Allegiance (2024) s01e01 Episode Script


Choose your weapon ♪
And let's go ♪
Who's gonna beat this level? ♪
I speed up ♪
You slow down ♪
Looks like I'm on your tail now ♪
Another round ♪
Do we give up? ♪
This is taking longer than Zelda ♪
Hold on ♪
What I meant was ♪
Is it too late to get a one up? ♪
Baby, baby, baby ♪
This is getting too crazy ♪
I don't have the training ♪
Baby, baby, baby ♪
This love ain't a game ♪
So we should stop playing ♪
Does this feel real to you?
Hell no.
Only way I got through
was picturing this.
The best six months of my life
I never want to live again.
What am I gonna do without
this face every day?
Actually, I
just got the offer.
Are you messing with me?
- Don't mess with me.
- Surrey detachment.
- Monday.
- Oh, my God!
- Go ahead and take your aim ♪
- Yeah, just
actually, just cancel that meeting,
and that should work fine.
Hey, guys. How are you? Nice to see you.
and we could grow up ♪
But it's no fun that way ♪
[LUKE] Sabrina.
There's a big-shot VIP here to see you.
[AJEET] That can wait till
I'm back. Anything else?
[PARVEEN] Alex wants to know if you have
15 minutes for a follow-up with the PM.
I'll call Peter from the plane.
Okay. Flight's at 1:40, so 2:00 p.m
and call with the
teachers' union right after.
- Okay. Thanks, Parveen.
- Yeah.
Congratulations, sweetheart.
Let me look at you.
Nice costume, Sabzi.
Thanks, Ish.
Please, Ishaan, could
you tuck in your shirt?
Why, Pops? Because the media's here?
No, because it's basic respect.
It's fine, I don't mind.
Her, I respect.
All these simps for
the State, not so much.
Pappa, I should be with my troop.
I have something for you.
Baba-ji's Cross of Courage?
Baba-ji would have wanted
you to have it today.
Thank you, Pappa.
It's all of ours now.
I'll take good care of it.
Knock 'em dead, sweetheart.
I'll see you in there.
- Glad you came.
- Well, my other plans fell through, so
Oh, yeah?
You were actually going
to leave the house?
- Ha ha.
[AJEET] Good morning,
ladies and gentlemen.
As your Minister of Public Safety,
it is with the most profound pride
I present to you the newest recruits
to our beloved Canadian
Federal Police Corps.
On behalf of the Prime Minister,
the Governor General, and myself,
I offer you my deepest gratitude
for your service to this
great country of ours.
Congratulations to you all.
It is now my honour to introduce
this morning's keynote address.
This cadet is the first woman
in our family to join the service.
And that idea of "service"
is foundational to who we all are.
My late wife, Sukh, would have
been as proud as I am right now.
Please join me in welcoming
your valedictorian,
Constable Sabrina Sohal.
We all know why it's her up there.
Because she kicked your ass,
academically and physically?
If that's what you want to believe.
In a country best known for
our peacekeeping efforts,
at home and abroad,
we remain safe
because of the hard work and dedication
of those in service.
As Viola Desmond said,
"Do your little bit of good
where you are.
It's those little bits
of good put together
- that overwhelm the world."
And that's our job
to fight the good fight
one little bit at a time
Mr. Ajeet Sohal,
you are under arrest for treason.
- Excuse me?
- [OFFICER] Pursuant to section 46 subsection 2
- of the Criminal Code of Canada.
- Is this some kind of joke?
You have the right to retain and
instruct counsel without delay
Does the Director know?
- He ordered it, sir.
- [SABRINA] Wait, what is going on?
Stand back, please.
Let's go.
- Pops!
- Don't!
[WOMAN] Mr. Sohal, the charges
They just took him away.
What the hell's all this about?
Constable Sohal! Constable Sohal!
Has your father officially
been charged with treason?
The public deserves to know.
Are you aware of the treason
charges against your father?
[ISHAAN] You really don't have to
No, no, it's just a misunderstanding.
Yeah. No, Uncle, it will be fine.
Uh-huh. Mm-hmm.
[SABRINA] Parveen Aunty.
- How are you doing, jaan? Come here.
- [ISHAAN] Yeah
I can't sleep, I can't
think, I can't even sit down.
I'm all sweaty
I've changed your diapers,
I think I can handle a little sweat.
[ISHAAN] Tell them we appreciate it,
but we're fine.
