Alphas s02e12 Episode Script

Need to Know

Previously, on Alphas I found it.
The shipment that arrived in New York from Stanton Parish's factory.
All right, shh, shh- This is it, the manifest.
It says, "industrial electronics.
" Boxes were here.
Thousands of them.
Parish already has them.
- Who are you? - I'm Stanton Parish.
I'm here to make you an offer.
A child like Zoe, she needs an environment that she can thrive in, as do you.
You think you're gonna come in here and start giving us orders? Rosen invited us.
What? Told me I had free access to all the intel.
The investigation is not gonna be run by this team.
Well, Cley's back at our office rifling through our stuff.
You seriously gonna trust this to him? Show me your hands right now.
- Hey, what's your name? - UhMitchell.
Why are you locked in this room? Well, I have to be here.
I'm very important.
Yeah? Says who? Stanton Parish.
So he touches you, right, and zap! He records whatever memory you're thinking about.
So he's a total recall Alpha.
Hello, Mitchell.
Can you show me the last time you spoke with Mr.
Parish? I promise you, you will grow old in a better world than I have.
Parish won't let you keep Mitchell chipped.
He'll come for him.
Let him come.
It's all right, baby.
It's gonna be okay.
- What's so funny? - You, the baby whisperer.
Yeah? Make you a little jealous.
- I'm not jealous.
- Ah, you are.
- Maybe I'm a little jealous.
- I can tell.
- Maybe a little.
- Don't worry, because you you been great with this kid.
When it comes time for us to have our own, you're gonna be great with him too, all right? Even if I am, what kind of world are they gonna grow up in? No, no, no, we're not gonna have this conversation now.
Things are getting so Now, then, fresh spring air What was that? Look out! You're okay.
Stay here.
Stay down.
Okay, listen up.
We've got one dead, three injured.
This is the fifth attack on the power grid this week.
There's no discernible pattern to the attacks, but on the bright side, in a day or two, we'll have these power grid protectors in place everywhere, so Parish will have a hard time keeping this up.
The DOD says Parish is building up to something big, and since his last plan targeted the entire city, we're expecting this one to be even bigger, and according to these intercepts, it's gonna happen within the next few days.
Two days from now is October 22.
October 22, 1862.
A Union officer was shot in the head and apparently killed.
Then, he miraculously came back to life.
And that is when Stanton Parish discovered he was an Alpha.
So what are you saying? This is some sort of twisted birthday party? - Yes.
- 150 years to the day.
Terrorists love anniversaries.
Look, the plan is to keep pressuring his organization.
thinks that if we push hard enough, eventually something's gonna snap.
The best lead that we have is that electronic shipment that we almost intercepted.
That's gotta be a part of this.
We don't even know what Parish was planning to do with those components.
Yeah, well, that's why Rachel is looking for Skylar Adams.
Skylar knows how to figure these things out, if we can find her.
I'm doing my best, but Skylar is very good at not being found.
Folks, we're talking about two days from now.
We're still boxing in the dark.
We need to find a way to Parish, and find it fast.
Now wewe gotta get inside Parish's head.
Mitchell Morgan, page four.
If you want to get inside Parish's head, he's the answer.
- Parish's memory guy? - Yes.
Oh, I thought Parish was only using him to store sentimental stuff.
Yes, he did.
I think there may be a way to dig deeper, but we'd need to move him to a more appropriate facility, and New York Psychiatric has a, uh, secure unit.
You want me to transfer a high-value asset out of Building Seven in the middle of all this? Yes, that is what I am asking.
I could go with you.
Mitchell knows me.
I can make him more comfortable.
I'd rather you not, Kat.
I'm freshly trained in all this stuff, and what I don't know, I can learn in, like, ten minutes.
Well, learning is not quite the same thing as applying.
Doc, she aced Quantico in two weeks.
- Bill - Look, the clock's ticking.
I'll take whatever help I can get.
All right, fine.
Just get it done.
We're stocked up on meds.
Transportation's in place.
Doctors are reporting soon.
Have we gotten what we need from Skylar Adams yet? Vince is working her as fast as he can.
That is simply not good enough.
I'll have a word with Vincent.
It's all coming together now.
People will be scared.
They'll need a place to go for the transition.
It's Danielle's idea.
Her legacy.
Hey, Jeannie.
Oh, sweetie.
Just stay at your mom's.
You'll be all right.
Okay? Yeah, I love you too.
Yeah, kiss the baby.
All right.
That Jeannie? How is she? She's traumatized, of course.
Bill, I think I I have an alternative approach to this whole thing, a way to take it directly to Parish.
