All Rise (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

Almost the Meteor

Previously on "All Rise"
my cellphone. I can show you.
- Hey! Hey!
- What? No! No!
Mr. Aziz's hands are up, backing away,
and there is no weapon.
I spent six years inside.
You're the one who put me there.
This could lead to charges
against Deputy Rashel.
This could vacate your conviction.
You're gonna take down a cop,
and you want me to testify?
By treating Deputy Rashel the same
as any other alleged felon.
Rashel is the first peace officer
to be charged with a felony
in almost 10 years.
Peter Rashel puts his life
at risk every single day.
Save it for the trial, Corrine.
I work in the field
of restorative justice.
There's something you should see.
Change your life. It could
change other people's lives.
- Baby's coming home early.
- No, no, no, no.
We're having a baby! [LAUGHS]
Bailey Carmichael Taylor.
You are a gift.
- You're doing it, babe.
- I'm coming! I'm coming!
- Where is it? Where is it?
- Shh! Shh!
- Who put that there?
- Boy, I'm getting
- Pick up the daggone phone.
- Shut up!
Treasure these moments, Carmichael.
What is her happy sound?
A coo? A gurgle?
- Air raid siren.
No one said breastfeeding
would be stressful.
Well, I said those exact words.
I resent feeling like a food
truck and being bad at it.
- Aw, it takes time.
How are the Three Musketeers?
Is that what we're calling them?
Oh, apparently they're fine.
- ROBIN: Lola!
- Okay.
The joys of motherhood beckon.
- Talk soon?
- You know where to find me.
- Ms. Castillo, you're with me.
And so it begins. We're doomed
to different courtrooms.
Mnh-mnh, Judge Carmichael
will not let that happen.
And yet I am being dragged away.
We'll be here, working very hard.
A few facts before we begin.
The initial U.S. use of healing circles
in mainstream criminal justice
was in 1996 in Minnesota.
It has ancient roots in
native and aboriginal cultures.
- And this process
is now being used
throughout North America
and other parts of the world.
There are many dimensions to
the restorative justice process.
I mean, this is just one, right?
All right, these healing
circles provide a space
for encounters between the victim
We call them the harm
And the offender.
We call them the harm-doer.
But we move beyond that
to evolve the community
in the decision-making process.
That's you.
You have an important
responsibility here,
to move beyond the shame and the guilt,
to listen with your hearts,
but to participate in the healing.
Darius, this will be quick.
Mr. Driscoll will ask you a few
questions about the robbery.
The purpose of the prelim
is to show the judge
that there's a reason for the trial.
Guy stuck a knife in my face.
Reason enough?
- Without a doubt.
- Is he gonna be in there?
The defendant Rafael Ibarra?
Yes, it's required.
Hey, don't ever look at
that side of the courtroom.
Look at me.
All right.
Give me a minute.
Okay. Court's almost in session.
Mr. Watkins,
second chair on another one.
No, not with Driscoll. He's got
me doing all the scut work.
Still, it's nice to see you
in the courtroom.
- Ahem!
- Speaking of
Rafael, this is serious,
and the judge needs to know that
you are taking this seriously.
Sit up.
But that other kid got caught.
Now it's my turn.
No one is here to get you.
You are accused of
robbing Darius with a knife.
Hopefully, we can talk about a deal.
All rise.
You may be seated.
The People vs. Rafael Ibarra.
Are both sies ready?
Yes, Your Honor.
[CLEARS THROAT] Where's our witness?
Uh, I'll be right back. Hold on.
Apologies, Your Honor. Um
- Just, uh
- Our material witness is unavailable.
We ask to trail to last day.
Uh, Your Honor, the defense is ready,
and we object to any further delay.
Your preparation and objection
are noted.
Gold star. Nonetheless,
we'll see everyone in two days.
You can't even babysit. Fix it.
I'm not supposed to look for witnesses.
Not my problem.
When is Driscoll gonna make an offer?
I'm sorry. I gotta go.
We have seen law enforcement vilified,
and we have seen criminals canonized.