Agam Aunty, Gurleen Aunty,
and Zeenath Aunty dropped these off.
I said you'd be in touch
if you needed anything.
I figured you might need some space.
- [ISHAAN] As soon as we know, Uncle.
- Thank you.
[ISHAAN] Okay, okay. Bye.
Oh, my God.
They all want to fly in now.
From England, from Brampton
Outrageous. Did you notice
not one of them out there
not one of them is asking
- the most obvious question
- Morning, Max.
You want to apprehend a
treason suspect, go nuts.
But why then?
Why on stage in front of
an audience and cameras?
Another brown man accused of
plotting against the state.
How's he doing?
- He's hanging in there.
- It's a bloody set-up.
- Tell me he's not still in Remand.
- Until we get bail.
Have you seen the
condition of those cells?
- I know. I know.
- This is ridiculous. When can we see him?
I'm working on the
clearances as we speak.
What about the actual charges?
After we get through the bail hearing.
- We'll take it from there.
- Thanks, Max.
Sab, I'm going your
way. You want a lift?
- Yeah. Thanks.
- Sab,
you're seriously going in to work today?
I'm "seriously" going
to let a bullshit arrest
derail my first day of work?
I swore an oath, and
that means something.
I'm going in.
Maybe this is a sign for
you to reconsider that oath.
And the uniform.
And everything that it represents.
Oh, my God,
is this seriously the time
for an "abolish the police" lecture?
It's not a lecture.
The Crown will issue an apology,
and we'll move on.
That's what the justice system is for.
Oh, so you have a Master's in Denial?
I never said that the system's perfect,
but I'd rather fight from inside it
to make a change instead of
burying my head in the sand
and doing nothing.
How do I look?
Like a cop.
Do you think he'll be able
- to earn back the trust of Canadians?
- Constable Sohal! Constable Sohal!
Has your father officially
been charged with treason?
- Have you spoken with your father?
- Our answer is the same as yesterday,
and the day before
my client is innocent.
Minister Sohal's family has
been here for generations.
The Minister has proudly
served his country
his whole life.
This arrest is egregious,
it is based on complete bullshit.
Now, if you want to ask a question,
maybe you should ask
whether a White politician
would have been targeted in this manner.
It is unconscionable.
Now you can excuse me.
Get the hell out of the
driveway. I'm backing up.
- [NEWS REPORTER] Yesterday,
Prime Minister Peter
Larrabee issued a statement
categorically supporting
- his Minister of Public Safety
- [REPORTER 2] no trial date yet
for the longtime ally
of the Canadian PM,
but the nation is reeling
[REPORTER 3] Canadians
are asking urgent questions
about Minister Sohal's true loyalty
to the nation he serves.
[SABRINA] Get him out of there, Max.
We will.
[NATE] Morning Mr. Portman.
[MAX] Morning.
Oh. Uh, Sabrina, this is Nate Brugmann.
Yes. I know who this is.
Constable Sohal.
It's really nice to meet you,
although I am sorry
about the circumstances.
Oh. Thanks.
Well, I'll be seeing you around.
I handle a lot of your Surrey files.
Okay, see you this afternoon.
[NATE] Right.
Wait, is he
In league with the devil? Yes.
He's on the team that is
prosecuting your father.
Okay. Good luck.
[SABRINA] Let me know how it goes.
Soon as I know.
Looking good.
Ready to live the dream?
Bring it.
Yes, this is Sabrina Sohal,
daughter of Ajeet Sohal.
Anything to say? Thoughts? Concerns?
Yeah, didn't think so.
[SABRINA] There's Gabinski.
[GILLIAN] Where?
[SABRINA] There.
Is he a Training Officer?
I hope so.
Take a seat, rookies!
[LUKE] Ladies.
Hey, you know what they say,
"No journey is long when
you have great company."
Okay, let's get this party started.
We got three rookies today.
Let's get them up to speed, shall we?
This is the CFPC's largest detachment,
home to elite units
of both federal and municipal scope.
Your dream of getting
here has come true.
Congratulations on making the cut.
Grove's here 'cause she's a tech expert.
She'll take over for Chang,
who's gonna head up TCU.
- Way to go, Chang.
We all know why Constables
Sohal and Tucker are here
number one and two at the Academy.
They're here to meet
their Training Officers.
Gabinski, Brambilla,
show yourselves.
Gabinski, you'll get Constable Tucker.
