All American: Homecoming (2022) s01e13 Episode Script


1 Marcus.
Marcus, open the door.
Hey, if you're in there, you gotta let us in.
We gotta find the landlord or something.
I'm sure he's got a extra key.
You two should go home.
It's late.
I'll keep looking.
When I find him, you're my first call.
All right.
Marcus, they're gone.
If you're in there, I need you to talk to me.
You should go, too.
I'm OK.
I'd like to see that for myself.
Amara, please.
If you care about me, just go.
But when I call, you answer.
"As the institution finds itself in need, it deserves the help of those to whom it's given so much.
" Mm.
Your aunt with the words.
I can't believe BU might close.
We're all trying to save it.
Plus, we should be thanking the alumni for raising half the money already.
Yeah, I think the best thing we can do right now is just focus on tennis.
Let me guess.
It's Damon congratulating you on your tournament win this morning.
You're giving frontrunner.
No, it's just Nate asking me to lunch.
Damon sent me flowers, though.
Well, I'm glad someone from Bringston's still in the pro tournament.
I got knocked out yesterday, so, Thea, it's all on you.
I want top 6 on the court.
Partner up.
As for the rest of you, weight training.
One hour.
You can't play without a coach.
President Allen is already working on a replacement for the Hawkins game, Mom.
You don't need a replacement.
You need your coach.
You want me to talk to Marcus? You peep your sweatshirt? Bringston Lion Mom.
Is that your polite way of asking me to stay out of it? All right.
I guess I'll enjoy homecoming like every other mom who doesn't have a special skill that can help the situation.
I know I, um, dropped a bomb on you earlier this week.
Are you sure that homecoming is where you want to be right now? It's either here or back home setting everything on fire because your father's too sick to give me the answers I deserve, so yeah.
Homecoming is the safest place, for everyone.
I'll see you later.
- All right.
See you, Mom.
- Bye.
We're live from the quad with a reminder of our annual exquisite eight step show tomorrow night.
They're turning it into a fundraiser with all proceeds going to save Bringston, - so, don't miss it.
- Wow, Keish.
You pulled this together real last-minute.
Yes, kudos, but Is this really all gonna be enough to raise 4 million by tomorrow night? I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow, but we can't do nothing.
There will be a next semester at Bringston, damn it.
You're right.
We're gonna save our school.
- We're gonna save our school.
- Thank you.
I need to answer this or more texts will follow.
- Oh.
- Hey, Mom.
I'm calling with good news.
Hey, Simone.
How are you? Yes.
Hi, Simone.
How are you? Now, listen.
I have a friend that works in the administration at Golden Angeles University.
Two of their tennis players just became academically ineligible.
They're looking to fill the empty spots.
And before you say anything, there are 15,000 students at GAU You'll never see Jordan.
Mom, that's a lie.
But are you seriously suggesting I transfer? Simone, you need to be somewhere you can play.
I'll still have the chance to play doubles and fill in for injured players here at Bringston.
You're a competitor.
If the dream is to still hit Naomi or Serena status, you can't waste time riding the bench.
It's just a call to GAU.
You're right.
Make the call.
Bringston might not exist next week.
Does this game even matter? Of course it does.
Look, if bu is to be saved, then beating Hawkins, that's key, man.
Yeah, they're the conference champions.
We beat them, prove that we a championship level team, then we can keep our funding.
Let's show 'em.
I'm sure you all remember Jessie Raymond, sr.
Yeah, we all know who he is, but the question is, why is he here? Well, president Allen's getting to that, son.
Raymond has agreed to be your interim coach.
As a former lion, he cares about the program and as an Atlanta adult league coach, he knows baseball inside out.
I trust you'll make this work.
Ready to work? Got a extra racket? Please don't tell me you're changing sports.
What? You don't think I'd look good in short shorts? Mm, no.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey, babe.
I'm gonna get back to work.
Good luck at the tournament, Thea.
- Breakfast.
- And fuel.
Thank you.
You gonna kill it today.
I wish I could be there.
Me, too, but you got practice and a new coach to break in.
You know, I still can't believe that that's happening.
That man forced Celine to give me up for adoption and now I gotta play for him like nothing's happened? Screw him.
OK, this is about you.
You've worked so hard to get the team here.
Just focus on the game.
Oh, my ride's here.
You OK? Yeah.
I'm fine.
All right.
- Bye.
- See you.
Yo, it's Marcus.
Leave a message.
Damn it, Marcus, you promised to answer if I called.
Don't make me come back over there.
Just check in.
Hey, sweetie.
I heard your article is making a huge impact on campus.
