Alphas s02e07 Episode Script

Gods and Monsters

Previously on Alphas Someone approached you from the foundation.
What did he ask you to do? Trial tests.
Does "August" mean anything to you? We'll figure it out.
And there's a Jason Miller-- oh, Dr.
He's still here.
That's him.
He's emitting the infrasound.
Is that a photic stimulator? And we have no idea what this thing does to people's brains, or how it fits into Stanton Parish's agenda if, indeed, it does.
Cargo train exploded outside of Jersey City.
There was no evidence of a device.
That's exactly how Stanton Parish operates.
Your 200-year-old Alpha boogeyman? But he's very real, Nathan, and, I believe, extremely dangerous.
Shot in the head.
There's nothing we can do for this poor soul.
What's on your mind, Bill? Scipio knew that we were gonna be there.
I know.
Someone close to us is working with Parish.
Yes, every August medical photo stim has been recalled and destroyed.
Make sure every import ban is retroactive.
Of course.
The Health Technology Safety Act contains that provision.
Delete every record of our meeting, every phone call, every email.
- But not here, Senator.
- Wait till you're alone.
- I should wait until I'm alone.
- Right.
And if anyone ever asks, we're all friends.
- You're friends.
- We're finished.
Have a good night.
Good night.
- You have another headache? - No, it's fine.
I'm just glad we'll be done with all these trips to D.
It's been a long couple of weeks.
Desperate times, necessary measures.
Look, watch out! Senator? St--st--stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Charlotte Go home.
Excuse me, I have to go home.
Is she all right? I think so.
I'm gonna go grab a drink.
Yeah, okay.
What's he doing here? - Oh! - Hi, Lisa.
Hi, Jason.
I was just wondering if, um, you wanted to hang out sometime? Well, I mean, obviously, like, I know, right now, we're hanging out, but we could see a movie or something.
It--well, whatever you want to do.
That's really sweet, but, um, I have a boyfriend.
So Right, I know.
But, listen, I was just-- Hey! Jase! This is the senior crunk.
What, did you, uh, skip a grade and not tell anyone? Cody! Don't be a jerk.
I'll make sure he gets out okay.
Stop it! You don't talk to Lisa.
Look, she's too nice to say it, but you creep her out.
You creep everyone out.
I said, "stop it.
" What did you do? He was in the hospital for months.
He almost died.
You could be a little nicer.
You're right.
You should go out with Jason.
- Cody, stop it.
- Seriously.
Jason's really cool.
Really cool.
Uh, he wants to talk to you outside.
Cody, you better not have hurt him.
What's going on? - Jason just wants - To talk to you.
He just wants to talk to you, Lisa.
What's happening? I really never got a chance to tell you this before, but, um You look really nice tonight.
I look really nice tonight.
Hey, Doc, those two kids from the high school are in the sitch room, and here is the police report.
Thank you.
Uh, did Bill give this to you? Nah, he's not in yet, so I just-- he--he had a late night.
I gave him a call.
Oh, okay.
He's the one who usually handles this sort of thing, Kat.
You need to be working on your-- your memory issues, right? Right, but you said the key to memory construction is active observation, so I am observing actively.
So I got this idea-- probationary agent.
Nice, huh? No, it's not nice.
It's not even a real thing.
The Kat.
Yes, Gare? Yeah.
Bill's my partner, and you're not allowed to just steal someone's partner.
Oh, no.
Yeah, I'm addressing the issue.
Right, no partner stealing.
Got it.
Well, they've ruled out drugs or alcohol.
Perhaps there was some kind of conversion disorder, mass hysteria Whatever you wanna call it, these 2 and 15 others chased a girl right out of the senior dance.
Half of them didn't come home last night.
I kind of read your file before I gave it to you.
Not very probationary.
This young guy.
What, did he walk through a window or something? Plate glass.
Didn't even blink.
Witnesses say they saw a kid named Jason Miller with them, said he appeared to be the leader.
