All Rise (2019) s02e09 Episode Script

Safe to Fall

Previously on "All Rise"
Why is there a decapitated deer head
being mounted in my chambers?
We are in for a ride.
There's no denying we've
always been good together.
I knew exactly what to do,
how to approach the problem
and solve it.
I had the skill. I could see the path.
But you can't.

No sleeping, dreams, gotta get up ♪
And turn on all the lights ♪
Cold feet, not me, I deliver ♪
I'll be living my best life ♪
Em, hey.
Waking up to the future ♪
Oh, my God. I kept you
waiting all night.
I'm so sorry.
I kinda fell asleep waiting for you.
- So I'm the lucky one.
I spent the night in a proper bed.
- You, on the other hand
- I lost track of time.
The verdict is today.
Insanity plea and attempted murder
Not my favorite combo.

- Not picking up?
- It's my dad. I owe him a call.
I have to go home and change before I
I hope I picked a good outfit.
Got me dancing in the rain ♪
You're a superhero.
Thank you. Thank you.
'Cause everything's
gonna fall in place ♪
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Waking up to the future ♪
- Aw! [LAUGHS]
- Aw, look at that little face.
That's the Carmichael smirk right there.
[LAUGHS] Little hands.

- Oh, I'm not
- No.
- No, me neither.
- Okay, good.
- It's just Bailey.
- She's so cute.
- Ridiculously cute.
- I mean, maybe someday but
- Yeah.
BOTH: Not now. [CHUCKLE]
Are you serious?
The "anti-police attorney"?
Is that what I am now?
Well, you knew there'd be pushback.
Oh, I guess I'd better get used to it.
Rashel won't be my last.
That's fine, but you can't do it alone.
- I know. I need a team.
- Callan army.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, it's a brand-new day ♪
What the hell happened to you?
- And what is that smell?
Shut up, Callan.
Uh, I'm gonna be late for work,
but I definitely wanna hear
more about whatever this is.
Bye, baby. Good luck.
- Come in.
- The pipes burst at the office.
- I was doing my makeup in the bathroom.
And then I heard a rattling
in the cubicle,
and then the floor
started shaking, and then
God. You came here?
My apartment is infested with bedbugs.
It's a long story.
I just really need to get
this yucky off of me.
Okay, mi baño es tu baño.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
[WHISPERS] It's oh-so-quiet.
Shh. Shh.
It's oh-so-still ♪
You're all alone ♪
And so peaceful until ♪
- Ms. Kansky.
Judge Carmichael, how is the tiny human?
Not so little anymore.
They grow so fast.
Why did no one tell me?
She's actually taking
her fourth nap today.
Uh, aren't you supposed to be
napping when they nap?
Isn't that the key to sleep?
I'll let you go.
No, it is actually good
to see your face.
Is that a smile I see?
Your Honor, Judge Laski is out,
- and I undid his damage.
- Ohh.
Sherri, you are a godsend.
It looks
- Sherri.
- Yes.
Where's Uhura?
I briefly moved her to clean.
Oh, God. Good.
- I almost had a heart attack.
Oh, looks like little Bailey's
waking up.
- You know, I'll let you go.
"Uhura is safe for now.
Return my stag, or you shall
never see her again."
- Ohh shh.
People of the State of California
vs. Alfredo Castro.
He is present,
and all counsel are present.
Now the court has heard and
considered all of the evidence,
and now I will render a verdict.
As to count number one,
Attempted Murder,
the court finds the defendant
guilty as charged.
The court also finds that
the crime was committed
with willful, deliberate premeditation.
Now that said,
the defendant entered a plea
of not guilty by reason of insanity.
This concludes the guilt phase.
Is the defense ready to proceed
with the sanity phase?
We are, Your Honor.
All right, the court will be in
recess until 8:30 a.m. tomorrow.
We'll talk later, okay?
So what exactly happens now?
Well, the defense will try to prove
that your brother was illegally insane
- when he stabbed your father.
- Why is it so complicated
to send him to prison for what he did?
- Javier!
Javier, please.
Alfredo grabbed a knife from the kitchen
and stabbed my father, and yet my father
finds a way to be mad at me.
At me. What did I do
wrong? I saved his life!
You've been so brave.
I'm tired of being brave.
I wanna feel safe.
Is there anything we can do
to avoid the sanity phase?
Alfredo was already found guilty.
Ms. Lopez will try to get your brother
sent to the state hospital
for treatment.
He's not crazy. He was high again.
He knew exactly what he was doing.
Alfredo doesn't have schizophrenia
just because the defense says he does.
Their doctor says he does,
but we have a strategy.
Our doctor found that it's unclear
whether he suffers
from a mental illness,
and that is enough to argue
against their diagnosis,
plus there's no medical records,
no family history.
And that is why we still have
a great case.
If you hadn't there to stop
your brother's attack,
this would be a murder trial, Eva.
I really do miss my brother,
but that person doesn't exist anymore.
I am so sorry, Alfredo.
You work very hard, Señorita Lopez.
I'm lucky to have you as my lawyer.
When can I go home?
Alfredo, you can't
Do you know what just happened?
- The judge found you guilty.
- It wasn't him.
I don't know how to
explain it, Ms. Lopez.
That night, it wasn't my father.
The Other took over him.
- I would never hurt my family.
- I know.
And I need my family and the
judge to know that, too, okay?
I'll try, but it is gonna get personal,
and I want you to be ready
for that, okay?
This phase determines
whether you're going to prison
or a state hospital.
The guilty verdict is one thing,
but the judge also found that
the crime was premeditated.
- So, Alfredo
- Now I'm facing life in prison. I know.
I do remember that.
I am going to fight like hell
to not let that happen, okay?

