad.
I'm just late for the barbecue.
I'll call you later.
MAN: We may be fine now Just take your time now It comes and it goes I'll see you on the way out Uh, Flint, right? What? You're Flint, Michigan.
Actually, my name is Grace.
No, sorry.
I meant you, um, you had that smart answer in class about Flint.
Got it.
How's the hypothetical land use assignment coming along? It's more complicated than I thought, but I'm enjoying it.
Can I give you some advice? Mm-hmm.
Don't do a playground.
Like, everybody chooses a playground.
You were gonna do a playground? Ha ha! Back to square one, I guess.
One more thing.
The crime and the land value balance each other out, so don't overcalculate those numbers.
Do you mind if I write this down? I'm free now if you want to get some coffee, and we can talk more about it.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Um, I I got to get home.
How about if we get the coffee to go and we talk while I walk you? OK.
Ha ha.
Damn! Something smells good.
- LAURA: Hey.
- SPENCER: What's up? Hey, what's happening, man? You finish that paper? - Not yet.
- Tomorrow.
- I know.
- Get it done.
- I will.
- Leave him alone, Dad.
LAURA: Spencer, go get some ribs.
Yes, ma'am.
So what's this paper about, you guys? Who is your greatest influence? Interesting.
Who'd you pick? I don't have Vega’s class.
Do you? Yep.
OK, then.
- [DEADPAN] - Great family time.
Lower your expectations.
Hey, can I ask you something? What you need? You ever go to Billy's high school games? Never missed one.
And my dad never saw me play.
He was pretty good back then, though, right? - Your pops? - Yeah.
Better than good.
NFL talent.
Could have made it to the League.
So why didn't he? The way I heard it, the college grind was messing up a good thing he had with your mom, so he took a year off to start a life with her.
But after that year He missed his window.
At that level, it's not easy to get back in.
But he got the girl.
Yeah, then he left her.
Why would somebody give up their NFL dream for their family and then walk out on their family? That don't make no sense.
What happened, Pop? That's a question for your mom, son.
[LAUGHTER] No way.
I am not wasting my land on a parking lot.
But it's not your land.
I mean, it's public land you've been hypothetically entrusted with.
To do what's best for my community, which is exactly what I'm doing.
I'm choosing a playground.
What do you have against playgrounds? I got beat up on one? [LAUGHTER] And the merry-go-round always made me sick.
[LAUGHS] I think this could work.
Me, too.
The playground.
That That's what I meant.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
Um, mind if I get a refill? Sure.
I'll be right back.
No, I'll get it.
You sit.
Hey, Ma.
Look, I got to ask you something important about Spencer, I, um, have Who's this? - Spencer, this is Micah.
- Hey.
I'm a Teaching Assistant at Palm State.
Your mom is one of our best students.
You date all your students? Excuse us for a minute.
Come in here.
[DOOR CLOSES] What has gotten into you? What's gotten into you? You're bringing some date home? Where's Dillon? With a friend.
Lower your voice.
And this isn't a date.
I want to know why dad left.
Spencer, we are not having this conversation right now.
Why you ain't tell me he gave up a shot at the NFL? Dude was a football star, ma, just like me.
All these years I've been playing ball, you ain't once said I reminded you of him.
First of all, you don't.
Second, I didn't say anything because anytime someone mentions your dad, your head explodes.
You realize you still ain't answered my question? Why did he leave us, ma? Excuse me.
I don't know where this is coming from, but you have embarrassed me enough in front of my guest.
This conversation is over.
- Ma, come on.
- What did I just say? MAN: What's up, fool? What's up, fool Keep me in the loop, maybe give it to a "G" I know what to do, we wasn't playing bad boy All I do is snoop So you got Shawn's spot permanently? Maybe.
We'll see.
Still can't believe he's gone.
Yeah, man.
You know Shawn always had your back, Jamal.
What you talking about, Coop? I'm just saying, he thought you was undervalued.
It's time to go.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] [MAN SINGING INDISTINCTLY] ASHER: All right, so you're telling me some random dude was at your house trying to mack on your mom? I'm not sure people say "macking" no more, man [SCOFFS] But it looked like he was just helping her with schoolwork.
I know that move.
That's my move.
