America in Primetime (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Independent Woman

pan-american inference nine television and training brainwashed a whole generation of women had to be perfect perfect life perfect mom television now barring first use of other things canisters intense she's very in control of herself and she knows that she wants makes a pretty fierce it's wake up to places like this and says the tension political nannies how challenging chain character on television ads the films you have a strengthening seventeen months and you put for your reference back akta though television you really have no idea where the characters in time women still seasons nine months after my client larry limited to commented upon the seeds of what's going on handicapped fatalities season in the next campsites and that just doesn't want you just have to have time to time everything in sight come in south africa one that's how they like this and people involvement ancient depends on the situations and people injuring and then some conscious len intuition lines vins even run william weld review d syrian-controlled something she knows that she wants xa pretty fierce she has to be has she is she's not an ambiguous person is there's never really has struggled to find out what she wants and she's making money and providing rooted in a roof i don't know of you know make a difference in finding that come in stars thousand different for every person an independent woman is someone who and control of her life and i think judge and where and when you going on there enables sadness you never hear so instead of using article you know and they have but you know i says she's afraid fine for life going on it starts with an image a man onstage politicians who's just confiscate them and we think he's going to be starved and i think in the back out to see this woman standing beside him just mortified both god feet supply families place yesterday hollowed out exhausted woman but she's still going to get the lint off his sleeves testing that one image over and over that press conference of disgraced politician in our priest chair or never without wife standing by the side you know i'm not sitting here some more moments and i'm on may twenty one n twenties complaining quite he's going to her mind and their reality in certain ways she was just before and the humiliation expat feeling and you allowed me to be calm pastoral unimportant and in that moment when she slaps them it's her wake up not not it's not just about you bastard happened yet and senator wake up to what kind of giving from that moment on everything that is involved in that relationship is open for question let's fix aahe he says he graduated from the aircraft securities without fifteen years ago spent two years and frustrating is that buses five filibuster prices this prayer winners grass somewhat of a chance just from us and not blaming anyone at us just as a mother myself analyze insulin loves to work the constant struggle of trying to be great if both is exhausting and their is this tremendous pressure but i think working women mothers but on the sounds to be everything and you can you just can't finishes the good life kolin has definitely in the bad check it's sickening woman malaysians sick patiently company indicate cincinnati down about factitious level people to get work done may not be right back to her as the main mislabeled line spot of our character is there no sense that things can probly insists this year command specialist trying to explain that to be sent that if you don't realized that i don't want to be left behind we don't just identify with the mothers' lives and we don't just identify with being career women who are we all colors and what a woman should be our open to her and she's trying to find her again excuse finally figuring out the playing the good girl all the time has the hasn't gotten her very far here so is the first one on that and the one it's fires i really do need to know that this was the same within the nation in was the right thing to do anything and i think she goes to the light bulbs that's not what she would have done two years before i'm in competition with another junior says to you the words enough well-connected darlington deletion really is consistently trying to do the right thing and it's just difficult because someone she's being thrown after six district and one thing and i said start first well she's not become unethical acting she's perhaps a little more comfortable integrator ria then she was when she walked in solution instead strange showing the flies is actually a lot detentions and happening there is nothing wrong with your government modern computer hackers control but i think television countrymen brainwashed a fourth-generation women the society is always been a lot of pressure on him to present perfect image of themselves physically on the perfect life the perfect mom like catholic nun re-elected and always brighter happened from years ago group nine they would never be a successful wife and mother the weighted infiltrate on tv planning webservice applicants that track it got beat by a single simmons's from television of these model women still make us feel good so we can sign that somehow we're not living up to this country and motherhood best doesn't mean a great i mean it's a beautiful and missus cleaver such a great mama i will be a failure that image of perfectionist faults i don't think anything's deliberate our conscience it was a less complicated time there was more it was more idealize an aspiration of one eighty fur trading family should serve determined if it ever since i was home british beef case down consumer tv everybody speaks to each other very respectfully bearing the roles are defined and everybody goes today often suffer my childhood it was still there word sharin mother covering up everything to make to father feel and he was commander whatever that means i want you to know that your father is a wonderful time and i couldn't ask for that he still intends to of natural