All American (2018) s04e06 Episode Script

Show Me a Good Time

JJ: Guys I'm calling with a heavy heart.
It's with great sadness and my deepest condolences that I must say R.
to our high-school hallways [CHUCKLING.]
'Cause it's skip day, baby! Yo, who's ready to turn up? ASHER: Dude, it's so early.
Oh, come on, Ash! Jordan, Jordan? Spence? Look, Sp [HANGS UP PHONE.]
GRACE: Dillon, don't forget to pack up your deodorant for your sleepover.
But make sure you put on some first.
- Ooh.
- What's up, Ma? - Mmm.
- You might want to tell him twice.
I don't know what it is about little boys choosin' to be funky.
It's like y'all don't smell y'all selves.
Ain't got to worry about me no more.
I always keep it fresh.
Well, thank you, Jesus, for that.
I didn't think my nostrils would make it.
- Come on.
- Ha ha ha ha! I am headed over to the school this morning if you want to catch a ride.
- No school for me.
Ditch day.
- Right.
I remember my senior skip day.
We spent the day at Dockweiler Beach, and then we snuck into the school at nighttime to hide our time capsules.
- Y'all made time capsules? What you put in 'em? - GRACE: Mm-hmm.
We wrote our predictions of where we saw ourselves - in the next 30 years.
Y'all aren't doing that? That's a South Crenshaw tradition.
- Every senior class does it.
- SPENCER: Well, I ain't never heard of it.
They probably got tired of y'all breaking into the school - every year and shut it down.
- GRACE: I guess so.
- So what are y'all gonna do? - SPENCER: Oh, they going to the fair, but it's Beverly's skip day, too, so me and Liv gonna hang out.
I got somethin' special planned.
- Oh.
- Mind your business.
I see - Mind your business, OK? - GRACE: OK, OK.
All right, young man.
Just don't be makin' no babies.
SPENCER: You know, it defeats the whole purpose of skip day if you're still doing school work.
I'm sorry, I just I got a last-minute assignment for my job at the "L.
Tribune," and I'm just trying to get it done before we leave.
SPENCER: A'ight, well, you can finish it in the car - 'cause we've gotta go.
Where are we going? It's a surprise.
If I guess, will you tell me? - Is it Palm Springs? - That's not how surprises work.
- OK.
Look, you and me have been waiting on this date forever, and now that it's finally here, I want to make it special So put this on when we get to the car.
I mean, it's a little kinky, but I'm down.
You sure you want our first time to be in a backseat? No.
It's to stop you from being all miss investigative reporter and trying to ruin the surprise.
How long do I have to wear this stupid thing? Again with the questions.
Just trust me.
Promise it's gonna be worth it.
- [GASPS.]
Is it Catalina? - No.
Oh, you know, I'm just warmin' up.
- OK.
- Oh, it's Joshua Tree.
- It is Joshua no.
- Yeah.
MAN: I guess I'll give you Selma just to talk about I can't be a novice now, I'm walking out COOP: Hey, I'm telling you now, I am never getting on that death drop ride again.
OK, I couldn't step foot on an elevator for, like, a year.
OK, honestly, I don't even care because I just want my funnel cake 'cause I haven't had one of those in, like, forever.
- COOP: Right.
Oh, hold on.
This my lawyer.
Hello? Yeah, this is Coop.
OK, they need it today? All right.
Yeah, I'll stop by in a minute.
- Well? - It's about Mo's shooting.
They filed a motion to have the misdemeanor charge dropped, and they need me to fill out some papers, you know, 'cause it was self-defense.
You are gettin' real comfortable with that lie, huh? What? If if I don't stick to my story, Preach goes to jail, Amina has no parents, and I'm not living with that on my conscience.
Self-defense is the easiest way to wrap this thing up for everybody.
And, yeah, why don't you come? Come on, and then we can go to the fair straight after.
Yeah, no, I'm, uh, I'mma pass.
- Why? - You know, Layla was actually gonna swing by this morning, but I told her no because I thought you and me were gonna spend time together.
But I guess I just have all this free time now, right? Bye.
Good morning, Principal Carter.
Good mornin', Ms.
Surprised to see you here this early.
- Dropping off some forms.
- Mm-hmm.
By the way, Spencer's at home sick.
Oh, right.
So is every other senior.
