Ally Mcbeal s05e15 Episode Script

Heart and Soul

What's wrong? Maddie, are you okay? Why don't you tell her, Maddie.
Why don't you? You seem to enjoy it so.
- You think I take pleasure in-? - Yes, I do.
Somebody tell me.
I can show you.
We had cameras put in the lavatories due to a problem with some of the students smoking cigarettes.
I've been down this road Heart and Soul Walking the line That's painted by pride And I have made mistakes in my life That Ijust can't hide Oh, I believe I am ready For what love has to bring I got myself together Now I'm ready to sing I've been searching my soul tonight I know there's so much more to life Now I know I can shine the light To fiind my way back home Baby - She's not coming in again? - She'll be here- - She's a partner now.
- Maddie was caught smoking.
- What? - She's 10.
Well I better not catch her doing that around me.
I'm flammable.
- Mr.
Fish? I'm Sarina Feldman.
- You're Sarina Feldman? - How old are you? - Sixteen.
Hello, Sarina.
I'm Claire Otoms.
Aren't you a little flower not yet in bloom.
I can pay you, if that's what you're worried about.
I never worry about money.
Right, Claire? - Why worry when you can obsess? - Yeah, let's just go into my office.
Sweet 16.
When I was that age, I had to beat them off with a stick.
Do you know how addictive it is? - All right.
Don't "all right" me.
It causes heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer, brain cancer - All right.
- Don't "all right" me.
Do you think it's cool? It's not.
A person dies every 30 seconds from smoking.
It's the leading cause of death in the world.
Are you listening? - I'm listening.
- It's bad, bad, bad - Hey.
- What's going on? What's going on? Maddie's sucking the cancer sticks, chewing the death weed.
She's on a carcinogen diet, the one that traps healthy fat cells and shrivels them.
- She wants soot lungs, charcoal throat- - Ally? She smokes.
My daughter smokes cigarettes.
Why don't you get a big sign that says, "I'm Stupid, Hear Me Choke.
" The big thing is to maintain dialogue, which I see you're doing.
- You need to talk to her, not at her.
- Yes, Victor.
Thank you, Victor.
I'll be going upstairs now, Victor.
Basically it means that I have a weak heart muscle.
- So this is serious? - I'm dying, Mr.
I have about six weeks, unless I get a transplant.
- I have found a heart that matches.
- That's good, then.
Not exactly.
It belongs to a healthy person with a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years.
He's my father.
And he wants to give it to me.
- His heart? - Yes.
- Wouldn't that leave him? - Dead.
I'm assuming that no hospital will agree? Right.
There's all kinds of ethical rules and we want to challenge them.
- We? You and your dad? - Yes.
I'm curious, why isn't he with you, here, now? Because he's in prison serving a life sentence for murder.
- One of the reasons he'll give his heart.
- Where does your mother stand on this? My mother is the person that he killed.
Look, I know you're not stupid.
And that's why I was so shocked.
Nic- Nicotine's an addictive drug that contains carcinogens.
Didn't you ever smoke? Well actually, yes, briefly.
When I was 14, my friends smoked.
I wanted to be accepted.
- When I was 15, I gave up both.
- Both? Smoking and my need to be accepted.
Cigarettes kill you.
- Used as directed, cigarettes kill you.
- I got it.
Okay, she's grounded.
And I'll be home for dinner.
How'd you get caught? Stupid cameras in the bathroom.
The stupid video cameras you told me they were installing? What? So you wanted to get caught.
You wanted to get suspended.
What's going on at school that you don't want to be there for? Bullies? Eventually I'm gonna find out.
Just tell me.
What's up? Friday is Father-Daughter Day at school.
I just don't feel like being there.
Wouldn't it have made more sense to tell the principal? I don't like people feeling sorry for me.
I still don't know why you bring me along.
To take notes.
Look at the way these prisoners are staring.
They all want to ravage me.
Thank you for coming.
I'm Raymond Milbury.
Richard Fish.
Claire Otoms.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I know this is a bit of a long shot, but - Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Sarina said this is your idea.
