All American (2018) s04e01 Episode Script

Survival of the Fittest

1 DANIEL EZRA: Previously on "All American" SPENCER: I've got to tell you something.
I've been training Jordan for weeks.
BILLY: You risked his future? I'm so disappointed in you.
MONTES: Obviously, I am not happy about what just happened, but if we can overcome what is dividing us, we can create a special memory.
You are going to tell your grandkids about this game, so let's make it a good story.
LAYLA: I cannot believe I left my phone at home.
I was sure I put it in my purse.
- CARRIE: It's good to unplug once in a while.
- Besides, we have each other.
COOP: What's up, Mo? Surprised to see me? [TWO GUNSHOTS.]
COOP: Preach! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, Coop.
Coop! No, no, no, no, no, no! ["WEIGHT" BY LEE DEWYZE PLAYING.]
LAYLA: Uh, OK, so why'd you want me to swing by here before we went to your parents'? - DEWYZE: The weight of it all on your shoulders - [SEAT BELT UNBUCKLES.]
DEWYZE: The silence crawls within everywhere Hey, what's going on? Carrie? Hey.
Take my hand? Uh, OK.
It's OK.
Everything's OK now.
Yeah, well, um, we should probably get going.
There's nowhere else to go.
This is it.
We can finally end the pain.
We can end the crippling loneliness here, now.
- LAYLA: Carrie.
- You don't have to be scared.
It's OK.
- Carrie.
- No, this is a good thing.
We're gonna finally be at peace.
What are you doing? No.
No! Carrie! Oh! No! Carrie! Oh! [GASPING.]
No, Carrie! No, no, no! [CRYING.]
Please! No! Hey, hey, hey, it's OK.
It's OK.
Hey, hey, you're home.
You're safe.
It's just a bad dream.
I'm fine.
- Are you? - Yeah, I am.
I promise.
Leland said nightmares are to be expected, so - it's fine.
Actually, I just, um, - Layla, I'm here.
I need to go to the bathroom.
I I'm fine, Dad, really.
Senior year wasn't supposed to be like this.
I moved back here, I saved the school, I got a D1 scholarship, got named an All-American And I got the girl.
And I was happy Like, for real, for the first time, happy, then [CLEARS THROAT.]
I don't know.
Maybe people like us ain't supposed to have it all.
- SINGERS: Na na na-na na na-na na na na - Na na na-na-na - FIELD ANNOUNCER: It's been a hell of a game for these two teams, and we're only in the second quarter.
- Hut! - Chris Jackson takes the snap.
SINGERS: Na na na-na na na-na na na ANNOUNCER: What a catch by Spencer James! SINGERS: Na-na na na na na na - [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
- ANNOUNCER: And he's in the end zone! Touchdown, Crenshaw! - WOMAN: Hey! - EASY MCCOY: Legendary like my birthplace This is my time, like my birthday ANNOUNCER: JJ Parker gets the ball.
Crenshaw defense is closing in.
- Don't stop, keep going - Gets it off just in time.
- Don't sleep on 'em, I'm living out - And touchdown, Beverly! Hey, I got an idea! Why don't we try and contain that damn tailback?! - BILLY: How 'bout that?! - [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
SINGERS: I came here to leave a legacy ANNOUNCER: What a sack by Rio Fausto! Ball is loose! - Destiny - And that will be Crenshaw's ball.
- That's us! - For the world to see - [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
- And I came I came to leave a legacy SINGERS: Na na na-na na na-na na na na Na na na-na na Hey, yo, Spence! Get your damn head back in the game, man! Man, it is in the game.
That's why we're on the board right now.
Worry about your damn self.
MCCOY: Hey Legacy, I was made at the bottom And now we on top, not shifting my focus Or changing my thoughts ANNOUNCER: What a catch by Spencer James! - And that's halftime.
- SPENCER: Aah! ANNOUNCER: Crenshaw leads, 21-17 - Whoo! - In a game for the record book.
Both teams are leaving it all on the field.