- I know it's skip day.
Did you know that seniors don't do time capsules anymore? What capsules? We didn't do that at my school.
It's a South Crenshaw tradition.
It's where we wrote predictions of our future selves? What was yours? Oh, well, honestly, I - I can't remember.
It was over 25 years ago.
But now I'm curious.
I know we hid them in the wall in Mr.
Rowan's history class.
I'm gonna find Billy.
- I need his help.
- You can't be serious.
It's the middle of the day.
There's never a wrong time for a little adventure.
Try not to disturb any of the students that are here.
We're here.
Watch your head.
So I can finally take this thing off and see the breathtaking views of Laguna Beach? - No and no.
- Heh heh! Damn.
- Take my hand.
- OK.
There you go.
So excited.
Are you sure that's not the ocean I'm hearing? Not unless you got superpowers.
- Now, listen, our first time together is somethin' special, so I wanted it to be somewhere that had meaning.
Oh, wow.
Um, we're heh! We're here, at the cabin.
Um, didn't we pass a brand-new hotel a few miles back? - You were blindfolded.
- You know, or we could, um, we could just come back tomorrow, you know? Listen, if you're having second thoughts about this, we can just chill and enjoy the cabin.
- It's not that.
- Then what is it? - [DOOR OPENS.]
- JORDAN: Last one to the dock is wearing handcuffs tonight! It's that.
- So - Hi [SIGHS.]
Dude, you said that I had an open invitation to use your cabin anytime that I wanted.
That don't mean you're not supposed to check in with me first.
I am so sorry.
I had no idea Spencer was bringing me here.
I was literally blindfolded.
No, it's romantic, and it's kinda kinky.
- I know, right? - I just feel so bad.
He went through all this trouble, and Jordan and I ruined his surprise for you.
I mean, if anyone's to blame, it's Liv's fault, all right? She's the one who invited us up here in the first place.
Why would Liv invite y'all to use my family's cabin? Well, she thought that we could use a romantic getaway, since Simone's leaving for Bringston soon.
Why are you guys here? Mm-hmm? Oh, my God.
You guys were gonna do it - for the first time! - Shh! Keep your voice down! - I feel really bad.
OK, look, Jordan and I, we are not blockers, - so, girl, we really could just go.
- OLIVIA: No, no.
No way.
I mean, leaving would just make it weird.
I mean, not gonna lie.
I assumed you guys were saving it for prom night.
- Do I look like a cliché? - Ha ha ha ha! Oh, also, speaking of prom, we're still going, right? - Yes, of course.
- OK.
Girl, there are two things I dreamed of since I was a little girl.
- Mm-hmm.
- Prom and my wedding day.
Well, you already scratched one of those off your list, so SIMONE: Well, there I am, the overachiever.
Ha ha! Jordan is so excited, it's, like, weird.
He won't shut up about his tux.
That's so cute.
He's all hype about it.
I just, you know, I want to make sure he has the prom of a lifetime.
- Oh.
- Shut up.
- "Of a lifetime.
I don't get it.
I know that we hid those time capsules in Mr.
Rowan's history class.
Look out.
Grace James is wrong.
Uh, don't make me hurt you.
- CARTER: Hey, any luck? - BILLY: No.
Grace, um, uh [STAMMERS.]
Didn't do anything.
- BILLY: I think these capsules might have just moved themselves somehow.
What? CARTER: Yeah, I'm I'm not touching that.
Heh! - We still on for tonight? - BILLY: What's tonight? - Nosy.
- We're going to dinner at - Dinner? - Yeah, you and Laura should join us.
Oh, I'm sure they have plans.
BILLY: No, no, no.
We're we're not busy.
We're free.
I love to eat.
I love to eat.
I oh, wait, wait, wait.
I think I know where we might have hid those capsules.
- BILLY: Girl, come on! - [GRACE STAMMERS, SIGHS.]
JORDAN: You know, most people don't know this, but lapels are the unsung heroes of the tux, right? There's there's notch lapels and there's peak lapels and there's There's shawl lapels, and what these lapels do - is they can make you - You know what? Think Liv and Simone should probably be done changing by now, so I'mma go check on 'em.
Oh, but I I was just about to break down the difference between oval ones and the shawl lapels.
I'll catch it at another time.
All right.