Well, it got the attention of the local news.
They want to interview me about Bringston, which is why I'm here.
I'd like the whole crew to join me.
People need to hear from students, too.
Is this about your transferring? Your mother has a big mouth.
I heard they loved your recruiting video.
Simone, this is great.
They why doesn't it feel great? Keisha is busy trying to save the school and I'm making plans to leave it, Auntie.
Did you forget I'm leaving, too? That doesn't mean we can't still do everything in our power to save it.
Get out on that field.
Take your positions.
Stay warm and loose until I get to you.
I'll start with Sims and J.
You mean Sims and Reyes.
I'm Damon's catcher.
I play centerfield now.
Reyes, when you throw, make sure you stay behind the plate.
Get up faster to execute.
That'll slow down my pop time.
Not if you do it correctly.
in that outfield, I want to see big crow hops to get more on your throws.
Coach Marcus wanted me to use the step behind technique.
I'm the coach.
You'll follow my rules.
All right, let's hit the field.
Let's go.
It's clear we'll be relying on your star power tomorrow.
Games aren't won by a single player.
When we win, we'll do it as a team.
This team will crumble under the pressure.
I've seen 'em play.
But if they do, it'll be 'cause they crumbling under you.
What'd you just say to me, Sims? Santiago, he's a beast at throwing out base runners.
There's not a better outfielder than your son.
All right? Everything don't gotta be your way or the highway.
Look, you can't just come in, messing with peop You know what? I'm done, all right? Let's practice.
You need to get your boy in line.
That's on you, Coach.
Did you lose something? No.
I need an outfit for tonight.
So, we, um, we needed one more act, so, I talked to Gabby and she said y'all would be down to perform and that I get to dance during one of your songs.
How dope is that? You added another ATL performance to tonight's step show? It's only one more performance.
I can't.
I have a team meeting in an hour and then I have curfew.
- Curfew? - If I miss curfew, I'm off the team, Keisha.
That means I lose my scholarship.
It's your life and I support you.
But all I'm saying is unless you've changed your mind about the aneurysm surgery, then how long is that scholarship gonna be there, anyways? Amara, I don't want to see you.
It's Keena Sims.
It's urgent.
Damon's in trouble.
What's wrong with Damon? He's fine.
I had to say something to get you to open the door.
Look, Keena, I really can't do whatever this is.
Well, this was gonna be an impassioned plea to convince you to come back to coach, but I think I'll save that for another time.
Keena, thank you.
I'mma see you out.
My cousin was 23 years old when her demons got the best of her.
I know a breakdown when I see one.
You've been there for Damon and me and I'd like to help you.
Have you slept? Have you eaten today? OK.
Let's start there.
There's a misconception that HBCUs aren't relevant today because black students can attend PWIs.
But HBCUs provide students of color a place to learn without discrimination.
I can just be myself, you know? Unapologetically.
In all my blackness.
I see reflections of myself everywhere here.
In class, in the material that we study, in our leadership.
Bringston made me believe in possibilities.
Identity is key.
Bringston has given me so much self-confidence.
It's helped me to love who I am and shape who I'm becoming.
We need people to come out here tonight.
We need people to make donations, because me and my friends, we plan on being here for years.
Thank you.
All right, Simone.
You're up.
did amazing.
Girl, shoot, we all did.
We're gonna save our home.
Our way of life.
- Watch.
- Guys? Uh, I need to tell you something.
What? I'm transferring, most likely to Golden Angeles University.
Wait, what? But we don't know if Bringston's gonna close yet.
Well, it's not about Bringston.
It's about tennis and I need to be at a place where I can competitively play and Bringston is bigger than tennis.
You came here for other reasons, too.
You just talked about them on TV, about about our connection to our real history, about our culture.
Simone, stay at Bringston.
I'm sorry.
Am I the only one that still cares about this school, about keeping us together? OK.
You know what? Screw it.
Any chance you want to talk? Not really.
I get it.
You're depressed.
And right now, the darkness feels so overwhelming.
You read minds now? I have experience with strong men who hide their illnesses from the people they love.
Don't make the same mistake my husband did.
I suffer from bipolar 2 disorder.
After I left the Minors, I didn't feel like myself.
There were too many high highs and low lows.
It took a second for the doctor to finally get my diagnosis right.
And now you're off your meds.
Well, let's get you back on them.
I don't need drugs, Keena, to feel whole.
You understand me? Apparently, you do.
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Think about all those people who love you.
What happens to them if you decide to just give up on life? My son is a better man because a year ago, you came into his life.
You are a good man and you deserve to get better.
