Alpha Males (2022) s01e01 Episode Script


[upbeat music playing]
Hello. My name is Santi, and I'm a sexist.
Uh, my name is Luis,
and I'm also a sexist.
I'm Pedro, and so apparently,
I'm a sexist as well.
I my name is Raúl, and
I don't know why I'm here.
What's up, Raúl? Where you going?
- Hey!
- No way I'm saying this crap!
See you at the bar.
- [audience murmuring]
- Now he's riled up.
Don't worry. There's always one like him.
He'll be back. You'll see.
But the important thing
is you're all here.
And you came here because you've decided
to try to break away
from patterns of toxic masculinity
and to move toward
a brand-new concept
of what it means to be a man.
So from this point on,
you are male chauvinists
under deconstruction.
[audience applauding]
- How did we end up here, dude?
- I have no idea.
Is he writing this all down?
What was his last comment?
[sighs] My goodness.
- [alarm beeps]
- [Pedro sighs]
[classical music fanfare playing]
[yawns] Mm
[trainer] All right!
Come on, guys! Jab, cross, jab, cross!
Good work! Come on!
Jab, cross, jab, cross. All right!
[elevator bell dings]
- Morning.
- [man] Morning.
[woman] Good morning.
[Pedro] José Ángel.
What is this thing?
An ionizer.
It's an air purifier.
Since we can't open these windows.
It's so you don't jump. [chuckles]
- How's it going with your
- Oh!
Good. I'm responding to the treatment.
I might even avoid surgery
and keep the tumor as an ornament.
I don't use it much anyway, but
Don't get cancer.
No, I wasn't planning on it.
This shit has really
got me thinking, you know.
The times are changing, Pedro.
That so? Hadn't noticed at all. [scoffs]
Well, the same thing happened
with the purifier.
This network has always been
at the forefront of society,
not behind it.
Yeah, we're not doing too bad though.
Still on top, by a small margin.
A good executive has to know
when they've completed their cycle,
when to move over.
José Ángel, you know I'm here
for whatever it is you need. [chuckles]
I would like you to meet someone.
[sighs] Hello.
[José Ángel] Cristina, this is Pedro.
- [Cristina] Mm-hmm.
- Pedro, Cristina.
- Hi there.
- Hi there.
She's going to be
our new director of programming.
Well, I [chuckles]
I would've liked to have picked the person
taking over my role. No offense, hmm?
None taken.
If I'm the new chief executive,
I'll need to select my own team members.
You know, in fact,
I already have a few names.
Pedro, I'm still acting
as a chief executive.
I'm not following you.
We need a new approach
to our current schedule.
A vision that's more feminine
and less patriarchal.
[Pedro] Uh, miss.
- Mind giving us a minute to discuss this?
- [Cristina] Yes, of course.
Are you firing me right now?
For her?
But who this woman? Who the hell is she?
What did I tell you about Bad Bitch?
I said it wasn't a good name for a comedy.
God damn, it was meant to be ironic.
People really have got
to lighten up about things, José Ángel.
You think an HIV-positive prostitute
with uterine cancer
is really all that funny?
She's looking for revenge.
It gets better over the season.
Are you really gonna fire me
because of a bunch of stupid,
hysterical, oversensitive ladies,
who turned us into a trending topic?
Ah, don't take this all so personally.
It's a corporate decision.
All of our managerial positions
are filled by men.
No, women are calling it
the glass ceiling.
Have you been screwing her?
See? That's the type
of comment we're trying to avoid.
José Ángel,
I've just bought a brand-new house
with five bedrooms en suite.
- A wine cellar.
- [chuckles] Great, I can't wait to see it.
[Pedro] Yeah, right.
This Sunday I'm having a barbecue
to celebrate that I'm out of a job now.
Now, there won't be any issues
with your severance payment.
I have personally made sure the financial
office won't argue over a single euro.
[Pedro] All right.
Good luck.
Because the magic's leaving with me.
- [exhales]
- [Pedro] The magic.
And this whiteboard that I bought myself.