SPENCER: How are you and Simone gonna leave me on the dock with Jordan going full-blown Bubba Gump? - Oh, he's on his lapel run? - Yeah.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Simone must still be in the shower, and I just thought I'd slip away and squeeze in a little work while you guys were relaxing.
You meant to be relaxing, too, with me.
You're right, you're right.
I'll do better.
In fact, we can start right now.
I mean, we practically alone.
Well, then I suppose we should take full advantage of that opportunity.
You're damn right.
It can't be.
The party has arrived! [JJ LAUGHING.]
OLIVIA: Why aren't you at Beverly's skip day? Oh, Gabby was bumming me out with her itinerary and clipboard.
- Sucked the fun out of it.
- How? - It was at the beach.
- She wanted us to clean it up.
I mean, I hate trash as much as the next dude, and I want the world to be a cleaner place Never pegged you as an environmentalist.
JJ: But skip day is supposed to be fun, so I ditched them and decided to bring the par-tay to my peeps.
OK, but how did you know that we were all here? JJ: Ah.
I activated find-my-phone on all my bros and lady bros' phones.
- SPENCER: Right.
- JJ: Ha ha ha ha! So I think we should take out our phones and turn off that locator.
- OLIVIA: Yeah.
- SIMONE: Mm-hmm.
- ASHER: It didn't look like she was kidding.
- PATIENCE: Stop! - No! Ha ha! - COOP: What's up, y'all? - PATIENCE: Crazy.
- ASHER: Excellent, Coop.
COOP: What's up, Layla? What's up, babe? You ready to roll? PATIENCE: Uh, actually, me and Layla were just talking about the tour, so LAYLA: Uh, yeah.
Patience killed it.
A few promoters have already reached out - asking if she can do some summer dates.
- COOP: That's dope, bae.
But, seriously, we should get going, unless you want to miss the fair.
Uh, same with us, Layla, if we're making it to beach day.
Uh, you know, actually, I'm good.
What happened to funnel cakes? - PATIENCE: I'm good.
- COOP: Y'all give me a minute.
- PATIENCE: Mm-hmm.
What's up, Spence? Shouldn't you be a little busy right now? Yeah, you would think, but change of plans.
How's you and Patience's skip day going? I had to go handle some business with my lawyer, and now she's giving me attitude, so not like I planned.
Y'all should just come up here.
- To the cabin? - Yeah.
I mean, what happened to your little romantic getaway? Ha ha ha! It got away.
COOP, CHUCKLING: I'll see you soon.
All right.
Oh, were you, uh, were you talking to your attorney again? It was Spencer.
- He invited you and I up to the - ASHER: The cabin.
COOP: Heh! Wait, how'd you know? JJ ON PHONE: 'Sup, my friends? Hey, skip day in the woods is about to be lit! - LAYLA, LAUGHING: Oh, my God.
- PATIENCE: What? I got to go.
Heh heh! Bye.
- PATIENCE: That's y'all friends.
OLIVIA: Jordan and Simone already have the side room.
Uh, JJ, you can take the sofa bed, - and we'll take the room in the back.
Oh, snap.
I told Coop she and Patience could take the couch.
That's probably them now.
My bad, bro.
OLIVIA: Um, Coop and Patience on the couch, uh, there's a sleeping bag in the closet, - so JJ can take the floor.
PATIENCE: Hey, hey, hey.
What's up, what's up? - COOP: Yo, yo.
- OLIVIA: Hey.
Got room for two more? Well, I am not sleeping on the porch.
You know, I ain't really trippin' on it, but when I told you you should come up, I thought it was just gonna be you and Patience.
COOP: Look, so did I.
Patience invited them.
SPENCER: A'ight, well, let's just hope it ain't like the last time we was all out here together.
Yeah, you try to break up with me again, I'll burn this place down.
- All right, good people, I present the new and improved port-a-party [CHUCKLES.]
The port-a-party-mobile.
- JORDAN: Bro.
- ASHER: What? - JJ: Yep, yep.
Ha ha ha! Uh, but wait! [BRITISH ACCENT.]
There's more.
Ha ha ha! - ASHER: Oh, boy.
It's time to start bouncing.
Oh, man.
- You know, I thought it would pop up like a life raft, but, - ah, y'all get it.
- JORDAN: Yeah.