Omar Aziz is a convict with a grudge
taking advantage of
an unfortunate cultural trend.
The, uh, facts will show I acted
to protect public safety.
Deputies are trained to, uh,
to assess danger instantly
and protect the innocent.
It's not enough that
Deputy Rashel shot a man
and then covered it up.
Now he posts bail and blames the victim.
This is the way the game is played.
Mugshots and dress uniforms
duel it out on the news.
We have to be better.
- Callan.
- Sam, you have a minute.
I seem to be free.
You know, I thought you were
asking me out to lunch
or, you know, lunch.
Let's do breakfast this weekend.
- What's wrong with dinner?
- Nothing's wrong with dinner.
- Dinner's a fine meal.
- Yeah, well, you gotta decide
what kind of meal
you wanna have with me.
Uh are we still talking about food?
Different meals have different vibes,
and, you know, I forget it.
I thought this was a home address.
Hey, Darius.
Hey, careful. If he gives you any info,
you become a witness in your own case.
- Well, that's why I needed backup.
- Oh.
The excellent company is an added bonus.
Hey, are you okay?
Why'd you leave the courthouse?
Look, I'm over it.
Just do what you're gonna do.
Hey, it's much harder to make
the case without your testimony.
Hey, you have a place to stay?
I got my spots.
You didn't tell the police
that you're unhoused.
Look, I got a system.
Store my stuff, crash with friends.
My look stays tight,
and nobody knows my business.
- Can we help?
- I got a job. I'm frugal.
And you know, occasionally dexterous.
Okay, I'm gonna pretend
I didn't hear that.
This is why we don't chase witnesses.
Look, the whole thing was humiliating.
Nobody even asked what I want to happen.
Okay, whoa, what do you want to happen?
Look, just forget it.
It's not like there are options.
It's a question that we should
have asked earlier.
You're right. Could have asked.
You know what? Maybe there's
another alternative.
Luke, the sentencing for
armed robbery is pretty rigid.
No, I'm not I'm not talking
about the sentencing.
- What kind of alternative?
- Let me introduce you to someone.
There may be another way to get justice.
Patrick, a harm-doer, spent weeks on it.
The person he hurt
wanted him to learn a skill.
By committing a crime against art?
[CHUCKLES] She felt Patrick
lacked focus and discipline.
That was her way of teaching it.
So she made him do that.
Not made. They worked out
a plan together.
We call it a reparation agreement.
So it's just
"Here's your stuff back. Sorry"?
Well, in court, there's no incentive
- to take responsibility.
- Just by saying, "I'm sorry,"
someone like Rafael
could land in prison.
But in restorative justice,
there's no judge.
There's no courtroom.
There's only regular folks
and a facilitator,
figure out why the harm occurred
and what we can do about it.
All you keep talking about
is the dude who robbed me.
Why am I even here?
Tell me what happened.
He came at me with a knife.
I gave up my gear.
- How'd that feel?
- How you think?
- It pissed me off!
- How'd you really feel?
Look, I thought I was gonna die.
All right? Now I feel
like I'm always about to die.
You sit down with Rafael and talk,
and then you say what
we should do to fix it.
I get to say what happens?
If you wanna be seen and heard.
Darius, it's a good path.
Well, I'm not gonna want
some dumb art project.
We can make this happen.
Some courts use restorative justice
in plea deals. The judge in Minnesota?
Juvenile court. L.A. County doesn't
This This will be a test case.
do you want me to talk to Rafael?
Would you even be asking
if it weren't me?
- No.
- Wow, at least you admit it.
No, this is this is not
about our relationship.
You're bold. You take chances
for your clients.
You are setting Rafael up
to incriminate himself.
Nothing he says will even
make it into the D.A.'s file.
Only if you put it on the record
that nothing can be used against him.
- Absolutely.
- Is Driscoll on board?
I'll get Driscoll on board.
Let's just talk to Rafael,
see if he's open, and I'll work
everything else out.
Why are you doing this?
It was just a whisper.
And now my conscience is shouting.
It's all wrong. It all has to change.
Careful. You might throw out
things that work.
