Alphas s02e10 Episode Script

Life After Death

- Previously on Alphas - What are you doing here? He isn't coming, Dani.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- Parish.
- Dani I have to take you into custody now.
I want you to lay face down.
- Cameron - You turned her in! Please understand, if I had any other option, I would-- She's your kid.
You're supposed to protect her! This isn't the end, Dani.
It's-- there's an opportunity here.
Yes, there is a way out.
She come up with that brilliant idea herself, Doc, or you head-shrink that into her? That's uncalled for.
We're all just trying to wrap our heads-- You put your own daughter's head on the block, and I'm out of order? Your father should have never sent you back to Parish.
Now we're getting out of here.
I didn't come back here for my father.
- Dani-- - No, Cam.
This is my chance to do something good.
I'm standing on top of your bomb.
Dani, you're not supposed to be there.
I can't let you kill millions of people.
My sweet Danielle, fighting for what she believes in.
Run! Do notDie.
The choices can feel overwhelming.
One always wants the best for one's child.
Please, take your time.
Hicks, need anything? No.
You gotta eat, bro.
We're order some food.
Yeah, I'm not hungry.
Hicks, you could try screaming.
'Cause I--you're angry about Dani like I'm angry about Anna.
And the screaming, it's cathartic.
- Gary - I could show you how to do it.
He needs some time.
- Oh.
How much time? - I don't know.
I've barely slept.
I just keep on picturing it Dani dying.
I know.
She was holding my hand, and-- What? I felt everything she felt.
How precious it all is.
How fast.
I just still can't believe it.
Me neither.
How is he? We're giving him time.
But we don't know how much.
The poor guy never slept last night.
He was walking around my house till 3:00 in the morning.
He's strong.
He'll be okay.
Anyway, let's, uh-- let's get organized around this, okay? Rosen's head isn't in it, so we need to stay on top of this investigation.
No, Bill, it's the weekend.
Gary, that doesn't matter anymore.
Well, we need copies of every document, every file.
- You're here.
- Well, this is our office.
Yeah, and it's my apartment too.
I just figured after what happened, you'd--you'd all take some time.
And what, it'd be the perfect time for you to just sneak in here? Nobody's sneaking.
The D.
wants all the intel on the Parish organization.
Oh, you mean Dr.
Rosen's intel.
His daughter's death is a terrible tragedy.
And I'm gonna rip that organization apart so they don't hurt anybody else.
So what, exactly, do you need? - He needs to get out of here.
- We need everything.
Starting in Dr.
Rosen's office.
Cley, come on.
This isn't right.
- Rosen doesn't trust him.
- Right.
He wouldn't let him go through his stuff like that.
Guys, listen, I don't agree with this either.
I don't like this, but obviously, they can help us get to Parish.
So let's give them what they need, but keep an eye on them, all right? Let's get to work.
Gary, we could use your help.
- Agent Bell.
- Okay, Agent Bell, can you download all the digital files from the investigation? Download.
That's a waste of my ability.
Hey, man, my guys could do it, but it'd take them hours.
You can do it in ten minutes.
Ten minutes.
I could do it quicker than that.
So will you? No, it's lunch.
I get pizza today.
So I'll do it after.
Cley wanted an inventory on all the physical evidence we collected on Parish.
Add it to the pile.
Can I help? It's okay.
I'm almost done.
I hate that we're doing this.
Well, maybe you should just go home.
It's actually a beautiful day.
We should enjoy them when we can.
What are you doing here? Well, I was looking for you.
I wanted to see if you were okay.
I mean, I know you're not okay.
It's just A crappy day, huh? Thank you.
I can't tell you how good it is to see you.
You want to get some coffee or something? Take me home.
My parents are in New Jersey, at my uncle's.
Oh, um Yeah.
Is Dr.
Rosen on the fifth floor? I need to see him.
Oh, oh, no, he's not that kind of doctor.
No, you don't understand.
He has to help me.
Do you know him? Yeah, he's my boss, but he's not here right now.
You work at that place that helps Alphas? You're not supposed to know about us.
You should go away and then come back another time.
No, I can't.
