All Rise (2019) s01e10 Episode Script


1 That man Travis ruined my daughter's life! He will ruin the life of my granddaughter.
He should pay for what he did.
Don't say that about him, Mama.
- Abbey, please.
- Ma'am, I see you love Travis, but this is a sentencing hearing, and your mother has the right to make a statement against him.
Please proceed, Mrs.
Travis got caught stealing this car, but he stole from me.
He lies.
Judge, you let him go, it's gonna be worse.
You need to teach him a lesson.
You're always cutting him down - about his hair - Mr.
- about him finding a job.
- Weeds need cuttin' down! - LOLA: Order! Order! - [GAVEL BANGING.]
Ma'am, please step down.
Deputy Thomas.
All right, let's take a brief recess Hands behind your back.
to get our passions under control.
- Mr.
MAN: Your Honor, a moment of your time.
Fisk, your trial doesn't start until later today.
Well, Your Honor, I'd hoped you'd respond to my motion for summary judgment, and Carissa Shaw could walk free now.
First of all, I've already granted your motion to have your clients' priors excluded, which is huge in an armed robbery case.
I suggest you take that win.
Sherri, please call Maintenance.
I did, 20 minutes ago, Your Honor.
Second of all, Mr.
Fisk, I have no doubt that you are an excellent divorce attorney, but summary judgments are a civil matter.
If you want to help Carissa, I suggest you brush up on your criminal procedure.
Judge Carmichael, rest assured, I understand the law and only have my client's best interests at heart.
I'll do everything in my power to help Carissa.
LUKE: We're almost there, Ms.
I didn't rob that store.
Don't even have a gun.
I ain't messing with another strike.
That's wise.
Cashier saw a chick with a bandana on her face, saying it's me.
How? How does he know that? - He doesn't, right? - I couldn't say.
My daddy did me one last favor.
He got me this Fisk guy.
Last lawyer totally screwed me.
Court-appointed public defender.
Couldn't do nothing, hung me out.
Two years in prison later.
You ever hear of the Marsden motion? - Martian? - Marsden.
If you think your public defender isn't doing right by you, tell the judge.
Marsden motion.
And you can fire your P.
- Where were you the first two strikes? - [ELEVATOR BUZZES.]
Let's go.
Carissa, hey.
You're back.
Feels like I never left.
Hey, moving day, right? Yeah.
New start.
Hey, if you're trying new things I'll catch up with you later, okay? [ELEVATOR DOOR CLOSES, ELEVATOR WHIRS.]
- What was that about? - What? Luke? I don't know.
Help with moving? Uh, I meant the stink eye with that prisoner.
I was the P.
on her first strike.
She must have just gotten out.
- Guess she missed us.
- When she transferred to state prison, the P.
's office we helped her get into a treatment program.
I hoped that she was gonna turn things around.
And there you have it.
The great sea of humanity is destined to disappoint.
Okay, Danny Stahler, welcome.
Four counts felony residential burglary, one homeowner reports stolen jewelry.
Pretty straightforward, Mr.
You were found in the house.
You can save us some time and the taxpayers some money.
Minimum is two years.
If you plea that out, - I'll make sure that - I'm gonna stop you right there, Mark.
I'm sure you're familiar with the unconsciousness defense? - You gotta be kidding me.
- Mr.
Stahler was sleepwalking during the time of his alleged crimes.
He could not form the intent to commit felony burglary.
At worst, he's guilty of aggravated trespass.
- A misdemeanor.
- 5 grand of jewelry is missing.
- Was he sleep-shopping or - Danny's distraught.
He lost his job.
- He's facing foreclosure.
- Ah.
There's your motive.
He hasn't let himself sleep since his arrest.
He's afraid of what he might do.
Misdemeanor trespass.
Come on, Val.
That's not a serious offer.
Otherwise, we'll see you in court.
- I'll counter with my own sleep expert.
- Knock yourself out.
I'm so tired.
I'm so tired all of the time.
Just tired enough to break into a few houses and steal some stuff.
We're done here.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- [GASPS.]
Hi! Today's the day.
My client finally accepted a sweet plea deal.
- Move-in day.
- With you.
Excited! I'm so excited.
Let's talk housewarming party.
- Hey, Sherri.
- Maintenance is not responding.