I heard you got the "guilty" verdict,
so I brought you celebratory waffles.
Oh, I'm starving. Thank you.
We were hoping that Emily
would drop the insanity plea.
- She didn't.
- I'm not surprised.
She's not gonna give in
on a case like this.
- This is important to her.
- It's important to me, too.
It's horrible, what the trial's
doing to this poor family.
- Breaks my heart.
- Could you imagine
if your only sister
wanted you in prison?
- Maybe he is mentally ill.
- He isn't.
Hey, why did you take a Lyft
this morning?
I said I could drive you.
Who are we hiding from, Luke?
I'm pretty sure everyone
knows that we're
Okay, but we're not hiding.
We're being discreet.
I thought you said
you were cool with this.
You are, right?
[MOUTH FULL] This is good.
I can't believe my boy
won't be coming home.
Javier, it doesn't help
when my client's family
doesn't believe he's ill.
All I know is that he needs me.
He needs his family,
and he needs to come home.
I know it's not that simple,
but there has to be a way.
Can Can you appeal?
It's not how it works.
I'm a public defender.
Our office doesn't handle appeals.
But if you take the stand
And say what? That he's crazy?
That he didn't recognize you
when he attacked you,
that he thought you were an imposter,
that he wasn't trying to kill you.
Your testimony can save
your son from prison.
Rotting in prison or a state hospital
seems the same to me.
His life has been taken away from him.
A state hospital is not prison, Javier.
It's where he can go
to get the help he needs
to get better.
And you could visit him
whenever you want.
You could talk to him.
You could hug him.
Why won't you help your son?
What do you think I've
been doing his whole life?
You play golf?
I just needed a change of view.
I'm stuck inside here all the time.
Look at all these plants.
How do you keep them all alive?
My plants always die.
Well, they're not that complex.
Most people neglect them
and then wonder why
their favorite plants
turn brown and die.
Oh, you got the transcript.
- Is something wrong?
- No, no, no.
Some people replay conversations
over and over in their heads.
- I revisit transcripts.
- Why?
Sanity cases test me like no others.
Now, Ms. Castillo,
it is gonna be a wild ride.
I suggest a game of poker
at lunch to calm our nerves.
What do you think?
Did you know that poker for two people
is actually called Heads-up?
- Hey, Mark.
- Hey.
So this is where the kings
and queens play, huh?
Not much of a kingdom.
Things have been different
since I put Deputy Rashel behind bars.
Bravo went from showing up at my house
to barely returning my calls,
and I get hate mail now.
Yeah, well, I knew you didn't
invite me for coffee,
so what do you need?
You. I need you. I want you
to come back to Trials.
Not everyone enjoys the spotlight
as much as you, Callan.
You know, every attorney can only stand
a finite number of trials,
and I have already reached my limit.
Carver, I am running
a thick blue wall here.
You're the only person
who knows what that's like,
and somehow the cops still
respect the hell out of you.
That's because I hold them accountable,
- and I don't suffer fools.
- Like in The People vs. Cooper.
They sent you down after
that case. What happened?
You know, I'm real sorry
that Special Trials
isn't so special for you anymore,
but life's like that, Callan.
Get used to it.
- I got your message. Absolutely not.
Mark, what's the big deal? It's Rachel.
I got a lot going on at work,
and having a guest
It's it's too much.
Her apartment's being treated
for bedbugs,
and besides, I already said yes.
How the hell did she get bedbugs?
Why does anyone get bedbugs?
So you're okay with it, right?
- He's excited to have you.
- Thank you so much.
It'll just be until I can
get into my apartment.
Okay. So where were we? Right.
I think I've come up with a way
for us to expand our brand,
to broaden our clients' spectrum.
Let me pitch this to you. Pro bono work.
Amy, um my apartment isn't
being treated for bedbugs.
- Spiders?
- No apartment.
I needed to downsize.
I haven't found a place yet.
I've been crashing at the office.
My back hurts
from sleeping on the couch,
and this morning is the first day
I've had a proper shower in a week.
Why didn't you say something?
Well, I'm saying something now.
- Why don't you take my condo?
- Oh, no. I-I couldn't. I have
I've been renting it out.
I just need a couple days
to get it cleaned up.
But mi condo, tu condo.
Just until I can find
a cheaper apartment.
Thank you.
Until the sign, until the sign ♪
All right. Not bad
for a first-timer, all right?
Oh, I doubt this is your first time.
So how are your grandparents?
- I heard your store was looted.
- How did you
Heard you were helping
them with the repairs.
Yes, they have finally reopened.
I couldn't be happier for them.
[SIGHS] They're just the
hardest working people I know.
You're a good kid, Ms. Castillo.
The Castro case is pretty stressful.
Judge Delgado cornered me
to talk about the deficiencies
of mental health resources in prison,
lectured me for 20 minutes
on how I need to consider
all of the sanity evidence.
- Number one I know this.
Number two burden's on
the defense, not me.
Number three I haven't heard
the sanity phase yet, so
Maybe you should add
a suggestion box to your office.
I like you.
Oh, crap. Wait.
Who is the small blind again?
Hey. Is Kiara here?
She just left. What do you need?
Look, you and I both know how the trial
absolutely destroyed the Castros.
It's not too late
to stipulate to insanity
and just end this.
He's not mentally ill.
He thought his father
was an imposter, Sam.
Our experts see it differently,
and the Castros need justice.
They also need compassion.
You know what?
You don't know what
it's like to be Latino
and come from a community
where therapy is frowned upon
and is only for people who are crazy.
Please don't tell me what
I know and don't know, Emily.
You don't know me.
you clearly don't know what it's like
to have a father who is
in absolute denial
about his son's mental illness
and a sister who thinks
that her brother's mental breakdown
is nothing more than him
just being high on drugs.
Drugs were found
in his system that night.
He's completely sane,
and he knew perfectly well
what he was doing.
A mentally ill man
has been self-medicating
throughout his entire life
because he has had
no one to help him
seek proper treatment.
You don't stab someone
three times by accident.
If you can't see how the stigma
is affecting Javier and Eva,
then you need to educate yourself.