- Yes.
I assume she explained the situation? She didn't say how you whacked her mother! We actually do need that information.
- I basically snapped, pulled out a gun.
- You were convicted of murder one.
- Jury didn't think you snapped.
- My wife had an affair.
I knew.
The prosecution argued premeditation.
Look, I'm not trying to deny responsibility.
I committed a murder.
But Sarina certainly doesn't deserve to die.
And if I can save her for the pain I've caused her We would need a court order, which is unlikely.
- Is it impossible? - Not impossible, but we'd be asking permission for a hospital to put you to death.
I could kill myself, but there's a danger it would compromise the heart.
Why not let me do it in a hospital? She's an innocent young girl.
We'll try, Mr.
Feldman, but like you recognized, this is a long shot.
She's 16 years old, Mr.
- I thought you were going to work.
- Well, I didn't.
So you wanted to get suspended.
- You heard? - Yeah.
You told Victor before I could even get out of the room.
And you feel threatened by that.
You know, you could feel relieved.
I don't smoke.
Or insecure because I suck as a parent.
- You don't suck at it.
- Please don't use that language.
I bet since you don't have a father they would let you take a mother to your Father-Daughter Day.
- You don't have to do that.
- I might meet a cute guy.
I mean, did you ever think of that? - Victor's cute.
- Vic- No, Victor - We are not right for each other.
- Why not? - We're different types.
- What do you mean? We come from two different worlds.
It takes more for two people to be a couple than just wanting to jump each other's car, if they don't start.
And Victor and I are just different.
Fish, every case you bring before me gets more and more ridiculous.
Your Honor, we have argued a similar case.
- Two men wanted to swap hearts- - And you were rejected.
And this isn't a swap.
Here, a man would die.
Well, the court does recognize a right to die.
They do not recognize assisted suicide.
- I'm asking you to help save a life.
- By extinguishing another? There's a compelling state interest against suicide.
If I may? Does the state really have an interest in saving the life of a man it has chosen to incarcerate for life? The government deemed him unworthy for society.
Taxpayers pay for his upkeep.
If he can donate an organ to save- - It isn't that simple.
- Why not? One reason Massachusetts has no death penalty is because we are pro-life.
- Your Honor, may I have a word? - No.
You're not an attorney.
- Why are you even here? - There was a rumor you might smile.
Perhaps not.
What we're asking for is pro-life.
We're looking to save Sarina.
As a matter of public policy, no court, no hospital- She will die in six weeks.
We have the means to prevent that.
You can't say no in the interest of public policy.
I want to hear from Mr.
Feldman before I'll even consider it.
- We'll adjourn till 2:00.
- You cannot be serious.
I'm going to at least listen, Mr.
Nixon, before saying no to this.
I got another plumbing job.
So I'm gonna be going.
Here's the final bill.
What do you mean, you have another plumbing job? I got another job.
Plumbers do that.
I'd like to say goodbye to Maddie before I leave.
Hold on a second, Victor.
What's going on? Nothing.
I'm moving on.
I can't do that? Yes, you can.
But can you tell me what's going on? You're free to parent Maddie as you like.
- I can't sit while you pass on bigotry.
- What?! - And if I don't, you'll fire me.
- What bigotry? - I don't wanna talk about it.
- You brought it up.
- At least have the integrity to say it.
- Hey! My type doesn't have integrity.
I come from a different world than people with integrity.
I heard you, Ally.
Talking about class distinction to Maddie.
- I'm from a different world, huh? - I wasn't talking about class.
I was talking about us as a couple.
I got it wrong.
Send me the check.
Can you just look at me, please? Are you interested in you and me as? No.
So why the hurt? I don't like being dismissed because I'm a plumber.
I didn't do that.
You know, you don't know the first thing about my world.
You make assumptions based on what I do.
That's prejudice.
You're an elitist, Ally.
Please don't raise your daughter as one.
I'm certainly in no position to make a contribution to society.
My daughter, she can certainly make a contribution.
But only if she lives.
