Almost Family (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Permanent AF

1 ROXY: Previously, on Almost Family EDIE: Amanda and I it's complicated.
I guess complicated is another word for unethical.
You're fired, Edie.
I really hope that you get some help, Roxy.
Oh, no, I wouldn't need help.
I would do it right here, - right now with my bare hands.
- Do you see what I'm talking about? This is what we all had to deal with.
We are not the same.
One dead mom doesn't equal another.
Now can you please disappear? I never know what's going on with Olivia.
She lost her mom, and she needs all of you.
And I I can't stand in the way of that.
I know that too much has happened between us for us to get back together, but would it be okay if we hung out? - I'd like that.
- How do you like my odds - at getting resentencing? - I think you have a really good shot.
If he tried to use his newfound closeness with you to persuade your mom to back off her sexual assault charge.
- That hasn't happened.
- Good.
Because that would be witness tampering.
Nathan tells me you're on the hunt for a long-lost father.
I think my mother may have met him at a dance class.
WYNDHAM: Spring Street Dance is still around.
You should drop by.
- What? - Nothing.
I'm just I think you should wear the blue one.
It's sexier.
Hey, I'm sorry I was so hard on you about Miles.
The truth is, I miss you, and I want you to come back.
So come back, okay? EDIE: "The prosecution has cherry-picked actions and statements of Dr.
Bechley in a flimsy attempt to establish intent and motive, but we intend to present a counter-narrative in which" What? Why'd you stop? (INHALES SHARPLY) I feel asleep at "counter-narrative".
Fell asleep? Why? What's wrong with that? I know you think you're rebutting Amanda's argument, but you're just reinforcing it.
Your opening statement is your time.
Don't spend it talking about her.
This entire case is about intent.
We can't argue with DNA.
Then don't make it about DNA.
Make it about people.
That's what she's gonna do.
She's gonna march in every former patient with an ax to grind.
See, that's why we need you back on this case.
(CHUCKLES) I was removed from this case by the client.
I have other work now.
Well, we are better as a team.
You gotta agree.
I agree.
We do work well together.
I mean you know what I mean, professionally.
Even in law school.
That's where we really shined.
I kind of felt like we shined last night.
(QUIRKY MUSIC) Isaac, I'm ready to restart the fertility process for myself.
It should be simple enough to schedule an egg retrieval.
Actually, no, I'm thinking about doing something a little bit more immediate.
I want you to just get me pregnant.
No, not you! I mean, like, with a donor.
I mean, you're ready to have a baby now.
I know this seems like a leap because I already pumped the brakes on freezing my eggs, but I keep seeing everyone around me going for what they want and not waiting.
So I'm thinking, "This is what I want.
I know that.
So what am I waiting for?" I hear you.
It makes sense.
I'll I'll start forwarding you some donor profiles, and Wait.
You're not going to object? Sounds like you've thought this through.
So Thank you.
I I have.
But if you were going to object, you would probably say that this is just me reacting to the stress of my dad's trial starting, and that is not not true.
No, I wasn't gonna say that.
Or that I'm just trying to fill the void after my breakup with Donovan, which is also not true.
I mean, not totally Julia, I trust you to make good choices.
Thank you.
That is very unfamiliar.
I also need to ask you for a favor.
So I got I got a notice from the immigration authorities.
They flagged my file, and I got a lawyer now.
She advised that I submit some character references, especially from my job.
Oh, my yes, of course.
Um, did you just need a letter? That's all? Yeah, that's all.
You let me go on about all that when you're dealing with this? I know, uh, but thank you for the help.
Um, so I'll go set up your first hormone treatment, and let's make a baby.
(SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC) MARTY: Thanks for coming in to meet.
Don't thank me, Marty.
Thank your lobby for having great iced coffee.
So what do you want? Well, you know that interview we did with you and Nina Oh, you mean that ambush? Yeah, it didn't go quite as planned.
So we thought we'd have a do-over.
You don't get those often in sports.
Yeah, so the network wants to be on the right side of history.
And, uh, you know, since you've been through so much, and since you're such a crusader, um, you should be able to redeem yourself.
Redeem myself? Is this about being on the right side of history, or is about the tsunami of "Hater-ade" you've been chugging from my followers? Yeah, well, one of them threatened to wear my testicles as earrings.