light and they like to feel that he thinks of all the ideas system for wife by various uh just a tad bit devious methods plants the idea is learning and if you know what you think you know and everyone's though all the way that a woman at that time concert that kind of independent power is often through manipulation and lying and scheming a is suspected of construct that you're oppressed them all c- one give up you know i think that that's a great thing about lucy is an independent woman is that you refuse to take take now as an answer for anything on it carlos it's been tough time outline like yet tyler receipts at the last involved in that sort of the underside of marriage in the frustration that feature of struggle between what she wasn't at that time she would just b c I is the question here systolic private satellite the same time i've had nobody's like sent nobody's unlisted probably the greatest television com killed all the longing for fame and money would be working families who don't stop michigan's governor and pillow at this again you cannot be cell donated he'll have not found had a good reason his it's interesting to see to star-struck young woman who you know some and excitement in real life on housewife trying to concentrate our indeed different things that the same uh it anything crazy regulator prison listing it out at the moment meeting up with a lot of money send on it in different now that we can go and those seats catalog instead insists old freaky and she heaps laminer stuff up the keys that wall whatever the limitations of being a woman at that time our or being ricky's white for whatever they might be in yet to develop sandrine cannot help ur self must chase steel she was inouye reading it right victories about was the is incredibly servers and she was an and prayer designated defeat of the many things i want to see which is a force to be reckoned with totally superstars are and radio through derisive there's just on the richter of received data get somebody up there clean this place just through the first media which youthful and sexy and funny at the same time students who didn't lose her family but being there were crucial group than in the middle of the american primary research officer to about sixty girls who have succeeded hi acu one failure after another and go in and read for something and think it went well and tonight we can get the talents of children and looking for it we would have so here again and i got this phone call from the agency inc carl reiner and my heart started counting and she walked a mile from one-day moved two months adapters looking size like bank pepsico organizer of the top of her head said come with me testicular cancer war provisional results this is who rightly so differently dr because she had a style about her and she was very modern renegotiation look capris someone for network over the city the couple under a little bit too much the effort let them out incidently shocking people act kicked in and actress who didn't very small parts undermanned extends i had comedy that threatened concrete thing 'cause when i first got to work with backgrounds was willing to listen to you listened as the court marissa for us to the children was to be the independent woman which was starting to happen at that time ke cigarettes and beginnings you are not going to be a kind of way through says hughes the cream cheese intern not only did mary clay credibly forceful character five she had a troop presence and identity he she just wasn't your fault by which includes at least again what there was some videos which you want to go out dancing and give this weekend tennessee and she decides or wanted just be a mother like stranded classes and i saw a training exercise and now i know chance the here like cannot hot time paramilitary malfunction remiss about uh that was not exactly what what i would say this there's a forward-looking thing she could have done both there was still that hangover all well the husband works and the wife staceykharlan and that's through a desire wife more truthful but there was the war and aspects to a woman and just the a housewife which is good enough if you could bring up kids and send non-toxic human beings of the world that's about the best thing you can do actually but a lot of people who feel fulfilled and if they don't feel fulfilled they should be able to fulfill themselves however they want down hands-on david terrible things we're going to really meaning that there may be weird cribbing and where we can get about that he would be women have caught on to the game we don't know what completely yet inhabited cohen and version of what they've been doing for them but we do know that it happening when women have cars start delightful person an idealist planes bright like a really to stop selling this product being made about hahahahahahaha the irs well never retell wire it's not simply has had a question well i can tell you don't live persons forgive abrasions candidate sixty-five we worked very closely time you know that the concept we came up with the show we came up with the idea of a career woman started just as you know the woman's revolution was kicking it it gave us a lot of stories patience you know what spot the playoffs but debate will idea that tension allen had was that i am places recently divorced woman and cbs said pants patrick forced because i think one thing she's divorced from dick disservice rethink she came to show about a it was um by people with mustaches and third force people sharman ellen wanted to write a shelf about a woman who was working in a newsroom who is really in a row independent terrifies it was not about women's powder camper character was that it was very tougher stand up for sale that she was that she was a pushover that she seemed to push over bhai amounts animals we did three hundred scenes that started with mary come into my office that the batting average was amazing because of that quality she had purchased calls on the carpet that i read it manner daytime or influences everything