I took matters into my own hands.
Where did you find There weren't enough on the eighth floor.
- So you raided all the supply closets? I prefer the term "emergency redistribution.
" Remind me, we need paper towels! Thank you.
Sherri, escort me to chambers? [WHISTLES.]
Come to witness me make the sentencing call on my grand theft auto case? Thinking jail time or probation, Your Honor? I haven't spoken to my defendant yet, and that is not an appropriate question, counsel.
What's up with the towel brigade? - Maintenance is on it.
- They've been notified.
Let me try calling him again.
Does maintenance not realize this is an emergency? Just got to know the right person to call.
Start with Jake.
Who's Jake? Okay, spill it.
What's up? [SIGHS.]
"Burnt Wick tonight.
Stop by.
Catch up.
" Your dad's making an effort.
Or he needs money.
- This is creepy.
- What? Sitting down here, looking up at you.
- Ugh.
- Try the view from up here.
Reserving judgment until you've heard what everyone has to say, holding people accountable for their actions and, when appropriate, giving them the opportunity to do better.
Are we talking about sentencing or my father? Hmm.
Sphinx-like judge.
I don't have the words, Your Honor, for how sorry I am.
I made a mistake, and I don't want to make excuses.
I appreciate that, Mr.
Bolson, but I'm interested in what you were thinking at the time of your crime.
I wasn't thinking.
Abbey was sick.
Our baby girl Nevaeh was on the way, and we needed cash.
I know now that there is no quick fix, and I'm committed to doing right by my family.
I got this ink to remind me of my priorities.
I got a job, and I'm gonna do this the slow way, the hard way, and whether I get to start that now, or I gotta wait three years, that don't change my resolve.
Thank you for your candor, Mr.
You are hereby sentenced to the maximum for the crime of grand theft auto three years.
However, as this is your first offense, I am suspending that sentence and placing you on probation credit for time you've served, 100 hours of community service.
I want you to have every incentive to keep your promises.
If you show up in this courtroom again, you will immediately receive that sentence of three years.
No ifs, ands, or I'm sorrys.
- Is that understood? - Yes, Your Honor.
Then that will be the order.
- [CRACK.]
- Aah! - Ohh! - [ALL GASP.]
SHERRI: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! BAILIFF: Back up! Back up! - Ohh! - WOMAN: Come on, back up! Ohh! Really? Our case files.
- I'm going in.
- I wouldn't do that.
Nothing goes out or in until testing is complete.
I have a trial starting in 10.
Use Judge Rogstad's court.
He's on vacation.
I heard he needed a rest.
And rehab.
Oh, sorry.
Were we using euphemisms? Courtroom 814 is your new home, and it comes with its own Judicial Assistant, Mr.
Sai Dalal.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Dalal, we would like to get our docket back on schedule.
You can arrange with Ms.
Kansky I'm so sorry, Your Honor.
Technically in the bylaws, J.
s are assigned to the courtroom.
Technically, that's accurate, but I have the right obligation, actually to stay in my court.
Judge Carmichael requires an experienced assistant.
Yes, but rules.
Am I right? Sherri, I'm sure you could use a break.
Dalal, I will see you in 814.
This is amazing.
Lola's, like, the coolest judge in the building.
First, document protocol.
Judge Carmichael not Lola, never Lola prefers prior cases in reverse chronological order.
Margin notes flagged with Yeah, I'm kind of a watch-and-learn guy.
I just need the files, please.
The People will show beyond a reasonable doubt that Carissa Shaw was the woman behind the mask with the loaded gun in her hand.
Carissa Shaw committed armed robbery.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Fisk, you may begin.
When I first met Carissa, she was just this big, a wide-eyed, innocent girl so pure of heart.
Once she saw a candy bar on a television commercial and tried to grab it from the screen, and when it disappeared, she wept.
- Objection.
- Let's start a little closer to the alleged robbery, shall we? Carissa's character is on trial.
Context is everything.
There is a time and place for that context.
Ladies and gentlemen, the cashier who ID'd my client is about to lie to you.
Counsel, you need to stick to the facts of the case.
I plan to demonstrate that is a fact, Your Honor.
He misidentified a partially covered face.
Which you are not permitted to state during your opening.
Arguments are to be made after you've established the facts.
