All American (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Never No More

1 Previously on "All American" BILLY: I hope y'all got losing out your systems.
Coming from the coach who walked out on us.
KID: Hey, Snitch.
I knew some people would have a beef with you helping the cops take down Tyrone, but come on.
- SPENCER: Who's this? - GRACE: This is Micah.
MICAH: I'm a teaching assistant.
Your mom is one of our best students.
You date all your students? COREY: I've asked Spencer to come play - for me at south Crenshaw.
- GRACE: You what? This new kid Coach Corey brought in from Nevada ain't no joke.
Maybe Chris ain't the only one about to be replaced.
COREY: You my son.
That ain't changed.
I always wondered why you never came home.
Now I know.
SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: I always wondered why you never came home, why you ain't missed your family.
Now I know.
- You didn't miss us - BILLY: Spence.
SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: 'Cause you replaced us.
BILLY: Earth to Spencer.
Come on, now.
You with us? - SPENCER: Yes, Sir.
- BILLY: All right.
Check this out, y'all.
As far as I'm concerned, whatever happened the other day in that 7-on-7 opener never happened.
All right, forget about that.
Flush it.
Matter of fact, flush the memory of y'all being State Champions because today we start over.
Today we start anew.
Today we have a clean slate.
COREY: No clean slate! I don't want you to ever forget the way you felt the day you lost that state title, watching Beverly celebrate on your field! Now you take all those moments and let that be the fuel to steer you back to reclaiming that state title! - ASHER: Coach.
- BILLY: Sure? What about captains? It's always been tradition to name them before Spring League.
Not this year.
Not until I see a few of y'all step up and hold your teammates accountable for missing practices.
Now bring it in so we can get back to work.
New chant on 3.
1, 2, 3.
- COREY: Never lose, never again! - TEAM: Never lose, never again! - COREY: From here on out! - TEAM: From here on out! - COREY: Let's get that win! - TEAM: Let's get that win! - [REPEATING.]
COREY: Whose house? - TEAM: South Crenshaw! - COREY: Let's go, baby.
BILLY: Faster.
COREY: Come on now! Bring it to me.
Go! Go now.
Good work.
BILLY: That's bad.
Faster, faster.
- COREY: Come on now.
- BILLY: Get it, get it, get it.
- Faster! - COREY: Come on now.
Slow and steady gets you ready! JORDAN: Damn it.
BEAU YOUNG PRINCE: Two chains on my neck One for now and one for later If we don't play fair, baby, we play for keeps How you pass me up? This is not a bye week I'm looking for a trophy, competition Looking steep, yeah, I'm training I been focused MAN: That was a great catch, Spence! That was good.
Pull the chain, try to get 'em out the way Pull the chain, I'm about to win the game - BILLY: Oh, that's on you, Ash.
- Come on now.
championships, all my records go That ball was low, Coach.
Come on, man.
You know the rules.
If the ball touches your hands, you can make the catch.
DARNELL: Hike! anybody, take 'em, I can shake 'em I invite 'em to the fire Then I bake 'em, I'ma break 'em I'm a hall of fame legend They should go and hang my Jersey Ha ha! Yeah! That's all I need to see from y'all today! Ha ha! Great work, gents! DARNELL: You know, actually, Coach, if you're cool with it, me and a couple of receivers, we're gonna hang back, put in some extra work, get our timing down, footwork.
Move the chains, I'm about to win the game Move the chains, baby, tryin' to move the chains - Yeah - [ECHOES.]
Run that back, baby boy.
That's the last play.
Offense needs to finish strong.
I threw 4 touchdowns today.
That's pretty strong in my book, all right? Plus, my team is wiped.
I say we call it for the day.
All right.
BILLY: Good job, y'all.
Wrap it up.
Good job.
What? Coach.
ROCHELLE: Number 11, got some time to talk? Hey, what up, Rochelle? This is my dad, Cliff Mosely Lead booster and lead member of your ever-expanding fan club.
It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.
Mosely Capital, right? Oh, so you're familiar with my work.
My mom's taking a course on Urban Planning.
She listens to all your podcasts.
"Find out where people are going and buy the land before they get there" One of her favorite quotes.
Yeah, mine, too.