I'll leave it 'cause I biked here.
But I'm taking it tomorrow.
- [loud bang]
- [water running]
[Santi] Hello, good evening.
Uh, someone is in my place,
or or I don't
They broke in. They're in the shower
not to leave any prints.
There's oh, whoa!
God, honey, you really freaked me out.
- God, why are you here?
- I can't stand my mom.
Who's in the shower?
But, Dad, no one's here.
Why you leave the water on?
I thought I told you not to waste it.
It takes forever for the water to warm up.
- Hmm. I'll come live with you.
- What's that?
- [cell phone ringing]
- [daughter] Mm-hmm.
Uh, you gotta go back home now, Álex.
When can I start making decisions
about life?
When you stop putting mine
at risk, thanks.
[sighs] She's a pain in my ass.
- Blanca.
- [Blanca] You've kidnapped my daughter.
[telephone ringing]
Excuse me, one second.
Please, Blanca, one second.
- I'm calling the cops.
- Oh, God.
Give me back my daughter.
Is she down there?
No. Álex, Álex. No, don't. Álex!
Mom, just let me live my life!
Honey, you all right?
Oh, shit.
He assaulted me.
He assaulted me. They saw you.
[Santi] It was an accident.
The maids put the plants
outside to water them.
Bring her down now
or I'll call the cops on you.
- [Santi] Please, Álex, go down.
- Uh-uh.
[Santi sighs]
Uh, Blanca, I'll come down, but only
if we can have a civilized talk, okay?
Bathed and tucked in into bed at 9:02.
I read them Super Inquisitive Kids
7 times before they finally passed out.
Almost fell asleep with them.
[wife] Hello.
Do you like it?
[chuckles] Yeah, you look amazing.
Three euros on AliExpress.
But you can rip it off me.
Uh, honey, I'm kind of tired, okay?
- I've been breaking up street parties.
- I can do all the work.
[Luis sighs, groans]
- [wife moaning]
- [grunting]
- [moaning continues]
- [Luis sighs]
- Luis.
- Hmm?
- Are you sleeping now?
- No.
Hey, listen. I'm tired too, okay?
- Okay, then let's go to sleep now.
- No, no sleeping now. We need to talk.
- What happened here?
- This again?
Come on, please tell me
that you're cheating on me.
If not, it means I married an amoeba.
I'm not cheating on you.
What are you saying?
- Luis, how long since we had sex?
- I don't know.
Five whole months!
Should I resign myself to the fact that
our most intimate act is doing taxes?
No, I know we've gotta have sex.
Of course we do.
When it's natural. Go with the flow.
But nothing's flowing, sweetheart.
Not at all.
But if you pressure me
Nadal can't perform
when he's under pressure.
Luis, our sex life is dead.
Just admit it. Admit it!
Where are you going?
I'm taking this shit off. Itchy!
- Shh! The kids.
- [door slams shut]
Where have you been? You should
tell me if you're not coming home.
Uh, honey,
I just spent the night in a jail cell.
See? I told you Mom's unbearable.
Oh! Look.
[Santi] Oh, who's that?
Marina. You just matched on Tinder.
Oh, no, I don't have Tinder.
I don't use that.
Now you do. You got a better photo?
Here you look kinda old.
What? No. No, no, no, no, honey.
No, no.
Oh, no, take me off that right now, okay?
I'm just fine being single.
[Álex] Your browser history
says otherwise.
Big tits, interracial. Hmm?
[clears throat] And why are you
on my computer, hmm?
I should be the one monitoring you.
Dad, grief period's over.
Get back on the market now.
I'm here to help you.
I can be your manager.
- Hell no!
- [cell phone chimes]
[Álex gasps] Another match!
Wow, she's cute.
I'm not going out with anyone.
Hello, Ángeles. Dinner tomorrow?
Let's go. [laughs]
[sighs] What are you doing?
Supposed to be at yoga. If I'm
not more flexible, he won't believe me.
[Raúl] Hmm.
[woman sighs]
- [Raúl] Do you like it?
- [chuckles]
You're too late, darling.
