All Rise (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

What The Constitution Greens To Me

1 Ohh.
Hurry it up, please.
Patience, Em.
It takes a minute.
Now it can take all day.
- Why don't I just help you? - Whoa, Em.
Is that my Jamaica Blue Mountain? I don't know.
What's the difference between that and flat earth coffee? - Ugh.
- About 50 bucks a pound.
- That's why we were making this - What? For Sara and we were drinking Earl Grey.
Ooh, bless you.
That's the last of it for a while.
It's post holidays, and my credit cards are full.
Didn't know your study session turned [SINGSONGY.]
into an all-nighter.
Well, I'm cramming for the bar.
Makes the law school exam look like a crossword puzzle.
- Here.
- Ahh.
Hey! You sip the Jamaica Blue Mountain.
Coffee's on me, Deputy Watkins.
Ready? I'll give you a ride.
You packed your lunch? I'm impressed.
I'm trying.
Can I get in on the rideshare? I left my car at the courthouse.
How about I call you an actual rideshare? It might be weird, us showing up together.
Two weeks ago, you kissed me in front of all your friends.
But not the whole courthouse.
I'll miss you till I see you.
- Mmm! Bye.
- You two are so cute.
Bye! Mmm, mmm.
New first day of trial ritual best avocado toast in town.
That's $18 plus gratuity for something I could spread in my kitchen, but I do love 80 degrees in January, though.
Robin is so jealous.
- How's he doing in D.
? - He's cold.
How's your dad? He's an old guy in jail facing a murder charge.
He's okay.
That's Amy Quinn's problem for now.
I need to keep my head clear.
Racist doctor's trial starts today.
A biased doctor charged with murder in criminal court.
Not malpractice, not neglect.
It's already a game-changer, Mark.
Don't scare the jury.
Be covert.
But a woman died from internal bleeding, left a baby without a mother totally preventable.
Tell me again what you got.
- Expert witnesses.
- Mm-hmm.
- Patient records showing prejudice.
- Yes! Testimony from victim's husband proves - their requests for help were ignored.
- Preach! But I got Campbell on the bench.
He makes Laski look like, well you.
Campbell hasn't said a word to me since I got called up, and getting hauled in front of the Committee on Judicial Performance for abuse of power didn't help.
Doesn't matter.
You nailed the hearing.
Your robe is safe.
If I play the politics right.
The other judges, they might respect me, but they don't know me.
If what Laski said about Benner is right, I might need more friends.
I don't know if I'd believe him.
Benner's been good to you.
She has, and I'm gonna continue to trust her until she gives me a reason not to.
But it won't hurt to join the judges' inner circle.
Join how? Like going to the literacy gala? Ha ha! I'd like to see you trade PJs for a black tie on a school night.
Challenge accepted.
I just need to breach the inner circle without stepping on any toes.
Never gonna happen! [LAUGHS.]
I'm a toe-stepper.
offered three years, which isn't really an offer.
Maybe they have it out for my mom.
Congresswoman Valerie Moore has a lot of enemies.
I don't blame them.
Jeremy, you got caught sabotaging the valves at an oil refinery with a blowtorch.
I was hoping to shut them down for a while.
That thing is in a residential district.
It's a crime.
People are being poisoned by toxic fumes.
I had to do something.
Which is why we're going with the "necessity" defense.
You acted in an emergency to prevent significant bodily harm to the people in that neighborhood, and you did not create a greater danger than the one avoided because, thankfully, you didn't blow up the place.
You look like you're not sleeping.
You don't have to stay in custody.
Let your mom pay your bail.
With her dirty Big Oil money? No.
Whatever is going on between you and your mom, she's still your family.
I found a new family 3rd Rock Saviors.
And its leader, Ed Parker, yeah.
He could have been a good character witness if the D.
wasn't using him to help their case.
It's better if he doesn't vouch for me.
I didn't go after that refinery as a 3rd Rock Savior.
I did it for myself.
