Almost Family (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Notorious AF

1 MAN: Previously on Almost Family Dr.
Bechley, Jane Horner from The Wall Street Journal.
My source says that you used your own sperm to impregnate a patient at your practice.
- Hi, I'm Julia.
- Hi.
- How do you know each other? - Oh, um (MOANS) Leon Bechley is my dad.
So that means you two might be brother and sister? - Julia, we have to let you go.
- This is total crap! I mean, how can they do this to you? I brought my employment agreement because I was hoping maybe you guys can look at it.
It's like I finally know what it feels like to have an actual dad.
Get out.
Get out! Get out of our house! You're welcome to stay here as long as you need to.
I read your employment agreement.
- You run the clinic now.
- I'm the boss? - I'm gonna need your help.
- We'll do it together.
Our office has determined that Dr.
Bechley's misuse of his genetic material rises to the level of sexual assault.
Is it me, or is there, like, a vibe happening between you and Amanda Doherty? (SOFTLY) Holy I'm so glad to see you all today at our first NPE group "Not Parent Expected.
" Whether you're a Bechley client or not, all are welcome here.
So thank you for coming and welcome to the group.
In one way, or another, all of us have had our lives disrupted, changed, by the miracle of DNA testing.
We all have stories.
Who would like to begin? I have a story to share.
Oh, no.
My husband cheated on me with someone he met on a sex app.
- Oh, my God.
- You, Julia.
You slept with my husband.
- No, I - Just admit it.
I I had no idea.
So you did? - Well okay.
- He did? Didn't you know he was your brother? - Um - Yeah, my husband is her brother! - JULIA: Okay.
- She had sex with her own brother! And yet here she is, trying to help all of you.
- Oh, my God.
- (DRAMATIC MUSIC) - Can we talk outsi - Pathetic.
I'm so sorry.
I-I didn't know he was married.
Or my brother.
This isn't a friendly visit for either of us, Roxy.
This is a business meeting.
DIANE: We understand that you don't want anything to do with us right now in this moment of genetic exploration of yours.
RON: But we still work together.
And there are certain obligations that we've committed to that you need to honor.
I'm not doing anymore birthday party gigs.
They're soul-crushing.
This one's different.
This one's for a producer who works for Bob Costas.
No birthdays.
This could open all kinds of doors for you, honey.
- ROXY: (SCOFFS) - On-air opportunities.
Hard pass.
Are we done? Yeah (STAMMERS) You no, really, honey, um, I-I don't think I made myself clear here.
Uh, you have to do this gig, Roxy.
DIANE: We have a contract with these people and we can't afford to be held in breach.
(SIGHS) I am so sick of being paraded around like a circus freak with a 15-year-old silver medal.
That's not who I am anymore.
Really? So who are you? Yes.
We're dying to know.
(GENTLE MUSIC) (SIGHS) Give me the address.
RON: Thanks, sweetheart.
JUDGE: The prosecution requests a continuance? Our key witness can't be in New York until after the new year.
You've accused my client of assaulting dozens of women.
You can't find one who can testify before then? She's a public school teacher.
We shouldn't penalize her for educating our children.
An admirable stance, but Ms.
Palmer makes a valid point.
Find another key witness.
(MELLOW MUSIC) - I understand if you're freaking out.
- I'm not.
I I've been there.
I get it.
Amanda, it was a mistake.
(SIGHS) Was it? I can't blow up my life over this.
I it just (SIGHS) - It's a lot.
- Look, it's okay, okay? (STAMMERS) I can be patient.
You aren't my first freaked out, first-time lesbian.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
How many first time, freaked-out lesbians have you Gotten freaky with? - I mean - I'm married to an amazing guy.
I (SIGHS) (SOFTLY) Getting involved with opposing counsel talk about a rookie mistake.
I can't, I (SIGHS) And yet, here we are.
Look, if you wanna stop, we stop, but I think we have something here.
Something more than just a one-time thing.
And we're both professionals so we keep it that way, right? Keep the business, business, and the personal, personal.
See where it leads.
Hm? (ADAM&STEVE'S "WHEREVER YOU ARE") Ball's in your court, Counselor.
SINGER: Oh, no, you hit me in the heart Bull's-eye, right where the feelings are Meet me at the beach, meet me at the park - I just wanna be wherever you are - (SIGHS) (CELL PHONE RINGS) (SIGHS) Hey.
Hey, Jules-y, have you checked social meeds? Oh, no.