- Have you met with a psychiatrist? - They deemed me of sound mind.
This is a competent choice.
And a loving one.
- Is that important, that it's loving? - To me, anyway.
I've never been a father to her.
I went to jail when she was 6.
I killed her mother.
I have given her nothing but extreme anguish.
Maybe it's time Your Honor, please let me do this.
Let me save my daughter.
You sound like you're in anguish.
- Are you, sir? - Of course.
- And you love your daughter very much? - Yes.
So between your love and anguish, this decision is fraught with emotion.
- Obviously.
- Obviously.
Can you make a sound decision while fraught with anguish and emotion? - You murdered- - Objection! - Overruled.
- Your Honor, this is irrelevant.
Sit down.
Your client wants a court order to kill himself.
Certainly his emotional state is relevant.
This is a reflective decision.
I have no real life ahead of me.
She does.
I owe her.
This is a sound, reflective decision.
Are you doing this out of guilt, Daddy? Before, you said you didn't want to live and that I should take your heart.
But that is not what you said on the stand.
Are you doing this out of guilt? One of the reasons I don't wanna live is guilt.
- I'm not sure that answers you.
- Well I am not gonna have you kill yourself for me.
Sarina, do you know what the essence of living is for a parent? It's protecting his child.
I've done a terrible job.
But now I would think, to be living, a life has to have meaning.
The only relevance in mine was your birth.
I'm just trying to get a little continued meaning here, that's all.
This is a very selfish thing I'm doing.
Trust me.
They just called a witness of their own.
Beth Herman.
Do we know her? My aunt.
My mother's sister.
She's who I live with now.
Why would they be calling her? 'Cause she's against this.
There's nothing wrong with being an elitist.
I think more people should be.
Why? The way this society celebrates the common man? The common man takes his shirt off, paints his face and yells, "Go Patriots! " - Nothing wrong with having standards.
- There's a difference between having standards and being a snob.
Ally, with Victor, you'd be dating down.
Not that it can't work.
In fact, some women even like that.
But you'll always wonder.
Perhaps you could have had everything you wanted.
I mean, Victor, as cute as he is, he's a plumber.
Did that help at all? Oh, um, yeah.
What are you doing here? Your Honor, we're both older people and I think we have a sense of what's important in life.
- Here we have a young woman- - I will ask you to leave now.
You aren't an attorney, but I regard this as ex parte - and you're out of order.
- Very well.
But I would hate to see such an important case affected by the elephant in the room.
What elephant in the room? Your Honor, neither of us can deny that there is a certain sexual energy between us.
There's nothing wrong with that but I have noticed you've been a bit erratic in court.
And we must not let surging testosterone compromise the future of a If you don't leave immediately, I'll have you incarcerated.
In another state! Very well.
But please don't let her die.
I'm back.
What do you mean, you're back? Well, I was hoping to move in.
Move- Move- Move in? Are you thinking about it? - Why are you talking to the door? - What? It I just do that sometimes.
I talk to doors or windows, ceilings, whatever.
Do they talk back? Now, why would I need them to talk back when I have a daughter? - Ally, are you okay? - Me? Sure.
Do you have any idea how serious this is? You can't go to a judge in the middle of trial.
And to make an advance? For God's sakes, we're in the middle of a serious case.
- You're getting emotional.
- I'm emotional! I don't believe it.
First of all, I didn't make advances.
And even if I did, at my age, I advance like continental drift.
- This isn't funny.
- You see me laughing? Think I don't want to save the girl? You told me it was an impossible case.
I just thought a little charm wouldn't hurt.
We're the lawyers.
Let us handle it, okay? - You brought me in.
- To take notes! I wanted to shoo the elephant out of the room.
What's wrong with that? Let us handle this, okay? - Are you capable of that, Claire? - You don't have to get gruff with me.
- The woman he killed was your sister? - Yes.
- And Sarina is your niece? - Yes.
You come today to court against the idea of his donating his heart? - Yes.
- Can you tell us why, Ms.
Herman? I love my niece.