Whatever your reason, you wanted to help people, and we are gonna prove that.
Sherri? How do I get into the Provoke Literacy Gala tonight? You need to bribe someone or crash it.
That's been sold out for weeks.
You made a donation in lieu of tickets.
- Said you'd take PJs over - I know what I said.
Then you said it would be a good move to go, politically, that all the other judges were going.
Aren't you excited I'm listening to you? Your timing could be better.
I'll make some calls.
I'll see what I can do.
Congresswoman Valerie Moore.
She is a force.
I read that she went against the governor and almost killed a law that would have banned all new oil drilling in California by herself.
Was that a civilian visiting you in a restricted area? Valerie Moore and I go way back.
As her friend, I can tell you don't listen to what the press is saying.
Yes, she's a shrewd politician, but she's also a very worried parent.
She must be to come to court for jury selection.
To be honest, she wanted to watch you in action, but I assured her that, as my protégé, she can count on you for the fairest of proceedings.
LUKE: My Lyft driver this morning was crazy.
Well, I'm glad you got here alive.
I hope I didn't offend you earlier.
No offense taken, especially when you smile at me like that.
You just missed some drama with your client.
I figure when I got the urgent message, he wanted to see me.
Well, the congresswoman, his mother she dropped Benner's name to influence her way down here.
She didn't care that it was against the rules.
She had to settle on sending him a note.
Jeremy? You all right? I wouldn't have talked to her, even if it was allowed, but she's got an idea - about my case that could work.
- What'd she say? Your Honor, my client is exercising his right to request a bench trial.
He is concerned about the politics around this matter and feels that it's in his best interest for Your Honor to decide the case.
Moore, is that correct? You want to waive your right to a jury? I do.
Stand up.
Yes, Your Honor.
Counsel, do you join the waiver? - I join.
- Mr.
Berger, do the People join? Cautiously, Your Honor.
Brief recess.
Then let's begin.
She steps into the building, visits my boss, plants herself in my courtroom, and all of a sudden, I'm the person deciding her son's fate? [LOWERED VOICE.]
You need to tread carefully.
I'll tread according to the evidence.
If that means getting on the wrong side of Valerie Moore, then so be it.
MARK: All right, Niles, let's go over your testimony one more time.
Again? Okay.
Joy had an emergency cesarean.
After Austin was born, Joy started feeling, uh, chest pains, fatigue.
- She, um, asked for more tests.
- Do you need help? No, I got this.
Joy complained about that monster.
Timothy Gipson.
He never said her name.
Called her "Miss.
" Dr.
Gipson ignored your wife's pain on purpose.
That type of neglect made his actions criminal.
We can win this.
We just have to convince a jury of the source of that neglect conscious bias.
Here we go.
- Diaper duty.
- Ah.
It's like, uh, clockwork.
Here you go.
- Uh - Gotta grab my stuff.
All right.
Stopped by your office.
- Had an emergency.
Quinn, Niles.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Ah! He's adorable.
And capable of a 7.
5 on the Richter.
Aftershocks are coming.
Niles, don't.
Take Austin inside.
I'll see you later today.
- [SIGHS.]
- It's Dr.
- Bad vibes there.
- What, you researching my trials now? Don't you have better things to do, like working on my father's case? A doctor charged with murder talk of the private firm grapevine.
You asked me to stop by because - I need an update.
- You wanted to see me.
- And you need help - You can admit it.
deciphering Vic Callan, reading between the lines.
Your dad doesn't trust me yet.
Still claiming he walked in and found Addison Farwell dead, likely after one of her infamous card games, which isn't much of a counter to the prosecution's case.
What does the prosecution have? Taking their time with discovery.
Apparently, two days before Addison dies, your dad gets into a shouting match - with one of her guys.
- Gambling debts? It might involve a guy named Kurt Flannery, an old friend of Vic's.
Talk to him.
He's I wasn't finished.
There's a witness.
Claims Vic got very tough guy about it.
