Almost Family (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Thankful AF

1 ROXY: Previously on Almost Family You're not a bad person, but you've done bad things.
Maybe what you need to feel right now is terrible.
I don't want to see you get hurt.
I can take care of myself.
Oh oh, so you're done.
You're you're done having kids.
Oh, yeah.
(QUIRKY MUSIC) - You should text him.
- Heart.
- No emojis.
- (CELL PHONE BLOOPS) Too late, just sent.
Why do you have pictures of the prosecution's email? EDIE: It was open on her computer when I was in her office.
Page four is an affidavit from the police chief confirming that they, in fact, did not have a warrant.
- The laptop is excluded from trial.
- We got her.
JUDGE STEPHENS: Please see me in chambers.
ALXXA'S "WE NEVER KNOW ANYMORE") ALXXA: Let's start with it nice and slow Gotta go with the flow, yeah No need to try anymore Top down with the lights on low Will you be ordering anything? Hmm? Are you going to order anything? (CHUCKLES) No, thanks, I'm good.
Um, I'm I'm just, like, waiting for someone.
Then I'll be back when your friend gets here.
Oh, uh, she's she's not my friend.
She's my sister.
Do you think that you could get me some more sugar? Looks like you're all out.
ALXXA: We never know anymore We never know anymore Just for the night We never know, we never know We never know We never, never, we never, we never Never, never, never (TAPPING) Does this look like medium dice to you? I don't know, and I don't care.
What's the matter? My stupid parents are in Hawaii.
- For Thanksgiving? - ROXY: Yeah.
It's kind of a family tradition.
But, you know, who wants to have Spam and pineapple on Thanksgiving? Whatever, you know? I told them to go without me, or I would have if they invited me.
Screw 'em, you know? I am way more stoked to have Thanksgiving here with you.
That is not tasty.
It's not cooked yet.
But when it's coriander sweet potato gratin, it's going to be delicious unless I dice these too small, in which case, they will mushy and terrible and everything will be wrong.
Because how in the hell am I supposed to know what they mean by medium? (SIGHS) So Donovan still hasn't texted you back? No.
Okay, well, he's still kind of reasonably within the whole "Hey, sorry, I just saw this" window.
Or maybe I scared the crap out of him talking about how I wanted kids after two whole dates.
I definitely diced these too small.
Just slap a layer of marshmallow on it.
It'll be fine, okay? Hey, I got a DM from a new sib Hannah.
She's super excited to meet us well, me.
Oh, I-I don't think a Hannah has come by to the clinic - to get a DNA test.
- Yeah, she said she's going to.
She's only in town for a couple days.
She wants to, like, hang out.
Well, she should come into the clinic first, so we can get her in the system.
Yeah, I heard you the first time, dicey.
I will tell her to go get a test.
Hey, you feeling okay? You seem a little It's just my back is acting up, and I can't get in to see any doctors because everybody is golfing in Palm Springs for Thanksgiving.
Wow, that ringer's on the desperate setting.
That good, huh? I-I sent him a heart emoji, - and then he sent me this.
- (CELL PHONE CHIMES) - Is this a good sign or a bad sign? - Mm.
Let's call it medium.
SINGER: Whoa, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Whoa, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh EDIE: Amanda.
Wait! Listen, I know you're angry.
You have every right to be.
I just I'm supposed to apologize for doing my job? You would have done the same thing.
You know what I would have done? I would have respected you enough to give you some advance warning.
I would never humiliate you in front of a judge.
"Humiliate" is a strong word.
I did not You were putting on a show for your husband.
No, you're right.
I did jump the gun, rushed in too fast.
It seems to be a pattern for me.
And I'm breaking it now.
Good-bye, Edie.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Why haven't you responded to my invitation? Hello to you, too.
I, uh I don't know that I received an invitation.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - Yeah, the email invite I sent for Thanksgiving at my house this year.
It had an animated turkey on it.
- You couldn't have missed it.
- Oh, that, yeah.
I don't open those.
They usually have advertisements, and I don't Dad, this is important to me.
I know it's a little different, but I don't know why you have to change things.
Because we're different, and I think that - it's maybe time that - Look, you and I have a perfectly good tradition.
