Almost Human (2013) s01e11 Episode Script


The year is 2048.
Evolving technologies can no longer be regulated.
Dangerous advancements forever alter the criminal landscape.
Police are not prepared.
Law enforcement combats this corruption With a new line of defense.
But not all are created equal.
The idea behind the drns was to be as human as possible.
They were based on a program called synthetic soul.
That's one of the crazy ones.
I'll lead you in? Let's go.
Now all cops-- Human and manmade together-- Take on the battle to watch over us all.
Rudy? Dorian, you're awake.
Rudy, what is this? Why are you accessing my processing core? What are you doing to me? Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing? Don't move.
I-I can explain.
Let me unhook you Wait, no.
I was charging over there.
How did I get here? I had to defragment your flash storage.
It's just like dusting out cobwebs; it's no big deal.
No big deal? You're manipulating my body and rooting around in my head.
What the hell? Hey, happy campers.
You guys, uh, want a moment To finish your little argument? Listen, I appreciate you letting me charge here.
And I put up with finding questionably dressed Women in the lab.
It's nothing.
But rudy invading my space-- That's not a part of our arrangement.
Look, I'm sorry.
I can't help myself sometimes.
I didn't mean to overstep.
Routine maintenance when you're in stasis saves time.
Look, don't you think you're overreacting? You know, if I woke up in the morning And somebody had given me a clean shave, I'd be happy.
So if I shave you While you're unconscious, that would make you happy? Go get your stuff.
We're already late for paul's shift.
Where's detective paul? He, uh He's in surgery.
Oh, dear.
Got a nasty infection from a piercing.
I didn't know he had his ear pierced.
Not his ear.
His Yeah.
He was told to go professional, He didn't listen.
Who didn't listen? Your barber? Ha.
Let's go.
I gave my opinion this afternoon; it hasn't changed.
Oh, before you go, The press is covering the kasden memorial downtown.
They've called a number of times asking for a statement.
Everything I had to say, I said last year.
The kid was trespassing, And our home security system did its job.
Thanks, I'll take care of it.
Good evening, michael.
What's with the chimes, sam? Linda is meditating, sir.
How long has that been going on? Sorry, honey.
Futures meeting ran a little late.
How was your day? How do you think? Did you check the mail? We got twice as many threats today.
Look at this.
Why do you even open it? I told you not to look at that stuff.
We're not murderers.
We knew this day was going to be rough, But it's almost over.
It doesn't feel like it's ever gonna end.
It will end.
I can't believe this happened a year ago.
I know.
Look, why don't you get sam to give you A mood stabilizer.
I'm gonna go for a swim.
Your scotch is poured, michael.
Thank god.
Sam, put on the ticker.
Analysts anticipated today's uptick, Saying the market was oversold.
Excuse me, michael.
Linda is ready for her swim.
How's the water, linda? It's perfect, sam.
Thank you.
Down 12.
8% One year ago today, aaron kasden, 16, was found dead In the yard of michael and linda bennett.
The couple was Sam? - Your scotch is p-poured.
Sam, what is this? Why are you playing these files? Sam, what's going on? Turn it off.
Linda! Sam, engage manual override! Damn it, sam, open the door! Breach, zone four.
Identity unknown.
Hold on, baby! Hold on! Has the m.
Determined a cause of death? Right now, the deaths are being attributed To a malfunction in the bennetts' Smart home security system.
If it's a malfunction, then why is homicide investigating? We're not ruling out any suspicious circumstances.
A year ago, 16-year-old aaron kasden was killed By the same security system.
Is this some kind of retaliation for his death? This is still an ongoing investigation.
I can't comment on specifics, and that's gonna be all.
Excuse me, captain! Captain maldonado! Detective kennex, Here's the prelim report.
Hey, listen, I thought detective paul Was gonna be taking this one.
Isn't this his shift? He's out.
Is he okay? Hemorrhoids.
Internal And external.
Oh, that's rough.
We're taking up a collection for him.