Nice job out there today, Spencer.
- SPENCER: Thank you.
- CLIFF: We got to get that dinner on the books one of these nights.
CLIFF: Um, excuse me.
Yes, Sir.
As if my dad could not be more impressed.
All he talks about is how you singlehandedly changed the culture at Beverly.
We all did.
Just a small part of the wave.
Sure about that? 'Cause after what I just saw today at practice, Beverly should be thanking their lucky stars you're not at South Crenshaw anymore.
Coach Baker.
My man.
What's happening? Ooh.
Spencer James.
Whoo! He's better than advertised.
I hate that I was away on business most of the season.
Watching a streamed feed of the game does his talent no justice.
Every day, I'm amazed.
So, uh, how long are you here for this time? A while.
You know, it gives me a chance to get more involved in our football program.
- BILLY: Oh, OK.
- CLIFF: I'm still in the shadows, for the most part, but I think it's time that I was seen as something more than just a checkbook.
- CLIFF: Hey, uh, you excited about 7-on-7? Yeah, man, yeah.
I am.
We need a little bit more work, but I think our boys are gonna be OK.
There's nothing to worry about.
Offense will be fine, running on all cylinders as soon as Jordan knocks off the rust.
Sure, yeah, and, uh, as soon as he gets the extra help he needs from those other receivers.
Well, it's a good thing you got a few weeks till the next game.
- BILLY: Yes.
- CLIFF: More than enough time to get things cleaned up with those receivers.
You know, we'll be in touch.
Good to see you, man.
- CLIFF: All right, you, too.
- BILLY: Good to see you.
Ha ha! Coach Baker! OLIVIA: Wait, Jordan ended practice? Yep.
The vibe between him and your pops on that field right now is bananas.
Obviously, coach Baker going easy on him out of guilt.
And Jordan's testing the boundaries, seeing how much he can get away with.
Surprise, surprise.
The more he allows Jordan to question his authority, the more everybody else gonna do the same.
And once that happens, it's over.
Our team is as good as done.
Yet another reason pushing you towards choosing South Crenshaw.
I ain't exactly feelin' them, either.
Oh, yeah, 'cause of Darnell.
Are you ready to talk to your dad yet? And say what? [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry.
I just I know the whole Darnell thing sucks.
Look, 7 years raising another man's child is a long time.
- OLIVIA: What is it? - SPENCER: It's Chris.
His doctor cleared him to run again.
Barring any setbacks, he should be good for the season opener this fall.
I mean, that's amazing.
Good for him.
And before you say anything, him breaking up with you had nothing to do with his progress, a'ight? Wait.
But with Darnell on the team, will Chris even have a QB1 spot to go back to? Let me worry about that.
Guess who I just exchanged numbers with.
Who? Mrs.
Janelle Cooper.
- COOP: Moms hit you up? - PATIENCE: Yup.
- COOP: Wow.
- PATIENCE: I know.
Got through to your mom, so At least she's trying.
Good to see one of us still making friends.
Ever since that whole snitch thi My circle done got smaller and smaller.
Who cares? You got me, you got Spence, your parents.
I think that's a pretty good circle.
- Mmm.
- [KISS.]
OK? Mm-hmm.
BOY, RAPPING: He got on his "I do all my homework, too"s You really askin' for it, I got to lyrically injure you Why you still wearin' this book bag from middle school I'm a prince, but my rain ain't purple Yo, since when did Erik weak ass start bullying cats? I ain't been M.
From school that long.
All you're really missin' is a flag with a rainbow Why you quiet? You ain't makin' no noise COOP: Naw, this is nonsense.
I got to dead this.
ERIK: I guess that mean I'm right, he really do like boys COOP: Hey, yo, man, what the hell is your problem? Oh, so now the snitch want to take up for all the fools.
- BOY: Ha ha! - ERIK: Man, whatever.
Miss me with that.
The only thing funny is them wack-ass bars you spittin'.
Bitch, what you say? [SCOFFS.]
"Bitch"? Hey, listen, first of all, tell your barber to go back to school.
