Alphas s01e05 Episode Script

Never Let Me Go

Come here.
Where you going? Did you hear that? Nice try, I don't scare that easy.
Agh! Hold me.
You okay? Oh, my God.
Howard? Don't say no for an answer and there's no telling where we've been 'cause people don't understand understand, understand people don't understand people like me Oh, my gosh.
It should be a crime.
A federal-- no, an international-- international, agreed.
Yes, international, absolutely.
Anything to taste that good.
Yeah, wow.
It's my friend's place, but she's letting me stay here.
You know I still can't understand how you managed to figure out the recipes to everything we just had simply by tasting them.
I mean, that's incredible.
I, uh I have a super sensitive palate.
Well, I was thinking that Maybe we could-- before you get your own show on the Food Network-- We could, um I don't know, whip something up.
Just you and me.
- Whip something up? - Yeah.
Oh, my God! I'm sorry if I-- did I do something? No.
I need you to go.
Yeah, yeah.
Could you please just leave now? - You okay? - Please! No, don't touch me, please.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't-- I'm sorry, Sam.
- Please go.
- Okay, yeah.
- Rachel - For the 50th time, Nina, I'm not gonna talk about my date with Sam.
Fine, but if you suddenly decide to spill, just remember I have plans tonight.
- I won't spill.
- Rach Morning, everyone.
I come bearing gifts.
- Oh! Let me open it.
- All right.
- Let me open it, please.
- No, I want to-- oh, yeah, let me open it, please.
The sound of red tape being cut, courtesy of Agent Sullivan.
- Oh, it's badges! - That's official cover, right? Nail on the head, Cameron.
I get to keep this one, it's my photo.
Apparently we all get one.
Now we both have badges, Bill.
- DCIS? - It's a real agency.
Agent Sullivan said this is gonna help us with our "investigatory hurdles.
" I thought I was the answer to our "investigatory hurdles.
" Eh, here's yours, Bill.
What does "DCIS" even stand for? It says.
It's "Defense Criminal Investigative Service.
" Yeah.
Still no idea.
- Hello, this is Sahra Pirzad-- - Rachel.
Oh, sorry.
I'm interrupting.
No, no, it's fine.
Please, come in.
Was that that Sam fellow? Does everybody here know everything about my life? It's an office, Rachel, that's what happens.
You know, people watch out for each other, and And a first date is quite a milestone-- - Okay.
- In a young woman's life.
Rosen, I'm not gonna talk about this.
Not with Nina, and certainly not with you.
All right, if you change your mind - Thank you.
- I'm here.
I will let you know.
How would you like to go on a little road trip? - To where? - Fenton, Pennsylvania.
Agent Sullivan called about a situation there and I think your abilities might come in handy.
According to Sullivan, Fenton's been hit by a rash of deaths.
Three so far.
The victims suffered rapid onset organ failure.
The CDC found abnormalities in the victim's brains, but no pathogens that could've caused them.
Of course, the CDC doesn't know about Alphas.
Now it's our turn.
I would've have guessed we'd need to employ our new cover so quickly.
I don't know.
I think I liked it better when we were seeking out math experts and violin prodigies.
I know, it's a bit of an adjustment.
Adjustment? Well, our mandate is changing, Rachel.
You know the saying, the reward for success is Well, we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves.
You know, we don't even know if we're dealing with an Alpha yet.
And that's why I need my best forensic investigator.
I smell fear.
Whatever's happening here This whole town is scared to death.
He said it's right up here.
It's radiation from that nuclear plant upriver.
I read an article about electromagnetic fields caused by power lines.
Cancer clusters.
- Terrified.
- Hm? - Just like the others.
- Seem to have a bit of a chicken or the egg thing going here.
Rosen? Yes.
- Yes, Miss Pirzad? - Pirzad, yes.
- I'm Dr.
Calder, CDC.
- I was under the impression that the CDC had already ruled on this case.
