All Creatures Great and Small (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Semper Progrediens

1 Come here, girl.
Jess, Jess.
DOG BARKS DOOR CHIMES This way, Mrs Brompton.
Thank you.
To what do we owe the pleasure? Well, it's that time of year.
Oh, the Daffodil Ball, I've been counting the days.
And who's the lucky lass tonight? Who can say at this point, Mrs Brompton.
Ah, Jim, Jim, perfect timing.
Ah, wallet! I'm sorry, what am I paying for now? It's the Daffodil Ball tonight.
All proceeds go towards the restoration of the steeple.
It's the highlight of the social calendar.
There'll be music, dancing, the frisson of a warm spring evening.
Mr Farnon not in? He's yet to grace us with his presence.
How about it, Mrs Hall, a ticket for you? Just four, please.
Four? Yeah, need one for my date for the evening.
Your date? The day is young.
Come on, Jim, no girl likes a cheapskate.
Who's the extra one for? Who do you think? Time waits for no man, Jim lad, and neither will Helen.
Morning, Mrs Brompton.
Diana - please.
How can we be of service? Daffodil Ball.
If you're not too busy I wondered if we might lure you on to the dance floor.
Well, that depends what you're using as bait.
It would be our pleasure to support the cause.
Tristan, money? Yeah.
"Our pleasure" really? And, uh, Mrs Hall, would you mind showing Diana out? Show her out? We'll have to scrape her off him first.
This way.
Thank you.
Thank you, bye-bye What? What, is it? I mean, if you can't see, then there's really no hope for you, brother.
If that woman were any more forward, she'd be here yesterday.
Nonsense, Diana's happily married.
Isn't she? Not any longer.
Not for a year now.
Well, she was probably just being friendly.
You know, I heard he ran off with the housekeeper.
I heard the gardener.
How did you get on with Merrick last night? I thought you were going to tag that on to the end of your list.
Oh, James, you really can't allow yourself to be so forgetful.
The memory is a muscle that must be exercised.
I'll get up there right away.
No, no, you've got a busy surgery today.
Organised as ever.
Why doesn't Tristan stay and help out? With both examination rooms in operation, we'd get through them a lot quicker.
I'd like to keep Tristan under my wing for a while.
He's still got a lot to learn.
Go on, go and get ready.
Mr Farnon - postcard from Dorothy.
Who's the old Siegfried? And why does she hope he gets out from time to time? Sorry, I thought it were for me.
I didn't realise until it were too late.
I'm sure.
HORN BLARES All right, all right, I'm coming.
No Rover? Not today, it's leaking oil everywhere.
Do your tie up, man, we must present our very best self to our clients.
You know, you could do far worse than Diana Brompton.
I see you got another postcard from Dorothy.
How's Malta? Hot and rocky.
She's looking forward to becoming a grandmother.
Shame, I got the impression you were rather fond of her.
Oh, hang on, hang on, slow down, slow down.
Morning, Helen.
All right, Triss, Siegfried.
What can I do for you? Oh, it's not me, actually.
Um, I think James wanted to see you about something.
He's at the house if you wanted to pop in.
BOTH: Bye.
Please, come in, come in.
Come on through.
There we are.
OK, then .
how can I help? I thought you wanted to see me.
You did? I mean, I do.
Why wouldn't I? Of course I'd like to see you Right.
Only, I've got to get back and put our carrots in, so, shall we? Sorry, shall we what? The reason you wanted to see me.
I'm not sure I understand - you came here.
Because Tristan asked me to.
He said you wanted to speak to me about something.
I'm sure he did.
Well Triss and I are going to the Daffodil Ball.
And I couldn't be happier for you.
Oh, no, no, he's not Not together.
I mean, well, we are but not James, it's fine .
you have my blessings.
See, because of that .
now I'm not inviting you.
I had a spare ticket but I'll just have to give it to someone else.
Probably for the best.
I haven't really been out since .
well No-one will care.
We'll go as a group, you, me, Triss .
whoever he manages to drag along.
I'm a terrible dancer, so that amusement alone is a good enough reason to come.
I don't know.
DOOR CHIMES It's my dog.
He disappeared yesterday evening on one of our walks.
