All American: Homecoming (2022) s01e11 Episode Script

What Now?

1 Maybe we should just call it a night before one of us says something that we can't take back.
Like what? The fact that maybe we shouldn't be together anymore? I haven't heard Xavier's name in years.
We had an affair.
I got pregnant.
Damon I think you're that baby.
The man who raised me, who adopted me, he wouldn't have lied to my face my entire life.
I'm sorry, but Xavier is your biological father.
You're our son.
No, Ma.
No, no.
Because that would make Damon and I brothers, and we're not.
Look, I know this is hard for both of y'all, but you just got to No.
Ma, listen.
We took a DNA test.
We're not brothers.
So either the DNA test is wrong, or you're wrong, Ms.
So which one is it? Neither.
Do you remember how sick you were as a kid? Having aplastic anemia isn't something that you forget easily.
The surgery was a bone marrow transplant.
Ma, I know.
Over time, your DNA Merges with the donor's, essentially Creating a new one.
Which is why our DNA didn't match.
So y'all's should.
So y'all two are the ones that need to take the DNA test.
If all this is true, why did you give me up? There were a lot of reasons, but I swear, I only did what I thought was best for everyone, including you.
Best for me? Being lied to for my entire life, not knowing who my birth parents were? That's what was best for y'all.
That wasn't what was best for me.
OK, that's time.
Tests to the front of the room.
My bad.
Hey, was it me, or was Professor Corte's, like, midterm, like, crazy hard? It's just you.
I'm not trying to brag, but I killed it.
Very humble.
Uh, so how was your fall break? L.
was good? Yeah.
It was fine.
Did I just witness another episode of "the Da-mone Awkward Chronicles"? Don't start.
Nate, what are you doing here? I wanted to check on you.
Since you got back, you've been like Rihanna's next album: Nowhere to be Found.
Well, between studying for midterms, work, and practicing for the professional qualifying tennis tournament, I've been busy.
Simone, this "I'm fine with the break-up" act isn't a good look.
Well, I have other things to focus on other than my break-up, Nate.
When Nico and I split, I thought I could just go through the motions and the pain will go away on its own.
But that ain't the truth.
Life is like a tape.
You can't fast-forward through the hurt.
You have to let the tape play, or the bad's gonna keep on repeating.
Well, thank you for the advice, but I'm fine.
Pinky promise.
All right.
See you all next week.
That was quite the turnout.
My students know better than to miss my midterms.
If I recall, you had to learn that the hard way.
See, that was past Ralph.
Well, what brings present Ralph back? I'm writing a story on Terry Tucker and the P.
scandal in the Majors, and I thought it would be useful to get the perspective of a former teammate.
- You mean Marcus.
- Mm-hmm.
And you think because I know him, I could talk him into giving you an interview.
Well, it's harder for the source to say no when the request comes from someone that they trust.
I taught you that trick.
Has it worked? Sorry.
I mean, you're gonna have to seek him out all by yourself.
All good.
It was worth a shot.
This could've been a phone call, Ralph.
Oh, I know.
Also, I wanted to stop by in person and get an update on the Bringston financial story.
Unfortunately, I don't have one.
I've been distracted by Veronica Skinner.
Not only did she try to get me fired, but her reasons for being at Bringston are a little suspect.
OK, well, I get it.
But why does it feel like you're missing my midterm? Oh, you know what? I receive that.
I need to refocus.
I'll pull the minutes from the latest board meeting.
Maybe there's something in them that'll be useful.
- OK.
- OK.
Ah! Well, you're getting better at controlling your forehand.
Your accuracy's on point.
Thea, are we OK? You were kind of mad at me before fall break.
Um I'm sorry about that.
I wasn't actually mad at you.
I was just dealing with my PTSD from Kevin and took it out on you, but all good now.
Well, I'm proud of you for how you handled that situation.
So now you can focus on tennis and whupping ass tomorrow at the qualifying tournament.
Actually, I've been playing in pro tournaments all summer, so I qualified for this tournament months ago.
But you're going to do great.
I know it.
- Thank you.