That's great, because I'm expecting a conference call from D.
right now.
I'll run it by them, see if it flies.
Speaking of which.
You don't want to do that.
This is strictly unofficial, you understand? Do I understand? You can you hold, please? Do I understand? Parish's organization is huge and nasty and about to pull the trigger on something big.
Cley needs all of us to be rowing in the same direction, okay, that's NYPD, that's DOD, and us I realize that.
Look, you you either grab an oar or get the hell out the boat.
We don't have time to do anything cute.
Knock, knock.
Sorry to interrupt.
You got that, right? No, not you, okay? Yeah.
No, you're right.
Of course.
Yeah, okay.
He didn't go for it.
His involvement isn't critical.
What if he gets in our way? Well, let's just hope he doesn't.
Good luck.
All right, give me five.
Okay, lead vehicle, call out your turns.
Advance team, maintain lockup.
Copy that.
You really think Rosen can get more intel out of this guy? Yeah.
Nobody knows Parish as well as Mitchell.
Sucks he's chipped.
He was a good guy to road trip with.
Yeah, if you say so.
Hey, blondie, you're following too close to the lead vehicle.
Maintain a constant driving speed.
Yeah, how about we switch? You drive, and I'll boss you around? My feet won't reach the pedals.
Kat, you okay? - Yeah! - Watch Mitchell.
Damn it, it's Scipio! Come on! Red team with me.
Blue team stay with the truck.
Holy crap.
Put him down, now! Ow.
Move! Go, go! Blue team, fan out.
Cover the stairwells.
Stairwells are secure, but no sign of him.
Where the hell did he go? There's no way he got past us.
- I lost Mitchell too.
- Nothing here.
Damn it! Cover the exits! Yes, sir! Spread out! Alphas 2x12 * Don't say no * * for an answer * * and there's no telling * * where we've been * * 'cause people don't understand * * understand, understand * * people don't understand * * people like me * So the feds don't have Scipio.
I don't know where the hell he is.
We'll deal with that in due time.
Almost done.
Thank you, Doctor.
You're all dismissed.
I said dismissed, Mr.
Mitchell? Hey, Stanton.
How are you feeling? Uh my neck hurts.
We removed the chip they inserted.
It's really good to see you again.
May I? Yeah.
They're gone.
Rosen did this, didn't he? He erased my memories.
He, um he gave me an IV, andand, uh, a few injections about three days ago no, about about four days ago.
After that, all the extra stuff was just gone.
It's funny.
For the first time in years, I actually feel like like me, you know? Like me.
You were right.
Parish took the bait.
Did we get what we need? Yeah, I just I feel bad for Kat.
Well, so do I, but she'll forget everything in two weeks.
That's something.
I just I wish it didn't have to go that far.
As do I, Nina.
It's them.
How is he? Alive.
Is everything ready? Yeah, he's still out.
I can smell the tranq working its way through his system.
I got this.
Wake up, sunshine.
We need to talk.
Hello, Cornell.
It's all come down to this, hasn't it? Is this really who you want to be, Cornell? Someone responsible for the death of millions of people? Is this what you really want? What I want is a lawyer.
So what, I don't have civil rights? Why? 'Cause I'm not human? You're very much a human, Cornell.
You just choose to deny the fact, but there's still time.
Actually, there's a lot less time than you think, Doc.
Hey, you know, the way I'm tied up I could burn myself, if I accidentally trigger my ability.
We wouldn't want that, would we? I know it's bothered you for a very long time how closely aligned your emotional state is with your ability, that you've always wanted to transcend it.
Well, you can right now.
Seriously? That's the best you got? You try to head-shrink me into getting in touch with my humanity? Where were you when I set my parents' house on fire? No, you're 20 years too late, Doc.
We need to move things along.
Two weeks ago, Parish shipped a large number of electronic components from China to New York.
What do you know about that? Gone.
They've moved.
Where did they go? Parish doesn't tell me.
It's above my pay grade.
Were there other shipments? Answer her.
Stuff's been coming in for months.
Ask him about Parish.
Where is he? Where's Stanton Parish? Where is he right now? Where is Stanton Parish? Answer me! Where is he right now? Wouldn't you like to know.
The last time you spoke with Parish, where did it take place? Aah, bite me! Nina, he's blocked, just like the Senator.
Oh, yeah, I got a vault in there, boys and girls.
It's ironclad.
Well, let's unlock it, shall we? - Ooh.
- Rachel, amobarbital, 15ccs.
Amowhat? Oh You gotta let it go, Kat, you know? Sounds to me like you did your best excuse me, good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
Yeah, except I lost Mitchell and Jeff Kowalka.