I found him when I went back out again this morning, he must've been in this trap all night.
Well, bring him through.
James! DOG WHINES I need you! Don't worry, go.
We need to get him something for the pain and sedated right away.
What's his name? It's Rock.
Mrs Hall, pass the cotton wool, please.
You'll be able to save him, won't you? I can't tell.
I won't be able to tell you until I've explored the wound.
Who would do such a thing? It's monstrous.
Oh, it looks a mess.
I won't know until I'm right inside how bad it is.
What I'd do for an X-ray machine now.
Doesn't seem natural, being able to see your insides on the outside like that.
They're an incredible diagnostic tool.
All right, he's asleep.
I don't think the leg's broken.
We better hope there's still some circulation to the paw.
And if there's not? I'm afraid he'll lose the foot.
Colonel, good morning.
Now, then, Farnon, what's all this about? We were expecting you last night.
Yeah, I'm afraid, there was something of an administrative balls up.
My colleague missed you off his list.
Oh, and there I was believing I was one of your most valued clients.
Oh, I'm almost hurt.
Rest assured, you have my undivided attention now.
Bag please, Tristan.
Yes, err, unfortunately, I've had to find another dance partner.
Sorry to say, too little, too late, old chap.
Still, there's, there's nothing like a bit of healthy competition to keep you on your toes, hey, Farnon? Indeed.
George, what a qualified pleasure it is to see you.
HE LAUGHS Now, now, chaps, we mustn't squabble.
I'd hate to be the bone between a pair of scrapping dogs.
If you're finding yourself unable to cope, I could always take a few more clients off your hands.
I'm perfectly capa More than capable, thank you.
Oh, there's no shame in admitting you can't keep up.
The years are rolling on.
Ha-ha, the coup de grace.
Until next time, Hubert.
Rolling on? You're rolling on.
He's older than I am.
Still, since you've come all this way, there's no harm in you casting an expert eye over her.
I imagine there wouldn't be a charge - on account of all the bother.
No, of course not, Hubert .
anything for our most valued customer.
I've asked this morning's clients to come back this afternoon.
I don't understand why Siegfried doesn't let Tristan run surgery.
If there were two of us, we wouldn't have to send anyone away.
Mr Farnon has his ways .
maddening as they might be.
It's best to let sleeping dogs lie.
I'm not sure I'd describe Siegfried as a sleeping dog.
How's he getting on? I'd like to be able to give Mr Hammond some good news.
I don't think the bone is broken.
We need to hope it's not infected.
Seems like a nice chap.
He does.
He is.
I better get a brew on before he wears a hole in the floor.
I'll do the best I can.
Thank you, Tristan.
Pandhi said her insides are blocked up, gave her some linseed oil to grease the wheels.
Really? Well, that's one way of doing it, I suppose.
And that's not the treatment you'd prescribe? Well, we all have our different approaches, Colonel.
And different degrees of success that go with them.
COW MOOS Yes, I thought so.
You're struggling, aren't you, old girl? Stomach powders.
Coming right up.
I'm afraid there's definitely a blockage.
It could be she's had too much roughage and that's bunged her up or there could be a wire or something else caught up inside.
Well, it sounds serious.
More common than you'd think.
Did Pandhi not mention the possibility? I told my stock man to wait for you, Farnon.
Lesson learned.
We'll start off with the powders to help her work it through and if that doesn't shift it, I'm afraid we'll have to come back and operate.
COW MOOS Mr Hammond? Oh, noticed the timing's off.
Well, I put it forward every morning.
Well, I could fix it for you, if you like? Oh, I've got used to it now.
Sometimes I put it forward more than I should to get them out the house sooner.
Well .
there speaks a woman wise to the world.
Wise to the lot I've been lumbered with, certainly.
Sorry, I've never been good at waiting for news, I have to keep myself busy.
You and me both.
Mr Herriot is a wonderful vet.
If you want any more milk, you just let me know.
I will.
I'm sorry, in the rush, I didn't catch your name.
It's .
Sugar, I forgot the sugar.
I'll just, um.
No, no, I can leave that.
And I'll come back with your, uh .
with the, um Sugar.
That's the chap.
What's this? It's the list.
The list, man.
Don't look like that, tell me what's next.