That fade wack, you push back And stepped on like them damn shoes Pick on somebody your own size, your own kind Broke, ugly, with a "I just need some bread" sign You're not tough, you can stop it 'fore I run all in your pockets Make you really show me gangsta, Do it right here while they watchin' - BOY: What? - COOP: Yeah, I thought so, boy.
Now go to class, go and learn somethin', boy And watch your mouth 'cause you ain't grown, li'l boy Now run and tell 'em Coop did it.
Who are you kiddin'? You know I do this for a livin' - [STUDENTS MURMURING.]
I'm sorry, but you You just got cooped.
STUDENTS, CHANTING: Cooped! You got cooped! You got cooped! You got cooped PATIENCE: You see this? [TRUNK LID SLAMS SHUT.]
You still here.
7 days of silence.
Now you want to talk? What, I can't get a few days to myself, some time to process the real reason you abandoned your family after 8 years? One thing I can count on is you will always speak your mind, son.
Hey, whatever, man.
You still want me to come play for you at South Crenshaw or what? Of course I do, but more importantly, I want to make things right between me and you.
I can give you both, under one condition.
Send Darnell back to Nevada.
Wait a minute, son.
Are you giving me an ultimatum? Ever since you got back, all you've done is given me ultimatums, so yeah.
Either me or Darnell.
So how was practice with dad? Great.
You know, just calling more audibles, being more vocal, you know, basic stuff.
Emotionally shaking dad down? Admit it.
You are preying on his guilt, using your powers for evil.
What? LAURA: Hey, Liv, I have something I think would be really good for you.
In fact, it has you written all over it.
- OLIVIA: "Sola Muse"? - LAURA: Yeah, they help you develop your leadership skills and they do philanthropic work in the community, and it would look really good on your college applications.
And the best part is there is a cotillion at the end of the year to celebrate your efforts.
JORDAN, CHUCKLING: Wait, wait, wait.
Oh, wait.
Olivia at a cotillion? You mean, like debutantes and gowns and the little white gloves? Oh, man! This is gonna be too good, Liv.
Yeah, I don't I don't know, mom.
I'm still not seeing the part that has me written all over it.
Come on.
Community outreach, a strong desire to help others in need? That is so you.
Come on, honey, just give it a shot, and if you don't like it, you can at least say you tried.
GRACE: Micah? I thought that was you.
I I haven't seen you around since winter break.
I'm no longer doing the teaching assistant thing.
- GRACE: Good for you.
- MICAH: You know, I tried calling and texting, I mean, a few times, but I never heard back.
Sorry about that.
My life got a little complicated.
You know, you could have just told me that instead of ghosting me, right? - GRACE: Yeah.
- MICAH: So, OK, look, um, I'm glad to see you're doing well.
Take care.
CHIEF WAKIL: What you know about this good life? If it ain't this, it don't look right Oh.
Oh, we're doing it like that.
- LAYLA: Mm-hmm.
- SPENCER: Let me see.
I hear what sounds like earrings bouncing off your sunglasses, so this must be my new bae.
? Uh, flattering, but no.
All right.
Check this out.
I smell flowers.
Peonies? Wait.
You know what peonies smell like? Hey, low key, boy knows his way around a garden.
All right, I took horticulture last semester.
It was the only elective.
- LAYLA: What? - SPENCER: Nothing.
You've just been kind of distant the last few days.
I figured you were still mad over all the questions about your pops.
No, we're good.
OK, so when'd you buy the new perfume? Uh, not me.
My dad.
The perfume, the earrings, got a new wallet full of cash.
All very expensive bribes.
Those bracelets a bribe, too? Uh, no, I just Something I got for myself.
What's the point of having cash if you can't spend it, right? Damn.
It's like that, Kylie Jenner? Heh! Look, if there's one thing I learned from quitting Stu-Co - SPENCER: Mm-hmm? - LAYLA: It's, like, you got to live, Spencer, you got to be selfish, you got to do what makes you happy, like you thinking about getting rid of Darnell.
Speaking of things that make us happy KALI UCHIS: Dimelo, dimelo, dimelo [GIGGLES.]
All I hear is sirens Wait, wait.
Class about to start.
- Would you be a tyrant? - [LAYLA GIGGLING.]
- If I gave you power - SPENCER: Layla, I can't believe I'm saying this, but we've got to slow down.