Are you more concerned about the cashier - or about my client? - Mr.
Fisk, my responsibility is to ensure both sides receive a fair trial.
Move on.
CARISSA: Judge hates my lawyer.
Right from the start, she all over the guy.
I wouldn't say that she's She's calling out on what, like, what, like, technicalities? There are rules.
She's a fair judge.
How is this fair? I got clean.
I got out early on good behavior, and here I am, and some jacked-up cashier's about to lie on me, and I'm, like, another strike, going back for 25 years.
If you're me, you don't care about rules.
Thrilled you could make it, Dr.
Sleep psychs are hard to find.
So are solutions to the mysteries of the sleeping brain.
I'll take your word for it.
So, Danny Stahler, residential burglary, claims he was sleepwalking when he broke into four houses.
Is that even possible? It's not like he mistook the fireplace for the bathroom.
Quite thoroughly documented.
Complex tasks, driving, eating, all while asleep, triggered by medication, by stress.
Danny crawled in through the bathroom window, - stole jewelry - The mind creates some wonderfully elaborate defenses.
So do desperate lawyers.
Already I can see we're alike, Mark.
It, too, enjoy testing defenses.
Discomfort is very revealing.
You avoid discomfort, don't you? No, I'm just, you know, always comfortable.
What do you avoid to maintain that? [CELLPHONE BUZZES.]
Or who? It's healthy to keep destructive people at arm's length, doctor.
Therapist told me that on TV.
- Hmm.
- So when can you evaluate Danny? I hear your concerns, Your Honor, but I know the law.
Fisk, yours is not a criminal practice.
Maybe you could use additional time to prepare.
I'm ready to go, Your Honor.
I've watched Carissa grow up, and, yes, make some bad choices after her brother died.
She's suffered, but she does not deserve Then perhaps we should request an experienced public defender.
Who will sleepwalk through her trial.
Fisk, the public defenders I know are some of the hardest-working people in the justice system.
Their passion and dedication is unmatched.
Rivaled only by their cynicism and fatigue.
- Judge Carmichael, if I may - By all means, Ms.
The only question is if Mr.
Fisk's client is satisfied with his representation.
Which Carissa is.
Then forgive me, Your Honor.
I'm not entirely clear what we're doing here.
Fisk, I trust you will let your client know we've offered options.
A word of advice.
Prison blues can bias a jury.
Get Carissa something else to wear.
Walked by 802.
Asbestos? Maybe.
They're testing.
And now I have this tickle.
A tickle.
That's cute.
My throat it's probably a cold, but now all of a sudden, I'm thinking Asbestos-related respiratory illness? Probably psychosomatic.
The new courtroom's confusing.
Everything's flipped.
Nobody knows where they should be.
The defense lawyer's terrible.
For the woman in the elevator? Carissa Shaw.
Seems like you two have history? Former client.
Well, this guy's never done criminal.
Train wreck.
Really? You okay? What? Yeah.
Moving day.
- Busy mind.
- Hey, before you take off, trying new things does that include dinner? Want to, but I can't.
Sara and I are I'm moving tonight.
Okay, but I could have asbestos poisoning, and then we'll never get a chance Tomorrow.
Let's do it tomorrow.
It's a date for dinner.
- Mm-hmm.
- It is a dinner date.
Take care of that tickle.
Detective Hernandez, did the cashier identify Carissa Shaw in a six-pack? Yes, I showed him an array of photos.
We select the photos based on the witness description, and individuals with a record Sorry.
FISK: Trust me.
We're with it.
You were saying, detective? Individuals with a record.
Um, yes.
Individuals whose history suggest possible propensity to commit the crime under investigation.
Please describe Carissa's previous criminal history.
- Objection.
I am instructing the witness not to answer.
The jury will disregard that last exchange.
- We'll take a recess.
Counselors, please approach.
Gray, I know you know better.
Fisk, you filed a motion to suppress her prior convictions.
Why wouldn't you object when they came up in open court? I was about to Before or after the jury was prejudiced? I want to allow you the space to do your job, but if you self-destruct, your client pays the price.
Get your defense in order.
She deserves better.
I didn't know if you'd show.
Man's gotta eat.
Something you wanna talk about or How's work? - Work? - Yeah.