- So motive.
- Except I don't buy it.
Vic doesn't seem like the pre-emptive strike type.
I thought you were resistant to the Callan charm.
Just yours.
I think he's innocent, Mark.
Do you want me to win this case? Okay.
Water? - Ah - Still or sparkling? No, sparkling gives me heartburn.
Still it is.
Judge Campbell.
Congresswoman Valerie Moore's son is about to appear before me.
I could use your advice, judge to judge.
How to walk that political tightrope.
Oh, go on.
How coy.
I think you'll be just fine, Judge Carmichael.
Then perhaps you could use my help.
Your doctor murder trial, I'll admit I have a vested interest as a black woman.
And thoughts on the justice system's responsibility in cases like that.
Well, I don't see race.
I see facts.
One and the same in that trial.
Let's talk about it tonight at the gala, if I can find a last-minute ticket.
They sold out while I was preoccupied with the CJP.
I'll tell ya, I got an empty seat at the table I purchased for the gala, so why don't you just join me? I'm curious about your thoughts.
The defendant's patient history as an obstetrician, did anything stand out to you, Dr.
Salazar? Individually, the records appeared to be fine, but when evaluated as a group, - patterns started to emerge.
- What types of patterns? Over the last four years, three women in Dr.
Gipson's care experienced extreme postpartum hardship.
All three were African-American.
And how did non-African-American women with similar complications fare? They received more examinations and appropriate medication for their pain.
- That discrepancy is alarming.
- Nothing further.
Salazar, did you find anything in my client's records that indicated negligent behavior? He prescribed less medication, asked for fewer follow-up procedures, and spent less time with his African-American patients.
Is that negligent behavior? I'd argue it could be, yes.
The charge is murder here.
Malice and intent are crucial.
Did Dr.
Gipson ever do anything that indicated he intended to harm his patients? No, not that I saw.
Was there anything that he did that showed a conscious disregard for the lives of his patients? - No, not directly.
- Right.
No further questions.
Congressman Moore, what do you have to say about your son being an ecoterrorist? - No comment.
- Well, the real ecoterrorists are the ones that Congresswoman Moore fights so hard to protect Big Oil.
Ed Parker, founder of 3rd Rock Saviors.
The group Moore's son is a part of? Yes.
Yes, Jeremy is a part of our family.
All rise.
Hey, do you mind? He's, uh, calmer in small spaces.
Whew! That is fragrant.
Oh, man, it's Southern-fried okra.
It's fire.
But I mostly did the cooking before, um How's it going in there? Uh, we took a bit of a hit on the expert witness, but we'll counter with the nurse's testimony.
So we're screwed? [SCOFFS.]
I knew it.
It's foolish.
Niles, take a second.
I can't stop, not even for a second.
That happened before, and then she was gone.
I know he did this, but I can't help but feel like I'm guilty.
Like I failed her.
You did not fail her.
We have a strategy.
We're putting you up last because we want the emotion to carry through to the jury.
My advice take Austin home.
Get some rest before you testify tomorrow.
BERGER: The People call Ed Parker.
Remember, he's on our side, even if the prosecution is trying to use him against us.
You run an organization called 3rd Rock Saviors? It's called 3rd Rock Saviors! There's an exclamation mark, and we pronounce it.
We peacefully protest to expose local environmental concerns.
You say that, but there were arrests in San Pedro, and incidents in refineries in Huntington Beach and Carson.
Are you running an extremist eco organization? No.
We're passionate, but sometimes Sometimes what? Did you plot the attack at the refinery the defendant is accused of doing? Are you an accomplice? No, I tried to stop him.
Are you saying that the defendant talked to you - about this crime? - Objection.
Jeremy, I'm sorry.
So you knew the defendant was gonna commit this crime? He told me what he was gonna do.
I begged him not to.
A blowtorch? People could have been hurt.
The very same people my organization tries to help.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
Lopez? You said you tried to stop him.