What's happening? #Bechley.
I'm around if you need me, and, uh, you're gonna need me.
(TENSE MUSIC) KIM (ON PHONE): Didn't you know he was your brother? Oh, my God.
She had sex with her own brother! Brother! Brother! - - SINGER: Gonna bring you down I don't know, but I'm gonna bring you down I don't know what's gonna bring you down (EXHALES SHARPLY) SINGER: Whoa, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Whoa, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Okay, so I ask you questions.
You answer honestly and completely.
No secrets or lies.
I need to know everything.
Uh, you've grown into a very confident young woman, Edie.
I'd like you to take me through each instance in which you were the donor as best you can recall.
We could be looking at a count for each, so it's important to be thorough.
Always a leader, even as a little girl.
Leon, please.
I wanna establish a clear timeline as well as the medical reasoning behind your actions.
Of course.
Oh, yeah, that was always a favorite Thanksgiving of mine.
I think you and Julia are, what, like, eight there? Uh, yeah, nine.
You were a little lawyer even then.
Stickler for accuracy.
You used to torment Genevieve.
"That's not actually what you said.
For the record, you said holiday bedtime is 10:00.
" (CHUCKLES) You know, I'd like to think that some of that determination of yours, you got from me.
You know what? I think we should pick this back up at the office.
It'll be more professional there.
Say cheese.
- (SHUTTER CLICKS) - SINGER: I, I That's great.
Hey, are you talking to me? I don't know what to believe So many words, I don't wanna All right, good job.
Who's next? This is boring.
Yeah, well, you know, they're the fundamentals.
They're supposed to be.
You gotta get this stuff down first before you get to the good stuff.
That's where you really fly.
Why don't you give it a shot? I wanted Logan Paul, but Mom said he was too expensive.
Well, you know, uh, I'm on YouTube too.
You can check out some of my old routines.
They're a little tougher than somersaults.
That's not the kind of content I'm interested in.
Can I try? Yeah, sure.
Let's see what you got.
That's pretty good.
What's your name? - Izzy.
- Hi, Izzy.
Nice to meet you.
You wanna try it again? Keep your feet together.
Yeah, Bechley.
That's right.
It's me.
You want an autograph? Ironic selfie? SAM: Oh, good.
You're here.
Oh, my God.
Really? I wanted to talk to you to apologize.
I forgive you.
Now go.
Kim found my phone and that's what I wanted to talk to you about.
My marriage is a very (SIGHS) Complicated situation.
Please don't insult my intelligence with lame excuses, Sam.
You are the last person in the world that I wanted to see right now.
- I get that.
- Then why am I still seeing you? Because this is messing with my life, too, okay? I work at a very conservative firm.
And we need to do something.
I-I'm getting a lot of heat for this.
Are you? Are you getting a lot of heat for this, because I'm getting burned at the stake, and I didn't cheat on anyone or lie or do anything except use modern technology to have quick, consensual, and fairly unmemorable sex.
So no, I don't care about your problems.
I need you to leave and never come back and delete me from your app.
- (GRITTY POP MUSIC) - SINGER: I've been six feet underground Oh, no, no, no.
It's not what it looks like.
We weren't even doing anything.
We were just talking! SINGER: Be interested I'm gonna do the understated I am being interested Whoa, whoa Chew me up and spit me out Thought I'd never come back around I am being interested Whoa, whoa My question is, were you attracted to him despite the genetic connection or because of it? (LAUGHING) Because I'm not sure which one's more upsetting.
I am not available for your teasing right now.
I am walking through a living nightmare.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't resist.
It must be really awful.
You have no idea.
Well, do you wanna tell me what's up? I'm assuming that's not for me.
I'm going to a client bris later, or believe me, I would be in bed under the covers.
Well, you said you wanted to meet.
I told you I was too busy and you said it couldn't wait, so Edie, I saw you with that DA, Amanda Doherty, in the courthouse.
(SCOFFS) I'm not sure what you think you saw.
I think I saw you kissing the woman who is prosecuting the case against my father.
(SCOFFS) It was nothing.
And it's none of your business.
Is it nothing or none of my business, because those are two very different things.
It doesn't matter because it's over, okay? Edie, I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life.
- Because - Oh, great.
Thank you, Julia, because you're not exactly the first person I'd go to for life advice.
If you are I don't know, going through something or struggling with your sexuality I'm not struggling.
I'm happily married to the greatest guy in the world.