What's your move? Go to a girl's house, pretend to be friends, help her with her homework.
One thing leads to another, and Dude, how long are you living here? What's going on here? Martini time.
You want one? No, no.
I don't want to interrupt your little bromance.
Ha ha! Hey, Leila, wait up.
I just want to say I'm sorry.
Spencer, you don't have to Yes, I do.
It wasn't cool of me to assume I could read it, and I know it wasn't easy for you to write about your moms.
You're not ready to share those feelings.
I respect that, and I shouldn't have left like that.
I told you, I'm a work in progress, but I really am sorry, OK? Can I show you something? Yeah.
This is crazy.
I didn't know you had this room in your house.
Every record producer has one of these rooms.
Got to display them awards, right? I guess.
I didn't bring you in here to show you his awards.
I'm proud of him, but I'm more proud of this.
These are songs my mom wrote.
- For real? - Mm-hmm.
Yo, I heard of that one.
You probably heard a lot of the songs she wrote.
It's how she met my dad.
She wrote a lot of his hits.
Why you showing me this? Because even though she's not here anymore, I like knowing that she was great at something, just like your dad isn't around anymore but you found out he was great at football, and maybe someday, you'll be glad you know that about him.
[LOUD THUD] Oh, damn it, Asher.
Ha ha! Seriously, how long is he staying? - Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing? Found some more of your mom's songs.
Did I say you could read that? I'm sorry.
I just assumed that Don't assume, not in this room.
Leila MAN: Push it harder Make it stronger Good job.
Come on, boy.
- Oh, man.
- Ha ha ha! - This was a bad idea.
- No.
Those 12 barbecued ribs you put down were the bad idea.
You had more than me.
I don't have a game tomorrow.
Neither do I.
Don't worry.
You're getting on that field tomorrow, and you're gonna show your pops what you can do.
He's seen what I can do, OK? I've been his quarterback all season, blowing teams out left and right.
He don't care about the blowouts.
He cares about the 3 close games.
Yeah, and I won two of those games.
With your feet.
Both games, you had an open receiver in the back of the end zone.
You felt the pressure of the defense, so you left the pocket too soon.
You try to run like that against Logan, and Mitchell is gonna light you up.
Billy needs to see a killer instinct.
So he had a killer instinct? Oh, yeah.
Billy was never satisfied.
He'd win the biggest game of his life, he wouldn't even celebrate with his teammates.
He'd just walk off the field all businesslike, asking, "who's next?" Hey, man, you got a visitor.
I didn't want to go to bed with us still in the fight, and I wanted to wish you good luck on your first playoff game.
I'm sorry I can't be there.
Well, I'm sorry I embarrassed you.
I guess this essay assignment just got into my head.
That's what this is about? Teacher wants me to dig deeper.
I ain't got the answers.
And you think I do.
I watched an old video of dad, a high-school game from South Crenshaw.
He was as good as me, ma, maybe better.
Now he's your greatest influence? Nah.
I didn't say all that.
He doesn't deserve that title.
When he left, Spencer, I had to be your mother and your father, and I did it because I love you and Dillon, but him leaving forced me to step up.
Why'd he leave us, Ma? Spencer, all you need to know is that it had nothing to do with you.
It was about me and him.
And before you ask, no.
I don't have to relive the most painful moments of my life.
I'm sorry, baby.
I don't owe you more than that.
Come here.
COOP: What, you thought a change of scenery was gonna help you write that paper? You know me better than anyone, Coop.
I figured, being here with you, I just Look, I can't help you, Spence.
You got to answer that question yourself, but it definitely ain't Neon Deion Sanders, and if you say, "Prime Time," I'm punching you all in your face.
Ha! Your moms was right, too.
It ain't your pops, neither.
Dude left you.
I still don't know why he left, though.
Do it matter? He gone, and look how good you turned out.
You got to admit, life would be totally different if he was still around.
I wouldn't be with Leila.
You wouldn't be at Beverly, player of the year, all this attention.
I know losing him was hard, but life turned out good for you.
It's been hard on my moms, though.
You ain't got to worry about Grace.
She's strong.
What? Nothing.
Am I bugging you? No.
Mom, I'm just finishing getting ready for school.