- Oh, and, um, just open your hips a pinch when you're going cross-court.
It'll help you with your depth.
And an added bonus is You might even put some poor girl on her butt.
Ha! Hold on.
Yeah? Compliments, advice, red-carpet smile? You got some new boy in your orbit.
Is it that obvious? Yes, it's "look at me.
I got a bae.
" But I'm not mad at it.
- It's a good look on you.
- Yeah.
So you're not gonna tell me his name? "My courts are for training, not socializing.
Get back to it," from Coach Loni.
Well, she really does have eyes everywhere.
All right.
Make way, boys.
Make way.
We got ourselves a legend coming through, man.
Yo, chill, chill, chill.
I ain't a legend yet.
Give me a few more games, then we'll talk about it.
Nah, no.
We won the game because of you, man.
If that play was an NFT, you'd make a fortune.
That was the absolute worst baseball I ever seen you play.
Did you even want to be out there, Damon? Coach, I'm sorry, all right? I got a lot of personal stuff No excuses, OK? Pull your head out of your ass before it rides the pine this season.
You got me? Come on, now.
- What's up? - Hey.
Congrats on the win.
Thank you, but it wasn't really my best game.
Oh, so you're aware.
I thought I was gonna have to pretend that your pitching wasn't awful.
Well, you would only know that if you came to my game.
So I didn't know that you were such a big - Damon Sims fan.
- Oh.
Slow down, big guy.
It wasn't about you.
I just like the uniforms.
I bet you do.
You don't need to take that? No.
What I need to do is I need to take you on that date that we were supposed to go on.
So what do you say we try for tonight? I'm in.
All right.
Ha ha.
But, Damon Whatever you're hiding from, you're gonna have to face it sooner or later.
Terry "TNT" Tucker has been suspended indefinitely from professional baseball for using performance-enhancing Yo, didn't you play with him? Yeah.
What about it? I don't know.
It just makes me wonder how many guys we know that's taken this stuff? I guess we'll find out in due time.
The truth always comes out.
Ha ha! Hey! Our boy made play of the day.
Ohh, snap.
Yo, between our boys playing like they playing and the HBCU baseball highlights and now this extra media coverage on J.
's play Man, the trustees would be blind not to see us as a championship-caliber team again.
As long as we don't get hit with another scandal.
Why would we? There's nothing scandalous left.
Yo, when I said a date, I meant, like, like a movie or something.
Yeah, I know, but I thought you needed something a little more healing.
Healing? Thea, where the hell are we? Athlete heaven.
Time for a little physical therapy, Thea Mays style.
Try to breathe through it, OK? Straighten this up.
Is that OK? Yeah.
You ready for the best part? Oh, there's a best part? Ooh! Ooh Ooh, how How is this the best part? Yo, how are you not cold? Oh, I'm cold.
I'm just not a baby.
Oh, oh.
But I bet I last in here longer than you.
What do I win? Well, what do you want? I get to shave your legs.
Ha ha.
All right.
But if I win, I get to take you on a real date.
Oh, that's cute you think you got a chance to win.
Ha ha! Hey, Ma, what you doing here? I know you said you needed some space, but I got the DNA test results back.
Damon is my biological son.
Did you tell him? He won't answer my calls.
Well, could you blame him? Ma, you abandoned him.
How could you do that? Blended families exist.
Y'all could've made it work.
Your father refused to raise another man's child.
And then you got sick.
And with all the treatments and the bills adding up So you had to decide between keeping Damon or taking care of me.
Baby, no.
- That is not what I'm saying.
- Are you sure, Ma? Because that's exactly what I'm hearing.
And that's what Damon's gonna hear.
I got to go.
Coach texted me.
Hey, youngblood in the slick suit.
What can I do for you? Sorry to disturb you, but, uh, if you have a moment, I wanted to talk to you about Terry Tucker.
What about him? Well, I'm doing a story on the rise of P.
use in the MLB.
When you two played together back in '05, did he exhibit any suspicious behavior? I didn't notice anything.