Do you really believe he set out to hurt people? He's got a good heart.
He just got carried away because his mother isn't present in his life, off in D.
, protecting corporations that are destroying the planet.
He said she drove him to do this.
We're talking about Jeremy, not his mother.
Sustained as to the reasoning.
That will be stricken.
Did Jeremy say he was targeting the refinery in response to the urgency of the situation? What these refineries are doing to people should be outlawed.
But sadly, what he was trying to do, I think, was make a statement by embarrassing his mother.
Nothing further.
Prosecution rests, Your Honor.
Then court is adjourned for today.
That just killed our "necessity" defense.
He said he wouldn't do that.
He promised me.
He promised you what? What else do I need to know? Nothing that matters.
Something's not right.
Jeremy's passionate, but I don't believe he ever wanted to hurt anyone.
Well, I'll tell you what I saw a troubled kid with Mom issues.
Something's up with her, too.
Which you can figure out tomorrow.
If you're okay being done talking about work, I'd like you to enjoy this with me.
I love the energy at the beach, the smell of the ocean, all the people blending together.
After dinner, let's go back to my place.
Let's make it my place.
It'll be my honor to inconvenience you with a Lyft - [LAUGHS.]
- in the morning.
- Come here.
Long time.
Rhymes with "gallon.
" And "conspiracy.
" Listen, uh, Vic's in a bit of a bind.
You heard about this Addison Farwell thing? - Yeah, why? - Vic was found at the scene.
They're charging him with murder.
Says he didn't do it, but I'm guessing, Flannery, you might be able to fill in some blanks.
There you go.
This all the bribe you can afford? I told Vic the old days were dead and gone.
This new crew, the Armenians? It's all about territory with them.
It's all they care about, and they are fierce.
So when Vic got his little game going Vic was running a card game? You didn't know that? Just a local game, a bunch of young tech guys with too much money.
And Vic's got the look, right? Old school mob guy.
- Yeah.
- These kids ate it up.
It was a lucrative game.
But it's on the Armenians' turf.
He thought they wouldn't care.
He was wrong.
You want to hear my theory? Sure.
Vic's a pawn.
The Armenians want Addison Farwell dead for whatever reason.
Could be anything, right? He owes them a favor.
They don't take no for an answer.
So he pays Addison a visit.
Bang-bang, problem solved.
It's a theory.
A good one.
You eating this? It's conveyor-belt justice.
Coined by bleeding hearts.
Look, we gotta keep things moving, and your way gums up the works.
Yes, I do get backlogged because I look at more than just the facts.
And that is where the trouble starts.
See, when a judge gets soft, lets somebody go, comes right back to bite him in the robe.
I didn't mean your unfortunate car thief.
Tell me this.
Would you do it again? I think I would.
- I think that is ridiculous.
- I don't think you do.
You look at things as either/or.
I don't have that luxury.
You might not understand it, but you're curious about it.
Judge Campbell Uh, Congresswoman Moore, I didn't expect to see you this evening.
This is one of my favorite charities, Albert.
Judge Carmichael, you look lovely.
Congresswoman Moore, we really shouldn't be speaking.
Can't help who we run into at social gatherings, can we? Albert, make sure we don't break any rules.
Be my guest.
I will not discuss your son's case.
This is highly inappropriate.
I want you to understand my family.
It's only been me and Jeremy since his father died.
He's a good boy.
- I've made mistakes.
- Congresswoman, if you continue, I will be forced to declare a conflict and remove myself from your son's case.
We can't have that.
I've heard you're sympathetic to the circumstances around defendants.
Good night.
Valerie Moore has taken up residence in my courtroom.
She ambushed me last night, and I think Campbell orchestrated it.
I'm not sure he's that shady.
From what Laski said, Benner could have done it.
I'll start with Campbell.
Man has a mean poker face.
I need to get in his head and shake him up.
Please don't piss him off.
I'm still presenting my case.
Ooh, I think I'll come watch.
Thank you.