Brambilla, Constable Sohal.
Gonna squeeze one more in
before retirement there, Vince?
You know you're gonna miss me.
- You're gonna miss me.
- A little bit.
Due to the arrest of the
Minister of Public Safety,
the Mayor has asked us
to deploy extra protection.
The South Asian community
is bracing for possible violence,
acts of vandalism and hate crime,
so we're going to keep an eye
on the City's gurdwaras,
mosques, and Hindu temples.
There you go.
Your watch commanders will
give you your assignments,
and that is it.
This is your first day, rookies.
Let's see you live up to the uniform.
Go do good work!
Sohal, a word?
Constable Sohal, gear up,
I'll meet you in the car.
[SABRINA] Yes, sir.
Okay, look,
I've gotta level with you, Constable.
It wasn't my call to have you
serving at this detachment at this time,
considering your family situation.
Your presence here is a liability to me
and a distraction to your colleagues.
My concern is your ability
to look past your
situation and do your job.
I can do my job, Sir.
All right.
Give me any reason to have
you shipped outta here, Sohal,
and I'm gonna have to do
that. Do you understand?
Yes, Sir.
[VINCE] I'm thinking
of stopping by Michael's
and picking up that sourdough
and a couple of those
danishes that Jasmine likes?
What do you think?
Oh, okay, I gotta go, I'm being watched.
Yeah, blueberry, I know. All right.
Yeah, I love you, too. Bye.
You got that okay?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
What're you doing?
Pre-shift vehicle inspection.
Oh. And how are we lookin'?
Good. You want me to
check the comms and sirens?
Or we could just, you
know, live on the edge.
Come on, you got this. Get in.
Just a quick trip to the donut shop?
if you want, sure.
I'm messing with ya.
Sorry about what you're going through.
On top of all that
getting stuck here with me.
Oh, come on.
You weren't wishing that
maybe Sergeant Gabinski
- was in the driver seat here?
- Oh, no!
- Maybe just a little bit?
- No, no, I'm totally looking forward
to working with somebody so
Go on, go on.
[RADIO] 6103. Code 10-34. Missing Child.
Park at 68th and 134th.
10-4, 6103 responding.
Show me what you know.
[HALEY] I only turned my back
for a second, swear to God!
- And you're the sitter?
- Caregiver. He's a foster kid.
Are the rest of these
kids in your care as well?
How long has he been missing?
half an hour?
- How old is he?
- He's six.
You sure he didn't just
walk home on his own?
I called my supervisor,
she looked all over the house,
the backyard, he's not there.
She's coming to get the kids now.
Haley, it's only been half an hour.
He can't be far.
Dispatch, 6103.
Missing child's name is Jesse Roddam.
Six-year-old foster kid.
Blond hair, blue eyes,
a green jacket,
striped shirt, and blue jeans.
We'll need more units to
search the area ASAP
- Have you got a photo?
- Yeah.
[VINCE] and I'll need the Child
Services file on the kid as well.
- Picture's coming in.
[MAX] Oh, and by the way,
these "foreign nationals" he
was allegedly flying to meet,
the day of his arrest?
That is actually a coalition
of hard-working villagers,
whose land has been ravaged
by Canadian mining interests.
He has been supporting
their humanitarian projects,
their schools, wells, infrastructure.
You tell me, Ms. Brighton, because,
clearly, I am missing something
and by "missing something",
I mean the substance of your case.
My client has the right
to a full and complete account
of all the evidence held against him.
That's fine!
National Security I might understand
if the "sealed evidence"
didn't amount to 90% of your case!
Leaving me with nothing but this
Thank you.
That would be wonderful.
Okay, perfect, I will
see you at the bail hearing.
Excuse me, Ma'am.
Hey, Haley.
Was it 30 minutes or an hour?
You need to tell us
exactly what happened.
I'm sorry. I needed a break.
We're not supposed to
vape in front of the kids.
I was gone
I was gone for a minute. I swear.
And then I came back to help Daisy.
She fell off the monkey bars.
And when I turned
around, Jesse was gone.
I dropped everything.
I asked everyone I could find.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Dispatch, update.
6103 with an update
on the missing child Jesse Roddam.
He's been missing 60 minutes, not 30.
We need more officers ASAP.
Expanding the range of the search
beyond the immediate area.
Can we see today's footage?
12:45 p.m. onward?
Thank you.
We heard back from Child Services.