JJ: Yo, it's time to turn up! - LAYLA: Already ahead of ya! - JJ: Oh! [ALL CLAMORING.]
MALE SINGER: What's the nachos without the cheese? What's the track without the beat? BACKGROUND SINGERS: Whoa, oh Oh-oh-oh Keep drawing that line Hold up, hold up Hold up, oh! I'll remember this time Drop it, drop it, hey! We can do it better, we can do it better Together, together we can do it better, we can do it better Together, together We're so much stronger When we got each other We can do it better, we can do it better - Together - Hey - Together - Hey ASHER: Oh, my gosh, man.
- OLIVIA: Ha ha! - JORDAN: Will it ever be like this again? I mean, the jokes, all of us hanging out? - ASHER: I don't see why not.
- JORDAN: Well, we're all graduating and going off to college soon.
LAYLA: OK, way to bring us all down.
JORDAN: No, I just mean I don't ever want to ever forget this, us.
SPENCER: You know, my mom was saying how, back in the day, the South Crenshaw seniors used to write predictions for where they saw themselves in 30 years, bury it in a time capsule.
Wait, that's actually Like, a super-cool idea.
LAYLA: Yeah.
Hey, we should totally do our own.
JJ: Your boy will take it from here.
I'll record everybody's predictions and put 'em all on a thumb drive.
We'll do 20 years, though.
OK, then, in 20 years, we can meet up back here and dig it up.
Heh! Oh, this is gonna be so dope! Good thing I brought my lighting kit.
- Heh heh! - Oh, no.
Did we make a mistake? Is JJ gonna overdo this? JJ, CHUCKLING: Oh! I forgot I brought my drone.
Nice! Great.
Yeah, he's about to JJ the hell outta this.
- OLIVIA: Yeah.
- JORDAN: Buckle up, kiddos.
GRACE: We've checked everywhere it could possibly be.
You'd think we would have left some kind of a clue behind.
- GRACE: Right.
- LAURA: Hey.
- BILLY: Hey.
- LAURA: Is everything OK? - I've been texting and calling.
- BILLY: Mmm.
We're still looking for this, uh, - this capsule.
- Uh, what's all this? GRACE: These are capsules from other classes, - like that one over there is from '89 - BILLY: Mm-hmm.
GRACE: And that one is '84.
Oh, this one has a fooey cake - BILLY: Ha ha! - LAURA: And a joint.
GRACE AND BILLY: Class of '74.
LAURA: Well, I don't want to be the fun police, but, you guys, we do have dinner reservations.
Oh, no, we pushed back, uh, an hour, so we're good.
These capsules have to be somewhere on school property.
- I need y'all to focus, think back.
- CARTER: What? We didn't have skip day at my boarding school.
Well, you know, if you guys have looked everywhere, and you can't find it, maybe it's time to give up.
BILLY: Excuse me.
Don't you ever say that.
- We're Chargers.
- And Chargers never say die.
OK, well, could you guys speed up the one-eyed Willie treasure hunt? I'm starving.
- GRACE: You know who would know? - BILLY: Hmm? Uh no! - LAURA: Oh, no.
- BILLY: No, she's not gonna be a part of this.
- BILLY: No.
JORDAN: Don't even get me started on the buttons, OK? - The buttons are - JJ: Oh, come on, Coop.
I want to use the drone to come in high and push in on your prediction.
I just need one more take.
Well, you don't you take your ass to somebody else and do it with them? - [SIMONE GIGGLES.]
- JJ: What are you all up to? OLIVIA: Jordan was just telling us about his tux for prom, again.
SPENCER: There might be a new drip king in town.
JJ: Whoa.
I'm the drip master of the universe.
- Check me out.
- ASHER: Wow.
- PATIENCE: That's hot.
- JJ: Dolce & Gabbana! - ASHER: More like, uh, Dolce & Garbage.
JJ: Whoa, ho ho.
Oh, you think yours is better? I'm sorry.
What is happening right now? ASHER: As a matter of fact, ahem.
- JORDAN: Yep.
- ASHER: Come on.
- JJ: It's good.
- JORDAN: Ah, that's right.
It's not bad, but listen up, everybody.
Now that you heard from the rest, it's time that you hear from the best.
- Please, don't ever rhyme like that again.
SIMONE: Show 'em what you workin' with, baby.
We gonna be the best-lookin' at prom.
