All Creatures Great and Small (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Many Happy Returns

I say, this is Thought you'd like it.
Like it? It's magnificent.
This means a lot, Siegfried.
Thank you.
Not at all.
Not at all.
Happy birthday.
Yes, Happy birthday, Triss.
Right, more tea.
Oh, I've .
one more present for you.
You're giving me my own list? I have decided it's time to let you stand on your own two feet.
So I'll be going out on my own? Well, to all intents and purposes.
I thought James could come along, just in case.
But it'll be your show.
That is if you think you can handle it? Oh, yes, yes, absolutely.
Hang on does that say "Sebright Saunders"? Are you sending me to the estate? Uh-huh.
They've a number of horses need tooth filing.
They're valuable animals too, so make sure you've got your wits about you.
Of course.
That bag won't be much use to you empty.
Make sure you take a decent rasp.
Will do.
And a spare.
Tristan? Did you hear me? Tristan?! Good evening with Helen, were it? It was, thanks.
She's a smashing lass.
Have you had the chance to talk over Glasgow with her? Not yet.
I know.
I'll do it today.
Candy's in foal so I said I'd go up and take a look.
I'll tell her about the job, then.
Are you sure you've got tweezers? Yes.
Both sizes? Yes, and yes.
I actually do know what I'm doing.
Stop your fussing.
You'll make him nervous.
Here Very smart.
Every inch the professional.
Yes, well, come on, don't be keeping them waiting.
So will Mrs Brompton be joining us at the Drovers for birthday drinks? I think she's planning to drop in briefly.
Hope you told her to come before things get too rowdy.
Oh, it's just a few drinks.
Please try not to get completely legless.
I can assure you, I'm planning a very civilised evening.
Oh, yes? It's not like I'm a student any more.
Things have changed.
In fact, I was half wondering if a little dinner might be more appropriate.
Oh, aye? I mean, it wouldn't have to be anything fancy, but if it's too much trouble.
Birthday dinner for six at less than a day's notice? No, no, you're right, it's a stupid idea I'm sure I can rustle something up.
Oh, Mrs H, you're an absolute star.
That's one word for it.
And actually, if you could make it dinner for seven Oh, for the love of God I just thought I might want to invite a guest.
And who exactly might you want to invite? I don't know yet, but the day is still young.
Good luck, Tristan.
He doesn't need luck.
He just needs to concentrate.
He'll be fine.
'Course he will.
Right, so, when we get to the estate, I'll just introduce myself and explain that I'll be dealing with the horses today.
I'm fairly sure they'll know who you are, Triss.
You've been coming out to the farms half your life.
Yes, as Siegfried's little brother, maybe.
But now I'm here as a vet.
It's a whole different kettle of fish.
You're going to do fine.
You know what he's doing, don't you? He's basically setting me up to fail.
I don't think that's true.
He's giving me this big new chance.
But he's just waiting for me to mess it up.
Where's Farnon? Right here.
You what? Tristan Farnon, Mr Monkham.
Siegfried's brother.
And fully qualified vet.
I'll be taking care of the tooth rasping today.
Mr Farnon always sees to the horses himself.
Well, he's asked me to deputise on this occasion.
What you gonna be doing? I'm just here to observe.
Right, well, I can't say as I like it.
But I haven't got all day.
So, let's see what you've got.
This way.
Right You wanted this? Please.
Poor Bonnie here had quite a sizeable lipoma on her ribcage.
Benign, but, still, an ugly great mass.
Luckily, I was able to remove it with remarkable ease.
Let's just, erm, lay her down on that blanket, while she comes round.
Might take an hour or so.
That's the ticket.
There we are.
Very nice, though I say so myself, it should hardly leave a scar.
DOG YELPS Should she be doing that? Oh, it's nothing to worry about, happens to some animals after an anaesthetic.
It's just the barbiturates leaving the system.
Well, I'm off to the butcher's.
