Alphas s02e01 Episode Script

Wake Up Call

There are over on planet Earth, ordinary folks like you and me.
But if you look around carefully, you might find that some of these ordinary folks have extraordinary abilities.
I call them Alphas.
You're not alone, Cameron.
Everyone on this unit is just like you.
They are all Alphas.
I hear something.
Footsteps running.
Three men in pursuit.
Take this ticket and eat it.
When I first discovered the Alpha phenomenon, I was a doctor treating a group of remarkable patients, including my daughter Dani.
People fear what they do not understand or what they cannot control.
The government's solution to the problem is Binghamton, a clandestine prison hospital where Alphas are confined and subjected to experiments without any respect paid to their civil rights or their humanity.
By our keeping the Alpha phenomenon secret, we are following a path which I believe can only lead to violence a conflict against a rogue group of Alphas organized by their leader, Stanton Parish.
It's inevitable.
Nothing that you or I can do to stop that.
You'll forgive me if I try.
I am calling for transparency.
An end to secrets.
Alphas exist.
They are among us.
They are our friends and our spouses.
This is what we have been hiding - I warned you.
- Security! Get him out of here.
The secret that Stanton Parish so badly wants concealed.
And by sharing this truth, it will become evident that it's time for everyone to open their eyes, to open their minds, and to open-- I see you've been picking your cuticles again.
I suspect it's this place.
Being here, day in and day out, must be incredibly stressful for you.
I find yoga and meditation particularly efficacious in an environment like this.
What about the drugs? Do they help? You should try some and see for yourself.
I'm not psychologically unstable.
Natalie, you are deflecting again.
Why are we here, Dr.
Rosen? I could ask you the same question.
I'm here because the government wants me out of the way.
For exposing the Alphas phenomenon.
Delusions of persecution.
Classic symptom of paranoia.
I am not delusional.
Though I am being persecuted.
Lee, you know how this goes.
You can deny your issues, or you can commit to therapy and maybe I can help.
Oh, please.
We both know my fate has nothing to do with these sessions.
Hour's up.
Talked to my boy, Doc.
You were right, it was the stuff with the dog.
Well, I'm glad I could help.
Children mourn differently than we do, remember that.
Be patient and encourage him to express himself.
We're working on it.
That's your stop.
Yes, indeed it is.
Lemme get that for you.
You okay, Doc? No, William.
I'm not okay.
I've been here eight months.
Eight wasted months.
I have important things to do.
Patients, clients.
I need to get out of here.
Sorry, Doc.
Wish I could help.
Alphas? Do you seriously believe in that crap? World is filled with surprises.
How much longer we gotta be here? You in a rush? Trying to get home to watch Storage Wars? Tip said sometime today.
Well, this muzak is killing me.
I'm tired of reading deodorant labels.
You could always switch to hemorrhoid cream.
That would be aisle three, Hicks.
It's on! Cover the exits! Back corner! She's an Alpha! She tapped into the cables! Pull her loose! Everybody down! This is a robbery! Surprise.
You're not the only one.
Drop it! I said drop it! There's always sweet and sour so we are not Hicks, cover your ears! Let's go! - Meg, we're leaving! - Uhh! Hicks! Get the rest.
Hey, Hicks! Get 'em.
Take 'em down! We got two males headed west on 43rd, silver pick-up, no rear plate.
Alphas 2x01 Don't say no for an answer and there's no telling where we've been 'Cause people don't understand understand, understand people don't understand people like me Harken.
Yo, Harken.
What's up, Hicks? I can't spell worth a crap.
What is it, "u" before "e" except after You kidding me? You know there's a spell-check on that thing? What, your adrenals kickin' your ass? You're kinda looking a little pasty there.
I mean, for you.
Don't hate.
Okay? Besides, which one of us actually caught someone and which one of us shot and killed a parking meter? Friggin' meter had it coming.
Sorry, I kinda screwed the pooch.
Don't blame yourself.
You want to blame somebody, you blame Cley.
Some damn intel, please? Is that too much to ask, ya know? "Hey, freaks, F.
, you might want to bring some earplugs.
" Besides, we still bagged one out of three, which is more than I can say for Cley and his boys.
Just take it easy on Cley, man.
I mean, he's a Pittsburgh Pirates fan.
He suffers enough.
That's a self-inflicted wound.
Dude is still in there.
He couldn't get a Girl Scout to confess her favorite cookie.
That's Megan Bates.
So look, "neuro-diversity.
