Almost Paradise (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

The Magellan Cross

Last time I was here, it was
just a bunch of huts on the beach.
Lots of construction!
Best resort in Pacific!
You fix, no problem!
Six gang-related shootings
and three dead from overdose
in the last four months.
I was really starting
to like this place.
Why didn't you tell the detectives
that you were a DEA agent?
It could've been my nerves
'cause they were yelling at me.
You broke up a sting operation we
were working on for three months.
You were about to be killed.
Our problem has become yours as
well. We can protect you, or
Or I can help you solve this case.
This is the best car you could find?
Does it offend your fragile
sense of masculinity?
International smugglers.
What do they smuggle? Drugs, diamonds?
[ALEX] Yes, yes and
anything else of value.
Show him.
It's little girls.
We're going in now.
Drop your weapons!
- Dad?
- [ALEX] Evelyn!
- [ALEX] They got my daughter!
What's up with Silent Bob
here? Does he ever talk?
When I have something to say.
He doesn't annoy you? Even a little?
- A little.
- Yo.
Gonna need a ride back to the
hotel. Little short on cab funds.
The department needs guys
like you out in the field.
Excuse me! What do you
think you're doing?!
Where is it, Padre?
Where are you hiding it?
What is it that you want from me?
Don't play stupid.
We know you found it. Now hand it over.
I don't know what you're talking about.
No don't! Stop, please!
- Just tell us where it is!
- Ah!
So we don't have to destroy
the place looking for it.
[GABRIEL] Looking for what?!
The Magellan Cross!
There is no Magellan
Cross here, I swear to you.
Okay. I believe you,
Father. I believe you.
So just tell me, where
have you hidden it?
Or we can cut it out
of you, huh? [LAUGHS]
- Hey!
You idiot, how are we
supposed to find it now?
- He was trying to get away!
- So you kill him?
What are you, stupid?!
Danelli's gonna be furious!
You have no idea what
he's gonna do to us!
We won't tell him. He
doesn't have to know.
We light the place up, make it
look like he died in the fire!
That's good! That's good!
My name is Alex Walker. I'm ex-DEA.
One of my first assignments
took me to an isolated beach
right here on this island.
I sold what little I had and
bought myself a gift shop.
Just peace, no stress, no drama.
Boy, was I wrong.
It looks like you have made real
progress over the last several months.
Well, I know you think I don't
listen to you, Doc, but I do.
I'm just an old dog and it takes
a while to learn new tricks.
You should be very proud
of what you've accomplished.
But you need to stay vigilant.
Your hypertension can easily return.
You're looking at the new Alex
Walker. I'm turning over a new leaf.
Hell, I'll knock down the whole tree.
So you're still not seeing anyone?
No one special in your life?
Dr. Patel, you flirting with me?
- Okay.
- But I consider you a friend
as much as a patient.
And as your friend,
I think you really should
consider dating again.
- Ah, this
- Having intimacy in your life
could be a stabilizing influence.
But dating
You've come a long way.
And now that you're nearing
the end of your program
Well It's Hold Hey,
what The end of End of what?
The end of your government
disability program.
No, no, no, are you saying that I'm not
gonna get any more disability checks?
Alex, you came to this island, in part,
because you qualified for
the treatment program here
at the US military base.
And you have made enormous progress
with your hypertension and stress.
You know, I feel I'm
starting to I feel
If I'm honest with you, there's
pain in the side of my head.
Once you are out of this program,
the new phase in your
life is ready to begin.
Phase, though, this is not I don't
I've never thought about
my life outside the program.
Well, you could finally go back
home to the States and start over.
Or you could just choose to
settle down here permanently.
Alex, you could do whatever you like.
I like getting my disability checks.
You have given yourself
a new lease on life.
A second chance.
Don't squander it.
Really? That's the one you like?
You said to switch the photo to
the right if I didn't like 'em.
It's called swiping. You
swipe to the right when you do.
How How do I take it
back? Make it go back.
- You can't.
- What do you mean, you can't?!
I've been liking all
This is This is how people are
dating, off of apps these days?
People only date from apps now.
Yeah, well, back in my day,
if you saw somebody nice,
you struck up a conversation.
If there was chemistry, maybe you
ask 'em out for a drink or a meal.