And was there any indication of other players on the team using P.
s as well? One bad player, and you want to call the integrity of an entire team into question, huh? Come on, Marcus.
Terry couldn't have been the only player in that locker room playing dirty.
Like I said, man, I didn't notice anything, all right? Really? Was it maybe just easier to ignore what you saw? Are you digging up a quote about Terry or about me? Look, I know you have a thing for Amara, but do you think taking me down is the best way to impress her, man? Listen, my feelings for Amara have nothing to do with you or my work.
Look, I don't know if you have any more questions, but my answer to all of them is no comment.
So see yourself out, Ralph.
Marcus, this is Dr.
Epps calling again.
The pharmacy said you still have not picked up your refill for aripiprazole.
Marcus, it's not effective if you don't take it daily I want to grab a juice before.
I'll see you over there, all right? - Oh.
Uh - Oh, I'm sorry.
My bad.
Uh, you good? I could ask you the same question.
I heard about the game.
We we won.
Despite your pitching.
What happened out there? I just had one bad game.
That's it.
Why do I feel like you're lying? I don't know.
I don't mean to interrupt.
Hi, Simone.
Hey, D.
, I'm gonna grab us a table.
- All right.
I'll see you in a second.
- OK.
Since when did you two become besties? All right.
I'll see you around, all right? Chocolate with, like I have been looking for you.
- Hey, Auntie! - Don't "hey, Auntie" me.
Why haven't I seen you since you've been back from L.
? Why do you look so exhausted? And, most importantly, why did Professor Corte just give me a heads-up that you're getting a "C" on your midterm? That can't be right.
Auntie, I'm all as in his class.
Which is why he's concerned.
Well, I guess balancing studying, work, and tennis is harder than I thought, but everything will be fine after the match tomorrow.
That was nice and rehearsed.
OK, I'll dig.
What happened in L.
? Because I'm guessing this all has to do with that.
Jordan and I broke up.
Simone, I am so sorry.
I'm fine.
Jordan was a major part of your life.
Pretending that losing him is just another Tuesday isn't helping.
I hear you, but I'm good.
I promise.
I need to focus on getting my American lit grade up, so what do you think? You think Professor Corte will give me another shot? I don't know, baby girl.
It's worth asking.
Hey, just know it's OK not to be OK.
And if you find yourself in that place, I'm here.
Glad you could finally make it, son.
Sorry, Coach.
My mom stopped by.
Actually, can I get your advice on something? Oh, I get it.
Now that you've made play of the day, you big-time now, huh? Huh? You don't care about other people's schedules, son? Coach, that's not true.
Not at all.
Sure, everybody been hitting me up about it, but I thought you'd be happy for me.
- It's good press, right? - Wrong.
Bringston doesn't need any more press right now, son.
Since when? Wasn't the HBCU baseball highlights about media attention? Coach, this is a good look for me.
Look, everything isn't about you, J.
all right? If they're putting the focus on you, it'll come at the cost of someone else.
Our homecoming game against Hawkins is the end-all, be-all for us.
And if we don't focus on that, we're finished.
Now, do you want to be the reason that Bringston baseball doesn't make it to the spring, hmm? I need you to focus on the team.
You understand me? Do you understand me, son?! Hmm? I asked you a question.
Yes, sir.
I get it.
So I've been over the minutes from all the financial meetings.
Remember the trustee I was telling you about? Uh, Veronica something.
Well, she's all over these minutes.
Why is that strange? She's a board member.
A new interim board member.
She didn't even take a second to get the lay of the land.
She just jumped in, day one, pushing to increase funding in the Engineering and Liberal Arts Departments.
And they seem to be listening to her.
If Bringston is having financial problems, why are they giving any extra money to any programs? I don't know, but I'm starting to think my financial story and whatever Veronica is doing at Bringston are one and the same.
Do you have any sources close to her? One her sister.
So work your Amara magic - and then break the story.
- Huh.
Going to be a little more complicated than that, Ralph, but I'm figuring it out.
So I ended up speaking with Marcus.
How did it go? Something's going on with him.
He got pretty aggressive with me.
Aggressive? Marcus Turner? I'm sure you're misreading the situation.