I can't come back, okay? Here, take him.
- Take him! Please.
- No, no, don't-- no, no, no-- - Please.
He's special.
Okay, okay.
But I'm not gonna take-- hey! Hey, don't--no! Don't--oh, oh.
I can't take this.
Where are you going? OhOh Alphas 2x10 don't say no for an answer and there's no telling where we've been 'cause people don't understand understand, understand people don't understand people like me Hey.
We're gathering all our information on Parish.
Just to get everyone up to speed.
Do you mind? Can I get you anything? No, thanks.
- Are you sure? - Between you and Harken We're all here for you.
Whatever you need.
Your download's done.
Nina, wait.
There's something I want you to do.
Push me.
Make me forget.
I can't do this.
I can't be like this.
So push me, and then I'll forget her.
Cam, I can't do that.
You mean you won't.
I know how you feel.
No, you don't! I know how much she loved you.
Just go.
Eh, eh, eh.
Eh, eh, eh.
Is that a baby? What the hell-- Gary.
Gary, whose baby is that? Oh, I don't know.
Some lady gave him to me downstairs, told me to take care of him.
I already looked up how.
A lady.
What--what lady? I don't know.
She didn't tell me her name.
She didn't tell me his name either.
But I think he looks like a Kyle.
Or a Benjamin.
Gary, what are you talking about? I'm talking about what just happened to me, Bill, downstairs.
I have to use a steady, rhythmic, soothing motion.
Doka doka doka.
Doka doka doka.
Doka doka doka.
Look, Bill, it works.
Doka doka doka.
Doka doka doka.
I'm sorry, sir, no entry.
I understand.
Thank you, sir.
You know, Homeland Security's already searched the place.
Yes, I'm aware of that.
I want to make sure they haven't missed anything.
- There you go, sir.
- Thank you.
Please state your name for the record.
Lee Rosen.
Lee, thank you for coming in today.
On behalf of our entire department, please accept our condolences.
Thank you.
I know this is a difficult time for you, but we find that recollections are most accurate within 24 hours after an event.
I understand.
We're here to review the course of events that culminated in the act of domestic terrorism in Weehawken, New Jersey, and resulted in a number of casualties, including the death of government informant Danielle Sara Rosen.
Rosen, for the record, who do you hold responsible for Danielle's death? Excuse me? Who do you hold responsible for the death of your daughter? deeper and deeper still use your hands like eyes sift around the bottom row and soon will be your time keep your hands by your side hands by your side hands by your side hands by your side soon will be your time I've got my hands on it I've got to find a way Are you all right? I've got my hands on it I got to find a way I've got my hands on it I've got to find a way out bring all my people with me Deeper and deeper still the belly was the bank the lion holds the mouth we feed died at forty-five keep your hands by your side hands by your side your hands by your I made this.
I heated it up, okay, and I--I tried it-- it's gross.
Gary, I need you to track her.
Gary, I need you to do it now.
Yeah, Bill, I already did.
I did that one.
She goes into the alleyway, and then you can't see her anymore.
So there's no way to contact her.
Gary, listen, I need you to do a face grab-- Bill, I know what you need me to do, but I can't-- I only have two hands.
I'm trying to give Benjamin, or Kyle, his food here.
- Gary.
- Okay, I'll look for it.
Thank you.
Are you sure she said she can't come back? Yeah, and that he's very special.
And that he should be here.
That's why she brought him here.
'Cause he must be an Alpha.
I wonder what his ability is.
He'll probably go fly off somewhere.
No, Bill, come on.
Even Alpha babies can't fly.
Can you-- can you fly? Can you fly? I'm kidding.
I'm joking with you.
What is this, daddy daycare? No, I'm not his daddy.
Agent Bell, you get those downloads for me? No, 'cause I have to feed him, and then I have to burp him.
Then I'll probably have to clean up after him.
What's the status on Parish? The status is we're all over this.
Oh, so you're looking for him, huh? Hell yeah.
Probably not gonna find him here.
Hicks, you know how long it takes to get 19 federal agencies up and moving? We're bringing in the big guns, but it takes some time to get the big guns rolling.