Okay. What have you got?
Jesse's mom is Dani Roddam.
She's in rehab out of town.
The dad is Gavin Roddam.
He's got priors. Domestic assault.
A long list of B&Es.
But he's tree-planting up north.
There's also a grandmother.
Janelle Hoffler.
Why is Jesse not in her care?
- Parkinson's.
- We'll get this right back to you.
We could have something here.
This guy's parking on the
wrong side of the street.
Zoom in.
[SABRINA] That's Jesse.
Right height, right age.
This kid's getting abducted.
Call it in right now.
Dispatch, 6103,
we need to issue an Amber Alert.
Repeat, this is an Amber Alert.
Okay, in light of the Amber Alert,
we're turning the file over to
Kara Degas of Serious Crimes.
- Inspector?
- What are we looking at?
[LIAM] Honda Civic, partial plate.
Our techs are working to run it down.
Unidentified person with Jesse.
Body language says
male, but can't be sure.
- Were the park visits regular?
- Every weekday, 10:00 to 2:00.
We need a traffic cam sweep
of the area at those times.
If this is premeditated, the
suspect scoped out the park.
Get me the full license plate.
We may not need it, Ma'am.
Civics changed body shape in 2007,
and this model pre-dates.
I've made a list of all
the registered owners.
Janelle Hoffler, the grandma,
is at the top of the list.
Nice work, Constable Grove.
- Brambilla and
- Constable Sohal, Ma'am.
Go see the grandma.
The rest of you, divvy up the list.
Let's move.
[JANELLE] Guess Gavin
must have took the car.
I thought he was up
north planting trees?
Yeah, but he came around
last week after he quit.
He did, eh?
This is 6103, confirming that
Gavin Roddam's in town,
- he's using his mother's vehicle.
- Understood.
Grove? Everything we
have on Gavin Roddam.
Yes, Ma'am.
Ma'am, it looks like your son
illegally took Jesse
from his foster home.
Do you have any way to get ahold of him?
[JANELLE] He doesn't have a cell phone.
He says he doesn't like to
be listened to all the time,
or tracked, or something like that.
Do you mind if we take
a quick look around?
[JANELLE] There's not
much to look at here.
Why did he quit tree-planting?
The company treated him wrong.
He was pretty pissed off about it.
But that's how he gets.
- Is he ex-military?
He hasn't got the discipline.
But he sure does love guns.
Helps him blow off steam.
- He has weapons of his own?
Well, I never let him
bring any of them here.
Do you know if he's still
in contact with his partner?
His ex, you mean? I don't think so.
Dani's in rehab right now,
and no offense to Gavin,
but I think a big part of her recovery
is, you know, not seeing him.
- We need to talk to Dani.
- Yeah.
Thank you, Ma'am. Thank you very much.
- Inspector Degas?
- Yeah?
We've got multiple
responses to the Amber Alert.
Any pattern?
- No, not yet.
- Okay, keep pinning them.
You've got to find him.
I haven't seen my baby in 11 months.
He's the reason I'm getting sober.
Dani, is there a chance
Gavin might have taken Jesse
to stay with friends, or family?
Gavin? No. No.
He's cut everyone off.
Has he taken an interest
in conspiracy theories?
Yeah. When the lumber mill closed down,
he started up with these online groups.
Really crazy shit,
like the "woke" agenda killing our jobs,
and the government
brainwashing people
through their cell phones.
When he started saying
that he would rather
have Jesse "die as a wolf
than live as a sheep"?
That was it. I got outta there
and I took Jesse with me.
What else was important to him?
I mean
what did he believe in?
I don't know.
He believed in "home".
In belonging somewhere.
These mountains.
He wanted to live independent,
off grid.
Free, I guess?
[GILLIAN] That's two
hits for the Super Save.
Twenty on all cars,
the Super Save at Westwood Plateau.
That's right near the rehab.
- Stand by
- Brambilla?
Copy. We're heading to the Super Save.
Okay, two Amber Alert
hits, he's gassing up,
he's probably headed north.
Gillian, expand the map.
On it.
There's nothing but
wilderness back there.
Good place for a
survivalist to go to ground.
I need a TAC team,
and support units,
Belcarra Regional Park.
Patch me through to the IC.
No sign of the suspect or
the vehicle at the Super Save.
Confirming, that's two heat
signatures on the infrared!
Good. Send the coordinates.