[laughs] I'm gonna ask Luz to marry me.
How come?
Well, to be happy,
and I don't know, to evolve in life.
[sighs] I feel kind of sad for her,
the poor little thing.
Poor little thing, why?
Excuse me? [chuckles]
This doesn't count though.
When you go down the aisle,
you reset the score.
Like when you get baptized.
[sighs] You're so old-fashioned.
Carmen, we're gonna
have to stop doing this.
Sure. Pass me my bra, would you?
Preventative detention.
Can you believe that?
Let's go. It's our serve.
She makes this huge scene
outside my apartment.
She calls the cops,
and I'm the one who goes to jail, man.
These days, if you got a dick,
you're a monster.
- This is serious stuff I'm telling you.
- Fifteen-love! [laughs]
- [Pedro] Hey, we weren't even ready.
- Go talk at the bar, you gossips.
I really envy you, man.
You got a girl who adores you,
a fucking amazing job,
an awesome new house.
- It looks pretty fucking awesome.
- Thirty-love! [laughs]
Santi, we've all got our problems,
all right?
Yeah, but how come you're doing great
and not me?
I don't think
you're that much smarter than I am.
- [Raúl] Forty-love!
- Gettin' bored.
Okay, come on, come on! Shut up now.
Fine, fine, fine, fine. Sorry, go.
- Ow!
- [groaning]
That's 40-15.
Come on, dude.
[Santi] Aw, shit.
Quit? Weren't you getting promoted?
Yes, but they wouldn't let me create
my own team, so screw 'em all.
And and how are you gonna
I mean, how are we gonna pay for this all?
Honey, it's not like the end of the world.
They told me they're gonna give me
a huge severance payment.
No, no, no. I'm not worried about you.
I'm worried about me.
I really let my guard down.
Look, come on.
You'll eventually come out of furlough.
Or not. If they're retiring airplanes,
they're they're gonna retire
flight attendants too.
- I'm canceling the housewarming dinner.
- No, no. [chuckles]
We're not canceling anything.
So let's open a nice bottle.
Let's watch a movie and relax, come on.
- Okay. Mm-hmm.
- Pick out something good.
I'll open the wine now.
Maybe I'll even open a magnum.
Are you okay, baby?
Me? Great. Can't you see I'm happy?
Ha. Stepping outside your comfort zone
can stimulate your creativity.
Where is the goddamn bottle opener?
Oh, my God. Oh, my God, and here I was
playing the soccer star's wife.
That's bad, Daniela, very bad. That's bad.
[Pedro] Sweetheart.
No, I'd I'd feel better
if I could help you out.
You do the wine, okay?
And I'll pick out the movie.
[both sigh]
[woman on screen gasps]
Elena's in the Kingdom
We can always sell the Mini.
We don't really need two cars.
[girl] Mom?
[Daniela] Hmm?
- Bathed and finally in bed at 10:57.
- [chuckles]
- [Luis] Here.
- What's that?
A little something.
To make up
for that dumb argument the other day.
Oh, how nice of you.
What is this, my love?
[Luis grunts]
It's enormous, Luis.
Uh, my love, if you're tense,
it's not gonna work. Hmm?
- A bit lower. Come on.
- It won't fit, I'm telling you. [shouts]
- [moaning]
- It's in. It's in there. Okay?
- [clicks]
- [whirring]
How is it?
I don't know.
It it feels weird though
- What about now?
- [gasps]
Oh, no. Turn it off, turn it off!
Okay, why do people do this?
Turn it off, fuck's sake!
What are you doing?
It's got one button.
It's a minimalist thing.
God, get it out of me now!
Are you sure? You'll get used to it.
I'm supposed to penetrate you now.
- Luis, get that outta my ass now.
- Shit. Okay, okay.
- [grunts, groans]
- Carefully, goddamn it!
Uh, my love,
if you squeeze your sphincter,
it won't move. Hmm?
- [girl] Mommy.
- [gasps] What's up, sweetie?
[girl] Mommy, I'm scared.