Rosen warned you about Parish a year ago.
And then he almost kills millions of people, and that's what it finally takes to light a fire under the government's ass.
And you think you're gonna come in here and start giving us orders? No way Rosen's gonna take this! Cam.
Rosen invited us.
He reached out to me.
What? Told me I had free access to all the intel.
The investigation is not gonna be run by this team.
Rosen agreed to that.
Son of a bitch.
Hicks, wait.
Cley, what are you talking a-- Okay, yeah, I found her.
Someone tagged a photo.
Somewhere tropical.
We're gonna need a name, Gary.
Bill, come on.
Your hands are too big.
Get out of there.
All right, all right.
Yeah, Magda Ryan.
It's somewhere sunny, though, like Bermuda, Bahamas.
We got a name.
We also have the parents.
They're waiting outside.
They're here? Oh, thank God.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
and Mrs Kessler.
I'm Brian, this is Jane.
And that's Adam, our son.
He doesn't look like an Adam.
Thank you for looking after him.
One second, please.
We need to work this thing out.
What do you mean "work this thing out"? Jane Kessler And, uh Brian Kessler.
We came as soon as we knew Magda took him.
His nanny.
Is that this woman here? - Yes, that's her.
- She's so fired.
I know we have to, but she's been so good with him.
Took him without our permission, and then she abandoned him.
She thought she was helping.
You believe this? Why did she bring him here? She watched that video of the doctor talking about Alphas.
Lee Rosen.
You know, the one where he's in front of the Senate committee.
Yes, I am aware.
She was obsessed with the idea that Adam was one of those people.
One of those people? Alphas.
She kept on pressuring us to get Dr.
Rosen to examine him.
How did you find us? We found this address in her room.
What, exactly, is this place, anyway? We're government consultants.
We don't want to get her in trouble.
We just want our son.
That was, um It was good.
It was very good.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it was great.
Thank you for coming over.
I felt a bit alone, so I appreciate it.
You're welcome.
But oh, yeah, I-- Um, you You feel like some dinner or-- Sure.
Um You first.
Of course.
After Danielle's arrest, she was returned to Stanton Parish as a covert operative.
Uh, Department of Defense.
Her assignment was to provide intelligence for you-- for your department-- in exchange for a pardon of her crimes.
And you were in support of that agreement? Yes, I was.
When Danielle returned to the Parish organization as a covert operative, she was confident that he would not question her loyalty.
She'd been a disciple of his, so to speak.
Yes, so to speak.
Rosen, in your opinion, how does a man like Stanton Parish attract so many followers? What did your daughter see in him? Stanton Parish is a master manipulator.
He is, quite frankly, a sociopath.
He has a very charismatic personality.
He preys upon people who, uh-- who, for whatever reason, are looking for a purpose in their life, and a sense of belonging.
Particularly those who feel that they have lost some sort of connection With their friends or family.
Hey, you don't look like an Adam.
I wish that you could tell me your name.
I'm--I'm Gary Bell.
You should know that, even though you can't talk.
Unless that's your Alpha ability-- talking baby.
I'm kidding.
I do that.
- What? - Let's go.
The parents are here to pick up the kid.
- What--no.
- Time to go.
No, Bill, we don't even know if they are his parents.
Birth certificates are legitimate, okay? I looked online.
No, Bill.
They can fake birth certificates.
Don't do this to me today.
No, no, no, Bill! No, Bill, don't do that.
- What is wrong with you? - Get out! Get out! And stay out.
What the hell is wrong with you? There's nothing wrong with me, Bill.
They're not taking him.
Gar Nina.
They're not taking him, Bill.
Gary, come on, now.
Open the door.
This is so not the time.
Maybe you should just break in.
I don't want to set him off.
This is weird, even for Gary.
Gary, we know you're concerned about the baby, but you can't keep him from his parents.
Gary, you can check the I.
Yeah, Bill, I already did check their I.
Brian and Jane Kessler.
But they only have drivers licenses.
Yeah, it's real suspicious, huh? Yeah, it is suspicious, Bill, 'cause that's all they have.
I couldn't find anything else.
There's no bank accounts or credit cards.