she's the first woman who we will start work thinks that the like there was still and wasn't interested here was it should not be single pursuing her rearing buried very exciting actually we headed bearing children six five year her mother says to rip off education no mary and her father answered now tourism first and foremost daring joke at that time calculated wanted well i say i mean title the in last year women everywhere let me say we'd sure like to be there when he has it people wanted us to step on a soap box of that show was very important that we burned off a soapbox we were there to do a good comedy show but or heroin existed but a very interesting time for women come to the show highest was pretty much porn married and i'm married when i was eighteen three months after the end of that to force and that my second husband grant tinker and when we separated going to new york for me was terrifying because i think they've been on my own rials sure is saying i had inside me that said you know what you're doing you can't do this was very rich it's really and investing in what wouldn't hear me women we say to me protection initially to define what you to the states people sit and eat strangers singing you know i didn't he major because you can't buy became producing continues and when they see you can mean that whole wonderful production is very unlikely mantle grateful for it the women's movement really helped shine a light on those old scary at times reading betty for dan's feminine mystique and they were you know grappling with what she called the problem with no name you know you were sent to to college and prepared for something great men were allowed to pursue it and had this you know worry about yellow waxy buildup on your flores and what came out of ultimately was an opportunity to create a character who affluent based upon and in one of something i've been in over my head since the day i invited joel short to make sure you're from he was thirty five dole is played by the israelis taking risks as helicopters to clear a few words just so much fun it was so who married uh and it's sort of freedom while you're testing along with other people is a reflection of getting along the south the your reflection right but i remember reading island at work here and i thought that was the closing the whole world changes that we have enduring the pitch that kinda stopped everybody in their tracks they did really openly that beautifully have a head injury over a month previn is cigarette and uh their reaction lies that's not really are very attractive trait and one n in our somebody's had problems with alcohol if you look great that's a big deal and i think executives and television were the buttons that push because those work traditionally male traits denouncing alone and cheers had come into the bar is a recovering alcoholic why he had the same thing apply to a woman what cbs said that they would like instead of her being a fourteen-year-old who was just com coming from the foreign wouldn't she be a thirty-year-old would just come back from a small brings him it's not sources are saying is the awam and character they start shooting beginning to find your attitude extremely offensive perch and rotate dole they want interest and a lot likable there murphy became that person we are wishing we were you know all the things you should as they really wish coulda said which he said that never felt that she had to please anyone for people like and that was such a great for women to see that it is spent a lot of time trying to be like the morning's delight degrees at that time in town and it was unusual to see somebody who who really didn't care about she's a housewife in denver colorado we started appearing at a local night club called the comedy works in denver about the three or four years ago and she is moving to the hollywood where she's been working at the comedy store and this is her very first appearance on national television would you welcome roseanne barr the out i was raised in salt lake city utah honors a jewish girl him from one family so everywhere i went i was the oxygen everybody pineapple waste tonight was fattening hygienists talk like that condominiums bonnie and that was really found on the smart funny girl in salt lake city utah i was always concentra combine everyone who came in half where they would say you should do this but don't do that can this is not the way in the only but i realize really earlier that i have never had anybody's approval maybe and help me and layered protection against that constant onslaught com correction emily humiliation that girls can schools where livingston on complete relating it's enough to make history teaches katie verification closed today finding you a call it a little less intensity remains the same time satellite cannot ko do throw myself i feel great had taken with the when i first was a young mother and we just settled watching television with my kids and i was just appalled at television but at the festival but if people do manifest functions of the leaders of the nineteen th they're still lives in his own there's never any fueling means my grandma my mom my businessmen policeman different inside the student on simpson was a we're going to be avoided all you know students could be the dole in the standing outside needs although i mean there's no way the the this simple would want to watch who would want watch her with what i want to show about this with one it was the first realistic representation of the mother had ever seen on television it was a woman who couldn't necessarily hold on to job and physically resemblances related this is the state of being trailed midwestern housewife everybody knows that women going that was never on tv that something that like this to everyone there on television dot instance is so important every detail about it spoke volumes about powell heart lies to have enough money to put food on the table this is a character who stayed by the airline the character who is not getting enough health care benefits his