Plus, I had Cornell Scipio in my hands, and I let him go too.
So basically, I suck.
Well, sometimes in life that happens.
Really? Really, we're gonna do that? We got more important things to worry about.
Tomorrow's the 22nd.
Yeah, I know, the world's gonna end.
Look, Rosen said that Mitchell is the key to everything, right, so let me just let me just recheck the scene.
Maybe I missed something.
Call Rachel, okay? It's her department.
Yeah, no, I thought of that.
Can't get through.
You try Nina? Nina always knows where she is.
Yes, I thought of that too.
She's not answering her phone.
In fact, I haven't seen either of them since yesterday.
- What? - Should we be worried? You know what? Why don't you go check the scene? Hicks.
Hey Hicks? I'll take care of it.
Hicks? Bill.
Bill! - Hey.
- Hey, what are you doing here? - I figured it out.
- Good for you.
- Iaw, thanks.
- You're supposed to be in the hospital.
No, sarcasm.
No, Gary, go back, spend time with your mother.
Ohno, they kicked me out, Bill.
The head nurse said that I was disruptive, and I said that she looked like an animal.
But thenthen when I was All right, Gary - In the cab, I f - What's the point, Gary? Oh, II was scanning for Skylar in the cab, Bill, andand the cab had GPS, which is crazy, 'cause New York streets are on a numbered grid, so theythey don't even need the GPS, Bill.
Gary, Gary, we're gonna be dead by the time you finish this story.
Mm- No, Bill, it was the chip.
The cab had a chip, and Skylar has a chip.
It's in her arm.
She uses it to communicate with her wasps.
So I just I ping it, and now she knows that I wanna communicate.
She's gonna call me back.
Hey, Dij? Do you hear that buzzing? You need to finish, or Vince won't bring me popsicles.
I'm going as fast as I can.
You really don't hear that? Maybe it's the phone.
Where's the phone? We don't have one.
We don't have a phone? Why don't we have a phone? We just don't.
Vince! Hey, Zoe.
How's it goin', Miss Adams? It's Skylar.
Yes, ma'am.
Popsicles! Popsicles! Your wish is my command.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
My favorite.
You always know exactly what she wants.
Just trying to make her happy.
Is, um, this for me? Well, it's not done yet.
Still haven't found a way to get it to cut bone without releasing a crapload of bacteria.
You promised me it would be done.
You don't want to get me in trouble, do you? No.
No, I want to do this for you.
Good, good.
I have an idea.
Why don't I look after Zoe for a little while so that you can, um, concentrate on your work.
You're welcome.
How much longer? What's your problem? I got you a lot of stuff already.
I meanI mean, all kind of tech.
That first thing she did for you? That flashy thing? You acted like it was Christmas morn What is my problem? What is my problem? I want that device, and I need it now.
All right all right, look, man.
Something's wigging her out, okay? I am trying to keep her focused.
You have no idea how hard that is.
Nor do I care.
You promised me you'd get the job done.
I intend to hold you to that.
Understood? Uhhuh.
Focus on the walls.
Are they white? Are they blue? Were they green? Focus! All right, you can ask the question any way you want.
The answer is gonna be the same up your ass.
Nina, deep breaths.
Your pulse is racing.
I just I just need a break.
We need to get through.
We got a day, maybe two.
Listen to me.
Nina's exhausted, and Scipio's blood pressure is topping off at 200 systolic.
You're sweating quite a bit right now.
If I were you, I wouldn't get too excited.
We are in over our heads.
I have friends at the CIA that do this for a living.
It is time to call in the experts.
No, we're the damn experts.
Now, you know Parish has people everywhere.
How the hell else do you think they knew that Mitchell was being transferred Rachel, we're not calling anyone else in.
We're doing this ourselves.
There's some aminorex in there.
Prepare a 5cc injection, please.
Aminorex? Yes, 5ccs, right now.
Hicks, aminorex can be dangerous.
What are we doing here? Getting answers.
Are we, really? 'Cause it seems like all we're doing is bashing Nina's head up against the wall.
What if Scipio's a dead end, huh? What if we're wasting time? Look, the only one wasting time is you.
Get what Rosen wants, and get it in there.
Here's 5ccs of aminorex, but it won't lower his pressure, and it will not bring down his resistance.
It's a stimulant, Dr.
I know.
It's for me, Rache.
I'm sorry.
I just I couldn't break through.
You did your best.
Now, it's my turn.
I have another idea.
Come on, I need something from you.
Skylar is ignoring me still.