I know.
I made one dumb decision.
With serious consequences.
I don't understand why you would wanna jeopardize my dad's case, not to mention your entire career unless this is this is who you are.
(WHISPERS) Are you do you like women, or you have always liked women, or are you a lesbia are you dating the prosecutor? (WHISPERS HARSHLY) Keep your voice down.
We do not all need to be Internet notorious.
I was literally whispering.
I couldn't have been any softer.
Look, if you wanna blow up your life, that's fine, but I'm not gonna let you blow up mine and my father's in the process.
I have it under control, okay? As for the blowing up your life thing, I think you're doing a pretty good job of it on your own.
What is wrong with you? - Let it go.
(SCOFFS) Debbie, mazel tov.
Julia, you came.
Yeah, of course.
I RSVP-ed, didn't I? I would love to hold the little guy before the action starts.
Oh, I'm I'm afraid I I can't let you do that.
Oh, right.
It's a big day.
Needs to keep his game face on.
No, I can't let you come inside I have a lot of family here.
They're very conservative people.
Oh, my God.
This is about the, um right.
Debbie, that that was a mistake.
That's not who I am.
It sure looked like you in the video.
I'm sorry, Julia, this is a religious ceremony.
We just can't have the distraction.
Okay, fine.
Yeah, I'll just I'll just go, and I'm gonna take these onesies with me because they're friggin' adorable.
I what am I gonna do with them? Here.
Mazel tov.
Thank you, Julia.
(SIGHS) (MELLOW MUSIC) (SIGHING) Okay, let's try this again.
I am your lawyer.
You are my client.
There will be no talking about Thanksgiving or when Julia and I were kids.
Just business.
Got it? Yes.
Why are you smiling? You actually just reminded me of me Leon, please.
Tell me about the first time you intervened.
Intervened? Not a word I would use.
Use your own, then.
Now, in the early '80s, technology wasn't what it is now.
We didn't have the same storage capabilities.
Now, the client in this case she had already endured, you know, multiple failed attempts at conception.
Now, at the time, you know, we suspected the husband was the problem.
She was ovulating.
The situation was optimal.
But the husband you know, he wouldn't admit that maybe he was the problem.
He refused to submit to testing his sperm.
So they were ready to give up.
Now, she came to me and she was desperate for anything that might, you know, produce a viable pregnancy.
She begged me for help help in any way I could.
Her words.
So you helped her? Oh, who was I to get in the way of motherhood when I knew I could create success? She deserved to have the next piece in her life story.
You know, sometimes, the universe can't wait for science.
That's good.
It sounds compassionate.
If you tell it just like that, the jury will respond.
- That's a good story.
- Yeah, but no, it's no I mean, it's not a story.
It's the truth.
(SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC) What, do you I mean, do you believe me? Doesn't matter if I believe you.
It helps make a personal connection.
If the jury feels something, it only benefits our side.
I know you can handle a jury.
It's like that pro bono case, Malcolm Bradley.
- What? - Yeah, you were right.
He never should've been tried as an adult.
How do you know about that? You've had a successful career.
I I followed it.
That case in particular stayed with me.
You know, the other cases, you know, showed your savvy, but that one, that showed your heart.
You followed my career? I've been invested in you your entire life.
Invested? (STAMMERS) Just, you know, that you're a very talented lawyer.
You know, I think I think we should take a break.
Edie, for the record, I don't care about the jury.
I care about you.
- (UPBEAT POP MUSIC) - Okay Yeah, crushed it.
Hey, #Roxycontin.
It's our turn.
ROXY: Bring it on back.
Let's see another one.
That's my nanny's kid.
I didn't even invite her.
Don't pay attention to her, okay? She's just jealous because you have talent, and she's just a rich, spoiled bitch, okay? Okay? All right.
Listen, birthday girl, you've never done a hard day's work in your life.
At the ranch, they'd tape your knees together and put you on a saltine cracker diet until you were begging for mercy.
(WHISPERS) And you wouldn't last a day.
(PENSIVE MUSIC) CAITLYN: Daddy! I think you owe us an apology.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry your daughter's a spoiled weakling who's had every obstacle snowplowed out of the way by her parents.
- Get out! - Yeah, way ahead of you, pal.
(ROUSING MUSIC) Hey, keep tumbling, okay? - (LINZI JAI'S "BLEED") - SINGER: We lost it all We lost the war We lost the war We lost the fight But not our love, no - - We lost it all - - We lost the war - SINGER: We lost the fight - JULIA (ON PHONE): Oh, no, no.