If I can get a decent enough joint, I might try my hand at a beef Wellington.
Goodness, that's rather elaborate.
Well, I don't want your young ladies thinking we don't know how to entertain.
I assume Mrs Brompton's still joining us? Yes, yes, she was delighted with the invitation.
Well, in't that nice.
Right, well, as I'm done, I think I'll head out too.
And see how Triss is getting on.
You said he needs to stand on his own two feet.
So let him.
Just don't let him rattle you.
Just focus on the job in hand.
HORSES NEIGH LOUDLY Who's that? Oh, yes.
Miss Margot Sebright Saunders.
Might she be a suitable candidate? Rather out of my league, I fear.
Margot's generally squired by minor gentry.
You're a man of means now.
A respectable professional.
She might see you in a whole new light.
See? You don't want to miss out for a lack of confidence.
Ah, you may have a point.
Nothing ventured.
It certainly worked for you and Helen.
Well, it's early days.
I still have time to mess it up.
Are you two coming? Excellent.
There's another two need doing, across the yard.
Right, let's take a look, shall we? Hope he's not a kicker.
Right, here we go, good lad.
Ah yes, I can see there's quite a sharp point just here.
Should be able to file that off nicely.
If you could just hold him steady? Monkham? Yes, Miss Margot.
I want to ride out to Sennor Woods this afternoon.
Will you see that my horse is ready? Yes, Miss.
Are you an actual vet now, Tristan? That's right.
Tristan Sebastian Farnon, MRCVS, at your service.
Well, well done you.
Yes, I've got all the credentials.
And the qualifications and the Wonderful.
I'm just going up to the house, but I'll be back for him after lunch.
Yes, Miss.
Aye, I'll let you get on, then.
Jolly good.
You're doing grand.
Good Lord, what's going on out there? That'll be Satan.
Oh, yes? Aye.
He's another that needs raspin'.
DOG WHIMPERS "Oh, what can ail thee, dog-at-arms, "Alone and palely loitering?" There's nothing physical that I can see.
Just don't like being by yourself, is that it? Perhaps you could play with Jess.
Are you sure she's not sickening for something? Not in the least, she's perfectly healthy.
Probably just wants a bit of company.
And where are you off to? Oh, I found a spare rasp for Tristan.
He'll be almost done, won't he? Still, better safe than sorry.
DOG WHIMPERS If you'd rather I No, of course not.
In for a penny.
Let's take a look at your teeth, then, shall we? HORSE NEIGHS LOUDLY That's it, that's it, old fella.
Come on.
Nothing to worry about, that's it.
I am just going to Ah! Are you all right, Triss? Did he get you? It's fine.
He barely made contact.
You sure? Uh-huh.
He nearly broke my kneecap.
Seriously, Jim.
I thought I was going to pass out at one point.
You should have let me take over.
Oh, Siegfried would love that.
"A man doesn't stop work because of a bruise, "cuts and scrapes come with the territory.
"A good vet never puts his own comfort before that of the animal.
" Caught you a good 'un, did he? Er, yes, yes.
It seems he did.
Evil bugger.
HE CHUCKLES Well, he seems positively delighted by the whole thing.
They like to feel they're getting their money's worth.
What? So, the more pain and suffering, the better? That's Dales folk for you.
They're a sadistic bunch.
Oh, I say, Mrs H, smells marvellous.
It really does.
Yes, well, it's just bread and cheese for now.
So hands off.
You really didn't need to do all of this.
Your birthday only comes round once a year.
Just eat up and then you can get out from under me feet.
Siegfried not around? Erm, no.
He, err, he went out.
Out where? I think he, err, was hoping to catch up with you.
Something about a spare rasp.
Seriously? So he said.
He went to check up on me, didn't he? DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES My apologies, Mrs Hall.
You're all right.
Lunch is cold, anyway.
Jolly good.
I heard we missed you at the estate? What? Oh, yes.
No matter.
I just had a quick chat with Monkham.