- Lola's gonna kill someone.
- Judge Carmichael can't find out.
All right, whoever took
the stag head had to be seen.
They had to go past security.
- And elevators.
- And elevators.
He could have taken the stairs.
What? That's eight floors.
I don't know, Sherri.
That's some intense Pilates.
You're right. We're
overcomplicating this.
You study the judges' calendar
for the names of anyone
who came in on the day of the crime.
- Where are you going?
- To interrogate Security.
I got a thing on my mind ♪
Sure I'm gonna find it ♪

[COUGHS] Rachel.
- Uh, what are you
- Breakfast.
It's the least I can do for
you guys letting me stay here.
Oh, come on, Mark. It's not
like I haven't seen you Morning.
- Hey.
- Morning.
I'm gonna go take a shower.
Can't wait for breakfast.
- Ah, it's Lola.
- Lola. Can I say hi?
It's about a case.
- Lo.
- Mark, what do you think it means
if Bailey cries
every time I read her this book?
Do you think she's getting
sick of the sound of my voice?
Impossible. She's probably
just sick of the book.
Hey, listen, Lo. I need some help.
Uh I need you to call Rachel
and get her out of my house.
Rachel is at your house?
Yeah, apparently she's having problems
with her apartment or something.
Why didn't she call me?
She didn't call me. She just
showed up out of the blue.
She hasn't even seen Bailey.
- Wow, I didn't know that.
- Just tell Rachel how you feel.
You know, you two have
always been able to talk.
So how are things at work?
Any better?
Well, I'm considering bringing
Tony Carver on the team.
Carver has been at the CEU for
- 20 years, I know.
- The man is a legend.
Yeah, well, he, uh,
he kinda blew me off.
Of course he did. He knows
it's not gonna be that simple.
Talk to Choi. See if it's even possible.
And don't worry about Rachel.
Actually, now that you mention it,
- your voice is kinda screechy.
- You are evil.
- Bye.
I just got off the phone
with our psychiatrist.
Good news, I hope.
Alfredo could be suffering from
schizoid personality disorder.
- We already knew that.
- No, not schizophrenia.
Schizoid personality disorder.
- And the difference is?
- It's huge.
And I would like to do
a cross-examination.
Samantha, you've been doing
a remarkable job.
Kiara, I can do this.
It has nothing to
do with your abilities.
- It's about experience.
- You'll be right there.
The moment that you ask me
to sit down and take over,
we'll switch.
What am I looking at?
Our smoking gun.
Dr. Johnson, did you reach a diagnosis
when you evaluated Alfredo Castro?
Yes, I did. Schizophrenia.
And can you please tell the court
what the main symptoms
of schizophrenia are?
Lack of normal thinking,
withdrawal, lack of interest.
Exaggerated ideas such as
hallucinations or delusions.
Could you please tell us
what the Capgras delusion is?
Whoever's suffering from it
has this irrational belief
that a person close to him
has been replaced by an imposter.
In your opinion, is it possible
that Mr. Castro
could have been experiencing
a Capgras delusion
- on the night in question?
- Yes.
Thank you. Nothing further, Your Honor.
All right. Prosecution
may cross-examine the witness.
For how long have you
been a licensed psychiatrist?
22 years.
Are you familiar with
schizoid personality disorder?
Yes, I am.
Is it true that SPD does not
cause delusions or hallucinations?
Meaning that a person suffering
from SPD maintains
a complete understanding
of their surroundings
and is therefore completely sane
at all times?
Are you familiar with the book
onscreen, Dr. Johnson?
Um, yes, we use it as
a standard diagnostic reference.
Isn't it true that in order
to get an official diagnosis
of schizophrenia,
a person has to show at least
two of the following symptoms
most of the time for a month,
and some mental disturbance
- over six months.
- Yes, that's true.
Now you, Dr. Johnson,
a licensed psychiatrist
for 22 years, diagnosed the defendant
with schizophrenia after only
a couple of hours?
Objection. Calls for
speculation and argumentative.
No. Overruled. You may answer.
That is correct.
Is it possible that you could
have misdiagnosed Alfredo?
Objection. Leading and prejudicial.
It's a fair question,
Ms. Lopez. Overruled.
It's possible but not likely.
Is it possible that Alfredo
has SPD and not schizophrenia?
Anything's possible.
Is it possible that
on the night in question,
Alfredo acted solely
on the influence of drugs
and was not experiencing
symptoms of schizophrenia?
Yes, it is possible.
No further questions.