You know him? Hello.
Can either of you tell us anything about Jason Miller? I don't know anyone named Jason.
I'm guessing that's a yes? Alphas 2x07 Don't say no for an answer and there's no telling where we've been 'cause people don't understand understand, understand people don't understand people like me Bill.
Good morning.
Sorry I'm late, Doc.
Well, what's with your knee? I just tweaked it in ballet class last night, so Oh, that's where they were teaching you how to kick each other? I'm still getting my work done, right? Well, we still haven't found the breach in security.
Uh, I did clear the team and Kat-- as much as she could be cleared-- but I'm still working to clear, uh, support staff and friends, and family, and tactical, all right? So I am thorough.
- And thorough takes time.
- Yes, you are.
I-I understand, but I'm gonna loop in Clay.
Doc Are you sure you wanna do that? I don't think we can trust that guy on something like this.
Well, I-I know it's a risk, but it's far more dangerous to have a traitor in our midst.
And besides, Clay has some resources that you could probably use.
All right.
Their neuroanatomies are unique, but their brain patterns are identical.
That's, like, impossible, right? Usually, brain patterns are like snowflakes, Kat.
Everyone should be different.
But when we compare the EEGs, we see many identical areas, their minds moving in some kind of synchronization.
But there is no indication in either of their MRIs of any Alpha ability at all.
It looks as if they might have become an extension of Jason's.
Yeah, but at the hospital, Jason could only project his personality onto other Alphas, and even there, the effect was temporary.
Well, evidently, his ability has evolved.
Yeah, mine did after the photo stim.
They're emitting an infrasonic field.
I can hear it, but barely.
All right, Rachel, stick with me here.
When Jason creates this field, he--he activates, uh, somehow, uh, some sort of neural link, through which he could possibly exercise a measure of synchronized control.
Well, like, some kind of hive mind.
My father's allowing himself to feel optimistic.
August Medical.
It's just a minor setback for us.
You're worried.
Yeah, of course I'm worried about him.
So am I.
You said that you would bring him around to our way of thinking, but you two are farther apart than you've ever been.
Dani, some chasms can't be bridged, certainly not from one side.
No, he has a place in what we're doing, in what we're building.
You've said that.
- I'm hopeful.
- No, you made promises.
Do you understand everything I'm risking for this? There may be an opportunity, a way to build a better bridge.
A former patient of both of ours.
She's just a kid.
She's still gotta be in there somewhere, right? I wish I knew, Nina.
The medication seems to be sedating them, but not breaking Jason's neural link.
I can't get a hold of Jason's parents.
Oh, we have to keep trying.
These kids could be in danger, and Jason's a disturbed young man.
Poor boy has a lifelong history of being ostracized due to his ability.
The infrasound.
It induces feelings of discomfort and unease in people, and they don't like being around him without even knowing why.
Well, he's not alone anymore, is he? Leave it to Parish to make the borg a real thing.
Hmm? It's a Star Trek thing.
Don't worry about it.
No change at all.
Nothing I've given them has restored their normal brain activity.
The primidone, phenytoin-- Well, what about something other than drugs? I could try.
All right.
Molly? Molly, come back.
Molly-- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You all right? - Yeah, it's just-- - What happened? I felt, like, dozens of people just fighting back.
Okay, we're obviously not trying that again.
I don't know.
I-I don't think I can affect their will because it's not their will.
It's Jason's will, and we have to find him if we're gonna have any hope of breaking this connection, this--this neural link.
I'm gonna ask his teachers if they have any idea where he is.
I believe he is here somewhere, Bill.
Kid could go anywhere, and he goes to school? Well, probably for the first time in his life, he has power and influence, and so he's-- he's going back to a place where once he had none.
It's just to show it off.
It makes sense.
We'll be right there.
Rosen? Jason.
You remember me? From--from the hospital? Yeah.
Uh, salt and vinegar chips.
To be honest, I'm--I'm great now.
Not like before.
People used to mess with me all the time, even teachers.
