Alphas s01e03 Episode Script

Anger Management

Stop it.
Stop it! Would you listen to me? No.
In the merry month of May from my home I started left the girls of Tuam Let me go.
Don't touch me! Hey! Would you just listen to me for a second? - Hey, are you all right? - Yes, I'm fine.
Look, I'm fine.
Let go of me.
Ah! Hey! Hey! don't say no for an answer and there's no telling where we've been 'cause people don't understand understand, understand people don't understand people like me Bzz.
- It's back.
- Not now, Gary.
The humming from the microwave tower across the street.
I can't do my work.
Gary, I called the cellular company and told them to shut it down, okay? Yeah, they did shut it down, but then they turned it back on.
You need to shoot it.
I'm not shooting anything, okay? - Look, I'll call them again.
- No, Bill.
No more talking.
It's time for action.
Give me the gun.
I'll shoot it.
Gary, I'm not giving you my gun.
Yeah, give me-- no, you're right.
- Give me a grenade.
- Gary, out.
Bill, give me a grenade.
Gary, good-bye.
You don't even have a grenade.
Bye, Bill.
Nina, I need you to help me push someone.
Sorry, Gary.
I can't do that.
No, but Dr.
Rosen says that we're a team, and we have to help each other.
I am helping you, Gary.
I'm keeping you out of trouble.
Look, I just want to spend more time with him.
Well, maybe I can pick him up from school a few days a week, huh? Well, then drop him off.
Oh, let me guess.
Chamomile, right, and lavender.
What else? A touch of angelica oil, some Jasmine, and a little bit of sandalwood.
Didn't go so well? I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, these are all aromas that help relieve stress, so I'm guessing your meeting with the young man that your parents chose didn't go all that swimmingly.
And I'm guessing that Nina told you.
Yes, Nina told me.
But I want to remind you, Rachel, of all the good work we've been doing, you know, towards your assertiveness and confidence, so, if you ever need to tell your parents no And I'd like to remind you, Dr.
Rosen, that we've been working on my assertiveness, but I still have a long way to go, Dr.
You just interrupted me.
I'm so sorry.
- I didn't mean to be rude.
- Rachel, don't be.
It's exactly what I'm talking about.
Busy morning.
No, look, we don't have to go through the courts if you would just agree Yeah, fine, stick to the schedule.
Divorce is a tricky thing, isn't it? Especially when there's a child involved.
My therapy session isn't till tomorrow, Doc.
As someone who's been through it, understand that it's never a simple equation.
But no matter what happens, Tyler will always be your son.
You should write that up.
Publish a self-help book.
Hicks broke another one.
That's three.
It's fascinating what happens when you let stress get to you.
Yeah, my abilities don't work so well.
But you have made significant strides, Mr.
Hicks, whether you realize it or not.
And that's something that you should-- Excuse me.
Doc, we have a situation.
Hope you got your Metro card.
Some of the witnesses, they say Officer Laurinzano started this mess, but I don't see it.
Bobby was on the job 15 years, just marking time till his pension.
The last thing he wanted was trouble.
Wait a minute.
Exactly who are you people? Thanks for your help, officer.
You can go now.
You didn't push him too severely, did you? I don't like when they start asking questions back.
You know you could have waited on me, right? - My badge still works.
- Where's Gary? Pending your disciplinary review.
He's over there.
There's no way in hell they're gonna let me go because of one bad day on the job, okay? Besides, my badge still has its own magic.
Anyway, Doc, I talked to the transit cops.
They say all the riders are completely confused.
Everyone apparently just lost it.
One minute, everything's copacetic.
The next thing they know, kicking, biting, screaming.
Well, Wilson was right.
This is right up our alley.
Gary, Gary, do you have anything? No, it's chatter.
Chatter, chatter.
Lieutenant Bixby wants his wife to pick up $50 of lottery tickets.
My mom won't let me ride the subway, though.
She says it's too stressful.
There's too much stimulation.
I don't believe this.
Yeah, no, she says it's crowded and it's smelly, and she's right.
Nobody's talking about your mama, Gary.
Hey, excuse me.
He's with me.
Let him through, please.
Let him through.
Thank you.
