Amber (2014) s01e04 Episode Script


Daughters of the air.
Daughters of the air.
What does that mean? Jenny come on.
Amber's missing three days now.
Would you fucking think! Now take it easy Ben! Ben needs to take a step back for a bit.
Don't want him lashing out at anyone again.
I don't know who that is.
I was just looking at you using the phone, that's smashing.
What's he want? He's thinking about buying one of these phones for his niece.
I'm thinking about getting a puppy.
Declan's beagle is having a litter, I said I might take one.
Molly? Yeah.
Got off the lead and disappeared one day.
Disappeared for about four hours, must have had a romantic encounter.
Declan doesn't know what kind of a dog the daddy is though.
A beagle crossed with a Wolfhound.
No way! I don't know.
He doesn't know himself.
Could be a Great Dane, could be a Jack Russell.
We'll just have to find out.
Molly! That little slut.
Little what? It's so unfair.
What? We're not allowed pets in our place.
Well you can come over and visit the puppy any time you want.
I see your game.
Ok sport, ok, alright.
Time to go, time to go.
Are you sure you're ready for this, Ben? Do you think he's copped who I am? I mean, about Amber.
Well he hasn't mentioned anything to me.
He brought this with him.
It's a quote from the new outfit in London.
We've got some competition.
We need this gig to stay afloat.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Mr Bailey.
First up, can I just say I think you're doing an amazing job.
We aim to be the best.
No, I mean being able to function the way you are, especially with what happened to your daughter.
I'd hate to be the guy responsible if you ever got your hands on him, huh? I mean I don't have kids of my own but I do have a young niece I swear to God if anything like that ever happened to her Whoa! Hey, you got to come to this one first.
Back, back! Referee! What? That's a foul! What? ! I invented a new type of pizza the other day.
Irish breakfast pizza with sausages, rashers, black and white pudding and a big dirty fried egg in the middle.
What's it like? Dunno, haven't made it yet.
It's just an idea.
We should make one.
You hungry? We could put beans on top of it as well.
And hash browns.
Bye! Thanks.
Can you take him again on Tuesday? Yeah, no problem.
Listen, it's Amber's 15th birthday soon, d'you wanna do anything? Like what? Maybe get the family together, mark it in some way.
Yeah that might be nice.
We could invite some of her friends.
I I was just thinking just family.
You, me and Eamon.
Maybe here.
I think we should have it at mine.
That's Amber's home.
Have a proper party.
Ben? It's a nice idea.
It's Ben, he wants to talk to you.
You're late.
Have you seen this? Bitch! Told you about her.
which may yet prove to be fruitless.
What is it love? No wonder she didn't show her face here today.
I'm going to kill her.
Yeah, I'll drive you.
I'll deal with this myself.
Where's she going? Your mother's gone off to the shops Eamon.
She's not.
I'm not stupid you know! He's asleep.
D'you want a drink? Hmm? Drink? No, I'm driving.
Ten year old bourbon.
If you're buying.
So what happened? I took a leaf out of your book.
I hit her.
It feel good? At the time, brilliant.
Right now, not so much.
I never trusted Maeve.
Maeve never trusted you.
Ah, Amber's birthday.
I'm so sorry Sarah.
I was late.
It wasn't what I had in mind.
I thought if I did something bigger, it wasit would feel like she was still around.
I'm sick of people saying they can't imagine what it was like.
They can't.
They can't.
Where is she? I don't know.
If she was dead we'd know it.
We'd feel it.
I know.
What do you feel? I don't know.
You should go.
Mmm, I should stay.
I'm over the limit.
A drinks a couple of hours ago.
I don't want to confuse Eamon.
We wouldn't want to do that, would we? I'm sorry.
This was my fault.
Excuse me? Hello? Yes? I hope this doesn't sound like a weird question, but do you know me? I don't think so.
You met my daughter Amber here about 5 months ago.
5 months ago? I don't think so.
You you talked about phones.
You said you were getting one for your niece.
A young woman, was she, about 16, 17? No she She was only 14.
She's missing.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Sorry for disturbing you.