What's wrong, hon? Have a nightmare?
No, I did.
But he told me about it,
and now I can't sleep.
Kids, this has gotta stop, okay?
Same thing every night.
[groans] Come on, kids, back to bed.
Not you. I want Mama.
[whirring continues]
[whirring continues]
Someone's calling you.
Yes, I'll answer in a sec, hon.
- [button clicks]
- [whirring grows louder]
Wouldn't you rather put it in the soup?
Get it over with and then eat in peace?
No, put it in the coulant.
It's our favorite dessert.
Give it to her out of the box and keep it.
- Who's the one proposing here?
- You, you.
[laughs] With that eye out there,
you look kind of ridiculous.
- Huh?
- [groans]
- [woman] Hi, baby.
- [Raúl] Hey! How are you?
[sighs] Oh, just fed up
with these meetings.
Ooh! You get hit with a racket?
You look beautiful.
You as well.
[chuckles] Alcohol, please. Some alcohol.
[Raúl] Happy anniversary.
Three years already, my God.
- My personal record. [chuckles]
- Mmm! Mm.
[smacks lips]
When I first met you, I thought,
"Where where did this moron escape from?"
It was love at first sight.
Luz, I feel like
the luckiest guy in the world.
You are the sexiest and smartest woman
I've ever met in my life.
The coulant for the couple here.
- [plate clatters]
- [Luz] Oh, no.
I'd prefer some violet sherbet.
In honor of your eye there.
Uh, but that's your favorite.
Yeah, I'd prefer this though.
Yeah, but the cake also has ice cream.
Look, look.
Raúl, that's vanilla ice cream.
I want violet sherbet.
Okay, I'll eat the cake then.
Bring her the sherbet.
[Luz] Hey, so tell me.
Do I turn you on, like at the beginning,
or is something missing?
- [Raúl] Why are you asking?
- Tell me.
Yes, yes.
Come on, I still get so turned on by you.
I don't get it.
What's there for me to miss?
I spend every day with couples
who are destroyed
by boring routines, you know.
- But we still love each other, huh?
- Totally.
Okay, so that's why I wanted
to use this evening to propose something
a little crazy.
[laughs] You gotta be kidding.
[Luz] You want an open relationship?
And your violet sherbet.
Looks delicious, eh?
But that cake looks great too.
[Luz] Thank you, honey.
What do you mean? What are you saying?
So we can try sleeping with other people.
For the past three years, you've
never wanted to sleep with anyone else?
No way, never.
Raúl, I adore you,
but monogamy is unsustainable.
People get bored. They get frustrated.
They cheat, and everything goes to hell.
But I don't understand at all.
'Cause we're good.
Because we are good, right?
Of course. But you should open
things up when it's going well.
Otherwise, you'll just ruin it all.
But, like, you just asked
for permission to fuck other guys.
No, I'm saying that I don't
want us to fall victim to monotony.
Hmm? You mean too much to me.
Look, I feel like I'm hearing
contradictory things here.
Hey, if you're not ready to have
an open relationship, I understand.
But tell me straight,
because I'd rather we broke up now.
- And then we can stay friends.
- Oh, this is an ultimatum?
I'm 42 years old. And I want it all.
I want the warmth of home life
and the warmth of another guy. Hmm?
I don't wanna be dishonest.
Can I think this over a little?
Sure, my love.
Whew! I've said it now.
I was pretty nervous. [chuckles]
- Look, see? Now I'd like some coulant.
- No, no.
You wanted violet sherbet, right?
Well, eat it up. It's melting.
- Okay, but just a little.
- No, no.
The coulant is mine.
- [Luz] Just a little bit.
- [Raúl] Hey.
- [beeping]
- [Pedro sighs]
[classical music fanfare playing]
[music stops]
Tsk. Daniela!
[Daniela] Chaturanga
let's move into the cobra.
And downward-facing dog.
Very good, ladies.
As we connect our minds and our bodies
and feel deep gratitude.
Be thankful, just like in church,
but no one's forcing you, okay? Now relax
- What is this?
- Eh?