Anyway, it spooked one or two of the advertisers, and so So you need my help to stop you from bleeding cash? Look, Marty, if you really wanna make this right, I may have an idea for you.
Well, I'm listening.
Don't give me some sad, little interview.
You do a commentary segment in every episode of your show.
Put me on that.
You want me to put you on during The Huddle? Yeah, that's what I want.
And you'll call off the hounds? They're adults.
I mean, I'll do my best, but I can't promise anything.
SINGER: Whoa, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Whoa, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh - MAN: What do we want? - CROWD: Justice! - MAN: When do we want it? - CROWD: Now! - MAN: What do we want? - CROWD: Justice! - MAN: When do we want it? - CROWD: Now! Oh, my God, breathe.
This is not a sports arena.
This is not your living room.
Whatever you do out on the sidewalk is your business, but in this room, I will have order.
Now that we're clear on that, Ms.
Doherty, your opening argument.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, facts are clear.
The defendant fathered dozens of children in his capacity as a fertility doctor, defrauding his patients and causing untold trauma to the women who trusted him.
But this is not a case about DNA.
This is a case about people.
I will prove that the defendant perpetrated these assaults as an attempt to populate the world with his own "superior" genes.
But don't take my word for it.
Listen to the defendant's own words from an interview that he gave in 2007.
"Genetics is not exact, but it's obvious that certain genetic variations can lead to more favorable outcomes in life".
The defendant has shown that he'll do anything, even flout the consent of the women on his exam table, to achieve those "outcomes".
He and privileged men like him need to get the message that we as a society refuse to tolerate that kind of behavior anymore.
So help me send that message now and deliver a verdict of guilty.
(DISPIRITED MUSIC) God, yesterday was rough.
It meant a lot to see you there, for all of us.
You know I'm not, like, on his side, right? I mean, I can't be.
And it wouldn't help for me to testify on his behalf anyway, 'cause I'm toxic.
Oh, hey.
Can I get some more coffee? You're not toxic.
You're an advocate.
You're you're respected.
- Julia, don't pressure her.
- I'm Besides, since when are you so Team Leon? I just want him to have a fair shake.
Amanda is no joke, clearly.
She had to come out swinging.
Did she have to come out swinging a baseball bat? This is the hard part, hearing the case against him.
Leon's team will get their chance.
I wish you would reconsider and come back on the case.
It's not up to me.
Speaking of teams, um, are we gonna talk about you and Tim? It was a one-time thing a mistake.
- That sounds familiar.
- Yeah.
- "It's a one-time thing".
- "I'm not a lesbian".
I mean it this time, okay? I was upset, he was there, we backslid - Ooh.
- "Backslid".
And now we're talking about something else, okay? Julia, baby-making plans, lay 'em on us.
Deflection overruled, counselor.
Actually, I could use the feedback.
Who wants to scroll through some sperm donors? - No.
- Jeez.
It sounds like a really gross, weird game show.
I'm in.
Let's see.
Actually, it's kind of like a dating app, except some of these guys are barely 21, which is unnerving.
But you can search by all this criteria.
I picked level of education.
Only guys with bachelor's degrees, huh? - Okay, all right.
- Makes sense.
So you want somebody tall.
- EDIE: Mm-hmm.
- ROXY: An athlete.
- Smart.
- Ooh.
That's a D-1 water polo player.
- I already flagged him.
- That's superficial.
Hey, that kind of looks like Oh, wow, a certain tall drink of doctor we know.
No okay.
It yes, there's a passing resemblance to Isaac.
Oh, that reminds me, I need to write him that letter.
- What letter? - For his immigration issue.
Because of his medical board hearing, they're reviewing his case.
I thought you knew about this.
Yeah, I thought you and Isaac were "hanging out" again.
Um, yeah, I mean, I I knew.
I just I didn't think it was that big a deal.
It I guess it kind of is, but he's downplaying it, of course.
- But - Right.
Can I get some, um some pecan pie, please? The one in the back, à la mode.
Thank you.
Congrats on your opening statement.
The way you used Leon's words to fit your narrative was a really nice touch.
I'd rather touch you.
When you coming home? Shouldn't I stay in the hotel until the trial's over? We have enough eyes on us as it is.
Can I meet you there later tonight? Late-late.
I'll call you.