SINGER: We lost our hearts But not our love, no Not our love Everyone's waiting for you at the are you hiding? SINGER: Love, no No.
Listen, this is all going to blow over.
It will.
Well, no.
The Internet is forever, but eventually, you won't be trending at number one.
(CLICKS TONGUE) - That's not encouraging.
- (PHONE CLATTERS) Okay, we're just gonna wait this crap out.
Meanwhile, you can't sit up in here and sulk all day.
You have a whole team out there that's counting on you.
Isaac, I really need you to hear what I'm about to say.
I'm not leaving this chair or this sweatshirt ever.
Hey, hey.
Come on.
JULIA: (WHIMPERS) (SIGHS) - Unabomber, come on.
- No.
Okay, you need to get up.
Take your sweatshirt off.
Go to the staff meeting.
Hold your head high, and let them know that this #brotherhumper is not gonna take this crap lying down.
You and I are partners, remember? A team.
I need you.
All right.
But I'm still the boss bitch.
You're still the boss bitch.
(SNIFFS, SIGHS) How do I look? Let's go.
KIM (ON PHONE): Didn't you know he was your brother? - Yeah, my husband is her brother! - JULIA (ON PHONE): Okay, no KIM (ON PHONE): She had sex with her own brother.
And yet here she is, trying to help all of you.
(LINE RINGING) JULIA: Hey, it's Julia.
- You know what to do.
- (BEEP) Hey, I brought the Nelson file for you to look over.
What about the Andersons and the Gottliebs? No longer clients? Mm, I see.
Have you seen this? I have.
(SOFTLY) Yeah.
How's she holding up? Not so great.
I mean, it's one thing for them to, you know, come after me, but my daughter? It's killing me, Isaac.
Yeah, I understand, it's No, I'm not sure you do.
I mean, it is killing me.
She won't take my calls.
What's what's the plan? PR people say we lay low.
- Eh, that PR.
- Wait it out.
PR people are idiots.
No politically-correct wusses, saying that we should sit on our heels.
Meanwhile, my daughter is being raked over the coals for something that is entirely my fault.
Leon, we're not even supposed to meet at all.
I think we should just stick to the patients.
Now, for the Nelsons, the 26th looks optimal for egg retrieval.
This has to land on me, all right? Not Julia.
You have to tell Julia that she needs to, you know, create a new narrative.
She needs to get out in front of this.
She needs to fight back and she has to remind people that I'm the villain of the story.
But it has to come from you 'cause she's not listening to me right now.
Sir, I don't I don't think I can Yes, you can, because you care about her as much as anyone.
- Leon, I - LEON: Isaac.
Now, look, I agree with you on the 26th the Nelsons, egg retrieval because as usual (CHUCKLES) You're right.
And as for the you know, the Andersons and the Gottliebs, you know, you just tell them they can rot in hell.
KIM (ON LAPTOP): She had sex with her own brother! She had sex with her own brother! - She had sex with her own - Wow.
It's auto-tuned and everything.
KIM (ON LAPTOP): She had sex with her own brother! You know, I gotta say it is kinda catchy.
KIM (ON LAPTOP): Her own brother! She had sex with her own bro You know, in, like, a super mean-spirited, uncool kind of way.
Look, don't worry.
We're gonna fix this, okay? I got a guy.
He does search engine optimization.
I used him for that DUI I got two days before trials.
There is no fixing this.
I'm branded for life with a scarlet hashtag.
The Internet is forever.
Hey, didn't you just clean those cups? I'm cleaning them again.
It's the one thing in my life I can control right now.
Sis, you and I are not that different.
Not sure that's helping.
People wanna brand me too, you know? "Roxycontin.
" (SCOFFS) - It's a good pun.
- Screw those losers.
Okay, here he is.
So he can't scrub you completely, but he can push all this stuff down to the tenth search page.
(DOOR BELL RINGS) ROXY: I just need $10,000.
What? Oh.
Hello, tall.
Hey, uh, is Julia here? Hey.
(GENTLE MUSIC) So, um, why don't I whip us up a couple Hot Pockets? - Sounds good.
- Okay.
What are you doing here? I think you should fight this.
Fight it? I thought you said that we should wait it out.
The PR people said The PR people are politically-correct wusses.
Listen, what if you made a statement, all right? You're not this person that they're dragging on Twitter.
