Amber (2014) s01e01 Episode Script


It's any easy kill.
Take them out.
What are you waiting for? You are taking this far too seriously.
I'll take them out.
But I'm doing to need you to lay down suppressing fire for me.
Ok? Surprise! You're dead! You can go back to your base and get another life.
If only.
If only what? Nothing.
What? I said if only Ben.
It was a joke.
Sarah we are having Just shoot them! He is going to be so pissed off.
You could have asked Dad.
That's loud Amber! I want to paint the walls black.
What? So can you get me black paint tomorrow? I know I said do what you want but Yes.
You promised.
Promise? Hey Jellybean.
Yeah We're going back there next week.
Did you see the way he smiled at you? Future husband! One sec Jen.
Future husband? Black paint Mum.
It will look super cool.
What about blue? Or dark brown? Black, black is very depressing.
I'm talking to Jenny.
'La la, la, la.
I really have to go'.
Amber? Hey Nana.
Is that? I hope it's the right one.
Thanks Nana.
It's the final piece of my grand design.
Eamon turn off the lights.
Turn them off yourself.
Eamon! Just turn them off numb nuts! Amber! Do it yourself.
Wow! Brilliant! That is really something! We're under the sea.
In Nerissa's garden.
How did you do that? It's actually pretty cool for a moron.
That's enough Eamon.
So what inspired your design? Hey Mum! Get the camera out of my face.
Sarah, would you leave the poor child alone? Sorry.
I know I'm late.
Declan and I have had a really rough day with a client.
We're back now ok? I'll be home soon.
Hey big fella! We having take away later? Yeah.
How about.
how about an indian? That's it.
Jenny: It looks great.
We're having poppadoms! Ok.
Who said you could come into my room? We were meeting a guy about a job in the Sudan.
Sudan? Yeah.
Don't worry, I don't think we got it.
Declan let it slip that eh, we have no experience in Africa.
You look fantastic.
Who are you heading out with? Not dating already are you? Did you order those mattresses because the kids can't sleep on blow up beds every time they stay at yours.
This is a permanent arrangement.
Amber! Your father is waiting.
Oh and Jenny had a sleepover so can you drop her home.
Bye Kids! Bye! Oh! Go away Eamon! Hey Daddy! Hi! Look at you! Beautiful.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Are you ok? Well unemployment.
At least I get to spend more time down the gym.
You go to the gym? No! The lawyer advised him to stay in the apartment until we sell it.
Sure we haven't been offered half the price of the mortgage yet.
In the end Ben realised that being petty and at each other's throats was getting unbearable for the kids.
Especially Amber.
He saw sense and moved out.
I love that you are single again.
Does that make me a bitch? Those two are getting the next bottle.
I'm thinking if getting a puppy.
Declan's Beagle is having a litter.
I said I might take one.
Molly? Yeah.
Got off the lead and disappeared one day.
Disappeared for about four hours.
Must have had a romantic encounter.
Declan doesn't know what kind of a dog the Daddy is though.
A Beagle crossed with a Wolfhound.
No way! I don't know.
He doesn't know himself.
Could be a Great Dane.
Could be a Jack Russell.
We'll just have to find out.
Molly! That little slut.
Little what? Ooh! Good morning.
What happened to those guys? I think they lost interest when those student nurses arrived.
I have to kick you out.
The kids will have a conniption if they find out I've got a social life.
Be good.
Hi love.
What's Amber doing? Talking.
Talking? Talking with Dad.
She's got an upset tummy.
Just came over her now all of a sudden.
Oh right.
She's probably just tired.
I'm going to bring her home Trish.
Oh right.
Ok? Right see you later then.
Go on in Eamon.
Which is Jenny's house? That one there.
Go straight in.
No dilly dallying.
Bye honey.
See ya.
When did you drop her off at Jenny's? She promised she'd be back by six.
She said Jenny's folks would drop her home.
It's six now she's hardly late yet is she? I need to know these things Ben.
Ok calm down.
I can't remember the name of Jenny's mum.
Isn't it? Its's funny how you always remember the names of the yummy mummies.
Ask you to remember the names of your children's teachers Hi Cherry, it's Sarah.
Just checking what time you're dropping Amber back.
Or if you prefer myself or Ben can pick her up? What do you mean? Today? Well Ben said he dropped her off at yours? Is Jenny there? Yeah, if you could stick her on.
Hi Jenny love, have you been speaking to Amber today? She hasn't.
Does Amber have any other friends in this estate that she might have visited instead? Well Sinead lives just down there.
Any word from Jenny? No they haven't seen her.
Stop panicking I'll find her.
Can you text any of Amber's friends, or parents.
I have a list inside.
Just ask them have they've seen her.
Can you show me where Sinead lives? Yeah.