So, you best believe I will sit here And fight for that man's life.
I can't save you, but I can make sure that you fight to save yourself.
I just wanted to say good luck tonight.
I got it.
And I'm sorry.
I know you're just trying to do what's best for you.
I'm happy for you.
I really am.
It's just I feel like everyone I love always leaves.
Or is taken.
Which is why I've been fighting so hard for this.
Bringston's been my only constant.
Thought I'd stop by, wish you luck against us, man to man.
My team doesn't need luck.
There's my boy.
I was hoping I'd run into you.
Look, now is not the time, Coach.
I'll keep it real.
Come play for Hawkins.
You know recruiting another team's player is against NCAA rules, right? Now, look, even if Bringston gets through this fire sale, you lost your coach.
Is that really what you want for your career? Think about it.
I hope you're coming to apologize.
I'm not.
But what I do owe you is honesty.
These past few months, I've I've come to really understand that without honesty and integrity, a man doesn't have a leg to stand on.
The man whose desk you're sitting at taught me that.
And I almost let my anger towards you take both of those things from me.
Son, I have no idea what it is I'm Celine's son.
Xavier Wilson's my father.
Celine betrayed you and I paid the price for your pride.
I was a baby, man.
A baby, and you ripped everything away from me and left me to grow up living a lie, not knowing where I came from.
Do you have any idea what that was like? Your scar faded.
Is that really all you got to say to me right now? You were hanging onto the side of the couch, learning to stand.
Was sick and got a nosebleed.
It was pretty bad.
He got scared.
He knocked you over trying to get to me.
Celine and I took both of you to the ER that night.
I had both your and J.
's blood all over my shirt and I just I knew I couldn't do it.
And there was so much broken about us at the time.
Plus, J.
Was always sick.
It was the whole reason I got a vasectomy because I knew that bringing another child into that Broken chaos was something my family couldn't take.
But she had the affair And you, you were another man's child.
That night in the ER, I went to Celine.
I told her what I thought we should do.
I'm sorry I hurt you, but I had to protect my family.
Protect your family.
You see Despite you, I turned out OK.
Actually, I turned out better than OK.
So, real talk, you never needed to protect your family from me.
I mean, look around you, sir.
You're the one who's causing all the damage.
You lost your wife and if something in you doesn't change soon, you're gonna lose J.
You'd have been better off protecting them from you.
How dope were Delta Rho Gamma? I just legit appreciate the Exquisite 8 for allowing me to hijack their annual step show to help save the school we love.
Please continue to share the website on the banner to everyone you know.
Money is coming in but we can do better.
We have until midnight, midnight, to raise enough funds.
So, please.
OK, so, we all know how important HBCUs are to our community.
They give us a voice when others try to silence us.
So, to drive that point home, here come the fine stepping brothers of Kappa Epsilon Kappa.
The legacy of stepping dates back to the 1900s, to the gold mine tunnels of South Africa.
Black miners weren't allowed to communicate, so, they developed their own type of Morse code, slapping their gumboots to make sounds.
This was their only way to be heard.
A tradition that evolved into what you see here tonight at Bringston.
Each step we take, we honor our ancestors and ensure that we will never Be Silenced.
Huh! Ooh, ooh, ooh.
Hey, yo, brothers, what's that sound? Hey.
Ring the alarm ♪ Another sound is dying ♪ Woh-oh, hey ♪ Remember this sound, it the talk of the town ♪ Talk of the country, hey ♪ Rock Mr.
Charlie, rock Ms.
Munchy ♪ Talk of the country, so ♪ Ring the alarm, another sound is dying ♪ Woh-oh, hey ♪ So, I had to pee.
What's your excuse? Just needed some fresh air.
You OK? Where's Thea? It's 10 P.
on the night before her big match.
- You know that chick is - Passed out.
Passed out.
Well, I'll let you get back to your peace.
And I hope your night gets better.
I confronted J.
's dad.
Told him who I was.
How do you feel? I don't know.
I guess I'm glad that I faced him with my head held high.
Let him know that he didn't break me.
But sad, too, you know? Damon, you've had a lot thrown at you.
There's no playbook on the right way to heal and process all of that.
Take your time.
And know we got your back.
We're gonna be in the stands cheering for you and J.
I really appreciate that.
Personally, I need that win, man.
I feel you.
I'm hoping for a win, too.
I have a chance to play tennis in the spring At GAU.
Oh, wow.
That's That's dope.
I mean, you'll be closer to Shay and Jordan, right? Jordan and I broke up over fall break.
Fall break? Why didn't you let me know? You know, I was processing it all when I got back.