Why don't you just show them who you really are? (SCOFFS) That will definitely make things worse.
I mean, it's me.
(LAUGHS) Definitely will not make things worse.
If people see you I mean, if they see who you really are, people would fall in love with you.
I mean, just don't wear your normal clothes and put a brush through your hair, but I don't know.
Will you at least think about it? Okay.
Cool, yeah.
- That's all I got.
- Okay.
And have fun with the Hot Pockets.
- (DOOR OPENS) - JULIA: All right, see you.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - Whoa.
I think tall guy speaks the truth.
- You were listening? - Not intentionally.
I have insanely-good hearing.
Is he single? Tall guy.
He's Isaac.
Um, I suppose? And you're sure you're not, you know Ew.
- Mm.
- Why? Oh, uh, no reason.
(QUIRKY MUSIC) MAN: Beautiful form.
That is one of Roxy's signature skills.
She combines such grace with incredible athleticism (SOFTLY) Okay, come on.
- Come on.
- MAN: And now her dismount.
(EXHALES) Come on, Roxy.
MAN: She's been landing these throughout the competition.
Nice, nice.
- MAN: Roxy Doyle for the silver.
- (CELL PHONE RINGS) (KEYBOARD CLACKS) - What, Mom? - DIANE: I'll tell you what.
I just spoke to our client and he is not happy.
Oh, really? Well, that makes two of us.
You made his daughter cry? You don't know how nasty she was to me.
Do you know what she said? How humiliating that was? DIANE (OVER PHONE): You're going right back over there and saying you're sorry.
We cannot afford this.
Your reputation is hanging on here by a thread as it is.
Did you hear anything that I just said? - (DOG BARKS) - It was a horrible experience.
I can't take that kind of thing anymore.
DIANE (OVER PHONE): It's okay, honey.
Mommy's got you.
- She's so sweet.
(SMOOCHES) - (DOG BARKS) (SCOFFS) You know, for a minute there, I thought you were talking to me.
I wish I could be Mitch Gaylord for a day to see what it feels like to have your unconditional love.
That's ridiculous.
- Oh, is it? - DIANE (OVER PHONE): Yes.
Now, I need you to go over there and apologize.
This is important for your future.
Yeah, I know what's important to you, Diane.
(SOMBER MUSIC) - Hey, I'm so glad you called.
- Hey, Ma.
So how you doing with everything? I know it's all so (MIMIC EXPLOSION) - I'm okay.
- Oh.
Well, you look great.
Did you add vitamin D to your diet? Are things better with Tim? I don't know.
You got this glow.
Uh, no.
Yes? Okay, well, I I made the matcha.
It's ready.
What did you wanna talk about? Well, I've been working with Leon this week.
Oh, yeah.
How's the case going? It's it's interesting.
He's he seems to know a lot about my career.
Well, you know Leon.
He's always taken an interest.
"Investment" was the word he used.
What did he mean by that, Mom? Well, I really don't know.
I really don't have time to do this thing that we do, and you kinda forfeited the privilege, so can we just (SIGHS) Leon's been helping you since college.
And it was a good thing.
It is a good thing.
So there's no need for any drama.
Helping me how? Financially? Well, he set aside some money for a sort of scholarship.
You mean the Young Leaders Scholarship? (SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC) Mom, I I thought that was a merit scholarship.
I thought I I wrote that essay.
I thought I earned that.
And you knew all along and you just (SCOFFS) I gotta go.
Honey, please.
Good talk.
Thanks, Mom.
- Nice look.
- Better to be safe than sorry.
Can I No one's gonna recognize you here.
Wow, yeah, what where is here? Why are you staying in this place? Uh, it's cheap.
And when your incestuous infidelity gets blasted all over the Internet, your wife tends to kick you out and your boss tends to fire you.
Well, that's why married guys shouldn't be on dating apps.
I know.
It's for single people.
Very single.
You, not single.
You lied to me, Sam.
Really sorry, Julia.
Why'd you do it? I don't know.
I had a good life.
I had everything.
I deserve this.
Well, I don't know if I deserve this.
(SIGHING) Yeah, so in summary, we both feel humiliated, vulnerable, exposed.
When you came to the clinic, you said we needed to do something.
So let's do something.
Um, Roxy Doyle.
Mitch isn't quite ready yet.
You know, your mom said she'd be back.
Yeah, I know, but she had she had something come up, and she asked me to grab him.