- Roxy, hey.
- ROXY: Hey.
It's a pleasure to see you.
Well, I was gonna invite you out for coffee, but I see I'm a little too late.
Yeah, Julia's mind has been on the trial, so I've just been managing things here.
Hey, uh, how's the trial going? I'm not gonna lie.
It's been pretty hard.
Prosecutor's making Leon look really bad.
I think this is first time I've seen him scared.
Well, what about you? Are you scared? I can't be, just gotta let things play out, you know? And I'm focused on work, like you.
I have a guest hosting gig on GameZone this week.
- What? - Yeah.
- That's dope, congrats.
- Thanks.
I'll send you the deets so you can watch.
Um hey, why didn't you tell me about the immigration stuff? You know you can talk to me about anything.
I figured you had a lot on your plate.
Is it my fault, what's happening? No, who's to say, okay? Nowadays, it feels like they're rounding everyone up.
Rounding up? What is - No! No, no, no, no, okay? - Are they It's not like that.
I'm sure it's not gonna come to that.
All right, well, will you just let me know if there's anything I can do to help? Yes, I will.
Thank you.
I I should probably get back to work.
Okay, yeah, I I've gotta get back to court.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) Leon Bechley made me discuss the most intimate details of my life of my body.
When I told him about my sexual history, I thought it was so he could help me and my husband.
He preyed on me in the name of science.
I came back for visit after visit.
WOMAN: He knew what he was doing the whole time.
He always had the power.
I remember the day we brought in a picture of Roxy for that wall.
Leon looked so proud, and now I know why.
Because he knew that I had spent the last nine months with his child growing inside me.
That must have given him some sick thrill.
Objection, Your Honor.
This witness is providing a nonresponsive narrative.
I'll allow it.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
Doyle, please continue.
DIANE: Don't get me wrong.
I wouldn't trade my daughter for anything in this world, and I don't love her any less today than I ever did.
(INHALES SHARPLY) But he has to pay for the anguish my family has endured.
Yeah, so first, they twist my words and now my actions.
"Sick sick thrill?" You'll get your chance to tell your side.
Yeah, well, by then, the damage will be done.
She wanted her story on the record.
Whose side are you on? Look, you know, I I was with Roxy all through her addiction.
I'm the one who called Diane when Roxy hit rock bottom.
I mean, she should be thanking me.
I should what? - Mom, just go, please.
- No.
That one phone call makes up for everything you've done to us? Let's just get out of here.
Okay? Just just don't don't I'll tell you what I've done.
I have been more of a parent to Roxy than anyone else has.
You don't know anything about my family! While you were watching Roxy from a laptop, I was raising her.
I was loving her! Being a rapist doesn't make you a father! - Mom Mom! Come on, Mom! - No, no! Let's go, come on.
This is extra.
Where did you find that? "Not only is Dr.
Abadi an upstanding member of his community, but he's also a brilliant physician.
I know this both as his employer and his patient".
- I know what it says.
- "In fact, I've known him for nearly a decade, and anyone who has the chance to look into his eyes will see his true character, his kindness" (IMITATES RETCH) "His empathy, his selflessness" I want the letter to capture the Isaac that we all know.
I think you captured him all right.
Immigration really needs to know what it's like "to look into his eyes".
All right, fine, get all your jokes out of the way now.
I'm a single, sad, lonely woman barreling into her 30s without a prospect on the horizon and dumped by the only decent man that she's met in years.
Right? Wow.
You made that un-fun fast.
Do you wanna talk about it? You know, I've learned a few tricks in therapy.
How's it going with that therapist? Well, by now I've seen every chunky sweater she owns, but she really knows her stuff.
Do you think you might want her number? I might.
And by the way, I don't have a crush on Isaac.
I admire him.
He's a good guy, and right now, I am painfully aware of how rare that is.
Yes, that is very true, sis, but, uh, you know, I saw him first.
AMANDA: Where do you sleep? Sleep's overrated.
I used to think the same thing until we shared a bed.
(PLAYFUL MUSIC) (EXHALES SHARPLY) I slept with Tim the other night.
Which other night? When you called me and left me a voicemail.
I mean, I could have kept it from you, but I just got out of a relationship that was full of secrets and lies, and I refuse to do that anymore.
Is it because I told you to date other women? You wanna get back at me? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
This is completely uncharted territory for me.