- How's my work? - Yeah, how are things in the great annals of justice? I'm curious.
Since when? How's your work, Vic? What you getting into these days? Fish and chips are pretty decent here.
I know you watch your weight.
How about I tell you about mine, you tell me about yours? Got a burglary.
Defense says the client was sleepwalking.
You serious? - Not buying it, but - That's my boy.
Pretty sure that would be every prosecutor.
So your turn.
Grab us some menus.
Plus, I gotta take a leak.
Is that all? Well, there's storage, too, but who needs two couches? We can decide.
One of yours, one of mine.
I don't really know what's mine legally.
Joe left with his clothes, basically.
- Dividing assets is - [SCOFFS.]
For Future Emily.
So Luke mentioned Carissa's lawyer stumbling? - More like imploding.
- What? It was wild.
Definitely in the top 10 file.
- Tell me everything.
- Like? Well, like what has the prosecution put into evidence? That feels less gossip and more, mm, I'm uncomfortable just Sorry.
Hundreds of cases every year.
So many hard stories.
You build a resistance, but every once in a while, one just sticks.
Why Carissa? [SIGHS.]
I think I recognize the shape of the chip on her shoulder.
- You're nothing alike.
- You'd be surprised.
All right.
I can say Carissa doesn't realize the trouble she's in.
I need your help setting up an Instagram account.
Why? Your cousin Lisa says I need one.
You're still in touch with her after she stole your Mustang? Well, she used it to move to Sacramento.
And she never gave it back.
- There you go.
- Thanks, hon.
Bon appétit.
What can I do for you? Victor Callan, I'm Detective Bale with the LAPD.
I have a warrant for your arrest.
- What's going on? - I have no idea.
I need you to get up, sir.
- Can I get this to go? - [HANDCUFFS CLICK.]
All right, you wanna tell me why you're arresting me, or is that part of the fun for you guys? My name is Mark Callan.
I'm a Deputy District Attorney.
You need to tell me what my father's being arrested for.
- I actually don't.
- Hey, what the hell is going on here? Murder.
Are you sure? I thought maybe making book, RICO charge, but murder? Has to be a mistake.
Do you know any details, the victim's name? Nothing.
declared conflict of interest, kicked it up to the State A.
, but they're not sharing any info.
Let me do some back channeling.
I've been up all night shaking trees with his old gambling buddies.
And? Either they don't know or they don't care.
Vic's not great at relationships.
I feel sick.
- Mark, you should go home.
- No.
No, no, no.
I need to work.
I need to be here.
Maybe someone in my office will hear something.
You need to get him counsel.
He can take care of himself.
Vic's always been a little dirty, acts big, but I thought it was small stuff.
What the hell did he get himself into? I have to get to trial.
I'll check in with you later.
GRAY: How long had you been at work? I had just clocked in.
Uh, I'm the night cashier.
Do you see the person who robbed you at gunpoint here today? - Yes.
- Can you please point them out? - Her, there.
- LOLA: Indicating the defendant.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Your witness, Mr.
Let's discuss your drug use.
Did you smoke pot today? - Um, what? - Objection.
Barbu, you've had a DUI, right? Counsel, approach! What? The guy's a drunk.
He was probably drunk on the night in question.
Fisk, these tactics might work in divorce court, but Mr.
Barbu's personal habits are not on trial here.
Carissa is, Your Honor.
Maybe you've forgotten that.
- It's my right to cross as I please.
- No, it's not.
The jury is excused.
Deputy Bench, the witness and the gallery are also excused.
I felt a disturbance in the Force.
These calm her.
Not to eat.
Just to look at.
Well, flowers are very calming, too, so you can take those back to your workplace.
Fisk, you appear unable to handle a criminal proceeding.
You push back on every offer to help.
I see you haven't even retained an expert on eyewitness testimony.
Were you even planning on calling one? What possible use would that be? Ms.
Shaw, your lawyer's missteps will lead to your inevitable conviction, which will likely be denied an appeal.
I am removing him as your lawyer for ineffective assistance of counsel.
Fisk, you are fired.
What do you mean, you don't know where he is, Sully? Well, when my father gets his cell assignment, let me know.
He's a troubled man, Mark.
Danny Stahler.
He lost his business.
He's clearly struggling from some childhood issues.