You were with Thea and we were trying to get our friendship back on track.
Look, it doesn't even matter because we're both doing exactly what we're supposed to be doing with who we're supposed to be doing it with.
Right? Yeah.
You know, I'm really gonna miss the wise words of Simone Hicks.
I've really grown a lot since I met you.
Back at YA.
Y'all, we just received $30,000.
Let's keep the generosity and the show going, all right? Thank y'all.
I'm sorry Cam didn't show.
Me, too.
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh It's getting hard ♪ For me to hold my own ♪ See, nobody wants to be in love alone ♪ So, I'm trying my best ♪ Not to overreact ♪ But I need to know right now ♪ No lies, just facts ♪ So, if you love me ♪ Just say so ♪ 'Cause I can't play these games with you no more ♪ So, if you love me ♪ Just say so ♪ I need to know from you right now before I go ♪ It's just that ♪ I can feel I'm falling deep ♪ And I don't wanna fall unless you're falling with me ♪ What changed your mind? You.
The interview.
Believing in my possibilities.
I think it's past time I took a chance and step out on faith.
- Proud of you.
- Proud of you.
It's 11:58.
The moment of truth.
We raised $500,357 tonight, but we're still a million short.
It's over.
Bringston - How do I tell them? - Hey.
We'll do it together.
Come on.
Have you heard? Hey, what's what's going on? Gonna talk to me? Heh.
Damon, it's fine.
I mean, we haven't been dating that long.
The school's now closing.
You don't need to pretend or force anything.
Baby, I'm not forcing anything.
And yeah, this is new, but baby, it's real.
I don't care if we're going to school right next door to each other or across the country.
You and me.
I'm all in.
We can make this work, right? Yeah.
All right, well, let's Get some rest.
We both got a big day tomorrow.
Can I have a hug? Yeah? - Your shoulder still bugging you? - Mm.
It's It's fine.
Every athlete knows the tone of that "fine.
" You should get it checked out in the morning before your tournament.
Promise? Thanks for picking up my prescription.
You're not gonna watch the game? I can't watch my boys play knowing I'm letting 'em down.
Could be a while before I'll be able to coach again.
Doc's orders.
Marcus, you deserve to see them play.
You've worked hard for this.
Will you stay? Yeah.
There go your boy.
Look, I ain't even trying to hear it today, all right? I come in peace.
I come in peace.
For now.
Listen, I just wanted to say I'm sorry about your school.
Bringston was important to my family and it's messed up the way everything went down.
I appreciate that, man.
For real.
I'm still gonna kick your ass on this field, though.
And there he is.
Whoo! Let's go, boys! We see you, Damon! Come on.
Get that.
Let's go, boys! All right! Yeah! I gotta give it to 'em.
They legit.
Don't tell Damon I said that.
- I'm serious.
- Time.
You'll be all right.
- Yo, what is Shaw doing? - He's icing the momentum.
Shut 'em down, Lando.
Let's throw strikes, baby.
3 outs.
Come on Let's go.
Play now.
Put it in play.
Strikes in.
Stay in the game.
Stay in the game.
Score's now 2-4.
We're only in the sixth inning.
They got time to turn it around.
You know, I didn't have kids because I was afraid that I would pass on my disorder to them.
These boys are the closest thing I have to sons and right now, they need me, but I'm not there.
Keena, are you listening? Yeah.
You're right.
We should go to the game.
What if I'm not myself yet? I will follow your lead, Marcus.
You decide.
We're up one.
Damon's got runners at first and second.
But Hawkins has two outs.
If Damon can hold strong, then we'll win.
But based on the way he's pitching right now We should be worried.
Very worried.
Yeah, what's up with him? Even though Bringston's going away, winning this game, showing everyone that the Lions are elite level, proves that his MLB sacrifice was worth it.
All right, let's go, let's go! Time out, Hawkins.
Number 32 is injured.
Hawkins will send in a replacement player.
Get out of your head, Sims.
I don't know if I can right now.
You can.
Forget the pressure and noise.
Win or lose, you did what you came here to do, son, and you helped build champions and changed the lives of every man on this team, including myself.
Now, just play the game, son.
Thanks, Coach.
- Whoo! - Let's go, Damon.
Let's go! A last-minute donation just came in to cover the rest of the funds that are needed to save Bringston.
Wait, so, Bringston was saved? By who? Who cares? We got our home, aah, we got our home, yeah.
Hey, Coach.
Hicks, my office.
15 minutes.
Don't be late.
I know I was being miss positivity earlier, but I was actually really afraid we were gonna lose this school.