Of course.
Hey this is Amber.
Tell me something new.
Hey its me.
I'm calling the police.
Calm down.
Stop telling me to calm down Ben.
I'm calling them.
You want me to forward this to everyone? Everyone and ask them to forward it onto their friends.
Ok? This is going to be so embarrassing for Amber.
We're nearly at Sinead's.
Think Ben! Did she say anything about going anywhere else? I said no Sarah! Listen I've a photo in my wallet we can use.
No that's no good.
They said bring a recent one.
'La la, la, la.
I really have to go'.
Amber? Hey Nana.
That one.
That one? Perfect.
Print Here are the statements taken from Dundrum a few hours ago.
Fourteen year old girl hasn't come home.
Missing eight hours or so.
Give or take.
Mother's name is Sarah, father Ben Bailey.
Runs a security firm.
The other one.
A friend of the mother's.
Maeve Flynn something or other.
Maeve Flynn Dunne, journalist.
You know her? She used to write a gossip column.
Well get her and the young lad out.
I'll be assigning you as liaison officer here.
Ready? The missing girl, what's her name? Amber Is this Amber's laptop? We're going to have to take it ok? Yeah? OK.
Finished looking under beds are we? Mr.
Bailey we are taking this very seriously.
Sometimes we need to start off the searches in the most obvious places, you know.
You'd be surprised how many kids turn up in their own homes.
Either that or out at some all night party somewhere.
I'd be surprised would I? Superintendent? We're just leaving the father's home.
He was the last one to see her.
High risk.
Ok everyone.
If everyone could break into groups of three and who has a car? I've a car.
Hi Jim thanks for coming.
She's probably off just having some kind of mad teenage adventure.
Sure we all know what they're like.
Are you ok? I can't handle this right now.
Did you put your quotes through to your press contacts? Don't you worry it will be in all the papers.
A few other places we think we can look.
So we have highlighted in yellow and blue the places we are sending the volunteers.
Here, in the suburbs.
Em, the areas is marked in orange we already searched this morning.
Sorry you are? This is Declan McCarty my business partner.
If Amber is lying in a ditch somewhere the choppers would pick up her heat signature.
Where Ben? Where would they look? Areas with heavy foliage for a start.
What about the helicopters? I'll make a call.
Please do-don't just do that make me feel better.
Just let them do their job please Ben.
Excuse me.
Actually you know, the more involved you can get the better.
Just just get them everywhere.
Hi Excuse me? My daughter's missing.
Amber Bailey, here's a photo of her.
Have you seen her anywhere? She was last seen wearing a grey cardigan and black jeans.
No I'm sorry.
Have you seen this girl? Sorry.
No? No sorry.
No? Have a look at it? No sorry.
Jesus Christ I can't do this.
You should do most of this.
You're her mother, people will relate to you more.
You're better at this than I am.
There sweetheart.
I've prepared this for you.
I've never spoken in public before.
Alright I'll do it with you.
Ok? Fourteen years old, Amber Bailey was last seen by her father, Ben Bailey in the Sandyford area, at approximately three thirty on Wednesday afternoon.
She's 160 centimeters tall, medium build, She was wearing a grey cardigan, black jeans, pink top, and distinctive black boots with a tartan print.
If there is anyone out there who knows or remembers anything, please do not remain silent.
No matter how small a thing you might remember please get in touch.
Amber if you are watching.
Please come home.
You're not in trouble.
We love you.
We just want you to come home.
Once again.
Did she have her phone with her when she left you? Yes I remember it clearly.
Her clothing? Yes.
Still pink top, black jeans, big black and tartan boots.
How is going over this again and again achieving anything? Do you remember if she had anything else with her? No.
Think Ben.
If they want to go over it again, then go over it again.
They are trying to pick holes in my story.
You think I did something to my own daughter? Don't make this about you.
Taking the lazy way out already.
Apart from me do you have any other suspects? Mr.
Bailey nobody is accusing anybody of anything.
It's just that we found something.
At 15:50 Amber takes the Luas to Stephen's Green.
Now here, an hour later at 16:50 getting back on to the Luas heading back in the direction of home.
But she gets off at Laughanstown.
Any idea why she might have gone into town? Or why she might have gotten off at that particular stop? Why'd she go past her normal stop? There.
See? She's carrying something.
Any idea what it is? She doesn't have it with her when she is going into town.
Play it again.
Well she must have said something to you.
I swear nothing.
Me and Amber snuck into town a few times.
But just to look around the shops nothing else.
You and Amber went into town? When? A few times.
Where? Just shops and stuff.
Well who was with you when you were hanging out? Girls from school.
Sometimes a few friends of friends.
We need names Jenny.
Well it was mostly me, Amber, Sinead and Dee Dee.