Yeah. I'm talking about my job.
I know. I get it. You told me. You
You're working through a lot.
We can really shake things up,
making restorative justice
work in the court system.
- I'm on the call.
- Of course.
- One question about the case.
- You pull the plug. You got it.
I'm trusting you.
We're hanging Omar out to dry again.
Journalists don't decide cases.
I dragged him into this.
I should be protecting him.
- What are you doing?
- Investigating.
Is that the girl's
backpack from the protest?
ROBIN: Is poop supposed to be
this color?
Text the pediatrician if you're worried.
- I should let you go. I'm
- I handle what goes in.
The child he can handle
what comes out.
Best you can do is talk
to Omar, tell him what's coming.
Warning him isn't going
to stop the lies.
Nothing will.
We're, uh, down to one bottle.
Gotta go.
Oh. Okay.
- Why'd you dig that up?
- I'm on leave. Plenty of free time.
- Lo, I'm serious.
OFFICER: What's in the backpack?
I didn't do nothing. I
just came out of the store.
Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
I hold Bailey, and my mind
starts racing ahead
to all of the battles that she will face
and what happens when she's
the girl with the backpack.
[VOICE ECHOING] I was just
coming out of the store.
- Where are you going?
- I just told you
One bottle. Let me fix that.
Rafael, thank you for agreeing
to hear me out.
- What's the offer?
- Rafael, lean in closer to the mic.
No, I'm I'm not here
to talk about the case.
I wanna get to know you.
Prosecutors don't care
about tough luck stories.
- That's her deal.
- Do you have a tough luck story?
Daddy didn't beat me. Mom is sober.
- Guess I'm just bad.
- Mr. Watkins wants to help.
I don't really think that
that's you, not entirely.
- You don't know me.
- So help us know you.
- What's going on over there?
- I'll be fine.
What are we talking about?
A conversation with Darius
about the harm that you
Whoa, hold up. Come on.
Are you the kind of man
that takes responsibility
for their
I was just getting through to him!
Luke, you were walking him
straight to a confession!
What about PC 245(A)4?
You're kidding. On an non-strike felony?
And probation.
He won't do a day in custody.
I bring you felony probation,
and you bring Rafael to the table.
I don't think I've ever heard
a D.A. say those words.
If that's what it takes,
I'll make it happen.
The real work happens
in the restorative dialogue.
We just got to get everybody
in the same room.
Yeah, okay. All right.
Cuthbert called.
We need to talk.
Wait a minute. Why didn't she
reach out to me directly?
- She knows her audience.
- Should I
I'll update you.
PC 246.3 Negligent discharge
of a firearm.
Department Rashel
is placed on probation.
You've got to be kidding me.
This is an attempted murder
with a gun enhancement.
- That's 11 years total.
- One has to test the waters.
- Love, love, love
your Boy Scout predictability.
If you're not here to discuss
a serious plea, I don't even
245(B) Assault with a semiautomatic,
six years suspended
and five years' probation.
You rebut the charges.
You threaten to drag Omar
through the mud,
and now you're ready to plea
to a strike?
It's time for you
to report to the adults.
Looking forward to your reply. Bye.
- I think we should take it.
- He won't spend a day in prison.
The defendant has no record.
The incident occurred while on duty.
It was clearly out of policy.
Obviously, but with a strike,
Rashel cannot work in law enforcement.
And he walks free. If we go to trial
- He could be acquitted.
- That's a risk.
But at least we get a public accounting
of the systemic cover-up
that's been happening
While dragging Omar and the office
through a long and difficult
trial, which by the way
Are we worried about Omar here,
or are you worried about your
police union campaign contributions?
Mr. Callan, we will chalk that
up to your zeal for justice.
You will not get another chance with me.
My apologies. I just
I don't understand why
we're going so easy on him.
Rashel is admitting fault.
It makes me wonder what we're missing.
Look, he pleads guilty
to a strike, his career is over.
How does that fail your
definition of justice, Callan?
Rashel pulled the trigger,
but others helped him cover it up.
He couldn't have done this on his own.