Carver hasn't had
a courtroom assignment in decades.
Any trial would be a challenge.
Trials are challenging
for anyone, and I need the help.
After 20 years, I guarantee
Carver will never return
to the level of trial competence.
He'll come on.
He'll start as my second chair.
I'll only assign him cases
involving the prosecution
Carver will not work in any other unit
while I'm still working here.
Is that clear?
Is this personal? Did something
happen between you two?
I've made my decision, Callan.
I wish you were in court today.
I was able to make everyone consider
an alternative diagnosis.
I totally buried Emily's witness.
Hey. Don't underestimate her.
She can bounce back.
Whoa. How about "Congrats, Sam.
Proud of you, girl"?
Of course all of that. I just mean
Listen, I can't say much,
but I'm guessing
that this case is affecting her.
Affecting her, yeah. She was rude, Luke.
She came at me condescending
and ready to argue,
- and you're defending her?
- No, I'm not defending her.
I'm just saying that this case is
Important to her, right, right, right.
Have you thought about
how it's important to me?
This is my first real cross-examination,
and I was terrified
to go up against the woman
that you clearly still care about.
- Sam, come on.
- Um, I have work to do.
I am not taking the stand.
I already said no,
but yet, here you are again.
Trust me, Javier,
I wouldn't be asking again
if I didn't have to.
You are not just my best option.
You are my only option.
You don't understand.
Okay, then help me understand.
What would change if you admit
that your son needs help?
Would you Would you love him less?
- No, never.
- Then what?
What would keep you from doing
My mother.
She went from mental hospital
to mental hospital,
never getting better.
What was her diagnosis?
I asked you before the trial, Javier,
if there was any mental illness
in your family,
and you said no.
You know how hard it is.
This could have been entered
as evidence.
We We would've been
in much better shape.
All I'm trying to do
is to protect my family.
I protected her. I'll protect my son.
Your son's mental illness
almost killed you,
and now it's gonna kill him
if he doesn't get the help
that he needs, Javier.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Hey, how's it going with Sam?
- What do you mean?
- Isn't it, like, weird and awkward?
You've been a little tense.
The problem isn't with Sam.
It's this case.
Eva's influencing the prosecution.
She has zero compassion
for her brother whatsoever,
and Javier is in total denial.
You're not prosecuting
the family here, Em.
You're defending Alfredo.
You need to get in a room
with Kiara Foster and Sam
- I don't wanna deal.
- I know you don't,
but no one else is working
with you here, Em,
so you might as well work with the D.A.
You are wound up.
I'm okay. I'm just
I don't know, a little stressed.
You know.
This isn't about the case, is it?
It's Javier. He
He reminds you of your dad.
This is totally different, Em.
Your dad would understand
if you just talk to him.
Don't you have a bathroom in your room?
Uh, Amy's using it, but go.
No, no. I gotta take a shower. You go.
Oh! What a surprise.
Rachel Audubon with a working cellphone.
Lola, Mark is being weird.
It's like he's avoiding me
in his own house.
His and Amy's house. Don't forget that.
I can't forget that.
I think he thinks less of me
because I'm
I'm crashing on his couch.
Mark would never think less of you.
He just needs his space.
And you need to tell me
why you haven't been here
to meet Bailey yet.
What are you talking about?
Didn't get my present?
I got your presents, Rach, but
It's not safe.
I'm a COVID risk for you two.
My life's a mess.
I've been running all over town.
- I don't even have a place to live.
- Yeah, you know
that my guest house is yours
whenever you need it.
I know. Amy offered me her condo.
- Can I call you later?
Bye, Bailey! Mwah, mwah, mwah.
Ms. Lopez, a knock would be nice.
If I lose the sanity phase,
Alfredo will be facing life
in prison. Life.
Help me avoid that.