That's literally the opposite of what I just said.
Judges stay out of other judges' courtrooms, Lola.
It's accepted wisdom.
It's not even a rule.
I've worked as Dr.
Gipson's nurse for the last 10 years.
He's an excellent doctor.
He's caring, attentive.
- Patients love him.
- I see.
Did Joy Allen ever file a complaint about Dr.
Gipson to you, Ms.
Perkins? Yes, that happened.
And based on your previous characterization, do you find it odd that Joy didn't speak directly - to Dr.
Gipson? - I don't know.
Well, yes, but Ms.
Perkins, - [DOOR OPENS.]
- did you ever notice anything that might have led to a direct communication breakdown between Joy and Dr.
Gipson? Dr.
Gipson and Joy didn't He Ms.
Perkins, you're under oath here.
Let's answer the question.
Gipson and Joy disagreed.
They were cordial until they weren't.
Yes, it's possible that he didn't get along with her, but Did you ever hear the defendant verbalize the way he felt about Joy? I remember exactly what he said in the breakroom.
"How dare she have the audacity to complain," that we can't be responsible for her actions if she just kept the weight off like he told her.
Someone of her background.
It's not our fault.
It's theirs.
The court appreciates your honesty, Ms.
No more questions.
- Mrs.
- Ms.
Perkins, is there any reason why you didn't approach Dr.
Gipson about his so-called biased tirades? He's my boss.
I'm sitting here now, wondering if I'm ever gonna work again.
Yeah, I can imagine how difficult your job must be, seeing people at their lowest every day.
They say things that they don't really mean.
Do those hurtful comments ever impact the care you provide? Absolutely not.
I treat every patient with the utmost respect, meet our patients where they are.
How many people do you think would be jailed for things said in confidence with friends or with trusted colleagues? - Objection.
- Your Honor Your Honor? Apologies.
I am in need of a recess here.
Shouldn't take longer than 15.
How about this? Does it seem like I'm lying in wait? I want to set a tone.
Mm, mm, sit at your desk.
It's more ominous.
I like ominous.
Got this.
Come in.
Bold move, making me find you.
That and coming into my courtroom I'd just like to ask.
Did you plan to help Moore ambush me when you invited me to the gala? You invited yourself.
As for Moore ambushing you, I deplore that kind of unethical behavior.
Good! I will resume considering whether or not I like you.
You know, I wasn't sure when Benner hand-picked you for the Moore trial.
I mean, you and Benner are close.
She's friendly with the congresswoman.
I was just worried that you and Moore might become friendly, too.
Glad I was wrong.
The victim, Joy, and that doctor may I ask, has something like this ever happened to you? No, not me, but my mother had a heart attack because one doctor wouldn't listen, and another saved her life.
But was it about race? I don't know for sure, but, because of Gipson, you now know the stats.
There's no either/or about numbers, just facts.
If it's all right, I'd like to be present for the verdict.
All right.
I wasn't planning on stealing or hurting anyone or destroying property just to destroy it.
The refinery is poisoning that neighborhood.
People are losing their sense of smell, rashes, cancer.
Tankers carrying containers of flammable oil roll through there every day.
There are constant spills and leaks.
So you were trying to do what you thought was right, not just getting back at your mom.
My mom isn't really a part of my life anymore.
BENNER: Come in.
You handpicked me for the Moore trial as a favor to your friend in exchange for what? A "not guilty" verdict? Leniency? It's not unethical to reassure a concerned mother that her son's judge is fair almost to a fault.
Is she concerned about him or her future in politics? Why can't it be both? We all have our future to consider.
What concerns me right now is Congresswoman Moore.
She approached me in public.
That move was ill-advised.
No matter how I rule now, it's tainted.
Either it looks like I caved to political pressure, or it looks like retribution.
Again, it's not unethical to do things that benefit both yourself as well as others.
Try to enjoy it.
I look forward to your ruling.
Joy was my world.
She loved planning things.
