Almost Paradise (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Lone Wolf

1 You got cement in your boots back there or what? Just carrying the heavy burden that is your career.
- What was that? - Moving as fast as I can.
Hey, man, you sure they ain't got some kind of underground tunnel for VIPs? Yes, I checked twice.
I just don't want somebody recognizing me and causing a scene.
- Aah! August Crowe! - That's right.
- Here we go.
- I love your music! - And I love you.
Uh - Where have you been? You had those two huge albums and then disappeared.
- That's right.
- August hasn't gone anywhere.
Actually he's performing in Cebu this weekend.
All right.
Hey, thanks, brother.
Maybe ask first.
- Yeah.
- Big fan.
Big fan, man.
August Crowe, I love you.
What are you doing here? - Oh, I'm just yeah, yeah.
- You got a show? - Huge fan.
- Okay, it's time that we leave.
- August Crowe! - Wow, okay.
- August Crowe returned! - Okay, all right.
Nice oh! Get back here, damn it! Give me my hat, kid! Officers, hey, that kid's got my hat.
Go after him.
- Mr.
August Crowe? - Yeah, that's me.
We're here to escort you to the police station.
Police station, hang on.
What are you talking about? - All right, sir, let's go.
- I Shel? August, what have you done this time? My name is Alex Walker.
I'm ex-DEA.
I quit the agency because my friend and partner betrayed me.
One of my first assignments took me to an isolated beach right here on this island.
I sold what little I had and bought myself a gift shop.
Just peace.
No stress, no drama.
Boy, was I wrong.
So am I under arrest? 'Cause I'm the one missing a hat.
We brought you here for your own safety.
Hell, the only one that needs protection is the kid that ran off with my damn hat.
What August is saying is that it's been a long trip, Captain Ocampo, and we'd love to get to our hotel as soon as possible.
Have you heard of the Soloko kidnappers? It says they go after celebrities and visiting dignitaries.
They've successfully committed kidnappings on six different islands here in the Philippines over the last three years.
I think I saw a travel warning, but I didn't see anything like that happening in this part of the Philippines.
They go where all the good targets show up.
You think I'm a good target? Well, hell, I guess they ain't called my accountant lately.
You need to take this threat seriously.
- Jeez, is he - Trying to kidnap your client? Yes.
Well, I don't know.
I mean, he might be coming in for a selfie.
Oh, yeah.
Look at that.
That's a gun.
So now you can understand our concern? Listen, and I appreciate y'all looking out for me, I do, all right? But I'm a man of the people.
I mean, I can't be walking around with the police pushing my fans out of the way.
- He has an image to maintain.
- That's right.
We have a full team working behind the scenes.
You won't see them.
But there's someone I would like you to have by your side.
Are we interrupting band practice? No.
I'm just putting this right here.
I didn't know you played guitar.
We should jam sometime.
Yeah, well, I'm more of a solo act, I think.
What a surprise.
So, what's up? You guys here to load up on postcards or is it a professional visit? Official business.
Ocampo sent us to ask you No, absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
But you don't even know what we were going to ask you.
I don't care what you're going to ask, okay? For the first time, my bills are paid, and I got nothing to do, and that's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna sit here, I'm gonna do nothing.
So, we can't say anything to convince you to come work with us? Nope.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- What? What? What was that? She bet me we were wasting our time here.
I mean, it's fine, Alex.
We don't need you on this.
It was Ocampo who wanted you, but, uh, I knew you'd say no.
I know, but since it was to bodyguard a country music star Wait, what are you talking about, country music star? Not like one of your are you an American country music star? Yeah.
What's his name? Had that hit song, like, ten years ago.
Something about an animal.
"Lonely Coyote".
Are you talking about "Lone Wolf"? Are you talking about August Crowe? - The August Crowe? - Yep, that's him.
August Crowe is in the Philippines? You guys want me to you want me to bodyguard August Crowe? - Why? You a fan? - It's August Crowe.
- Is he smiling? - Definitely a smile.
- Teeth and everything.
- I'll be damned.
All right.
All right.
Hang on, just - Mr.
- Hi.
You can call me Alex.
Shelton Dwaid, August's manager.
Now you guys are acquainted.
I'll leave you guys to it.
Appreciate your help, detectives.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
All right.
August is expecting you, but I will say he is in a bit of a mood.
Don't anybody in this country know how to make a decent cowboy hat? - August.
- Hi.
This is Alex Walker.
He will be your security detail.
Yeah, it's a pleasure.
Sir, I gotta tell you, I'm a big fan.
That's a biscuits and gravy accent if I ever heard one.
- Oh, well.