And I'm kind of in a hurry, so I should probably just call her to make sure.
You know what? He looks ready to me, so Hey, what're you doing? You can't be back there.
- Keep your pants on.
- DIANE: Roxy! DIANE: I know you're in there.
Roxy! - (SIGHS) - Oh.
- You must be - Roxy's mother.
I'm Julia.
I know who you are.
Now where's my baby? She's probably sleeping.
My dog.
Where are you keeping him? I'm I'm sorry, Mrs.
I don't know what you're talking about.
There's definitely no dog here.
(DOG BARKING) (HIGH-PITCHED) Ooh, there you are.
Oh, my sweet boy.
Aww, I was worried sick.
Really? You were worried sick? I can't take care of a dog? Okay, I have no idea where he came from.
I don't know what you're capable of anymore.
I know you wanna hurt me.
That much seems clear.
He is my dog too.
Maybe I just missed him.
Did you ever think of that? Yeah, my lease doesn't allow pets.
Name one time you've ever gotten up in the morning to walk him.
Huh? You can't.
You can't even take care of yourself.
You're a mess, Roxy.
Okay, Mrs.
Doyle, I know that you are very upset about losing your dog You should stay out of this, brother humper.
And no, I did not lose my dog.
He was stolen.
You can't steal your own dog, okay? (SCOFFS) Nice try, Diane.
Ugh, just give me the dog.
- No, stop, stop.
- JULIA: Hey, hey, hey, stop.
We need to call a truce here.
Okay? - Can I have the dog? - Just be careful.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Okay, I'm guessing little BOTH: Mitch Gaylord.
Of course.
I'm guessing little Mitch might be happier with his yard to run around in, right? And I'm guessing you, Mrs.
Doyle, are being a little bit more hurtful than normal because in addition to losing your dog, you also feel like you're losing your daughter.
Now, I will give you back the dog if you promise to just give Roxy some space.
Because she's an adult, and very capable of taking care of herself.
Does that seem fair? None of this is fair.
(SOMBER PIANO MUSIC) (DOOR SLAMS) You okay? Thanks for sticking up for me.
It's no big deal.
It is.
Sticking up for people is a big deal.
Listen, I wanna make something really clear to you - Okay.
- Leon, before we continue with anything.
Well, sure.
I mean, you're in charge.
Everything I've done, I have done on my own.
My career, my accomplishments you have no idea how much harder you have to work as a young, black woman.
And I will not let you or anyone undermine me or confuse me.
I know who I am.
And I'm I'm very proud of you.
That's just it.
It's not about you.
You don't get to take credit.
Take credit? Or or be proud or whatever.
The Young Leaders Scholarship? Catchy title.
I didn't win anything.
I wrote a pitch-perfect essay about Jane Bolin's first judicial ruling.
Nobody even read it.
I read it.
Yeah, well, I worked my ass off.
- You wrote a check.
- Your mother and I You created a bogus scholarship so that you could participate so that you could feel good like you actually had anything to do with me.
I saw your potential.
You knew what things were like for me growing up, Leon.
And that's why I wanted to help.
EDIE: I didn't need a handout.
I needed a father.
(SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC) All those Thanksgivings I sat across from you, and you knew.
Why didn't you ever tell me who you really were? Were you ever gonna tell me? A lot of people would've gotten hurt if I had told you.
Marcus will be right with you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Are you in trouble 'cause of the party? Did you come to say you're sorry? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) No, I'm here to see you.
Why? Well, because you remind me of someone I know who discovered they had this superpower when they were about your age.
Who's that? Me.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) I don't feel like I have a superpower.
Well, that's just because you haven't figured out how to use it yet.
But I can help you.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) - Think you can work hard? - Yeah.
But my mom's just a nanny.
She probably can't pay.
It's okay.
We'll figure something out.
Hit me up on the socials, okay? Gotta jet.
SINGER: I believe it's time for me to fly (REO SPEEDWAGON'S "TIME FOR ME TO FLY") SINGERS: Time for me to fly SINGER: Oh, I've got to set myself free Time for me to fly Okay, you ready? SAM: (CLEARS THROAT) Here we go.
(CLEARS THROAT) And Hi, it's Julia Bechley.
And I'm here with Sam McCormick.
Hi, there.
And we just thought it was important to set the record straight.
- This is my brother.
- And this is my sister.
And we did have sex.
- Yep, that happened.
- It did.
Listen, we didn't know that we were When we were You get it.