I missed you.
Baby, I missed you, too, I missed you, too, but we ain't got time for this.
Of course we do.
Your lovin' is like a kaleidoscope [SCHOOL BELL RINGS.]
Guess we don't.
Round and round and round and round and Ooh I'm going round and around and around, going down, down Oh, dude, they're having a day party at Max's on Monday.
Starts around 4:00.
OK, yeah.
We're there.
ASHER: Not to be that guy again, but we'll still be at practice.
Yeah, OK, and I'll just call it early again.
ROCHELLE: You sure calling practice again early is a good idea, Jordan? - Question.
- JORDAN: Hmm? ROCHELLE: What happened to the Jordan Baker who threw for 292 yards and 3 touchdowns at State Championship? What, is he still too busy chasing thot pockets from winter break? Yeah, word gets around fast.
Look, what does it matter to you, Rochelle, all right? Shouldn't you be focused on your intern job at that agency? Look, I'm still Beverly for life, and more importantly, I have pride.
Maybe you guys should play with that a little more.
She's not wrong.
Oh, god.
You, too? I figured, with your dad being back, you'd be more committed to the team.
Honestly, you've become kind of a distraction, man.
JORDAN: You're calling me a distraction after everything you put our team through last season, really? - JJ: Hey, Jordan, come on.
- ASHER: No, he's right, and I have to live with those mistakes every damn day, but that was then, OK? Right now, I'm working like crazy to be the best teammate and leader that I can be.
That's why I'm on the field every day after practice, grinding.
Same way you and I used to get after it when we were freshmen.
No one's gonna be able to question my dedication.
Will they be able to say the same about you? COOP: That fade wack, you push back And stepped on like them damn shoes Pick on somebody your own kind, your own size Broke, ugly, with a "I just need some bread" sign - COOP: Mmm! Mmm! - SPENCER: Whoo! Ha ha ha! Kid, your girl's a viral legend.
I don't know if 200 likes qualifies as a viral legend.
COOP: Man, whatever.
I take this kind of love - over being called a snitch any day.
- SPENCE: Fact.
You tell Spence that you're doing "off the dome"? You're joining the Freestyle Battle here Saturday night? Yes, Sir.
Hey, the grand prize is $500, bro.
That could go a long way towards studio time.
- SPENCER: You sure? - COOP: Definitely.
I mean, checking some bully in school is one thing, but going up against some legitimate rappers who've been battling for a minute now, that's completely different.
Yo, I'll be good.
It's legit, like amateur night.
OK, I might as well go in there, shoot my shot, and see what happens.
OK, uh, you guys want some refills? - COOP: Please.
Thank you, baby.
- SPENCER: I'm good.
Here I go, here I go, here I go - SPENCER: What? - COOP: What? Your leg been shaking since we got here, and you only do that when you got to tell me something, but you don't know how to say it, so what's up? Look, I told my pops that if he wants me to come play for him at South Crenshaw, he got to send Darnell's ass back to Nevada.
Hold up.
You did what? Chris is gonna be back soon, a'ight? He's the QB1, not Darnell.
How will I look, not having Chris' back after everything I put him through? Man, shut up.
This is not about Chris.
This is about you making your daddy choose between his two sons.
SPENCER: Darnell is not his son.
COOP: And you're not Billy Baker's son, but you still consider him family, don't you? What did miss grace say about all this, or did you not tell her? Of course you didn't 'cause you and I both know that whole ultimatum junk was some straight-up nonsense.
Look, bro, that's not you.
I don't care how mad you are.
That's not you.
I'm tired of being a runner-up in my father's life, Coop.
I get it, I do, but let me ask you something.
Say your dad does choose you.
What's waiting back home for Darnell? How do we know it ain't some old crazy situation? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
My pops home? Nah, he stepped out for a little, but you can wait in here if you want.
No, I'm good.
You leaving? Yeah, well, look, man, the only reason why I came out here was to play ball for Corey.
The last thing I wanted to do was drive y'all apart.
Catching the bus back to Nevada tomorrow.
What? You ain't got nothing to say? I mean, 'cause this is what you wanted, right? Hey, you remember that receiver from Porter Ranch who shredded us for 3 touchdowns last season? - BILLY: Uh, Tony Wright? - CLIFF: Yeah.
