All American (2018) s01e16 Episode Script


1 Previously on "All American" You said that Dillon wanted you to give me a chance.
Dillon doesn't remember having a dad, and then one day, he's just gone.
Looking at you now brings all that anger back, man.
You guys are open all night, right? - WAITRESS: We are.
- Don't want to go home, huh? COOP: Is the D.
Office still looking for a way to take down Tyrone? Yeah, I know for a fact that they are.
Everybody know what you did to Shawn, and they coming for you.
Who's coming for me, exactly? Your own bloods; I'm just trying to give you something you didn't give Shawn, - and that's a way out.
- It's over, Ty.
I guess y'all leave me no choice.
- [TWO GUNSHOTS] - Preach! - Preach! - [DISTANT SIREN] There's something I need to tell you.
Is everything OK? I had an affair with Grace James.
GRACE: I'm so sorry, baby.
We were both in a really dark place at the time.
I was in a dark place when dad took off and you left me there.
I think we should talk.
I'm done caring what you think.
Right now T-t-t-tell me who you are, get in the car Right now State championship, man.
We made it.
Only one of us can win.
God, I'm low, guard my soul All of my thoughts be dark like coal Face down in the water I float I try to speak my mind, but I choke CHRIS: You ain't got no business wearing that Crenshaw ring no more.
You don't belong here.
Right now, tell me who you are, get in the car Right now, reach for the stars, I'll win it all GRACE: You don't have to feel guilty about accomplishing something great.
You earned this, Spencer.
R-r-r-right now - Right - [ECHOES] COREY: You're a hard man to track down these days.
Clearly not that hard.
Big game this week.
Working for this all season.
BILLY: All practices and workouts are private this week, even individual ones.
Just checking on my son, Billy, since he's been in Beverly Hills all week.
BILLY: Yeah, I understand that, but, uh, rules are rules.
I got to shower before class, so LAURA: I'm glad Preach is alive, but we need him conscious to I.
Tyrone as his shooter.
Preach not gonna snitch.
That's not how it work here.
LAURA: Regardless, the cops are on the lookout for Tyrone.
He's still a person of interest in Preach's attempted murder.
If he resurfaces, the cops are going to find him.
SPENCER: How do we keep Coop safe in the meantime? GRACE: I think you should just move back in here with us, just until all of this blows over.
COOP: Thanks, Ms.
Grace, but I'll be fine.
I'm being careful.
Yeah, you will be fine because you're gonna move back home with us.
What happened to me no longer being welcome? Well, whatever our differences, we can't work them out if you're not alive.
LAURA: Well, I'll be in touch if I get any word on Tyrone.
- I'll walk you out.
- That's OK.
- I know where the door is.
- [FOOTSTEPS RETREATING] [DISTANT SIREN BLARING] Yo, the police ain't the way to go.
I agree.
We'll take out Ty ourselves.
Nothing else is gonna work; I mean, I tried to run him off, but Preach ended up almost dying.
He still might.
What's the plan? For starters, Andre, I need you to keep an eye on Preach at the hospital.
Jamar, I need you to move the money drops ASAP.
Why? 'cause he gonna need money if he trying to go off the grid.
Malik, I need you to check Ty's spot out.
He might go back there for some of his things, or he might have a stash there.
Problem? Yeah 'Cause you giving out orders like you Queen of Sheba.
Ain't nobody died and left you in charge.
You got a better plan? Speak up, then, fool.
'Cause what I ain't gonna do is sit around and wait for Tyrone to come back and finish Preach off or come after one of us next.
I'm just making sure you're ready, Coop.
I mean, you calling all these shots.
I mean, what you gonna do if Ty run up on you? If Ty dumb enough to run up on me I'm gonna be ready for him.
- [PLAYERS GRUNT, WHISTLE BLOWS] - BILLY: Again! Dude, days away from championship, we're in full-blown practice? I thought it was just supposed to be a walk-through, man.