- Bam! Y'all see that? - SPENCER: I'm a fan.
- I'm a fan.
- JORDAN: You get it.
He gets it.
- JJ: It's pretty good, actually.
- PATIENCE: Uh, Spencer, where's yours? You're lookin' real quiet.
SPENCER: Ain't nobody running around with pictures of they clothes in their phone.
Y'all can have that.
COOP: OK, boy, stop.
You know damn well you got a picture of that tux in your phone.
You done had it since we was kids, so stop frontin'.
- I don't even know what you talk bam.
- JJ: Oh, ho! - He had it! - [RINGTONE.]
PATIENCE: Right as he show us, like, he's so dramatic.
JJ: Ha ha ha! Yeah.
OLIVIA: Babe, that tux is only gonna match one of my dresses.
- You got more than one dress? - Yes.
I mean, we're going to two proms South Crenshaw and Beverly.
SPENCER: You can't wear the same dress to both? - OLIVIA: Mmm, no.
Everything OK? That was my tennis coach.
He wants me to play in this high-profile tennis tournament in Phoenix.
Wait, that that's a good thing, right? It's a great thing.
It'll increase my chances of making the Bringston team.
OK, so wh-what's the problem? It's the same weekend as prom.
Simone should be getting back from her walk by now.
- It's dark outside.
- Sure she's fine.
Just give her a minute.
Man, can you believe that we're all gonna be in college soon? Uh, well heh! Not all of us.
I'm taking a gap year.
What? You're you're not going to college? Well, people go to college to figure out what they want to do, and I'm already doing it, so Oh, OK.
I guess you were always just so dead-set on college.
And now I'm not.
What? It's just Is everything OK, Layla? I mean, you You've just kind of been different these last few months.
Oh, OK, that's not vague at all.
OK, well, you've been super-invested in your producing career, which is great, and you hang out with us, but you you keep us at a bit of a distance, - and then you slept with Asher, which is - LAYLA: Oh, I'm sor I'm sorry.
How do you even know about that? And you know what, Jordan? How many one-night stands have you had? Right.
OK, so if you're done judging my life I'm not judging you, Layla, I'm not, OK? I just - I'm just trying to look out for you.
- Oh, OK.
Well, I'm looking out for myself just fine, and that distance thing you were talking about earlier? It's called boundaries, OK? And it's a good thing.
Excuse me.
JJ: Oh, girl, I heard you did your thing on tour.
- Yeah, I did.
It was dope.
- Ha! Yeah, she was amazing.
- The audience could not get enough of her.
- JJ: Oh, snap! - We got our very own Beyoncé.
Ha ha ha! - PATIENCE: No, no, I am not Beyoncé.
- JJ: Peyonce.
- LAYLA: Ha ha ha! JJ: No, that is so good! Sounds like Patience is having a good time.
I ain't seen her this happy since she got back from tour.
It's skip day.
We vibin'.
Everybody's feeling good.
Nah, it's more than that.
I mean, things been feeling off between us.
I think she's still mad that I ain't go with her to Vegas.
Y'all just need the time to find your rhythm.
You'll see.
If I'm keepin' it a buck, man, it's like she don't even want to be around me.
Like, today, it was supposed to be me and her coming up here, but she turned around and invited Layla and Asher.
Coop, y'all's entire relationship has been built on communication.
You need to talk to her.
Let her know how you feelin'.
- BILLY: We don't need to hear this.
- GRACE: Heh! - LAURA: Yeah.
- DENISE: Hey, you guys.
- BILLY: Oh.
You didn't have to come.
You could have just texted us.
LAURA: Uh, what Billy means is that - you didn't have to bother if you had plans.
- BILLY: Plans.
DENISE: Oh, girl, please.
- I was just home relaxin'.
- CARTER: In that outfit? DENISE: Hey, if you stay ready, - you ain't gots to get ready.
- BILLY: Uh DENISE: Now, y'all two know good and well you got no business trying to open these time capsules before our 30-year reunion.
- GRACE: Yes, ma'am.
- DENISE: Just hardheaded, and that is exactly why I came back after our skip day and hid them somewhere else.
- GRACE: Ah! I knew it! - BILLY: What? Be happy I was bored and felt like being nosy tonight.
LAURA: Oh, my A treasure map? You've got to be kidding me.