I think he's genuinely suffering from a sleep condition.
I didn't get any sleep last night.
I didn't break into a house, steal jewelry.
Which only proves that you are not him and that we need to understand each other better before you draw a conclusion.
So that's your assessment? Danny Stahler has a condition? I'm running a sleep study with him tonight.
You'll have my findings in the morning.
Are you always this suspicious of people? I'm a prosecutor.
What drew you to this line of work? Born into it, I guess.
I heard you need a new lawyer.
Judge fires my lawyer, and now I got you? I asked for your case.
'Cause screwing me over once wasn't enough? I went to jail.
Because the People have the evidence to convict you.
Good lawyer gets that stuff thrown out.
I looked at this case.
The eyewitness ID is shaky.
I believe you.
Don't give up.
Your brother wouldn't have wanted you to.
- You never met him.
- You've told me enough stories.
I feel like I know him a little.
It wasn't fair, you losing him, and it messed you up for a while, but you got better.
Let's keep you better.
Don't do that use him against me.
I hope you don't mind meeting at my club.
It's such a beautiful day.
To be honest, I needed the air.
So you finally caught the man who broke into my home - and stole my jewelry.
- Alleged to have done it, yeah.
Come on, Mr.
You wouldn't be sitting here if you didn't think he was guilty.
Well, we still need to convince the jury, Ms.
- Please, call me Kiki.
- Kiki, I read the statement you gave to the police.
I just wanted Every time I look down at my hand, my grandmother's diamond ring is missing.
I take it off to do the dishes.
Gloves, you know? [CHUCKLES.]
Then one day I forget to put it back on.
I know I shouldn't get attached to things, but Have you recovered it or any of my pieces? Not yet, but the case is still open.
I saw him all the time walking his dog.
I just never imagined he was casing the neighborhood.
I'd be happy to take the stand.
- Thank you, Mr.
Sweet dog.
I guess you just never know what some people are capable of.
No, ma'am, you don't.
- Hmm.
- Excuse me.
Okay, sure.
Do you know an Addison Farwell? No.
I have no idea who that is.
Hedge fund manager in her 40s? Ran a high-stakes backroom card game? Why? She know what's up with Vic? No.
She is allegedly the woman he Allegedly, remember? Nothing's proven yet.
Addison Farwell.
How How did she die? [INHALES.]
Lopez, nice to see you.
I assume you'll be making a motion for continuance? Per the wishes of my client, no, Your Honor.
Jurors, you will notice that Ms.
Shaw has a new lawyer.
You are not to read anything into this change.
You are not to speculate as to why this change occurred.
The facts of this case have not changed.
I heard about this Marsden thing.
I wanna do that.
I'm sorry? A Marsden motion, I think.
The defendant has requested a Marsden hearing.
Bailiff, please clear the courtroom.
Gray, you're also excused.
- Judge Carmichael - Ms.
Shaw has a right to be heard.
This is a bad idea.
What is your grievance, Ms.
Shaw? I did my time.
I know people who only got less than, like, two years for what I did, but okay, fine.
I got out, and I swore I'm never going back.
Shaw, I'm asking about your complaint regarding Ms.
I'm trying to explain.
The cops picked me up for nothing, and now I'm on my second lawyer, who lost my last case.
Has Ms.
Lopez done anything suggesting negligence or All you people are "fair trial, fair trial.
" I just want mine.
Shaw, I will give your request the full consideration it deserves.
We'll pick this up tomorrow.
Thank you.
'Sup, Luke? All right, Chef Walker.
This is Emily.
Nice to meet you.
- Welcome to - Sure.
Ah! You won't need that.
Oh, you're just gonna He's gonna cook for us? - Mm-hmm.
- No shellfish.
We got you.
Because I told you I didn't eat shellfish at the diner, and you remembered.
- Uh-huh.
- And you have a friend who's a chef? Just keeps getting better.
Previous life.
Hold on.
Check this out.
WOMAN: Nice.
Yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, Maya Oh, Maya Let me do my thing Let me do my thing It's a completely different setup.
Last time, Carissa didn't have a case.
This time, she does, but she doesn't see that.
It's like she doesn't want help, like she's got some I'm sorry.
I keep talking about work.
- I'm sorry.
- Mm, no, talk about work.