I order us a small heirloom bird.
I disarticulate it for the two of us.
Other people call it carving.
And then we order in traditional sides, and when we're done, we watch Miracle on 34th Street, because it's great.
Look, what we do isn't broken.
There's no need to fix it.
I know, but we have, obviously, a whole new family now, and so I would like to start some new traditions.
By definition, a tradition is something you continue, and you and I have so few of those.
Well, I hope you're at least doing the traditional holiday party at the clinic.
Of course we are it's just a bit scaled back this year, because we can't exactly afford - holiday bonuses - Oh, no, no, no.
We always give generous holiday bonuses.
I set aside a reserve No, that is going to lawyers and PR people.
That article that came out last week in The Times didn't do us any favors.
(SIGHS) Well, you know, I'm sure there's still a way There's not.
I'm sorry.
I tried.
Look, I really want you at my Thanksgiving dinner, but whether or not you come, I'm going to do it anyway.
So Well, it's decided, then.
ISAAC: Roxy.
- Hey.
- I-I wasn't expecting you.
Aw, well, why would you? I thought I would just stop by with a little something-something I picked up for you.
It's not a big deal.
I just saw it, and I thought of you, so "I get a kick out of you".
(LAUGHS) Yeah, because you like soccer, and I like are you not a pop-in kind of guy? Because if you're not, that's probably something I should know.
Right, it's just that I'm a-seeing-patients-all-day kind of guy.
- Uh - I get it.
You're busy.
Everybody's busy.
The holidays are coming.
People are making plans holiday plans.
Speaking of holiday plans, do you have any for Thanksgiving? Are you spending it with your relatives? I actually don't even know if you have relatives.
(CHUCKLES) No, I-I-I usually work through the holidays.
I pick up other people's shifts since they want to spend time with their families and mine are all an ocean away in Sudan.
Mine are actually an ocean away, too in Hawaii.
That's not really the same thing.
But it doesn't really matter, because they kind of hate me right now.
So who cares how far away they are? It kind of sounds like you're missing them.
No, no, absolutely not.
But, you know, if you are lonely this holiday, and I know that Julia would love to have you at our place.
Are you inviting me to Thanksgiving? Are you accepting? Yeah.
Yeah, I think I can stop by.
(CHUCKLES) Okay, cool.
And so the student said, who's 14 years old, by the way, uh, "What makes you think I'm high?" And I was like, you know, "I don't know.
It's a toss-up.
It's either the bright red color of your eyes or the marijuana leaf emblazoned on your T-shirt".
I love hearing about your students.
It's so interesting.
It's Of course he was high.
Um, but I have to get this over with.
Why did you send me this emoji of doom? Oh, no, he does not look happy, does he? Or she.
Do emojis have preferred pronouns? Because I'm really not good with them, and I really wasn't sure what to say.
Of course you weren't.
I-I was moving way too fast.
I was talking about the future and having kids, and we only just first started dating.
It's all right.
You can ask about that stuff.
I just wasn't sure what to say in a text message.
So I-I guess I sent what I thought was a neutral response.
So you're neutral? Not about you.
No, about you, I'm like (LAUGHS) But as far as having more kids someday No, I-I it's a lot.
I get that.
I like you, and I want to spend more time with you, and I don't want to make things awkward.
I feel like maybe I made it awkward.
A little.
(LAUGHS) But, um, we'll get through it.
Right? Any Thanksgiving plans? See, I'm getting through it with small talk.
JULIA: (LAUGHS) Um, actually, I'm cooking, which might seem normal, but for me, it's something very new.
My kids are going to their grandparents' in Florida for the long weekend, so I'm doing nothing.
No, no, no, don't look at me like that.
It's not sad.
Okay, I've got the whole house to myself.
I got a ton of grading to catch up on.
Yeah, maybe it is a little sad.
Come to my house.
It'll be fun.
I don't want to step on your plans.
No, no, I want you there.
I'm starting a new tradition.
And I know that's not a thing, because by definition, a tradition is not something new.
Who told you that? Of course it's a thing.
Every tradition has to start sometime.
What? Did I say something cheesy? - 'Cause you're looking at me weird.
- (LAUGHS) No.