If I'm still assigned to this case
I remind us that we have
a legal obligation
to run this by Omar.
- The Justice League.
- Dumbledore's Army.
- The Supremes!
- Not the Supremes.
Whoa! Lola and the Coasters.
What is happening?
Benner's breaking up the band.
- Despite my original expectations,
your courtroom and these colleagues
are the reason I come to work.
Original expectations?
People take advantage of women
on maternity leave.
We are excellent
and coveted by lesser judges.
And when bands break up, they
never really get back together.
No matter how many times
Beyoncé teases us
with Destiny's Child
Super Bowl reunions.
I will talk to Judge Benner, okay?
In the meantime,
she took notes on "Not Without Laughter"
by Langston Hughes.
Let me know what schools
have it on their curriculum.
Why, if I may ask?
One last wild swing at finding
our mystery protestor.
I believe she's out there thriving.
I hope so. I still snap awake sometimes,
dreaming about that gun.
Don't worry. I will talk
to Judge Benner.
You are the best. We miss you!
Thank you, Your Honor.
Miss you, too. Send sleep. Thanks.
Going to the defendant was unethical.
The defense attorney gave
permission and was present.
You didn't have permission from me!
There's a chain of command!
We will have an indelible effect
on Rafael's life.
I thought it was important
to get to know him first.
He committed armed robbery,
and you want "I'm sorry"?
Darius Moore deserves better than that.
We represent the people.
That's both Darius and Rafael.
That's a fairy tale
and not in your job description.
What kind of job will he get
with a strike conviction?
- He's only 18!
- Priors?
None. Two months earlier, and he
would have been a juvenile.
And getting rehabilitated.
You talked to this young man?
- He wants to change.
- [SCOFFS] Right.
Get the reparation agreement,
and I'm good with a plea
to felony assault.
- See if Judge Benner agrees.
- Thank you.
If it falls apart,
you'll pursue a strike.
Don't make me regret this.
I am skeptical that
putting a victim of violence
in the same room as his attacker
would be healing.
You put 'em in the same courtroom.
- To seek justice.
- And half the time, the victims are mad
that the prison sentences
aren't long enough.
Yet you're arguing for leniency?
No, I'm arguing that the process
doesn't always help the victim.
Rafael Ibarra is a young man
No priors.
If the complaining witness
is willing, why shouldn't we?
You're both arguing
the same side? That's novel.
What Mr. Watkins proposes
is mutually beneficial.
Straight probation on an armed robbery.
That gets a judge
some unwanted attention.
If we want public safety,
we should help defendants like Rafael
truly understand the harm
that they cause.
I would make that argument to any voter.
Your job is not an elected position.
Probation keeps Rafael
linked to the justice system.
It's not a free pass.
But I think we can make it better.
Traditional probation
focuses on punishment.
If it's a condition,
you risk arrest by
By missing an appointment.
Which encourages the discipline
necessary for personal reform.
So why not use that same framework
to transform through empathy
rather than fear?
[SIGHS] You've piqued my curiosity.
- Let's see how this plays out.
- Thank you.
Don't look so pleased.
You still gotta make it work.
Judge Benner.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Impressive back there, Mr. Watkins.
[CHUCKLES] I think
Judge Benner misses Lola.
If your revolution is gonna
be this much fun, sign me up.
You're having fun?
Well, I've always been, you know, kinda
storm the barricades kind of gal.
You two look positively ecstatic. Dish.
Hello, Ness. I will see you
at mediation, all right?
Benner just approved
a restorative justice dialogue.
Benner? [SCOFFS]
- I should buy a lotto ticket.
- August Fox will facilitate.
August Fox? Former-prosecutor,
blaze-of-glory, turned-reform-
warrior August Fox?
- The very same.
- The man is a genius.
- Come on by.
- Really?
- Okay. [LAUGHS]
- Carmichael.
How's baby-topia?
Lisa, please talk to the squad.
Is that what we're calling them?
My court staff is you're worried
you're reassigning them.
- We are short-staffed everywhere.
- Lisa, please, for my sanity.