Ain't no chitchat! Run it again! [PLAYERS GRUNT, WHISTLE BLOWS] Again! Jordan, hang back? - This about football? - Well, no, but Then we have nothing to say to each other.
BILLY: Where the hell you been? Crenshaw.
Look, I thought this practice was just a walk-through.
My bad.
I understand that you may be upset with people.
That's no excuse.
Coop is in some real trouble, a'ight? Mrs.
Baker trying to help her out.
Well, we've got to trust that Coop's in good hands 'cause I need your head in this championship game.
How can you focus on a game right now with everything that's going on? It's easy.
This is all I have left.
And what? You were hoping you give Jordan this win, y'all two can start over? Look, I just need to know that you're ready to go out and get this win for us.
I'll be ready.
I understand how important Crenshaw is to you.
If you want to be a professional athlete, you got to learn how to compartmentalize all those personal feelings.
I need to know that my star wide receiver, when he walks out on that field, he is clear whose team he's playing for.
You got to pick your family Or else you might end up with neither.
["MAN LISTEN" BY BELLY PLAYING] I'm like, man, listen, man, listen All I got is this ambition A couple million make you stand different They dropped the ball and so I ran with it I'm like, man, listen, man, listen All I got is this ambition A couple million make you stand different They dropped the ball and so I ran with it Look GRACE: There he is.
My son.
He's playing in the state championship.
Yes! I thought I'd get a more enthusiastic response on that last part.
State championship is the biggest thing to happen to Crenshaw in a long time.
And you're playing for the other team.
I get it.
Never thought I'd feel like a stranger in my own 'hood.
You're not a stranger here.
Making the finals with another team does not diminish your accomplishments, baby.
Have you talked to Chris or your other friends? No, not yet.
Not like you need validation from anyone, but maybe you should reach out.
It might help clear your mind.
Yes, ma'am.
OLIVIA: Ha ha! OK.
I know.
Oh, you're not HAROLD: Ohh! OK, um, ha! Oranges.
- Apples? - No.
Ha ha! No, I mean "oranges" is the code word I talk to my sponsor if I feel a relapse coming on, but don't feel like talking.
You not talking? - OK.
- Ha ha ha! Oh, here it goes.
I was just stopping by to say hi, but you were sleeping, so HAROLD: Olivia hung out just to make sure I didn't burn down the kitchen.
And we didn't, so going good.
Let me get out of your way.
Thanks again for the tip.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
[FOOTSTEPS RETREATING] You OK? Yeah, it's just, uh It's been a long time since I heard my dad laugh.
It's a nice way to wake up.
Yeah, well, glad I could help here.
Feeling pretty useless at my house.
How you guys holding up? I'm just worried about Jordan.
I mean, at least I said my piece, you know? Jordan's barely said two words to our dad, and now he still has to go out and play a championship game with him.
I could reach out to him.
- [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] - You need to sit, and you're going to rate my progress.
Come on, go.
Sit down.
There's a little cheese.
All right, what you got? Show me what you got.
Ah! Uh-uh! Uh-uh! What's up? - Whoo! - Yeah! Ha ha! Yeah.
All right, little man.
Water break.
What? I'm just getting started.
Well, take pity on an old man.
All right.
Look like you need it.
Ha ha! I can't believe he's not winded.
So what's the plan? You sticking around, or is this just a temporary visit? I'm done running from my mistakes, my fears.
I'm up for a couple local jobs.
No offers yet, but I'm working on it.
[SNIFFS] A'ight.
How would you feel about me sticking around? I ain't asking for me.
I'm asking for Dillon.
I'm supposed to believe that? How much of a break you taking? Need an oxygen tank, too? OK.
See, you're gonna regret that when I dunk on you.
Yah! Yo, Dillon, we got to go, man.
Somewhere I got to be.
I can take him home if you got to go.
- Go on.
- Yes! - Thanks.
- Listen, man, I know we're not in a place where you can trust my word, but believe me, I have no intention of breaking Dillon's heart or yours.