And I'm probably gonna make a lot of mistakes along the way, but I I really need to know that you're there for me.
Where else would I be? I don't know.
You could get tired of me and all my "new lesbian" drama and decide I'm not worth it.
(SIGHS) You think you invented lesbian drama? (SIGHS) Look, we we both knew going in this would cost us.
And I wish I could wave a wand and say I'm over this thing with Tim, but I'm not.
But I'm also not going anywhere.
Because if anyone is worth it, Edie Palmer it's you.
I don't deserve you.
Then earn me.
(SOFT MUSIC) Olivia, hi.
Uh, what what is everything okay? No, it's not.
You know, I made a point of not liking you.
I really set my mind to it.
You really think you're the first teenage girl that's ever had a problem with me? Fair.
But my dad, he's the worst lately without you.
I miss the barely tolerable version of him that predated you.
When you say "the worst", what do you mean by that, exactly? You don't wanna know.
I think I do.
Hit me.
He's been in the same sweatshirt for two weeks now.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Anything else? He takes out a whole half-gallon of ice cream, but then he's too sad to eat it.
So he just lets it melt.
That is that's dark.
It's very dark.
So I came all the way here, taking a chance that maybe you're miserable without him too.
I hope this isn't too much information, but you know those videos of the dogs that are too afraid to walk by the cats? Like, there's, like, really huge dogs that are scared to walk by very small cats.
(CHUCKLES) And every time I see one, I wanna send it to him, but then I remember that Okay, would you call him, please? I can't take this adult baby crap anymore.
Plus, you know, you made him happy.
He deserves that.
(BRIGHT MUSIC) - I really appreciate - No.
Still not a hugger.
Oh, no, of course.
It's your body, your rules.
Thank you for coming by.
(SOFTLY) Yeah.
My wife and I were clients of the Bechley Institute about 25 years ago.
At the time, Dr.
Bechley told me that I had a 10% chance of conceiving naturally.
So we trusted him and then we had a daughter.
And what did DNA testing later reveal? Leon Bechley is her biological father.
- AMANDA: And do you have any other children? - ROGER: Yes.
After our time at the Bechley Institute, my wife and I went on to have two more daughters without artificial assistance.
So I went to another doctor, and it turns out there was nothing wrong with my sperm count.
(PEOPLE MUTTERING) So the defendant used his sperm to father your child even though there was nothing wrong with you.
That's not the way it went.
Your Honor, the counsel is testifying.
No more questions.
JUDGE: Your witness, Mr.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) May I request a recess? Ten minutes.
Did you really father children when you didn't need to? Because you swore to us No, look, she twisted it again.
10% probability is just that, 10%, not zero.
You know, and his fertility could have also improved with time, idiopathically Jurors aren't scientists.
Leon, you need to prepare your defense team with all the information so they can present it in a way the jury understands.
We can recover.
I'll go back in there and hit 'em on cross.
I mean, for all he knows, those other kids aren't his either.
That's below the belt but warranted.
Leon, if there's anything else Amanda might have (STAMMERS) I don't know her strategy.
Look, I feel this not going our way.
(CHUCKLES) We need you.
Oh, now you need me? She's with us, right? I have a huge caseload, plus my work with Miles, the pro bono case We'll talk to Chad.
He gets it.
You're with us, right? (QUIRKY MUSIC) Right.
We don't wanna "trigger" anyone.
MARTY: We just gotta get through one segment.
Think you can handle it, make nice? Yeah, of course.
I'm a "survivor".
Look, I'm still at work right now.
So I can't watch it live, but I'm gonna find it online as soon as I get back home.
It's okay.
This is stupid.
I'm I'm in this dress.
This was a terrible idea.
Hey, are you okay? (LAUGHTER IN NEXT ROOM) No.
Um I heard the cohosts talking behind a door this is all just a joke to them.
I should leave, right? - I'm gonna leave.
- Hey, hey, just relax, breathe.
Look, my followers will understand once I tell them what jerk-wads these guys are.
Don't let these jerk-wads get what they want, okay? Look, you love sports.
Your fans love you.
So make it the Roxy Show, okay? Talk about badminton or whatever.
You got this.
(SCOFFS) You really are a good guy.