So, what did Mr Monkham have to say, then? Not a great deal.
He did say you should learn to move a bit quicker.
You do have to watch yourself with those stallions.
I know.
Nothing else? Should there have been? No, no, not at all.
PHONE RINGS I'll get it.
You know, I've been giving some thought to those suggestions you made about the improvements.
Oh, yes? We should sit down and start making some plans together.
That'd be great.
Thank you, Siegfried.
All down to money, of course.
But I think it's time.
That was Dobson, his heifer's in labour but it's not progressing.
I said we'd head over to lend a hand.
Right, oh.
James, weren't you going to check on the Alderson's mare? I was but it's nothing that can't wait.
I can run by tomorrow.
No, no.
You should go this afternoon.
We mustn't let the Aldersons down.
Tristan can manage at Dobson's.
Can't you? Yes, yes, shouldn't be a problem.
That's settled, then.
Except, how will I get there? You'll have to take the Rover.
Oh, I, I think I'd probably be better in the Vauxhall.
James will need the Vauxhall.
But still, the Rover's your pride and joy.
I can easily walk over to see Hardwick's ewe.
Besides, it'll go with the new bag.
Now, just mind the steering on the bends.
Shut up.
I'm sure you can handle it.
See you later.
James, when you're done at the Alderson's, perhaps you could call by and see how Triss is getting on? HORN BEEPS Wrong way.
That might not be a bad idea.
Oh, and .
I hope it goes well with Helen.
HORSE NEIGHS Oh, hello again.
Just on my way to my next call.
Thought I'd stop and see how he's getting on.
All right, there, boy? NEIGHS LOUDLY You know, I took extra special care with his teeth.
Is that your car? Isn't she a beauty? It's very smart.
Well, I'd best not keep this one waiting It's my birthday today.
Is it really? Well, many happy returns.
Yes, well, I mean, I don't make a big thing of them as a rule, but I am actually having a small party, well, more of a dinner, a dinner party.
Just a few close friends, erm, Helen Alderson will be there, if you happen to be free.
Oh, I haven't seen Helen in an absolute age.
I'm sure she'd be thrilled to see you.
So what d'you say? All right, then.
I'll see you this evening.
7:30, or 8:00, or just, you know, come whenever.
See you! GEESE CRY Mr Dobson, I got here as fast as I could.
Oh, aye? You did the right thing calling.
Has there been any progress? Well, no.
Not so's you'd notice.
Then I shall begin with a thorough examination.
I'm afraid these things aren't always as simple as they appear.
I'll lead the way, shall I? Very good.
Nice and steady.
I'll just check her Such efficiency.
We aim to please.
She's all right, then? Well, she's a way to go, but, yes, mother and foal are both coming along very nicely.
Heart-rate and .
temperature, all fine.
In a few months' time, you'll have your very own pony.
Lucky girl.
Candy were our mam's.
Yeah, sort of like the next generation.
I see.
Besides, it's just practical.
It takes forever to walk up to the top field.
'Course, if you'd let me drive the tractor Yeah, well, maybe's when your feet reach the pedal's, you can.
Dad, I've been tall enough for months and you know it.
Aye, annoying enough, you're right I'm practically an adult, you know She will be soon, much as I hate to admit it.
Come on, then.
Thanks for coming up.
Not at all.
Do I need to bring anything this evening? I don't think so, Mrs Hall has it all in hand.
I didn't have Triss down as the dinner-party sort.
Ah, well, this is a whole new Tristan we're talking about.
Speaking of which I should get going.
I said I'd check in on him.
How's he getting on? Surprisingly well.
Good for him.
It's good news for the rest of us, too.
Now he's out on calls, we can split the night shifts.
Up in, erm, Glasgow, I only had to be on call once a week.
I thought you liked being out in the Dales under the moonlight? Oh, I do.
It's just, I quite like a full night's sleep, too.
It's a good job you didn't stay in Glasgow any longer, then, sounds like you'd have gone soft.