Alfredo's grandmother had schizophrenia.
Javier just told me.
But he is unwilling to testify,
and I do not have the time
to get the medical records from Mexico.
Why is Javier refusing?
Because he thinks that
he's protecting his son.
Or he knows that Alfredo
was entirely aware
of what he was doing.
No. No. It's it's stigma.
He is afraid of what people
will think of his family
if he tells the truth, and I
Like me, I've I've been
in therapy for a year now,
and I Wow, that's the first
time I've said it out loud.
We're so afraid to be seen as different,
to be seen as vulnerable, and why?
Why is it so hard to be real
with the people that we love?
Because once we do, it's out there,
and it is real.
Ms. Lopez, I appreciate
you sharing this,
but my position still stands.
I know that schizophrenia
can be genetic,
but just because you have those genes
doesn't necessarily mean that
you will develop the illness.
He stabbed his father three times.
He's a dangerous man.
For the record,
please state your whereabouts
on February 8th of this year.
You do realize there's
nowhere we can go.
I asked a question, and that
does not seem like an answer.
- Home.
- Home. A likely story.
- Judge Benner?
- I did not take Laski's stag head.
Judge Benner, you seem on edge.
If there's no stag head and no Uhura,
you are facing the wrath
of not one but two judges,
and I for one, do not wanna
see Lola upset.
So yes, I'm nervous.
I'm nervous for you.
- Did you talk to security?
- Oh, she did.
My report indicates
that no human was seen
or caught on camera
carrying a stag head.
- The stairs.
- More than likely,
but I am more curious on who had access
to Judge Carmichael's chambers.
We would never hurt Lola.
Intentionally, no,
but unintentionally, you did.
All right. You can intentionally
or unintentionally
exclude me from the list of suspects.
I've got some work to do. Ms. Castillo?
All right. Someone who had access
to the building after hours.
Someone who was fit enough to carry
a decapitated animal carcass
down eight flights of steps.
Someone who wants revenge on Laski.
Someone who cares about Lola.
I have to say, Ms. Kanski,
you have a talent for this.
It is so obvious.
Choi?! You went to Choi?!
- Just hear me out, okay?
- I cannot come back, son!
Nobody wants me up there!
It's been too long!
What happened in the Cooper case?
You filed charges
against an LAPD officer,
excessive force after
a young Black man is wounded.
Judge rules "not guilty."
Now I know that's not the whole story.
The defense wanted a bench trial.
I pushed for a jury trial.
I wanted my downtown jury,
my jurors of color.
My boss overruled me,
and I had to waive jury,
so the case went to trial
before Judge Collins.
Collins was tough, but he had
a reputation for being fair.
- He ruled "not guilty."
- So?
So I lost it. Right there
in front of everybody,
I lost my temper,
and I accused that judge
of not having the nerve to rule "guilty"
because Cooper wore a badge.
- You weren't wrong.
- I wasn't right either, Callan.
I should have handled it differently.
Maybe it's time for you
to pick up where you left off.
Think about it. Retirement
can't be that far off, right?
How nice would it be
to come full circle,
you finish back on top?
I really appreciate
what you're doing, Callan.
I really do, but do me a favor, huh?
Leave it alone.
You have a way with Tony Carver.
He won't let me help him.
You can't fix everything, Callan.
Look, I'm leaving tomorrow,
so you can either have
that beer with me,
or you can continue avoiding me.
I'm not avoiding you. I'm
Just been swamped at work,
and I'm stressed out.
The Mark I know talks nonstop
when he's stressed and swamped at work.
[SIGHS] Can I ask you
why'd you come here?
The firm's not doing well.
And I guess I just wanted
to feel safe for a couple days.
I mean, why didn't you go to Lola's?
You know how much I love Lola.
But COVID's been a lonely time,
and seeing her with Bailey and Robin,
I'm scared I'll never have that.
You are Rachel frickin' Audubon,
all right?
You'll be fine.
You think?