Got it.
Follow me.
And try to keep up, Billy B.
Yes, ma'am.
SPENCER: There you are.
- SPENCER: For real? In the dark? I know what this looks like, OK? - But I can explain.
I'm done pressing you about this.
You got to finish your work.
I'mma leave you to it.
Well, I thank you for that, but, um, that won't be necessary because - [BEEP.]
- I just pressed send [CLEARS THROAT.]
Which means not only am I free and clear to enjoy - the rest of my skip day and my man - Mm-hmm.
Do you hear that? Hear what? Absolutely nothing.
Everyone's inside, and we're all alone.
- You mean right here? - Ha! - Now? - No, well, not here.
There's a blanket and a tent and some privacy right down that way.
You ain't gotta tell me twice.
JJ: Yo! Campfire time! Whoo! - [OLIVIA SIGHS.]
- ASHER: Hey, yo, JJ, JJ.
JJ: What's up with that? Oh, you know.
You know it.
Uh, we still camp-firing, right? Yeah, we are.
Can we talk? Do you mind if we make it a walk-and-talk? I just I really don't want JJ to eat all the s'mores.
You know how he gets.
Yeah, yeah.
Um Hey hey.
What's up? I can't go to prom anymore.
What? What are you talking about? It's prom.
It's our last prom, Simone.
I mean, you can't miss that.
A tournament came up, and, Jordan, I have to go.
It could make a difference at Bringston.
- Hmm.
- I'm sorry.
I know how much prom means to you.
It's not just about prom, Simone.
It's about the elephant in the room that we've been avoiding.
We spend every waking moment together, acting like everything is all cool.
So what are you saying, we spend too much time together? No.
I'm saying that we can't keep ignoring the fact that the clock is ticking, and you're leaving for Bringston soon.
Why can't we just live in the now? 'Cause it feels like I'm already losing you.
SIMONE: You're not losing me.
We'll make it work.
Oh, sure I just don't see how.
CARTER: Are those 1974 fooey cakes? - DENISE: Oh, God.
- LAURA: I told you guys I was starving.
- GRACE: Ha ha! - CARTER: Ugh.
DENISE: That's nasty.
LAURA: Oh, my God.
OK, let's hear these predictions.
GRACE: OK, OK, OK, I'll go.
All right, uh "In 30 years, after dedicating my early years to successfully building up my Crenshaw community" - BILLY: Ooh.
- LAURA: Mm-hmm? GRACE: "I would have set my sights on a higher calling, and will be starting my first term as the first black and female president of the United States.
" CARTER: Mmm, sounds like you wanted to be the next Barack.
More like Barack got to be the first Grace.
- LAURA: Oh, yeah.
- GRACE: That part.
- LAURA: Ha ha! - GRACE: Anyway, let's, uh, let's do Corey.
Go ahead.
"In 30 years, Corey James will be a first-ballot, hall-of-fame running back, after a long career that includes shattering Walter Payton's all-time rushing record, and Corey will have a nice, phat mansion in Bel Air like the Fresh Prince.
GRACE: And, like a true pro athlete, he refers to himself in the third person.
- BILLY: Hey, I resent that.
Now we're gonna hear from the Billy Baker.
- LAURA: Ha ha! - CARTER: "The.
" "30 years from now, hopefully, my soul mate would have realized that I am the love of her life, and we'll be married with children and have the perfect family.
" Mmm.
- Aw.
That's really sweet, babe.
- DENISE: Mm-hmm, - and awkward as hell.
- Hmm.
I'll go next.
"Mark my words.
In 30 years, I'll be livin' large with 3 kids and married to that sweet, sexy, chocolate hunk of a man - Morris Chestnut.
" - LAURA: Ah, ha ha ha! Morris Chestnut? Well, at least I got the "3 kids" part right.
GRACE: Girl, if you would have snagged Morris Chestnut, you would be in a hall of fame of your own.
- DENISE: Know.
Ha! - LAURA: And let me tell you something.
That man is still fine.
- BILLY: OK, settle down.
- LAURA: Right? I've met him, and he's m-m-much shorter in person.
- LAURA: Oh, is he? - BILLY: Yeah.
- CARTER: Thank you, Billy.
- GRACE: Hater.
- DENISE: He's a hater.
- BILLY: Easy.
- CARTER: It's not hate.