Hicks, you have got to be kidding me.
- What? - You leave a crime scene to go get a cup of coffee? You know, I'd have brought you a doughnut, but they ran out.
You think that's funny? This ain't the damn movies.
Let me tell you something, Hicks.
Learn to follow instructions.
- You were a Marine, weren't you? - Yeah.
And now you know why I'm a civilian.
Well, Agent Wilson decides to show up.
That's your department of defense for you.
Four unexplained riots in the past two months.
and now this.
That's 29 people in the hospital and 5 in the morgue.
NSA says this isn't one of their usual suspects.
Doesn't look natural.
So does this look like an Alpha or not? Don, I only just got here myself.
All I can tell you so far is that Alpha involvement is a possibility.
Lee, you sold us on your group for exactly this sort of situation.
If it is an Alpha causing these riots, you need to find him for us, preferably before the local cops, CNN, or some damn blogger opens up a can of worms.
Well, exposure is the last thing any of us want.
Then deliver.
Wilson, always a pleasure.
You need anything? We're fine, Nina.
Thank you.
Don, one more thing.
While you're here, could you flash your credentials? I'd like to get a hold of the train surveillance footage.
Harken's FBI badge only goes so far, but the words "Homeland Security," they work wonders these days.
I'll see what I can do.
I forgot how much the subway smelled like human waste.
Thank God for government limos.
Thank you, Don.
So I was able to get witness statements from the previous incidents.
Same exact pattern.
Anger, violence, for no good reason.
Followed by sadness and confusion.
When I push people, they come out of it pretty confused.
That's because they're not in control of their actions.
And I don't think that crowd was in control either.
So what you're saying is that it was an Alpha like Nina that pushed the crowd.
Not exactly.
Nina can't push a whole crowd.
Someone else is at play.
It's ready.
That's what's causing these ants to be so aggressive.
Normally, the brain controls the release of pheromones, but our Alpha can supercede brain function and fire them off at will.
And I think that's exactly what Rachel detected in the subway.
Yeah, and especially on the monkey.
That's where the scent was the strongest.
It's all about the monkey.
The monkey was ground zero.
Do not open this bag, Gary.
That's evidence.
In the case of these ants, the scent triggered a defense mechanism when the hive was threatened by the scorpion.
Well, whoever did this must feel threatened a lot.
Four times in the past few months.
We've got to stop this.
Why us? Besides Harken here, none of us has any real training for this type of thing.
I spent four years at Langley.
Well, translating Farsi.
But still, it's-- You know, I understand what you're saying, Mr.
It would be a lot easier to leave this in the hands of traditional law enforcement.
Only New York's finest aren't exactly trained to handle Alphas.
Whereas the five of you have some very special gifts which make you as surprising and as unexpected as the person we're looking for.
If we can't solve this, who can? Hurrah.
It's--it's streaming.
Wilson got the surveillance footage, and it's streaming.
- It's humming again.
- What hum, Gary? - It's a Gary thing.
- It's not a Gary thing! There's a hum across the street.
It's unbearable.
- There's no hum-- - There's a hum.
Fix it.
We'll look into it, Gary.
I've expressed myself.
There-- there wasn't a hum.
Hmmmmm-mmmm That's not funny.
All right, so Rosen likes to make speeches.
But it doesn't mean what he has to say isn't important.
Listen, Rosen wants you on his team because he thinks he can help you.
And he probably can.
He helped me.
I know it's hard to believe.
But when I met Rosen I was a mess.
Plus, your hyperkinesis, it comes in handy.
So me being on the team, it's, uh, win-win, huh? Doesn't matter what I think.
It matters what you think.
Come on, Tony, you promised me seats right behind the dugout.
Don't go changing your mind on me now.
Bill--Bill, please.
The surveillance footage, I think I found something.
Okay, I'll call you right back.
All right, it is right about Here.
What exactly am I looking at? Right here, look.
- The monkey.
- That's our ground zero.
The monkey had the strongest pheromone scent of anything in the subway car, so it had to have been right next to the Alpha when the riot started.
While hanging off the girl's backpack? Best guess, she's our Alpha.
We need to find that girl before she kills anybody else.