And there's no pictures of them with the baby.
Come on, Gary.
The lady gave him to me, so and she told me to take care of him.
So that's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna take care of him.
Something is off.
Really off.
Looks like you got a situation.
Yeah, nothing we can't handle.
Listen, I'm sorry we imposed on you today.
But we're done here for now.
What does that mean? Starting tomorrow, your offices will become our base of operations.
Grand central for breaking the Parish organization.
I thought you said we were off of the investigation.
I said you weren't in charge.
We still need your help and expertise.
We're all after the same thing, aren't we? See you soon.
There's something with aliens at 8:00, or there's a chick flick at 9:15.
Obviously, you're into the aliens.
Obviously, but I'm willing to sacrifice.
John, you shouldn't have to sacrifice.
Seriously, I'm fine with whatever.
John you deserve better than fine.
We both do.
Listen, I think-- I don't know, I think we just built it up too much.
We just needed to get past the first time, that's all.
- You do? - Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, it wasn't terrible.
Oh, God.
I just-- I mean, to me it felt like you were far away.
Look, are you sorry that-- No.
I wanted this.
I wanted to be with you.
I guess I expected it to be different this time.
What do you mean? I was 18 my first time.
And when it happened, I felt so out of control.
Just so overwhelmed by the sensations that I just completely shut down.
It's just always been like that.
Well, Rachel, we'll get there.
Okay? You'll feel comfortable.
You kept your shirt on.
You don't want to see my scars.
You're wrong.
I do.
My ex, um she tried to be there for me while I was recovering.
She said she couldn't stomach it.
Is that how she put it? Kinda hard to forget.
Well I thinkyou are beautiful.
Baba! What are you doing home? Your uncle got on my nerves.
This is John.
Uh Sir.
I'll go check on her.
Thank you.
You left me all alone out there with your dad.
- I'm sorry.
- Rachel, I'm leaving the house.
I'm going shopping.
I'm going for Two hours.
Oh, my God.
No, no, it's fine, 'cause you know what? I think he liked me.
Oh, shut up.
We only have two hours.
What do you think you're doing here? Making sure they haven't missed anything important.
- Taking inventory? - Yeah.
Yeah, in a word.
Dani's paintings and her belongings.
Just want to make sure they're protected.
You want to protect her things.
What are you doing here, Cameron? Well, Cley's back at our office rifling through our stuff.
You're seriously gonna trust this to him? Yes.
Yes, for now, I'm letting the experienced authorities make all the decisions.
No, you're the experienced authority.
Yeah, look where my expertise has led us.
What, you're just gonna hand this entire thing over to him? Parish killed Dani! I know that.
You think I need you to tell me that? She's my daughter.
She was.
Now look at you just sitting there, not doing anything to find her killer.
Well, where the hell do you think I should be? Gary would never harm your baby.
He's just trying to protect him.
- Protect him from what? - It doesn't make any sense.
Gary's autistic.
It's very hard for him to make connections with people.
But for some reason, he's found a connection with Adam.
He's been able to hold him.
He's been very caring.
Which is very unusual for Gary, believe me.
This is what I'm thinking.
What if your nanny was right? What if Adam has some sort of ability that's affecting Gary? He's an Alpha? We don't believe in that.
Okay, well, let's call Dr.
Rosen-- No! Rosen is able to reach Gary.
He'll be able to see whether there's something that's affecting him.
Absolutely not.
We don't want that man anywhere near our child.
That's how this whole thing began.
Fair enough.
Why don't you go take a seat in my office.
Sit tight.
We'll get you and your son out of here.
You got a half hour or we're calling the police.
We want our baby back.
All right, we need to split them up and ask them some more questions.
You ready to do your thing? Oh, yeah.
Well, the funny thing, Mr.
Kessler, is we can't seem to find any record of you or your wife.
No home records, no loans What does that have to do with this? Just get my son out of that room.
I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to do that just yet.
What's he talking to Brian about? Just relax and tell me the truth.
This tea is terrible.
And I love your perfume.
Are you the baby's parents? No.
He doesn't have real parents.