Hart just put in a request for his transfer.
Hey, hold up.
My athletic director put in a request? At my strong suggestion, yeah.
Wright will be here on Monday.
And nobody thought to check with me about this? We thought you'd be ecstatic; you were the one throwing every receiver not named Spencer James under the bus the other day.
No, that was me commenting on practice.
Look, look, this is my team.
You know, if there's a leak in the ship, then I'ma be the one to patch it up.
Look, here's the hard reality, Billy.
Coaches come and go, OK? This isn't your team.
This is Beverly's team, which effectively makes it my team, given my position as lead booster.
Now I warned you, more than a checkbook, remember? Uh, do you stab all your friends in the back like this? Because you were on the Hiring Committee.
You picked me to lead this team, so when When did I lose your confidence? You haven't, and as long as you're OK with this budding partnership, you're still in good standing.
CLIFF: It's gonna be a really good day on Monday.
I thought you said you needed to talk.
- SPENCER: Hey, my bad, man.
- JORDAN: Yo, for what? For turning your world upside down when I moved here.
I don't think I ever really apologized for that.
What? Who cares? That was months ago.
I mean, yeah, we had some drama in the beginning, but we found a way past it.
Look, you're You're family now, Spence.
How exactly did you get past it? Dude, seriously? Why you all up in your feelings right now? We're in the middle of Jordan.
My My bad.
Um, look, I guess I just got to know you for who you really are, you know, and eventually it clicked that my beef was never really with you.
It was about me and my dad and our issues.
Well, plus Heh! Every single time Ash and I tried to blow up your spot and get you sent back to Crenshaw, it just kept biting us in the ass.
Yeah, y'all really got me drunk before I had to show off for those boosters.
We did, didn't we? Yeah.
Y'all crazy, man.
Fun times.
Hey, what You out of here already? Yeah, man.
I'll be back.
I got to handle something that ain't sittin' right.
Hey, real quick, do you think I'm being a distraction to the team? 100%, but I get it.
You and Coach still working through your issues.
No different than me and my pops.
It's kind of cute in here.
We're off to a decent start.
I take that back.
They are all dressed in white.
What in "The Stepford Wives" is going on? Please give me a reason to back out.
I will swing by and help you with something, anything.
Nice try.
Now's not really a good time.
I've actually got some errands to run.
Well, if you don't hear from me in a few hours, send a search party.
We just go right in there.
- Hey.
- Oh.
You out already? Yeah.
I know you.
You're Spencer's ex.
I would love to be known as something other than that.
I'm sorry.
Um, Olivia.
We met at the park cleanup.
Yeah, I remember.
You going in? Uh, not anymore.
Kind of not dressed for the occasion.
That's what I get for not reading the brochure.
Not having dressed appropriately these women can forgive.
Standing them up? Not so much.
Come on.
You'll be fine.
Full disclosure: I'm only doing this for my mom.
I get the sense that this is her way of proving she can raise me anchored to my black culture without my dad around.
I hear that.
Me, on the other hand, I had no choice.
I'm third generation.
Both my mom and granny were Cotillionaires.
Our family's big on tradition.
That's awesome.
Good evening, Cotillionaires.
Welcome to Sola Muse.
Just stopping by to give you your questionnaire packets.
So feel free to fill it out here or when you get home.
Thank you.
First question up, who are you? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I answered this short essay question in third grade.
Ha ha! And what do you see as your contribution to the world? That's easy.
Progress for our people.
- Darnell just left? - Yup.
Insisted on getting hisself to the bus station.
For the record, I didn't choose between either of you.
It was Darnell's decision to go back home.
Why? Seeing the strain him being here was causing our relationship, he felt he should leave.
I couldn't talk him out of it.
So he just back with his mom? You really care? Yeah, actually, I do.
His mother, Renee, she doing a tour overseas.
Good woman.
Means well.
But she just loves being a soldier more than she loves being a mother Her words.
So Darnell goes back home to his mother's house alone.
Getting by the best way he knows how.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I was hurt, and I was angry, and It was just easier to blame Darnell.
I know, son.