Trust me.
I'm not.
Look, Ralph Just because I stopped pursuing something romantic with you - doesn't mean you get to take - What is it with you two? Look.
I'm a grown-ass man that can handle rejection just fine, but I've got two eyes.
And what I saw, it wasn't right.
If I was you, I would I would give him some space.
I should go.
Is it me or does it feel like we're in a cheesy romantic novel? Uhh, I'm gonna need you to retract your shade.
I love romance novels.
Thea, no, you don't.
No, you're right.
They're corny and unrealistic, at least so I've heard.
I do love this, though.
It's been the best night.
Uh, it really has.
Yo, Damon - Oh, damn.
I didn't mean - Yeah, well, you did, all right? What's going on, man? DNA results came in.
Look, it's cool.
I already filled her in.
She's your mother.
We're half-brothers, man.
Look, I know this may be hard, but ignoring our mother isn't gonna make it any easier.
I don't care what the DNA test says, all right? She's never gonna be my mother.
All right? She gave me up without even a second thought.
OK, D.
, I hear that.
I do.
But what about us? Oh, so ghosting me has been intentional.
Say it, Damon.
- Say it.
- Look, you were sick, all right, and she took care of you and got rid of me.
You're literally the chosen son.
OK, Damon, if I could change it, I would.
Yeah, but you can't.
And so now every time that I look at you, I am reminded that it was more important to take care of J.
than it was to keep me.
Um, heh, um, I'm sorry about this, all this family drama.
That is not how I wanted our date to end.
You didn't deserve that.
And J.
didn't deserve that.
His mom literally gave me away.
She did, not him.
Neither of you asked for this.
Look, I understand that you're hurt and you need to do what's best for you, so talk to your birth mom or don't.
But burning your newfound brother, who's been your best friend since you got here, won't do you, nor him, any good.
- Hey.
- Oh! Jessie Raymond, that hair! You're supposed to be in my chair every two weeks.
Yeah, I'm actually not here for a haircut.
I'm here to talk.
Oh, uh, sorry.
I wish I could, but I got a big tournament.
Well, I was here to talk to Nate, but you're the one that look like you need a vent session.
You good? Simone, your face is calling.
It needs you to pick it up.
Is this about Damon? I got this.
You go handle your business on the courts, missy.
Bring home something shiny for the room since you have yet to add anything to the decor.
Since you're here, I might as well get you right.
You know, I found out Damon is my biological brother.
That was not on my bingo card.
You two must be thrilled.
Actually, now he want nothing to do with me.
I just I feel like my illness always takes things from me.
First my brother, baseball.
I can't do anything about the brother part, but look at the views your video's gotten.
Peep the comments.
If they aren't talking about which MLB team you're gonna be on, they're talking about who's gonna date you.
Ha ha.
So I would say no one and nothing is ever taking baseball from you.
I don't know.
My coach is saying I'm taking too much attention away from the team.
You know, it's like, is that who I am? Do people get kicked to the curb because of me? Now, you listen to me.
You cannot blame yourself for the choices your mother made.
You didn't choose to be sick.
Damon will see that.
As far as your coach, don't let him steal this moment because you earned it on and off the field.
Matter of fact, I'm gonna work with you as your social media manager to make sure you don't miss this moment.
Is all this for real? I know you'll never be able to forgive me, but I do love you.
And I'm here if and when you're ready to have a relationship.
You love me? Yes.
But how? You don't know me.
For 18 years, you knew that I was out there and you never bothered to contact me.
No phone calls on Christmas, no birthday cards or nothing.
Because that's what Xavier wanted.
My dad wanted to keep you away from me? He had just married your mom when I called to tell him about you.
He didn't want to lose her.
I agreed to stay away.
So not only did my dad lie to me my entire life But he kept my birth mother away from me because he didn't want to own up to his mistakes.
No, no.
I got to go.
I'm sorry.
You can see the Dunnett from here.
I was fortunate to find this place.
Fortunate? Girl, I am sure you earned it.
That was always your M.
I think your sister Veronica would beg to differ.