Mr Dinsdale.
Ah, yes, sow, aural haematoma.
See? All up here.
Why would you have Merrick written twice? Well, I wouldn't.
Unless this was left in your pocket from last night.
Which would suggest you were supposed to go to Merrick's and not James? What're you doing? We must present our best self for the clients, Siegfried.
Oh, we thought it'd be a grand adventure .
too young to know any better.
You were in good company.
I should never have been there in the first place, I lied to the recruiting officer about my age.
Oh, God, you were one of those .
king, country.
The usual nonsense.
You know, funny thing is .
I wouldn't change it for the world.
Even though it left me hobbling about.
The struggle makes everything all the more worth it.
I'll keep telling myself that.
Mr Hammond, you can come through.
Thank you for the tea.
We've patched him up.
I'm worried there could be an infection, the wound must've been open for some time.
If it spreads, it could poison the blood stream.
And then what? There's still a chance he could lose the leg.
Hm, better that than his life.
Leave him with us for a few days.
Hey, you'll be all right, Rock, lad.
This nice gentleman and kind lady are going to take care of you.
And Jess will keep him company.
Will we be seeing you at the dance then? God willing.
So long as you fulfil your professional obligations first.
And, by God, I naturally mean my brother.
Them eggs will not collect themselves, you know.
Should have kept her locked in the coal shed.
Our little Buttercup's in here.
Now, that boil on her noggin's even bigger than last time you were up.
I didn't have the correct instrument to complete the procedure.
Here's our little lass now.
Holy Mary, Mother of God.
Oh, yes, I can see from here the haematoma's even more engorged.
Ah, looks fit to burst.
I thought about going in and having a go myself, like .
not for very long, mind.
Yes, well, it's becoming apparent to me now why you might have left your scalpel at home last time.
Thankfully, I believe we have it here today.
I don't know why you're handing that to me, we learn by doing, little brother.
I imagine she's called Buttercup because uh .
well, despite appearances, she's a tender and sweet soul at heart? Not as it goes.
Nearly took me finger off once.
If she gets hold of you, my advice is to play dead.
Unless you think she might actually kill you, in which case, don't .
play dead, I mean.
Siegfried? Come now, Tristan.
It's alright to be frightened, for without fear, there cannot be courage.
Ha, without courage, there can't be pain.
# I'm called Little Buttercup Dear Little Buttercup.
♪ Try not to startle it! Forget the pig, you startled me! Good Buttercup.
Good pig.
Mr Dinsdale, I fear we may have to return with anaesthetic to tame the beast before we operate.
Oh, aye, when would that be then? Oh, not until this evening.
What? No, Siegfried, we can't come back.
Look, we're here now, I'll do it now.
He's either very brave or very stupid.
I believe it's a heady mixture of both.
No courage without fear.
BUTTERCUP GRUNTS Good God! I admire your persistence but sometimes discretion is the better part of valour.
He's done it.
I'll be damned.
I did? I mean, yes, I did.
Yes, well, you made a bit of meal of it but you got there in the end.
Maybe I'll, uh, see you later.
Tristan, it's this way.
Frowning at it won't change it.
It's from a friend of my mum's.
He owns a vet's practice in Glasgow.
They've offered me a job.
Well, I'm not surprised.
Who wouldn't want you working for them? Mum seems to have accepted it for me.
Oh, dear.
The practice is run by a man called Bill Weipers.
He's on the board at Glasgow Veterinary College.
He employs modern methods and equipment.
He has an immaculate practice, sterile examination rooms, nurses, X-ray machine.
And you got lumbered with us lot.
well, it's just a different .
very different way of working.
If you ever have any ideas about how you might improve this place, I'm sure Mr Farnon would hear you out.
If you catch him on a good day, perhaps.
It's more complicated than that, Dad's struggling to get work.
They're really struggling to make ends meet.
Well, they'd want you to be happy.
As a parent, that's all you want for your children.
It feels so selfish.
They spent their life savings putting me through college, I owe it to them.
How long have you got to decide? I've got a few months to work out if there's something here worth staying for.
Or someone? Helen took the other one.
How many cases have we got to get through this afternoon? We'll use both examination rooms.