- Alex, it's a pleasure to meet you.
I want you to know it's an honor to keep you safe, Mr.
Oh, hell, man, you can call me August.
I don't trust no one goes by "mister".
Now, more importantly, what can I get you to drink? I recommend the whiskey.
Well, honestly, I would love to have one, but I'm on duty, so no thank you.
Hell, ain't you a choir boy? All the more for me, I guess.
Hey, run down, will you, and get them to restock this bar.
- There's only a couple left.
- Sure thing.
Can I ask you a question? Is that - The love of my life? - That's Jezebel! Yeah, buddy, the one and only.
I gotta tell you, I was I saw you on stage, man.
Uh, Oklahoma City.
It was about 15 years ago.
I remember this fan came up and tried to run off with her.
- It was crazy.
- Yeah, I remember that, man.
That big old roughneck nearly tore my head off.
Oh, man.
Yeah, buddy, we been together, what, man? 30 years now.
She's the only thing that's never let me down.
Well, you got right back up on stage and you sang "Lone Wolf".
Did a pretty damn good job of it, too, if I do say so myself.
Tell me something, man, why'd you stop playing that song? Eh hold that thought, choir boy.
Nature's calling.
Hey, buddy, these bottles fell out of your bag.
Oh, yeah.
Those are empty.
You can throw all them away.
Couldn't help but notice these painkillers, it's pretty high dosage.
Back injury, buddy.
The tolls of being a performer.
That's a lot of bottles.
I've been on the road a long time, you know? Doing appearances.
I always stock up.
I also couldn't help but notice there's somebody else's name on the prescription.
Yeah, it's an alias.
You know, it's a celebrity thing.
I gotta use it so they don't start writing up about me being all old and crippled.
You worried about me, choir boy? I'm just doing my job.
Your job is to keep me from getting kidnapped, not to be my nursemaid.
Look, it's empty.
Nothing to worry about.
They're gonna send up someone soon to restock it.
All right.
Well, hell, instead of waiting, I think it's high time we find ourselves a bar.
What do you say? Why don't we take it easy tonight, August? You know, jet lag and everything.
Oh, man.
Why don't you earn your keep and nap for both of us then? Actually, no, he's actually right.
It's probably safer to be in a controllable environment.
We'll go down to the hotel bar then.
How dangerous can it be? Well, crowds, multiple exits, alcohol.
All right, well, I'm lucky I got you then, aren't I? Come on! First round's on Shelton.
So what do you think? They're different.
In a good way.
Good different.
I got tickets to the August Crowe concert.
I want to make sure I look the part.
Okay, so, what do we have on this crew who's trying to grab him at the airport? We ran the plates on their van and got back a name and an address.
It was registered to a Chito Mercato - over in Banilad.
- Good.
I want you chasing down every lead on this one.
It is a real opportunity for us.
An opportunity, Chief? I can see the headlines now.
"Kidnapping Ring Targeting International Celebrity Thwarted By Cebu Detectives".
- Oh.
- It is the kind of case that can make a career.
Just make sure you don't mess it up.
Come on.
This is the exact opposite of controlled.
Relax, choir boy.
Have a little fun.
- Whoa.
- Oh, hey.
- Hi.
- I think we're all right here, okay? - How you doing? - It's August Crew, right? - Um, close.
- Come and join us.
It's my birthday.
- I'd love to.
It's your birthday? - Yeah.
All right, man.
You might as well get used to him ignoring you.
Yeah, well, he's a tough bull to corral, isn't he? I'll give you that.
Oh, there we go.
Thank you, partner.
I've been managing him for 30 years, and by managing, I mean letting him do whatever he wants whenever he wants.
- Because guess what.
- Happy birthday! Wow! - He's gonna do it anyway.
- Yeah! Okay, thank you so much for your cooperation.
You're welcome.
I've confirmed her story.
They reported that the van was stolen on Saturday morning.
- Well, she was clearly upset.
- Not much to work with.
Hey, maybe we should have double checked the footage from the airport.
Maybe we missed something.
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Hey, buddy.
Don't you think you've had enough, man? - You ready to call it - Aww, man, the party's just starting.
Pretty gal from down the way ♪ Asked me if I wanna stay ♪ Have a little fun and drink a beer ♪ Whoo! Drop the weapon.
Drop the weapon.
It's not a weapon.
It's a pen.
I just wanted August to sign my shirt.
I went to that tour.
I'm sorry, man.
- Yeah, he was great, right? - He was great.
Hey, where's August? We're outta here.
- I think he took off.
- What? - He took off.
He does that sometimes.