And of course I want her to live.
To allow that man to be a hero, to give him the opportunity to go to his grave as some kind of savior, I very much object to that.
- Why? - He's a murderer.
He shot and killed a human being.
He's wants to buy redemption.
That opportunity should not be offered to people who take the lives- If he wants to kill himself, fine.
But he shouldn't get to feel noble.
He is not noble.
- You loved your sister a great deal.
- And I still do.
This is her daughter.
What would she want? - She would save her.
It's who she was.
- But not who you are? Memories of the victims are not honored by honoring the murderers.
If you let the murderers be heroes, you will very much be honoring them.
I'm sorry, Sarina.
I would do everything in my power to help you get a new heart.
But not his.
Not his! May I say something here? Whether this happens or not, this is between me and my father.
It does not involve her.
We take into consideration the feelings of the victims, Ms.
No offense to my aunt, but I'm the victim.
It was my mother.
She thinks that she has some priority on pain? I'm the victim.
Look, if I offended you, I'm sorry.
The truth is, I was trying to protect Maddie.
- You were protecting Maddie, huh? - Yeah.
She's attached to you.
I think she hopes you're gonna be around forever - and since my pipes are good- - No need to apologize.
Just send me my money.
Here's your check, you big turd.
- To think I came to ask you out - As if I'm interested.
- Go to hell! - Been there.
Your place.
- You kicked me? - You deserved it.
You know, I have a college degree.
I may not use big words like "turd," but I'm in your league.
You accuse me of being an elitist, now you're flaunting your education.
- You're a hypocrite.
- Go to hell.
- I'll sue you.
- For what, a concussion? - Are we done here? - No.
I'm still asking you out.
Why? I have a thing for plumbers and I hate people who mentally challenge me.
Because I like you, Victor.
A little.
You don't have to get carried away, but you can pick me up in your truck.
- This is a mistake.
- You said he was cute.
I mean your hair.
Don't go with the big 'do.
This is not a big 'do.
How long exactly have you been dating? My father dated.
He told me what men like and don't.
- You're slowing me down here.
- Fine.
- What did your father say? - Well, for starters he said if she got all gussied up, he knew he had her.
- You know, in the B-A-G, bag.
- This is just making it neat.
It's not gussied.
The problem is, he's seen you many times before.
He'll think something's up if your hair is neat.
It's already 3:00.
You really think you can pull it all together in just five hours? Did you ever consider that I might be nervous and need support? I've not had a date for a year.
- What about Glenn? - That was a double date.
This is a real date.
I'm going out with somebody.
I'm going out with somebody that I could actually- What is wrong? Huh? Nothing.
I just Of course there's the potential for abuse.
Of course the ethics of state-assisted suicides We've heard the arguments.
They're all terrifying.
But why, in response to potential abuse, do courts set absolutes? Look at the merits of this case alone.
How are ethics best served here? Sarina Feldman's dying.
We can prevent that simply by allowing for it.
This man is in prison for life.
What's wrong about permitting him to contribute to society? And giving life to somebody? That is some contribution.
We all run so scared of the possibility that things could go wrong down the road.
Let's just address the merits of this case alone.
Let Sarina Feldman live.
I'm happy to consider the merits of this case alone.
We don't kill people so others may live.
Those are the merits and the ethics.
Milbury is arguing that since Mr.
Feldman is in prison for the maximum term, his life's worth less.
No judge can decide who is more worthy of life.
And the fact that he's a prisoner We should be wary of permitting convicts to donate organs.
Don't think for a second that won't amount to duress.
A man's up for parole, his lawyer advises: "If you give your kidney to a dying kid the parole board will be impressed.
" Is that cynical? Of course.
But we know it would happen.
Body parts should never be used as currency.
- That's not happening today, sir.
- It could.
But it's not.
It's about a dad giving his heart to his child.
It's about killing one person so another might live.
It's about deciding which human being is more worthy of life.
Are you really that good a judge? Hello.
I'm Claire Otoms.
I couldn't help hearing in court you said you still love your sister, as if she's still present.