I wasn't.
Not with you taking the lead.
I know if you put your mind to something, it's gonna happen.
- Everything OK? - Yeah.
We all good.
Let's eat.
Ha! Hey.
Bringston's saved and we beat Hawkins.
I mean, the only thing that would make this day better is if you told me that you kicked some ass at that tournament.
Ha! Hey, what's What's going on? You should finish celebrating.
OK, I'm officially done celebrating.
Baby, come on.
Um What's going on? I never made it to the tournament.
I went to the team doctor this morning.
I tore my rotator cuff.
Apparently, it happened the second day of the tournament and I just didn't realize it.
I'd been using Simone's racket because mine was cut but hers is heavier and I can't play.
I'll be out for months.
I've never gone that long without picking up a racket.
And there's surgery.
Come here.
I'm so sorry.
I am so sorry to interrupt.
Ma, we're in we're kind of in the middle No, it's OK.
I should go.
I'll be OK.
Thea, no.
Sweetheart, you know I would not have interrupted if it wasn't important.
What's what's wrong? When your father was first diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's, he became obsessed with getting a slew of tests done for you, too.
Something Coach Marcus said reminded me of those tests, and I still have all of those results filed electronically.
Something I think you should see.
The donation that saved Bringston came from a philanthropic organization in Los Angeles.
The Annie Mae Scott Family Foundation.
The money given was contingent upon two conditions That I step down and that you take my place as President of Bringston.
Zeke, I'm not going to take your job.
Those are the conditions and they've been accepted by the trustees.
Honestly, maybe a change is called for.
For me and for Bringston.
Maybe I'll find my way back to medicine.
Spend more time with my daughter.
Shoot, maybe I'll teach.
You'd be good at that.
Regardless, the job is yours if you accept.
And if you want my two cents Accept.
- Hey, Amara.
- Don't "hey" me.
The Annie Mae Scott foundation? Isn't that the organization behind the affordable housing deal you closed last month? They've been looking for charitable openings in the education field for a while.
I just connected a need with an opportunity.
And what do you call running Zeke out of his job? I cleared the way for my baby sister to take her career to the next level.
I make no apologies for that.
Bringston is where you belong.
Take the job.
Love you.
- Son, we need to talk.
- Dad, I can't right now.
I know who Damon is.
- He told me.
- How could you do it? You kept my brother away from me and you made Mom separate from her son.
I know.
And you're right.
Son, I can't lose you, too.
I know I've messed up on all fronts.
I'm glad you're here.
I need to clear the air with both of you.
I'm sorry for my part in Celine giving you away.
I let pride guide my actions and it affected your life.
I was wrong.
So wrong that you gave away your only son.
Wait, what? Because you had a vasectomy, the thought never occurred to you that I could be yours, did it? But you know, those things, they're not foolproof.
Because I am, in fact, your biological son.
Wait, hold on.
What? After my dad got sick, he He ran a bunch of tests on both of us.
Apparently, a DNA test was part of that package.
There was no match.
- Xavier isn't my father.
- Damon, wait.
Just give me a second.
- This can't be true.
- Then take the DNA test.
It's good.
Hey? I'm good, bro.
'Cause no matter what those results say You'll never be my father.
Destroyed your family for nothing, man.
Ha ha ha! Welcome to top 6, baby.
I'm really glad you're sticking around.
Oh, me, too, man.
Me, too.
- See ya.
- OK.
Well, congratulations.
Thea, I'm so sorry about your shoulder.
Looks like you got what you wanted since last homecoming.
Took my spot after all.
Thea, it's an injury.
- They happen.
- Yeah, it happened because I let you talk me into using your racket when I wanted to forfeit, and all that extra weight on my shoulder caused it to tear.
Are you trying to blame me for your injury? Girl, that's not my fault.
Simone, just admit it.
You have been gunning for me since day one.
You pretended to be my friend, you got in my head and convinced me that there was something wrong with me for being so single-mindedly focused on tennis and not some dumb social life.
You took my eye off the ball.
And needing your racket was the unexpected finishing touch.
Now, I may have gotten the guy, but you're making sure that I have nothing else.
Thea, I am your friend.
- Oh, my god.
- And if you're in pain, I'm sorry about that, but I'm gonna let that slide.
You listen to me, you conniving little bitch.
Watch your back, because I'm coming for you, and I will get my spot back.
Rest up.
You know where to find me.
"Heard Jessie Raymond is staying on as interim coach.
When you're ready, give me a call.
" I was hoping I'd hear from you.
You said you wanted to talk.
Let's talk.

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