I love it.
- You do love it, don't you? - I can't get enough.
Me, neither.
I love it.
Anyway, how the hell does she even know about a Marsden hearing? That's a specialized bit of knowledge.
She couldn't have What? Um, okay.
I might have mentioned it.
You Sorry.
You You might have I didn't know that you were gonna be her lawyer.
You gave Carissa Shaw legal advice? No, not legal advice.
It was more like a like a tip.
You gave her a legal tip.
I thought she should know.
That she should have fired me? No.
That Okay, wait.
We should just Okay, that's misrepresenting You don't know anything about Carissa I didn't This is not what I or the details of what that case were.
No, no, I know.
I know.
You are always educating your clients about the law.
Carissa's not your client.
She's mine.
I get that you feel like a lawyer.
But I'm still a bailiff and I should act like one? That's not what I was gonna say, but yeah.
You could get yourself in serious trouble.
And I would never let you go Sleeping with your eyes open? Just call me Danny Stahler.
- Talk to your dad? - Still lost in the system.
Has it always taken this long to process people? What do you think? Pour yourself into your work.
It's how avoid my problems.
At almost every trial, I see the defendant's family members sitting there, dressed up, stone-faced, as we describe in gruesome detail all the terrible things their loved ones have done.
Yeah, I don't know how they do it.
Some don't.
They cut bait.
I've always wondered how they decide whether or not to show up.
Guess I'm gonna find out.
Get some rest.
There's nothing else I need to be aware of? Are you asking me if I'm involved? Just need to know if there's anything to get ahead of.
You know what, boss? Go throw yourself into some work.
Quite the breakfast.
Abbey, Travis Bolson's girlfriend, sent them as a thank you for letting him go home.
Want one? I never trust food anyone sends me.
I heard about the Marsden.
Having three lawyers over the course of a trial not a good look.
And it's Emily Lopez, so Who has a history with her client.
Which means she knows her.
Yet Carissa filed the Marsden.
My gut says She also thought Fisk was a good option.
No, she thought she was out of options.
But Emily is Just make sure that you're not being swayed by what you think is right.
Make sure it's right for the defendant.
And protect yourself, Carmichael.
Fisk has called my office three times.
He is not happy with you.
He's an ambulance chaser or the divorce version of one.
He's a scrapper.
He's not afraid of a fight.
He is not afraid to weaponize the law.
Alice was the name of his first dog.
That's who Danny Stahler was calling out to when he got caught? Mm-hmm.
He did it again last night when he legitimately sleepwalked.
Legitimate? This is how cons are built, Dr.
They pull you in with a grain of truth, then they throw you out the other side with a lie.
For all we know, Stahler's using his condition as a smoke screen for premeditative robbery.
You want me to hide some jewels in the sleep lab? The stolen items indicate intent.
I got the research.
Thanks, Sam.
Heard about your other thing.
Need any help? I'm good.
My dad was arrested for Accused of something pretty terrible, and, uh Do you think he did it? I really don't know.
Whoever told you about the Marsden motion, did they also tell you how often they're denied? I bet he didn't.
He? You've been talking to people about me? [SIGHS.]
Terrible things happen.
When your brother Cory drowned, it was not fair, and for a minute, the only way to make sense of it was believing that the world wanted to hurt you.
- It has.
- I know, Carissa, but not on purpose.
- We're done.
I am going to fight for you.
What's up? Did I mention how incredibly sorry I am about You did, and you texted me an apology about 14 times.
- You can stop now.
- You sure? 'Cause the 15th was gonna be the one.
By the way, that wasn't a fight.
- No? - I'm not calling it a fight.
It kind of felt like a fight.
It was an argument.
We can make that distinction.
Like a ground rule.
Yeah, exactly.
Like a ground rule, first of many.
- I'm all about rules.
- I'm good with that.
Trust me, you'll know when it's a fight.
How's it going with, uh, Carissa? Too soon to tell, but I should Yeah.
But that food was so good.
Like, so good.
We should go back there.
Okay, two days ago, this lady Addison invites me to her poker game.
I show up.
It's just her lying there dead.
Stop talking.
- I'm telling you what happened.
- No, you're not.
I don't want to be called as a witness in your murder trial.
You tell me nothing.
- You're my lawyer.