Have you spoken with your parents about that? Ah, my parents, they were the worst.
I mean, have you ever-- have you ever looked at somebody who was supposed to love you and you know that they don't even like you? Anyways, I'm all good now.
See? Ah, yes, I- now, I'm very happy to see how well you've recovered.
Um, Jason, I'd love to run some tests back at my office, if you wouldn't mind.
Nah, I-I told you, I'm fine.
Well, it would help me understand you better, understand your ability, see how you've managed to, uh, well, recover so quickly-- - I'm good.
Thank you, Dr.
Uh, Jason, please, wait-- Excuse me.
Jason, I need you to listen to me.
I'm worried that you might be hurting your friends.
I think it has something to do with the connection that you've made to them.
You wanna take them away.
No, no, I don't.
You touch them.
It's that simple.
Promise me you'll leave us alone, or I'll have him pull the trigger.
Jason, there's-- there's no need-- Promise, or I swear I'll do it.
We should talk.
What's our official story? We're gonna go with accidental weapons discharge.
Yeah, I think that story will stick.
Any leads? No, Gary still hasn't been able to find anything on security cameras, right? No.
They--oh, no, Bill.
The cameras just went out.
That's not my fault.
That's bad security.
What happened to you? I'm following up a few leads with the school psychologist.
You need a hand? No, thank you, Bill.
I'll meet you back at the office.
The public nature of Jason Miller's actions are putting every Alpha at risk.
I expect you to be celebrating it.
What you managed to accomplish with Jason Miller is truly remarkable.
Imagine what he'd be capable of if you hadn't intervened.
I rescued that boy from your experiments.
We share responsibility here, Lee.
You interrupted Jason's treatment.
You failed to recognize his instability, because you were too busy shutting down August Medical.
You neglected his follow-up care.
Well, he wouldn't have needed follow-up care if you hadn't twisted him into this-- this thing that needs to be stopped now somehow.
Bullet to his head would stop him.
But I don't want that.
I want you to help me save him before this gets out of our control.
Oh, that's precisely what I intend to do.
I certainly don't need your help for that.
Because you've had such success curing Jason's victims.
Let me guess--you've tried all the antiseizure meds, maybe even Nina? I have six months of detailed scans and case notes on precisely what was done to Jason's brain, the wavelength and the duration of every stroke treatment.
Please, Lee.
I need you to help me save Jason.
Uh, thank you, but I have my own team.
You can keep the phone.
Danielle was lucky to find that flat on Avenue C.
Such an old building.
I remember it from before the great war.
Be a shame if something happened to it.
I was hoping to sway you with other arguments.
You're an uncompromising man.
You have no idea how uncompromising.
You've been criticized for your frequent trips to New York, Senator.
I won't apologize for making the needs of my constituents my top priority.
All right.
Well, let's talk about your new, hard-line stance on medical equipment being imported from overseas.
I need to make sure the ban is retroactive.
Well, I do believe your bill does cover that, Senator.
Yes, it does.
Of course it does.
You're my friend, aren't you? I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
We're done.
I need to go home.
And that was Senator Burton, recorded last night having some difficulties during the interview-- I know she's staying there.
Yeah, no, no, just listen to me.
I need to see her, and you need-- What's going on? Right this way.
Jason's mother.
Teenagers at the dance weren't Jason's first victims.
His parents were.
She has dozens of subdural hematomas.
I think the connection to her son is causing her brain to--to rupture.
She's gonna die if you don't get her to a hospital immediately.
But maybe you have a surgical suite here somewhere? Take her to Saint Michael's.
So her brain pattern is struggling with Jason's.
Does that mean the others are in danger? Yes.
And the adolescents may have a little more time, given the relative flexibility of their neuroanatomy, but, yes, anyone connected to Jason is eventually going to die.
Quite an effective tool of mass murder you've created.
Not my intent.
- Not your intent? - And what about you? Using Nina Theroux to forcibly push a senator to do your bidding.