Half birthdays, "because I love you" staycations.
Austin has her eyes.
I say her name to him every night.
I hope that it's his first word.
Six years of marriage, and she she never stopped surprising me.
She never stopped loving me or a job or whatever life had given her.
She was grateful, even in the end.
And now she's gone.
Could you describe Joy's interactions with the defendant? Joy didn't take no for an answer.
Gipson, he didn't like that.
Joy knew her rights, and she wasn't afraid to make noise.
After the complaint, he treated her like casework.
Cut and dry.
He was inhumane.
- Objection.
- Overruled.
Continue, Mr.
Joy had to sit there as a bystander to her own deteriorating health.
Being silenced, um, that can erase your will to fight.
You couldn't possibly know what that's like.
Joy didn't trust me.
I tried, but you have to understand, I deliver hundreds of newborns a year.
My office can be a revolving door of pain and suffering, and, yes, anger.
I never got to know Joy the way that you described her.
I wish I had.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Uh, Mr.
I'd like to talk about audacity.
Gipson, what did you mean when you said Joy Allen had the audacity to complain? I don't recall that clearly In your mind, what kind of people get to be audacious? What about Joy made her not one of those people? - Objection.
- I was just telling the truth.
The truth? The truth about what? Studies have proven that black women have higher rates of obesity and high blood pressure which often complicate childbirth.
Don't studies also show that black women's health issues are largely impacted by racism? I will not be held accountable for someone's poor choices.
Joy Allen asked you to run additional tests multiple times.
Why did you ignore those requests? Because we thought she was fine.
Perhaps the stress of the blatant discrimination you showed Mrs.
Allen contributed to her complications.
Objection, Your Honor.
Motion to strike from the record.
The prosecution's inflammatory remarks which have no relevance in this case and no place in the courtroom.
Sustained, and, Callan, I am warning you - Your Honor, may I? - Your Honor? What happened to my patient was a tragedy, and it was one of the biggest failures in my career, but it was an accident.
I was put on this earth to help people.
That's what I was supposed to do.
Please don't take that away from me.
What's she doing here? Since neither of you will tell me what's going on, maybe you'll talk to each other.
Please have a seat, Congresswoman.
What are you going to do? Sit here.
Hope that one of you tells me something that will help Jeremy's case, because right now it is not looking good.
Jeremy, your freedom depends on this.
Did you attack the refinery to punish your mom for her stance on Big Oil? No.
She knows why.
Jeremy, I have no idea why you did this.
Please let me in.
How could you be so clueless? I'm protecting you.
I am not the one who was supposed to be doing that.
- You are the parent.
- Honey, what? I would never want you to go to jail for me.
I told you that this would happen, that someone would find out.
Things don't stop being true just because you don't want to accept them, Mom.
- And now it's too late.
- It's not.
Jeremy, I still have to present the rest of our case.
Tell me the story, and I will tell you if we can use it.
Ed Parker blackmailed me into attacking that refinery.
That would have been good to know from the beginning.
- Keep going.
- He made me trust him, and I told him something that I shouldn't have about my mom.
He hates her her politics.
Ed Parker wanted to make a statement about the environment and embarrass you at the same time.
He threatened me and told me that he would ruin your life if I didn't do exactly as I was told.
This is desperate fiction.
Why would Mr.
Parker blackmail the defendant? Your Honor, we have proof of that blackmail.
Submitting copies of said text messages.
The defense will provide the "why" if we may continue.
No further questions.
The People will cross-examine Mr.
Moore after the grand mystery is revealed.
Moore, you may step down.
Lopez, you may continue.
The defense calls Valerie Moore.
Congresswoman Moore is not on the witness list.
Both of you, approach.
Your Honor, Ms.
Moore's testimony will further call into question Ed Parker's credibility.
Impeachment? This is extraordinary.
Your Honor, my client's relationship with his mother is fraught.
Under no circumstance would I call her unless her testimony was relevant.
I'll allow it to get to the truth, but no bait and switch.