I'm done, man! LAYLA: Ah, JJ finally broke ya, huh? Made me do 6 takes, 6.
ASHER: He's in his, uh, party-mobile right now with Spence and Liv, putting all their predictions together.
Hey, Patience, everything OK between you and Coop? Yeah.
Why? Nothin' like a small cabin to make it obvious when two people are avoiding each other.
LAYLA: Mm-hmm, and there was that passive-aggressive whatever-that-was at Slauson café earlier.
I don't really want to talk about it.
I just want to have fun with my friends tonight and just chill.
OK, so it's none of my business, but as someone who once sucked at communicating in my relationships - LAYLA: I can vouch for that.
- ASHER: Hey.
- PATIENCE: Ooh! Heh! - LAYLA: Sorry.
Heh heh! Look, don't let it fester, whatever it is.
You love her, so talk to her.
- JORDAN: Hey, baby.
What are you wearing? What are you talking about? You just saw me.
Why does your voice sound like that? Are you You comin' down with something? Pretend I didn't and describe what you're wearing.
Sweats and crewneck? It's getting kind of chilly out.
I need to put a jacket on before my voice starts sounding like yours.
Well, I'm all alone in this big, lonely bed, wearing your t-shirt and your favourite black thong.
The the lace one? Mm-hmm and I'm just sitting here imagining you sitting here with me, holding me, and rubbing your hand all the way up to my To what? Uh, up up to your what, babe? [NORMAL VOICE.]
And that's how we'll make it work.
- JORDAN: Yeah.
- Yeah? [KISS.]
- Ha ha ha ha! - Want to go lay down? - [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, now you want to go lay down.
What's up? We really need to talk.
I agree.
Do you mind if I kick things off? Sure.
Go ahead.
Since I got shot, some things have changed.
I mean you don't even look at me the same no more.
Uh, no.
Things have been different ever since you sat up in that hospital and lied to the police, just putting yourself right back in the middle of the drama.
But you already know why I had to do that.
I do, and I get it.
You Trying to keep Preach out of prison and do right by him, you know? But you have to understand that you're end game for me.
Like, I'm fully invested, and every decision you make affects me now.
You're end game for me, too.
Then, damn, Coop, I need to feel that.
You don't feel like you're my number-one priority? Why would I? You lie to the cops, making me complicit by default 'cause I was standing right there.
You practically moved in with Preach, helping him raise his daughter.
Yeah, you picked them over me when I needed you to be with me on tour.
I really tried to understand all of it, and through it all, you barely even You barely even talked to me.
I don't know, Coop.
You just been different.
And I miss the old one, like, the one that makes me feel safe and makes me feel loved and secure and Even while rockin' her stupid, little pajama onesies.
You're right, and I'm so sorry.
The Coop you love is still in here, I swear, and I'm busting my ass to find that part of me again, and I will.
I just need to know that I need to know that you're in my corner and that you're still willing to weather the storm with me.
Well, like I said I'm here, and I'm fully invested.
Relationships are hard.
Tell me about it.
You think we put too much pressure on ourselves with this whole romantic-getaway thing? Probably, and it's pressure that we don't need 'cause I mean, we're actually in a really good place.
Our communication's on point.
You're no longer leaving for Ohio.
There's absolutely no need to rush.
We got all the time in the world.
Let's get outta here, go back to my crib, and have one of our patented Spencer-Liv movie nights.
I am game.
- What about them? - Oh, I think they'll be fine.
- Heh! - Let's go.
Let's go.
LAURA: I'm sorry your prediction came up short.
- Are you sad? - BILLY: Short? Oh, no.
My prediction was spot-on.
After a rough patch, uh, my soul mate did realize that she was the love of my life.
Now we do have a perfect family - with two beautiful children.
- Mmm.
CARTER: Jasmyn, she's at a, um, sleepover, so I don't have to rush, and I can see you home.
Or maybe we can go on a late solo dinner date? Well, Dillon is also at a sleepover, and Spencer is enjoying a skip day, so I vote for the late solo date part.
Your place or mine? - Mmm.
I would say that - Mmm.
CARTER: Oh, uh, yeah.
- GRACE: Bye.
Good night.
- BILLY: All right, now.
- CARTER: See you later.
BILLY: I can't believe you travel with a drill in your purse.
