All Hail King Julien: Exiled (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

The Day Before Tomorrow

1 - [MORT CHUCKLES] - [GROWLS] - [MORT] I'm okay.
- [LAUGHS] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Party! [JULIEN] It all comes down to this.
In honor of Koto's wedding Julien was about to die Then Clover activated Sage And the Mort Horde fell from the sky A bunch of crazy stuff happened You wouldn't believe it if we told you There's snails and bells And space monkeys The war of the beasts had come true And the great Jingle Jangle Was dissolved by salt [SCREAMS] [LAUGHS] Sorry.
The final chapter! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] Your Majesty! No! - [GRUNTS] - [GRUNTS] Order! [PANTING] [GASPING] Pierce me for my King Julien! [GRUNTS] [GASPING] [SCREAMS] My favorite bum-cheek! Benson! [GRUNTS] [LAUGHS] Your Majesty! You're okay? [LAUGHS] I'm as surprised as you are, buddy! Wow, I would not want to be that guy's butt right now! Right? Right? [LAUGHS] I mean, to be Perhaps we should escape this battle alive before we start the big victory rave-up? Clover, I say this as your king and occasional life coach.
Chillax! The sky Gods have shined down good luck on us.
We obviously have the upper hand.
[GRUNTS] [NARRATOR] They did not have the upper hand.
And the worst was yet to begin.
On the morning of the Battle of Booty Ridge, the lemurs of King Julien's kingdom launched an epic blitzkrieg attack.
Then, remembering the Mountain Lemurs are huge, and scary, and heavily armed, the lemurs reconsidered and ran screaming like toddlers.
[BECCA] "Dear Abner, it ain't looking good.
We might want to switch sides if the Mountain Lemurs'll take us.
"I think there's maggots in my leg.
" [NARRATOR] Throughout it all, King Julien was very active, driving the story of the battle and briefly turning the tide.
But King Julien's happiness didn't last.
The Mountain Lemur Army was just too large and powerful.
And our plucky heroes could not get on the same page.
King Julien and his peeps were losing the Battle of Booty Ridge.
They would need a miracle.
Oh, golly! My arm! I can't find my arm! Oh, sweet Frank.
I've lost my Oh, wait a minute, here it is.
Seriously, Ted? - [PANTS] - [GRUNTS] Stupid! Stupid! [EXCLAIMS] [MOANS] [SOBBING] [GRUNTS] Oh! [GASPS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] You must get out of here.
Yeah, what she said! Been there.
Done that.
If I run again, everybody's gonna think I'm a total wuss.
[GRUNTS] Which I'm totally okay with.
Run, fall back.
Retreat! [EXCLAIMS] [ALL EXCLAIMING] They're getting away! We've got to stop 'em! Let them run! In the morning, we'll track them down, and exterminate them.
[CHEERING] Saw Suture Leeches.
[GRUNTS] This is all my fault.
I literally let Koto in.
Maybe if I turn myself in, he'll let everyone else go free.
Koto was mega-bummed we ruined his wedding.
He won't rest until he's gotten revenge.
On all of us.
Maybe I could talk to him.
He kinda looks up to me.
No one looks up to you, Mort.
We need to get far away from here.
I guess I never was a real king anyway.
Only got the job because my uncle wanted me to get eaten.
My peeps deserve better than a loser like me.
[SOBBING] Feel free to disagree.
If Sage is correct, which admittedly is not typically the case, we have no choice but to stand and fight against Koto.
But what are we supposed to do? The Mountain Lemurs outnumber us, like, infinity-to-one.
No, they don't! - Mo-Mo, say what? - They seem like they outnumber us because they're working together.
The Mountain Lemurs are just one kingdom.
But us? We got Aye-ayes, and Space Monkeys and weird snails that worship me.
The Chosen One! Maurice is right.
We do have the numbers.
All we need is someone to bring us all together.
A leader.
Hmm? You love your kingdom more than anyone.
If I must die, I'd prefer to do it fighting for my king.
Really? The only thing I have left to give, is my life.
It is yours.
Mine too, your Majesty.
Without The Feet my life would be twice as meaningless as it is now.
What's happening, Maurice? Your Majesty, I believe you just became the One True King of Madagascar.
[SOBS] I'm probably gonna need a bigger crown, new business cards.
My peoples! We face an enemy that I admit seems invincible.
The Mountain Lemurs are strong and they are disciplined.