Dublin's nothing like Grozny but the principles we'll be teaching you apply in any city.
Kidnapping, theft and violence are all the nice things you should be expecting.
So in the next two weeks we're going to cover attack recognition, surveillance detection, defensive driving Some personal protective measures.
Sarah? What is it? What's up, Ben, where are you going? Look I'm sorry but we may have to put this off for another day.
The skeleton indicates a young woman in her early twenties.
So it's definitely not Amber Bailey? No.
JellyBean17, that's Jenny isn't it? Yeah, she's always playing in this world.
I kicked her ass.
What do you mean you're playing live against these people? Who's Naked Fear? Some bloke in Korea, I think.
See Look.
But how do you know they are who they say they are? Doesn't matter Dad.
You just try to kill them.
Did Amber ever play this? You bought it for her.
Did I? Can you play it on a phone? No.
But you can log in and chat on the forums.
Can I've a shot? I'll make you your own avatar.
You're not messing up my record.
Hi love.
See ya kid.
Hi, how are ya? Good.
Has the new flatmate moved in yet? Yes, and he's more than just a flatmate, you know that.
Mark's good with Eamon.
That's right, that's it, Mark, yeah.
And he pays part of your mortgage.
Well I'd at least like to have met him first Sarah.
You know it's called respect.
Why, so you can ask him what his intentions are? Look he's here one or two days a week, and the rest of the time he's in the UK.
Do you love him? Oh for Christ's sake Ben, I'm not having this conversation.
Do you love him? What time are you picking Eamon up on Wednesday? I don't know.
After six.
Mr Bailey! What are you doing here? What's your problem pal? Private conversation here! Do you know what age she is? Old enough.
For what? ! Break it up lads, break it up.
You alright love? Yeah.
II'm fine.
Amber ever go to places like that with you? No.
No, I swear.
Amber wouldn't have got in.
She looked too young.
You're too young to be in there as well, it's not safe! I can look after myself.
And you can talk.
You're a bit old to be snooping around chatrooms.
You know why I need to do that.
Who's Shins and Needles? No one.
Just a friend.
Jenny, I saw you chatting with them earlier online.
Tell me who they are.
Do you want me to come in and have a quick word with your mum? Sinead.
Just Sinead.
Sinead in there tonight too? Don't say anything to her parents.
They're really strict.
Sounds like they need to be! You went to that club tonight because you're still looking for Amber, didn't you? You don't think she's dead, do you? Until we find her we won't know for sure, will we? Please don't say anything to my mum.
Ok? Not as fit as I used to be.
I've been having these dreams.
I dream she's alive.
And what's happening to her I mean she's a good looking kid.
She's striking even, some men they're into young ones.
I mean they're only babies.
Ben! Stop! Don't go there.
Let's not wind the company down just yet.
I don't see any alternative.
Well, there's still some money left in the Find Amber account.
We're still getting some donations.
I could use it to pay you.
Help me relaunch the search in a different direction.
That's what the money's there for, to help me find Amber.
Either I hire you or I hire a stranger.
It's a no-brainer.
Good luck today.
Call me tonight.
Let me know how you get on.
I haven't had an interview in over 15 years.
You'll be great! Remember, firm handshake, make eye contact with everyone, and don't be afraid to flirt a little.
I'm serious! Look I gotta go.
The taxi's waiting.
See you.
Hello? Hi Mrs Bailey, it's Charlotte, from the credit union.
I haven't been able to get through to your husband but I'm just checking with you as it's a joint account and I've noticed some sizeable withdrawals.
What? Jolanta? You are a handsome one.
So would you like to skip the drinks and go somewhere? No, I'm not here for that.
Can we just have a chat? Of course.
Whatever you like.
Remember the story that was in the news? The missing girl, Amber Bailey.
Well, I'm looking for her.
So you were 15 when you started? My parents put me onto a website.
Your parents? Russian Brides? I'm not even Russian.
I was like a mail-order.
So somebody bought you? They don't like to say the word bought.
It's more like an arrangement.
With money.
Your time is up now.
I don't know anything about your daughter.
It's time to pay me.