I'ma be here for both of y'all for as long as you let me.
Come on, now! What you got? [DRUMS BEATING] [CHEERING] Wow, this is crazy! Girl, ain't nothing like a South Crenshaw pep rally.
We don't play around.
CHRIS: hey, hey, hey, hey! I want to give a special introduction to Pastor Weeks! [CROWD CHEERING] Come on, South Crenshaw High! All right.
Now I know the last person y'all want to hear from at a pep rally is your pastor.
[LAUGHTER] But I'm not here to give a sermon.
I'm here to celebrate my boys! The soon-to-be state-champion South Crenshaw Chargers! That's us, baby! PASTOR WEEKS: You boys are showing folks what Crenshaw's really about.
BOY: Yeah.
So don't let anybody tell you that your destiny is to be locked up or dead.
Greatness is your destiny.
You boys keep being role models.
Show the world what it really means when we say, "Crenshaw strong.
" And bring us home that damn state championship trophy! ["WIN" BY JAY ROCK PLAYING] Win, win, win, win Drop everything else Win, win, win, win These guys ain't lit Win, win, win, win Start chasing that, champs Win, win, win, win Big Jay rock, go LAYLA: Hey.
So, is the plan to ignore me forever or I don't want to fight, Layla, OK? I just need some space.
Look, Olivia, I'm I'm sorry I didn't tell you about your dad's affair, like, the second that I found out.
It's not that.
I mean, my family problems aren't your fault.
OK, so what's going on? Just I don't know.
I really need my best friend right now.
Layla, I shouldn't have snapped at you at Chris' party, but it doesn't change how I feel.
I mean, come on.
Think about this whole year and how many times we've lied to each other, made up, fought, made up, fought again.
Being best friends with someone shouldn't be this much work.
I'm sorry.
Hey, yo.
You at the wrong pep rally, Dawg.
CHRIS: Spencer.
What you doing here? What, I can't celebrate with y'all? We family.
We been settled on that.
And that was before.
Now it's us versus y'all, man.
We can't be family right now.
You need someone to help you find your way back to Beverly Hills? 'Cause ain't nobody checking for you here.
Yo, you need to step off out of my face, Dawg.
Or what? Look, just go be with your team, all right? This pep rally, this for us.
You picked your team the day you transferred up out of here.
Your pops replaced everything that was stolen that fast? Yup, he had time to get people to come in and restore his house to its sterile perfection, but not to come check on me himself.
So, um, we went to a pep rally and both got dumped by our best friends, so kind of the opposite of a peppy feeling.
This ain't a joke to me, Layla.
I know.
It isn't to me, either.
[SIGHS] Never thought my friendship with Olivia would be collateral damage of coach Baker and your mom's affair, but here we are.
- Look, I'm sorry, a'ight? - Spencer, you are not responsible for the hundreds of mistakes Olivia and I made throughout the years, and you're definitely not responsible for your mom's affair.
Hold up.
Am I seriously getting in trouble for apologizing right now? No, Spencer, I just want you to stop trying to absorb all the world's problems as your own.
No one can survive under that weight.
- That's not what I'm doing.
- You do it all the time.
Look at the Beverly-Crenshaw game.
You're tying yourself in a knot for one game, and I understand it's important, but the fate of the world doesn't rest on it.
You don't understand, Layla.
You don't get it.
How could you? Winning the state championship may be just a game to folks in Beverly Hills.
Y'all don't win, you just come back to your successful families and your multi-million-dollar homes, right? But back in Crenshaw, every victory is hard-won, so yeah, the state championship is more than a trophy to us.
It reminds us that good things can happen even when the cards ain't for us.
A'ight? It's pride, respect, hope, and when I win with the Eagles, which is exactly what I'ma do, I take all of that away from my people.
[SNIFFLES] And I'm not from Crenshaw, so how could I possibly understand? The Layla, that's not what I You know what? Maybe you're better off talking to someone whose perfect, multi-million-dollar life doesn't invalidate everything they say.