You do that today and
you're a psychopath.
What do you know about
dating apps, huh? You're 11.
- I'm 13!
- You're 13? She's out there dating at 13?
No, but I'm old enough to know
what's going on in the world.
I know what's going on in the world.
Oh, yeah? What's TikTok?
What a clock says.
- I rest my case.
I don't need it.
Hey, guys. Kai, you ready?
Yeah, let's go.
Damn it. Yeah, it's good to see
police officers at work, huh?
Out there solvin' crime.
You want to come? We
could sure use a hand.
Yeah. See, they get the tough
cases and they want me involved.
I'm a civilian, guys, remember?
It's not about a crime.
We volunteered to help fix
up the Sacred Heart Church.
Well, I would help, but
somebody just swiped on my photo.
- "Hello."
- Alex, you're always telling me how this island,
this community saved you.
So give some back.
Show some appreciation. Come with us.
She blocked me. She just blocked me.
Why would you block someone?
Why would she block me?!
- What did you say to her?
- I didn't say anything to her!
She asked me what kind of food
I like, I sent some emojis.
Was one of them an eggplant?
Yes! I put the eggplant in!
Right next to the cool,
refreshing spring water!
Okay, you're banned
from using emojis until
we have a longer
conversation about symbology.
Huh? That's my phone, Kai.
What the hell is wrong with
an eggplant? It's delicious.
- Holy
- Oh, man.
When you said, "Come fix the place up,"
I thought you were talking
about a coat of paint.
Alex, this church has
stood for hundreds of years.
It has enormous historical
and spiritual significance.
It's more than just a symbol.
Their outreach program
helps feed children,
find work for the homeless,
and they even have an
extremely successful
drug and alcohol treatment program.
So, basically, you're saying if
I don't stick around and help out,
I'm a horrible person.
Mm. You still have that keen
sense of analytical perception.
- [ALEX] Who's that?
- Her son ran the church.
He died in the fire.
They say how this fire started?
It's an old church. Candles, oil.
Hey, who is that? That girl.
Ann Villegas. She's from one of the
wealthiest families on the island.
Well, she is a knockout.
I would definitely swipe left.
- Swipe right.
- Right.
And have a little respect,
we're at a funeral.
May the Lord protect him eternally.
Excuse me.
Those were beautiful words, Father.
Rodrigo, please. It's
a pleasure to meet you.
Ernesto. Did you know Father Gabriel?
From the seminary.
He had reached out to me recently,
to come here and help
him with a project.
I did not think I would be
coming here to eulogize him.
I'm sorry.
- Please.
- Yeah.
Father Rodrigo! Hello! [CHUCKLES]
You've come to help
us fix the place, good!
- It looks like I'm being reassigned here.
- That's great! That's great, Father!
I think Father Gabriel
would be pleased to know
that his friend is taking over for him.
Well, I'll try my best
to live up to his legacy.
You mentioned at the funeral
that you were originally here
to help him with a project.
Yes. Apparently, he had discovered
a lost artifact here in the church.
The Magellan Cross.
The Magellan Cross? I thought
that was just a legend.
What's the Magellan Cross?
It was a cross that
explorer Ferdinand Magellan
was allegedly holding in his hand
when he was killed by Lapulapu.
Lapulapu, that's the guy the
city's named after, right?
Yeah, Lapulapu is regarded
as the first Filipino hero.
He was chief of this island
and when he and his warriors
defeated the Spanish
forces led by Magellan,
he delayed the Spanish occupation
of the country by over 40 years.
The cross is a priceless artifact,
thought to be lost forever.
Father Gabriel found
it here? In this church?
now probably lost to the fire.
Hey, hey! Maybe not. Come look at this.
[ERNESTO] What you got there?
[ALEX] Looks like a fire box.
- [ERNESTO] Okay.
- [ALEX] All right, help me lift it.
All right, lift up. One, two, three.
All right, let's go.
This way. Straight back.
It's locked.
[ERNESTO] Hang on, I've
got the tool for that.
[ALEX] Oh, man. Look at this.
Yes! Yes, this is where he found it!
He had written to me, telling me
that when an old wooden cross fell
and cracked open, it had revealed
the Magellan Cross hidden inside.
- But where is it now?