And you'll give me a good review on the website, ok? Hiya! So I hear congratulations are in order! Thanks.
How is this going to work out with Eamon? We going to need a child minder? No! God, can't afford that, Mum will fill in the gaps.
I need to speak to you about the credit union account.
I know.
I used some of it to buy equipment.
Some? Ben, it's completely cleared out! I needed new computers.
I had to upgrade the old ones because they got battered by the volunteers.
I wish you'd spoken to me about it first.
I know, I'm sorry.
But like you say we need money and Alright.
Alright, bye! We could get done if we end up downloading the wrong kind of stuff.
The wrong kind of stuff is what we're looking for.
Look, if we're going to do this properly, we're going to have to find some way of covering ourselves.
We don't want to end up with a Pete Townsend scenario here.
I'll sort it.
I'll inform the guards.
You better.
I saw your picture in the papers.
You look different, but I recognised you.
Yes, there are places where you can have young girls.
But in Ireland, this is not a business to get into.
Why? Escort, strip clubs, prostitution, they go easy on this in Ireland.
Child prostitutes? Too much risk.
If your daughter was taken for sex, then they would take her out of the country.
But why would anyone do this? Plenty of other girls in the world who have no fathers who care about them.
Tell me about the website you were on, the Russian Brides? You think your daughter was on a website for Irish brides? Look up russianbrides.
You get silicon boobs and porno.
Look up irishbrides.
com you get designer dresses and expensive bouquets.
Yes for your special day.
Can I see you again? These questions are costing you a lot of money.
These days with kids, especially teenagers, we go through their online lives immediately.
In Amber's case, we had our criminal intelligence officer with Interpol across it and it was raised with the Garda Paedophile Investigation unit.
Ben, we didn't find anything.
What if Amber had come into contact with someone online? If she did, there's lots of ways to cover their tracks.
Well, we didn't find anything on her laptop.
You didn't find her phone these bloody phones.
Every time she went online, someone could have known where she was.
Just waiting for her to be alone.
It's possible but unlikely.
Her phone was a fairly basic model, wasn't it? Look.
I just came here for insurance.
I'm telling you that I'm going to be posing as a paedophile online.
I want to see what's out there, just to see what I can find.
Look, I know I can get caught.
So if I do, I want you to know the reasons.
Well, I strongly recommend you don't do that.
I can't, and won't, offer you protection against arrest.
If you download something illegal and you're caught, we will prosecute and you'll be charged regardless of your reasons for doing it.
Ben? I'm going to pretend we never had this conversation.
So what are the options? Either Terence O'Donoghue was in Amber's room and saw the mermaids for himself.
But he was in prison at the time.
Theory 2, Amber told him about it.
Which also doesn't make any sense.
Theory 3, Someone else told him about it, someone he met in prison.
That's always been my take.
Which means Amber decided to volunteer information to someone who abducted her? It's possible.
But ugh, I don't see it.
Theory 4, Amber was having conversations with someone online before she disappeared, someone who claimed to understand her better than anyone else.
I dunno.
She was always tapping away on that phone, always I don't know what you want me to say to you Ben.
I want all your notes, from the time you spent with O'Donoghue.
Ok, you're welcome to them.
But I don't think you're going to find anything new there.
But did Terence O'Donoghue give you any clue as to whether he knew of someone who'd been in contact with Amber online? Again, Ben, nothing.
Look, I came across this guy for an article I was doing.
A real super-geek.
He knows all about porn and online grooming.
I'll see if I can track him down for you.
If they knew I was seeing you outside hours, I could get in trouble.
Do you come to this bar a lot? Sometimes.
And some of your clients do, right? What clients do is their business.
Am I on the clock now? You looking for a freebie? No.
You want to be my friend? You're not on the clock.
If I can help you, good.
But I'm not your shrink.
Soon as you start talking about your feelings, I start charging.
But you can buy me another drink.
You're getting too good at that.
I barely got a shot in this time.
Just keep practising and you might stand more of a chance.
Can we go for a burger? I'm hungry.
If you want, yeah.
Hello? Hello, is this Ben Bailey? Yes.