- You must believe she has a soul.
- And? Well, I'm curious.
What would her soul think of this? You resisting efforts to save her daughter? I don't owe you an explanation, Ms.
I find if I hang around long enough, I often get one.
I do believe people have souls, Ms.
His shouldn't get salvation.
I see.
Anger has such life sometimes, doesn't it? - Where is she? - Her bathroom.
- I didn't know who else to call.
- Okay.
Ally? Ally? I can't do it.
I can't go out with you.
Golly, woman.
I filled up my pickup truck with a full tank of gas brought eight-track tapes- I know you're trying to make me laugh but it's not gonna work.
But nice try.
I thought that I was ready to move on, to date and I'm just in love with somebody else.
God knows, I wish I wasn't.
And I started getting ready for the date, and everything just came back.
And I hate him.
I really do.
I hate him.
I hate him for walking out.
I do.
But I guess I just love him too much to Well, I really hate myself for - Sorry.
- It's okay.
- Call me pathetic.
- You're not pathetic.
Well, I feel really stupid.
Well you want my college-degree take on it or a pickup-driver response? Door number three, the plumber.
You move on.
Because you have to.
College degree? The first step to beating your pain is confronting it head-on.
- The truck driver? - All you really need is to get- - Victor.
- Look, you loved the guy a lot.
It's gonna take some time.
It's supposed to.
You know, I don't really feel like going out, but if you wanted to cook - Well, I'd eat it.
- Why are you so good to me? - Are you gonna cook or not? - I'll cook.
I'll cook.
How much longer? - If he's keeping us late, he's close.
- Perhaps I should go check? - No! - Gruff.
What's wrong? Sarina What? Your father overpowered a transport guard.
- He had help from the outside.
- What are you saying? He escaped.
He's gone.
- Was that his plan all along? - I don't know.
Of course it was.
This was all about an escape.
The man killed my mom.
How could I be so stupid? - Do they have any trace of him? - No.
I'm sorry.
I apologize for all this.
If this is who he is, Sarina, you don't want his heart.
Anyway - Raymond Milbury.
You represent Sarina? - Yeah.
I'm her lawyer.
- Her father shot himself.
- When? - About 15 minutes ago.
His daughter needs to come for the transplant.
Thank you.
What now? Sarina your father went to Beth Israel Hospital.
He presented his donor card, and then with a gun he took his own life.
He must have thought we were gonna lose, so he had a backup plan.
We need to get you to the hospital.
They're harvesting the heart now.
Come on, we need to go.
Let's go.
Okay, this is not anyone's idea of a date.
I mean, first of all, that I'm even here My dad didn't include me on any of his dates.
What a shock.
Listen, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.
When you date in about 15 years when you're not grounded anymore cooking dinner is one of the most romantic things a man can do.
- Trust me.
- I believe you, Ally.
I read it in Victor's Men's Health magazine.
- You did? - Yeah, it said, "Cook a girl dinner you're sure to get some after.
" Could you go upstairs? I'll call you when dinner's ready.
- You gonna bust him? - Yes.
That's what this is about? You plan to bed me down? - You are so funny.
- No, I'm serious.
I know you are.
That's what's so funny.
It was your idea for me to cook.
You know, Victor, this has been quite a day.
So don't expect me to think clearly.
I won't.
I think I am being clear-headed, though, when I say - thanks.
- You're welcome.
The transplant team is coming in.
They wanna do it tonight? The sooner the better, while the heart's viable.
Well, I don't think I want it anymore, after he Don't let his sacrifice be for nothing.
I don't know if I choose to live at this point.
Sarina, your father faced death so you wouldn't have to.
- He's given you his heart.
- I didn't want it to be like this.
He didn't want it to be like this.
He didn't think we were gonna win.
We probably weren't.
Are you gonna do it? I don't know.
I think you should.
Look, I've been blinded by my hatred for Your mother would have wanted this.
And so do I.
So take his heart.
I had a beer And now you're here Calling out for me And I hope that I don't Fall in love with you You stinker!
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