Yeah, we're just pulling up stakes as we speak.
But when I heard they were sending in the DCIS, I thought that I might do the hand-off myself.
Oh, that's very considerate of you.
Now I've read your reports, are there any further developments? With all three victims, the damage was centered in their amygdalas.
- The? - The structures in the brain that process fear and stress.
It's as if they were subjected to a sudden and really severe shock.
Are these people afraid because their neighbors are dying or is it the fear that's killing them? It's the chicken or egg, hm? Good luck.
Three people are dead.
We need answers! How is my team supposed to focus when all they can think about is who's gonna drop next? You've gotta calm down.
I've told you everything I know.
You haven't told me a damn thing! Look, I swear, Marty, if you are holding out on me-- Don't threaten me.
That was a lot of testosterone.
Sheriff Handell? Hi, I'm Dr.
Lee Rosen Rachel Pirzad.
Sorry about that.
Coach Zelanski gets a little passionate about his football team.
"Passionate?" I heard they were sending more people, so exactly who are you folks? - Oh, sorry.
Come on back.
How'd this end up at Defense Department? Are we looking at terrorism? I wouldn't jump to any conclusions just yet.
Sheriff, I'm sorry, were there any links between the victims? Ned Burton died first.
He was David Burton's dad.
Oh, David is the local football star.
Ned was a realtor.
Watts was our bank manager.
James Howard a guidance counselor at Fenton high.
These bodies looked half melted inside.
But there was no infection, nothing on tox screens Tell me what I'm missing.
I mean, four deaths in four weeks is way outta my league.
Did you say four deaths? We were only informed about three.
Yeah, the fourth was unrelated.
Just a freak accident.
What kind of freak accident? Car crash.
Chris Elkhart slammed into a telephone pole on his way home from school.
It was a horrible tragedy.
Autopsy? In a small town like this when a kid hits a pole, it's probably drugs or alcohol.
But why put the family through that? Besides, this had nothing to do with the other deaths.
We probably have to see the body in order to be certain.
I assume we'll need a court order to exhume? Chris' mother's been through hell.
I promise we'll be as considerate as possible.
Exhume Chris? Uh, I don't understand.
I'm a father, Mrs.
But I can only begin to imagine your pain.
But Given the circumstances of Chris' accident, we've asked Sheriff Handell to help us look into things a little further.
Isn't that right, Rachel? I'm sorry, Mrs.
How long was it just the two of you? Chris was 12 when his father passed.
That must've been a difficult time.
Chris helped me get through it.
I know most teenagers don't wanna hang out with their mother, but Chris always told me that I was his best friend.
He always called us "The dynamic duo.
" I'm sorry I have to ask this.
But around the time of the accident, was there anything out of the ordinary happening in Chris' life? Was he exhibiting any odd behavior? Chris tried out for the football team this year.
It's a religion around here.
But he wasn't big enough, so Coach Zelanski made him equipment manager.
We ran into the coach earlier.
He was very, uh, passionate.
He's a thug.
He used to get on Chris for everything.
He would shout at him to move faster, do it better.
I told him to quit, but he didn't want to let the team down.
They all showed up for his funeral, though.
Players and coaches.
That must've been very comforting.
Chris would've liked it.
He was finally one of them.
I'm--I am so sorry.
This is so unprofessional.
Chris Chris was so lucky to have such a loving mother like you.
Aw, that is so sweet of you to say.
Eh All right, um If you think exhuming his body would help.
But could we please get this over quickly? Rachel, are you all right with this? I need you to be honest with me I know I lost it in there, Dr.
I will not let that happen again.
But it will.
And that's okay.
You know, I'm glad we have this chance to talk.
Because you've been feeling pretty sensitive since you've moved out of your parents' home, haven't you? My mom won't even return my calls, Dr.
And I miss her.
So seeing what a loving relationship Mrs.