I had a feeling you'd come here first.
I did the same thing the night before I enrolled at Beverly.
At least you got a chance to play.
I was just getting warmed up.
Hey, look, bro, I wasn't trying to mess up y'all's life.
You got to understand that.
Your pops, man.
He changed the game for me.
Not having a father around for the first 9 years of my life forced me to grow up.
It wasn't until I met Corey that I learned how to be a son for the first time.
He gave me someone I could count on.
Kind of like my coach at Beverly did for me.
Look, man, your home is clearly with Corey, which makes Crenshaw your home now, too.
You should stay.
Now, you You sure? My beef ain't with you.
RAPPER: Money, money, money on the floor On the floor Baby, can I tell you something? You's a pro I'ma, I'ma throw it up and let it float Let it float I'ma, i'ma throw it up and let it float Hey, Preach, what's up? I didn't know you did security here.
Why would you? Forget it.
Look, it's a legit job.
Keeps my parole officer off my ass, not that that's any of your business.
Hey, we should probably get one of those tables because you're, like, the first one hitting the stage.
- COOP: Yeah.
- PREACH: Ha ha! You battling tonight? Since when did you become a rapper? Why you laughing? Music's always been my thing, bro.
You don't believe me? Look up "You got Coop'd.
" I went viral.
Yeah, whatever.
The girl's good, so M.
: Yo, yo, yo.
What's good, L.
I'm your host for the most lit freestyle battle in the city, and we about to go up tonight.
All right.
Look, first rule of off the Dome Saturday There are no rules.
Everybody's fair game.
Talking mamas, grandmamas, even baby mamas.
Look, this is how it's gonna go.
I'm gonna line up two rappers at a time.
Each rapper gets 20 seconds to spit they bars, and when they done, y'all decide the winner by cheering loud as hell.
You feel me? - [CHEERING.]
- Let's hit it.
First two rappers up is Coop and Professor Koo Koo! All right, Coop.
Go, go, go, go, go! - Here you go.
- Whoo! - PATIENCE: All right, Coop.
- SPENCER: Go, Coop.
COOP: DJ, let's get it.
Yo, you tried to take it, no, you didn't do it And word around town, the kook already blew it Koo Koo washed up, I'm saying your time's up I'm sayin' the best stuff, I'm making my mind up I went and got me a pen, i put it over on the pad If I don't promise you nothing I promise I'm uppin' my bet, so takin' my spot? No, you will not deny, go, like pressure busts pipes For certain, I'm gonna blow now Jugs machine? Really? It's reliable.
It doesn't make excuses.
It's always willing to work.
What's not to love? Yeah.
But I mean, there's nothing about it that really says "jugs," you know? [LAUGHTER.]
Yo, let me see that rock.
It's time to work.
Go! JORDAN: Whoo-hoo! Ha ha! Just like old times, baby! RAPPER: Yo, yeah The look on your face is a scared one 'cause I'm on that ass, i ain't lettin' up It's feeling like somebody set you up Just tap out when you think you've had enough Look, I ain't come here to make friends So we do not have to pretend I know all you all will remem-ber The day Kim nitty went in [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.]
: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You all know the deal.
Whose bars was you feeling the most? Kim Nitty? [CHEERING.]
Or the winner of the first two rounds, Coop? [LOUDER CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.]
Coop again.
Hey, big ups to you for making it to the final round.
- LAYLA: Whoo! - SPENCER: Keep it going.
Do you hear that? They're loving you! Yo, I got to be honest, I did not think it would be that easy.
It ain't nobody here on my level.
We not doing that.
You got a whole nother round to go.
Yeah, I'm with Spence.
Secure that bag.
Listen, I'm just saying, the better the competition, the more that money feels earned.
I'm trying to get my name out there, ok? Don't nobody want to hear about no girl that won first prize at a weak-ass rap battle.
- SPENCER: Will you chill? - LAYLA: Here.
- COOP: I'm chilling.
- SPENCER: What are you doing? I'm adding to the Grand Prize.
Maybe someone here can actually give the Coop the competition she needs.
It's not that deep, all right? Put your money away.
Easy there.
It's my money.
I'll do what I want.
How much do you want me to add? 500? 1,000? LAYLA: Ok.