Look, Jada, I'm sorry for what happened in college.
You got caught up in my activism wake, - and I got you suspended.
- Stop.
I got myself suspended.
You didn't make me do anything that I wasn't gonna already do anyway.
Sometimes trouble's the price you pay for doing the right thing.
But then if you truly don't blame me, why is Veronica here at Bringston with a vendetta? She tried to have me fired.
I am so sorry that she has been coming after you.
And now she's meddling in Bringston's finances.
Is that somehow about me, too? Veronica doesn't mix personal with business like that.
And Bringston isn't the only board that she's a part of.
What other board is she on? Willis Cobb.
- It's a - PWI in Marietta.
They're having money troubles just like Bringston.
She's helping them get their finances in order, too.
This is what she does for a living, Amara.
She's good at it.
So you're saying it's possible that Veronica is here to help Bringston? I wouldn't go that far.
Wherever Veronica goes, whoever she "helps" ends up sold.
Girl, you won.
You qualified for your first pro tournament.
How are you not screaming right now? I am excited.
I'm just tired.
Nah, you got to get it together, girl.
We are going out to celebrate right now.
- Becca - I know you probably want to call your boyfriend and celebrate with him first, but you got 20 minutes with him and then we are going out.
Tell Jordan I said what's up.
Hey, hey.
What's going on? Oh, how how can I help? - Simone.
- No.
- Damon, I'm fine.
You can go.
- Hey, you are not fine, all right? You're a worse liar than me.
I'm going through some stuff right now, and I'm having a really hard time handling it on my own.
But I can't talk to you about it.
Hey, look, look, I know that things have been weird between us since we got back from Chicago, and I know that I crossed the line and I need to respect the boundaries between you and Jordan.
I Damon, I cannot talk to you about this.
Please just leave.
Simone, we can't support each other anymore? Come on.
Is this who we really are now? Yes.
And I need you to figure yourself out without me, and I need to take care of myself without you.
And sweet.
The body is bodying.
This is great! I can get 3 Yard Yak videos off this one workout.
I appreciate you helping me out with everything.
I meant it when I said you have to take advantage of this moment.
Just don't forget my 10% when you get that first pro baller check.
Hey! Are you hard of hearing or just plain stupid? Now, I told you to focus on baseball and let go of this social media crap, J.
I do not need another Damon Sims on this team! You don't have another Damon Sims on this team.
You got a Jessie Raymond Jr.
And you know what, Coach? I'm not gonna apologize for what I've been through or who I am.
I'm not breaking any school rules.
So you're just gonna have to get used to seeing my name trending.
They're all looking at you because you were doing a lot just now.
So are you going to say it? You were right.
And remind me which thing I was right about 'cause I'm right about almost everything.
I lashed out because I was hurt, but you made me realize that I can't hurt my friends and family, not when I need them the most.
Well, look at that.
An athlete learning something useful in college.
And, like, you helped give me the wake-up call that I needed to talk to my birth mom.
How did that go? It was hard.
And learning that my dad had a part in it on top of everything just But, like, just being around you these past few days, I mean, you really held me together.
And it's cool 'cause, like, you and me, we're not complicated or messy.
It just feels right.
And I want to give this a shot.
Like, a real shot.
As in us being, like, a couple? Yes.
Heh! What do you think? Well Wow.
It's like that? No.
I I would like that, too.
All right.
Um, I'll call you later.
You better.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You know that black scarf I let you borrow? - Yeah.
- I'mma need it back.
Oh, OK.
What's the occasion? Oh, Simone and Jordan broke up, - and now she's ready to deal with it.
- Hmm.
That still doesn't explain the scarf, but, whatever, you do you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Uh, look, um, um, I owe you an apology, man, for how I've been acting lately.
It's all just been a little much, you know? Yeah.
Life's been heavy.
I sat down with Celine, man.
And? Look, I'm not ready to take it to the next step with her.
But even though I'm not sure about her, I know for a fact that I'm ready to get to know my little brother.
You know, I feel like we done said these words to each other before.
Somehow we keep ending up in this same spot.