- [ERNESTO] Maybe someone stole it.
No. That lock was intact.
It's more likely that the last person
that sealed this up was Father Gabriel.
Why carefully lock up the box
that carried the Magellan Cross
but not the Cross itself?
Perhaps Father Gabriel
put it out on display.
Father, when he reached
out to you about the Cross,
did he appreciate its value?
Of course. He had asked me to
come and help him authenticate it.
Then it's highly unlikely that
he would just leave it out, right?
Maybe he hid it somewhere.
A priceless lost artifact is found
and coincidentally the
church burns to the ground?
What if the fire was no accident?
What if someone came
here to try and steal it
and Father Gabriel was
killed trying to stop 'em?
And they burned down the
church to cover it up.
That means either
somebody stole it before
Or they'll kill again
to try and find it.
See, I told you. The body's
too burned up to tell anything.
The coroner didn't
investigate this as a homicide.
Those photos are all we have
left of Father Gabriel's body.
No, no, no, right
there. Huh? Knife wound.
Serrated edges, jagged cuts.
Crescent blade.
Told you I'd find it.
You were right, Kai,
Father Gabriel was murdered.
And my work is done here.
Would y'all mind stepping in my office?
- Have fun.
- You too, Alex.
I'd like your, uh
unique perspective.
I've just been briefed
by National Intelligence.
NICA reports that they
discovered, through the dark web,
that an Oscar Danelli had put out
a bounty to anyone on the island
who can bring him the Magellan Cross.
How would he know the Cross was on
the island? And who is this Denelli?
It's Danelli. He's an international
trader of stolen antiquities.
- Oh, you've seen him before?
- [ALEX] No.
And neither has anybody
else. He's very low profile.
And he launders drug money
through his transactions.
He is dangerous.
And he only deals in high-end pieces.
The bounty was originally
put out two weeks ago.
Today, he raised it to $500,000.
If he raised the bounty, then it means
no one has attempted to collect it.
They didn't steal it from the
church. They still haven't found it.
Kai, your theory that the priest was
murdered by thieves
looking for the Cross,
it appears highly probable, but
there's very little evidence.
No suspects. We don't even
know where to go to look.
You don't go anywhere.
You let 'em come to you.
What are you thinking, Alex?
As far as the killer knows,
the Magellan Cross was one of the
surviving items from the fire, right?
Didn't you say they were
auctioning off some pieces
to help with the
restoration of the church?
- Yeah.
- So you put the wooden cross box
that it was hidden in, in the auction.
Whoever's willing to overpay
there's your suspect.
Chief, if it's okay with you, Kai
with Alex can work the auction.
- No.
- While I go try to find out where Father Gabriel
may have hidden the actual Cross.
No, thank you. Thank you, but no,
thank you, right? I'm a civilian.
You guys are the ones that
keeps reminding me that, so
You know, the auction is
sponsored by Ann Villegas.
- Who?
- [KAI] The woman you were
asking about at the funeral.
The auction is held
at her family's hotel.
I want you to listen to me.
I'm a civilian, all right?
And civilians sometimes
have a responsibility
to lend a helping hand,
so I will help with this one, okay?
Because I'm You know I'm a giver.
You know that for a fact.
You guys all know that stuff.
She has a hotel!
[DIANA] He was so excited
about finding the Cross.
He knew it was important for the people
of the Philippines and for the church.
He was right.
I hope you don't mind my asking
Did Father Gabriel know immediately
what it was when he found it?
No. But there were some markings
on the Cross that made him curious.
So he brought it to
Louis at the university.
He was a historian and he
investigated it for my son.
And it took him a few days
before he came back to him.
And when he did, he told him
it was the Magellan Cross.
Tell me, did your son give
the Cross to this historian?
[DIANA] No, Father.
He was just too excited
about the discovery
that he would never
let it leave his hands.
And you really think that
someone took my boy's life
to try and steal the Cross?
I'm afraid that's highly
possible, ma'am, yes.
I'm sorry.
I know my son would
want me to forgive them.
But I'm not that good
a Christian, Father.
I want those people who
took my son's life caught.
I want them to pay.
Please I will pray for you.
- [CRYING] I'm sorry, Father.
- It's okay, it's okay.
Welcome to Villegas Resort.