" What is that, "e-u"? "U-e"? You have been logging into that chat room, haven't you? Helping Alphas, right? That's part of our job? I'm tellin' you, there's a lotta people in that chat room, they got questions.
That chat room is filled with pimply-faced teenagers pretending to be Alphas.
You're probably the only real Alpha on there.
Gary goes on there sometimes.
- Really? - Mm.
Has he logged in lately? His mother left a voicemail yesterday, saying, uh he stopped calling.
Nothing for two weeks.
No, I haven't heard from him.
Shoulda never let Cley assign Gary to the N.
Yeah, well, it's not like we had a choice.
Look, I'll rattle their cage, remind them to let him call home.
C'mon, what are you doing? No, no coffee.
What are ya doing? C'mon.
You drop dead of a heart attack, I'm on my own.
We're a team.
Look, I hate to break it to you, but without Rosen, there is no team.
Daddy so loud.
It's a beautiful day.
You haven't left the house in months.
You quit your job, you move back home, fine.
But hiding in your room? Jumping at every sound? Rachel, don't tune me out.
Please, Baba, I'm just tired, okay? - I found you a new therapist.
- No.
Rachel, he can help.
Baba, there's only one person that I've ever trusted, and he's gone, so pleaseokay? I just want to rest.
Have a wonderful day now and that's an order.
They say there's no such thing as Alphas! But I know! Alphas control the world! They're everywhere! Alphas control the world! They--they put thoughts into my head! Terrible thoughts, beamed into my brain-- You! You need to stop talking.
We don't use beams.
Taxi! Taxi! Excuse me.
Let's share a cab.
It's the wife.
Phone doesn't work inside.
I'll catch up.
Hicks, what are you doing? You're not supposed to take that off.
Just letting her have some fresh air.
This is Binghamton.
No, not just Binghamton.
Nice girl like you gets the upgrade.
Building Seven? You think I'm scared? Go to hell, traitors.
Hicks, that's why you're not supposed to take that mask off.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Please wait here while I get her transfer papers.
I hate this place.
Well, it's part of the job.
Just hold your nose, and think about that government dental plan.
Jamming pacifier chips in the back of people's necks? It's not the job.
It's Night of the Living Dead.
What else we gonna do? These people are violent.
And they have abilities.
Lethal abilities.
So at least this is humane.
Humane? What, like the S.
? Alphas are rabid dogs now, is that it? Megan Bates and her crew pulled off 15 armed robberies, left five people dead.
Now she definitely belongs down here.
All of these people who are down here-- Gary? It is Gary! Gary! Guard! This is from the National Security Agency in Arlington ten days ago.
And you just found out about this? N.
won't tell you what color the sky is without formal approval.
We warned you about this when you sent him over there.
Gary's autistic.
He's got needs.
He doesn't like to be touched.
Gary's got a set routine, specific food, and needs someone to listen to him talk about cars.
I told 'em.
You think they care? He sent two of their agents to the hospital, they sent him here-- end of story.
Hey, Dad? Ah, Dani, hi.
You're early today.
Yeah, yeah, I am.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, it's just this the level of sedation is just completely gratuitous.
Let me help.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, that's a little bit better.
I think your visits are the only thing keeping me sane.
So, how's everything in your big bad world? Um Dad, according to your lawyers, the government is making you look pretty bad.
They brought up the LSD bust, everything that mom said in the divorce papers.
Well, I worry them something fierce.
They'll do whatever it takes to discredit me.
Well, Dad, they're calling it a history of mental illness.
I don't know if they're ever gonna let you out of here.
No, Dani, they are going to.
And soon, I think.
How can you be so sure? Because try as they might, Dani, the government cannot cover up everything.
Plus there's Stanton Parish.
Hmm? Out there somewhere, planning God knows what.
Sooner or later, there will be an event-- or a series of events-- they simply cannot control without me.
So that's what I'm waiting for.
An event.
Okay, Miss Bates.
You'll feel a little pinch.
And running final diagnostic.
Why don't you just turn the chip off for ten minutes, okay? So we can find out what happened to our friend.
There's nothing that I can do.
I understand, sir, but it is our belief that Mr.
Bell was simply mishandled.
He is a valuable asset.
They shouldn't have stuck a chip in his brain! Yeah, not helping.
I'm activating her chip now.
Whoa! Some kind of power surge? Cut the breakers! Cut the breakers! Aah! It's Meg.
When they chipped her, they let her in the whole damn system.
They'll all wake up.
What is that? What the hell is going on? Power loss.
Get the guards in.
Lock these doors, down.
Both sides! Code 12-28 in building seven.