[VINCE] You want us heading to Belcarra?
[BOLTON] Negative. TAC team is on scene.
We're right close by.
Stand down. We've located them.
[VINCE] Understood.
Constable Sohal
you did some good work today.
- Thank you, Corporal Brambilla.
- Are you ready to discover
the high-octane excitement
of post-incident paperwork?
Hold me back.
You okay?
[GILLIAN] Correction
the heat signatures
have been identified as illegal campers.
Suspect is still at large.
So, they're still out there somewhere.
All right, hang on. Tate Lumber Mill.
It's the place that Gavin Roddam worked,
that got shut down.
We passed it on the way, coming in.
What if they're not running
around in the forest?
What if they've gone some
place that he knows
Keep talking.
Well, he stalked his
boy, he abducted him.
He told Dani that he'd rather
see him die as a wolf
than live as a sheep
I'm worried.
We were instructed to stand down.
we'll be 10 minutes
late for our paperwork.
6103. We're headed to Tate Lumber Mill.
Suspect's former workplace.
[SABRINA] The chain's been cut.
We got this.
You gonna be brave for me?
That's my boy.
We're gonna be free soon.
[JESSE] Daddy!
What's that?
In there.
Could be his.
[VINCE] Check the plates.
It's a match.
6103. We have suspect vehicle.
Tate Lumber Mill, 10-32.
Stand by.
- So?
- You know what 10-32 means?
They're 15 minutes away
It means we wait for backup.
- Is that him?
- [VINCE] See him? Was he armed?
- [SABRINA] Couldn't tell.
- [VINCE] Mr. Roddam!
Command, we may have
eyes on the suspect,
possibly armed.
This is Degas. TAC team is en route.
- Any sign of the child?
- Negative.
Maintain distance,
but keep eyes on the
subject if possible.
Switching to livestream.
Keep me in your ears.
Do this to livestream.
Put them on speaker.
It's the police!
We're not here to harm you.
We just want to make sure Jesse's okay.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
[VINCE] Sohal! You need cover!
- Did you all see that? What happened?
- Yes, yes. I don't know.
Is he down?
Vince, are you there?
Stop! Gavin!
I think he's trying to lead us away.
Were we close to Jesse?
Yes yes
She shouldn't be in there alone, Kara.
- We haven't seen a weapon yet.
- It's her first damn day!
Do you have other options?
[GAVIN] Got you alone.
[SABRINA] Lower your weapon!
I said, lower your weapon!
You first.
Easy, Sohal.
He's not open to commands right now.
Let's slow things down, Gavin.
We can talk about whatever you want.
I've got nothing to say.
We are on the same side.
I just want to make
sure that Jesse's okay.
So they let anyone sign
up to be a cop now, huh?
- Brambilla, do you copy?
- Yeah.
TAC team's two minutes away,
we'll get eyes in the sky,
any sign of Jesse?
Roddam's trying to draw
us away from the boy,
I'm trying to find him.
Put me in Sohal's ear.
Sohal, TAC team's close,
maintain cover,
and just try to get
him talking if you can.
We need to know if Jesse's still alive.
Where's Jesse?
How's he doing?
Jesse's going nowhere without me.
And where is that, Gavin?
- Where are you going?
- That's between me and him!
I know you love these mountains.
This land, it's home to you.
Is that where you're taking him?
There is no home for us here anymore.
Everywhere we look now,
it's people like you.
But we're all just looking
out for Jesse right now.
You and who?
The government?
Taking kids away from their real homes,
from where they belong!
I know how hard it is
when your family is taken away
I get it.
You just want him to be free
like a wolf, right?
You're just trying to protect your cub.
She knows how to engage a subject.
[GAVIN] Damn right.
[VINCE] Jesse!
I'm a police officer!
I'm here to help you.
I want to make sure you're okay!
Command, I heard something.
I know he's here, I know he's close,
I just don't see him
yet, I don't see him yet.
Gavin's a survivalist.
Maybe he's set up a
bunker, or a supply stash.
Sohal, you copy?
So how do you want to
protect your cub right now?
You had a good plan.
Get him out of danger,
get him some place safe.
I know you don't want it to end here.
It doesn't end here.
You think I can't get through you?
I hear you
but what I'm worried about
is that there's gonna be a buncha
guys bigger than the both of us
here pretty soon, and I'm not sure
that they like talking
as much as me and you.
No! No! No!
Hold position until I give the signal!