- Hey - It's annoying.
I hate that, Bill Look into those things.
When people ignore me.
Gary, listen, I need you to look for uh, Rosen.
Okay? Bill- - See if you can get a location.
- You're ignoring me! I was talking about Skylar.
Gary, this is important, okay? Yeah, there's no signal.
Just like Nina and Hicks.
They're all out of range? No, they no.
They probably just took the batteries out of their phones.
Okay, why would three people take the batteries out of their phones? - I don't know.
- Heyhey.
I went back and checked the scene.
I found something.
It kinda sucks.
Tranq dart.
One of ours.
Found that where Scipio disappeared.
Lab confirms blood on the tip is his.
Oh, he was darted.
I ha-I hate that - Gary - Being darted, it's exhausting.
- Justcould you - c'mon.
- On the dl, please.
I already checked with John.
Nobody on the TAC team had tranq guns, which leads to the question who tranq'ed him? Harken.
I'm just gonna go in here for a second.
That smells.
We need to finish this.
Mommy, are you okay? It didn't hurt.
That's good.
It should.
Something's wrong.
What are you doing? - Looking at something.
- What is that? Are you a Terminator? It's a transceiver.
I made it.
It controls my wasps.
Where are my wasps? So why is it bothering you? Someone is trying to call us.
Maybe we should call them back, then.
No! Nono! No! Baby! Meg.
What did you do to her? You wanna be a tough guy, right? Hmm? We're just getting started.
I'll let you two catch up.
Son of a bitch! I'm okay.
Don't tell them anything.
I haven't told them crap.
Those blocks, they work like a charm.
What are they after? What do you think? Parish.
They want to know where he is.
He's safe, right? He isn't still at the house, is he? Why? I'm worried! I I can't think straight.
I'm so sorry, Meg.
I missed you.
You know what's been getting me by? Thinking about you and me up at Saranac Lake.
You remember that cabin? Yeah, yes.
It's so pretty up there.
Nice try, bitch.
Meg hates the mountains.
She's got allergies Cameron! You kidnap me you beat me, you drug me and now you try to mind-rape me? - I can do this.
- Justno.
She's not very good.
Come here.
Hey, Doc.
I was wondering about what it's like to be betrayed by your own daughter.
I mean, you sent her to her death, but she was a liar.
She was a traitor.
She deserved to die, I think.
Don't you? Cornell, when you set your family's home on fire when you were 15, did you ever wonder what your mother and father andand sister felt when they were burning to death? Hmm? Or how your other victims feel when you, uh how did you put it, when we when we first talked? When you make their skin sizzle? Drop dead, Doc.
This is adrenaline, and you know that it triggers your ability, and while your your hands may be fire-resistant, the rest of you is not.
You wouldn't.
This has gone far enough.
He's a murderer.
This is just about revenge, isn't it? You don't like it? Cover your ears.
I can't stay in here.
I can smell Scipio's flesh burning.
- What are you doing? - I'm leaving.
Zoe, you stay there, okay? You don't have to do that.
This is a safe place.
Really? How did I get here? What'd you do to me? What'd you do to my daughter? I just helped you to be happy for a change.
Happiness is a warm gun.
I'm trying to be nice.
If you're nice, then I'll be nice, and this place will be nice.
But if you're not, well, you don't want this place to stop being nice.
- Zoe! - Mommy, help! Zoe! Zoe! There's no way out unless you do as you're told.
Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! It's only gonna get worse.
There's no way out.
There's no way out.
- Zoe! - You're terrified.
Zoe! - Zoe! - There's no way out.
Mitchell, hope you're feeling better.
A little empty, actually.
All this stuff, it, uh, looks like it's really important.
That is correct.
Tomorrow, the world is going to change.
People may want to understand what I was feeling, thinking, my intentions.
Do you still have your ability? - Yeah.
- Would you allow me? Yeah.
I'm about to change the world.
It's just a shame that so many people have to die.
I told you where they are, I don't know anything else! Ahh, ahh! Need more, Cornell.
I need more details.
Doc! We got three DOD SUVs outside.
Uhoh, we need to go.
I can't take the chance of anybody finding out what I know.
It'll leak to Parish.
You bet your ass it will.
It's Harken and Kat outside.
What the hell, Rachel? You're supposed to be listening for people.
- You called them? - You said it.
We were running out of time.
You just didn't want to get your hands dirty.
Not this dirty.
It's all right, Rachel.
Let's go, Nina.
I'll stay with Rachel.
You go.
Just go.
Go! Move, move, move! All right.
Watch the prisoner.
Oh, my God.