We're gonna buy him one of those Nice little donut pillows, you know? You might want to chip in.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
at 10:08 p.
But the m.
S believe that they were already dead.
What time was the kasden boy killed? According to court records, The bennett home security system fired the fatal shots At 10:06 pm.
So the same house Malfunctions almost the exact same time a year later.
Statistically, the chances of that happening Are one in That's why you're here; I don't believe in coincidence.
We need to treat this as a homicide.
Someone did this.
I hear you're bringing in kasden's mom? Yeah.
She took the bennetts to court last year and lost.
A lot of people were upset about the acquittal, she was especially so.
Made threatening remarks.
Stahl's gonna question her.
Does she have the skill to hack into a system like this? Doubt it.
But due diligence.
She could've paid somebody.
Look, the reality is it could've been any nut job Who was fixated on the case and wanted retribution.
I know.
That's why it's so hard to know where to start.
Let's start with the eyewitness.
Let's ask the house.
I'm sam.
Forgive me, I don't recognize your faces.
Is this your first time visiting? Yes, it is.
I'm dorian.
This is my partner john.
And this is captain maldonado.
Are you aware that the owners Of this house are dead? Yes.
I'm the one who called 911.
Sam, are you cognizant of the fact that someone began Remote programming you last night? Yes.
I was switched from Auto to manual.
Do you know who was overriding your system? No.
That information was erased.
Do you have any recorded Surveillance footage from last night? No.
Security cameras were also erased.
In the past 365 days, did the bennetts Receive any threats to their persons or property? The bennetts received the threat of death.
Can you show us your security log, please.
That's quite a list of suspects.
You shouldn't have lied about detective paul's health.
I heard what you said about his surgery.
How do you know I'm lying? I looked at the roll call.
It only says "personal day.
" Yeah, but doesn't that make you curious? No, it makes me think it's personal.
And we should respect that, john.
This isn't about detective paul.
This is about rudy probing your dome.
That was an invasion of privacy.
You didn't know how good you had it, Living with the mxs and their lifeless eyes.
Now you know how hard it is.
How hard what is? Human connection, man.
It's messy.
People in your space, people in your skull.
That's why I choose to live alone.
Good afternoon.
Stenson will see you now.
I'm sam, your holographic butler.
You're an android.
Happens all the time.
I'm not a hologram like my predecessor.
I'm the next generation in synturion security.
Security bot? Precisely.
Maybe you should apply.
With crime rates In the city on the rise, kidnapping for ransom Is up ten percent just this year alone.
With me, You get synturion's signature protection services With you wherever you go.
"wherever you go.
" Dorian? Hey, dorian? You okay? Yeah.
Detectives, this is peter newsom, Synturion's in-house council.
He's been with us since I took the company public.
Gentlemen, synturion has already launched A full-scale investigation Into the deaths of michael and linda bennett, As I'm sure mrs.
Stenson has Already told you, and we're willing to be Completely transparent.
We've nothing to hide.
All peter is trying to say is, no one wants to get To the bottom of the security breach more than we do.
We're expanding-- rolling out our first android model In less than a month.
This is a critical time.
Yeah, sam told us.
How do you protect your clients from hackers? We use military grade encryption software To decode algorithms in real time.
We use the same online security they use at the pentagon.
The truth is, someone got in.
Someone talented.
I imagine you have an employee in mind.
Is that an accusation, detective? All of synturion's programmers go Through rigorous background checks.
If the suspect can alter your code, And take over your systems, do you think He'd have trouble getting around your background checks? Detective, a lot of people came after us After the kasden verdict.
Maybe that's because they remember The day when a reprimand for a kid Sneaking over the back wall was a yell out the window, Not being killed by laser-guided gunfire.
I got into home security because I was assaulted at 15.
I was home alone.
Three men came into the house to rob us.
I hid in the closet and called the police.
Just ten minutes.
But in that time, those men found me.
I believe in the work we're doing.
We both want the same thing.
You received a lot of death threats And cyber attacks at the time of the trial.