Elkhart had with her son has probably made you feel-- It hurt.
Look, I just-- I just wanna find out whoever did this to her, okay? Whoever took her child away from her.
That coach seems like a real nightmare.
Fear and stress, right, Dr.
Rosen? Yes, well, we need to find out everything we can before we confront anybody.
Of course.
But, yes, that sheriff was not a very big fan of Coach Zelanski's.
Sheriff? Eh, this is odd.
Is anybody here? I smell decay.
One heartbeat.
Back there.
Sheriff Handell? Sheriff Handell? The smell, it's everywhere.
Rachel, wait.
Agh! Dr.
Rosen! Help! Agh! Ugh! Agh! Agh! Are you all right? I don't know! Sheriff? Can you hear me? I should've listened.
Who did this to you? Should've stopped it.
Please, just call me back.
Is Rachel joining us? I told her her food was getting cold, but Well, if she feels anything like I do, I imagine she's quite rattled.
I'm just gonna have to take one for the team.
Would you like to pay, Bill? Eggs, cheese, bacon, pancakes You sure these folks didn't just die of heart failure? Heart failure.
Because of the food.
Maybe they were just bored to death.
Hey, I grew up in a town like this.
Of course you did.
Explains your name, Hicks.
What were you? The star quarterback? No, star pitcher, right? What can I say, I peaked early.
Well, I can say with confidence that none of these people died from boredom or poor diet.
Cortisol levels in Sheriff Handell's blood were five times higher than I've ever seen.
Mm, cortisol.
Makes sense.
Come on, what's cortisol, Doc? It's a hormone produced when the body undergoes stress.
At chronically elevated levels, it can shrink the amygdalas and even eat away at muscles and organs.
Now imagine that on a radically amplified scale.
Can I get you anything else? DCIS, you don't ask questions, we ask questions.
- Gary.
- We ask and you tell.
Gary, that's impolite.
So you really are Feds.
- Put it away.
- I knew it.
It's a serial killer, isn't it? You tell us.
Respect the badge.
- Gary.
- Gary.
- Bill is laughing.
- What else could it be? I mean, I know they didn't find poison, but there is untraceable poisons, right? Or maybe it's something in the water? Ma'am, I promise you, we're looking into anything and everything related to these--to these victims.
And when we find out what caused this, we'll let everyone know.
All right.
Meet Coach Kent Zelanski.
Thank you, Gary.
So he's connected to four of our victims.
The guidance counselor, the football player's father, and Chris Elkhart.
And Rachel and I saw him in conflict with the sheriff.
I don't know what our next step should be.
Murder investigations aren't exactly the cornerstone of my practice.
Well, I'm sure you don't think I just came here for the vacation, right? I got you.
Thank you, Bill.
So Nina and I will start with Coach Zelanski I want the rest of you to canvas the school be very, very careful.
We don't know how this Alpha is killing folks.
If there is an Alpha.
Yeah, well, we still wanna be on alert, people.
"Can't believe we still have cheer practice when people are dying.
" "Ms.
Rue was all up in my grill over that trig test.
" Up in my grill Try to concentrate the ones from Coach Zelanski, okay? Yeah.
Whoo! My jacket doesn't have leather sleeves.
I want a patch on my jacket.
A "G.
" - Okay, I'm gonna get you a "G.
" - For Gary.
For Gary.
I'm gonna sew it on myself.
You just focus for a couple minutes, okay? Okay.
Hey, Cameron, you're up in my grill now.
You gotta get out of my grill.
Coach Zelanski sends mean emails.
There's one to rich Wallace.
And there's three-- no, there's four to David Burton.
David Burton.
Isn't that the name of one of our dead guys? DCIS, eyes to yourself.
What does my relationship with Ned Burton have to do with his death? Like I said, we're just trying to get a better sense of the victims.
You think I don't see where this is going? All right, you tell me.