I was just thinking about how not my dad you are.
Oh, that's good, 'cause I was thinking I wanted to do this.
And of course it's my daughter, 'cause she knows the exact wrong time.
- (JULIA LAUGHS) - Excuse me.
Hey, honey.
(CELL PHONE CHIMES) (BRIGHT POP MUSIC) There she is in person, my sister, Roxy Doyle.
Hell, yeah, it is.
Oh, is it is it cool if I post that? Yeah, of course.
I'll follow you back.
This is so crazy.
I just I've been following you for so long, even before Insta, when Vine was a thing.
You know, it took me, like, two days by bus to get here from Chicago.
Can you believe that we're actually related? Yeah, have you been by the clinic for a test? 'Cause I know Julia wants everybody Right, right, right, right, right, Julia is the boss.
But, um, I already did it myself.
Yeah, you can get that test online.
Oh, cool, I didn't know you could do it online.
Look, in all seriousness, um, I'm looking forward to, like, really getting to know you.
It's, like, everyone on Insta is so fake.
They're just, like, flexing and looking for clout, and You're just different, and it's inspiring.
ISAAC: These two are a little less fertility clinic, a little more garden supply.
Um, this one has potential.
What do you think? I think changing the name of the clinic might be a mistake.
- Uh, it was your idea.
- I know.
I wanted to give us a fresh start, some distance from my dad.
But now that I'm looking at it, I feel Scared of what he's gonna say.
Guilty about erasing him which, I know, it doesn't make any sense, after everything that he's done, but it's how I feel.
And now he's not coming to Thanksgiving.
He's he's pouting.
He's mad.
Donovan's coming, though.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
(SCOFFS) Uh, that was fast.
Not any faster than you and Roxy.
Fair enough, yeah.
Roxy doesn't really seem to have a slower setting.
Has she seemed a little off at all? She always seems a little bit off.
But, yeah, lately, every time I try to get close enough to ask her, she bites my head off.
Maybe you'll have more luck with her.
ROXY: You know, what people don't realize is that when you're up there on the beam or on the bars, it's not just you up there.
You're carrying the weight of all these people, you know? There's parents and coaches and agents and publicists, and they're all depending on you, you know? And they never stop, even after you're done competing.
Yeah, I mean, people will use you up.
Yeah, sometimes you just want a break.
(UPBEAT POP MUSIC) SINGER: Everybody's here Let's get started There's nothing to fear Is it your back again? Dude, you're dating a doctor.
- Don't they have, like, the best meds? - (SCOFFS) I'm fine.
It just I don't know.
It just seems like a lot of people are piling on.
- Oh, it's not that many people.
- You sure? Yeah.
I'm I'm just saying, who's looking out for Roxy? SINGER: Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh I I just wanted to tell you that, like, I'm not trying to take anything from you.
SINGER: Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh - Except this French fry! - (BOTH LAUGH) Hey, Hannah, I'm I'm really glad you took the bus.
Yeah, me too.
I know we've been working twice as hard this year, but profits are twice as bad.
Sometimes it takes time for hard work to reap its rewards.
Um, it reminds of a little girl I-I knew once who deserved to win the science fair six years in a row.
Life wasn't fair for her, and it's not fair now.
(EMPLOYEES MURMURING) So with a heavy heart, I I think what Julia is trying to say in her very eloquent speech - Dad - I know.
Is that, uh, we at the Bechley Clinic we value and respect our staff.
- (WHISPERS) What are you doing? - (WHISPERS) I have to do this.
So here are this year's holiday bonuses.
JAN: Yes! (LAUGHS) (EXCITED CHATTER) I really wish you would've discussed those checks with me.
We can't dig ourselves into a deeper hole.
Those checks are from my personal account.
The clinic's problems aren't their fault or your fault.
They're my fault.
Thank you.
That's very generous of you.
What is, uh, "Growing Branches"? Oh, um, yeah, I haven't told you about that.
We need to take the Bechley name off of the clinic and start fresh.
It's it's just optics.
Someone brought it up at the staff meeting and - Someone? - Me.
And everyone agreed with me that until the case is over, we need to distance ourselves from the scandal, um, especially after that article Well, you don't have to keep bringing up that article.