Any one group or individual stand out in particular? The group that was most vocal And aggressive was called disrupt.
After the kasden trial, they issued numerous denial Of service attacks, shutting down our servers.
You think they'd go as far as murder? Why not? They've gotten away with everything else.
Thank you for your time.
Let us know if your internal investigation uncovers anything.
Thank you for stopping by, ms.
I'm sorry to have to do this, but You must have heard about michael and linda bennett.
It's all over the news.
The house killed them, too.
Actually, we think it was more than the house.
We think someone hacked into their security system And caused the malfunction that led to their deaths.
Where were you Last night between I was at my church.
There was a vigil in my son's memory.
I'm sorry to have to ask this, But were you online at all during that time? Using any computerized devices? No.
You can ask anyone.
I'm not a murderer, detective, or a hacker.
I'm sorry for what happened to aaron.
Those smart houses should be against the law.
That's why I went to trial.
I thought, if people knew the facts, They'd understand how dangerous they were.
That synturion lawyer, Peter newsom-- he lied about aaron.
He made him out to be a criminal.
Did you ever find out why he was there that night? No.
But I know he didn't deserve to die for it.
Kasden, we think Whoever murdered the bennetts are using the anniversary Of aaron's death to get revenge on his behalf.
Do you know of any of his friends That would be capable of going to this extreme? No.
Aaron didn't have any friends.
He spent a lot of time alone on his computer.
I wish people got the chance to know him like I did.
Do you still have aaron's computer? I'd like to take a look at it.
Not that I mind, but what's with the quiet mode? Something happened to you back there.
You, uh, want to share? It was strange.
I had these images in my head.
I was lying in a bed, playing with a toy train.
Felt like me, but it wasn't.
What do you mean? Why? Because I was a child, john.
How is that How is that possible? I mean, you were never a kid.
I know.
I guess, whatever rudy did When he was in my head messed me up, man.
I need to talk to him again.
A cyber terrorist group called Disrupt claimed responsibility for the blackout.
All but two grids are back online.
Cyber terrorism believes disrupt may be responsible For the smart house murder of the couple yesterday.
What's the connection? We intercepted this video from the internet.
Tonight, we took over the city's power grid To mark the anniversary of the murder of aaron kasden, And to bring to light companies like synturion Who are putting dangerous technology Into the hands of consumers prematurely, And getting away with murder, literally.
And it's happened again.
We will not stop our fight against synturion And others like them who destroy lives In the name of profit.
Disrupt has been on the cyber terrorism watch list For the past four years.
We have every reason To believe they'll act again, unless we stop them.
We're already contacting synturion employees Who live in smart houses And asking them to disable their smart home security.
How do we catch these guys? Disrupt's members are anonymous.
Do we have any leads as to who specifically May have perpetrated the hack? The good news is: Yes.
Cyber terrorism was able To identify the handle of the person responsible.
The bad news is, since their users are anonymous, We don't have a name to go with it.
We need to find a source.
Someone who knows hackers.
That is true.
I was quite a hacker, But those days are behind me.
We don't want you to hack anything.
We just need your help.
We're looking for someone named crispinx.
That sound familiar? Familiar? Kristen x-- that was one date, And I didn't know I had to pay her.
The hacker? Oh.
We believe the person using this handle Is responsible for the blackouts.
I knew it.
Now, that sounds like crispinx.
Accessing the city's server controls, Hacking in real time.
The showmanship of it.
It's classic.
Classic way to get three to six in the cubes.
Longer, if he and disrupt did the smart house murder.
Uh, no.
Crisp is a cyber mercenary.
He's not a member of disrupt.
He's a hacker for hire.
One of the best, actually.
In fact, it's kind of a tradition.
The night after a big hack, everyone gathers together.
It's the party of all parties.
Pure hedonism.
Wait a minute.
So, you're saying That he's at a party right now, And all we have to do is find it? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I used to get invited to them all the time.
Well, sometimes.
Uh, never actually been.
Do you think you could get Yourself invited to this one? I could try.