Where's this going? You know, you better be pretty sure of yourself before you come into my school and accuse me of being a part of-- Listen, listen.
Nobody is accusing you of anythingYet.
Do you know what I do for this town? In case you haven't noticed, Panthers football is Fenton.
My team gives people hope.
And you come in here insinuating I had something to do with these deaths? I never insinuated anything.
You are a damn liar.
You are-- Just stop it.
You need to sit down, lose the attitude, and answer our questions.
I'll answer your questions.
What do you wanna know? I'd like to see these fancy badges do that.
Coach Zelanski is an ass.
But he's definitely not our Alpha.
And you're certain about that? I could be wrong.
Maybe it is the water.
Oh, CDC's been very clear about that.
So assuming it is an Alpha.
Someone who's using fear and intimidation to kill these people, have you come across anyone who fits that, you know, that profile? There was one football player that kept popping up in Handell's files for fighting and vandalism.
But also bullying.
He even bullied-- Hold on, hold on.
Where's Gary? David Burton.
No one likes David Burton.
Not the coach, not anyone.
"He punched you.
" "Yep.
" "Did you see Burton freak'n out?" Freak'n.
That's not a word.
"Guy's a psycho.
" "Doosh!" Doo--doosh.
Get out of my hallway, wuss.
Oh, hey! You're Dave Burton.
The killer scares people.
You scare people.
Killer? Since when are they letting retards into the school? I'm not-- I'm not a re-- hey, you shouldn't use that word.
I'm autistic.
You're a retard.
You look pretty retarded to me.
You have bad breath.
Yeah, Carly Wellin, she said that she'd rather lick a toilet seat than kiss you.
It got 47 retweets.
Hey! Don't touch me! I don't like to be touched! Yeah? Well that's really too bad for you, man.
Hey, hey! Back off! Agh! Agh.
Hey, leave my players alone.
That's David Burton, the Alpha! Stop him! Let me borrow this.
FBI, out the way, out the way.
Excuse me.
Out the way.
Oh, jeez.
Was just trying to trip the kid, not kill him.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Cameron, you did not do this.
He is not an Alpha.
He's another victim.
But how? Where's the Alpha who did it? There's a hospital about 15 miles from here.
Kathy, I need you to secure an MRI suite.
Based on the other victims, I'd say David was attacked a few hours ago.
His jacket's getting caught on the door.
It's too bulky, you should take it off.
- Gary - Let me wear it.
Gary, back up.
You wanna pick the seat up? Gary, you're gonna get hurt.
- The lever right there.
- It's stuck.
I think our being here has accelerated the killer's time tables.
I would appreciate some help.
- Now.
- Thanks, we're on our way.
Bill, Cameron, I think you should stay here and keep looking.
It might be a good idea to retrace David's last few hours.
Rosen, I'd like to stay too.
- Gary, get in.
- No, I have bruises in my hair.
So David's mother's saying he left at the same time as usual.
Walked through the neighborhood.
No one at school saw anything strange up until the fight.
- We're coming up empty.
- Not so fast, kids.
The exhumation on Chris Elkhart is done.
We got the whole deal.
The autopsy here, we got the county medical records the accident reports, the school files I requested.
Now Rachel, you said that in all the victims, the am-- - amygdalas.
- Thank you, Dr.
They shrunk in all the vics, right? - Yeah.
- Well, that's not the case with Chris Elkhart.
So it was just an accident.
I don't know.
Accident report's not adding up.
Hicks, that temporal spatial whatever thing you do That can come in handy.
I need you to come with me.
It's nice to feel wanted.
You know what, you guys go ahead.
I'm gonna talk to the mom.
Gary, take that off.
It's not yours.
No, it looks better on me.
I'm a baller.
How do you even know that word? - It's the right word.
- Nina, Nina.
Same symptoms as all the other victims.
Cortisol levels through the roof.
And when we flushed his system, his body continued to produce cortisol as rapidly as we could get rid of it.