- SPENCER: What's going on? - BILLY: Uh, you, uh, you need to, uh, go with your mother, son.
What are you talking about? - We in the middle of the game of our lives right now.
It's Coop.
BILLY: You should go.
We'll handle what needs to be done here on the field.
Thought you could use some company.
Your company? Always.
You OK? No.
What's in the envelope? My commitment letter to Toledo State.
Early signing, that ends tomorrow night.
Supposed to sign it by then.
Well, you haven't signed it.
And I'm not going to.
- Spencer - After everything that happened, I can't leave my family.
- [SIGHS.]
- And I can't leave you.
I can't leave the people I have left that I love.
Babe, Toledo is your only offer.
Then I guess, after tomorrow, I'll be down to none.
I'll see you later.
Where you been? Uh, I was out for a run.
- Sorry.
I didn't think that'd freak you out.
- Oh, it didn't.
It didn't.
It's just that we had breakfast plans at 9:00.
- Oh! Sorry.
I forgot.
- It's all good.
Come on.
You're here.
I, um ahem see you made enough food to feed the whole county again.
Heh! I just never know what you're gonna want, so I just cover my bases.
Dad, like like I told you yesterday and the day before that, you don't have to do all this.
I'm fine.
- Fine.
There's that word again.
- Yeah.
You know, you say it at least 9 times a day.
- Would you prefer "swell"? - It's not funny, Layla.
Look, I'm worried about you.
You don't have to be, OK? Did a crappy thing happen? Yes.
Am I Having some trouble sleeping? Yes.
Am I working through all of it with my therapist? Yes.
And, you know, I was thinking that maybe we should have you start seeing Dr.
Leland more than once a week.
- Dad - In fact, I'm thinking that maybe that second session could be for both of us, you know? Like a like a family session.
Yeah, maybe.
Um, I got to run.
I have some work to do at the studio.
- Oh, you know, I can drive you.
- Or I can drive myself.
It's just the studio, Dad.
I'll be fine.
- SPENCER: What's all this? OLIVIA: OK, don't be mad.
We're all just worried about you.
GRACE: Baby, everybody is here because they love you, and they want the best for you.
If I didn't know any better, I'd say y'all - were staging some kinda intervention.
- CHRIS: We are.
- SPENCER: For what? - To stop you from throwing away your future.
Look, we know what you thinking, Spence, your need to carry the responsibility of others on your back.
It's like an addiction.
GRACE: You want to use what happened to Coop to throw away Toledo State and stay here.
We can't let that happen.
PATIENCE: Look, now, you know That there's no way that Coop would let you just put aside your dreams 'cause of her.
What'd she tell you when you had a shot at Beverly? That if she had a tenth of my talent, she'd bounce and never look back.
And she ain't here to say it this time So I'mma say it for her.
LAUREN DAIGLE: When the best of me is Barely breathin' When I'm not somebody I Can you tell me? Tell me.
Why can't you they tell me anything? DAIGLE: Hold on to me - [CRYING.]
- Hey, hey, hey.
DAIGLE: When I miss the light - The night has stolen - SPENCER: What happened? - What happened? - PATIENCE: I don't know.
- Who shot her? How bad is it? - [CRYING.]
I don't know.
I don't know.
Her dad is in the trauma bay, and her her mom is trying to catch a flight back.
Spencer, she can't die.
- No, no, no.
- She can't die.
No, no, I know.
I know.
DOCTOR: You can't be in here.
You have to go now.
Hold on to me - LAYLA: Hey.
- JORDAN: Hey.
Uh, is Liv home? Hi.
Uh - Jordan? - Yes.
Olivia's here.
You know, um, no.
No, she's not.
No, Oliv Liv Liv is at Spencer's.
Of course.
- Yes.
- Are you OK? Me? Yeah.
Uh, um, you know what? I promised myself I wouldn't be weird when I saw you.
- Oh.
Promise broken.
- I know, and I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
It's just Layla, come on.
- Oh.
I'm just glad that you're OK.
Actually, is it cool if I just hang out here? It's just kinda hard to breathe at home with my dad, like, hovering.