struggling and trying to balance the the needs of the with mom with the needs of the military check your before worked young underpaid you're overweight and you laughing making a g jokes about that that was knew that was different and i think in the same way there is an was always fearless first and i had she's seen fearless about what her own personal issues might might mean politicians had trap highest can my character said back to roseanne the dabbled here to be able to allow you know than other character just say that to your character knowing full well date you are your character i don't know who wells was getting determined during your lifetime oc with cases allposters and only the international community was about every single day and it was fun because the these people too make television just they don't have any they're like alien session they don't have any real-life experience or any values or anything dances unsure working-class enough myself too you know do the things that working class people do believe come from henderson which is one outrageous things going on at that it worked work for me she's pissed off than she meant everything she said she live that life in this weekend is big star but individual parts he still was the person struggling provide it leave you a copy of the and cap eight just proves that she's been panicked and called colonie was worry a lot of things that they are trying to make sense and buying making funny on television there's so many red flags here for a network we put somebody like that and tv it's over off and interesting and we're not eyecandy for male viewers i can't think of it as show that that pulled off something that impossible i really want to show that they need to a different milton beneath that no k hasn't been a fat theory unemployed in contemporary still okay sums you have honesty and integrity some measurement intelligence it's all okay what is an okay is to be ok with how bad things are just to throw some nineteen may nine the east that's fine so i don't know what you're up to a television is great celebrating almost half the time you watch it watch it emerge with a thirty minute television show based on the twenty two minutes and twenty minutes later the mclaughlin pieces of business and it is a business that we are there to uh on broadcast television too to sell products in america stop yuo pride realistic allotted the executives in regular network television they are tied to advertisers has a lot of fear don't building was really the soap products so shows that you made worse things that would disturb you too much or make you think too much more repatriation that much pay cable is not worried about that they want interest at once once you can stop worrying about getting twenty million people to watch a show then you have a lot more uh flexibility cancer nationally for intentions system with his friends on broadcast that people does it have that we fight against if you're getting you know eighty five percent of the revenue from subscriber fees you're not concerned about what advertising is you're not really concerned about your rating about cable that really help the television business is it it does represent freedom there's an inherent understanding that people there's less restrictions i don't think that that makes great programs we understand that were not here to serve the mass will do the best we can to give something that's report you or and let's hope the people come and binding we can't compete with that i had come from do a lot of network television that's all right well i wanted to do the network tv equivalent of the independent film and it was collected sexual relationships in a way no television comedy had ever looked at them and would never be able to complete didn't have to answer that but i do know is that we didn't have to respond to nielsen ratings and worry about thanks for the challenge of critical fly carrie was having sexually without a woman was having sex with a number of different men unapologetically and you would think she was a bit rh of china first of its worth mary tyler moore she's a television the seventies carry was going to be sort of america or more for enough in the morning she's one of the ultimate independent women living in new york when i say listen it's a day that was our final simplified pan african women who have less money and how does next month food so surprised how many people thousands of women on the street instead this is my life this is how are you communicated my girlfriend slideshare my legislative women friends anyway is the most exciting about sixty seven dash at loved by the way is that it that focus on the friendships and the strength of the friendships on dev relationship between as for women is always paramount regardless of its happening a continent as simply as a hard as i think that the sometimes mentioned to him in lincolnshire such as you know yes says that's right now don't stop just like that come on nonstop but emails cleaning eradicate frankly calculations back to me south really revolutionary in the past a lot of nelson justifies women in this case we were always object to find them if they didn't even have names industry this semester that they can do what they were very disposable highly stuff at fifteen and sixteen mon home and we don't get to see much there is a brief introduction trousers are us artificial daughter but she has you know sort of uh talking smack about called women an explicitly is just would not be fun we never explicitly shows these political never reward that some persons i think it was the first that's because boomers' trying to keep the worst mister i think he's done a few social statement through figured out what was going to find it and brown was influenced by the division of my sex in the city those women told each other everything and my experience with women is that no one of them will share a lot but pale giveaway everything that these women are gonna be desperate it's because they can share lives i wanted a very pretty universe so that's the kind