Code 12-28 in building seven.
- Gary.
- No.
- Gary.
Gary, it's me, Bill.
- No, no, no.
- Keep that closed! - Gary, it's me, Bill.
Gary, listen.
- Gary, come on.
Get up, get up.
- No.
No! No! No! We got a situation here! We need backup! No! No! No! No! Aah! Go! Gary-- Agent Harken.
I remember you.
You've got a weak heart.
I can stop that.
Ah, Gary This is bad.
We gotta get out of here.
You see signals? Gary, I don't think I can amp up.
So please tell me you see a way out.
Come on, partner.
Look Okay, partner, I'm gonna need you.
Okay? It's time to step your game up.
Step-- step your game up.
Right? Gary.
I shorted out everything, but the fail-safe doors dropped.
Let me in there.
I can make a difference.
Unless your ability misfires again.
Someone turn off that damn alarm! Testing.
One, two.
Testing, mic check.
Cornell Scipio.
Hello, Cornell.
This is a formal negotiation, Agent Cley.
You call me Mr.
We're not negotiating.
Release the hostages, or things get worse.
Worse than having a chip in my neck? All right.
Wanna play hardball? Asher.
I have a family.
I got a family too.
Don't shoot.
We can still talk about this.
I'm not gonna shoot him.
Kimi? My God, that's Kimi Milard.
Next time.
Okay, we get the message.
Scipio, what are your demands? You know what, I'm actually done talking with you, Cley.
There's only one person I'm willing to negotiate with.
Doc, there's been an incident.
I'll fill you in on the ride.
No, Nathan.
That's not the way it's going to work.
You fill me in first, and then, if I decide to help, then we take that ride.
Rachel? Hi.
I never thought I'd see you again.
I know.
But I'm here now, and it's because I need you.
Which means you have to leave this room.
Now, you've been here before.
You know what you have to do.
Focus on the things that comfort you, tune everything else out, and take a step forward.
So I'm thinking for dinner, there's this little Sushi place on Broadway.
You like Sushi, right? What am I doing here? I'm supposed to be at work.
Right now, You're supposed to be here with me.
So kiss me.
Okay? Tell me I'm beautiful.
Oh, you're beautiful.
Go home.
What do you want? Because I have things to do.
Nina, Gary's in trouble.
He needs us.
Gary, I should have never let Cley loan you out to the N.
I know that now.
I just thought I needed to do whatever it took to show that we were still valuable without Rosen.
And I overstepped.
Gary, I'm trying to apologize right now.
Do you hear me? Gary, do you hear-- Gary! That was--that was too loud.
That was--that was dumb.
I just Gary, I'm sorry.
- He's here.
- What-- - Hey, Rache.
- Hicks.
So you came.
I'm here for Gary, not you.
What happened between the two of you? - I woke up.
- Yeah? Is that what you call pushing everyone you meet? You need help.
You feel like jumping off a building? - Nina.
- Please, both of you.
You can discuss how much you care about each other later.
Right now, there are things I need each of you to do while I'm out of contact.
Out of contact? Yes.
If I'm going to work with the people inside, I need to be inside.
Doc, you know, you put a lot of these guys in there.
Now, what if all they wanna do is get their hands on you, huh? Well, if that's the case, this will all be over shortly.
I'll do what I can in there, and I'll relay what I discover to the three of you, via Rachel.
But if for some reason I can't defuse the situation, then, Cameron Right.
We play cavalry.
At the right moment.
And only if absolutely necessary.
Rachel? I'm in.
I don't see anyone so far.
If I bump into any invisible Alphas, I'll let you know.
It's deserted, but I hear footsteps.
I'm here to talk.
I'm not.
Hello, Ted.
You asked me a lot of questions before you threw me in here.
How I see weak spots, what they look like to me.
Still curious? Ohah That's your radial nerve.
Touchy, isn't it? I see Building Seven hasn't diminished your abilities any.
Asher! This man is our guest.
I'm sorry about that.
Rosen? Cornell Scipio.
I'm a big fan.
Welcome to the monkey house.
Hey, Dr.
Rosen's asking to see Bill and Gary.
Scipio's not going for it.
There's a banging it's faint, but it's regular.
Scipio's voice just got angrier.
He wants to know how Dr.
Rosen can justify putting them in there.
How they've been treated.
We are still in building seven.
We are rotting.
Yes, I understand your frustration.
You all are being treated deplorably.
AndI want to change that.
That's one of the main reasons I went public with the Alphas situation in the first place.
That's why I am here.