They can't - I'm not your lawyer.
So why bother showing up at all? My lawyer's in the Keys on a boat.
He gave me some other names.
I'll be I'm good to go.
How's your sleepwalker? What? Look, they only gave me 10 minutes with you, so if I can't talk to you about my thing, let's talk about yours.
He's actually a pretty troubled guy.
I finally got a witness on my side, owner of the only house he stole from, so Of how many? Four.
Four houses, and only one gets boosted.
Me? That sounds like a scam.
Lady was talking about a ring she always wore that got stolen, but she had no tan lines on her hand.
You see? I help you.
Maybe you help me.
You knew this was gonna happen.
That's why you called me to dinner.
Guy's gotta eat.
I want you, Mark, on my side as my lawyer.
You owe me that much.
I owe you? It's a chance for that quality father-son time - you said we never had - This isn't a joke, Vic.
This is a murder charge.
I need your help.
Here you are, a little drink.
Are these yours? Yeah, sometimes plants thrive in a new environment.
The key is to anticipate what the flower needs - before it needs it.
- Is that how you run your courtroom? You mean Judge Carmichael's courtroom? Been taking as much off of her plate as I can.
That's not how she likes it.
She prefers to have Flowers like to be spoken to, not snapped at.
Relax, Ms.
Not everything's a crisis.
Relax, Ms.
Not everything's a crisis.
MAN: Court records indicate the suspect was convicted of car theft only days earlier.
The driver is believed to be Travis Bolson.
Police were attempting a routine traffic stop - Oh, no, no, no, no.
- when Bolson fled in the stolen vehicle.
Shaw, on review, I do not believe there's an irreconcilable conflict between you and Ms.
You may feel she did not represent your interests, but there were no procedural errors in your previous case, nor enough time in your current trial for her to make any mistakes.
Therefore, I am denying your Marsden motion.
You didn't even listen.
It's like I'm not even here.
- Carissa, you cannot object - Whatever, okay.
Just do what you're gon' do.
Deputy Watkins, you may bring the jury in.
Now, Ms.
Allen, what have your studies on eyewitness testimony taught you about the reliability? Juries often think, along with DNA, it's one of the most reliable forms of evidence, when, in fact, it's just the opposite.
When there's a gun in your face, it's all you're likely to remember, especially if part of the assailant's face is covered.
How about the length of time it takes to make an ID? Could that be a factor in misidentification? The longer between an event and an identification, the less reliable.
- Is 10 days a long time? - Very.
What about the method of identification? If the six-pack is shown by the arresting officer, unconscious cues can help lead the victim towards an officer's intended target.
A moment, please.
Apologies, Your Honor.
There's a high-speed LAPD pursuit in progress - involving a stolen vehicle - Please don't tell me.
LAPD identified the driver as Travis Bolson, Your Honor.
- He didn't wait long.
- You must be terrified.
- He lied to you, Your Honor.
- I fell for it.
Well, I believed him, too.
Is there anyone else in the car with him? Reports say he stole the car on his own, fled on his own.
Your Honor, I hate to do this, really I do, but I know, Sai.
Sherri, I'm sorry to ask you, but can you stay on top of this? extremely dangerous.
LAPD made a major change of road blocks that will limit the suspect to turn in a Mr.
Stahler, you'll be happy to hear that the owner of house number three, Kiki Mackin, has just been charged with insurance fraud, - tried to make a fast buck.
- Wow, okay.
That takes out the most serious charge facing you, and Dr.
Rycroft supports the rest of your claims.
So that means that The thing about being a therapist or a prosecutor, we always want to know the "why" behind the action, the intention.
Play out a hunch for me, Danny.
Can you describe the house you grew up in? Loved that place.
A little one-story Craftsman.
Curved drive.
Front door with these diamond-shaped windows.
I loved those windows.
This is the first house you entered on November 8th, the second the week following, the third and fourth.
They all look just like the house you grew up in.
I think you're just trying to go home again, Danny.
The People are prepared to dismiss the charges.
Do yourself a favor.
Get some help.
Work this stuff out.
I definitely will.
Is it weird to say thank you? No weirder than sleepwalking into a series of your childhood homes.
Take care.
I'd be very happy to work with you.
Pro bono.
You might have made a good therapist.