You always make me feel like
I can take on the world.
I know you can't let go
of anything at the moment ♪
Just know it won't hurt so
Rachel, I'm
Won't hurt so much forever,
it won't hurt so much ♪
Won't hurt so much forever ♪
- Won't hurt so much ♪
Won't hurt so much ♪
I can't take the stand, Señorita Lopez.
I mean, doctors can't even agree
on what's happening to me.
How much help can I be?
A few years ago, I suffered trauma,
and it took me a while
to accept that I needed help.
You were sick, too?
I was wounded.
And I couldn't heal alone. I
I couldn't even talk to my father.
I was so scared, just like you are now.
And I understand
how hard this is, I do.
But I'm I'm just asking you
to be braver than I was.
All you have to do is tell the truth
[VOICE ECHOING] what thoughts
were going on in your head,
how you were feeling, what we are
Why are you telling me
all these things right now?
Because your father won't
testify, Alfredo, but you can.
- No, I can't.
- We're running out of options
I'm s Um, I didn't mean
to stress you out.
I thought you were gone.
Why are you back?
Back? Alfredo? It's me, Emily.
No. I know who you are.
You stay away from me!
- Look at me. Look at me.
- What did you do to Señorita Lopez?!
It's Emily Lopez
Señorita Lopez! If you're
in there, can you hear me?!
Calm down.
Señorita Lopez,
I'm not gonna let him hurt you!
- Guard! Guard?!
- I'm not gonna let him
- Guard, please
- [SOBBING] Señorita Lopez!
I'm not gonna let him. [SOBBING]
Alfredo had enough last night.
- Is he okay?
- They gave him some medication.
He didn't know who I was.
He didn't recognize me.
It was really hard to watch,
and I can't imagine how hard
it must have been for you.
Alfredo is facing life in prison.
I have tried to work
with the prosecution,
but it's not happening.
His episode could be grounds
to have him declared
mentally incompetent,
so I-I can push for a mistrial
if you're okay with that.
I don't have money to get
him treatment on my own.
I want him to get better.
You say I can visit him
in the state hospital, right?
Would it help if the judge
knows about my mother?
I don't have time to get
any evidence to prove that.
Is it too late for me to testify?