You understand? Understood, Your Honor.
Moore, you may take the stand.
What information did Ed Parker use to blackmail the defendant? - I have bipolar disorder.
I was diagnosed when I was 18.
It was frightening.
And it took some time to figure it out, but I was mostly well by the time that Jeremy was born, and I've managed it successfully with medication for decades.
Why is this information so damaging? Most people don't understand mental illness.
They're scared.
If the news got out, my career would be over.
So I didn't tell anyone, not even my son, who stood a good chance of inheriting the condition, but then he started experiencing symptoms.
And I pretended that I didn't know why.
But he's so much braver than me.
He went to a doctor and was diagnosed, and that's how he found out.
Honey, I know it looks like I was putting my work before you, but I was so ashamed, and I was trying to protect you.
People look at you differently when they know you have an illness.
If I could, I would take it all back.
Ed Parker is the real criminal.
He is an extremist who wants to control people.
Well, not my family.
Not anymore.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
Berger? No, Your Honor.
We ask that the court receive the defense exhibits, and we will be arguing for a duress defense.
You can't just tack duress on like a side dish.
I would have included it, but my client did not tell me he was blackmailed because he was under duress.
It is the reason he is not guilty.
Duress requires an imminent threat.
Ed Parker didn't hold a gun to Jeremy Moore's head when your client attacked the refinery.
Your Honor, social media is the weapon.
When the public disagrees with someone, that person is subjected to threats of ruin and death by cowards who hide behind anonymity.
It is a new kind of imminent threat.
The defendant was forced to commit this crime.
My client is not guilty.
I will take that into submission, counsel.
You'll have my decision in the morning.
The People have shown that Dr.
Gipson failed to perform his sworn duty, knowing that it would result in the harm or death of Joy Allen.
The defendant's deep-seated bias, his racism, led to his indifference as to whether Joy Allen lived or died, and by failing to act, he elevated her death from tragedy to murder.
We cannot perpetuate injustice by allowing the law to protect inaction when action would mean that Joy Allen was here today with her husband and her newborn son.
I ask you to find Dr.
Timothy Gipson guilty of Joy Allen's murder.
Finally come to take over my case? [CHUCKLES.]
Best lawyer in L.
is my son, and he chooses not to represent me.
You were running a high-stakes card game? It was a poker night.
I would have invited you, except you're so damn busy.
You got in sideways with the Armenians? Come on.
You spoke to Flannery.
He loves to make a mountain out of nothing.
What happened, Dad? You didn't go to Addison's place for a card game.
I know that much.
I walked in.
There she was, laying It's never your fault.
It's a mistake.
It's a misunderstanding.
You talk your way out of everything.
- Watch your tone with me.
- Or what? What, Dad? Just once, take responsibility for your situation one time.
I didn't do anything.
I don't believe you.
You don't wanna tell me, fine.
But if you have any hope of saving yourself, you will tell Amy Quinn everything, or you will never walk out of here.
Yeah? Well, that's between me and my lawyer, isn't it? [DOOR BUZZES.]
BAILIFF: All rise.
"As to count 1, "a violation of Penal Code 187(A), "murder in the second degree of Joy Allen, "the jury finds the defendant, Dr.
Timothy Gipson not guilty.
" WOMAN: Oh, no.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
This concludes your jury service.
Gipson, you are free to go.
Niles, sorry doesn't even begin Guilty or not, I wake up tomorrow.
Joy's side of the bed is still empty.
I just didn't want her pain to have been for nothing.
I failed.
Niles the look in his eye.
He'd never say it, but that broke him.
All you can offer Niles is space.
People don't like to admit prejudice is real unless they can pinpoint some bigoted boogeyman behind a curtain, but the truth is, sometimes it's invisible.
It doesn't make it any less dangerous.
Amazing, a man can do something unforgiveable, and the law gives him armor and a shield.
And sometimes the law hands a judge an outdated definition of "duress.
" Get creative.