So yeah, her name is Tracy Beaumont.
She's 17 years old.
Rachel found surveillance footage of her entering the train on 47th Street.
She was taken to Saint Boniface Hospital.
She was treated for cuts and bruises.
Released, but then she skipped out before the cops could interview her.
Well, we now have a name and a face.
It's a start, right? That is assuming she gave her real name.
Well, that's an astute observation, Mr.
Well, apparently I'm an investigator now.
- Well, I'll start here.
- Mm-hmm.
If Tracy is her real name, I should be able to dig something up.
Gary, you gonna monitor the ATM and street cameras from here? - No, I can't--no.
- Yeah, Gary, that's what-- I can't do that from here, Bill, it's too much humming.
Gary, that's part of the job.
- You have to use your gun.
- No, there will be no guns being used on anything, Gary.
Gary, have you seen what time it is? Yes, I have to be in bed at 9:30.
You're killing me.
Y-yes, I'm sorry.
He can look for Tracy at home just as well.
Hicks, Nina, Rachel and I will-- - You're on stand-by.
- On stand-by, fine.
So this is, like, a real job, I meanI'm on call? People are being killed, Mr.
Hicks, and we have to find out how.
If it's any consolation, you now have an excellent health plan.
His family is very well established.
But you can't appear desperate, despite your condition.
Mom, I'm better now.
Rosen's really helped.
A lot more reason to meet a man while you're healthy.
You make it sound like I have some sort of a disease.
Like I'm gonna get sick again.
I'm fine, mom.
We worry.
That's what parents do.
But I'm fine, mom.
Besides, you don't want to stay single your whole life.
Yes, Gary.
I've found her.
Tracy Beaumont, the girl with the monkey.
She's at 34th, walking north on Sixth.
That's a very good street to walk on--it's very well lit.
Excellent work.
Just keep an eye on her, please.
She's turning onto Broadway, northwest.
Broadway goes northwest.
Yes, I know.
Keep your phone on.
Now, listen, we've identified a suspect.
Yes, I'll let you know as soon as we have her.
Don, yeah--yes, it's a her.
Don, we're on location now.
I'm gonna have to get back to you Gary said she should be around here somewhere.
I can smell traces of the pheromone in the air.
Can you track the source? It's the alley.
What is it, Rachel? - What is it? - I lost it.
- What? - I lost it--I can't.
All right, listen, listen.
You guys fan out, okay? Up this way-- if you see anything, you know what to do, right? Give me a call.
We only want the-- - eyes only.
- Eyes only.
Hicks, with me, come on.
Rosen, I am asleep.
Uh, I know it's way past your bedtime, I'm sorry.
But Gary, I need you to ping our location and then check the area.
She's somewhere near us.
Uh, okay--okay, you have to go through the parking lot.
And now turn right.
Heart right? I mean left, left.
That's right, Gary, left, thank you.
Okay, which way now, Gary? Uh, well, we're at the corner of 52nd and Eighth.
Rosen She's there.
She's this way.
She's going into that youth hostel.
Bill, four blocks north of the van.
Okay, right there.
Come on, let's go! Come on! She went in there? That's not good.
We have to get her out.
I'm not sure I can push them all.
Don't go anywhere near them.
They're covered in pheromones.
That's her.
That's the girl--Tracy! Tracy Beaumont! I got her! I got her! Hey! Hey, don't run from me! What are you doing? Get back here! I only want to talk! Young man, do you know that girl? He was in the subway, Dr.
You were in the subway.
No, no, no, no.
No! No! Hicks! Hicks! Stop him! What did I do? I didn't do anything wrong! Why are you running, huh? Why are you running? - Get off of me! - Relax! You were there in the subway.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know anything.
Young man Your friend back there, Tracy Beaumont, she's in a lot of trouble.
We're trying to find her to help her before anyone else gets hurt.
Rosen, he has the scent all over him.
He must have been right next to her when it went off.
You know about that? The thing that my sister does that makes everyone angry? Yes, yes, we do.
It doesn't work on me.
I'm immune.
Gary, tell me you know where she is.
- She got into a cab.
- Which one? Bill, it was yellow.
- She's--she's your sister.