[KAI] Nice turnout.
It's good to see the community
come out in support like this.
Any undesirables in the room?
Only you.
Excuse me. Hello.
I just wanted to say hi and
to tell you how nice it is
that you're sponsoring this auction.
It's the least we can do. Were
you a member of the church?
No, but looking at the
people here who were,
I'm sure it was a very special place.
What is your connection to the church?
- If you don't mind
- If you'll excuse me.
Dan, so great to see you.
What are you doing?
I'm interrogating a person of interest.
You mean, a person you're interested in?
Don't waste your time.
She's out of your league.
Excuse me? What league
do you think I'm in?
- Little.
- Little?
- I'm at least in the minors, babe.
- Mm.
I would like to thank
you all for coming out
and supporting Sacred Heart.
The proceeds from today's auction
will go directly to
rebuilding Sacred Heart Church.
So please, bid generously.
And the last piece is this
beautifully hand-painted wooden cross
found in Sacred Heart after the fire.
This is it.
[AUCTIONEER] Miraculously,
it remained unscathed.
We'll start the bidding at 3,000.
- Whoa!
- In Philippine pesos. It's like $50.
Yeah, right, I forgot.
We're at 17,000. Can I get 22,000?
- This is insane.
- It's like $400.
- I know.
- Seriously?! You run a store!
- No wonder you're always broke.
- [AUCTIONEER] 25,000?
You recognize these two cats?
[KAI] No, but we have
cameras in the room.
We can do a facial
recognition search later.
This is clearly a hot
item, ladies and gentlemen.
Can I get 50,000? Yes?
55,000? Yes?
I bid 550,000.
- Even in pesos?
- Yeah.
Ms. Villegas, that is very generous.
I have 550,000 going once?
- Sold to our hostess, Ms. Villegas.
[ALEX] This is good.
Can't see anything
from outside the gate.
Well, we're gonna have to hop the gate.
- All right, give me a boost.
- Give you a what?
Give A boost.
Hey, here. All right, come on.
All right.
It's all right.
I think she was expecting to
find something in that box.
Well, congratulations, Kai.
You've got your first suspect.
[ERNESTO] Professor Louis.
Oh, Detective, Father.
Please, please, come in.
I am sorry for all the mess,
I was just going through
all the research I
did for Father Gabriel.
Wow! You must've had to speak
to a lot of people about this.
I guess I got a little carried away.
Just the whole story of
the fabled Magellan Cross
hidden inside another cross,
it's like straight
outta the movies, right?
Professor, could you provide me with
a list of everyone you reached out to?
Everyone you spoke to about the
Cross being here on the island.
You think someone I contacted
could be involved in his death?
Well, we're not certain of anything,
but I plan on following every lead.
Did you know Father Gabriel well?
He volunteered a lot of his time
to the school's basketball program.
The kids loved him. I would
see him at games and practices.
He was a fixture here.
- Ah, yes, I remember his fondness for the sport.
- Right, right.
Did Father Gabriel ever mention to you
where he might be keeping the Cross?
No, no, no, he was
quite secretive about it.
Once he began to
understand its significance,
he became extremely protective of it.
He was a very special person.
will get you that list, right.
- Are we making any progress?
- Yes.
- The two main bidders
- We have three main bidders.
The two who were going back and
forth have shady backgrounds.
Neither of them have outstanding
warrants, but both have criminal ties.
And we're still working on the rest.
And these two?
[KAI] Our guys are still
cross-checking their photos.
You don't seriously
suspect Ann Villegas?
She way outbid everybody at the auction.
And she was furious when
she opened up the empty box.
Like she was expecting to find
the Magellan Cross hidden inside.
And just how do you know she opened
the item and, uh, was furious?
Ann is from an extremely
wealthy family, why
Why would she get involved in
this? She doesn't need the money.
I don't know, maybe her
family's cuttin' her off.
Or she has another
reason for wanting it.
- Like what?
- I don't know.
There's only one way to find out.
Everybody relax, I'll go talk to her.
What? Whatever.
Look, there was some chemistry between
me and her at the auction, okay?
And obviously she thought
I was a little good-looking,
so I can use that.
Yeah, and you can use
some time in therapy.
- You're delusional.
- I am in therapy.