DENISE: I told you, if you stay ready, - you ain't gots to get ready.
- [BUZZ.]
- BILLY: Fine.
DENISE: Well, this trip down memory lane has been one of the best nights I've had in a long time.
DENISE: I appreciate y'all for lettin' me join in.
- BILLY: Sure.
- LAURA: Oh.
Hey, where you think you're going? - DENISE: Home.
- BILLY: Mm-mmm.
- You're gonna eat dinner with us.
- LAURA: Come on.
- DENISE: Really? - BILLY: Yes, this night was a huge success because of you.
And by the way, you are way out of Morris Chestnut's league.
- LAURA: Ha ha! - Don't you make me cry, Billy B.
All right.
Come on, y'all.
Is he high? - [DOOR OPENS.]
- LAURA: No, but we're about to be, thanks to the class of '74.
- Ooh, puff-puff pass.
- Come on.
Hold up.
These people who just showed up to the island been watching these couples the whole time? Yup, and then they can, like, swoop in and know which couples to target because they've seen their weaknesses.
- That is wild.
- Ha ha! - We can watch something else.
I mean - it's cool.
It's whatever.
It's gettin' pretty late anyway.
I should go before your mom gets home.
Nope, she just texted me, says she's spending the night at a friend's.
Oh OK, Ms.
Chill with all that.
Chill, chill.
So I know We agreed that, you know, we wouldn't rush things and we're gonna take it slow.
And we have been crushing on each other for two years.
Things can't get much slower than that.
And we do have the house to ourselves.
We're finally alone.
You're absolutely right.
There's absolutely nothing left to wait for.
We have everything we need right here, in this moment.
ALAYNA: When you look at me I melt like water And your hands I can't not react You know my weakness is you And your hands [BACKGROUND SINGERS VOCALIZE.]
ALAYNA: Damn, he He really love me Ahh, ahh He got me glowing He treat me so good that I think I'm gonna keep him forever BACKGROUND SINGERS: Forever, forever ALAYNA: And I'm like damn, he He really love me Yeah BACKGROUND SINGERS: Ah, ah, ah ALAYNA: Pour some wine You make me feel like I am all that matters Just you and I Ah, ah-ah-ah [SIGHS.]
LAYLA: Hey, you buried the time capsule? Yup, over by the, uh big tree.
How will you remember which one? Trust me.
I'll remember.
JJ, VOICE-OVER: Ready and action.
Where do I see myself in 20 years? Um Somewhere, being a boss no, wait.
I'm already a boss, so, um, a mogul.
Um, maybe even with my own little girl, having the kind of relationship my mom and I had.
ASHER: Since I lost football, kinda stopped looking too far ahead.
You know, I'm just gonna live in the moment, see where that takes me.
JJ: All right, Coach.
JJ, VOICE-OVER: I'll be The number-one influencer in the world, yeah, chillin' on my space yacht with Jeff Bezos.
Ha ha! Hopefully, 20 years from now, I'll still be able to pull this group of friends together for more moments like this.
Who knows? Maybe by then, they'll realize what I bring to the table and Take me seriously.
- JJ: Adiós, amigo.
Ha ha ha! - PATIENCE: Vaya.
COOP, VOICE-OVER: And where do I see myself in 20 years? Somewhere, doing somethin' fly with my girl Patience by my side.
PATIENCE, VOICE-OVER: I honestly don't I don't know what the future holds.
JORDAN: Hey, babe.
Come on, let's get going before traffic gets crazy.
JORDAN, VOICE-OVER: 20 years from now, I want to be retiring on the heels of a hall-of-fame career in the NFL, you know, uh, um a life that makes my father proud.
MALE SINGER: You see the smile upon my face - JORDAN: With, of course - SIMONE: Heh! My beautiful wife, who will break Serena Williams' record for grand-slam titles - because she is so bad-ass.
- SIMONE: Period.
- JORDAN: Period.
- SINGER: I'm feelin' really, really, really Really good today OLIVIA, VOICE-OVER: In 20 years, I hope to have made a difference and have helped to make the world a better place.
Man, I just want to be enjoying life with the woman I love, retired from the NFL [CHUCKLING.]
Coaching our kids' pee-wee league football team And being an asset to my community.
I should get going.
Why? My mom's not gonna be home for another hour.
MAN: Greg, move your head!
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