Well, I mean, he was scared.
I mean, we all were when we heard.
I think a little hovering is allowed? - Yeah, I know.
- And hey, I mean, at least you and your dad are talking, right? I mean, me and mine, I think we're up to 3 "heys" and a "see ya later"? Hey, do you, uh Do you remember when we were 11, and you accidentally broke his MVP trophy, building me and Liv our sleepover fort? - Oh, my God, yes.
I thought he was gonna kill me.
And yet here you are, still alive.
Hey, look, you and your dad are gonna power through this as well.
Yeah, I don't know.
It's just he, um, he blames himself about what happened with Carrie, and now he's overcompensating, and his guilt is just suffocating both of us.
But whatever.
I just Have to make this OK for him.
OK, but who's making it OK for you? I'm fine.
- Layla.
- OK, maybe not Exactly fine.
I think [CHUCKLES.]
It's not even close, but If I tell my dad, it'll break him.
OK, so Tell me.
I'm happy to be an ear, and I promise you I won't break.
I I just keep, um, like, replaying it in my head over and over.
LAYLA: Carrie? No! No! - Layla - Carrie! I promise you, I am not crazy.
OK? I just want the pain to stop.
Carrie, Carrie, listen to me, OK? I am not in pain.
I do not need you to free me from anything.
Your mother left you.
- She's dead! She died! - Your father abandoned you.
- Your best friend and your boyfriend - LAYLA: Carrie.
Your chosen family, they all betrayed you, and your mind betrayed you, too, Layla.
I know what all of that abandonment and betrayal feels like, OK? I know what it how it burns a hole in your gut, making you feel broken and unworthy! We don't have to feel like that anymore.
Carrie, stop stop saying "we," OK? That is not my life, and it's not how I feel.
Yes, I I felt betrayal and abandonment, but you know what else I felt? Forgiveness and love and purpose and hope, OK? - [GASPING.]
- Carrie, I need you to hear me.
Carrie, I need you to hear me, OK? I do not I don't want to die, OK? Please, Carrie? Let me go, OK? [SOBS.]
It is one scholarship, - and there might be others.
- CHRIS: Or there might not be.
You're playing Russian roulette with your future, dawg.
I mean, it's one thing if you said the dream has changed, that you didn't want to play professional football anymore.
DILLON: But it hasn't, and you do, so why won't you sign the paper? PATIENCE: Look, I get it, Spence.
You know I do.
And thinking 'bout just waking up tomorrow is hard, let alone Anything beyond that, but, come on, you're stronger than that.
We're stronger than that.
Bruh, please say something before someone breaks out into the "you is kind, you is smart" speech, please.
SPENCER: I appreciate y'all doing this.
I do, but I'm doing what's best for me.
Are you, though, or you just letting fear take over? GRACE: Thank you for coming.
Texas, huh? Yes, sir.
My mom's doing great with her physical therapy there, and I just committed to play for Texas Northern Tech.
That's dope, man.
Proud of you, homie.
Appreciate you.
- So it's good seeing you, man.
- You, too, man.
A'ight, so come on, man.
What's up? I know you hurtin', but you smarter than this.
- Dang, man, I can't order a drink first? - No.
Not when you got Ms.
Grace losing sleep at night.
She's worried about you starting to have survivor's guilt over all the good things happening in your life, like Toledo State, but I told her you were way too smart to throw away a scholarship over a heartbreak that you can't change.
You know how they say pain is always hardest for the ones left standing? They ain't wrong.
Who knows that better than me, you, and Dillon? Yeah, but this is Coop, man.
It's different.
I'm so sorry.
OLIVIA: Is is there any update? Is is there anything that I can do for you? REGGIE: Thank you.
No, no.
PATIENCE: The doctors won't let anybody back into the trauma bay.
They're trying to Stabilize her or something, so they can get her to surgery.
GRACE: You know what, Olivia? How about we see if we can find, uh, - some food or coffee for everyone? - Of course.
- SPENCER: Thanks, Mom.
- GRACE: You're welcome.