And us? We are not.
At all.
- Uh, where is he going with this? - Let's wait and see.
Our kingdoms have nothing in common.
Like zero! We're all different.
And, sikapow! Plot-twist.
That's what makes us strong, y'all! If we work together and lean on each other's differences, nobody can beat us! 'Cause the Mountain Lemurs only have one strength.
And what is it? Well, it's their actual physical strength.
But us? We are all over the map, baby.
And most importantly, we're not alone! Ted, you still have Tentacle's contact info, right? I do not, sir, but I can try and track it down I guess.
Hot dog! That's the kind of can-do attitude I love! My peeps! We are united under the same freaky flag! One island under Frank! With liberty and hummus for all! Tomorrow, we take back our island! [CHEERING] Bring me Julien.
Do what you wish with the rest.
There are only so many places they can hide.
[GASPING] [MILITARY DRUM BEAT PLAYING] [CHUCKLING] Oh, oh, boy! It's that Julien fella! I found him, Koto! I found him! [GRUNTS] Shame, I was looking forward to hunting him down.
Yo, Koto! It's ya boy KJ here to give you a chance to surrender.
Surrender? [CHUCKLES] To whom? What? To me.
Here's the dealio! If you walk over here and get on the ground and crawl over to me and kiss my kingly grits, and beg me to forgive you, I might let you guys go back to your village in peace.
[LAUGHS] You're either incredibly crazy or incredibly stupid.
[SNAPS FINGERS] Joke's on you, Koto! I'm actually both.
DJ Glitterbunz, on the ones, and twos! Hit me with a dope beat one time! A wiki-wiki DJ Glitterbunz! It's a re-re-re-reverse invasion, you snitches! I was hoping you'd want to do this the hard way.
[GRUNTS] Hold.
Fire! [GRUNTING] You started all the fun without me? - [SCREAMS] - [GRUNTS] Todd! Momma's proud baby! You ready, Butterfish? Time to go to work, baby.
All right.
It's working, your Majesty.
Charge! [GRUNTS] Wow, you really bailed me out there, Ted.
Ain't no Ted about it.
I reckon you can sho'nuff call me Snake.
Uh Or Ted's fine, I'm not a Picky Pedro.
[GRUNTING] That was a noble effort.
I underestimated you.
But now Whoa! Hey, King Julien.
Sorry I'm late.
Artillery! Hey, no fair! I'm not good at catching things! I'm more of an indoor tentacle! Hey, that's my son! Dad, what are you doing here? I said some things I shouldn't have.
I'm sorry.
I miss my Tentacle Son.
We're winning! I'm awesome again! I never should have doubted myself! How did this happen? We're badly outnumbered, King Koto.
Half of our army has defected already.
We must retreat! Retreat! No! Stay and finish the fight! That is an order! [BLOWS HORN] [GRUNTS] [CHEERING] You did it, your Majesty.
Oh, yeah.
[LAUGHING] [GRUNTS] I don't wanna toot my own horn but I rocked those guys.
They never even had a chance.
All because of me! [COUGHS] Arrogant Hey, Mo-Mo, I hope that's just allergies, buddy, because I can't get sick right before the big victory party.
[LAUGHS] My peoples! I'm sure you have so many questions.
But I'll go ahead and start with the big one you're all wondering about.
"Will there be a victory party?" The answer is, yes.
[CHEERING] And since this place is already trashed, we can really get crazy! - You're welcome.
- King Julien! [JULIEN SCREAMING] No! [JULIEN] Koto! Oh, man.
That is so rude.
I was giving a speech You destroyed everything I worked for.
Come on, man.
We beat you guys! You gotta surrender.
That's, like, totally the rule.
Not cool.
Ow! Do something! You gotta save him! I am trying to, in case you haven't noticed.
It's over, brother.
You lost.
Yes, I lost everything! Because of him! Put him down! Not the best choice of words.
[SCREAMS] I'm gonna need someone to catch me or Mort's stupid face to cushion my fall! [GRUNTS] On it! What the Frank is she doing, man? Wow, that was epic! FYI, if you're feeling anything wet, I spilled some gecko milk earlier.
Wow, would you look at those majestic creatures just soaring through the air doing battle? Yeah, and the hawks are pretty cool, too.
[GRUNTING] [SNICKERS] [YELLING] Any last words? Something that might go on your tombstone or an inspirational poster? You wouldn't kill me, you couldn't hurt a plant, let alone your own flesh.