My name is Martin Rating Maeve Flynn-Dunne gave me your number.
What you're looking for is deep web and invisible web.
The non-index stuff.
Specifically full text image based federated search in peer to peer networks.
I don't have a degree in bollocksology, could you translate please? We're going to google her.
Tell him what you told me about what you used to be into.
I used to work for a guy who ran a website that indexed torrent files.
You do know what they are? Yeah, I know what torrent files are.
Well, the work came in two categories.
Indexing the regular stuff, or the porn stuff.
I mostly worked on the porn side.
A dream job I'm sure.
You'd think so.
But no.
Some of the things I've seen.
I got real sick.
It changed me.
Things got weird.
I got prosecuted and spent some time in prison.
I don't know about this Ben.
Is it really worth the risk? There won't be risk! I've learned how to cover my tracks.
And you'll teach us how? I'll teach you everything.
How old are you? Eamon! What age do you think I am? I don't know.
Between 23 and 33? Close.
Mmmm! Now to add my two top secret ingredients.
Worcester sauce and anchovies.
Don't worry.
I don't like anchovies either but by the time it's all cooked and mixed up together you can't taste them.
Isn't that right, Dad? It adds depth to the sauce.
Your wife, why did she leave you? I was stationed overseas a lot and I wasn't always faithful.
Naughty boy.
She has your eyes.
Come on.
You wanted me to look at something on the computer? Hey there.
You can't sleep? What are you watching? How long you standing there Eamon? Dad I know about computers you know.
What website are you using? It's not suitable for children Eamon.
Then why do you think you'll find Amber on it? Come on, we'll talk about it some other time, ok? Let's get you off to bed.
Come on, big fella.
Is Jolanta your girlfriend? No, no, she's just helping me out with something, yeah? Come on, we'll keep tonight a secret.
You don't want to upset your mum about anything, yeah? You can spy on nearly anyone on a computer if you know how.
Like the phone Nana got for me.
That's great honey.
Do you mind not leaning over me when I'm working? I looked for Amber on Google Earth.
But the people on it are just pictures from ages ago.
It's not like a spy satellite.
It's not like watching what's happening right now.
I think Dad was looking for Amber on the computer.
He was watching something It was for adults only.
Look, Ben.
Been talking to somebody in Slovakia.
Boasting they have a foreign girl, a western girl.
Says her parents have been looking for her.
I'm out Ben.
Ben, are you listening to me? I'm not going to stand by and watch you destroy yourself anymore.
It's a thing, it's just another thing that creeps are into.
A thing? There's a market for anything and everything.
Teach the spoiled Western bitch a lesson while she screams for her daddy.
Big market.
It's a thing! Jesus Ben, you're not using your own credit card are you? No this isn't my credit card.
Martin set it up for me.
Sorry I'm late.
Eamon's out with Mark.
They've gone to the movies.
I need a word.
I've told her you'reswapping pornography with people.
You have to give to receive.
It's about setting up relationships.
Something you clearly know nothing about.
What kind of pornography? Like I said, it's just better you don't know about it.
Come on Sarah, you said it yourself.
If she were dead, we'd both know, we'd both feel it.
I can feel it.
I don't! Feel it Ben! No.
Declan and I have both agreed we're giving you a week to wind this madness down.
Then I'm going to Mulcahy and Dunlop.
You have to do what you have to do.
I don't want you near Eamon.
You can't stop me seeing my son.
I can! And I will.
I'm applying for sole custody.
You're what? ! Don't you dare! Who's Jolanta? Don't you dare! Who's Jolanta? She's Do you think I'm stupid? Do you think your son is stupid? She's helping me with my search! I'm sure she's helping you alright.
I know what I'm doing.
Whoa! Listen to that.
I need you to listen to something Declan.
You need to hear this.
I want you to listen to something.
Come in! I own this place.
My wife and son! She doesn't want to see you.
Excuse me, Mark.
Sarah! Ben, she doesn't want to see you, ok! What's going on? The video, the one you made of Amber in her room, where is it? What are you talking about? I can't remember the sound of her voice.
I need something with her on it.