SPENCER: 'Scuse me.
I'll be right back.
Yo, Spence, listen, man.
- PATIENCE: How could you?! - No, stop, stop.
- How could you?! Stop! Dumped her there! You just dumped her there! She's dying! She is dying 'cause your ass was nowhere to be found! Look, my ass is the reason she got a fighting chance.
- Stop! - Stop! You need to start explaining fast, bruh.
Look, Coop called and said that she was gonna confront Mo about planting drugs on the bus.
I told her to wait, let me take care of it.
You know Coop don't listen to no one.
When I get there, Mo had a gun on Coop.
Next thing I know, she's shooting at Coop and I'm shooting at her.
You shot Mo? I had no choice.
I thought I got my shot off before she did, but Coop was bleeding out in my arms, so I got her to my car and I got her here.
And why didn't you stay? - 'Cause you had her blood all over you.
- I'm a felon on parole.
I'm going back to prison when all this gets out.
Well, where's Mo? Where's she at? She's dead.
I just tried Layla again.
No answer.
- This is all my fault.
- What? No.
Patience, you're upset.
- We all are.
You're not thinking straight.
- Really? OK, well, who first told Coop that she was looking for drama with Mo when there was none? Or who pushed Coop to let her guard down? Because of me, Coop walked right into Mo's trap.
Now she's bleeding out on a stretcher, - and I can't get to her.
- Hey Coop's a fighter, right? She gonna pull through this.
- Doctor, please, can you tell me something? - Mr.
Cooper, I need you to stand back.
We have to get your daughter into the operating room right now.
SPENCER: I thought she wasn't stable enough for surgery.
She's not, but we can't wait any longer.
We have to try to get that bullet out and stop the bleeding, or she won't make it.
COOP: I'mma aim at any target And I'mma hit it Start coming out your wig, you know I'mma split it And that's how they made me, that's how I live it But sometimes I think of myself, I thank God for saving myself I could be the one in the casket, now I look back Carrie, please let me go.
Carrie, please.
- Everything feels so out of control.
- Carrie.
I thought that we were the same.
I I thought I was helping you.
But you're right.
- Carrie.
- You have hope.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry! [CRYING.]
- Layla.
- Dad.
- What are you doing here? Uh, I come bearing gifts a coffee and my musical expertise.
You're working on Coop's album, right? Yeah, um, I'm finishing it for her.
It seems like the least I can do right now.
Well, all right.
Let's do it then.
Uh, no, thanks.
I've got it covered.
All right, cool.
Well, I will just sit back and watch your musical genius at work then.
Thank you again, Dad, but no, you don't have to watch over me every second.
It's a lot.
Sweetheart, I, uh, I almost lost you.
I'm gonna be a little overprotective right now.
- You know, your therapist said that - You spoke you spoke to my therapist? Just briefly, when I called about adding the extra session a week.
Look - Layla? - It's I just I have to run some errands.
OK, uh, I know I sound like a broken record, but I'd feel better if I came with you.
OK, well, I'm not gonna be alone.
Jordan is coming with me.
We made plans earlier, so I will be safe, Dad, OK? I'll see you at home.
I'm gonna take it to mean that because you're here, you did not go to Grace's intervention for Spencer.
Sounds like she has everybody and their mama going, so - I think he's covered.
- Billy - He's got what he needs.
- He's gonna be with family.
Yeah, you're his family, Billy.
Jordan was supposed to be recovering.
The doctor made it clear, any jarring at all could be damaging.
- Spencer risked Jordan's life.
- LAURA: No, no, no.
Jordan risked Jordan's life, and it was stupid and dangerous, but ultimately, it was a risk that paid off.
I mean, I've never seen Jordan play the way he played at the championships.
JORDAN: Here we go, here we go, here we go.
Down, set! ANNOUNCER: This is Jordan Baker's first return to the field since his concussion midseason.
- All right, hut! - What a return it is.
PARKS: Stand back, there's a trap, man [CROWD CHEERING, WHISTLE BLOWS.]