Hmm? Taking advantage of this
beautiful sunrise to post on Instagram.
I couldn't sleep.
You're serious? [scoffs]
Cynthia got paid 2,000 euros to post
a photo of herself drinking kombucha.
Uh, Cynthia does have half a million,
uh, followers. You got 500.
- Well, you gotta start somewhere.
- Start what?
Oh, Pedro, making money, darling.
I have to earn a living.
Oh, quick! Quick, take a photo. Hurry!
- Hurry up, Pedro, come on!
- All right, all right.
[Daniela] Let's see. Ah! Oh! Ah!
Vertically, for Christ's sake.
You'll cut my legs off.
- You get it? You get it?
- [camera shutter clicking]
Okay, very good, that's it. You get it?
Uh, it's still on selfie mode.
- It's just me.
- [Daniela] Please. God, you look so ugly.
My love, you look horrible there. [laughs]
- [instructor] Good, you guys, good!
- [grunting]
Jab, jab! Cross, cross! Middle, middle!
All right, last one! Jab, jab!
Cross, cross! Middle, middle!
Okay, great, take a breather!
Break now!
Pedro, break, let's go!
"The measures approved by a judge
can be modified by a new legal agreement
as and when required
by the new needs of the children
or the change of circumstances taken
into account by approving them."
Luz, I'm here because we're old friends,
and I know that you would never ever side
with such a shitty man.
[Luz] Blanca, I'm here as a mediator,
as always.
The agreement says she lives with me.
That's final.
At that time, Álex's opinion wasn't taken
into account, but now she's 16 years old.
I wanna live with my father.
He's giving her drugs to make her hate me.
Well, maybe I'm the one
who wants full custody now.
What's wrong?
One night in jail wasn't enough, huh?
Blanca, be reasonable.
You're all against me. All right.
See you all in court.
If Álex testifies
and the judge gives Santi custody,
he'll also most likely
get the family home back as well.
- Oh, you wanna put me out on the street?
- Uh, no.
I didn't say anything,
but, um, if I can go back home now, I
Look, do whatever you want.
Dumb, bratty girl. [sniffles]
Hey, don't ever have kids.
[door closes]
Well, it's a rocket.
Yes, yes, that's what I heard from Ulises.
It was, well, a bit awkward,
to tell you the truth.
We have a strict child protection policy
at this school.
But it's just a rocket,
like I just said, Erika. [chuckles]
[Erika sighs]
Right, looks ready for takeoff.
Where the hell did you leave it?
In the bathroom, I washed it.
And I fully understand that kids' parents
might have these toys at home.
- But you should be a bit more
- What do you fully understand, Erika?
I'm sorry?
[wife] How old are you, 25, 26?
Fuck, you look younger.
- [Luis] Hmm.
- Are you married? Do you have any kids?
- No.
- That's why she looks so young.
I'm sure you've got many great things
to teach nine-year-old kids,
but you really have no goddamn idea
what it's like to be married.
You don't know
what it's like finding 20 minutes
in between giving driving lessons
to stupid kids
and old ladies and housekeeping,
just just so you can
squeeze in a pitiful fuck.
- Pitiful?
- [wife] In total silence. Hmm?
With a man
who won't touch you with a ten-foot pole.
[Luis exhales]
You didn't consider that this little
toy here might be our last attempt
to salvage a marriage
that's sinking faster than shit.
What do you mean "sinking"?
How about you think this over
before you look down at us
from that high horse of superiority?
Because I swear to you,
eventually one
of these things will be in you.
[chuckles] And I guarantee you,
it doesn't feel great.
Goodbye, Erika.
- [sighs]
- [door closes]
[Pedro] "Worrying won't prevent
tomorrow's problems."
"It'll just disturb today's peace."
- [Daniela] Mm-hmm.
- #LiveLife.
Smile, ♪HappyDay, ♪LifestyleByDaniela.
Eight-hundred-fifty-seven likes.
- Eight-hundred and sixty-three.
- Oh!
Look at the next one.
Oh. There's more. Of course.