Well, maybe David is pushed and it just keeps triggering him.
Yeah, maybe Nina's the killer.
Are you the killer, Nina? It would be a surprise.
Because for the levels to remain so high for so long, they would have to be triggered continuously.
These readings are consistent with a dr-- a drug addict.
That's why his body is producing so much cortisol.
He's in withdrawal.
But what's he addicted to? There were no foreign substances indicated in his blood.
I think he's addicted to a person.
They all were.
The patterns were all the same.
Addiction, then withdrawal.
Fatal withdrawal.
He's not responsive to meds.
Just like all the others.
I really feel we need to quarantine this kid.
It won't be necessary.
Whatever is making him sick is not contagious.
Calder, hello again.
I asked the hospital if they would call me if anyone else fell ill.
May I? We need to initiate support therapy right away.
Start a dilauded drip.
What did you just do to him? I just took his hand.
It seemed as though he needed some contact.
Let go.
Just for a moment.
Take hold again.
But both hands.
I don't get it.
Why is this helping? By holding his hand, Nina.
She's giving him exactly what he needs.
It's a chemical secreted by his own brain, oxytocin.
It's often called "The love hormone.
" It's critically important in bonding people to the ones they love.
And conversely, it causes the very real pain people speak of when separated.
That's where the cortisol comes in.
Yes, we need oxytocin right away.
You got it.
There's something I think I can add to that.
Will you help me? Nina, someone in David's life has done this to him.
A serial killer who formed an unnaturally strong bond and then severed that bond.
Our Alpha.
He's flatlining.
Nina, hold tightly.
Crashing here! Based on the medical evidence, it doesn't look like Chris was a murder victim.
But my colleagues are still looking into it, and we should have answers for you very soon.
But you had a suspect? David Burton.
I read David's file.
I know that he bullied Chris, but now he's dying.
Well, you'll excuse me if I don't shed any tears.
Not after what David and his friends did to my son.
What exactly did they do? Jessica, we need to know everything.
They thought he was weak because he couldn't make the team.
He didn't like the same music they liked, stupid things.
So they ridiculed him, spread rumors about him on the Internet, beat him up.
The worst part for Chris was that he idolized those boys.
He couldn't understand why they had targeted him.
I'm sorry for dumping all this on you.
You were very kind to come here.
When did you say your friends were coming back? Oh, well, they're at the accident scene.
So half hour, maybe 45 minutes.
You could wait here.
I could make you a snack-- sorry.
No, it's okay.
It's a habit.
It's just a habit.
I guess in some ways you remind me of him.
You're so sweet.
I won't keep you.
No, it's okay.
I'd love to stay.
- Really? - Yeah, snack sounds good.
This is the spot, huh? You know, I am fully literate in accident reports, Hicks? Did you know that? Was it raining? An oil slick or something? No, it was a clear day.
Overcast, so no sun in his eyes.
Like today.
- How fast was he going? - Report said 65.
But he had good brakes and new tires, so.
Plenty of room to maneuver.
I'd expect to see swerve marks if it was an accident.
What you got? This is no accident.
Oxytocin seems to be working.
Your instincts may very well have saved David's life.
I still don't understand the addiction to the oxytocin.
I mean, does your team have any idea what's causing it? Um, yes, we do.
Just the glaring silence of government work.
Something you seem to be familiar with.
It's been a pleasure.
Thank You.
NeedTo see Need to see her.
Tell herI'm sorry.
I did--I didn't mean to hurt Who do you need to see, David? Who didn't you mean to hurt? All right.
Just let me know if anything changes, please.
Yes, Bill.
Doc, I think we have our Alpha.
Who? How? According to Hicks, Chris Elkhart did not die in an accident.
Look, he crashed on purpose, Doc.
The kid floored it and drove right into a-- I got this, okay? This is what I do.
- Put it on speaker.
- We matched the autopsy with the police report and the facts are not matching the conclusions.