ANNOUNCER: Beverly's up, 38-33.
What an impressive game it's been for both teams.
Crenshaw has time for one more play.
They get this across the goal line, and they will be the new state champions.
- You good? - Yeah, I'm good.
All right.
You know what to do.
Play like Chargers.
You have given me everything tonight.
I can't ask for no more.
- Finish it.
- Yes, sir.
All right.
Get out there.
CHRIS: Hey! Y'all, listen up! Hey, we been together for a minute now.
We had each other's backs even when we mad 'cause that's how families be, and we are family through and through.
OK? So let's finish this.
It's now or never, boys.
Chris is right.
Now, we missing a vital member of this family, who's off dealing with a tragedy, and that man carried us here damn near on his back, so the least we can do is finish this one out for him.
- Yes, sir.
- This win tonight is for Spencer James! CHRIS: And break! [CROWD CHEERING, DRUMS BEATING.]
Set, hut! Get there, get there, get there! [CROWD CHEERING, PLAYERS SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY.]
JJ: Hey! No! He's short! He's short, he's short, he's short, he's short! REFEREE: He's short.
He was short.
- JJ: Short, short, short! - HEAD REF: Runner is short! No good! - [CROWD CHEERING AND WHISTLING.]
- ANNOUNCER: And just like that, Beverly wins state championships again! What a game! What a final play and Valiant effort by Chris Jackson and the whole Crenshaw team.
This will go down as one for the books.
CHRIS: We're here for you and Coop.
I'm sorry.
I can't believe you're all here, man.
Where else would we be? Look, Spence, I should be the one apologizing, OK, not you.
You got it, bruh.
- JORDAN: It's gonna be all right.
JJ: How how's Coop doing? Any update? [DOOR OPENS.]
What? What is it? She made it through surgery.
Thank God.
That's good news.
They won't know the extent of the damage until she wakes up.
What is it, Ma? What are y'all not saying? The surgery was Rough.
She barely made it through.
It's not a matter of when she wakes up.
It's if She wakes up.
C Coop's in a coma? [WHISPERS.]
- Come here, come here.
It's OK.
It's OK.
SPENCER: I appreciate you flying out, but my mind's made up.
OLIVIA: OK, that was weird.
Layla's dad just called, asking for Jordan's number.
- He say how she was doing? - Sounds like better than he is.
So, any luck getting through to him? [CHUCKLES.]
Yo, this is one hardheaded negro.
Y'all know I'm sitting right here, right? You should try talking to my dad.
- You guys always - He ain't trying to hear from me right now.
- [SIGHS.]
- All right, Spence.
This is the last thing I'mma say.
Staying back and moving back has always been your go-to anytime things get a little rough, and if you're being honest with yourself, it's become a crutch 'cause I don't know, maybe something out there scares you.
Maybe something about the dream scares you.
The question is, what? MALE SINGER: Hey! [ECHOES.]
JORDAN: The next time you want to use me as an alibi, maybe give a brother a heads-up so I know to cover for you when your dad calls.
Of course he checked.
How'd you find me? Well, your dad has find-my-phone activated.
Yeah, the only way I could get him to not come here himself was to offer to come instead.
- Oh, thank you.
- Hmm.
It's weird being here without Coop.
Uh, look, I was actually gonna swing by Spencer's and check on him while I'm down here.
Would - would you want to come? - Uh, I would, I just feel like if I don't get going, my dad'll have the National Guard come escort me home.
Do you mind if I toss in my two cents? The more you keep your dad in the dark about everything that you're feeling, the tighter he's gonna want to hold on.
Just be honest with him, Layla, for both your sakes.
- Even if it hurts him? - The pain is for a moment.
The healing is a lifetime.
Isn't that what you told Carrie that night? - LAYLA: Carrie.
- CARRIE: Why are you still here? [PANTING.]
Because you're still here.
Oh, Layla, please.
You need to go.
Look, I I know I said we weren't the same, but we kind of are.
No you were right.
We're not.
I've felt what you felt.
I've been where you are.