I-I wa--I want to help.
You wanna help.
Okay tell me--tell us why we're so screwed up.
You are not screwed up.
If anything, you are all extremely gifted.
I set things on fire.
I make people's skin sizzle.
Let's face it, they're never gonna let us out of here.
I'm a mistake.
We are all mistakes.
Maybe we all belong in a cage.
And here comes the line about how there are no mistakes.
We're all just people.
Actually Dr.
Rosen isn't giving him any sympathy at all.
Your ability isn't the mistake.
The mistake is how you-- you choose to use it.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
What in my brain makes me different? Can--hey-- can I turn it off? You really want to talk about this right now.
Can't hear a damn thing.
I get up at 7:42.
What'd you say? Get up-- I get up at 7:42.
Brush my teeth.
Dress myself appropriately in shirt and pants.
You have to wear pants, even if they're uncomfortable.
It's important to wear pants when you leave the house.
It's important to wear pants, and it's important to interact with people.
Right, Gary? I get up at 7:42.
Brush my teeth.
And I dress myself-- Gary.
No, Gary.
Whenever you are stressed or you feel threatened your sweat glands produce two chemicals that when combined combust.
Oh, so I'm combustible.
But, uh, actually, at the moment you seem quite calm, despite your condition.
Which strikes me as, um a bit odd, given the situation we're in right now.
Is this a delaying tactic, Mr.
Scipio? No, no, no, no, no, my questions matter.
'Cause if I'm a mistake and I can't change that, where does that end? A mistake isn't human, a mistake is something else.
A "them".
Us versus them.
And I don't get to choose whose side I'm on.
That, uh sounds like something coming from Stanton Parish.
Stanton Parish, where's that? Somewhere near Baton Rouge? Baby? We're ready.
Ready for what? What's going on? I was right.
Th-this has all been a ruse.
Listen to me, Cornell.
There is no "us" or "them".
You are not a mistake.
Thinking that way is the mistake, and-- and you can prove it to yourself, you can prove your humanity.
Just let these hostages go, and I promise-- You know what, Rosen, I've enjoyed our little chat, but, um It's time for the main event.
Where's he taking him? Whoa, whoa, what happened? Get up at 7:42-- All right, you two, it's time.
We need eyes.
I gotta get inside.
Hey - Cley, go now! - Go, go, go! Move! Move! Time's up.
What're they doing? No Oh, my God.
Somebody's gotta stop him.
Hicks, they just shot a guard.
Oh, my God.
No, no, no, no.
Y-you-- you can't do this.
I can do all sorts of things.
Go, go, go! Oh, my God.
I can't think! We need, uh-- we need an ambulance, we need a-- a pararamedics! It's wrong.
It's all wrong.
I'm clear.
What are you talking about? I don't smell the burning.
Okay? The yelling, the screaming, it's-- it's only on the monitors.
- You okay? - I'm okay.
Hicks! Hicks, can you hear me? It's all fake.
Rachel's saying it's all fake.
Hicks, I'm hearing something upstairs.
Come on, this way! Move, move, move! Let's go! She's hacked into the security feed.
Maybe she faked the whole thing.
She painted pictures with the ones and zeros to lure us in here.
Where'd they go? Too late.
You lose.
I'm still hearing the banging.
Ted Asher, he, uh-- he finds the weak spots, right? Rachel, where is that banging coming from? It's the southeast corner.
He was punching his way out.
Come on, move! It's not gonna do you any good if you-- Just be quiet! Not you.
You're not one of us.
I can't--oh, my God-- Rachel, Rachel, no, Rachel, look at me.
Okay? Nina You're not scared.
You are completely focused.
Cornell, let Bill and Gary go.
You don't need them.
You don't need hostages anymore.
You've proved your humanity already! I'm not human.
I'm an Alpha.
Please don't do this! Doc! Doc! Cameron! They've taken Bill and Gary.
We've got to stop them, Cameron.
Which one? Get up at 7:42.
I get up at 7:42.
I swear to God, shut him up.
He doesn't shut up in the back of the car.
Second from the front.
They're in the backseat.
Take the shot, Hicks.
Cameron, it's just like throwing a quarter.
Just like throwing a quarter.
NoNo! Bill! Gary! Gary.
Thank God.
Lie down.
Lie down.
Lie down.
I got you.
Bill, deep breaths.
Deep breaths, Bill.
Good job, bill.
Good shot, Hicks.
Asher's out cold.
Where's Scipio? Rachel? He's gone.
Let's face it, Nathan, you can't control the Alphas situation.