I mean, this kid died of a suicide.
And why wasn't that in the reports? No idea.
Handell covered it up.
He covered up a lot of things.
Like that football kid, David Burton.
Apparently, he'd been bullying Chris something awful.
And according to Chris' file, his mother raised holy hell about it to that guidance counselor, Dave's dad, and that team booster, Marvin Watts.
Yeah, and Sheriff Handell.
No one did anything about it.
So there's your motive and opportunity.
Well, a grieving mother.
An entire town to blame.
- Rachel.
- What? Rachel just went to that woman's house.
Oh, my God.
Come on! Is that nutmeg and cayenne? Hm.
I'm impressed.
I only use a pinch of cayenne for the whole batch.
That was Chris' favorite.
You really loved him, didn't you? He was my son.
My parents, um Think I'm a freak.
Oh, I can't believe that.
The cayenne, that was nothing.
I can taste every ingredient.
This blanket-- Alpaca and silk.
Plus 5% performance fleece.
I can tell you that just by touching it.
All my senses are that strong.
That's amazing.
Have you always been like that? You should hear what my parents say.
I hear them.
They think I'm sick because I can't stand the sight of germs, because sometimes I won't eat.
They pray that they can find someone-- anyone to marry me.
But I can't even handle a kiss.
Who's gonna wanna marry someone like that? The only thing I'm good for is being a walking crime lab.
Have you told your mother how you feel? She won't talk to me about it.
In fact, she won't talk to me about anything right now.
That's That's Agent Harken.
He probably knows something about Chris.
I should get that.
Rachel It can wait.
I'm here for you.
Oh, angel.
Oh, there, there.
How do you feel? I feel wonderful.
No, no, wait, wait.
What? Small town.
- Anything? - No, all clear.
I'll try Rachel.
I am so glad that I can finally talk to someone.
I don't know why but I feel like I can trust you with anything.
You can.
I wanna trust Dr.
I do, but Sometimes I think all he cares about is my Alpha ability.
So all of your team members are Alphas like you? Yeah.
Everybody, except for Dr.
Where are we going? Well, we have to make one stop.
And then I'll need your help to get away.
Away? Away from what? Nina, has Gary pinged Mrs.
Elkhart's cell phone yet? Sir, you can't touch that.
- Hey, that's illegal.
A little room, please.
- Any luck, Gar? - No, I've got signal overload.
The Doppler Radar truck's in the neighborhood.
I hate Doppler 2,000.
And 3,000, 4,000 - Okay, you heard that? - If I think back, Rachel was drawn to that woman immediately.
She could die.
Well, from what you said, this Jessica has no reason to hurt Rachel.
Well, I don't think Mrs.
Elkhart's fully rational.
The oxytocin bond works both ways.
And I think Chris' death triggered something akin to psychotic postpartum depression.
And Rachel's incredibly vulnerable just now.
Not just emotionally, but physically because of her abilities.
Okay, I found her.
The Doppler's gone.
They're moving east on Crosscreek Road.
Hicks and Harken are close.
Get Harken and Hicks.
Put them on.
Put me on.
You killed those people.
Why? How? When Chris was born I felt this overwhelming rush of love.
And from that point on, I could make other people feel that way too.
I don't see how that could hurt anybody.
Neither did I, until Chris' funeral.
David's father came to me crying about what his son had done.
And I comforted him.
Then he told me he knew about the bullying and did nothing.
I told him I never wanted to see his face again.
The next day He was dead.
That's when I knew how I could make things right for Chris.
You're talking about murder.
I'm talking about justice.
Jessica, please, stop this.
You're a good person-- No, I begged them to stop David and his friends.
I begged them.
And they blamed Chris.
They blamed him and said that he was too sensitive.
That I should--I should take him to a therapist, and I should toughen him up.
Rosen can help you.
- I don't need his help! - It hurts.