Man, I hope we do talk about badminton 'cause the Thomas Cup's right around the corner, and I really feel like it's gonna be Denmark this year.
(CHUCKLES) MILES: I made one mistake.
I didn't kill anybody.
I'm not dangerous.
You should see some of the people I've watched them let out of here.
Hey, Miles, listen.
I'm I know.
I know what you're gonna say, the same thing every lawyer says.
"It's not always fair, and blah, blah, blah".
I wasn't gonna say that.
Miles, listen, I took your case because I really Because Leon Bechley is my father and you're my sister.
So you're obligated.
Is that what you think, that I'm here out of obligation? Why else would you be here? Because I believe in you, and I know you don't belong here and that I can do something about it.
Then prove it.
I wrote that letter to Leon 'cause I need help.
They're They're talking about transferring a bunch of us in a few weeks.
That happens, I can get lost in the system forever.
I won't let that happen.
Yeah, you'll save me with your one free hour a week.
(SNIFFLES) (UPBEAT THEME MUSIC) MAN: We're live in three, two And we're back in time for my favorite segment, The Huddle.
And we're joined by a special guest, Olympic gymnast and friend of the show, Roxy Doyle.
Glad to be here, guys.
Yeah, before the break, we were about to get into Philadelphia's piss-poor performance on Sunday.
We had them going all the way in the brackets.
Who knew they'd choke? - (BOTH LAUGH) - I knew.
I mean, their offense showed signs of weakness ages ago.
Their screens have been thinner than prosciutto.
Well, they were under pressure.
From where? Not downtown.
- Philly's playing a long game.
- Exactly.
They don't wanna ruffle feathers yet.
Oh, so you're saying they just have to get through this one season so their fans can see them "make nice"? (WHIMSICAL MUSIC) Well, Philly fans are loyal.
They'll hang in there.
Oh, so it sounds like you're saying they just should just take their fans for granted.
Kind of like how you take your job for granted, no matter what insulting things you say on the air, - off the air.
- Hey, Roxy Oh, and by the way, Scooter, you couldn't "trigger" me with a flashlight and a map.
Uh, shouldn't we go to break or something? Oh, my thoughts exactly.
We'll be right back, or rather, they'll be right back.
And if you're tired of this nonsense, say so with the hashtag: #NotHereToMakeNice.
Keep it here.
MAN: And we're out.
Uh, Roxy, whatever you heard was Locker room talk? Yeah, I'm sure.
SINGER: Someone's telling lies in the factory I can hear 'em ticking I had a lot of speeches prepared, um, but I can't really think of any of them now.
Also, should we have picked a more neutral location? Because it seemed like you traveled so far.
Well, I kind of got used to the trip.
- You're worth it.
- SINGER: Show your tongues Your broken teeth No rules Olivia tells me that you've been kind of hard to deal with lately.
Oh, I'm sure she was only too happy to tell you about how I was listening to Joni Mitchell on loop and eating bags of mini chocolate chip cookies.
She only told me about the sweatshirt and the ice cream, but that's good to know too.
Oh, no, that was hypothetical.
- Mm.
- But, um regardless, it's been rough.
Yeah, breakups are never easy.
I kept wanting to call you and check in.
Like, how's it going with your dad and the trial? Oh, it's not bad.
I mean, unless you consider hearing about the man who raised you painted as a predator and a monster for days on end bad.
SINGER: Someone's telling secrets And breaking glass Must have a live wire I missed you too.
SINGER: Do I even wanna ask? Oh, wow.
You framed this? Oh, no.
I mean, um, well, I did when we were when we were together.
I actually went to the frame store to get frames, and there was a buy one, get one free.
And so I ended up with an extra one, and you know I love a good deal and a keepsake.
SINGER: All the way home What? Why are you looking at me like that? I think you know.
SINGER: It's two of us all the way home Two of us all the way home - WOMAN: What do we want? - CROWD: Justice! - WOMAN: When do we want it? - CROWD: Now! (CURIOUS MUSIC) I can just grab the next one.
No, it's fine.
I gotta say, you exceeded even my expectations in the courtroom.
Thank you.
You'll probably be less aggressive once Edie's back on the case.
Is that what she plans to do? It's looking that way.
She hadn't mentioned that to me.
Well, there's a lot she hasn't mentioned to you.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) Actually, we talked it all out.