I'll let them know to
stop bothering you.
Carmichael, in the beginning,
everything is tender
and fragile, and I mean,
then you drop 'em a few times,
and babies practically bounce.
- Lisa.
Oh, Carmichael, you're doing great.
I can't wait to get you back here.
Deputy Rashel's willing to plead
to a 6-year suspended sentence.
What happens if we go to trial?
We throw everything at him
that we could,
and if guilty on all charges,
35 to life.
Not guilty, he walks free.
He walks free with that plea.
With a suspended sentence,
if Rashel violates
his probation, that triggers the time.
So it's either empty threats
or I take a chance
that at trial,
he wouldn't even get that?
Omar, a trial offers transparency, too.
Win or lose, your story
is part of the public record
What Rashel did, the officers
who helped cover it up.
So what do we do?
What do you want to happen?
I wanna shoot him in the spine
and watch him rot.
That's understandable.
Not that I can live
with that the reality.
Look, I-I can't imagine.
Six years of actual prison time.
Let him lose the same time I did.
Even if it means not going to trial?
You worry about your fighting
the system stuff.
I'd just like my eye for an eye, please.
I'm proud of you gentlemen.
These conversations aren't easy.
We won't be talking
about the incident, not today.
We're gonna talk about life
before the crime and after.
All right?
Rafael, you L.A. born and raised?
- You know it.
- Ah. How was that coming up?
Oh, you know, nothing special.
Just hanging and hustling.
Try to keep it interesting, though.
What, you robbed me
'cause you were bored?
Now let's not go there yet.
Darius, where you from?
Uh, near Bullis and MLK.
Hey, they still have those
car sideshows over there?
One time this, uh, guy spun
donuts over fireworks.
- Car caught on fire.
- Yeah, I think I saw that.
Hell, no. You still over there?
Well, um I bounce around.
What? Wait, you don't
Okay, Darius, you've had some struggles.
What's your day to day now?
I don't know. Felt like
things would get better.
Now I ain't so sure.
Ugh. Hot damn.
This better be life or death.
How do I convince Bravo to go to trial?
If I let Rashel plea,
it's like pretending
he's the one bad apple.
You wanna expose the rat in the system.
- Yeah, I do.
- Push Bravo too hard,
and you'll end up reforming
from misdemeanor court.
I hate when a strategic move
feels like the cowardly one.
ROBIN: Did you find the cloths?
Sorry. I'll I'll call you back
when I have time.
- Mark, wait.
- Talk later. Bye.
I was on a call.
Yet somehow, you've been acting
like you don't want me around.
I wouldn't do this
with anybody else. It's just
Half the time,
I have to help you help me,
and you get to sleep through the night.
Okay, I will do more.
If you wanna wake me up,
just drop an elbow on me.
So you can do what,
tell me the baby is hungry?
Well, if there is extra,
I will warm a bottle from the fridge.
I'm gonna put these up by the rocker.
I've done little stuff before.
I snatched something,
and crimeys would be all like, "Oh!"
- "Crimey"?
- Your boy you do crime with.
- Ah.
- See? He's down.
Never caught, though.
- Jail is, um
a lot.
Say more about that.
"Sleep with one eye open"
ain't just something they say.
Yeah, that's why I don't do shelters.
There are a lot of places out there
that are good with youth safety.
I can get you a rec.
And I'm just, like,
laying up there at night,
you know, thinking,
man, all this over some
dumb knockoff, you know?
Yo, what you say?
All right, take a breath.
What, I'm supposed to feel sorry
for you 'cause my stuff is cheap?!
No, I'm saying if I had known,
I would have
- Well, what's up?!
- Come on! Try me now!
- Come on, man. Try me now!
- I'm saying it like a compliment.
- Hey, you're not helping!
- Take a breath.
- Let's take a break.
- No, you said I'd be in charge!
- Darius, come on, let's
- No, forget it!
- Darius.
- I'm done!
- Y'all can lock him up, man. I'm done.
- Darius!
A setback like this isn't ideal,
but not unheard of, given time.
We don't have time.