And I know exactly how to talk
to her to get her to open up.
Yeah, like what? You gonna tell
her about your love for eggplants?
You guys asked me for my
expertise, okay? This is it.
You gotta trust me.
You just gotta get me in front of her.
Alex. Put this in.
- No, I don't need you in my ear for this.
- Yes, you do.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna Cyrano me?
I can get you over a
few rough edges, okay?
And besides, we need to
record what she says to you.
- Thank you.
Watch the Walker magnetism at work.
I think I just threw
up in my mouth a little.
Amazing. Just amazing.
Alex. We met at the auction.
You sang so beautifully up there.
If you'll excuse me.
Everyone tells her what
a great voice she has.
Ask about her song choice.
The song that you sang,
what was it? Mesmerizing.
"Ako'y Iniwan Mo."
- Ah.
- You know it?
It's a traditional Kundiman love song.
It's Kundiman, right?
I'm surprised an American
knows about Kundiman music.
Well, it's classic form
of a Filipino love song.
The singer sings of undying
love for their beloved
while also singing
for love of country.
Are you interested in Filipino culture?
Yes, ma'am I'm very interested.
Can I buy you a drink?
Hey, partner. How's Romeo doing?
- Hasn't scared her off. Yet.
Don't laugh, I may not be as great
a singer as you, but I can hold a tune.
I'd like to hear that one day.
Okay. Well, one day.
Alex, get back on track, okay?
Find out if there's a
reason she needs money.
See if she has a motive.
- So your family owns this hotel?
- Along with a few others.
Ah, well, business seems good.
Better than ever.
But there are more important
things in this world than money.
Mm-hmm, you see, that's very
easy to say when you have money.
So very true.
Okay, so we can rule out money as
a motive. Maybe she's being cut out.
See how her relationship
is with her parents.
So why are you interested
in Filipino culture?
Philippines saved my life.
How so?
Don't make this about you, okay?
Steer it back to her family.
When I first got to
the island, I was, um
I was not well.
Now, the doctor said that
if I didn't change my ways
that I'd be a dead man.
This island, the people, the culture.
It changed me.
It showed me how to live a better life.
And I don't know, I just
I feel like I have a debt to pay.
I know exactly how that feels.
Let me guess, he took the earpiece out?
Damn it, Walker!
Oh, thank you.
I had this house built just so I
could see this view every night.
[ALEX] Wow! Look at the moonlight,
how it dances on the sea.
There's nothing quite like it, huh?
I can imagine my ancestors
standing here on these bluffs,
seeing what we're seeing now.
What do you see?
I see someone that,
despite their privilege,
appreciates family, appreciates country.
And I see someone who feels things
with an enormous sense of passion.
We just met. What makes you think
you have any idea about my passion?
Well, you can't really fake that stuff.
That's something you can't hide.
I see.
And what about you, Mr. Walker?
What is your passion?
Well, for a long time, I thought I
had run completely out of passion.
And now?
Right now, I'm hoping for a revival.
Alex? Are you all right?
Who were those men!?
What do they want?
Why would killing me help
them find the Magellan Cross?
They were trying to collect the bounty.
They thought by killing you and me,
they'd have a clear path
to search your house.
What bounty?
You're honestly telling
me you didn't know
there was a bounty
for the Magellan Cross?
Why would they even think that I had it?
For the same reason
you thought you had it.
That's why you overbid at
the auction, am I not right?
Listen to me.
I know you had nothing to do
with the death of Father Gabriel.
So I need you to be honest with me.
If you didn't know about the bounty,
how would you know about the Cross?
Because my grandfather put it there.
As a young man,
my grandfather discovered that
the Magellan Cross had been hidden
in a collection of stolen artifacts.
So he used our family's money
and influence to buy it back.
Why didn't he just stick
it in a museum or something?
Because he believed
that it belonged there,
in that humble church, in that
exact spot in Lapulapu City!
So he had it hidden inside that
wooden box and had it placed there.
But, Mr. Walker, make no mistake,
the Magellan Cross belongs to my family,
and I have all the
paperwork to prove it.
I want it returned to us.
These are the two guys I tangled
with outside of Ann's house.
You find out anything on either of 'em?
Nothing yet, Chief.
They're not known locals.
- And they still think you have it?