- What did he Does this have anything to do with the pills? - You know about that? - I know that he has a problem.
If he got out, he could be anywhere looking for more.
I'm gonna need a ride.
Taxi! Take your next right.
Stop here.
Hey, you got some money for the rest of us, cowboy? Huh? We saw that wad of cash you were waving around.
How about I cut you open and see how much money you got, huh? - No.
- All right, boys.
That's enough fun.
Go on home.
August? No, no, no, I don't think so.
He run up a big bill.
Maybe you pay his bill, too.
I'm not gonna pay his bill, okay? Just walk it off.
August, get over here.
If I don't? What you gonna do? Huh? I'm gonna break your kneecap.
Then I'm gonna snap your right wrist.
Then I'm gonna take that knife away from you, and I'm gonna finish your boys off with it, and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it.
You think I'm scared of you, AmBoy? I know you're scared of me.
Your forehead's sweating, your fingers are twitching, you're having trouble swallowing.
You're about to crap your pants and run away or you're about to do something really stupid.
What's it gonna be, Pinoy? You better hightail August? Doc? He needs to be in a hospital under observation.
If the press found out, he could be ruined.
He has a very wholesome image I need to protect.
Is he gonna be okay or is he not gonna be okay? I think he threw up most of what was in his system, so his stomach doesn't need to be pumped.
- All right.
- Thank you.
I'll look after him.
Patel, thank you for coming here.
And for your discretion.
When he wakes up, tell him to stop living like a rock star or he's going to die like one.
Well, I think it's about time I got off this train.
You need to get him home.
You need to get him cleaned up.
- Wait.
You're leaving? - You can't help a man that doesn't want to be helped.
Listen, between us, August has had a rough decade.
His wife left him, and then his second wife left him, too, and took his kids.
He doubled down on the drinking, then he hurt his back and started in with the painkillers.
All of which would make great material for a country song if he wasn't struggling with a ten-year case of writer's block.
He had a relapse.
A lot of recovering addicts do.
But playing a show here gives him a chance to turn a new leaf.
It's his comeback.
We just need to get him on stage so he can feel that magic of performing again.
Then it'll all turn around.
How do I look, choir boy? You look good, August.
I wasn't asking you.
I was asking him.
You look like hell.
About time someone was honest with me.
Hey, I like that whole Billy Jack thing you did for me back in the alley there.
You gave us a real scare.
Hey, no disrespect, Shelton, but, uh, I'd like a moment alone with Alex here.
How you feel? Like I hit rock bottom.
And let me tell you, it's dark and lonely here.
I've been to that place.
How'd you get out? I left it all behind.
Escaped to the Philippines.
Got myself a little place on the beach.
I cannot say I have found serenity, but it helped.
Well, that sounds nice, man.
Sunshine on my face.
Breeze at my back.
What do you say you take me down there? To the beach? Uh, no.
The doctor says you need to get some rest.
Hell, takes more than a near-death experience to put this old bull down.
No funny business this time, I promise.
No booze, man.
No drugs.
Just you and me and Jezebel over there.
What do you say, choir boy? Yeah.
We've watched this a hundred times.
What are we missing? Without a witness to the van theft, we're out of luck.
Maybe not.
This kid look like a country fan to you? If Ocampo can cram his feet into a pair of alligator boots, I wouldn't put it past anyone.
I don't think this was about the hat.
They're trying to lure August out into the open.
He was working with the kidnappers.
The distraction con thieves pull on tourists all the time.
Take something, let the person chase you, somebody else steps in and steals the luggage while they're gone.
Except they didn't want to steal the luggage.
They wanted to kidnap a celebrity.
Howdy, cowboy.
Going somewhere? How does it look? Ridiculous.
That's hurtful.
What do you think, kid? I think you're screwing with my business.
That the one where you shine shoes or steal from tourists? I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm talking about how you ended up with an authentic Texas-made cowboy hat with the owner's initials inside.
Well, maybe he gave it to me.
Well, I guess we'll just have to go down to the station so we can ask him.
Okay, okay.
What do you want to know? We know you took the hat.
We just want to know why.
My girl thinks cowboys are hot.
You're a funny guy, huh? - Come on.
- Okay, okay, okay.
One more chance.
Some guy paid me $10 to grab it off that American's head and run for the exit.
What guy? I don't know.
He has these weird messed-up ears.
- Messed-up ears? - You know.
The one where they get all squashed up.
- Like a boxer.
- Cauliflower ear? - Sure.
- Huh.
Anything else? That's all I know, I swear.
All right.
Stick to shining shoes, kid.
Hey! What about my hat? See, on me it looks stylish.