While I'm treating an animal in one I'll settle the next one into the other room.
Once I've finished treatment, you show them out, settle up the bill.
I'll go straight through to deal with the next.
Hello, there.
Good afternoon.
Mr Herriot.
Right, Mrs Kirkby, with a rabbit.
That's me.
Miss Fearnly? Yes, lovely.
Would you like to come through? Thank you, Mrs Jackson.
Keep George warm by the fire, that'll help speed up the waking process.
Thank you, love.
- It's Anne with Susie.
- I'll be with you in a second.
And don't you look happy about it.
Sorry, I've been rushed off my feet.
Hello, Susie.
How're you getting on with those pups of yours? They're all grand.
First one you got out's biggest of the lot.
We named him James.
I'll have to come up and visit him.
Don't worry, Susie.
Hey, we just need to check how you're getting on.
BELL RINGS Excuse me.
Come on through.
Hi, Helen.
You look It's good to see you.
Shall I come in? Yes, of course.
I'm just finishing up, I won't be long, I swear.
She won't mind waiting.
Oh, hello.
Tea? I think so.
Oh, you've certainly put the weight back on.
Sorry, Susie.
That's very rude of me, isn't it? You know, if ever you're to get beyond smiling at the girl .
you might eventually have to do something about it.
What happened to the other one? What? I thought we could chat.
yeah, great, OK.
The other one, the barmaid, Margaret? Maggie? I suppose she got sick of you.
Yeah, the thing about Maggie and me is we're like ships in the night.
Travelling our own separate courses .
occasionally we .
crash into one another during stormy weather.
Meanwhile, you happily flit .
courting one girl and then the next.
First of all - no-one courts.
Then what are they doing? They date.
We're not Americans.
The world's changing.
Not every evening spent in the company of a woman necessarily has to end in something particularly meaningful.
In fact, most often it necessarily doesn't.
Then what's the point of it all? Fun.
I understand that's a very alien concept to you.
I am fun, I'm perfectly bloody fun.
You certainly used to be.
Now I don't know what's happened.
What's that supposed to mean? You didn't used to be like this.
Like what? Allowing Merrick to get a free ride .
letting Pandhi rattle you and .
don't even get me started on the women.
Well, I imagine the problem's getting you to stop.
There's no spirit, the fight's gone.
I assure you, it has not.
Really? Cos in the not too distant past, you would've tackled that sow without a moment's hesitation, just to show people that you could.
I'm not saying you're past it but You just did! Stuck in a rut maybe, one that I thought Dorothy had got you out of it but I'm not in a rut, there is no bloody rut! Oh, I'll get that for you.
Good evening, good evening, Mrs Hall, Helen, a delight as ever.
What happened to you? Fight with a pig.
Is it hard to believe I actually won? Bring your muddy things down, don't leave them festering on the floor.
It's been a long day.
You must barely recognise me.
Oh, I don't know Siegfried, I think you've weathered rather well.
You're very kind.
How've you been? You know, one foot in front of the other.
Glad to hear it.
There you are, James.
About bloody time, poor Helen's being bored silly waiting.
I'm fine, Mrs Hall's been looking after me.
I had an emergency case, I've been playing catch up all day.
You should really learn to deal with these cases.
No wonder we're struggling to turn a profit.
I would say, Siegfried, if Tristan were here today, there would've been no need to send anyone away.
I want him with me until he's served some time under my supervision.
He's more than capable.
Oh, see how they shower me with praise? Perhaps this could wait for another time? No, if James has got something he wants to get off his chest, I'd like to hear it.
If Tristan were able to practise on his own, we could take on more work.
With the extra money, maybe we could change a few things around here.
Change? Why on earth would we want to change? We could be working much more efficiently, half of our equipment is from the last century.
So am I! Should we just toss me out as well? I don't think James means that.
Of course I don't.
Siegfried, I learned more from you in a year than I did in all the time I spent at college.
You flatter to deceive.
It's true .
he told me as much before.
I just want to be able to offer the best care possible to our patients.
Of course, as do I.
You know I'm always open to new ideas.
Did you know we were the first practice in whole of Yorkshire to have our own centrifuge for TB testing? And I always put us forward for the trial of new medications.
We are a forward looking practice.