- I guess so.
- We can use that.
- To draw them out?
Yes, but we'll need Ann's cooperation.
I'll help you but
under one condition.
When the Magellan Cross is found,
I want it returned to me and my family.
You seem to want the
Cross so bad, Ms. Villegas.
What do you plan to do with it?
That's my business.
Do we have a deal?
We can agree to that.
So what's the plan?
All right, right now,
the killers think that Ann is in
possession of the Magellan Cross.
What they don't know is if she's
aware of what she actually has.
Now, if we convince
them that she has no idea
the value of what's supposed
to be inside that wooden box,
the killers will believe that it's gonna
be pretty easy to take it from her.
And how do we make them believe that?
This is where we're
gonna need your help.
As part of the police department's
ongoing efforts to create
positive alternatives
for the youth of our city,
Ms. Ann Villegas has generously offered
to sponsor a new exhibit
at the City Museum.
- Ann?
Thank you, Chief Ocampo.
Last night, my home was attacked
in what appears to be another act
of random violence on our island.
Luckily, no one was hurt.
I don't know why we were
attacked or what they wanted.
But it seems like violence
for violence's sake.
She's really selling it.
Yeah, well, let's just hope
the killers are buying it.
to help stop the senseless violence.
So today I will be donating
several items from
my private collection,
including what I recently acquired
from our Sacred Heart Church auction,
to be displayed here at City Museum.
All of the proceeds will be donated
to fund youth programs here in the city
in an effort to curb rising crime.
- Yes?
- When will all this happen?
[ANN] As a matter of fact,
just this afternoon, the
museum will have a truck
sent to my home to pick up the items.
And hopefully, by next week, the
exhibition will be up and running.
- Thank you.
- [ANN] Thank you.
The Professor said that Father Gabriel
spent a great deal of time here.
Yeah, maybe he had a locker here
or a spot where he worked from.
Father, Detective.
Professor Louis.
I'm glad you guys could come and
see the program for yourselves.
It is rare for me to come to a practice
and not see Father Gabriel here.
Professor, would you know where
Father Gabriel kept his things
when he was here?
He would always carry a workout duffel
but took it with him whenever he left.
Professor, that's
That's a beautiful statue
of the Blessed Mother.
Has it always been there?
Oh, no, that, again, was
another wonderful addition
to the program from Father Gabriel.
- When did Father Gabriel do this?
- Shortly before we lost him.
Just a couple of days
before that, in fact.
How many teams you got on this?
Two lead teams and, including
us, four follow teams.
Let's rock 'n roll. Let's rock 'n roll.
[KAI] If we're right,
they'll hit the truck.
- Yeah.
- We're on?
- This time, we do things different.
- How so?
This time, we have reinforcements.
Okay, boys, let's go! Move out!
Unlock the back, or I
put a hole in your head.
- Huh?
- Come here, come here, come here.
Open it.
What the?
Drop your weapons and lie on the ground!
Go! Go!
Hey! Huh, nice to see you again!
- Hey, wait, wait! it wasn't me!
- Huh?
- It was Sonny! I didn't want to hurt anyone!
- What?
Sonny killed that
priest! It was all him!
In case I'm mistaken,
I would not want to damage
this sculpture of Mama Mary.
It will look beautiful
here in the church
when we are finished with the repairs.
- This is it.
- It is.
Excuse me. Who are you?
Um, Father
What can I help you with?
I'm Father Christo.
I've been assigned to this parish.
I've been instructed to
take care of this church.
You can hand that Cross over to me now.
[OFFICER OVER RADIO] We lost them.
Well, then pursue on foot! Go!
Report back if you see anything!
You got two units racing there now.
Don't be foolish and
try something stupid.
One man has already died,
it would be a shame
if you two did as well.
What's going on here?
Well, Father Christo, the
man holding a gun at us
- is an imposter.
His real name is Oscar Danelli,
an infamous dealer in
black market antiquities,
and he's come here to Sacred
Heart Church to acquire this.
No, no, no! Don't
respond! Just go! Just go!
I'm afraid I can't do that, Oscar.
'Cause the second I hand you
this Cross, you'll kill us both.
Oh, but you see, that's
where you're wrong.
Because you can hand it to me
right now and I'll let you go.