Take it easy.
I'll lead you down.
Pain medicine wearing off? I think I would have been better off dying.
Well, then I apologize for saving your life.
I could be up in heaven right now playing with Merle Haggard.
Instead I'm stuck here with you.
Well, it ain't so bad.
Plus, people would miss you.
Would they? They'd miss your songs.
I haven't even written anything new in years.
Yeah, and why not? I guess I'm scared.
You're scared of what? I'm scared I'm no good, man, that I never was.
You know, back when I was still undercover, I did an 18-month operation in Colombia.
It was a year and a half of pretending to be somebody else.
No one to rely on but myself.
And you know what got me through it? - What? - "Lone Wolf".
Man, the whole idea behind that song is, you know, "Look at me.
I'm a badass on the road.
I don't need no one, don't need nothing.
I'm tough as nails.
No one can hurt me".
That's exactly why I liked it.
Yeah, but the whole thing is bull, man.
I just use that to justify the fact that I've pushed away everyone who's ever cared about me.
The song was a lie.
That's why I don't play it anymore.
You know, the moments that I felt truly alone out there, having that song in my ear was it was like somebody was there with me.
It made me feel like somebody knew what I was going through.
Really? Really.
Well, I'm a lone wolf, baby ♪ I'm not a part of no pack ♪ I got 10,000 miles of heartache ♪ Slung on my back ♪ I remember seeing your eyes shine ♪ In the light of the moon ♪ Yeah, but I got better things to do ♪ Than stand here howling at you ♪ The lone wolf moves on ♪ Unbelievable.
I just sang with August Crowe.
See? It wasn't that bad, man.
Well, we oughta be getting back.
You think I could get a moment out here alone? You uh, you know what the doctor said.
Yeah, yeah, but I kind of feel like writing something new.
All right.
I'm going to be right back there if you need me.
August! August! You were supposed to protect him.
I know.
- And you said he was the best.
- He is.
And yet, at the very first opportunity, these kidnappers managed to outsmart him.
Well, your client didn't exactly make it easy on me.
August is probably gonna end up face down in the ocean, and you're making excuses? - They're not gonna kill him.
- And how would you know that? Because he's worth more to them alive.
Oh, suddenly you're an expert, huh? He's right.
The kidnappers are only interested in money.
The Soloko gang always call and demand a ransom within 24 hours.
Forgive me if I don't have a lot of faith in people in this room.
Dwaid, I assure you, we'll do whatever's necessary to get your client back.
He is not just my client.
He's my best friend.
And if he dies, his blood is on your hands.
We have August's cell.
This is the number they'll call.
- How do you know? - Because that's their M.
The Soloko gang always leaves the victim's phone behind and calls it.
The key is to keep them on the phone as long as possible.
- That way we can - Trace the location, I get it, yeah.
You ready? Yeah.
Hello? - We have your singer.
- What do you want? - $250,000 U.
- I don't have that.
We don't have that kind of money.
We'll contact you in two hours with further instructions.
Two hours? That's not enough time.
- Then your friend dies.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Ask for proof of life.
I need to know that August is still alive.
They hung up.
What have you done? August? Two hours or he dies.
But wait - Did we get a location? - No.
They used a blocker.
- Damn.
- Can you get that money? I had to take it from August's personal account.
That's everything he has left.
It's almost time.
They want me to take a Jeepney to Maribago Beach, and they'll contact me on the drive over.
- We'll follow.
Let's go.
- Not him.
He screwed up once already.
I don't want him to be a part of this anymore.
He's a professionally trained Hey, Kai, it's all right.
I understand.
We're gonna need you with us.
You're gonna be fine.
Besides, I'm gonna check out another lead.
I think I may know where they're holding August.
- How? - Video.
His hands and his wrists, they were tied with boxing wraps.
The chalk board behind him, the stool he was sitting on That kid at the airport, he described one of the kidnappers to have cauliflower ear.
When I first came to this island, I remember there was a boxing club downtown.
I think it may have been closed for a few years now, but I'm gonna go down and check it out.
You guys make the drop.
I'm gonna see if August is there.
- A rescue attempt is risky.
- Yeah, well, it's my fault that he's in this position in the first place.
When the kidnappers get their ransom, the victim is freed 90% of the time.
It's the safest way to get August back.
Yeah, and what about the other 10%? Look, if you see him, let us know.
Don't go in until we get there, and don't do anything stupid.
Who, me? What you playing? Candy Crush? No talking.
Hell, I gotta do something.
Seeing as how you got me all tied up, I'm gonna conversate.
Let me ask you, how'd you get into this business? - What business? - You know, man, kidnapping.