The The unimaginable pain and the Being tired of hurting and feeling like no one understands, and feeling like there's no way to make it stop except to take your own life.
Carrie, I I was on my own cliff less than a year ago, and I am still here.
I am proof [SNIFFLES.]
that you can and you will make it.
You're stronger than me.
I've been here before, and I got help, and now I'm back here again.
I can't keep starting over because clearly - it is not working - No, look, I know it feels like you are back in the same place, but you are not, OK? Fighting for our mental health, it's like a rollercoaster, you know? There are ups and there are downs, but there is always forward movement.
Why are you trying to help me after everything that I've done? Because you helped me once.
When I when I was at my worst, and I walked into Running Springs, you helped get me better.
You saved my life, Carrie, and I'm not leaving until I return the favor.
It hurts, Layla.
Everything hurts.
- I know.
I know.
I promise you that that pain is just for the moment, and You'll heal and and you'll get through this, and then that new, brighter feeling - will last a lifetime.
- It's too late! - No, no, no.
- I already messed up! - No.
- My parents, you, I [CRYING.]
Carrie, Carrie, we love you, OK? We want you to get better, and I know it I know it all feels really overwhelming and huge right now, and Look All we have to do Is just focus on one thing at a time, OK? - I don't know where to start.
- OK, um Where where was the last place that you felt like yourself and and you felt safe? Honestly The Running Springs facility.
OK, let's start there.
OK? Just Come on.
Come on.
It's gonna be fine.
- OK, come on.
I'm so sorry! - I can't I can't - LAYLA: It's OK.
I don't want to! It's OK.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Listen, um, I'm really glad you wanted to talk.
- Dad, I - Just, uh, just let me get this out first.
Layla, I'm sorry.
After almost losing you in the midst of Carrie's episode, I, uh It scared me to death, and, uh, I realized that the way I've been acting over the last 3 days has been more about what I needed, when it should have been about what you needed.
Honestly, I don't know that I really understood what I needed until now.
I'm listening.
Um I need to feel safe, Dad, - and I don't feel safe here.
- JP: OK.
- It's just a house.
We can move again.
- LAYLA: No, it's it's not the house.
It's It's the home, you know.
It's not just about what happened with Carrie or the break-in at the last house or my struggle with depression.
I have not felt safe or like I'm on solid ground since Like, since Mom died and and you left.
You're part of the home I feel unsafe in And [SIGHS.]
That feeling is what left me vulnerable to someone like Carrie.
- I'm sorry.
- No no, don't be.
You're right, you know? I should be the one asking for forgiveness.
Look, um Most importantly, I want you feeling healthy and whole.
- Yeah, so do I.
- OK.
How do we make you feel safe again? [SIGHS.]
SPENCER: Tamia Cooper? Three days, Coop? You just had to make my heart stop for 3 days? [COOP GROANS.]
I I'm sorry, but Who are you? It's me.
Coop, it's me, Spence.
You should see your face, fool.
Yo, if you wasn't in that bed, I would whup your ass.
Oh ow, ow, ow.
It's all good.
- Hey.
- Hi, Ms.
- Hi, honey.
- Thank you.
- LAURA: Hey.
- JORDAN: I'll grab this.
- JP: Hey, thanks again for, uh, agreeing to let her stay.
- Takes a village, right? - JP: Right.
Thanks for agreeing to this, Dad.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
LAURA: JP, this is not gonna be forever, and you know you can come any time you want.
JP: I know.
MALE SINGER: Oh, I'm not feeling - I just got nothing left - JP: Thank you.
- I have been through this It isn't the first time - Won't be the last time - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- SPENCER: Hey, you got a second, Coach? - [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
BILLY: Uh - I heard the good news about Coop.
- Yeah, yeah.
It's amazing.
It's good news.
I'm, uh, meant to sign to Toledo by the end of today.
I couldn't bring myself to do it when I thought Coop was gonna stay in the coma indefinitely, but she's awake now, gonna make a full recovery, yet I still can't sign.
Darnell thinks it's 'cause something about the dream scares me.