- It's optics.
- Yeah.
- Just giving us some distance - You said that, yeah.
- Okay.
- I mean, who am I to disagree? I'm the one who, uh, you know, caused all this damage.
You're not upset? No, I understand.
You know, it's good thinking, good optics.
I, uh you know, I-I actually wanted to, uh, tell you I've changed my mind.
I'd I'd like to come to Thanksgiving.
- T-to my house? - Mm-hmm.
For ? G-great.
That's great.
- What can I bring? - Great.
Are you sure? Because because it seemed like you felt pretty strongly about not changing traditions.
Yeah, no, but I you know, I thought about it, and I you know, you had a good point about change and my resistance to it.
Because I have some pretty big changes planned, like, curry spices.
Julia, are you trying to now disinvite me from Thanksgiving? No, I-I-I'm happy you're gonna be there.
You can bring wine lots of it.
EDIE: So nice to finally be able to show you guys around the office.
I have lots more ideas for it more art on the walls, ergonomic chairs.
You can do whatever you want to the place when you make partner.
We're very proud of you both, but especially Edie.
For a woman to be lead counsel in a high-profile case at this firm, that's an accomplishment.
Well, I wouldn't have this opportunity without women like you paving the way, Gladys.
My ceiling was a lot lower than yours.
The sky's the limit for you, my dear.
You're definitely the one to watch.
- Oh.
- She's the one to watch? - TIM: Wow, Mom, thanks.
- Yeah, you heard her.
You know what? I think I need a drink after that ego boost.
Uh-uh, don't you dare.
That Cognac will be opened after Thanksgiving dessert.
May I ask, why are we having dinner at Julia Bechley's and not in your lovely home? You want to field that one? Well, Mom and I have shared a lot of holiday dinners with the Bechleys over the years, and I just thought it would be nice if we were all together, one big family.
- (CELL PHONE CHIMES) - Excuse me.
- TIM: It should be fun.
The more, the merrier, right? Lunch? So I've been replaying the moment you saw the mock-ups for the new clinic name in my head, and the only reason that you would be so uncharacteristically chill about it is if you were way more upset about it than I even thought you were.
So, that being said, let me have it.
Dad, unleash, 'cause I can't go into Thanksgiving feeling guilty.
This holiday means way too much to me.
(SIGHS) You have nothing to feel guilty about.
I mean, I'm the one who should feel guilty.
Unless What else do you need to tell me? (SIGHS) I'm dating someone.
His name is Donovan.
He's a public-school teacher.
He has two kids.
He's coming to Thanksgiving.
And I know you're gonna disarticulate the turkey, but please don't disarticulate him, because I like him.
I-I actually like him, and I really, really don't want to mess this up.
Um, what are you thinking? - He has two children? - Teenagers, actually.
They're with their grandparents for the holiday.
- How old is he? - Age appropriate - and not my brother.
- Hmm.
A step in the right direction.
Are you sure that you want to, you know, give up the chance of parenting children of your own for this guy? Who said anything about giving up anything? Yeah, well, you know, a man with two teenagers likely doesn't want to go through raising another kid again.
Well, Donovan and I have already talked about that, and you don't need to worry.
And and, frankly, it's none of your business.
Well, I mean, it has been, you know, my specialty for several decades.
Dad, I know how you get when I date someone.
No one is ever good enough for you.
No, no, not true.
Not good enough for you.
Um, Donovan, is it? Nice name.
Well, now I'm really looking forward to this.
(BRIGHT MUSIC) (SIRENS WAIL DISTANTLY) Did Tim ever tell you about the time I introduced him to my dad? My dad had him shaking in his Converse high-tops.
I can't believe how hard it's gonna be for Donovan.
Wait, Tim wore high-top Converse? You didn't see his grunge phase? I did not.
Anyway, Donovan can either handle Leon or he can't.
Either way, you'll know.
That's not comforting.
(CELL PHONE CHIMES) It's Amanda's son Lorenzo again.
How many sad faces this time? (SIGHS) A lot.
I don't know what to do.
If I don't text him back, it's cruel.
If I do text him back, it's even crueler.
It's like I'm leading them both on.
Don't take it out on my green beans.