Is it necessary to show off your ass every
time you post a cheap self-help quote?
Hmm, what should I do next time?
Send you the draft,
so his majesty can give approval?
- No, do what you want.
- [doorbell rings]
Hey, how about we don't say
anything about my job, okay?
How nice.
What a great friendship you've got.
[Luz] Mmm!
- So delicious and so healthy.
- [Raúl] Mm-hmm.
I'm totally hooked on the wellness world.
It's super. [chuckles]
You should've done
the obligatory barbecue instead.
- Want me to grill a steak?
- No, don't worry. I'll eat the leaves.
- It's fine.
- [cell phone chimes]
Is that asshole still bothering you?
Uh, well, my kid signed me up for Tinder,
and, well, she matched me
with someone who keeps messaging.
- [all] Ooh!
- All right, go, Santi!
- Well, this is historical. [laughs]
- Okay, come on, let's see.
- No, no!
- Let's see. Let's see, let's see.
[Santi sighs]
[exhales] Santiago.
[Raúl] Well,
I think she's a very fuckable MILF.
Of course that's the first thing
you say about her.
- [wife] We're exactly the same.
- No.
- [Luis] Honey.
- What?
- Easy.
- [Daniela] Hey, invite her over.
Who, her?
Oh, no, I haven't even met her yet.
- Yeah, so she can see you have friends!
- No, Raúl, no. Damn it, Raúl, no!
- Let him go.
- [laughing]
[Daniela] Santi's on Tinder, wow!
- And you're an influencer, ooh!
- Oh, no, I'm a content creator, thank you.
Hmm. What kind of content?
- [Pedro] Lifestyle by Daniela.
- [Daniela] Hmm.
Healthy food, mindfulness, decoration.
Whatever stupid stuff comes to mind.
What do you know about that?
Stupid stuff? A lot.
[Pedro] Well, I really have to say,
she's made the most of the furlough.
She's got degrees in design, nutrition,
oh, and a doctorate in psychology.
Why don't we talk about your promotion?
[Santi] A promotion?
You're kidding me, Pedro.
- Ángeles is coming now.
- What?
She's desperate.
She's perfect for you. [laughing]
All right, let's make a toast,
'cause Pedro's the new chief executive.
Santi's getting laid
for the first time in years.
- [Daniela] Lean over, Santi. Move.
- [laughing]
- [Luis] Mm.
- [sighs] Gotta pee. Bathroom?
- [Daniela] To the left of the front door.
- [wife groans]
- How many are there?
- Six.
- [wife groans] Fuck me.
- [Luis] Want me to come with you?
Leave me alone.
[cell phone chimes]
That's great, right, Santi?
How exciting to get back
on the dating scene after a long time.
There's the flirting,
the nervousness, the novelty
Hell no. The best thing in the world
is having someone beside you
who loves you,
respects you, understands you.
[Santi] Look,
I don't wanna be with anyone.
In fact, I think I'll cancel our date.
I'd rather not.
Santi, you don't have to cling
onto the patriarchal model of monogamy.
[wife] It fucking sucks!
Okay, I'd been waiting
for someone to say that.
To say what?
Suddenly everything is patriarchal.
It's like we're a virus.
I feel like there's a war
on the Y chromosome now.
It's a defective chromosome.
Even the biologists are saying so.
Oh, yeah? So why do you wanna be like us?
No, no, no. Don't confuse things.
All we want is equality.
Are female soccer players
paid the same as Messi?
- That isn't sexism. It's marketing.
- It's a patriarchal market.
- I'm a big fan of women's soccer.
- Because you're a pervert, honey.
Well, too bad, Raúl, too bad.
Now we gotta cry.
We're all supposed to show our emotions.
[Luz] You're just scared shitless
your perfect world
is crashing down around you.
Esther, are you okay?
- [Luz] We see fear in your eyes.
- [Santi] You send this?
Why'd you say that, dude?
- [Raúl] What?
- Esther.
- [Raúl] Is she coming or not?
- Shh! Here, come here. [gasps]
- Esther.