Yeah, well, uh, you know, you got to do what's right for you.
How many times I got to say I'm sorry, man? Coach, I am sorry I trained Jordan.
I'm sorry I had to leave the game.
Maybe if I'd have stayed, it wouldn't have came so close to the wire, - and we'd be the official state champs - BILLY: We are the state champs.
I don't care what the official records say.
We all know that, and that's all that matters.
- JJ: Short, short, short, short! - REF: Runner was short.
No good.
There's no instant replay, we got to live with that call, but we won that game, damn it! And we won it without Spencer James.
Oh, now, I ain't saying that to be cruel, - I'm just proving the point.
- And what point is that? You don't always have to be the hero, Spencer, just like you didn't have to be the hero when Jordan asked you to train him.
Your need to play God could get somebody killed one day! What was I supposed to do Huh? Jordan was gonna train with or without me, man! At least with me, I could keep him safe! Not your job to keep him safe! That's my job! That's Laura's job! You should have come to us! You want to know why you ain't gonna sign this damn letter? [PICKS UP LETTER.]
It's not 'cause you think Crenshaw or your family or your friends are gonna fall apart without you.
That's not it.
You're scared that they won't.
And who is Spencer James if he ain't the hero? MALE SINGER: Tell me if you can feel it 'Cause I feel it 'Cause I feel it - I can't let you do that.
- Man, you're on parole.
I'm not letting you go back to prison.
What's going on? I thought you were laying low.
I wanted to see her awake for myself.
Promised me you'd rest, Coop.
Babe, I was asleep the last 3 days.
I think I'm good on rest.
Nah, she's right.
Think I'mma head up outta here.
Tamia Cooper? I'm Detective Poworski.
It's good to see you awake.
I have some questions for you about the night of your shooting.
Well, she's still recovering, so can this wait? Not if you want to catch who did this.
There's no one to catch.
Monique Moore shot Coop right before Right before I shot her back.
POWORSKI: So you're saying that Monique Moore shot you first, and then you shot back in self-defense? That's exactly what I'm saying.
Where's the gun? It wasn't recovered at the scene.
I don't know.
I passed out after getting shot, and I woke up here a few hours ago.
- How'd you get to the hospital? - Again, I don't know.
Were there any witnesses at the scene? - No, it was just me and Mo.
- Coop, I think you should have your lawyer around before you say nothing else.
Tell your lawyer that we'll be back to finish up our statement in the morning.
Have a good night.
It's done.
They'll dot their I's and cross their whatevers, - but self-defense is a clean cut.
- PATIENCE: 'Scuse me.
- What? - What's the problem? Coop was out.
She was done with the drama, with the gang crap, and she just threw herself right back in the middle of it all - by lying to those cops.
- She's trying to save me.
Yeah, there is always a reason.
You know, I spent the last few days blaming you, blaming myself for what happened to Coop, but the truth is the person to blame for all the drama that follows Coop around is Coop.
When is it ever gonna stop? [FOOTSTEPS RETREAT.]
Hey, here she comes.
Um, big head and I thought maybe, just for tonight, you didn't want to sleep alone.
Our sleepover fort.
JORDAN: Your sleepover fort.
- BOUNDARY RUN: Everything stops - LAYLA: Thanks.
- Heh! [SNIFFLES.]
- JORDAN: Yeah.
BOUNDARY RUN: The second hand locks Hey, hey.
- I let it sink in - [SOBS.]
You know, Coach Baker asked me a question tonight, and I realized I ain't had the answer.
I don't know.
Maybe he's right about me having a savior complex.
Maybe not But at some point, I got to take the leap and find out, right? I mean, Dr.
Spears always telling me to put my mask on first.
- But I've been running circles - So here we go.
BOUNDARY RUN: 'Cause I can't make up my Make up my mind I always imagined we'd be together when I signed to a D1 school So let's do it, Pops.
BOUNDARY RUN: Make up my mind Make up my mind Make up my mind Make up my mind [THEME MUSIC PLAYING.]
MAN: Greg, move your head!
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