He was confused.
He kept calling me an imposter,
asking me not to hurt his father.
There was fear in his eyes.
I was just trying to understand
where all this was coming from.
Is there any history of
mental illness in your family?
My mother had schizophrenia.
By the time she was diagnosed,
the illness had fully taken over.
Hospitals didn't seem to help.
I had no idea what was happening to her.
Everyone abandoned her.
I didn't want that for my son.
Mr. Castro, have you witnessed
on multiple occasions
over the past six months
any behaviors from your son
that may mirror your mother's
schizophrenic symptoms?
Objection. We all know what
she's doing, Your Honor.
Yes, we do. The witness
may answer the question.
[CRYING] Every day.
Lo siento, mijo.
Send him where they can
help him, Your Honor.
You should have told me.
I had a right to know.
You let me believe
he was a reckless addict.
The first time I've ever heard
about his illness was here, in court.
All this time, you knew.
- I wanted to be wrong.
- We wouldn't be here
if you would've just talked to me, Papá.
I could have helped.
I apologize on Callan's behalf
for wasting your time.
Why'd you call this meeting,
then, just to watch us beg?
Yeah, I'm not doing that.
You have a good day, fellas.
Judge Collins was a good man.
I was there that day.
- How old are you?
- I was a young D.A.
Judge Collins was not only my mentor,
but he also helped me
find my career path.
And your outburst set
a few things in motion,
including a formal grievance
filed against Collins.
Yeah, but only one of us got punished.
You see, Mark, one loud moment
in your life
can define the rest of it,
no matter how much good
you've done before that.
Life is like that
at least it is for some of us.
Well, I look at Carver, right?
I read about his old cases,
the work that he did.
And it makes me wanna do better.
I want change, and I know you do, too,
but we need all the help we can get.
Do you wanna come back?
- Do you want me back?
- We need to take this to Bravo.
But I think we can make it work.
- That's all I need for now.
- Whoa, what does that mean?
As you get older, Mark,
your priorities change.
We see each other differently now,
and that tops any job offer for me.
That said, if you get a Special Trial,
and you feel that it's special enough
go ahead and call me.