1,500 for an even 2,000.
- You serious? - Yeah.
Two stacks for the Grand Prize? You can't walk up there with all that money.
You don't know who's watching.
Um, you're right.
Money's not enough of a sweetener.
Oh! I'll add in studio time with my dad.
- Layla - I'll be right back.
what? Yo, two racks and studio time with her daddy? She got it like that? I guess so.
Look, if you win, you got to give her all that money back, all right? Why? Ok.
I'm keeping the studio time, though.
: Yo, yo, quick announcement.
Big ups to homegirl over there, Layla Keating.
Because of her, Grand Prize tonight has gone from 500 to 2,000! [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.]
Hold up.
Hold up.
And as a bonus, the winner also gets free studio time with legendary producer J.
And we gonna switch things up.
Coop, it's me against you.
Coop, let's go.
You got it, Coop.
Come on, Coop.
Come on! You got this.
Come on, Coop.
You got this.
Go, Coop.
LAYLA: Whoo! - PATIENCE: You got this.
- SPENCER: You got it.
First or second? I've been first all night, brother.
Go ahead.
One chance to study the competition.
All good.
Yeah, right off the bat Hangin' out with the cat Lining your raps No, you tyin' on them straps Gay as the rainbow, but you supposed to be black And your family don't want you They deny you, in fact Look, word on the town now You snitchin' to them peoples, too Got preach shot 4 times And you're the reason, Coop We don't believe in you Deceivin', and you think it's cute I should beat your, uh! Just for selling all them dreams you do You gave Shawn up They killed him just because of that Now somebody got to tell his mommy That his son is dead And that's more than sad You feeling dumb?, my bad 'cause now his daughter like "when my daddy comin' back?" And your best friend rollin' with you Should watch his ass And your girlfriend Patience Way out of your weight class Still the drama's not to be misunderstood That you're the grim reaper of the hood CROWD: Ooh! [SCATTERED APPLAUSE.]
It's ok.
Come on, babe.
You got this.
SPENCER: Got this, Coop.
Ain't none of that true.
"The grim reaper.
" Damn.
Just keep it moving, Preach.
Hey, hip hop's a dirty game.
I saw a lot of homies get lost in the sauce chasing that fame.
There was one homie in particular who had what it took, but when it was time for him to get on that stage and perform for the first time, he froze.
I saw that same look on your face tonight when homeboy went in on you.
So what you trying to say? Maybe this music thing ain't for you.
Let me ask you something, Preach, why you even care? I thought we wasn't family no more.
We ain't.
I just thought you maybe needed a little game.
By telling me to quit? By telling you to keep your options open.
You're a little bit like me, Coop.
You got some hustle in your blood.
Just see what else is out there.
Ready to bounce? You know what? You right.
I do got a lot of hustle in my blood, and I ain't never gonna give up on my dream.
It's gonna take more than tonight to break me.
And you, of all people, should know that.
You're just in time.
I have midterms next week.
Would you mind being my study buddy again tonight? You know I got you, mom.
Here you go.
Uh, yeah.
This This is like Japanese to me.
You sure you wouldn't be better off with somebody else like I don't know Micah? Mm-hmm.
Not subtle.
I just ain't seen him in a minute.
Why'd he disappear? Oh, things got complicated the minute Hurricane Corey blew into town.
So you and Micah broke up.
Not for sure we were ever at that point.
Look, I know when dad left, you made a choice to put me and Dillon first, and we love you for that.
But it's time to put yourself first for a change.
I've done it.
Dillon's done it.
Even dad has done it.
It's your turn, ma.
Hey, man.
Hey, what's up, coach? My bad for showing up unannounced.
You got a few seconds? Yeah.
Hey, Gracie.
Hey, Billy.
Uh, look, I don't want to put any more pressure, put any more You need to know if I'm transferring back to South Crenshaw.
I mean, I'm just putting my team back together.
So I need to know what pieces I'm gonna use.
Look, no offense, but you got bigger problems than me, man.
You cannot keep letting Jordan slide.
Well, that's that's complicated.
Not really.
You want your son back, so you're going easy on him.