And I am one who always looks ahead, rather than behind - always.
Semper progrediens! Always progressing.
I know.
Well, that all seems settled then.
Now, shouldn't you be going before something or other turns into a pumpkin? Semper progrediens! I believe he's fighting the inevitable march of time.
Oh, Lord help us.
Go on, get on with you, I've my book to read.
James .
good luck.
You sure you won't come? Oh, it's not for me.
Listen to that, Jess.
Isn't that wonderful? You'll be fine.
Dorothy happen to mention when she'll be returning? She has no plans at the moment.
Oh, and how do you feel about that? How do I feel? When you care about someone very much, you People have these things, feelings, emotions.
Dorothy's a good friend - nothing more.
Well, then .
without fear There can be no courage.
Once more unto the breach.
Good evening.
Good evening to you.
You're looking stunning.
Thank you.
How many do you think he'll dance with tonight? I've a feeling that once she gets a hold of him .
she won't be letting go.
My mum used to make me go to tea dances with her.
It used to be me and a room full of old ladies.
Mum used to make me stand up in front of all of them and request songs from the singer.
She didn't? I had to dance with her .
and all her friends.
That's why I find it the most embarrassing thing in the world to do.
It's probably why I'm terrible at it.
Oh, James, stop it.
You're just saying it to make me feel better.
So, I apologise in advance for the absolute shambles this'll inevitably be but would you like to dance? I promise once people see me out there, no-one is going to be talking about your wedding with Hugh.
You'd really do that? You'd make a complete fool out of yourself for me? Every single day.
No Maggie tonight, then? No, no, boyfriend.
Her, not me.
That were very clever of you, tricking that pig in to bursting its own bubble.
There'd be some who'd mistake it for you running away.
Yes, well, it often takes brains as well as brawn to solve these problems.
Hm, I'd settle for a pretty face.
How about it, then? Oh, sadly, Anabel, I'm just not one of life's dancers.
Oh, that's handy .
because I'm not one for dancing either.
I've no idea what I'm doing.
Don't worry, you're doing fine.
It's alright, I've got another one.
Look, try and loosen up, let yourself go with it.
That's it, that's better.
Ooh! That's a little too much.
I was sorry to hear about you and your husband.
Which was it, the housekeeper or the gardener? Oh, I don't hold for such tittle-tattle.
Both, actually.
I wouldn't blame him if it was the gardener - he was quite the dish.
There's even one going round where I've got old Len buried in the basement.
That's why no-one's seen him for so long.
I don't mind that one so much, it keeps everybody on their toes.
Farnon, we've got ourselves a bit of a problem.
Yes, Colonel, I believe we have.
I was in the middle of a charming conversation with this young lady and I've been rudely interrupted.
I beg your pardon? You can beg all you like, you're not having it.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
You see, Colonel, what did I tell you? He's lost it.
I do apologise, Diana.
Oh, no need.
I love a bit of drama.
Now hear this, Farnon, that cow is still unwell.
You told me it needed an operation.
If you're not willing to come up and sort her .
well, I can always take my custom elsewhere.
Custom suggests a transfer of money for services rendered.
I put a lot of work your way.
Because we're the finest in the district.
We've three qualified vets and enough work to necessitate the expansion of our practice.
We don't have to fight like jackals over scraps left by others.
If you really want the best possible care for your animals, you can call during our normal business hours.
Otherwise, go with the reserve team.
Good evening.
Good evening? I'll give you good evening! That was very impressive.
Thank you.
Where are we going? No idea, I always like to sweep out at the end of an argument.
But since we're on the move, might I suggest somewhere more salubrious? The Renniston, perhaps? Why not? Sorry again about your toes.
Oh, it was great.
You were great.
It's been so long since I really needed that.
I'm glad.
I'll, er, I'll fetch our drinks.
Don't forget to come up for air.
Goodnight, Tristan.
Helen, been awhile.
How've you been? Yeah, not bad.
You? Oh, same as always What do you say then, lass, Fancy a turn around the floor? Oh, Fernley, this is Hello.
I'm James Herriot.
Right, nice.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to If you two are together, then.
Us? Oh, no, we're not.
Are we? No, not at all.
Only, we were known to have the odd dance in the past.