I-I love Tim.
I love his family.
The right thing to do the only thing to do is work on it.
- Marriage is work.
- It is.
It's work.
- You keep saying "work".
- Yep.
Yes, I know.
Hey, Julesy! Hi.
Who's this? - ROXY: Oh.
- HANNAH: This place is dope.
How many, uh, bedrooms are upstairs? Oh, just two, but the couch is super comfy.
- HANNAH: Hey, Roxy, guess what.
- ROXY: What? - Chicken butt.
- (BOTH LAUGHING) Oh, my God, she's been getting me all day with that.
You guys, this is Hannah.
She's our new sister.
- BOTH: Oh.
- (LAUGHS) - Hi.
- ROXY: Yeah.
Julia, Edie, you guys are, like, so much skinnier in person.
- (SNORTS) - (SOFTLY) Thank you.
Hey, Hannah, uh, where did you come from? She came from the Internet.
That's where she found me.
But she's actually from Chicago.
She's staying here a few extra days so she can join us for T-giving.
- (LAUGHS) - Oh, that's good news.
- Wow.
- JULIA: By the way, did you stop by the clinic? 'Cause I would love for us to get your information and (SNORTS) Wow, you totally called that.
- (LAUGHS) - Right? Called what? What did she call? What are these? Uh, is there a ladies' room I can use? Oh, yeah, the one downstairs is really crummy, so I'll show you the one upstairs.
I'm gonna have these.
"Hello, I'm Gary the ginger man".
Off we go! There's a stranger using my bathroom.
Oh, my God, there are two of them now.
(UPBEAT POP MUSIC) SINGER: I was all caught up for a while Ran in circles round my own head Too bad I was acting like a child I'd rather act like the woman I am (DOORBELL RINGS) You don't, you don't know where I could go You don't, you don't know, I Dad, hi.
Come on in.
- You look nice.
- Thank you.
Wine, great.
Thank you.
Yeah, I wanted to be the first to arrive.
(CHUCKLES) Uh, you know, I thought a lot about what you said about your new relationship, and, you know, I regret being so skeptical.
There's no reason his having older children should be a concern.
Wow, thank you.
That that's nice of you As long as you freeze your eggs.
Yeah, sooner, the better.
Clock's ticking.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
You went there straight to the ovaries.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Julia, I've done the math.
Hi! Hello.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Come on in.
- I baked.
- You did.
Wow, you look great.
- LEON: Edie.
- Hey, Leon.
JULIA: Good to see you.
- Tim.
- GLADYS: So good to see you.
- LEON: Gladys.
- GLADYS: Hello.
- So good to see you.
- You too.
Cornelius, how long has it been? Uh, since this one broke that one's heart.
- Yeah, or vice versa.
- Okay, okay.
That was a long time ago.
Everybody's friends now.
- Coats.
- And family.
Yeah, 'cause that's totally normal, right? So you finally made it into the papers, didn't you, Leon? GLADYS: We don't need to discuss that now, dear.
No, it's not exactly flattering, but it's a fine publication.
HANNAH: I'm back! Oh, hey, Julia.
You look tired.
- HANNAH: Uh, hey, everyone.
- Uh, who is this person? - Yeah, I was gonna - Whoo! Hannah's in the hizzy! - BOTH: Hey! - JULIA: There you are.
I was wondering when you were coming down.
Whoa, people.
I was just taking a little disco nap.
You guys, this is Hannah.
She's our new sister.
- GLADYS: Another one? - ROXY: Uh-huh.
Is this, uh ? Hannah, this is our father, Dr.
Leon Bechley.
She hasn't actually come into the clinic yet, but Hannah, what's your last name? Bloom? Is that a question? Hey, Dad, guess what.
- Dad, don't.
- What? (SNORTS) - Chicken butt.
- (BOTH LAUGHING) She got you, dude.
She got you good.
Hey, uh, I'll have a glass of that wine if you're gonna open it.
(OVEN TIMER DINGS) Those must be my potatoes.
Uh, I was just calling to see how you're doing and also and I know this is weird but if you were having any second thoughts about coming tonight, I just I just don't want you to feel obligated, 'cause who cares? Um, all right, that's it.