What the hell did you people do? I cannot believe Rosen screwed me again.
I know.
The glasses, the messy hair, the cardigans, he seemed like such a nice old dude.
Please tell me that you got something useful out of Scipio.
Rosen said he got what he needed whatever that is when Rachel - Rachel was on the phone with us.
Tomorrow is October 22nd, okay? We got a lot of work to do, and we're losing time.
We all have work to do.
We need to get back to this office.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Them too? Harken, you saw what they did in there.
They went totally medieval on him.
She's right.
We lied to you.
Yeah, you're a bunch of lyin' asses, but you know what? I still need you.
Let's go.
That's not too much to ask, is it? All right? So please, go back to the office and get it done.
Hey! - Go with them.
- Bill! - You got it.
- Gary, what's goin' on? Wait.
I found them! I know where they are! - What, Hicks and Rosen? - No, Skylar and Zoe.
I know where they are, but you have to pay Obuke.
- Whowhat? - Obuke.
He's the cab driver.
He's from Nigeria.
He's fiesty.
All right.
Okay, Bill Bill, it's here! - All right, all right.
- It's here.
Gary, where? Ohoh Hey, hey, hey! Gary, stay in the car! No, no! It's my rescue, Bill.
Come on.
- Zoe! - Easy, easy.
Put your hands where I can see 'em.
E - Ohoh! - Bill, I wanted to do that.
Zoe! Zoe! Hey, GarGary.
Cuff him.
It's okay.
Easy, easy, easy.
You're safe now, okay? You okay? Hold your arm.
You okay? This place is gross.
Yeah, it is.
Skylar, how did you get in here? Parish.
He asked me to work for him.
I told him to go screw himself, and then we ended up in this toilet with some Scuzzball.
Skylar, these look like your designs.
Were they having you work on these in the twilight zone? Skylar, what were you designing? The end of the world.
Parish's been preparing for a disaster.
One of his own making.
Parish is calling this an adjustment center.
An adjustment to what? Look, whatever he's planning, he's planning to do it all over the place, and look at this.
Baltimore, Chicago.
Oh, geezTyler.
You've got to warn them.
No, look, I'm not leaving you here.
Cameron, you need to get all of this information to Bill right now.
You have a family.
I don't.
Now go.
Look, okay, take this.
You take this.
You might need it, okay? - All right.
- I'll see you soon, huh? Yeah.
I'm sorry, I should've warned you about the conflict.
It's just I didn't Look, if we're still alive in a day or two, we'll talk about it.
- John - No.
This is one of the things Parish made me build for him.
It's a mini photostim.
Oh, but there's no light bulb.
Thatdoesn't it need a light bulb? Yeah, it has to be hooked up to something like a lamp or a computer screen.
Power goes in.
Flashes come out.
It's likeit's like a Serotonin storm for the brain.
Which can cause seizures like the one that happened to me, but Skylar, it actually boosted my Alpha ability and made everything better.
Oh, yeah, if you're an Alpha, sure.
It's like steroids.
Okay, so increased ability, more control.
Well, that's cool.
I-I want that.
- Yeah, except - everyone should.
- Yeah, but what happens to people who aren't Alphas? Mostly They die.
Wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait.
So how many of these were on that shipping container? Thousands? Scipio said there were hundreds of shipments.
Hundreds of shipments? Yeah, and these are much smaller than we thought, so there could actually be millions.
We're gonna start lookin' for 'em now.
Where the hell have you been? - Where's Rosen? - Why don't you have Rosen? - We went after Parish.
- What the hell do you mean Yonkers, there's an old National Guard Armory, and we found something just stop and listen to me! Whatever Parish is planning on doing, he's planned on doing it everywhere.
So what? You just leave Rosen there? - He wasn't done.
- Of course not.
He's trying to take out Parish on his own? We'll send some people over there to deal with that.
Millions of lives are at stake because of this thing.
This is what's important.
This is what matters now.
That's the last grid protector for the day.
Wanna grab a beer? Club tonight.
I'd cancel, but her royal highness would have a heart attack.
Another time.
Where's Parish? Is he here? I have a plan to change the world.
It's just such a shame that so many people have to die.
He's given you his memories again, hasn't he? I'm gonna watch the world change with a God's eye view.
What do you mean God's eye view? Whwhwhat is that? What, in an airplane? What? I'm so hungry.
Do you have an apple? They used to grow apples right around here.
Listen, they're gonna be coming for you.
You need to hide somewhere for two days.
Two days.
Hey, Dr.
Parish wants you alive.
Me? Never really saw the point.
Adios, Doc.
Oh, God.