I'm sorry, a'ight? I didn't mean it like No, you did mean it like that, so so much for our differences being what makes us special.
COOP: So on your way back from Layla's, did you find any puppies to kick, too? Will you shut up? I already feel bad enough.
Look, can we please talk about something else, like how dope it is, you living back with your parents? You heard anything about Ty? He probably long gone by now.
Besides, Ms.
Baker got a cop car patrolling outside the building, so I guess we ain't got nothing to worry about.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Give me a second.
You should get going, man.
You don't want to be late for the big game.
Spence, I'm good.
Go ball out.
Make me proud, OK? I'ma be there watching you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
get up out of here.
- So what's up? - [DOOR CLOSES] Ty's apartment's been cleared out.
I wasn't sure he was gone for real till I got a text from him.
Apparently he's been laying low in San Luis Obispo, said he wants me to gather some money and bring it to him when the heat cools off.
Dang, so he really did bounce.
- Yeah.
- Good.
Just let me know when he reaches out and tells you where to send the money.
All right.
All right, let me know.
'Cause now we're taking over the game Yeah, we're taking over the game Now we're taking over the game 'cause now we're taking over the game We never stop, we're going for it now Hey, Spence, hold up.
Look, man, I know this can't be easy for you, playing here with us, and I just want you to know that I know that.
Thanks, man.
It's all good.
I know we got to win, and I'ma be ready.
I don't see our parents' mistakes when I look at you.
I see a teammate who became a brother to me.
That ain't ever gonna change.
You are my brother.
Their problems ain't ours A'ight? [SNIFFLES] And one more thing I know you're mad at your pops right now, but you can't let that anger take over.
Trust me.
It'll end up hurting you more than him.
Well, it would help if he'd stop finding new ways to betray me.
See you out there, buddy.
Um - Excuse me.
- Wait, Laura.
- [SIGHS] - Please.
I know that I, um, made a lot of mistakes, but I'm gonna fight to get back to what I lost.
I love you guys.
I love you.
The man I fell in love with, that I exchanged vows with, I'll love him forever, too.
But you lost sight of that man somewhere along the way, Billy.
And you know what? I hope, for your sake, you find him again.
BILLY: Remember what matters.
This game is going to take everything that you have.
I'm going to need all of your strength, all of your focus, all of your heart tonight And if you can leave that out there on the filed, then we can walk off of it with the one thing that we've been working so hard for this entire season Victory.
Nothing else matters until that final whistle blows.
Nothing else matters.
[DRUMS BEATING] [CROWD CHEERING] STADIUM ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, number 83, Asher Adams! [MIXED CHEERING AND BOOING] Number 1, Jordan Baker! [MIXED CHEERING AND BOOING] And number 11, Spencer James! [CROWD CHEERING] ANNOUNCER: And here's the kickoff.
Came together, proven stronger than ever before ANNOUNCER: Pass is open! Touchdown, Eagles! We are not the same, we're some warriors ANNOUNCER: Jackson, with a brilliant cutback! Touchdown, Chargers! And South Crenshaw continues to hang in there, now trailing by one touchdown.
Chris Jackson with the quarterback keep.
- He's got the room.
- [BOTH GRUNT] All the way down to the 28-yard line.
First down, Chargers.
Yeah, man, Beverly Hills made you soft.
Run that play again and see what happens.
Ain't nothing gonna happen, Dawg.
You already seem pretty tired to me.
Hey, hey, don't let him get in your head.
- Ain't nobody in my head, a'ight?! - Shut up.
Hey, you need to ease up.
- What you mean, ease up? - First off, watch your tone, young man.
You got a lot of game left.
You're burning up all your energy.
You need to pace yourself.
Do I need to sit you out for a couple plays? Come on, man, no time for that.
We came to win, right? Right? This is the moment, just pledge your allegiance ANNOUNCER: And here come the chargers, up to the line.
Red 52, red 52! - Chip, chip, chip! - [INDISTINCT] CHRIS: And hut! ANNOUNCER: Jackson keeps it again and takes off up the middle.