Rafael's plea is contingent
upon a reparation agreement.
You brought Rafael to participate?
I thought once they met
If this does not work,
he is facing a strike.
- What are you gonna do about that?
- I'll talk to Choi.
I thought you had this.
I get it. You're in a rush
to the revolution.
My boss, the judge,
they understand probation.
I thought if I could get them to
look at the reparation agreement
in the same way, I could
make them understand.
But the master's tools aren't much use
against the master's house.
I don't know how to get
this type of justice to work
inside the court system, but it has to.
That corner you're in right now
is why I stopped being a prosecutor.
Wow. Exit line.
- Not helpful.
- Figure it out.
I better.
I better.
I like where you started on
assault with a semi-automatic,
but we're not walking outta here
without actual prison time.
Tell you what. We'll move to high term
assault with a semi-automatic,
nine years, suspended.
He doesn't serve a day in custody.
I prefer my chances with a jury.
Love, love, love the full-court press.
PC 245(B).
Assault with a semi-automatic,
low term of three, actual prison time.
That's a start.
Is this the kind of radical,
progressive organization
- you're running now?
- We don't play politics here, Corinne.
Guilty plea plus prison time.
What more could you gain?
Let me confer with Mr. Callan,
but I believe we have found a solution.
Mr. Rashel, one question.
Why not fight this tooth and nail
like every other officer?
Don't answer that.
- Don't answer that.
- Are you a religious man, Mr. Callan?
It's been a minute since I've seen
the inside of a church, but yeah.
I always knew that a
reckoning was coming.
Then why not step forward years ago?
Well, I didn't say
I wanted that reckoning.
But I made a terrible mistake,
and I chose to hide it.
Say that in open court,
it might do us all some good.
Don't be fooled by Delgado's quiet wit.
She is a bulldog.
And sure, Campbell looks
all rumply and cute,
- but he has the instincts of a killer.
- I have a 15-point plan
on how to keep the judges
from poaching us.
15 entire points?
Oh, there are also subpoints.
Point one always be Coastering.
- What now?
- If someone asks for your assistance,
you are always in the midst
of a complicated Lola-coaster request.
Oh, good. You're not busy.
Oh, actually, Loa requested
a detailed precedent rundown
of all decisions
related to Franklin hearings
and the rate at which parole is
granted to youthful offenders.
Good luck with that.
Castillo, we take a plea tomorrow.
Kansky, you're with me.
I have a docket dilemma.
She is picking us off one by one.
- Not a horror movie.
- Isn't it?
I'm a tired daddy ♪
And you're a tired kid ♪
I don't know what rhymes
with "daddy" ♪
I don't know any songs ♪
Luther Vandross you are not.
She likes it.
Babe, I'm sorry.
Okay, so
I've been sniping at you
because I'm already worried
about you leaving, you back at work,
me here alone.
Well, we have weeks. And good thing,
because I just realized this morning
that this little one
is not a house guest.
She's not leaving.
No, she's not. Bailey came early,
and we didn't have time
- to get ready the nest, not really.
- Mm.
When I'm up feeding Bailey
in the middle of the night,
I know that you're in the next room.
But soon you'll be in D.C.,
and I'll just have to do my best,
and what if my best isn't good enough?
What if I am not
Babe, of course you are.
You got this.
I didn't see how hurt
Darius was, the trauma.
He seemed so resilient.
I can't. I just
Let hope override reality.
What's going on with you?
I studied law to help people.
But that's a moving target,
and it keeps moving faster.
Have a seat.
When I was Grade One eons ago,
some of the guys started
this running joke.
Every time I was assigned a case
with an Asian defendant
Did they "your people" you?
Oh. "Hey, Choi, go easy on your uncle.
Hey, Choi, is that your cousin?"
Korean, Chinese, didn't matter to 'em.
- Comedians.
- Laugh riot.
That's why I avoided when I could.
Skip the files with Asian names.
Then I get a trial handoff last minute.
Walk in and there is this Filipino kid.
Actually your people?
20 years old, maybe.
He was relieved to see me.