Not the same thing.
Nina never intended to hurt anyone.
Not her intent.
Let's get to work before anyone else gets hurt.
Senator Burton's in the hospital.
They're saying it's exhaustion.
It's always exhaustion.
Now, has this ever happened before? Not like this.
Lee and I had no idea she'd have this kind of reaction.
Now, her doctors would've never seen this kind of condition before.
But there are no names on the film, nothing in here to incriminate Dr.
Rosen or the rest of the team.
The only common thread in there is me.
Look, Nina.
It's risky, okay? A senator has a lot of resources.
But it's a risk I have to take.
I need to fix this.
You'll need to loop Dr.
Rosen in before you share this file with the Senator's doctor.
Don't worry.
He'll understand.
Hello, Nina.
What can I do for you? What That was not Dr.
We could neutralize the victim's infrasonic fields.
Disrupting that amount of brain activity would be fatal.
And it appears there is no limit to the number of people Jason can collect.
Oh, you didn't know that? No.
Always meant for Jason to emerge from his coma with more control, more maturity.
Haven't changed much since the 19th Century.
I've raised my fair share.
Remaining the same age while everyone around you grows older and dies.
That, uh, must be very lonely.
- I have my memories.
- Oh, I'm sure you do.
But humans aren't built for that kind of isolation, Stanton.
I'm not here to talk about me, Lee.
All right.
We can see how hard all the minds in Jason's collective are struggling to reassert themselves, so I'm thinking if, somehow, we could push them to-- Nina Theroux.
She can get into his mind and get him to set his collective free.
No, I'd rather not expose her to that risk.
It's far too dangerous.
Won't be a risk as long as I tell her exactly how to navigate his mind.
So you wanna work together on that? Fine, then, uh, I'll have to go find my team.
You didn't wanna walk into a trap.
Neither do I.
- Lee Rosen.
- No, you're not.
What have you done with him? We already know that you're using cloning technology to bounce the number off of cell towers all over the city.
Watch your back.
We're coming for you.
I hear echo, so I know you're indoors.
Gary, ignore all the pings outside.
There's 32 dots now.
In minutes, they'll be kicking down that door.
May I? Okay, look for some place big and empty, far away from traffic, like a warehouse.
Okay, there are 17 dots now.
Stan, you treated me with respect, so as soon as we find Jason, you will be free to go.
Very well.
On your word.
Hello, everyone.
It's him.
I'll explain everything later.
Right now, we need to find Jason, and he's probably feeling very vulnerable right now, so he'll wanna be somewhere safe.
Look for an infrasonic field, a cluster at one of his classmates' addresses.
That's where we'll probably find him.
You're so beautiful.
Why--why don't you take your clothes off? Wait, no-- no, stop.
I want you to want to do it.
I want to do it.
No, you don't.
No, I don't.
I'm sorry.
Jason's in there.
Okay, anybody else a little freaked out by this? Two heartbeats.
He's not alone.
I didn't touch her.
Okay, all right.
Well, let's just let her get dressed now, okay? - Okay.
- Come here.
I like Lisa, okay? But this isn't her.
Hey, Jason, listen.
Rosen sent us.
Okay, we're here to help you.
We can help her, too, but you gotta come with us, okay? Okay.
My first field assignment is "go wait by the minivan"? Really? Yeah.
It's supposed to be safer, but I get arrested sometimes.
No, stay back! You'll spook him.
Who are these guys? You said you were with Dr.
We are.
Look, they're just here to protect you.
It's okay.
Hey, guys.
Hicks! Get him to the car now.
I changed my mind.
I-I don't wanna go.
Hicks! Tranq him! I got him! Unh! - Ahh! - They're like ants.
Oh, there's more! They're swarming.
Kat, help! Ahh! Oh, they are.
They're like ants.
Oh! Ah! Bill! I can catch him! Gary! - Hey! - Come on.
Get off of there, pal! Unh! Hicks, let's go.
- I was harmed.