- Yes.
I've been looking for her for months.
I'm the only one that can stop her.
'Cause Dr.
Rosen wanted me to come in-- Yeah, well, we're on call.
That's part of the job.
No, that's not what my mom said.
She said we--she used words that I can't use, but-- and then she drove me here.
The thing is Gary, there's a dangerous Alpha out there and-- - Yeah.
- We have to deal with it.
Yeah, I know, 'cause we're important.
But I should be sleeping now, and there's still a hum.
So I'm upset, and I'm complaining.
I just complained.
You sure did.
Well, he says she's his sister--yes, Don.
Don, of course we're checking.
No, if you people come stomping in here, we might lose any chance of him cooperating.
Just let me speak with him.
I'm sure I can convince him to lead us to her.
He hung up.
I'll take that as consent.
Do you want me to go in there with you? I hope that won't be necessary.
You can take a seat if you like.
No, I don't wanna sit on my ass.
When can I get outta here? Believe me, we don't want to keep you any longer than we have to.
But people are dying, son, and it's essential that you help us find your sister.
I don't even know who you guys are! I haven't seen a badge or anything.
How do I even know you're cops? Well, we're not cops.
We're trained specialists in cases like your sister's.
And I don't think you want the cops to find her before we do.
Okay, so, um, what are you-- what are you guys gonna do to her? Please, sit down.
We're going to do everything we can to keep your sister from hurting herself or anyone else for that matter.
Now, I'm going to record our conversation.
It's only for the purposes of myself and my team.
Okay, what do you wanna know so that I can get out of here and find her? We can start with your name.
Uh, Matthew.
Matthew Hurley.
Yeah, this is Special Agent Bill Harken.
I need a background check.
Hurley--but your sister's last name is Beaumont.
Beaumont is our mother's maiden name.
Or at least it, um It was.
Uh, she's--she's dead now.
Our father beat her to death three years ago.
And you are concerned that Tracy caused that? Alice.
It's Alice.
She must have changed her name to hide from everything that happened back home.
And where is home? Arden, Ohio.
Harken, you hearing this? Hey, Hicks, this is what I do for a living, okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
Yes, I will hold.
It's only a multiple murder case.
Matthew, you said your father caused your mother's death.
But when I asked you if you thought that Tracy had-- uh, Alice, had anything to do with it, you avoided the question.
Do you think she had anything to do with it? Look, Alice is a good person.
My sister--sometimes it all gets away from her.
So it all got away from her on the subway? It was that stupid cop.
He shows up, and then she panicked.
You know, I just-- I don't know, sometimes she just gets really scared.
And I am the only one that can keep her under control.
Arden, Ohio.
The town website is down.
Okay, thanks Gary.
But just keep looking, okay? Yeah, Rachel, this is what I do for a living.
It's what I do for a living.
Okay--okay, Gary.
This stupid humming.
Please, it's the microwave tower across the street.
Fix it, please.
So you're saying that she's some kind of a freak? No.
Absolutely not.
I am not saying that.
I'm saying that she has a medical condition Which I can help her with.
And you may be the key.
Because, as you said, her ability-- it does not affect you.
Why-- why doesn't it affect me? Because I believe your brain produces enough serotonin to counterbalance your sister's influence, which is a result of your longtime, well, low-level exposure to her.
So you really Think you can help her? We can end this.
But Only if we can find her, Matthew.
This is a waste of time.
Why doesn't Rosen just have you go in there and push this kid? My ability only lasts for a few minutes.
Besides, Rosen doesn't like to work that way.
I mean, his heartbeat is regular, he sounds sincere.
So speaks the human lie detector.
Agent Wilson.
Your security is pathetic.
Well Bill, Agent Wilson's here.
Where's Rosen? How the hell did you get in here? Oh, you're good.
I miss Agent Sullivan.
She was nicer.
I'll be right back, Matthew.
Don, hey, I asked you for more time.
And I hung up on you, Lee, 'cause it's your job to keep me happy.
We're making progress.
He's beginning to trust me.
My trust is what's important here.
Your entire operation hangs on my good nature.
Now, what do you got for me? Well, quite a lot, actually.