She told me what happened with you two.
Look, I understand how things can get messy with the three of us.
I just I hope we can do our jobs.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) This is my moment of zen, Marty.
This won't take long.
ROXY: Let me guess.
Last night's show was a disaster.
It was a hit across all demos.
I mean, you think I'd be here without the network's gun to my head? Go on.
Yeah, so some dumb exec seems to think that our mutual hostility can be monetized as chemistry.
- Ew.
- Yeah, I know.
But the ratings speak for themselves.
So they're offering you a permanent cohost gig with me.
With you and all those other meatheads? Yes, all the other meatheads have contracts too.
Why would I wanna work with you week after week? I don't know.
Uh, but our bonuses are tied to ratings, and you can do as many hashtags as you want, so I'll only do it with a producer credit equal to the one you have.
I'm sure you can negotiate that.
Look, I I know how to be a professional.
So don't turn this down because of me.
(BRIGHT MUSIC) This is so old school.
I can't believe you never brought me here.
It's not that special.
It's special to you.
Everyone knows you.
You must have your neighborhood place in Jersey.
That's a big thing there.
My favorite pastime is listening to New Yorkers talk about New Jersey like it's third-world.
(SCOFFS) I have to tell you something.
I've recently started exploring artificial insemination for myself.
Oh, okay.
How recently? Very recently.
Um, and you were but and now you're not? No, I I still am, I think, but I'm I just wanted to focus on us for a while.
Well, don't let me stop you if You're not.
You're not stopping me from anything.
SINGER: Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Can I ask you something? Of course.
Why do you want a kid so much? - Can I ask you something? - Sure.
Did anyone ever ask you what you just asked me, make you explain yourself for wanting something? When I did this, I was 22.
It just happened.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It's just been a really rough week for me.
But I sat in that courtroom, and I heard so many people talk about what it meant to raise a baby that was theirs, but really, like, theirs.
(TENDER MUSIC) To look into those eyes and really see yourself that's what I want.
I mean, that's what I thought I had between me and my my dad.
I can't imagine what that was like for you.
And believe me, I never wanna stand in your way.
You're not standing in my way.
You are the closest thing I've gotten to having a person my person, an honest-to-God, wear-no-makeup-in-front-of-you type of person.
And when I look in your face, I just see pure goodness.
And this baby thing, this is something that I'm I'm working out for myself.
This doesn't need to be an issue for us.
(CAR HORN HONKS DISTANTLY) I was looking at the profiles for jurors seven and nine, and I think it's best to lead with a female witness, right? Female witness, yeah.
And I'd like you to do the questioning of her.
So can you ask Chad about doing that? I don't know about questioning witnesses, Leon.
I'm not first chair.
Edie, I am on the verge of being convicted of a crime that could erase my humanity.
And I'm not only talking jail.
This is it for me, forever.
And I am doing the best I can to help.
Did you hear what I just said? You think you're the only one? I just visited Miles, your son.
He's fighting for his life too, except he's doing it on a computer from the Stone Age, and you have tablets telling you what magazines the jurors read.
Okay, well, I don't know what to say.
You know, I have resources to defend myself, and I am going to use them.
Of course you are, but I became a defense attorney because I wanted to be on the side of justice.
Now when anyone ever asks me, I'm ashamed to say I'm on your case.
I'm ashamed to say No, no, no, go ahead, say it.
You're ashamed to say you're my daughter.
Yes, I am.
You're the only father I've ever known.
I can't argue my way out of that.
And you're a part of my life.
So however I feel about it, I guess I'll be there at the table.
I'm grateful for that.
You know, just now, I think I finally got how Julia must have been feeling about you all this time.
All of it: the fury, the love, the frustration.
You told me to be your daughter.
Well, this is it.
It's good to have you back, any way we can get you.
What? You have the same look on your face you had when we got drunk the night before our torts final.
(LAUGHS) I was still drunk when we got there.
(EDIE LAUGHS) I kept trying not to laugh every time I read the word "duty".
You were so carefree then.
(SIGHS) I haven't seen that Edie in a long time But I bet Amanda does.
- Tim - I didn't come here to fight.
I actually came here to let you know that I had a talk with Amanda.
Oh, God.
You know, when we spent that night together, I thought for a minute maybe this was all just a blip.
It was a dream that we had woke up from.