Anyway, ever since we found out we were related, our worlds have pretty much been turned upside down.
It tested us.
Tested me.
Everything I thought I knew about my life who my family was, what my identity is has changed.
- - I have brothers and sisters that I didn't even know about until a couple weeks ago - tons of them.
- And I get wanting to make me the laughingstock.
I mean, the #brotherhumper thing? Genuinely funny.
But I'm a person with feelings.
I know that I have a lot more family out there.
And I know this isn't just happening me.
One in ten people has a father that isn't really their father.
And these are the people that I wanna help 'cause you are my family.
(ROUSING MUSIC) Leon Bechley is my father, but I'm not like him.
You hear me, Dad? I don't know if you're watching this, but if you are, I'm not you.
I'm honest about who I am.
I'm not hiding.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm right here.
(MELLOW MUSIC) Wanna burn some sage with that? 'Cause I got some.
- It's tempting.
- (LAUGHS) "Won't deny it.
Still shipping Sam and Julia.
" Better to be shipped than shamed.
Oh, I'll take it.
(SIGHS) It worked.
Your crazy, stupid, dangerous idea worked like magic.
You saved my sorry ass.
Mm-mm, you saved your sorry ass.
Not me.
And it was weird because it didn't really seem like an Isaac idea at all.
You're usually so doctor-y and conservative, and all of a sudden, you're this balls out, let's-get-in-front-of-it guy.
Someone had to save you from yourself.
Heard that before.
Thank you.
(ANDY POWELL'S "STRONGER IN THE END") My grandmother has that sweater.
- (LAUGHS SOFTLY) - SINGER: I've been pulled down Till I'm deep Given scars that will never heal But I I'm gonna make it home JULIA: Hey.
Listen, I I owe you an apology.
For making a scene.
I know what it feels like to be exposed, to feel outed.
And so all the dad stuff aside, I'm really sorry.
Thank you.
The first thing I should've asked was How are you? I'm married.
And I love my husband and my career, and I'm not gonna throw it all away.
(INHALES DEEPLY) That's not what I asked.
I know.
Well, I'm I'm here if you ever wanna talk.
You know where to find me.
I'm kind of a big deal on the Internet now.
I don't know if you've heard.
SINGER: I'll break these walls out of Julia.
SINGER: I will shake the dust Thanks just for talking to me like you're my sister, and not like you're Tim's ex.
SINGER: I'll be stronger in the end I will speak my mind, I will win the fight I will face my fears I will be the light This heart will mend Won't break, won't bend - Oh, hey.
(LAUGHS) - Hey.
- Roxy, Julia's sister.
- Yeah, I remember you.
What a coinkydink.
I didn't know you were a runner.
I didn't know you were a runner either.
Well, you know, I'm an athlete.
I'm a silver medalist.
Oh, so you're a medal dropper? Well, I'm sorry.
Do you have one? - Uh-huh.
- Actually, I'm a trainer now.
I just picked up a new client.
Just trying to get my wind up, you know? You know, I love this route because it ends right at Equinox and then I can just start my circuit, you know? Yeah, that's funny because that's actually the same workout I do.
Pretty sure I posted it on my Instagram the other day.
Oh, did you? Huh.
Hey, so, what do you run? Like, an eight-minute mile? - Something like that.
- Okay, let's see what you got.
SINGER: I'll be stronger in the end You're gonna tell me you can't do this.
So that's it? We're done? We're done.
- (MABEL'S "MAD LOVE") - All night, give me mad love All night, give me mad love All night, give me mad love Yeah, don't let me down, do-do-down All night, give me mad love All night, give me mad love All night, give me mad love Yeah, don't let me down, do-do-down LEON: Julia.
Orange soda.
It used to make everything feel better.
When I was 11.
Worth a shot.
I-I had no idea things would take such a turn.
I mean, it's amazing how cruel people can be on the Internet.
And you know, I never thought that you would have to pay such a public price.
And I'm s Here? (LAUGHING) Well, I guess that's as close to an apology as I'm gonna get.
Julia, can I can I come I don't think we're there yet.
Good night, Dad.
SINGER: I never go back, no, no, no I never go, I never go back I never go back, no, no, no I never go, I never go back I think we found your new key witness waiting in your office.
Really? Maybe we won't need that continuance after all.
and Mrs.
Nice to meet you.
We're here to help.
I'd like to testify against Leon Bechley.
SINGER: I never go, I never go back