Ben, what are you doing? Ben, I think you need to calm down.
Ok? Ben, stop! What are you doing?! Sarah will you get me the video, I can't remember her voice.
I can't remember her voice.
Ben, ok.
Get me the video! That's it I'm calling the police! No, don't.
I'll get you the video.
Hi Nana.
Is that? I hope it's the right one.
Yes! Thanks Nana.
It's the final piece of my grand design.
Eamon, turn off the lights.
Turn them off yourself.
Eamon! Just turn them off numb nuts! Amber! Do it yourself.
That is really something! We're under the sea in Nerissa's garden.
We're under the sea in Nerissa's garden.
We're under the sea in Nerissa's garden.
We're under the sea in Nerissa's garden.
This is the guy we've been tracking.
He specializes in Western girls for Eastern men.
We reckon it's mobile phone footage.
It's supposed to be American backpackers hard up for cash.
Ok, now listen.
I think it's coming from another room.
Don't hurt her! I need a glass of water.
I need a glass of water.
That's Irish, Dublin.
I know.
Play it again? I warned you about this Ben.
It's Amber, I know it is.
Could be anything.
Where does this come from? Well whoever shot this probably wasn't supposed to be filming, probably didn't even know it was geotagged.
The footage was either taken on a mobile phone, or a GPS enabled camcorder.
So the camera knew exactly where it was when the footage was shot.
The information is stored within the video file itself so I ran a reverse search to identify exactly where it was filmed.
Geotagging I know what geotagging is.
Sir, if we know where this was shot, then we've got an accuracy of within 10 metres.
I even know when it was shot.
Two weeks ago.
Sergeant Mulcahy, will you take Mr Bailey outside? Sir? Now, Sergeant! My computer has nothing to do with this.
Yeah, well, talk to your partner.
He was warned.
Tell them Ben.
All my accounts are on that.
You told me that the police sanctioned what you were doing.
You lied to me.
Right to my face! We're finally going to get to see some action Declan! In the past, we recovered data from drives that have been erased, burnt, smashed with a hammer, and yet you permanently erased everything.
Come on, everyone in this room knows my motivation, and how far I'm willing to go.
But you're not getting any specifics out of me until you tell me what's going on.
I found something.
Well we can't tell you anything about that.
You realise I didn't have to bring this to you.
I could have gone over on my own.
Ben, we can detain you for up to 12 hours.
Now, you know you are entitled to contact a solicitor.
Detective Inspector! You want me to reveal my methods? Then tell me the significance of what I found.
Karen! Hi.
What's going on? Ben is very upset.
He's uncovered an online video.
What's this got to do with Amber? Probably nothing.
Hey you're lucky you're not in a jail cell right now.
I found her.
What? I found Amber.
She's in the Ukraine.
This is completely premature.
Premature? What's going on? I found her myself and they're trying to cut me out! Take it easy.
I'm going to bring her home to you.
I'm sorry, I'm heading to the airport.
Where are you going? I found her.
I found my daughter.
Ben, that's fantastic! Thanks for for everything, for being there for me and having someone to talk to but when Amber comes back, I need things to be as normal as possible.
You understand.
I hope you're right, see you around.
Ok, I'm going to go down and meet him now.
Ben, Garda Passport Control have been given your name.
They aren't going to let you leave.
Come on, I'll give you a lift home.
You try and board the flight and they're going to detain you.
You're free to go Ben.
You're a hero you know.
You didn't find her.
She wasn't there.
There never was any Irish girl in that place.
The voice in the video could have been from a TV, a computer.
But those American girls are safe, back with their families because of you.
So I hear congratulations are in order on your promotion, Superintendent.
Having a few drinks Friday night.
You coming? I'm on nights Friday.
Ben, you're more than welcome here anytime, but you have to ring ahead.
Yeah, I understand that Mark, but I'd like to come in and see my son now please.
Yeah, but the last time you came, the child cried for an hour.
Well these things are traumatic.
He cried for an hour.
These things are tramatic.
Do you want that to happen again? No I don't want that to happen again but I'd like to see my son.
Ok? I understand that Ben