[SABRINA] You're a smart guy, Gavin!
You see the bigger picture and you plan.
You see things
other people don't.
You want your son.
And I bet he wants his Dad.
Is he safe right now, where he's hidden?
Is he safe?
Where is he?
Is it dark?
Is he scared?
Can he breathe?
Gavin, please.
Gavin, if something happens to you,
are we going to be able to find him?
Where's Jesse? Please.
He's under the planer deck.
Next to the electrical panel.
Brambilla, you copy?
Yeah, I see it.
[SABRINA] Gavin, put the gun down.
Oh, for
For the love of
[SABRINA] Gavin,
these guys are closing in,
and I'm scared for you
Please. A child needs his father.
I'm gonna put my gun down, okay?
And you're gonna do the same?
- Okay, you plug your ears, okay?
What the hell's she doing?
Well, she knows we've got her.
Okay, now you do the same.
- Go!
- [OFFICER] On the ground!
Don't move!
On your knees! Hands by your head!
[VINCE] I got you.
Hi. I'm a policeman.
I'm here to help you.
I promise I'm here to help you.
Attaboy. There you go.
There you go, buddy.
I'll pick you up. Okay!
You're a brave boy.
Let me see. Let me look at you.
Let me just take a look at
you and make sure you're okay.
You got all your fingers,
you got everything?
You're good, yeah? Okay.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Command, we've got him.
[BOLTON] Yeah!
Nice work.
We've got Jesse. He's safe.
We'll take care of him.
You'll take care of him?
We're coming for you
and everyone like you.
We've even got people in
your goddamn police force.
You owe me a drink, for
what you put me through.
Brambilla and Sohal
above and beyond.
Thanks, Boss.
Big day letting your rookie
do all the heavy lifting there, pal?
Yeah, I find I learn
more about my rookie
when I keep the leash loose.
[BOLTON] All right, Sohal,
let's write it up. Vince, go home.
You're in Concussion
Protocol until further notice.
Constable Sohal.
[SABRINA] Assistant Commissioner, Sir.
Another fundraiser.
They like it when you look the part.
Quite the first day.
I just wanted to say,
I know you've got a lot on your plate
and it can't be easy.
Thank you, sir, for your support.
You have my word that
my full focus is here.
Well, that's what's important.
And you'll be learning
from one of the best.
Your T.O.
Thank you, sir.
I'm Kara Degas. We
haven't formally met yet.
Right. It's good to meet you
Nice working with you today.
For what it's worth,
Serious Crimes is where I hope to work.
When I'm ready.
Yeah, your buddy, the other rookie,
what's his name?
[SABRINA] Luke Tucker.
[KARA] He made that clear, too.
You both want Serious Crimes.
work hard and take a number.
Inspector Degas
Gavin Roddam, he mentioned that
We're aware.
It'll be in my report to
the Domestic Terrorism Unit.
It's Rookie Night in Canada!
Let the games begin!
In the middle, boys and girls.
Thank you.
- Next one's on me.
- All right.
[LUKE] First day, huh?
Guy in the striped tie, three o'clock.
He's the Assistant Crown.
On the team prosecuting my Dad.
Want me to take him out?
Is him cheers-ing me
a conflict of interest?
Because you're both on
Team Law Enforcement
and you just successfully
enforced the law.
- Keep up, ladies!
- Keep up?
I'm sorry, this one just got
personally commended by the
assistant commissioner, and you
I'm sorry, can you remind me again?
I served the city of Surrey
and lived to drink another day.
- Yes, you did.
- Hear, hear.
I'll drink to that.
[LUKE] You did what
today? Typed something?
- Answered some calls, right?
- [GILLIAN] At least I'm literate.
- [LUKE] That's what you think.
- I'll be back.
What you're trying to do
is you're trying to push my button,
which is
[AJEET] Hey, Sweetheart,
I'm sorry I missed you.
I was just thinking about
you on your first day.
I can't wait to hear about it.
I am so proud of you.
I'm sorry you have to deal with
everything that's going on.
The most important thing is,
you just take good care of your brother,
and please don't worry about me, okay?
I want you to focus on your job
on the tradition you're carrying on.
That's our legacy.
I love you, okay?
Hey, sweetheart,
I'm sorry I missed you.
I was just thinking about
you on your first day.
I can't wait to hear about it.
I am so proud of you.
I'm sorry you have to deal with
everything that's going on.
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