I get it, but I know for a fact that Jordan misses his coach, the tough, demanding coach that pushed him to become a State Champion.
He needs that guy on the field.
Once you get that back, you can focus on becoming father and son again but off the field, on your own terms.
But I, uh You still haven't answered my question.
Have you made a decision? Actually, I have.
Good morning, sweetie.
How was the social? And, listen, if you hate it, you do not have to go back.
I just really appreciate you trying.
Actually, it wasn't that bad.
Oh! It actually made me realize something.
What? The other day I was asked a very simple question: Who am I, and what has been my contribution to the world? And I realized i had no clue.
My whole life has been defined by being tethered to something or someone else Addiction, being ex-NFL star Billy Baker's daughter, being one-half of a twin.
Well, Sweetie, that's not all that defines you.
It feels that way.
I have spent so much time consumed in other people's identities that I've never taken the time to carve out my own.
Well, then start today.
Figure out who you are and just know that whatever you discover, I will be equally as proud of that Olivia as I am of the one sitting in front of me right now.
Just in time for breakfast.
Let me fix you a plate.
Nah, I'm good.
I'm good.
I can't eat right now.
You ok? Uh, I've finally decided where I'm gonna play this fall.
I'm choosing you to be my father, not my coach.
Our relationship is the most important thing to me right now.
I I just want to be your son.
And I don't want football getting in the way of that.
So I'm gonna stay at Beverly.
Look, I seen what this has done to Coach Baker and Jordan, and I don't want You needed to see me? Yeah.
I, uh, I just blocked Tony Wright from coming to Beverly.
I just wanted to give you a heads-up face to face.
You know, above board, professional way of handling things.
Well, 5-star receivers are in abundance around here.
I'll just shake a tree and find another one.
- Ok, I'll block them, too.
- Oh.
Contrary to what you may believe, this is still my team, Cliff.
And last time that i checked, I got us all a State Championship.
Spencer James led them to a championship.
Who do you think brought him here? Me.
I did that.
But at the end of the day, your fellow boosters, all of whom have voiced their support in me, they know what it takes to run this team, and it ain't a checkbook.
So you can see your way out.
For the record, Billy, you were never my choice to be Head Coach.
SINGER: West Side, get money, make money Make money Yo, I've been thinking.
Don't you see me eating? Listen, you need legit sources for money, and I could really use some help.
So I'm thinking maybe we should just work together.
- Doing what? - Selling my music.
I want to do it indie-style.
You know, mixtapes, just like neighborhood nip did it.
I don't know nothing about the music industry.
Maybe not, but you damn sure know how to move some product, one that ain't gonna land your ass back in jail either.
Where's your music? I'm working on it.
Shoot it to me when you're ready.
If I like what I hear, then maybe I'll rock with you.
BILLY: All right, y'all.
Gather round real quick.
I've had a change of heart.
Rare occurrence.
Yes, I know.
But I've made a decision on who i want to lead as captains for this spring's 7-on-7 league, Spencer and Asher.
I'll go over with you two what I expect from the field of 30.
You're excused.
Congratulations, boys.
Well done.
Jordan, can I talk with you for a second? Yeah.
So, look, I hope you know that I went in a different direction because You don't need to explain, all right? I haven't been acting very captain-like lately.
So I get it.
Just know I'm gonna earn it back.
So I wanted you to hear this from me first.
I ain't going nowhere.
You're stuck with me at Beverly for at least another year.
" You might want to turn your excitement down a little bit.
I mean, yeah, I'm thrilled you're staying, but I honestly would've been thrilled either way.
As long as you're happy, I'm happy.
There something you want to talk about? Not really.
Layla, things have been kind of different with you lately.
And, my bad, I've been caught up with my own stuff, but I'm focused now.
You know, I'm trying to help you.
Just talk to me.
I don't owe you every thought in my head, Spencer.
I'm not saying you do, but I'm concerned, that's all.
Ok, I'm fine.
I just Look, i need to go.
I want to be alone tonight, ok? Good night.
- Layla - Damn it, Spencer.
Just get out of my car, please.
Get out.
I'm serious.
Get out.
WOMAN: Oh oh oh This is my confession Oh oh oh I'm coming out of hiding Oh oh oh Can't keep Like this