And if you just let me finish what I started here, I think I can win his complete cooperation.
What I need is his sister in Binghamton yesterday.
Before she can add to her body count.
What's Binghamton? Um, it's a place where your sister can get some help.
Doesn't sound like that.
It sounds like a prison.
- You're gonna lock her away.
- Matthew-- No one's gonna pin a medal to her chest for what she's done.
I found her.
I found her, I found your sister.
Someone using the name Tracy Beaumont just bought a bus ticket to Chicago.
She got an email confirmation.
It leaves from downtown Yonkers at 6:00 am.
It--it's buzzing.
Score one for Rain Man.
Rain--that's a movie.
I'm not allowed to watch that.
Gary--okay, okay.
We won't be needing you anymore.
You have to take me with you.
I can stop her if you take me with you.
- Calm down.
- You'll get hurt.
What does that mean? I'm gonna get hurt-- I need to stop her.
We need to slow down a minute, please.
- Look, I got this, I got this! - I can stop her.
- Doc, doc.
- Like you knew this before? Mom, why are you still awake? It's not even light out.
No, I'm awake because of my job.
- That's Matthew's sister.
- What? This is Matthew's sister? That is not the girl on the subway.
- Then he's lying.
- Exactly.
- I'm going with you! - I-I found her.
That's what I do for a living.
- Yeah.
- Don.
Look-- Don, please would you-- No, no, no, you can't do this.
You can't do this! Whoa, there.
- Don't touch him! - You can't do this! No! Aaaah! Aaaarrrghh! Aah! I hate it! I don't want to live with you anymore! Rachel! Rachel! Stop! Gary! Freeze! Hey! Stop! Stop! Aarrgh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Aaarrghh! What's happening? I got angry.
It's all right, Gary.
We all did.
- Where's Matthew? - I don't know.
Unh! I don't know why I did it.
I don't know why He's dead.
Copy that.
Containment crew inbound.
Eta, 16 minutes.
You ready? Almost.
Don Wilson was not an easy guy, but he did not deserve to die like that.
Doc, do you have any idea why that kid's ability didn't work on me? I mean, everybody else was going crazy, and I felt fine.
Exactly what? Why did they put the sheet on Agent Wilson? It just--it got all bloody, and it was red.
I can still smell the blood.
I never knew what it felt like.
To be forced to do something against your will like that.
I mean, when I push people-- No, it's not the same.
All right, um-- Dr.
Rosen, I'm sorry.
I need to go home.
Of course, I understand.
You gotta get your nose looked after.
It can wait.
Nina, will you take Gary home, please? - You sure? - Yes.
Uh, Mr.
Hicks, we need to find Matthew before Wilson's people do.
Bill can control his own fight or flight reflexes.
I think I have a way to control yours.
Sit down, please.
Why did you run? - Matthew.
- Hi.
What are you doing here? Why are you here? We're going to Chicago, right? Let's buy me a ticket.
Matthew, no.
That's not a good idea, okay? - We can't stay here.
- Shh, I know.
We always said we would get out of arden together.
That was before everything happened, okay? You think I hurt all those people for no reason? It was because of you-- for you, for us.
Calm down, please.
You're the only one that doesn't get crazy around me.
- We're supposed to be together.
- I can't.
All the fights at school and what happened to your sister.
- No, Tracy, that was not me.
- And now these riots.
Matthew, people died.
Okay? You killed them.
No, I haven't killed anybody.
Tracy, listen to me.
Listen, I didn't run away from Arden.
I ran away from you.
Tracy-- Matthew! Let her go--let her go.
Everybody back up, FBI! - Come on, move, move, move! - FBI! Out of the building, now! - Stay away! - Calm down.
I will start a riot, and I won't stop until a lot of people are dead.
Listen to me, don't make it any worse than it already is-- get out of the building now! Matthew, please! Do as they say, please! Matthew, listen to your friend.
Don't you see you're making me do this? No, Matthew, you control it, okay? Don't do this.
- You make it happen.
- Don't do it.
- I'm doing this for you.
- No.
I'm doing this for you.
No, I don't want you to do this.