I'm sorry, Rachel.
But you're supposed to be helping me.
If you help me You'll feel better.
Okay, yeah.
They're heading east.
Just head east.
Okay, now wait, go right.
- Are you su-- - Yeah, go right, now.
- Through the woods? - You should've let me drive.
You know what, it's my car.
Okay, you can cut them off at the next intersection.
Floor it.
Hello? Damnit, Gary.
I broke my axle.
I told you, you should've let me drive.
That's not my fault.
You can drive safe and fast.
Hands at ten and two.
Gary, whatever.
So now what? I don't know about you But I'm gonna run.
What is it? What do you see that I can't? Rachel.
It's Bill.
And the others can't be far behind.
Okay, Rachel.
Come on.
- What are you doing? - I'm sorry.
What's going on? - I'm sorry.
- Why? I'm sorry, but I've run out of time.
What? - I don't love you.
- Agh! I want you to die.
Rachel, Rachel.
Oh, Jessica.
Thank goodness.
I am so glad that you called.
With the Feds taking David and all those people dying, I just feel like I am losing it.
But if we can talk, I know I'll feel so much better.
It always helps so much.
I won't be here long.
Why not? You murdered my son, Kent.
You and the rest of them.
And now, I want you to spend your last few hours dying alone.
Doc, she's not responding.
What do I do? Hold her still, Bill.
- Rachel.
- What is that? It's oxytocin.
Something to counteract the withdrawal.
This doesn't look like withdrawal, Doc.
I mean, it's happening too fast.
For anyone else, but not for Rachel.
She's not anyone else.
Come on, girl.
Oh, God, it's not working.
It's not breaking the pain cycle.
Maybe she can.
Rachel, Rachel, listen to me.
Focus on my voice.
Hold her.
Hold her tight.
Focus on the feeling of our hands.
Just that feeling.
Block everything else out.
Feel the comfort.
I need her.
Her love is not real.
Real love is unconditional, Rachel.
Listen to me.
I care about you more than you will ever know.
You're like a daughter to me.
You always have been and you always will be.
We love you, Rachel.
We love you, Rachel, all of us.
- Rachel.
- Listen to the Doc, Rachel.
You okay? Come on.
You can do it.
Focus on the feeling of our hands.
It's working.
You're doing it.
She's doing it.
You're doing it.
You're doing it.
- Okay, pull her up.
- Yeah, come here.
- Dr.
- Yes, yes.
We're right here.
We're all here.
You're good? Good girl.
Oh, good girl.
Don't do this, okay.
I love you.
I would do anything to bring Chris back, anything! A little late for that.
I know things got out-of-hand, okay? I admit that.
But if Chris wanted to play ball, he needed to be a whole lot tougher than he was.
Nobody thought he would drive into a telephone pole, nobody.
Always comes back to that, doesn't it? It always comes back to "It's always Chris' fault," "It's Chris' problem.
" I am--I am so sick of hearing that.
What do you want me to do, Jessica? Just tell me and I will do it.
I swear I will do it.
Burn in hell.
Hold it right there.
Right there, don't move.
Don't let her touch you.
We're gonna need an ambulance at 57 Poplar Way.
Where are you going? Don't let him-- don't help him.
He let my son die.
I'm sorry to hear that.
But killing someone else is not gonna help you, is it? Jessica, stop.
Chris wouldn't have wanted you to hurt anyone.
Not for him.
I miss him.
I know.
I miss him.
So what did you tell everyone this time? I kept it simple.
That Jessica poisoned her victims.
Which is true, to a point.
She's going away, isn't she? To Binghamton.
Yes, and I hope this isn't a portent of more such cases to come.
The danger.
That said, how are you? Should have that printed up on T-shirts.
I'm alive Thanks to you.
Thank yourself, Rachel.
It was your own ability that saved your life.
You're a very capable young woman.
More than you know.
What do you say we go home? Home sounds good.