Can I pass as you, using your old handle? Sure.
It's "aphid.
" Aphid? Like the bug? They may be little, but they're destructive.
You're gonna impress, you're gonna need some cred.
It might look like just a tablet to you, But any pro will know what you're packing.
This is what I used to use to hack on.
It's, um Thank you.
It's custom-built.
Some of the parts are really rare.
I'll be very careful with it.
If crisp is involved with disrupt, They may be there, and they're obviously very dangerous.
I'll go in As your backup.
They'll know you're cops.
These guys aren't amateurs.
If you're gonna pull this off, you can't go in there Looking like that.
It's not a sports bar, john.
These people are explorers.
They push boundaries-- Social boundaries, sexual boundaries.
Trust me, if you want to blend in With the throng of undulating bodies on the dance floor, You're gonna have to look the part.
I can't hear anything.
Where is everybody? Probably scared them away with your new look.
That's the right place? Rudy said he was sure.
We got to keep going down.
This place is huge.
Be careful, john.
Drones can't get any thermal imaging.
We've got three units standing by.
They're all in virtual reality.
What do you got, john? This isn't a real party.
It's just a bunch of vr geeks.
What the hell, man? Crispinx? No.
You guys aren't cops, are you? Do we look like cops? Yeah, actually.
With makeup.
Where can we find crispinx? That's nice gear.
Tell you what, mate, You tell us where to find crispinx, And it's yours.
Check in the back.
Second room is clear.
I'm starting wonder if this crispinx guy Is even real.
Hey, mate.
Where's crispinx? I don't know.
Nice outfit, though.
I'm gonna kill rudy.
Third room is clear.
Don't bother sending any backup; we're not gonna need it.
I hear you're looking for crispinx.
Is that you? Who wants to know? I'm aphid.
Aphid? Your hack of mamba 36 is legendary.
It's great to finally see you in the flesh.
Call me nico.
Nico, you're under arrest.
These are the images You saw in your flashes? - Yes.
What is it? My guess is, As you accumulate visual data, The surplus can get reinterpreted By your neural network into random images.
But it felt like something I had experienced.
Like a memory.
Well, you have experienced some of it.
Um, the objects in the room, the toy train, For example, could be archived in your recorded data From a case you were on.
But your neural net has created a context for it That you never experienced it in.
I have to run more tests to know for sure.
I probably shouldn't admit this-- Uh, department policy and all-- but When you were decommissioned, I used to wake you up.
Quite routinely, actually.
You and I Kept each other company; we had, uh, Many spirited discussions about Life, The world, all kinds of things.
We did? What else did we do? Oh, just the-the usual: Yodeling, holo chess, The whole mail-order bride debacle-- That cost a pretty penny.
Why can't I remember any of this? Well, when I learned that you were being put Back on active duty, I had to erase the files.
I must have missed these, though.
There they are.
That should be all of them.
Those memory files of the conversations we had, Do you still have them? Uh, they're probably kicking around somewhere, yeah.
I'd like them.
Rudy We arfriends.
You don't have to keep things from me.
Nico galasso.
for unauthorized access Of electronic information and uploading of Destructive transmissions into a private network.
This is your third violation of the cyber terrorism statute.
You're heading to the cubes.
And, you know, while you're sitting in lockup Awaiting your hacking trial, we'll be building a case Against you for the murders of michael and linda bennett.
I didn't murder anybody.
Disrupt hired me to hack into the city grid To honor aaron kasden; that's all I did.
Disrupt is not about hurting people; It's about making a statement, Civil disobedience.
They're not murderers.
They're protestors.
Protestors? Protestors have the courage To stand out in front for what they believe in, Not hide behind a computer screen.
Kind of like using a smart house to kill two people remotely.
Right? Look, I had nothing to do With those people getting killed.
There's been another murder.
's been confirmed.
Peter newsom.
Some big shot lawyer.
We met him yesterday-- he works For the synturion corporation.
Petechial hemorrhaging around the eyes, Consistent with acute respiratory failure.