I'm the prosecutor, and he's relieved.
Right, because we have a responsibility.
I put that guy away for 10 years.
Offer the felony probation.
Thank you.
Now Rafael gets a second chance.
What does Darius Moore get?
Mr. Watkins, your argument
for this lenient plea
- included a public safety outcome
- Yes.
Based on the rapprochement
of these two men.
Uh, teenagers, Your Honor. Teenagers.
And my client participated
in good faith. He
Ms. Lopez.
Hey, could I say something?
Go ahead.
I thought everyone in here
was out to get me.
But he wasn't. And you weren't.
And I hope you're not wrong about that.
And if Darius was here,
I'd tell him I don't know.
I know "sorry" don't cover it.
[SIGHS] Mr. Watkins.
You gave me a lot to think about.
However, you did not secure
the reparation agreement
that you promised.
Without it, I worry that
this plea meets neither
the goal of rehabilitation
nor of punishment.
Mr. Ibarra should not be
punished for the reluctance
of the complaining witness.
But Mr. Ibarra should
be held accountable
for what he has done.
You have shifted my thinking
on that accountability.
I will be comfortable with
the plea to strike for probation
or non-strike PC 245(A)(4)
with time in custody.
You'll let me know what you come to.
- And there it is.
Welcome to the real world, kid.
Deputy Rashel, did anyone force you
into accepting this settlement?
Do you wanna say anything to the court
before we enter the order?
No. Thank you, though.
Then that will be the order.
Hands behind your back.
We decided that the best option
was guaranteed prison time.
I know it's short
of the six years, but
Better than nothing, huh?
Yeah, maybe.
You could still pursue
civil action if that's
Tell me, Mr. Callan,
when will you atone
for your part in this?
I'm sorry, Omar.
I I screwed up.
If I was handed this case today, I
You rubber-stamped the injustice,
but now you're playing the hero.
I was just trying to right a wrong.
[SCOFFS] I'd say
you got a long way to go.
Nice work, Callan.
Your game of "plea chicken"
really paid off.
First of all, that is a terrible phrase
that should die a flaming death,
and second of all, I wasn't playing.
Well, you did better than
many have before us.
Sir, I'm not satisfied
with incremental gains.
I'd like to discuss where
Special Trials goes next.
Okay, that "win an inch,
steal a mile" attitude
might work with Choi,
but I decide the priorities
for our divisions.
A win? Sir, Deputy Rashel
got a better deal
than any civilian ever would.
We serve the People,
and we are doing
an uneven job of it at best.
I have some excellent cases
lined up for you, Mark.
Very big, very exciting.
You should just have fun with that.
Sir, I don't do this for fun.
Well, you should while you still can.
We didn't make any friends
in law enforcement today,
but when the consequences
of that come rolling around
however they roll around,
the time for fun will be over.
It's in there. You know,
I'll do another run.
Oh, damn.
- Hey, I wanted to apologize.
- Okay.
I need to be held accountable
for what I put you through.
You're in a hurry. First,
you want me to forgive Rafael.
- Now you pressing me to let you slide.
- Okay, I'm not trying to
Look, I'm angry, okay?
And I'm gonna be angry
for a good, long time.
August said that.
The first time I observed
a sentencing circle,
someone wanted to know,
"How do I forgive?"
August asked first.
Have you been angry long enough?
I respect that.
August says there's some work
down at the Senate.
- Yeah, I got a job.
- Well, maybe if you need two,
I thought maybe you could
talk to some people
about what you've been going through.
Like a guru.
More like a mentor.
I'll think on it.
If you ever decide
you've been angry long enough,
I'm at the D.A.'s office.
I was having the most wonderful dream.
[YAWNING] I was sleeping.
What's this?
Dionn Richardson.
That's the name of the young woman
who owns that stray backpack.
I had a friend go digging
for theft reports
filed against the police.
Smart. You took a walk in her shoes.
Even if she doesn't
back down from a fight,
the desk sergeant that
filled out that report,
he just sat on it.
It's lucky my guy found it.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Baby, I I'm good at this.