Sometimes a few friends of Dee Dee's.
Can't remember their names though.
Jenny come on.
Amber's missing three days now would you fucking think? ! Now take it easy Ben.
I know how you both must feel.
You know we must feel? Jenny I need you to give me the names of the places that you used to hang out with Amber.
Next stop, Carrickmines.
An chead staid eile, Carrig Mhaighin.
I want to paint the walls black.
What? So can you get me black paint tomorrow? I know I said you can do what you want but Yes.
You promised.
You alright there? Milk and one sugar.
Just how you like it.
Awh thanks love.
You feeling better now? Yeah.
Just a little tired that's all.
Thanks for the tea.
That's the best cup ever.
Sorry Sarah its the police for you.
Hi it's Sgt.
Karen Mulcahy here.
I need you to come and meet us.
Found the bag Amber was carrying in the CCTV footage.
It's nearly a month since teenager Amber Bailey went missing from a housing estate not far from this location, where a personal belonging of hers was recently found by a passerby.
After a through search of the area, nothing further has been found and Garda divers have been stood down.
So you've set up a confidential phone number haven't you? Yes.
You can phone, you can email, visit the website, write a letter.
If people want to remain anonymous, they can stay anonymous.
And we will be giving out those details in just a few moments.
We have another caller on the line now.
Deirdre Costello.
You might remember the case of her twenty year old daughter.
Went missing two years ago.
Yes of course.
I've spoken with Deirdre before.
It's been two years now since your daughter Natalie went missing.
That's right two years.
And you're still searching? I believe in my heart and soul that she is alive.
Just like Amber.
Look at Jaycee Lee Duggard.
She was kidnapped when she was eleven years old.
She had been missing for over eighteen years when she was eventually found.
That has to give you some hope Sarah? Sorry.
I've never given up hope that some day I'll be reunited with my daughter.
And that's what I say to Ben and Sarah there.
You just take each day at a time, don't ya? Yes of course.
You can You have to take it one day at a time.
you're a liability.
You're useless.
I can't think of our daughter in the same category as that girl in America.
I just can't.
Then what? She's dead? So what we're doing now is we're looking for a body? She's not dead! Then what's worse Sarah some sick bastard has her? Stop it will ya.
Sarah you're going to have to get it into your head that she's not off having tea with the sugar plum fairy.
Take it easy Ben, alright.
I've never understood you.
Ah Sarah you have never understood the world.
The real world? It's filled with horrible people who do terrible things to each other, unless we find them and we stop them! Ok Ben, finished thumping your chest? Eh we need headlines.
Do you Remember them? You used to write them when you had a job.
Maybe instead of doing nothing you could go off and start a few rumours to keep Amber in the papers that's how it works isn't it? Sorry, Inspector Detective Dunlop on the line for you? Put him through.
To my office! Let me in.
Open the door Ben! Open the fucking door! Thats it.
He's on his own.
From now on I'm going to find Amber on my own.
I'll tell her.
I don't want to I want to be careful not to get her hopes up before knowing if this is going to lead somewhere.
Où puis-je envoyer la package? Quelle est votre address? Of the supermarket I mean.
Merci Monsieur.
Here why don't you help me put these in some envelopes? Hello? Hi Sarah, it's Sergeant Mulcahy.
I'm afraid I have to inform you that the team on Amber's case is being reduced.
This is standard procedure for a missing persons case.
No new leads for two months then man power has to be reassigned else where.
I see.
Look I know this is a huge blow to you but you most know that myself and DI Dunlop are still pursuing the case.
Is there someone else I can talk to? No.
It's a question of man power and budgets and I've already fought your case.
Thank you.
I'm going to run away too.
Eamon can I come in? Which one do you want? That one.
Excuse me, can I get that chicken near the front? Certainly can love yeah.
That one there is it? At the front there.
Beautiful, beautiful.
OK but you have to have one vegetable.
OK Cabbage but can we at least cook it in salt? Ok now you're the leader of the dinosaurs.
I'm the leader of the robots.
The robots are way stronger than the dinosaurs.
Not to mention they're extinct.
Mum they're not.
This is a battle set in the future.
Pay attention! Ok! Hello? Hi Sarah it's Karen Mulcahy here.
We're going to need you to come down to the station.
Its been ages.
When are they going to let me talk to him? As I said Mr.
Wang is being questioned now.
Please take a seat.
Hi Sarah, do you want to come with me? DI Dunlop was on duty when he was picked up.
This is Eamon.
I bet you'd love a hot chocolate wouldn't you? Will you bring him down for me? Thanks.
Who was it? A Chinese national.
He's been living and working here illegally so he is not going to press charges.
Has he ever attacked anybody before? He trained with the army so yeah.