Come on, buddy.
No judgments.
I ain't exactly a saint.
- Gambling debts.
- Mm.
Yeah, I never had much luck at the poker table either.
Man, this one time, where was I? - It was Nashville.
- Mm.
Man, I lost my pickup truck when I was holding a full house.
- Bad bet, huh? - Tell me about it.
- Hello? - Do you have the money? - Yes.
- Good.
Hold the money out the window.
What now? Okay, it's done.
Now give me the address.
Hello? Where's August? Tell me! - They screwed us.
- Follow that bike.
Kai, are you there? Kind of in the middle of something.
Well, I got August.
He's at the Bosch Boys Boxing Gym.
And they are gonna kill him.
Sorry, music man.
Orders are orders.
Wait, wait, wait.
Uh before you put me down, can you let me sing one last song first? - All right.
- Okay.
- Nothing sad.
- All right, nothing sad.
Okay, let me think.
Okay, here's a new one.
It's called, uh, "Ain't No Choir Boy".
I played by the rules ♪ For too damn long ♪ Gonna roll up my sleeves ♪ And right what's wrong ♪ Oh.
Let's go! Rusty.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Remember that bank robber we took down in Mandaue City? Of course.
Freeze! This is the end of the Soloko gang.
We're not part of the Soloko gang.
We were hired for this.
Hired by who? But I ain't no choir boy ♪ I said, I ain't no choir boy ♪ No, I ain't no choir boy ♪ No, no, no more ♪ Man, that felt good.
Why don't you say I do another one? You got any requests? Sorry, no encores.
Man, I never heard that song before.
Oh, man, it's a new one.
Turns out staring down death can be pretty inspiring.
Is it about anybody in particular? Well, now, don't flatter yourself.
You're not going anywhere.
Shelton, what the hell are you doing? Retiring.
Put the gun down, Shelton.
You don't give the orders anymore, August.
What are you talking about? I am tired, August.
I am tired of dedicating my whole life to an ungrateful junkie who hasn't written a decent song in ten years.
So you're gonna shoot me? You want to shoot your oldest friend? Friend? Please.
You blew that years ago.
Now I'm just in it for the money, and that dried up years ago, too.
How do you expect to get any green off of me if I'm six foot under? The second I announce your death, the value of your musical catalog is gonna skyrocket.
This was your plan the whole time.
Schedule a comeback show where notorious kidnappings are going on, hire a few locals to snatch him, and then make it look like the ransom exchange went sideways.
When the world hears about August Crowe's tragic death, they're gonna buy his songs in the millions, and make me a very rich man.
Man, I own the rights to my catalog.
I mean, if I die, everything goes to my ex.
You remember Tennessee? The night you downed two bottles of pills? Remember all that paperwork I had you sign? Of course you don't, but you signed everything over to me.
You see, that's one of the benefits of representing an addict.
You're extremely easy to take advantage of.
- Don't I get any last words? - Don't worry.
I'll come up with something good for the press release.
Oh! Damn it! Come on! It's only a matter of time, August! Yes.
You might as well make it dignified.
All right.
Take your best shot.
I've always wanted to do that.
- Man, I'm sorry about Jezebel.
- That's all right, buddy.
At least she died doing what she loved.
- What's that? - Kicking ass.
What happened here? You know, the usual.
You're under arrest for kidnapping and attempted murder.
I'm sorry, Shelton.
Um, but just so there's no confusion, you're fired.
I see you got your hat back.
Yeah, yeah.
Thank your friends for me.
How you doing? Got just a small case of what professional musicians refer to as crippling stage fright.
I figured that might be the case, so I brought you something to help calm your nerves.
Oh, man, I'm done drinking.
- It's not booze.
- Okay, well, what is it? - Reef eel soup.
- Did you say eel? - I did.
- Like the snake of the sea? Yeah.
Just trust me, it works.
Oh, man.
This is only 'cause you saved my life.
August! August! August! Well, that ain't bad.
Could use a little green chili, but it ain't bad.
And now returning to the stage for the first time in ten years, August Crowe! Man, I ain't never been good at thank-yous.
Me neither.
Howdy, Cebu.
It's been awhile.
Hey, uh, I want to dedicate this first song to a friend of mine, someone who taught me that a song can be so much more than just a song.
This one's called "Lone Wolf".
I'm a lone wolf, baby ♪ Never part of the pack ♪ Well, I got 10,000 miles ♪ Of heartache strung on my back ♪ I remember your eyes shining in the light of the moon ♪ And I got better things to do ♪ Than stand here howling at you ♪ The lone wolf moves on ♪
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