So I allowed myself to go there.
I allowed myself to go there for a moment too, but it's because it's it's what we knew.
It's it was familiar to us.
- But - Just When I found out that you and Amanda had talked about it and that you were honest with her in a way that you were never honest with me I knew.
I never, ever meant to hurt you.
That doesn't make it better.
It actually kind of makes it worse.
And do you remember all the stuff that you used to say about not believing in "the one"? You'd say, "There's not just one soul mate for every person".
- Is that how you believe now? - Don't ask me that.
Edie, please, for once, tell me the truth.
Is that still what you believe? (SOMBER MUSIC) No.
Well then you should be with her.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, did you text me? I didn't know you were coming by.
No, I actually came here to see Julia.
I wanted to see if she finished the letter she wrote for me.
Oh, yeah, she I think she went to Leon's.
I'll, uh I guess I'll call her tomorrow.
You came all the way here.
Do you want a green juice or a green tea or ? Are those my only options? I mean, does it have to be green? No, I just, um I don't know.
I feel like we've been dancing around some stuff for a couple days now.
You asked me if I was scared.
I guess I'm just wondering if you are too.
Yeah, I mean, you know, I got I got a life out here I don't wanna lose.
I got a lot of people counting on me.
So yeah, I guess I'm a little scared.
This is a lot more serious than you're letting on, isn't it? Wait here.
(UPBEAT MUSIC) What are you doing? (OBJECTS JINGLING) It's time to bring a gun to the knife fight.
(CHUCKLES) What is this, a twist tie? - Marry me.
- What? (SENTIMENTAL MUSIC) I never could have set foot into that TV studio without you.
I mean, you're always coming through for everybody else.
It's time somebody came through for you.
I'm an American citizen, as far as I know.
And if you marry me, you will be too.
Get up, Roxy.
Come on.
Not until you say yes.
Are you serious? We can figure this out together, okay? All you have to do is say yes.
Yes, yes, yes.
What? Oh, my gosh.
(DICE CLATTER) You're bearing off later than usual.
(COUGHS) Yeah, my mind is elsewhere.
Yeah, so is mine.
(DICE CLATTER) Do you, um do you want me to be convicted? Why would you ask me that? Well, this all started with you giving my laptop to the police.
(SCOFFS) That's not where this all started.
I guess I wanted you to be accountable.
And you thought it took all of this to make me accountable? (CLICKS TONGUE) Your move.
(DICE CLATTER) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) It's a good roll, Dad.
You gonna make a move? (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) - Excuse me.
- I have a tactical knife! I know it looks like a comb, but it isn't.
I'm sorry.
I did not mean to startle you at all.
I didn't know how to approach you.
So you thought you'd follow me down a dark street? Bad strategy.
My name is Mark.
I own the dance studio where you took a class a few days ago.
Oh, hi.
I'm sorry.
I I'm Julia Bechley.
I know.
Yeah, I guess I'm a little bit of a minor celebrity lately.
No, it's I knew your mother, Sarah Bechley.
Oh, um, you knew my mother.
Of course.
We took dance classes together a long, long time ago, a lifetime ago.
And I was nervous about approaching you, because looking at you was like being in some sort of time capsule.
You even walk like she did.
- I do? - It's uncanny.
You're probably a natural dancer.
(LAUGHS) Sarah and I fell out of touch so long ago, but I bet I'm right.
How long ago did you lose touch? Oof, gosh.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) Must be 30 or so years by now.
Um, well, I I better go, 'cause, you know, it's dark.
Of course.
And I'm sorry again for scaring you.
Listen, I would love it if you would come back for more classes at the studio.
Uh, have a good night.
Good night.
(MOODY POP MUSIC) SINGER: You got my finger You got my hands Earlier today, my mind flashed to a few months down the road.
No trial, no drama, just you and me holding hands on the street.
Well, I'm going back to third chair.
So it's gonna be a battle.
I know.
The more I fall in love with you, the more complicated I feel about trying to lock up your father.
But you believe in what you're doing.
I'm starting to feel that way about the law again, finally.
What do you think about when you think about us in the future? (SIGHS DEEPLY) Holidays, birthdays, Lorenzo.
Boring nights at home on the couch, fighting over what to watch on TV.
All I want is a boring night at home with you.
And we'll get that soon.
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