Call me back.
(CELL PHONE BEEPS) Second thoughts about inviting your dude? Yeah, that makes sense.
You know, this might be a total cluster fest.
- GENEVIEVE: Happy Thanksgiving! The salad has arrived.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hey.
- Hey, happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Doesn't your daughter's pie look delicious? Actually, it does.
You baked a pie.
Who are you? Yes, I might not be much of a baker, but I followed Gladys's recipe to a T, so Edie is good at everything she sets her mind to.
Which means you and I will be grandmas before long, Genevieve.
- Easy, Mom.
- (GLADYS LAUGHS) If and when they decide to have babies.
Oh, Genevieve, I think the train might have left the station on that one.
- (LAUGHS) - Oh.
Tim and I are trying, Mom.
Um, we just hadn't had a chance to tell you yet.
Oh, I am so sorry.
Oh, no, no.
It's okay.
Well, here's to new beginnings.
- CORNELIUS: New beginnings.
- (GLASSES CLINK) New beginnings.
(QUIRKY MUSIC) Oh, oh, oh, oh, I got one.
Okay, okay.
To our dad's excellent taste in wine.
He is a true sommelier.
I don't even know what that is, but I would like "somme" more.
Ah, you guys should probably pace yourselves, right? How many have you had? Just one bottle.
(LAUGHS) Hey, it's Thanksgiving, and we're together, and we're celebrating.
- Mm-hmm.
- You should join us.
Ah, well, I'm on call.
I am a doctor.
(CELL PHONE CLICKING, BLOOPS) (SIGHS) No word from the schoolteacher yet? Um, he's just running late, but he will be here.
Don't worry.
- No, I'm - Dad.
I-I'm just deeply worried about the bird.
It's already, you know, dried up.
Anyway, um, you were saying something about the the math.
- What math? - Oh, yeah.
Well, play this out.
Say you're with this guy for 2, 2 1/2 years.
You're predicting our breakup.
Well, based on the length of your last serious relationship.
In 2 1/2 years, you will be on the cusp of a steep decline in ovarian reserve.
We're talking 20%, 30%.
Wow, um, I'm gonna go back to our guests.
No, Julia, just ple just just listen to me.
Now, you know, freezing your eggs is an insurance policy.
I know you're gonna want to experience parenthood.
And as tough as it is to hear, in about 24 cycles, you'll be geriatric.
- Why are you doing this? - So doing what? Is it because you can't deal with the fact that I'm starting new traditions that aren't all about you? Because this is passive-aggressive bull Okay, honey, listen.
I-I'm saying all this because I care about you and also because it happens to be a fact Dad, I just want a normal Thanksgiving.
After everything that's happened, after everything that you've done You know what? I'm not gonna let you do this.
We're doing the damn gratitude ritual.
Right now? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) JULIA: Everyone! It's time for the gratitude ritual.
It's not optional.
It's mandatory.
(WARM MUSIC) This year, more than ever, I'm grateful for my wife.
- (SMOOCHES) - Thanks.
Well, I'm grateful for honesty and for living my truth, no matter how hard it was to achieve.
(CLEARS THROAT) Uh I'm grateful to be in this country, doing an important job that I love.
I'm grateful for the mentorship that got me here.
I'm grateful for the life that I have, 'cause it could have been a lot different.
And, uh, I don't take it for granted.
No one should.
This is hard for me, because this is something my mom used to do.
And my dad and I did our best in the years since she's been gone, but there was always something missing.
And now not as much anymore.
This year I'm grateful for my sisters.
I'm grateful for my sisters.
I'm grateful for my sisters.
(LAUGHS) I'm grateful for my sisters, too.
L'chaim! Mm.
Dad, is there anything you'd like to add? You're not 21 years old, are you? Yes, I am.
Hey, we're having, like, a nice Thanksgiving dinner.
Maybe we just leave Hannah alone.
How old are you? What? (SCOFFS) So 19 1/2.
You know, the last time I made a "donation" was 22 years ago.
Never had a client named Bloom, and I remember all my clients.
And I cared about each and every one of them, and I'm not gonna let you ruin my daughter's Thanksgiving.