The prosecution may
cross-examine the witness.
Your Honor, no questions
for the witness.
The People are willing to enter
into a stipulation
as to the issue
of the defendant's sanity
and concede that he was legally insane
when he committed the crime.
Ms. Lopez, are you willing to stipulate?
Yes, Your Honor.
Very well. The court will
accept that stipulation,
and on that basis, find the defendant
was legally insane
at the time of the offense.
Alfredo Castro
You will be committed
to the Department of State Hospitals
for care and treatment forthwith,
and that will be the order.
Thank you, Ms. Lopez.
I'm so grateful. Thank you.
Yeah, you know?
Hey! Sam, Kiara, I just
wanted to say thank you.
You were both kind and fair throughout,
and the D.A. needs more people like you.
- Appreciate that.
- Thank you.
Hey, Sam.
Really, thank you.
That was nice.
No, no, no. That one's still moist.
These in particular have
to dry out completely
- before being watered again.
- Oh.
Ah. Few things sadder than
a post-holiday poinsettia.
Hey, Judge Campbell, can I ask,
why do you hate sanity cases so much?
Mental illness affects many families.
Mine's one of 'em.
You know, I just needed
a little light, some fun.
- I thank you for both.
- You are a good man, Judge Campbell.
You've been an absolute pleasure
to work with.
It would be an honor if you
would consider working for me.
No pressure. Just promise
you'll think it over.

Sherri, is everything okay?
That depends, Mr. Callan,
on how honest you are.
Am I supposed to be following this?
Laski took Uhura.
He wants his stag head back.
Sherri, I would never
On the night of February 8th,
you waited until everyone left,
and you used the copy of your extra key
to get into the building.
I don't have keys to Lola's chambers.
She gave you one for emergencies
during her pregnancy.
Nothing's gonna happen to Uhura,
and I'll deal with Laski.
You'd better.
Walkin' up and down ♪

I'm sorry I didn't show my
support the way you needed it.

I'm really proud of you.
Sam, you killed it.
Thanks. I'm proud, too.
Should we celebrate?
Wine and dine, pandemic style? I cook?
I actually wanna go home.
Understandable. You had a big day.
Time was moving fast ♪
I can't do this anymore.
This situation-ship,
this entanglement,
this "I want this, but I
don't want that." I can't.
Okay, I-I didn't know.
I thought you were okay
with our understanding.
I was. I'm not anymore.

You kept saying
that we would talk later,
- and later never came.
- Sam
I've been putting your needs first,
and I completely forgot about my own.
And I just I wanna feel
safe to fall in love.
So you're breaking up with me?
We're just friends.
There's nothing to break.

We've been wasting time ♪
Getting wasted every night ♪
Now my eyes are open wide ♪
Blinded by streetlights ♪
There must be a reason ♪
- I love it.
- Yeah?
You never actually told me why
you named your organization
"More Than Three."
[SIGHS] In 2016,
I was part of an event
that changed my life.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
opened the gate for three minutes
so thousands of families could hug.
Can you imagine that?
Only three minutes?
Families deserve to be together
for more than three minutes.
You reunite immigrant families,
and I'm here panicked
about having to talk
with my dad tomorrow.
Why are you so afraid?
My ex-husband hit me,
and I and I just
I needed help to heal from it,
and that takes a little time.
I'm finally at a place where I feel like
I'm reconnecting with myself.
Wait. Your dad doesn't know?
I told him that we got divorced because
my ex wanted kids and I didn't, but
[SIGHS] My dad raised me to be tough.
And I just I didn't want him
to think differently of me.
I didn't I didn't want him
to know that his daughter,
that his his baby girl
was that weak.
You're not weak.
We have the right to be safe
when we're not at our best.
You're safe to fly
or fall with me, Lawyer Bae.
[WHISPERS] Come here.
FLUME: What I would do to take away ♪
This fear of being loved
Allegiance to the pain
Now I messed up
Well, something smells good
in the kitchen.
What's the occasion?
We finally have our house to ourselves.
Where is Rachel? She has not
been picking up her phone.
She said she had a family emergency.
She went to stay
with her cousin or something.
So start looking for tenants
for your condo.
I was thinking I would sell the condo.
I already have a home.
Tell me everything's okay ♪
'Cause I got it ♪
Whoo ♪
I love you.
- Oh, boy. Wow. I just I said that.
- Yeah.
Please just look me in my face ♪
Tell me everything's okay ♪
'Cause I got it ♪
I love you, too, Callan.
I'm only human, can't you see? ♪
I made, I made a mistake ♪
Please just look me in my face ♪
Tell me everything's okay ♪
'Cause I got it, ooh ♪
He never be like you ♪
So what's for dinner?
Did I ever tell you
that I make the most
unbelievable lasagne?
No way. Ohh!
He never be like you
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