This is a synturion smart home.
It has a fire-safety feature.
If a fire is detected, the system scans For signs of life.
If nothing living is found, The system seals all the entrances and exits And sucks out all the oxygen.
No oxygen, no fire.
Not bad, In theory.
Disrupt strikes again.
Hey, I heard detective paul was in the hospital.
What happened? Yeah.
It was nasty.
He got a, uh Infection from a sexbot.
Apparently, you got to keep Those things clean.
Know what I mean? Really? Since the bennett murder, his system was taken off-line, But someone hacked in remotely And activated the fire suppression at 5:08 p.
Nico galasso was already in custody by then.
He couldn't have done this.
It had to be someone else from disrupt.
Maybe not.
I saw this photo at the bennetts'.
It arrived the day they were murdered.
They received a lot of death threats that day.
Yeah, I know, But take a closer look at it.
It's not a stock shot of aaron kasden, It's not a class photo, Not something you can see online.
It's candid.
John, this picture has a social network tag that's been hidden In the coding-- I can't trace it.
Whoever sent this photo knew aaron kasden.
This is your "get out of jail free" card.
Aaron kasden's tablet.
You want to make a deal? What'd you have in mind? Immunity, For your help in locating a suspect In the bennett and newsom murders.
We believe that whoever committed These murders knew aaron kasden personally.
Aaron's mom said he didn't have many friends, But he spent a lot of time Online.
I've been going through his computer And found half of this photo-- we need you To retrieve the rest of this image.
There's a social network tag that's been hidden, And we can't find the link.
That's probably because you don't know how to look.
Look, pal, you want to do some good in aaron's name, Actually stand up for what you believe in? Make the deal.
I'm gonna need my own equipment.
Set the transport.
All right, Here we go.
- What'd you find? Looks like aaron's got some files Locked away in a virtual safe.
Unless you're going over the code manually, It's invisible.
That's why you couldn't find it.
What's in it? Something important.
There's triple-shielded encryption, Armor-clad algorithm.
It's decrypting now.
Got it.
Who's that girl? Her name is emily wilson.
She's 18.
And she was expelled from school Five years ago for assaulting a classmate.
Homeschooled ever since by a holographic teacher.
Aptitude test-- off the charts.
She moved to arizona with her parents Just after the kasden killing.
She was filed as a missing person last month.
I got to say, this emily girl's coding skills are incredible.
She's as good as any hacker I've ever seen.
Yeah, and we need to find her.
I said she was good, not better than me.
Have you seen anything in there that can help us locate her? Every hacker picks up their own little bag of tricks-- Ways in, decoding methods.
It's like a footprint-- if you can find one, Then you can track where they've been.
Just a second.
Here we go.
And I'm in.
Wait a minute.
Bank details, security codes, Calendars for the bennetts.
There's more.
Here's another sub-directory.
That's the ceo of synturion.
That's kay stenson.
Stenson, this is detective kennex.
Where are you? Are you okay? I'm in my office.
But I keep getting the same threatening e-mail Over and over again.
What does it say? It's got a picture Of aaron kasden, and it says: "do you feel safe?" Okay, listen to me.
Do not go home.
We're coming To get you.
What's going on? We think we know who's Been hacking your systems.
Her name is emily.
She was a friend of aaron's.
You may be her next target.
Just lock down the building, okay? We're only a few minutes out.
We've got a problem.
I followed emily's footprint, and she's hacked Into synturion's server.
And? She's running Manual overrides on multiple systems.
Can you stop her? Yes.
Kay just entered her employee I.
Emily's locked her out.
I think I can override it.
She's tapped into the main server.
She's on-site.
Emily wilson's at synturion? Okay, we're on-site.
Emily's hacked the synturion security system.
She's going after kay stenson inside the building.
John, she has control of all the systems, including life support.
We're at the front entrance.
Can you get us in? You're in.
Do we have a location on kay stenson yet? She's on the third floor, east wing.
Be careful.