True, but the journey that brought us here has shown me that sometimes it is the only option.
Goodbye, brother.
What are you [GRUNTS] Clover? What are you doing? It doesn't have to end like this.
You don't have to hurt your brother.
I don't understand.
Well, I do.
I finally understand what this quest was meant to teach me.
You don't have to be aggressive to be strong.
You don't have to be physically tough to be resilient.
You just have to do what you know in your heart is right.
Jarsh-Jarsh taught you that? No, you taught me that.
I thought we didn't have a prayer unless you became something you're not.
But the truth is you're perfect just the way you are.
Clover's right! Don't do it, Sage! Let him stew in all of his life's mistakes! In exile or some sort of jail situation, or just like a really aggressive time-out maybe.
But, if I don't finish him The cruelest thing is to let them live with the consequences of their actions.
Koto's army has abandoned him.
His kingdom is in shambles.
He wants to die on this battlefield.
Don't grant him that wish.
Don't listen to her.
Do it, Babak.
Destroy me.
Right here, right in the center mass.
I'm still angling for an open casket.
Huh? Hmm.
Oh, yeah! You hear that, Koto? You're gonna live a long, miserable life.
And we're all just gonna kick back and watch you.
[CRACKING] Maurice, what did you do? [STAMMERING] [LAUGHS] [SIGHS] Better.
Mort! Come on, man! I thought this time would be different! Now, where was I? Oh, yeah.
We can clean up this dump tomorrow.
For tonight we celebrate our victory! Tonight, my peoples we twerk! DJ Glitterbunz, back by phat demand people! Oh, twerka-twerka-twerka, say what? [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] Feet! Feet! Feet! Dancing? Oh, please.
Never been one for parties, Chauncey.
But I'll be seeing King Julien again.
This isn't over.
Not yet, at least.
[EVIL LAUGHING] What do we do if the Mountain Lemurs come back? They aren't coming back.
What makes you so sure? Because with me as their new king, they have a leader to look up to now.
A leader with deltoids for days and the charisma of a semi-professional hand model.
Suppose that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for our little adventures then, does it? Don't worry, Clover.
When the sun bees have finished drizzling their nectar for Grandfather Time, even a blade of grass can shred the perfect cabbage.
If you add mayo, you've got a delicious summer slaw.
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
I'm hungry.
[LAUGHS] I sure am gonna miss you, Sage.
We got your kingdom back, your Majesty! I'm just bummed so many people had to get hurt along the way.
If I wasn't so into this sick beat, I'd take a second to wonder what all of our fallen soldiers are up to now.
They're here with us at the party, King Julien.
I can feel it! Wow, that's powerful, bro.
Powerful! And I can also see their ghosts right there.
They aren't mingling.
Hi, there! [LAUGHS] Hmm.
[VOMITS] Oh, yeah! Party rainbow! Come on, people, let's crank this up a notch! King Julien is back in business! [NARRATOR] And back in business he was.
True to form, King Julien's party lasted about three weeks, causing more damage, higher casualties, and far greater destruction than the war itself.
And when the smoke cleared, the newly liberated animals went their separate ways.
It was a glorious love-fest of tearful goodbyes and impassioned hellos.
Ted and Dorothy embraced like the day they first met.
And Zora [CHUCKLES] well, finally made an honest mouse lemur out of Mort.
Pancho set sail for Siren Island, where he found disappointment and a number of aggressive restraining orders.
The Snails found a new home on Monkey Island.
There they were free to be their true selves.
The Mort Horde had no taste for escargot.
That was the story at least.
And the Space Monkeys, well, they were in for a real surprise.
Remember when those preppy dolphins sold a nuke to the shark-collecting Russian oligarchs? Well, there was an incident.
And King Julien, well, he had one final bit of business to take care of.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, daddy's home! Daddy is home! I am so proud of you, your Majesty.
You're finally back where you belong.
[GRUNTS] Aw, man.
That's one lucky chair! Koto made like a weird butt groove.
Oh! And it's wet for some reason.
There is a smell.
[SNIFFS] I can't quite Can we reupholster this or something? Maurice? Maurice! Fix this.
Maurice! Maurice! Maurice! [MAURICE] Kill me.
[HUMMING] [GASPS] [GROANING] Sorry, Hans, you missed the big war.
But there's always next year! [GIGGLES] [GROANING] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]