- I have way too many issues.
- Like I said - I can't believe his story held up.
How does your father's hold up? I wouldn't know.
- Did you ask? - Nope.
Why not? 'Cause I I don't know how.
So, Darren, you are positive beyond a reasonable doubt that my client is the one who stuck a gun in your face - and robbed you? - Yes.
Despite the fact that you could only see the assailant's eyes and the bridge of her nose? - Yes.
- And quick, which hand was she holding the gun in? The right.
Wow, that was much faster than your certainty it was Carissa.
I see it like it's happening now.
- I will never forget it.
- The right hand? What if I was to tell you that Carissa's been convicted of armed robbery before? Would that surprise you? Um, what? Your Honor, the defense enters as Exhibit "B" this video.
Is this my client in the video? Yes.
Holding the gun in which hand? The left.
But again, you are certain beyond all reasonable doubt that it was my client who, for some reason, switching hands, held you up at gunpoint.
Barbu, no one here thinks that you are trying to frame Carissa, but if you have doubt, and you point to her now, that is exactly what you're doing.
So I will ask you exactly what Ms.
Gray did.
Do you see the person who robbed you at gunpoint here today? I I I really don't know.
I don't think so.
I'm sorry.
No further questions.
Why doesn't he just pull over? - He's not gonna get away.
- Your Honor, this is live If it goes wrong I understand.
I'm just gonna keep watching if that's okay.
What? I'm an Angeleno.
- what the suspect is hoping will happen BENNER: I heard.
Bad break, Carmichael.
But I've got some good news to counter it.
Courtroom 802 is cleared for takeoff.
- No asbestos? - Not a fiber.
Amen to that.
I missed you.
You didn't take a shine to Sai's freewheeling style? Seems more up your alley.
He made decisions for me whereas you tell me what to do, and I choose to ignore it.
As it should be, Your Honor.
- The jury's ready, Your Honor.
SAI: People of the State of California vs.
Carissa Shaw.
As to count one of violation of Penal Code 211, we, the jury, in the above entitled case find the defendant not guilty.
LOLA: We thank you for your diligent duty.
You are now free to go.
And [SIGHS.]
I thank you, Mr.
Judge Rogstad's lucky to have you.
Luck was all mine, Your Honor.
Ah, ah.
In case of more drips.
Flowers love drips.
Thank you, Mr.
I wish you could've worked this magic the last time.
Your right to a vigorous defense is not a Get Out Of Jail Free card.
This time you were innocent.
Jury saw that.
Just be good out there like you've been doing.
I heard about the chase.
If I had just listened to his girlfriend's mother or not put the fear of God in him, - he wouldn't have fled.
- You did nothing wrong.
Then why does it feel like I did? 'Cause criminals make you feel that way.
Trust me.
So you saw your dad.
He wants me to represent him.
Doesn't he know that, as a lawyer for the People, you can't advocate for anyone else? Maybe, or not.
But there's a lot I need to learn about his side of things, too.
Are you really thinking about quitting the D.
's office? - [KNOCKING.]
Travis lost control of his car.
T-boned another vehicle at an intersection.
Doesn't look good for either driver.
How you holding up? The other driver survived.
Minor injuries, but Travis.
His kid without a father because I - Made a decision.
- The wrong one.
- He lied.
- Maybe, or maybe he believed what he was saying when he said it, or I heard what I wanted to hear.
You think this building is trying to tell me something? I hate to pile on, but this can't wait.
I just spoke with Judge Sato.
She's part of a Committee on Judicial Performance.
A serious complaint has been filed.
This is how Fisk is coming after me? He was inadequate.
I had to fire him to protect the defendant.
Which is the basis of the complaint not from Fisk, but from Maggie Palmer.
I'm sorry, what? Palmer is leading a renegade charge from the D.
's office claiming that you are judicially biased towards your defendants.
Has Driscoll, Berger, and Tanya Gray on board.
The CJP reviewed her claims, which were only bolstered by firing Fisk.
My old colleagues in the D.
's office - are coming for me? - [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry, Carmichael.
You have had great success pushing the system, but sometimes the system pushes back.
I could lose my job.
It doesn't happen often, but it happens.
Try not to get ahead of yourself on this.
Let's talk tomorrow.
Good night.

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