In real life though never.
Well the Superintendent has agreed to release him as long as you take him home with you.
So you going to talk to me? Come on Ben.
Who's this Chinese guy? Ah just been a lot of weirdos coming out of the wood work lately.
Cranks and people with false leads.
Is that why you beat him up? This woman rang me last week and said she'd Amber's face in a foil wrapper of a chocolate bar.
She said it was a sign from God.
I can smell her Sarah.
I can smell her smell and you know what she smells like? She smells like us.
Stay? Ben I need you to transfer funds from the campaign account into mine.
I'm going to run things my way now.
I need money.
And Eamon needs his father back.
You haven't seen him in over a month.
He's going to stay here tonight and you can have him for the rest of the weekend.
Oh no.
I'm not fit for it Sarah.
You let her out of your sight for a few minutes.
It's not completely your fault.
Thats gorgeous.
Who bought you that? Well for a change, its not what you think.
It was my mother's someone passed it down before her that.
Its Victorian or something.
No one important? Its probably junk.
Not worth anything.
Well it's your mother's.
So it's precious.
I know I've been a crappy friend.
I haven't been around to see much this week at all.
You've got your own life.
Maybe if you give me a spare key to your apartment I could be like your elf.
And sneak in every now and then and do the dishes and washing.
It's ok.
You've done so much for me this last while.
Above and beyond the call of duty.
But we'll get a key cut.
Ok? Can I have some money? Thanks.
So I'll take him again next weekend.
I'll pick him up Friday evening? Take him somewhere nice.
A movie or something.
There's that new robot movie thing.
Is that ok? Whatever you want Ben.
Maybe something else.
You can't talk at the movies.
Maybe I could write a personal piece on you.
See if any of the tabloids will take it up.
Raise the profile.
Raise a bit of cash in the process.
What kind of thing were you thinking? Ambers birthday is coming up soon right? Maybe something on how you are coping.
I don't know Maeve.
Let me think about it.
She's nearly the same height as me.
It's time to do the cake.
Thanks everyone for coming.
I know its a little odd to have a gathering like this, but em, Its really good to see so many of Amber's friends here today.
Amber's been gone for a while now.
But she's 15 today and wherever she is she is sure to be imagining a day like this.
It's a good idea Sarah.
Lets have some cake.
Who's going to blow the candle out? It's not that kind of candle, love.
Its a candle of hope.
So we're always going to keep one burning.
It's Ben he wants to talk to you.
Hi you're late.
Have you seen this? Bitch.
Read it.
I told you about her.
Hi Sarah, come on up.
"Eamon has not only lost his big sister, but a mother and a father who have thrown themselves into their own individual searches for their daughter, which may yet prove to be fruitless.
" That's quite an angle Maeve.
How could you write such a thing? Sarah, I am so sorry.
I had no say in the headline.
You're trying to blame someone else now? It's your name right there! I tried to be honest.
Honest? My search will not be fruitless.
I will not stop until I find my daughter.
Sarah I am not tying to stop Well O'Donoghue.
What's happening? I don't know Larry you tell me.
6 months after Amber disappeared, it can't be getting any easier? No it doesn't get any easier, but it just becomes part of normal life I suppose.
I look back at the last few months and I see the different stages I went through.
You know.
Shock, denial, depression.
But you just have to pull yourself out of it.
And your husband Ben.
He's not with you today.
How's he coping? There has been a lot written about how Amber's father has pulled out if the search.
And it's just not accurate.
He was arrested for assault a few weeks back, isn't that so? Yes.
Yes he was.
Certain members of the press think that is a story.
It's not.
It's real life.
My daughter Amber is missing.
And myself and Ben are doing everything we can to find her.
I'm sorry, i didn' We can't live off charity forever.
So Ben's gone back to work for the both of us.
That's why I'm here.
Where is this one going? Milan.
Do you know where that is? Switzerland? Italy.
Close though.
Inspector Dunlop please.
Come on, come on, come on.
There Milan.
How could she have gotten to Milan? Madrid.
It's Amber! I need you to come with me.
I'll explain on the way.
Ben was right.
I know you hate the piece but it worked.
You keep the story alive, you'll never know who'll come forward.
Be good.
Ok I'll pick you up in a couple of hours.
I hate Nana's cooking.
She makes everything taste like parsnips.
Even her cakes taste like parsnips.
Eamon doesn't seem to mind it.
That's because he puts ketchup on everything.
Oh go on love.
Could you just drop me up to Jenny's? I can eat there.
They're having tacos.
What am I going to tell your Grandmother? I'm sure you'll think of something.
Ok not the face.
Don't make the face.
Which one is Jenny's house? That one there.
Now go straight in.
No dilly dallying.
Bye honey.
See ya.