Matthew, stop! No! No! No! Get off of me! Go, Harken, go! I can get her! No! Unh! Tracy! Come on, come on! Hey, close your eyes.
What? Unh! Aah! How did we get up here? Watch out, watch out, watch out.
You got nowhere to go.
Give up before anyone else gets hurt.
Come here! Leave me alone! Can't do that.
I trust Matthew made it to Binghamton safely.
Yes, Dr.
Matthew Hurley is safely tucked away.
So let me get this straight.
Me and my tactical team have to drug ourselves every time we handle this kid? Either that or use a Hazmat suit.
What was that, Cley? Someone else's problem.
I'm tactical.
So back to these injections.
Can we use a smaller needle? That was like a horse shot.
My people didn't complain.
Yeah, well, sue me.
I'm human.
And so are they.
And so is Matthew Hurley.
And you need to treat them as such.
Do I tell you how to do your job? How about this? Don't get your next handler killed.
That was uncalled for.
Don Wilson thought he could do his job with his eyes half shut.
He botched the red flag roll-up and almost got you and yours killed.
Don't kid yourself, Doc.
This situation, it's getting worse.
Sounds like the stress is getting to you.
Would you like to schedule a session? Only therapy I need is a week in Orlando with my wife and kids.
You wanna bury your head in the sand, be my guest.
Me? I'm tired and my arm hurts.
So we're done here.
Apparently so.
- Hey, Rach.
- Hey, Nina.
Feeling any better? You were pretty shaken up.
I don't know anymore.
You know, Agent Wilson creeped me out.
Did you know that he smelled like stomach acid and Tums? And now that he's dead, I feel bad that I didn't like the way the guy smelled.
I've been trying to forget it ever happened.
How's that working out? Not so well.
When I was upset, I told my mother To shut her mouth.
And that I hated her, and that I was moving out.
I'm glad something good came out of it.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna stay with my cousin.
She said I could live on her couch for a little while.
Look I have a three-bedroom loft in Soho.
Free rent.
You can stay with me at least until you figure something out.
I don't wanna impose.
I think we both could use the company.
Oh, there you are.
Uh, I'd like everyone in my office.
Here we go again.
Bill, I know what happened is very disturbing to all of us, especially what happened to Don Wilson.
But it's understandable, if you-- Yeah, people are there, and then they're not.
And they bashed his brain in with a chair-- - Gary, please--Gary, stop! - Gary, Gary.
Gary, Don Wilson was a federal agent who died doing his job, okay? You should have a little respect.
- Bill, just let it go.
- Bill, it's all right.
Let what go? He should learn to respect-- Gary has his own way of expressing grief.
Yeah, that's just my way.
People are there, and then they're not.
As do we all have our own ways of dealing with a traumatic experience.
Listen, I don't just wanna talk about Don Wilson.
I wanna talk about us.
Is there still an us? With Wilson gone? Uh, yes, Nina, there's still going to be an us.
They are not going to disband our team.
Agent Sullivan is probably going to replace Wilson.
You know, Don Wilson died partially because he did not give us the trust that he should have.
We stopped Matthew when no one else could.
So yes, we will go on.
And we'll do more than that.
We'll thrive As a team.
And we will, uh We will deal with what life and our handlers throw our way.
Which means stopping more Alphas.
The Ghost, Marcus, Matthew.
You know, nobody can do what we can do.
And it's gonna be messy.
I'm not saying we won't make mistakes.
I mean, none of us are trained for this kind of thing, Bill being the exception.
But you know, nobody can deal with the Alpha phenomenon like we can.
So life on the cutting edge, huh? Uh, yeah.
Not for the faint of heart.
Life Life is hard.
There's death.
And everybody dies.
And - Gary.
- It's still humming.
There's still a hum.
We've caught Matthew.
But no one has helped me with the humming.
No one.
Hey, Gary.
Come on, come take a walk with me.
Come on.
It's that one-- it's the ugly gray one.
- You sure? - The ugly gray one, yeah.
Here, stand over here.
Watch this.
- No, that's the wrong way.
- Wait for it.
- No more buzz.
- That's right.
Come on, what do you say, we'll go inside and we'll, uh, we'll worry about our future.
I'm not worried.
Yeah, me neither.