I promise you that I will
get better at the other.
And I'll always help.
Still got love for you, girl.
Dionn, you are a tough
young woman to find.
Well, I try to stay off the grid.
But wow.
- Thank you for saving me.
- You're welcome.
You know, you're kind of a badass.
You're one to talk. What happened?
By the time I was released,
you were gone.
I kept asking, am I free to go?
And when they said yes, I ran,
didn't realize I had left my bag.
- I'll send it to you.
- Thanks.
So why were you out protesting?
Oh, just to bring attention
to an oppressive institution
with roots in fugitive slave capture.
You are a smart young lady.
There are plenty of folks
who share that critique
but ignore the call.
Well, I figure no one else
is gonna fix it for me.
- You're a mom?
- Brand-new.
Congrats. Hope you don't
have to step in front
of any more guns.
Yeah, that makes two of us.
Do you have someone that you can talk to
about what happened?
Yeah, my mom, told me
about her protest days,
and said it was okay I was afraid.
She's kind of a badass, too.
Like mother, like daughter, then.
I guess I am.
We have a plan.
I called in a favor
with the assistant network
and did some deft docket trading.
I'll assist Judge Carmichael
in reviewing sentencing alternatives.
I'll be compiling cases
in which a court reporter's
understanding of slang
affected case outcomes.
In short, there is no reason
to farm us out to other courtrooms.
Very ambitious. I certainly hope
Judge Laski allows you the time
for the extra work.
Judge Laski?
I was never planning on reassigning you.
Jonas is being displaced by
renovations to his chambers.
He'll just move to 802. Problem solved.
Do you back down? I don't back down ♪
Do you back down? I never back down ♪
Tell me, do you back down?
I don't back down ♪
I was so close, Em,
to really making a difference.
I didn't wanna wait for slow evolution.
I was almost the meteor.
Sushi burrito truck is back.
- Let me buy you something.
- You know what hurts the most?
Failing in front of you.
When I said everything
needed to change
Look, it makes sense. If you
wanna transform your life,
you can't be weighed down.
You never weighed me down.
You never weighed me down.
What happened?
One minute, you were figuring
things out on your own,
and then
Wanted to see myself in a new way.
And Sam helped with that?
It's not a healthy approach.
I know.
How's Joaquin?
He's still out of town.
I've been so busy with our case,
we haven't really caught up,
but good, I'm sure.
Thank you for the dinner invite.
Of course.
It was good working with you,
Mr. Watkins.
You will make it happen.
Next time.
[WHISPERS] Sweet, blissful quiet.
I'm gonna nap for a year.
Thank you for finding Dionn.
You're welcome.
I didn't realize how afraid
I'd gotten, having Bailey.
- Obviously, I'm not gonna risk my life.
- Better not.
What other fights will I start
backing down from?
Will I play it safe on the bench?
Bailey may have you worrying
that you're not enough.
But stepping in to help Dionn
Lola Carmichael,
that is not the exception.
That is the rule.
Baby, you are a warrior.
- Bailey will be, too.
- Hmm.
Dionn did call me a badass.
Hello, Mark.
Hey, Lo. So uh, turns out
some mistakes can't be fixed.
Omar called me out
as being part of the problem.
I don't wanna be part of the problem.
Righteous motivation.
That's the rocket fuel, right?
How's the family?
Hey, Robin! What's up, man?
- Shh!
- Oh! Ooh, ooh, ooh. Sorry.
Sorry, sorry. Ugh.
[WHISPERING] I'm gonna go clean up.
- [WHISPERS] Okay. Love you.
- I love you.
Hey, can I, uh, say good night
to the baby?
Oh, hey, sweetie.
All right, um, once upon a time,
there was a judge named Lulu.
And what are you called, Quark?
[LAUGHS] And Quark and Lulu
were members of
an intergalactic legal team.
Their mission was to scour the universe,
helping people rebuild trusts
that had been broken.
[CHUCKLES] Very nice.
And though their work was very hard,
and though Quark was
impossibly handsome
Oh, God.
They always discovered
something wonderful.
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