You're probably right.
How you doing there, Tris? Thought I'd see if you needed a hand.
Mr Dobson.
I'm managing as best I can at the moment.
Although, the presentation does .
present some serious difficulties.
Both legs are back.
It's got an incredibly long pelvis.
It is long.
Oh, God, here comes another! COW MOANS Erm, everything all right there, Tris? I just need a moment.
DOG WAILS For the love of What's wrong with you, you daft ha'p'orth? Eh? Hmm? Oh, come on.
Not nice, always being on your own, is it? Mmm? Come on.
But you so much as sniff at my beef Wellington, you'll be out in the shed.
Tris, do you want me to? You poor lad.
What can I do? Could you manage a sip of tea? Yes.
Seriously, you need to let me take over.
I've come too far to stop now, James.
Can't be much longer.
You brave lad.
You've earned something much stronger than a tea after this.
Yes! Oh, God.
Here we go again.
Oh, don't worry, I'm early.
I thought you might need a hand.
Oh, you are good.
Well, those napkins need going on the table.
But take your coat off first.
And will you call me Aud? You've known me long enough.
I can't believe what you've pulled off here, Aud.
If it were me, I'd have told Tris he could have a cold buffet and count himself lucky.
Oh, the cooking's no trouble.
It's all the other madness.
Siegfried up to his usual tricks, is he? He's beingvery nice.
Even let Tristan drive the Rover.
That's not like him.
Well, no.
I think Tristan's finding it quite unnerving.
To be honest, we all are.
James says Tris is doing well, though.
So far, so good.
He reckons it'll mean you can make some changes around here.
Seems so.
I think he got used to the easy life in Glasgow.
To be honest, I'm half surprised ever came back.
I think his mother was certainly keen for him to accept the permanent position.
Did they offer him one? Apparently.
I don't know all the details.
He didn't say anything.
Did he not? Now, I think we're just about ready.
Though, with that blessed Labrador howling nonstop earlier, I'm just hoping I haven't put peas in the blancmange.
Good feeling, isn't it? It really is.
First calf.
And I didn't mess it up.
Thanks again, Mr Farnon.
You take care now.
Will do.
HE STRAINS Good evening, Mr Dobson.
You're sure you'll be all right, driving with that shoulder? We can easily leave the Rover and we could You bugger! You were putting that on? You've got to admit, it was an inspired performance.
I'll tell you something, Siegfried is going to get a glowing report from Mr Dobson.
Yeah, I suppose.
Siegfried really is proud of you, you know.
No, he's not.
But maybe after today, he might stop thinking I'm a hopeless case.
Helen, you're here! Oh, happy birthday, Tris.
Hello, there.
Have you seen Siegfried? He said something about a telephone call from Mr Dobson.
I'd better go change.
Everything OK? Mmm-hmm.
I should take these through.
No, that's very helpful, Mr Dobson.
Thank you.
Yes, and you.
Everything all right? Shouldn't I be asking you that? Right, yes.
All good.
One calf delivered safe and sound.
As one would hope.
DOORBELL Well, go on, then, get yourself dressed, you've guests arriving.
I just thought you might want to I'll get it, shall I? Yes.
No, I should.
Mrs Brompton, hello.
Thank you.
I do hope I'm not too early.
Not at all, you're right on time.
My, how dashing you look.
Thank you.
A spot of blue ruin, for when you boys huddle up with your port.
No need for me and Mrs Hall to miss out.
Don't you agree? Very kind of you, I'm sure.
Come in.
DOORBELL So, where's the birthday boy? I hope, changing into less-odoriferous attire.
Oh, Siegfried, you are dreadful.
Good evening.
Margot Sebright Saunders.
Tristan did say to come at 7:30? Yes, of course.
Please, do come in.
Thank you.
So lovely to finally meet you, Mrs Farnon.
These are for you.
No, I'm not Siegfried, honestly.