Can't miss.
He's at the 20.
The 15 The 10 - [GRUNTS] - Ooh! Spencer James! First and goal! - Why isn't Chris getting up? - I don't know.
Hey! Chris, look at me.
Chris! [PANTING] I can't feel my legs.
No, man, you're good.
You're good.
Come on, man.
Look at me.
- I can't feel my legs! - Come on, just breathe, man! - Somebody help! - [SIREN APPROACHING] Come on.
[APPLAUSE] He's regaining some feeling in his legs.
Keep praying.
Spence, look, we still got a championship game to win.
I can't do this right now.
Chris wanted me to give this to you.
Said you deserved to wear it.
It was a clean hit, Spencer.
Hey I remember when you first picked up a football.
Man the joy I saw on your face.
Back then, it wasn't about football being your way out or which team you were playing for.
It was just you and a football, love at first sight.
You had that same look at your first Pee-Wee game.
How would you know? You wasn't even there.
Yes, I was.
I knew I should have let you know I was there.
I knew what it would mean to you.
Why are you telling me all this now? Because of what I saw that day.
I saw you loved the game.
That big smile on your face.
But somehow, you you got to find your way back to that place, back to that joy, for that young black boy in you who had to grow up too soon.
You go back out on that field.
Forget about the score, forget about which side you playing for, and just have fun.
Do what you love.
That's all I got.
Dad? [SNIFFLES] [CROWD CHEERING] ANNOUNCER: Late in the fourth quarter, South Crenshaw hanging on to a 7-point lead over Beverly.
Uh-uh, not now, Spencer.
Look, I'm sorry I walked off the field, a'ight? But my head's straight now.
Spencer, I don't think I just want to play the game I love.
Let me make good on the promise we made each other.
Come on, let me finish the game, Coach.
I'll bring it home.
[CROWD WHISTLING] OK, look, bring it home.
BILLY: Go get it.
ANNOUNCER: Just over 3 minutes remaining in the game, and South Crenshaw holding on to a 7-point lead.
LAYLA: Hey, you OK? ANNOUNCER: Looks like Spencer James is coming back into the game.
[SIGHS] It's time I put something to bed.
TYRONE: What's up, Coop? ANNOUNCER: Minute, 20 remaining, and Beverly trailing by a touchdown.
Y'all ready to do this, boys? - Hell, yeah.
- We need two scores.
Two more right here.
- JORDAN: All ready? - [ALL CLAP] See, I've been training my whole life To be the last one standing ANNOUNCER: And Baker takes the snap.
He's got James open on the fade.
He lets it fly! Touchdown, Beverly, tying the game at 35-all! He's the last one standing Look at you, Coop.
You thought you were smarter than me, huh? Guess you put faith in the wrong people.
I put my faith in people like Shawn and Preach, and you took them out.
Just business, doing what had to be done.
But you, you was always weak.
Now that's why you're all alone.
Like I said Just business.
ANNOUNCER: And James shakes the defender and tackles down Crenshaw for a loss.
You're wrong about two things, Tyrone.
What's that? One I ain't never been weak And two I ain't alone.
! Drop the gun! Drop it! - Drop the gun.
- Drop the weapon! Hands out on - Get down! - On the ground! [MAN GRUNTS] Down! We're clear! COOP: I knew Malik disloyal ass would lead me right to you.
All I had to do was set the bait.
Let's go.
It's all over now, baby.
Are you OK? Yeah.
It's all over now.
ANNOUNCER: Here we go, folks.
All tied up, and 6 seconds remaining in the game.
Chargers' Jay Murray can put it away here with a 32-yard field goal.
He hasn't missed an attempt from inside the 45 all season.
- He ain't gonna make this.
- They make it, it's over.