- Come on! - Gary, move! - Come on, quick.
Hurry! Hurry, they're coming! - Easy, easy.
- Get in, let's go! Come on.
Bill, come on, let's go! Move, move! Go, go, go! Prep him for an MRI and an EEG.
Be careful! Come on, fast, before his friends show up.
Let me look.
No, don't! It hurts.
I'm gonna have a shiner now.
And, Bill, it's your fault that I got punched.
Yeah, I get to punch you now, Bill.
It's my turn.
Gary, no one is gonna punch anybody, okay? Doc? Everyone This is Stanton Parish.
'Sup, Stan? What? Dr.
Rosen better know what he's doing.
Great confidence in you, Miss Theroux.
You've shown tremendous skill in expanding your ability whenever given the opportunity.
All right, so how do I do this? Jason's ability is centered in the frontal polar parietal cortices.
He'll be vulnerable to stimuli in the more fundamental areas of his brain.
So what he's saying, Nina, is, uh, not to exert control over his ability, uh, directly at the outset, the way you did with the two high school kids, but instead, to make him feel something on a more primal level in order to distract him.
Study his EEG very carefully.
I'm gonna try everything I can to make him see reason, but I want you to be ready just in case.
Uh, I believe we're done here.
Harken and Mr.
Hicks will, uh, show you to the elevator.
Good luck.
We're not going to the elevators, are we? We're going to the elevator, just not gonna leave the building.
Hey! You killed Anna.
You killed a lot of people, and now you're gonna go to jail.
I simply wanted her arrested.
The government murdered Anna, and Dr.
Rosen did nothing to stop them.
Okay, that's enough.
Highland Mills? The community in Maine? And now Jason Miller? Where Dr.
Rosen goes, trouble for Alphas follows.
Gary, don't listen to him.
Come on.
Signed and sealed.
Come on, we gotta get upstairs.
Do not open that door, understood? - Yes, sir.
- Under any circumstances.
This is not what we discussed, Lee.
No, we're only beginning to understand who each of us is.
I learned a lot about you today, Stanton.
A man who says he's, uh, helping to save dozens of lives, that's very forthcoming about his motives, even the possibility that he and I are not so different on some level.
Admits to weakness, and error, and I'm only human, Lee.
It was only to gain my trust.
What happens to that poor, damaged young man is incidental to you.
You're trying to, uh, how shall I say, recruit me, aren't you, Stanton? You have to admit, we make a great team.
It's never going to happen.
You should not have threatened Danielle.
Guard, could I have some water? Please? I wanna go now, Dr.
Jason, the people in your neural link, you--you must let them go.
You have to set them free.
No, I don't.
Because I'll be alone again, and you have no idea how that felt.
During World War II, an American Lieutenant and his squad came across a field of potatoes while out foraging.
The Lieutenant left to speak to the farmer, ordered his men not to go into the field.
He was just being cautious.
The men were starving.
They hadn't eaten in days.
All that food, just sitting there.
When the Lieutenant returned, half his men were dying and the other half were dead.
Blown to pieces.
The Germans had been laying mines in some of the fields as they retreated.
That Lieutenant was me.
A desperate man will do just about anything.
Your mother is in a coma, Jason, right now.
And that's gonna happen to everyone else--Lisa, too.
I don't believe it.
You're lying.
I'm not hurting them, okay, because I can feel their thoughts, and believe me, it feels good.
For the first time in my life, I feel like I belong.
I really want to go now.
Nina, I'm afraid I'm going to need you after all.
Are you ready? I'll be right there, Lee.
- I really wanna go now.
- I really wanna go now.
- I really wanna go now! - I really wanna go now! - I really wanna go now.
- I really wanna go now.
- I really wanna go now! - Go back to sleep.
- They're here.
- Gary, how many? I think all of them.
Power's out, but the backup's on.
Secure stairwells are clear, but they're coming up the public ones.
Oh, okay.
I'll close the blast door.
No, no, no, no.