How are you doing? Because you've been M.
lately and I just promised to pay more attention, so this is me paying more attention.
Mom, I'm not using or anything.
I didn't say that.
Midterms are kicking my ass.
I'm sure you're doing fine, and I'm excited to hear more about your essay assignment on your greatest influence.
- Mom - I know it's not me.
Olivia, why should it be? I didn't pay attention when it mattered the most, but I'm trying to change that, so I'm gonna keep bugging you because I want to make things right between us.
OLIVIA: Dude, relax.
I'm sure you'll play.
That's not the point, Livs, OK? I should be starting.
I earned it.
If dad was gonna bench me all along, why did he help me out? Help you with what? Nothing.
Jordan Remember our new Baker family pact? We're all here to support each other.
What's up? Let's just say I didn't exactly get lucky with the drug test.
You didn't do it? Dad helped you pass? Don't say anything, OK? He's still treating me like a kid, thinks I can't take care of myself.
Or he's just protecting you.
That's the thing, Liv.
I don't need him to protect me anymore.
Then maybe you should tell him that.
Good work, you two.
[BELL RINGS] All right.
Have a good weekend, everybody.
Wonderful work, Leila.
Your mother gave you a gift.
You should use it.
Spencer, you got something for me? Um Ye, Sir.
I look forward to reading it.
Good job, Jessica.
SPENCER: Hey, Leila Oh, hey, um, listen, I'm sorry about last night.
When I saw you reading the notebook, I got scared because Those are your words.
Vega was right.
Your mom gave you a gift, and she'd want you to keep going on without her.
I know you don't think I can handle the pressure of a playoff game, OK? Whoa.
Jordan Let me finish.
You always shield me from the truth because you don't think I can take it.
I don't need you to protect me anymore, OK? I just need you to treat me like a man.
Uh, you're right.
I don't know if you're ready.
I need to see it.
[DRUM CORPS PLAYING] SPENCER: Down! Set! Blue 8! Blue 8! ANNOUNCER: James fakes the handoff and goes up the middle.
He gets a block, and he's loose.
BILLY: Good.
There we go.
There we go He's at the 35, the 30, the 25.
He's gonna go all the way.
Touchdown, Spencer James, with an amazing, 40-yard dash for the score.
BILLY: Now is the time to dig in, y'all.
Do not forget what is at stake here, what you've been working all year for, what you've been sweating all year for.
It all comes down to this [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING ON SOUNDTRACK] BILLY: All right.
Bring it in.
PLAYER: All right.
Here we go.
Let's break it down.
- Win! - Let's go, boys! Go get them, boys.
Nice job.
Who's that guy? That's my dad.
SPENCER: Blue 8! Blue 8! Set! Go! Uh! ANNOUNCER: Mitchell absolutely crushing James in the backfield.
And Logan continues to push Beverly to the brink.
With 1:38 left on the clock, the Eagles have to do something or their season will be over.
SPENCER: Blue 8! Set! ANNOUNCER: oh, it's a muffed snap, but Adams is there to jump on it.
James now suddenly looking completely out of sync.
BILLY: What the hell is going on with Spencer today? - His dad's here.
- What? - Dad.
Dad! - Yeah? Hey, we got a game to win.
- Yeah.
- Spencer's out of it, OK? Put me in.
I can do this.
All right.
Get out there.
Go on.
Take 'em home.
ANNOUNCER: And young Baker coming into the game for the first time tonight.
What's up? You boys miss me? All right.
Let's do this.
Gun tray, left, 93 drag on 101.
Ready? PLAYERS: Break! Hey, Spence, I need you, OK? Your dad's taken enough from you.
Don't let him take this game, too.
White 65! Set! ANNOUNCER: young Baker drops back.
And he's got Adams in the crossing.
Oh, and Mitchell with a crushing blow.
Drew Mitchell continues his second-half domination, and Beverly with a timeout.
[SIGHS] ANNOUNCER: fourth down and 12 with just 46 seconds left on the clock.
If Baker can't find a way to move the ball here, Beverly's season is over.
Baker getting the snap.
And he lets it rip MITCHELL: game over, Baker.
ANNOUNCER: And Adams with a great catch, getting out of bounds, stopping the clock.
You sure about that? ANNOUNCER: First down and 10 on the 45 yard line.