The wilson girl is Controlling the synturion bot remotely.
Get the server.
I'll get kay.
She's still controlling all the systems.
But I've found another way to get in.
She definitely knows I've hacked in now.
I don't know how long I can shut her out for.
Uh, she just activated all the sam androids And the fire suppression system.
You have five minutes, and then no oxygen.
Fire suppression activated.
Four minutes until oxygen system shutdown.
John, emily's moving the sam bots to your position.
I'm sam, your holographic butler.
As synturion's Emily wilson, Drop the tablet and put your hands up.
Good evening.
Back up.
Hello, I'm sam There are holo projectors all over the place.
Nico, can you access the holo-system? Let's put the odds in my favor against all these sam bots.
Yeah, I'm in.
I like where this is going.
Give me a second to calibrate your location.
Anytime, nico.
I'm working on it.
Looks like there are two on the bridge.
I see them.
Now would be good.
I think I got it.
Thank you for that.
- Yeah.
No problem.
This is awesome.
So much better than virtual reality.
Yeah, it's only virtual for one of us.
John, there are two more active sam bots in the building.
Fire suppression activated.
One minute until oxygen system shutdown.
I've got kay.
She's safe.
You just took out the last one.
Nice work, john.
Nico, we'd like to keep breathing here, If you don't mind.
Yeah, I know, I know.
I'm trying.
I'm not the monster you think I am.
Put the gun down, emily.
You're a drn android; your programming won't let me Take my own life, so back off or I will.
Emily, it's over.
How do you know my name? Aaron kept a log of his online conversations.
What do you know about aaron? Based on your communications, I know you're in love with him.
I know he cared about you.
I know he kept your picture, The one of you two together.
He was the only person I had, and they took him away from me.
I know why you're angry, emily.
You can see now that killing the bennetts and peter newsom Will not bring aaron back.
Give me the gun.
The oxygen is about to be shut down.
You better go and get your friend.
Don't waste your time on me.
Emily, the gun.
Oxygen system shutdown deactivated.
He was coming to see me.
That's why he was in the yard that night.
He was coming to see me.
Captain maldonado? What can I help you with, officer? Um This is for detective paul.
Um, some of the guys in patrol Collected some money for his recovery.
It's for his donut pillow And wh-whatever else he needs after his surgery.
Surgery? Yeah, for his Hemorrhoids, ma'am.
Who told you that? It was, uh, detective kennex.
Detective paul took his mother to mexico for her birthday.
He'll be back Tuesday.
So t-take that back to the guys.
Thank you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Thank you for coming by.
What's this about? I wanted you to know We made an arrest.
This is emily wilson.
She lived in the same neighborhood as the bennetts.
Aaron was on his way to see her the night he was killed.
You said this girl killed people.
Why would my son be going to see her? I think he saw someone who needed help And who was estranged from society And her relationships, And I think he wanted to connect with her, Let her know she wasn't alone.
Each one of those images is a message from somebody he knew.
It was set up by all the people aaron had connected with online.
Your son wasn't alone, ms.
In the short time he was here, he touched a lot of lives.
I noticed an irregularity in dorian's diagnostics.
When I looked into it, I found these.
They're shadow files, embedded deep in his processing core.
I extracted them while he was powered down and charging.
Is this what caused his flash today? Yeah.
I lied to him.
I told him it wasn't a big deal, but This isn't recorded data.
These are memories, like you or I would have.
They're organic.
Memories? Somebody put them in there; and it looks like They've been there for a long time, Before he was reactivated.
Is he in any danger? I've removed them all, And I've closed the insertion point So that whoever did this Won't be able to access him in the same way again.
We need to tell him.
We can't tell anyone, Not until I've figured out what's going on.
If this gets out, people will think that He's malfunctioning like the other drns, And they could decommission him.
What do you want me to do? You need to keep an eye on him, john; we both do.
I'll be monitoring his systems, but If this happens again, if he mentions anything, You need to tell me.
Somebody planted these images In dorian's head for a reason.
We need to find out why.