Yeah, but, J.
, this time it's different, right? All the secrets are out, man.
We are family, and I'mma always have my brother's back.
Boy, you something else.
So Mr.
Play of the day.
So now that we officially brothers, do I get, like, a family discount, or do I got to pay full price for my autograph? Nathaniel's helping me take it to the next level, but that's if Coach will still let me play.
Hold up.
What do you mean? He yelled at me yesterday for going viral, like, out of nowhere, almost like Coach wasn't hisself.
You, too? He chewed me out for not being on my game.
He didn't even ask what was up or anything.
You think something's wrong with him? I don't know, man.
I think I know somebody that would.
When did you find time to dig this hole? Don't ask questions to things you don't want the answer to.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today not to mourn the loss of Simone's first love but to celebrate what it was.
These were They were some of the best days I've ever had.
But I know that there are other best days to come, - right? - Right.
I'm in love with you, Simone.
This is your graduation, our alternative graduation Wow.
I know they say it's bad luck to see a bride in her dress on the wedding day, but I can't stop staring at you.
This is, um, the only copy of our wedding photo that I have.
I felt so loved on that day.
I just hope I never forget that feeling.
You will have this feeling again.
It's OK.
So release.
Will I lose anything ♪ May the memories of our love Create a safe place for these beautiful flowers to grow.
I love you.
I love you, too.
- It was so beautiful.
- I'm sure it was.
I'm so proud of you for letting the tape play.
But between you and J.
, I'm exhausted.
So unless you all paying me by the hour, I'll be stepping away from my therapist duties for the night.
- Stop.
Ha ha.
- Oh.
Oh? - Hey.
- Oh, hey.
Sorry to pop up like this.
We just really needed to talk to you.
Uh, actually, uh, now is maybe not a good time.
No, it's fine.
We were just leaving.
No, we can we can just head out.
It's OK.
Now, I don't know what's happening here, but leave it in the hallway.
In here, we are family.
Got it? Now, if no one murdered anyone, go wash your hands.
Dinner isn't gonna cook itself.
Hello? It's y'all's turn to cook.
Ah ah ah.
Where you going? - J.
I was - Yeah.
Aren't coaches supposed to yell? Yeah, but this time, it felt different, all right? Like, he came and just told me that I sucked.
He didn't even try to make me better or anything.
That's not him.
He just wants what's best for you.
Sometimes that means figuring things out for yourself.
Yeah, but what's the explanation for how he went off on me? I'm trying to tell you, Coach is bugging.
Are you sure you're not being just a little dramatic? They're not the ones being dramatic.
I told you to focus on baseball and let go of this social media crap, J.
Now, I do not need another Damon Sims on this team! OK, y'all just go ahead and eat.
I'll go check on Marcus.
Is everything OK? You tell me.
I'm not the one sending reporters snooping around my office.
Marcus, I didn't intend for anything Did he have to pay you to sell me out, or did he get that for free? Look, I don't know what's going on with you, Marcus, but something is wrong.
Let me help you.
No! I don't need your damn help, OK?! I never did.
Um Thank you.
Dear God.
This amount of second-hand awkwardness cannot be healthy.
What you doing? Yeah.
What's with all these articles about Willis Cobb University? No clue.
But my homegirl just transferred from there, and she's pissed.
They axed the Engineering program and cut the funding to the Liberal Arts.
She's an Engineering and English double major.
That's weird because one of my frat brothers go there, and he said they're building a new business school.
He said the old building was fine.
They just got that bag, and they got to find a way to spend it.
So wait.
They're cutting funds from two major departments but have enough to rebuild something that doesn't need rebuilding? That's hella weird.
Yes, it is.
Y'all should get going.
I have some work to do.
Ralph, I know it's late, but I've got it.
Willis Cobb is cutting Engineering and Liberal Arts, but Bringston is adding funding to those programs.
All the programs Bringston is cutting Willis Cobb is adding funding to and vice versa.
Ralph, Bringston isn't being sold.
It's going to merge with this predominantly white institution, which means it won't be Bringston anymore.

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