ROXY: Wait, you're not a-a (TENSE MUSIC) HANNAH: I can't believe I'm being called out by the dude who illegally inseminated a bunch of women.
I mean, that's super fair.
Hannah, I think it's maybe time you leave.
But it's 'cause I'm telling the truth, right? You all know it.
You're only together because of a lie that this guy told.
And I'm the one that's being called out? Hey, okay, that's enough.
You can go now.
You should talk.
You're the biggest liar of all.
Hey! No.
Don't do that.
Don't go after her.
Edie, what is this girl talking about? Nothing.
Please don't talk about my wife, because you don't know what the hell you're saying.
Come on, Roxy, let's get out of here.
We don't need this.
I'm not going with you.
You tricked me.
But I just wanted to be your friend.
Wha how else was I suppose to do that? You you would have never responded to my messages.
Get the hell out, now! Fine.
Just so you know, you made it way too easy.
- Excuse me? - JULIA: Don't listen to her, Roxy.
All I had to do was compliment you, and you just rolled over like a puppy.
You're no better than anyone else on Insta, still acting like you're a big deal, when IRL, you're just tragic.
- What's IRL? - Mom, later.
Hey, it's okay.
Come here.
Excuse me.
Uh I'm not feeling very well.
(SOFTLY) I think I need to be alone.
- Just wait.
Hold on.
- Can I have one minute alone, please, where everybody is not up in my grill? (DOOR SLAMS) DONOVAN: Uh (CLEARS THROAT) Hey.
- Oh, my God.
- Sorry to interrupt.
The door was open.
(CHUCKLES) Happy Thanksgiving.
Ah, Donovan, this is everyone.
Everyone, this is Donovan.
It's about time.
Let's carve the damn turkey.
- I'm so sorry.
I, uh - It's okay.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
My phone died, and then my car died.
Oh, your your phone died.
His phone died.
Yeah, so I took the ferry, but I didn't have my Dramamine.
- Oh.
- So that was interesting.
And then I couldn't find a taxi, - because Thanksgiving.
- Right.
And so I just had to walk, and I'm sorry.
(CHUCKLES) It's perfectly okay.
We're gonna get through this.
Hi, sorry I'm late, everybody.
Uh, it's really nice to meet you, Mr.
- It's Dr.
I wasn't sure if that was still - "Still"? - Sorry, Dr.
Uh, I'm so sorry I'm late, and I was actually hoping that I could make it up to you by helping out with carving the turkey.
- Oh - I watched this really fascinating online tutorial.
It turns out, we've been carving it wrong all along.
There's a hack now.
There's, like, a hack for everything, right? I should have told this to you.
Um, my dad is a little sensitive about the carving.
Ah, I don't know if "sensitive" is the word.
It's just that I happen to know a method of disarticulation that I learned in medical school on human corpses.
GENEVIEVE: Leon, for God's sake, let the young man carve the turkey.
- What's the harm? - I really don't need to.
- I just thought it'd be fun.
- CORNELIUS: You don't come into another man's home and carve his turkey.
It's not his home.
It's my home.
And he's a guest in it.
Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing this turkey hack.
Yeah, I'm I'm a little curious myself.
LEON: It's really amazing.
I'm not welcome in the clinic anymore that I founded, and now I can't even carve the turkey.
I really don't care about carving.
It's really more about the sides, right? For what it's worth, I thought that article was very poorly written.
- (KNIFE CLANGS) - Oh, my God.
Yep, yep, yep, yep.
JULIA: Dad, where are you going? Just going for a walk to clear my head.
Please don't leave.
I need some air.
Uh Julia, I (SIGHS) (MAN CLEARS THROAT) You guys can say it's terrible.
JULIA: It's not terrible.
It's, um, dense.
- Anyone like some water? - GLADYS: Yes.
- ISAAC: Please.
- DONOVAN: I'll take some.
This is your recipe, Gladys? It's an interpretation.
But you don't need to be a great cook to be a great mom.
GENEVIEVE: I certainly proved that in my day.
- (CELL PHONE CHIMES) - (BOTH LAUGH) What is it, babe? Oh, nothing.
It's it's fine.
Um, Cornelius, we almost forgot about your Cognac.
- TIM: Ah.