Baker knew he was going to get clobbered on that, but he stood in there and took the punishment like a man.
MAN: And the crowd goes wild ANNOUNCER: 33 seconds left in the game, Beverly trailing by 4.
Beverly has maybe one or two plays left before time runs out on this game and their season.
Here's the snap.
Baker dropping back.
He lets it fly.
Caught by Spencer James, and he gets out ofbounds, stopping the clock with 11 seconds left.
That leaves time for one final play.
With the season on the line, Beverly has to score here, or it's all over.
Baker takes the snap, steps into the pocket.
MAN: Gettin' wild with the women, mister sells And the crowd goes wild ANNOUNCER: Caught! Touchdown Asher Adams.
Jordan Baker with a dramatic, come-from-behind win.
Beverly advances, ending Logan's season.
You did it, Jordan.
Who's next? MAN: With the women, mister sells And the crowd goes wild MR.
VEGA: Spencer, congratulations on the win.
Not my best game.
I wanted to return your essay.
Again? Heh! This time with a grade.
Now, that's the Spencer James that I saw glimpses of all year.
You're good out on that field, but it's not what you're best at.
This could be where your future lies beyond football.
See you Monday.
WILLY: never a doubt, huh? All Jordan ever needed was someone who believed he could deliver, and he needed to see you get rattled just like the rest of us, Billy.
Corey James showed up at the game tonight, but you probably already knew that.
Spencer told me at the barbecue that Corey never saw him play.
I just thought Corey should know that his son wanted him to be here.
You have no idea what you've done.
Sure I do.
I gave my grandson an opportunity to shine.
Hey All right? I just want to get back home.
Oh, Spence, I can't even imagine what's going through your head right now.
You can talk about it, not talk about it.
That's on you.
Did you see him? Uh, yes.
What was he doing here? After all these years, he just shows up? He just wanted to see you play.
Now? I was finally making peace with it all, man.
I put his ghost to rest.
What do you mean? [PAPER RUSTLES] SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: Who is my greatest influence? A simple question, but the answer's more complicated WOMAN: Thought I found a way SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: Because we're all still evolving every day, so the answer can change in an instant.
WOMAN: But you never go away So I guess SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: Someone comes into your life unexpectedly, and, suddenly, you see the world through a new lens.
That person teaches you it's OK to let people in, to start over.
MAN: Even if it takes all night Or a hundred years Need a place to hide SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: You can go your whole life thinking you know the answer.
Then one day, you realize the greatest influence in your life might be someone else.
Ready to get to work? Ready.
WOMAN: Isn't it lovely All alone? Heart made of glass My mind of stone MAN AND WOMAN: Tear me to pieces Skin to bone "My greatest influence is" SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: Sometimes the answer isn't who influenced you the most but what.
The little white pill.
Drugs nearly ruined my life, but I came out on the other side a better person.
And if I'd named a person who influenced me the most, of course it would be you.
[SNIFFLES] MAN AND WOMAN: Oh, I hope someday I'll make it out of here Even if it SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: People come and go from our lives, but only a handful of them truly make a difference in our future.
It's impossible to choose one person who influenced my life the most.
It's what they all taught me that matters, things like loyalty.
So how long you known Tyrone? A minute.
Man, a minute could be 10 years, or it could literally mean a minute.
So what'd you do in prison? Read books.
What'd you read? Greek mythology.
Seriously? Like what? Trojan war was cool.
They build a wooden horse so they can take them down from the inside.
I never read that, but the Greeks sound like they were smart.
MAN AND WOMAN: But I know someday I'll make it out of here Even if it Takes all night Yo, Coop The Greeks They weren't as smart as they thought they were.
MAN AND WOMAN: But I can't find one near Wanna feel alive Outside I can't fight my fear SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: So who is my greatest influence? If I have to give an answer, it has to be my father's absence.
Him leaving me left a void that so many people have filled.
If he hadn't left, I wouldn't be the person I am today.
- Corey.
- Grace.
What are you doing in my house? It used to be my house.
Not anymore.
I know, and don't worry.
I'm not here to blow up your world.
I won't tell Spencer the truth.
I just want to be in his life.
It's time.
MAN AND WOMAN: Hello, welcome home