You haven't found Parish yet, and you, or whomever else is in charge, can't cover this up forever.
For the past eight months you've been fighting a losing battle.
Look, what happened in Building Seven, it was bad.
But those hostages came out alive.
You and your team made that happen.
Yeah, we did what we could.
Why don't you just tell me what you want to tell me? We need you.
We need you to pull your team back together, and deal with the Building Seven escapees, and keep a lid on this entire mess.
Well, why didn't the government think of that before they institutionalized me? The government is 100,000 feudal kingdoms all fighting for money and control.
Sure, you got some enemies in D.
, but you got some friends, too.
And what are these friends offering me? A full pardon.
A cause.
And a fat consulting fee.
It'll be just like the old days.
Ah, you know, there's a reason they call them the old days, is because they are old.
Lee, I got you a sweet deal here.
Take it.
Or you'll end up back in your rubber room.
All right, so, if uh, you or whomever wants me back, I need to run the program.
I decide what happens to the Alphas we locate.
I approve of the assignments, and with no interference.
Or I'm out.
Hey, Gary.
My mom's hummus.
Your favorite.
Rachel, he's not a dog, okay? He doesn't respond to treats.
Dogs don't like hummus.
Do they, Gary? I thought you said he was talking.
Yeah, he was.
You know, Gary-babble, but after the crash, not a peep.
I figured if you bring him to us-- familiar surroundings-- he'd feel something, or-- Maybe he just needs some time, okay, just to get adjusted.
Come on, Gary.
Gary, c'mon, look.
C'mon now, look around here.
All right? Look.
Everybody's here.
You're back at work.
What do you do? You greet your co-workers appropriately, right? So, come on.
Come on, greet me.
Come on, you bastard, greet me.
Look, I'll let you drive-- no.
You're--you're on the right track.
Still, um may I? He's all yours.
Uh, Gary? I, uh, understand why you're not, uh, greeting everyone.
Uh, greetings usually happen at 9:00 a.
Uh, so, now it is, uh, 3:14.
Now, we're not on a case.
What do you usually do around 3:14? Okay, this is hopeless.
He's exactly the same way as he was when we first met him.
Don't say that.
Wait, wait wait, wait.
He just-- he just looked at me.
You see that? Gary, let's imagine today.
All right? You, uh You got up at 7:42.
You brushed your teeth, as-- as usual, and then you-- you got dressed, you know? Shirt, socks, shoes, pants, right? Right.
You gotta wear pants, because that's important, right? Mmhmm.
And then you, uh, went downstairs, you got breakfast, and then you came in.
And you greeted everyone.
Um And then you worked, uh, you had lunch, and now it is, uh-- well, you've been here all day.
So, what do you normally do then? She's worried about you, Gary.
She hasn't heard from you.
What are you going to do? This is Sandra Bell.
Leave a message.
No, it's the voicemail.
- I'll call you back.
- I hate the voicemail.
Mom! I'm at the office, and I'm fine.
I don't have a chip in my head anymore.
Okay, bye.
- Gary-- - I--no, don't do that.
I know, I know.
I didn't mean to.
I-- - My personal space.
- I know, I know-- Too bad, 'cause here comes another one.
- No, Bill, get off me! - There you go.
C'mon! You called me a bastard.
That's not nice.
You tell 'em, Gary.
Yeah, uh-- Bill, you know what? You're the bastard.
You're right.
You left me with N.
And they made me spy on my friends.
And then--and then, they wouldn't answer when I greeted them appropriately.
And they put me in Building Seven, Bill.
And you just left me there.
I'm- You all left me there.
Yes, Gary, uh-- that's right.
W-w--I did.
And, uh, that was a mistake.
Yeah! Mistake.
But, now, we are going to make them right.
All of us.
We, uh We stored a few things in your office while you were gone.
I'm--I'm gonna help you get 'em out.
All right? Okay.
Hicks, why are you-- what kinds of things? Smelly things? Hicks? I'm glad to have you back.
No, don't do that.
I don't like that.
Too bad.
It's a little dramatic, don't you think? Holding a meeting in the wasteland? Hmm.
Sentimental, actually.
Marched through here during the war.
It was orchards then.
All the way to the river.
Now it's a pit.
Yeah, people really do screw everything up, don't they? The smokestack has ever waged war on the apple tree.
We'll put an end to that.
Better people, better world.
How's your father? He's free.
Like you said.
I just got the call.
Such injustice, him rotting away in there.
I'm glad that he can benefit from our efforts.
Still miles to go before we sleep.
Let's get to work.