We even won a show together.
Go on, at least he won't stand on your toes.
Really, no trouble.
Enjoy yourself.
Thanks, James.
Tea, Siegfried? If you wouldn't mind, Tristan, thank you, very kind.
Bless you.
Good evening? Oh, very much so.
How long's this going to go on for? What? The inane expressions .
the smug sense of satisfaction.
Mrs Hall, I would've thought you'd be glad to hear we enjoyed ourselves last night.
Oh, it's enough to put me off my breakfast.
What about James? Did he enjoy himself? PHONE RINGS Darrowby, two, two, nine, seven.
One moment.
Mr Farnon.
Colonel Merrick.
Yes, what, is it? Oh, you do? Yes, well, I'll have to consult our appointment diary first.
Three o'clock? Breakfast's on the table.
I'll be there in a minute.
SIEGFRIED: See you then.
How'd it go? He's doing all right, temperature's down.
The infection is starting to clear up.
You can call Mr Hammond and tell him to pick him up later.
That's not what I meant.
Oh, love.
It's alright.
There are a lot of people Helen needs to catch up with.
SIEGFRIED: Herriot! Tristan! I'm literally three feet away from you.
I don't understand why you have to bellow.
Don't be such a sensitive Sidney.
I've been keeping these back, one each.
And what are these for? You said you wanted us to modernise, James? We're about to give the good Colonel a show he'll never forget.
Morning, Colonel.
No Pandhi today? You're our vet, Farnon, for now, at any rate.
Well, I'm glad we managed to squeeze you in.
Yes, prepare the patient for the operation.
COW MOOS Thank you.
This is where we go in.
I hope you aren't squeamish, it's not for the faint hearted.
I've seen blood before, you needn't worry, I shan't faint.
Now, you see the rumen exposed, the cow's first stomach, you know they have four? Hang on Farnon, that doesn't look too clever.
Um, yes, it's probably just a bit of ruminal gas.
Wouldn't you say? Aye, probably.
James, could I borrow you for a second? Farnon, what was it you said, the finest vet in the district? You're putting on a right show, now.
Siegfried, do you not think the good Colonel could benefit from seeing some of your handiwork up close? You know, you really are full of good ideas at the moment, James.
Yes, Colonel, come in.
Come in, that's it.
That's it, a little closer.
Scalpel, please.
There we are.
Thank you.
Ready, Colonel? Oh, get on with it, Farnon.
Oh, oh.
COLONEL MERRICK: Absolutely That's what the problem was.
What do you make of that? Farnon, what the It's Mr Farnon .
and my bill will be in the post.
Well, I thought that went rather well.
Quite the show.
Text book.
COLONEL MERRICK: God, absolutely covered in the stuff.
You'll have to keep him inside for a few days to keep the wound clean.
But I'm pleased with how the infection is clearing up.
Well, we can't thank you enough, Mr Herriot.
No trouble at all.
Mrs Hall will show you out.
Come on, then, Rock, here we go.
It looks like these two have become firm friends.
Oh, we'll be sorry to see him go.
Won't we, Jess? I'm sure they could see each other again.
We could take them for a walk together.
One of the men usually take Jess out.
Ah, well, never mind.
Maybe we'll see you out and about, hey, Jess.
When you grow tired of moving your clock forward, let me know and I'll come fix it.
Lost time is never found again.
Come on, Rock, let's go.
Oh, hold on.
Oh, Helen, love, good to see you.
Is James about? In there.
Come in.
I'm just clearing up, won't be a second.
Sorry we lost each other last night.
Oh, it's fine, don't worry.
It's been so long since I caught up with everyone.
I've known most of them since we were kids.
Oh, it's all right, I understand.
It was the same for me when I went home, seeing everyone again.
It feels strange hearing you call somewhere else home.
You belong here.
This is your home.
I looked for you last night, couldn't find you? I got dragged into a conversation outside with Gene Gilbert and Mr Summers.
Once they get their teeth in, they're hard to shake off.
I would've liked to have danced with you again.
If your toes could take it.
Last night were the first time in a long time that I've felt like myself again .
and I was only there because of you.
Everything all right with Miss Alderson? Aye, grand.
Everything's grand.

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