Is something you haven't told me? I'm Mrs Hall, the housekeeper.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Erm, should I? I'll just put these in water.
Margot, do come in.
Now, then, ladies, if this amontillado is too dry for you, I do have something sweeter.
Oh, I think we're sweet enough already, don't you, Margot? Oh, yes, absolutely! Helen, I believe you know Ms Sebright Saunders? Helen! So lovely to see you.
Margot, how are you? Oh, I'm perfectly fine.
But how are you? I was simply devastated about you and Hugh.
We all were.
Oh, that's very kind of you.
I'm so glad to see you out and about, despite everything.
Right, here we are.
Thank you.
What's all that about? Hmm? Oh, Margot was an old pal of Hugh's.
Family friends or what have you.
You didn't think to mention that before? Has he said anything to you? Who? Siegfried.
I know he's spoken to Dobson on the phone.
If he thinks I've botched it somehow, why doesn't he just say something? If you'd all like to come through, dinner is served.
So, Margot, how's that May mare of your father's? Will he be entering her on the northwest circuit? I should think so.
She's showing excellent form.
I look forward to seeing her in action.
Well, she'll be up against the Hulton's new gelding.
He's having a pretty good season.
Just a shame Hugh's missing all the events.
Who's this? Erm, Hugh Hulton.
I keep telling him, should just come back from France.
I'm sure he's having a fine old time.
I doubt it.
He said he felt too ashamed to show his face in Darrowby.
Though what he's got to be ashamed of, I really don't know.
Hugh has nothing to be ashamed of.
But I had to be honest with him.
The longer I let it go on, the worse it would have got for both of us.
I agree.
Far better to make a clean break.
No point in prolonging the agony.
I suppose not.
You know, Mrs Hall, this soup is absolutely first-rate.
ALL AGREE Best one yet, Mrs H.
Oh, it were no bother at all.
No, that's going in the pantry GENERAL CHATTER Especially for you, Tris.
Oh, good choice, James.
GLASS CHIMES If I might have your attention for a moment, ladies and gentlemen.
First of all, Mrs Hall, thank you for making such a delicious meal, beef of which Wellington would be proud.
Hear, hear.
Hear, hear.
Now, as some of you know, today was not only my brother's birthday, it was also his first day out on call as lead vet.
Goodness! How exciting.
Now, to say that I had my reservations Would be putting it mildly.
And I admit I thought it prudent to keep a close eye on his progress throughout the day.
Having said all that, to my surprise, and, dare I say it, delight, the reports of his work have been uniformly excellent.
So, a toast.
To Tristan.
Many happy returns and my heartfelt congratulations.
ALL: To Tristan.
Well done.
That was lovely.
You sound almost like a proud father.
Yes, well, I suppose in a way, that's how I feel.
Good heavens, what's that? Oh, it's fine, she'll calm down in a minute.
It sounds like something's in pain.
I almost wonder if it might be a post-operative complication.
It's not a complication, she just doesn't like being on her own.
I'll let her out as soon as we've finished.
I'd be more than happy to take a look.
I've already examined her thoroughly, thank you.
You know, the thing I've realised today is, it doesn't matter how good a vet you are, people only respect you once they see you putting in the hard graft.
Well, no-one could fault you there, Tris.
Because, at the end of the day, I'm not afraid to go the extra mile, if that's what it takes.
You certainly went all out.
If it's sweat and tears they want, I'll give it to them.
If you've done anything to embarrass this practice, Tristan No, no, not at all.
I may have exaggerated the effort involved a little.
No, really? A few well-placed groans, some unnecessarily straining sinews and a final howl of pain.
Goodness! A final what? Ah, I may have got slightly carried away but it had the desired effect.
What is wrong with you? For God's sake, after that fiasco with the chickens? I thought you'd finally come to your senses.
And I have, absolutely I thought you'd finally started to take responsibly for your actions.
Complete responsibility, totally.
But fair's fair, old chap, you're hardly averse to putting on a show yourself.