Hicks is bringing up tranq guns.
Well, he should hurry up, 'cause they're gonna close automatically.
Damn, there's a lot of them.
Hey, we're gonna need teams in the main entrance and all public stairwells.
Tranq guns only, copy? Tranq guns only.
Right away, sir.
Agent Harken, come in.
That wasn't the lesson.
The lesson is follow orders.
I got the tranq guns.
Drama queen.
They're being crushed.
All right, we're gonna have to let these kids in.
They're gonna kill themselves.
All right, let's drop back, try and buy ourselves some more time.
All right, Gary, now.
Doc, I don't know how long we can hold out here.
Tell Nina, hurry.
Jason's gone.
'Cause that's just what we need.
Well, he's still here somewhere, because those kids are still attacking.
Check Parish.
Choi, Grant.
How's Parish? Respond.
Choi, Grant, respond.
Get back to the office.
I'll check this area.
If they get through, is this gonna be enough? Jason! Dr.
Rosen? Dr.
Rosen, something's wrong.
He said that he'd get me out of here, then he locked himself in that room.
You brought Parish into your neural link? He said that he wanted me to, but now something's happening and I can't stop it.
He wants to take control of your collective.
But it's going to be all right, Jason.
Let me help you.
Bring me in, please.
Jason? You-- Jason, everyone here is part of your shared consciousness.
I know, but-- but he's taking them away.
How are you doing this? It's sort of a neural failsafe.
It's an important early step in Jason's treatments.
You didn't think I would create something I couldn't control, did you? No, no, no, no, please, not you.
Lisa! Those doors aren't gonna hold forever.
I must admit I didn't see the boy's full value until just now.
You've grown far more powerful than I ever anticipated, Jason, but you're clearly not comfortable with leadership.
Jason, you don't have to let him do this.
- Don't listen to him, Jason-- - You can break the link! He doesn't know what he's talking about.
You can set all these people free.
He doesn't understand us.
He's not like us.
Go, Jason.
Be with your friends.
Set them free, Jason.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can! - It's your brain.
- You'll be alone.
I don't want it to be like it was before.
- It will not be like before.
- Yes, it will.
Trust me, Jason.
Jason! No! No! Look.
They're stopping.
Think we're okay? I can't hear the infrasonic fields anymore.
It wasn't me.
Where's Dr.
Rosen? Jason.
Oh, Dr.
Rosen? Thank you, Jason.
I know that was a very difficult choice to make, but your ability, and--and that man, who knows what would've happened.
Rosen, you okay? No, we're--we're fine.
It's fine.
Where's Parish? Damn it.
bean counter said we don't need ballistic glass on every floor.
You see anything? Nothing.
He's gone.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I finally got all those kids checked out and sent home.
Three of those little boys asked me out on a date.
Well, that's sweet.
You could, you know, buy your date his beer.
No! Oh, my goodness! And they smelled like they bathed in cologne.
It was really gross.
It was just-- John has introduced me to scotch.
I have a really wicked bottle of 18-year-old Oban in my office.
I have something I need to take care of tonight.
You're taking the file to the senator's doctor, huh? Rain check? Rain check.
By the way, if-- if you're not sleeping with him, and he's still buying you $100 scotch, he's a keeper.
We'll see.
Hell of a couple of days, huh? Ah, yes, indeed.
Hey, Doc.
Parish knew our layout cold.
Now, normally, I would say that that is luck, but something tells me this guy makes his own luck.
It wasn't his luck, Cameron.
It was my own overconfidence, thinking I could-- I could trap him here somehow.
That was-- that was a brilliant move on his part.
He wanted me to bring him here so he could meet all of you.
Well, wheels within wheels.
Uh, being inside his head has--has given me a lot to think about.
We're gonna get him.
You know that, right? Okay, let me just grab my bag, and - Cameron? - Yeah? Is, is that a new one of Dani's? Yeah, she just finished it.
You haven't seen it before? Yes, I have.