Can I get some cream? Who's the lady who brought the baby to Gary? She took care of the kid at the lab.
Your friend's in big trouble.
You either knock down that door, or I call the police.
You wanna call the police? Call 'em.
Go right ahead.
They do stuff with genetics or something.
I think they've got four other babies now.
Who sent you? Mr.
Murphy called and said, "get the kid out of here.
"No muss, no fuss.
"But if things get tricky, show them who they're dealing with.
" If you don't want to call, I will.
Yeah, I'm one of those people.
Well, me too.
I don't think so.
- Do your thing.
- He's holding the kid.
- Give him to me.
- No.
No way.
Have it your way.
Go to sleep.
Yeah, you see? I told you.
I was right.
Yeah, Gary, you were right.
They never listen to me.
Rosen, if you will, please turn your attention to the final event in Weehawken.
After the detonation of the voltaic grenades, several electrical towers were destroyed and All of the lights in the area had gone out.
Danielle was in the direct path of the blast.
Um Her injuries were-- were quite severe.
Dani? Dani, look at me.
Look at me.
Dani, I love you.
And, uh She expired.
It's my responsibility, whatever happens to Cameron or Dani or anyone.
It's my responsibility.
You shouldn't have to carry that alone.
Yes, I should.
Lee, I'm so sorry to have brought you here.
That's all right, Nina.
Where's Gary? He's in the lab.
Gary, you have a very high level of vasopressin in your bloodstream, so-- Oh.
That doesn't sound good.
It's all right, Gary.
It's nothing to worry about.
It's a hormone that increases the instinct to protect one's child.
It's typically found in high levels in new fathers.
I'm not his father.
I only just met him today.
Yes, I know.
I just believe that Adam here-- No, Benjamin.
Or Kyle.
Well, whatever his name is has the ability to induce production of the hormone in anyone who's nearby-- in close proximity or in contact with him.
It doesn't necessarily have to be the birth parent either.
He can inspire inspire what all babies need care and protection.
Hi, Bill.
- Good to see you, Doc.
- You too.
How'd it go at the laboratory? Well, they busted everyone.
Of course, no one's talking.
They're still looking for Magda, though.
Are the other babies all right? They seem to be.
They placed 'em all in secure foster homes.
Well, I should probably have a look at them too.
Gary, this is a vasopressin antagonist.
It will reduce the concentration in your bloodstream very quickly.
- I have to drink this? - Yes, please.
- That--come on.
- Just hold your breath.
- Eww, it's filthy.
- It's not filthy, Gary.
Magda must have taken that, right? Unless she felt like this was the safest place for him.
That makes sense.
- Gary, you were incredible.
- Huh.
You protected him when we almost gave him away.
Yeah, I was incredible.
I protected him.
- Gary, may I? - Oh.
Oh, yeah.
You have to be careful.
Hey, little one.
Hi there.
Can you squeeze my finger? Hey.
He had a rough day.
He's doing fine.
He's lucky he won't remember it.
He'll learn young to put all the rough stuff behind him and move on with life.
Right? Huh, little guy? - You have a go.
- Come here.
Hurts my back.
Hmm? Oh Better? I think I figured out what your Alpha ability is.
But we should keep practicing.
Uh, isn't your dad gonna be home soon? I don't care.
What a day.
No whining, Bill.
We can only have one baby in the house.
Are you sure you're okay with this? Are you kidding me? I'm still in shock that you are.
Well, you know, sometimes life can be rough, but you just have to grab the good stuff when it happens, right? Oh, and everyone thinks you're such a tough guy.
This is just until we find a safe place for him.
We have a safe place for him.
We don't know anything about this kid.
So we're still gonna have to take that stuff, you know.
No, I know, I know.
Just look at him, Bill.
He's perfect.
I know you blame me for all of this, Cameron.
Well, I do too.
I had her in my arms.
I could have stopped her, but I let her go.
Whatever you're feeling right now, we did not kill her.
Someone else did.
He used her, then he killed her when she got in his way.
You know that if Cley catches Parish, he'll put him in prison.
He doesn't deserve to go to prison.
No, he doesn't.
I'm gonna need your help.