Getting creative is what had me sweating in front of the Commission on Judicial Performance last year.
Lola, you can't help but see it through your lens.
That's what got you on the bench.
That's why Sherri hasn't set your chambers on fire.
Try harder.
What's beneath the case? - What's invisible? - A broken family, smack in the middle of a political minefield.
Okay, well, that's a start.
Now get creative.
Why am I always burdened with the creativity? I would be happy to give someone else that platform.
That's it.
Good talk.
Go good! I find the defendant guilty of all charges.
There's no doubt, Mr.
Moore, that you were pressured into committing your crimes, but that pressure does not meet the criteria for the duress defense.
I do, however, believe you deserve leniency.
As such, I will exercise my discretion by reducing those charges to misdemeanors.
You are sentenced to probation and six months house arrest.
I would like that house to be yours, Congresswoman, if you will accept the court's request.
Moore, the only time you'll be allowed out is to complete 300 hours of community service with a reputable eco organization, where you will explore making change without breaking the law.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Lastly, Mr.
Parker, please stand.
Your hubris may not allow you to see it, but you lied under oath a felony.
I've had an arrest warrant signed.
F-For me? Your Honor, I am not the criminal here.
That's for another court to decide.
Thank you, Deputy Watkins.
You may take him into custody, and, Mr.
Parker, I have no doubt that further investigation into your actions will lead to more charges.
- Fighting for the Earth - [HANDCUFFS CLICK.]
Also means fighting for its people.
We're adjourned.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
BAILIFF: Folks, wait one second.
- One second.
Stay right there.
This isn't an appeal of today's verdict, but it is an appeal to the public.
I can hear the bells DDA Mark Callan and I implore you to learn the facts of this case and the underlying issue that racial bias, whether conscious or unconscious, can kill people.
Had Dr.
Gipson just listened, Joy wouldn't have I know the winds of change This is a public health crisis that has gone unacknowledged for far too long.
Henrietta Lacks.
Serena Williams.
Joy Allen.
Our women deserve caregivers who are expertly trained to meet their needs without bias.
Thank you.
Hold your head high Hold your head high Hold your head high You still think race doesn't matter? Oh, it matters at times.
I'm just not convinced it's relevant in this case.
Look, I admit I was surprised at that verdict, but I don't think I disagree.
I'm sorry if that offends you.
You don't need to apologize for your opinion when it's thoughtful.
Sadly, I'm not surprised at the verdict or that you feel that way.
Judge Carmichael, if I have questions about gaining another perspective just from time to time, might that be all right? [WHISPERS.]
Depends on the question.
- But yes.
That would be all right.
Hold your head high Hold your head high [WHISTLING.]
I had to come back here and love on this Los Angeles winter weather.
Thanks for meeting me.
Oh, I'm happy to get out of the office.
I didn't clear that press conference - with the boss.
- Ooh.
Fallout? Choi doesn't like surprises, but Gipson and his lawyer aren't happy, so Did Amy Quinn see you on TV? Did she think you looked handsome? I don't think my little TV appearance redeemed me.
Hey, if Vic loses, maybe you can pardon him when you get elected governor.
Not happening.
I don't know, but the congresswoman - [SINGSONGY.]
thinks she owes you.
- Doesn't matter.
The congresswoman is taking a break from politics.
You are just getting started.
I have never been a political animal.
I don't think you can avoid it anymore.
You think Jeremy would be free if that stayed a jury trial? I don't think he'd be at home with his mother, that's for sure.
I'm glad the switch happened.
That case needed a fresh lens, unsullied by the political shenanigans - it needed me.
- Hey, amen to that.
I still can't believe you drive across the city from downtown through traffic to the beach for avocado toast.
You made the same drive.
Hey, I came for the scenery and the company.
I think you're secretly addicted to all-day breakfast.
I don't think that's a secret.
I still don't think avocado toast should be a thing, though.
Then why you keep eating mine? [LAUGHS.]

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