Or I can pry it from
your cold dead hands.
One way or another, it's coming with me.
Ah, you're here just in
time. Grab the Cross from him.
You set us up.
What are you talking about?
You knew the Cross wasn't in that truck.
It was here the whole time.
You sent us there to take the fall
so you could have the
Cross all for yourself.
Don't be insane. They
tried to fool me too!
They tricked me!
But I found out where the
Cross was really hidden!
You're gonna tell us
this and pay us for it?
Of course, why wouldn't I?!
- Because he thinks you're stupid.
- [DANELLI] Shut up!
He thought that if the police got
you for the cold-blooded murder
of Father Gabriel, they'd forget
all about the Magellan Cross.
This was my last warning.
Hand me the cross now.
- [KAI] Freeze!
[KAI] Alex!
Kai! I've got this.
Huh. I think you guys
are out of bullets.
[ERNESTO] I love it when the
murderer keeps the murder weapon.
Makes things so tidy.
Hey, hey, hey!
Did you know Father Gabriel?
I did.
Any sign of him?
Drop the gun or I kill your friend!
Okay. Calm down.
Stay calm.
Now step back away from your weapon!
I'm just so very sorry.
- Sorry?
- Yeah.
Made a huge mistake.
Oh, yeah? And what's that?
You let me get too close.
Well, it looks like you finally got
that coat of paint out of me, huh?
- See, it wasn't so bad.
- Well
The church looks beautiful.
Yes, it does.
I'm sorry my lawyers took so long.
The church isn't gonna challenge
your family's ownership of the Cross.
These papers aren't about ownership.
They're about conservatorship, Father.
Thank you.
We would like the Magellan Cross
to live here at Sacred Heart Church
for everyone to see and enjoy.
My family will take care of all
the necessary security equipment
and people needed to
make sure that this,
and the church, are safe.
I don't know what to say.
Say yes, Father. Say yes.
Of course, of course, yes!
Yes, thank you! Thank you!
- You're welcome, Father.
Thank you.
Ann. Ann. Ann? Hi.
Now that this is all over with
I was thinking that maybe we could
finish the evening
that we never got to
I don't think that's a good idea.
W-W-What? Why?
- Because you weren't honest with me.
- Huh?
You deceived me just so you
could get information out of me.
- No, there was no deception.
- Yes, there was.
Even if only by omission.
And besides, I-I don't
think I should be involved
with someone who could
so easily fool me.
Okay, well, but w
All right, then do
me a favor, one favor.
The next time you're watching
the moonlight dance across the
water from your living room,
don't just think of your ancestors.
Think of the night we
watched it together.
I'll always remember that moment.
I mean, I've never been shot
at before. Nearly killed!
- No, no.
- It's a horribly traumatic memory.
No, no, no, you gotta
remember the good stuff,
not the lasers and the bullets.
You have to You gotta
remember the good
Like the heroism!
That I sure will.
Was that the Walker magnetism
you were talking about?
Alex, magnets both attract and repel.
- Oh, she'll come around.
- Keep telling yourself that.
If I were your age, I'd want
to spend my time with my family.
- Well
- Or grandchildren.
How old do you think I am?
[ALEX] You go flashing that badge,
he's gonna ask for a warrant.
By the time you get one,
they'll be packed and gone.
Okay, then we go undercover.
- Yeah.
- But it doesn't mean it's cowboy time.
I got a lot of stuff
planned for our day today.
It's nice to finally
meet someone honest.
- Hello, Alex.
- [WOMAN] Who are you?
I'm Alex's wife.
You take care of all these people?
[ERNESTO] No, Alex, we
take care of each other.
You want me to go on a
couples retreat with you?
Maybe you can learn something.
Nice work. Love it.
- You know the island well.
- Yeah, I live here.
Plan on staying here forever?
I mean, I love it here,
but I do get homesick.
- Alex Walker.
- Alex, it's Ann.
- I was thinking we could have lunch.
- Really?
- Who was that?
- That's the one that got away.
Drop your weapon!
I stopped trying to understand
that man a long time ago.
- He's gonna want to get involved.
- Yep.
- [KAI] He's gonna get all crazy.
- [ERNESTO] Definitely.
[KAI] He's gonna go
after the guy himself.
No question.
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