5 left, 5 left! ANNOUNCER: James shoots the gap and blocks it! The ball's loose! [CROWD CHEERING] James scoops it up, and he's got some room! [WHISTLE BLOWS] Touchdown, Beverly! [CHEERING AND WHISTLING] ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, your new state champions, the Beverly High Eagles! [AIR HORN BLOWING] [NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE] - Was it worth it? - What do you mean? I mean, you sacrificed your entire family.
But, hey, you finally got that elusive win you so desperately wanted, right, dad? Though is it really a win if you have to lie and cheat to get it, dad? Because, I mean, let's face it, without illegal recruit Spencer James and with me disqualified for failing a drug test, our team would have never made it this far, so I hope you enjoy your fake victory.
Now I know I I don't want to be a Baker man if it means being like you.
Uh look, there's nothing that you just said that I haven't already said to myself.
I just need you to know that everything I did was for this family.
[SIGHS] look, I understand now that the only chance I have of getting you guys back is for me to go back to the beginning And just try to figure out how I got so messed up.
Thought with us stopping by to check on Chris, your mom and Dillon would be home.
I'm glad he's moving his legs.
I just wish there was more I could do.
Look, about earlier, I was just No.
No apology necessary.
Kind of been going through a lot too, lately, and, um We both could've probably been a little more careful with our words.
Why do I get the feeling this is about more than you and Olivia? Um, it's nothing.
Um, I'm I'm working through it.
What does that mean? [DOOR OPENS] Spencer! Ha ha! Your mom said it was OK for me to stop by.
[DOOR CLOSES] Thinking maybe a little celebrating as a family was in order.
You're staying, right? It's been a while since I've seen that smile.
You should go be with your family.
I wanna finish what we was talking about.
No, we can do that in the morning.
- LAYLA: I promise.
- SPENCER: Layla.
It's fine.
I'm gonna go home.
[GARRISON STARR'S "BONES" PLAYING] Oh, child, when you are weary Weary deep down in your soul Hear my voice rolling like a river I won't ever leave you alone Oh, child, when you're in darkness Them devils circling around Don't you go thinking it's hopeless Takes some getting lost to be found Whoooa, ain't no chain gonna hold you down Ain't no grave gonna hold you now Yesterday done came and gone Ain't it time to bury them bones Ain't no chain gonna hold you down Whoooa Ain't no grave gonna hold you now Yesterday done came and gone Ain't it time to bury them bones Take me down to the river Wash me clean in the water Take me down to the river Wash me clean in the water Take me down to the river Wash me clean in the water Take me down to the river - Take me down - Wash me clean in the water The door was open.
Take me down to the river - Wash me clean in the water - Wash me clean - Take me down to the river - [LAYLA SOBBING] Wash me clean in the water [LAUGHTER] No.
She from L.
She ready.
"Girls trip.
" "Girls trip.
" Oh! Uh, Tiffany.
Tiffany Haddish.
- DILLON: Yes! - COREY: She's ready? I'm just saying.
GRACE: What's the next one? What does it say? DILLON: What does it say? Um COREY: OK.
Grace: What does it say? Y'all got me warmed up now.
COREY: Oh, uh, Michael Jordan.
GRACE: Um, basketball? [ALL TALKING AT ONCE] Need help? No, I'm good.
Thanks again for helping me get through that game.
It was my pleasure.
In fact I'll be around to help you get through many more games, if you say yes.
What you mean? Remember those job offers I was talking about? Well, the head football coach at South Crenshaw is taking a university gig next year.
So, you gonna be the head coach at South Crenshaw? And I want you to move back home.
Come play for me.
DILLON: Dad! Spencer! We're waiting! Don't make your decision right now.
Just something for you to think about.
GRACE: Everything OK? Yeah.
Yeah, we should get back to the game.
Was it true? What you said to Spencer in the locker room? Is you really coming back for his first game like you promised? Yeah.
And a couple of more, too.
Why wouldn't you say anything? Why wouldn't you tell me that you were there? You know.
'Cause if I had talked to you, then I would've had to finally ask the question and then you would've had to finally let me know.
If Dillon was my son or Billy's.