I would never resort to playacting and tomfoolery.
Oh, come off it.
You and your purple powder? Blinding the great unwashed with the magic of science.
That is entirely different.
I don't see how.
Because I know what I'm doing.
Yes, well, so do I.
I seriously doubt that.
Well, I've got the qualifications to prove it.
So you think.
Wait, what? Why don't we all go through, everyone? I can make us some drinks and see to that dog.
Are you saying I didn't pass? You told me that I passed.
You said categorically I know.
I may haveomitted one or two of the finer details.
So, I didn't pass.
You narrowly missed the mark on one paper, parasitology.
But really, in the great scheme of things, just a tiny, white lie.
You're not serious.
You tried so hard and I knew how disappointed you'd be, so I just I bent the truth a little.
You let me think I was qualified when I wasn't.
And then you let me carry on showing off like a complete idiot.
All this time, I've been a total laughing stock.
Oh, for God's sake, you'd already wasted so much time on those blasted exams, I thought you'd be better off getting out there, getting your hands dirty, and I've been proven right, haven't I? I don't believe you.
Even now, you can't admit that you're in the wrong.
I don't see that I am, necessarily.
Oh, well, there's a surprise.
Well, thank you so much for dinner.
It were very nice to meet you.
Only, Tristan did say he would drive me home.
Not to worry, I can give you a lift, Margot.
That's awfully kind of you.
I'm sorry about all this.
Please, don't apologise.
We shall have to have that gin sometime.
I'm sorry.
I appreciate now that it can't have been easy for you either.
It's fine, Margot.
Well .
I hope you'll both be very happy.
Come on, Margot! Goodnight, ladies.
You're sure I can't help you tidy up? Oh, I think a discreet exit's probably best.
Thanks for this.
I made you some blancmange.
I'm sticking to liquids, thanks all the same.
Tris Did you know? Why didn't you tell me? I'm so sorry.
I only found out later.
And your brother's intentions weren't bad.
Even if, perhaps, his methods were.
Didn't even buy the bag, did he? He was still the one who paid for it.
You have no idea how much he cares for you.
And worries about you.
It's just hard for him Hard for him? That's rich.
I am truly sorry.
Siegfried's outdone himself this time.
I mean, I'm sure he meant well But the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
So, what will it mean for the practice if Tris isn't stepping up? Well, I suppose any modernisation will have to wait.
Helen, there's something to talk to you about.
It's about Glasgow.
They offered you a job.
How did you? Audrey thought I knew.
I'm so sorry, I've been wanting to tell you.
Are you considering it? I see.
It's not The chap I was covering for is leaving, so they need to replace him and, well, Bill told my mum and next thing I know, she told him I'm taking the job.
And are you? No, I I don't know.
I need to make a decision but whatever I decide, I'll be letting people down.
Oh, James, why didn't you say something? I didn't want you to feel like I was putting pressure on you.
How do you mean? Helen .
I want to be with you.
And that means staying in Darrowby, and I love it here, I do.
The place, the work, the people.
But if I stay You'll break your mother's heart.
They've given up so much for me.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
Well then, we'll just have to work something out, won't we? Stay for another brew.
I'd love to.
But I better get back and check on Tris.
DOOR OPENS Have the others turned in? Are you all right? Just dandy.
I mean, I've been publicly humiliated, shown up as a laughing stock Tris but I'm exacting my revenge with a very fine malt.
Is that Siegfried's special bottle? Certainly was.
Come on.
Misery loves company and all that.
Would it have made a difference if you'd found out sooner? What, that I'm a complete failure? Don't know.
Maybe ignorance was bliss.
There are plenty of fine vets with no qualifications.
You know you can do the work, that's what matters.
Come on.
Where are we going? Unless I'm mistaken, it's still my birthday, so I say we go and get blasted at the Drovers.
All right, then.
And bring the whisky.
You know, we should have just gone to the bloody pub in the first place.

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