- Excuse me.
I'll help her with the glasses.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING, INDISTINCT CHATTER) Edie, you can't hide from your mother.
What's happening? (SIGHS) I chose him, Mom.
I love him.
I'm trying.
Well, trying is good, but pretending I'm not pretending.
I-I-I want to be a good daughter-in-law.
I want to be a good wife.
(SOLEMN MUSIC) But also Also what? Honey, is there somewhere you need to be? Someone you need to see? - (GLASS SHATTERS) - (EDIE GASPS) Oh, boy.
We're okay.
(CHUCKLES) How clumsy of me.
Cornelius is gonna be so upset unless you go right now and replace it.
I'll stall.
You don't have all night.
Ugh, Miss Butter Fingers here.
Cornelius, I'm sorry.
I dropped the Cognac bottle.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, uh, I'm, uh I'm about to head out, but I brought you a piece of pie.
And I'm gonna warn you this is truly terrible.
It's literally the texture of a sofa cushion.
(SIGHS) You doing okay? (WHISPERING) I'm embarrassed.
I let that girl in here.
That wasn't your fault.
Yeah, but she was right, you know? All she had to do was like me, and I was eating out of the palm of her hand.
- That's pathetic.
- It's not pathetic.
You're vulnerable.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Except everybody keeps talking about me like I'm defective.
Hey, just because you have a drinking problem doesn't mean you're defective.
Hey, addiction is a disease like everything else, right? You break your leg, you go to a leg doctor.
You break something in here Roxy, you have to deal with this.
I mean, do you want me to spell it out? Because I will.
No, you're right.
(SOFT MUSIC) Thank you for not judging me.
Of course.
Hey, um, I could use some water.
- Could you get me some? - Yeah.
You eat that, you're definitely gonna need some.
- (CHUCKLES) - I'll be right back.
I hope it's okay that I'm here.
What if I say it isn't? I thought I made the right decision, but it feels right to be here.
And I understand if you want to turn me away.
I just I just had to try.
LORENZO: Come, we have pie.
EDIE: Oh, wow.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thanks for coming.
Oh, thank you for having us.
What about Edie? Ah, she texted, Mom.
She's gonna meet us at home.
- Bye.
- Thanks, Julia.
Of course.
Happy Thanksgiving.
DONOVAN: Thanks for letting me charge this.
Wow, no messages from the kids, but Oh, a voice mail from you.
No, just delete that.
No way.
I save all your messages.
- They have very high replay value.
- Please don't.
Hey, Donovan, it's Julia.
Uh, I was just calling to see how you're doing and also and I know this is weird but if you were having any second thoughts - about coming tonight, I just - Wait.
Did you disinvite me? Yes, I-I got scared that my situation would overwhelm you.
Listen, your situation is, you know, quite interesting.
I'm not gonna lie, but, hey, it's not boring.
I'm really sorry about my dad and his whole turkey thing and him being so rude to you.
And I just didn't want you to come here and see how weird my family is and run away, because I don't want you to run away.
I don't care about him.
I care about you, and I'm not running anywhere.
So no messages from your kids, huh? So I guess that means you don't have anywhere you need to be.
I guess not.
- That's good.
- (CHUCKLES) - What's wrong? - No, nothing.
Just, um, I haven't actually, um, slept with anyone since my wife.
Sorry if that's sad and pathetic.
No, it's honest.
And we don't have to do anything you're not ready for.
- Oh, I'm ready.
- (BOTH LAUGH) Well, for what's it worth, I haven't been with anybody I really cared about in a long time.
So it's kind of momentous for me.
(BRIGHT PIANO MUSIC) SINGER: I'm the only one Out of everyone Who knows what's best for us both It's getting late every day How long? SINGER: It used to be How long? You said maybe I needed to feel terrible.
How long? SINGER: And I cover the ache I can't say.
I don't know if anyone can.
SINGER: Who's gonna lay me down? Who's gonna Turn my faith around? Who's gonna take This fever down? Who's gonna Make Make me better now? What are you doing for Christmas? (LAUGHS) SINGER: Ooh Ooh, ooh SINGER: Who's gonna turn my faith around? Who's gonna Make Make me better now?