- Shh! Come, come.
- Check out this closet.
- [Luis] What are you doing?
It's bigger than our whole bedroom.
But, hey, some of us get
to marry a television mogul
and have a hot body too,
and some of us marry a cop.
- And look like me. [chuckles]
- Sure, honey, yeah.
- What are you doing?
- Let's do it in here.
And most important,
never objectify a woman at all.
Even though they objectify themselves.
Oh, Daddy doesn't like
his little girl in a bikini?
Look, things are changing,
and if you don't like it, fuck off.
[Daniela] Exactly.
Is he mad?
You don't even need to come.
- Come on, let's go back downstairs.
- [laughing] Come on.
I'll even let you
pretend that I'm Daniela.
But, you no, no, no.
But, Esther, you're too drunk right now.
Put your panties back on,
or you're gonna lose 'em.
What a loser, my God. [sighs]
Pedro, did I piss you off?
Is it what we were talking about?
- [guests chattering]
- [sighs]
I got fired from work, Luz.
[Pedro] I told Daniela that I quit,
but I
They gave my job to a woman.
[groans] Holy shit. I'm so sorry.
The glass ceiling has smashed
and fallen on my head.
I'm sorry.
We're in a bad mood, and now she's coming.
What's wrong with you?
- Really, why the hell did you do that?
- What is this?
What? Nothing.
Clearing up. Coffee, anyone?
You're serious? With my best friend?
- [Luz] Raúl, please.
- He's your best friend?
As if I'd do anything with Pedro. [scoffs]
- Why are you hugging?
- [Luz] Well, he got fired from work.
I guess you guys don't talk about things.
- What?
- [Esther] My husband is asexual!
- [Luis] Esther!
- [doorbell rings]
[Santi] Oh, shit, I'll go. I'll go.
Uh, which way's the front door?
Front door? Here?
Over here.
- [Ángeles] Santi?
- Hey, Ángeles. What's up?
Well, well,
what a beautiful house you got.
- It's not mine. It's my friend's home.
- [laughing]
I did the valuation.
I valued it a little bit higher.
[Raúl] You're having an affair.
That's why he told you and not me.
- What'd you say, dumbass?
- Exactly what you heard.
[Daniela] Do you think it's normal
to tell her before me?
What kind of fucking relationship is this?
Uh [chuckles]
Um, uh [clears throat]
- Wanna come in or
- [Esther] Fuck!
- I just wanna fuck!
- [Ángeles] Oh, wow
[groans] Come down here
and drink some coffee.
Hmm, if you want
- We could take a rain check.
- Much better. I'm so sorry, really.
- Bye.
- [Ángeles chuckles]
- [retching]
- [Luz] Okay, it's all right.
- Get it all out, good.
- [Esther sobs, spits]
Come on, honey, that's it.
That's it. That's it. That's it.
- [Esther spits, groans]
- Thank you.
- [Esther coughs, sobs]
- Wipe your mouth.
[lighter clicks]
- You're the one who left her.
- Yes.
[Pedro] Raúl, let me make something clear.
I would never sleep with Luz, hmm?
That is sacred.
I know. I wouldn't with Daniela either.
[laughs] No way in hell.
You had me worried, bud.
And why won't you screw your wife?
I do fu
Come on, it's a rough patch.
[Pedro scoffs]
Hey, if you wanna swim, now's your chance.
Don't know how much longer
I can pay for this.
[sighs] Come on, let's go.
A bit of fun, let's go.
[gasps] Oh, fuck.
Oh, my God!
You don't heat this thing, why?
[laughing] Another margarita?
Uh, not me. I'm too drunk.
I'll have some water.
- [grunts]
- [Luis] Hey!
We're too old for this, man.
Now you're all supposed to jump in
so we can have fun as a group.
- [Santi] Yeah, we'll be right back, man.
- [laughing]
Bring me a towel, you fucking bastards.
- [laughs]
- [Luis] You've got this big-ass house.
But the water's freezing.
Fuck. Assholes.
I can feel my balls shriveling.
[theme music playing]
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