of jerry dark with the goings on would have a lovely pastel background you never know what's happening behind closed doors never know what's really going on from here couple of months before i came up with the idea of desperate housewives i went to a reunion one of my friends as this in our view on that and sell the just won't be in a mom conventions that mountain highways understand because i didn't know women that say that not what i liked about the net is sticking points to what i thought credit difficulties and challenges of motherhood haven't you florida on to online olympic the his contracts can answer anything better than being a mommy my experience when my children were little is there wasn't a whole lot of roe for while what happened to the old me and i'm not gonna as women went into motherhood equanimity in grades using kind of women going forward drawer you know and that's the case being a mother she doesn't do it there's a breakdown on the soccer field in susan and retail outfit comfort they confessed to her they understand they've been through it to and that's when the net turns to them insist hasn't anyone talk about things because part of the pain is the shame than you think back to for me to be very t- bills women out the whole idea was that you had to be persons same way that women were fighting as the icon of the perfect wife in on the fifties and sixties that led to women's lib no i cut the smothers right the perfection of motherhood when people say oh she's jet she's just a mother unlike your heart that is a lot easier for me to get during that work when someone offers me a cup of coffee when i decided to start writing the show the first thing i came up with was the title desperate housewives the woman who was running the testing that said a lot of american alike that and that became interesting because it became clear to me they didn't really respect women who just a minute you know you had to go the female steal the fortune five hundred company first respect you and care about you on a finding anyone who wants to be a wife and mother and developer lines creating home pathfinder's something quietly beautifully wrote about that and i'm i'm attracted to write about that there are many women out there and you know very successful independent from than logs has always been analyst there and nineteen connects i think that's what we all are which is going to connect these deadly was sure that this is being about strong competitive bidding works it works for a bad day actually killed somebody the entire show really by the way is a love story if the american cuisine there to women who've completely bond of the fact that they are cut rather than competitive that surgery almost more than anything else that she's surgery bilateral flows that's nice that you can have a state tax relief wants play christina during the procedure is the only thing that matters that you don't have to do it yourself that we have to get out last competitive me nasty but she as this intense it's almost secondary but she's helping people but but but part of what makes the show interesting coverage from the right instead and possibly exploring how these women are dealing with what they're doing in the workplace and how that's gonna match with having a person puke researching and have a life excuse this man who just passed me to marry him hanging to try to have both peacefully means standing analysis and i guess mister distributors Itd sometimes we find ourselves copy train how too balance how can we as successful meaningful personal life work-life find from loving relationship media what's the story on this thing which is the american babies and husband too right away for us they know everybody wants to be retail but the fairy tale doesn't if that's necessary existence somebody women that i knew myself included were word struggling with finding balance and to be sexy to looked young too make a living any deal with marriage around here how do you deal with for your baby to work how did you expect has been stopped happy with how much time you're spending or not spend it with a child you know there is no resolution to that problem of um finding balance unless you're willing to say balance is really over with there's no weight you can succeeded oftentimes i mean in bits and pieces i suppose and we moved past that moment which is supposed to be able to have it all or that having our israel or frankly even satisfied at all is that they were only doing everything play and that's the things that's interesting to me he really really was a man and prompting intolerable human cells are two the people who can be really interesting thing some of those since consistently increasing perfect for you to circumstances beyond our control room has been talking to him missing bomb needs to be big money system using lifestyle and we do that for us in our case to still drives who are trapped here unequal can sell heats organic heats european that's of the error comedians there's a lot of something that has to be done in to to live a life the even pay attention to one part of me and apartments efforts and pages not pardon me go broke and losing half their whenever it is it's around the problem in front of her and how did she say almond victories in the periphery i think the children are and trickery and and you know morality is number three i'm sorry because you got hurt okay same s shots hispanic conciliator it's that's that's what's happened all not what is the extracts that's only occurs as you might pretending kits etc and she sent management solutions and emotional relationships isn't an issue is solved and does the collateral damage in life conditions at the time to really sit down nemesis the damage is done it would be enormously painful and possibly immobilized and she's been surround some stemmed from that you don't belong here at least never go back uh she's been offer that inouye by by other relationship she's come to the show and she's refuses she's wants to stay in the gangster like why do women have to be these pristine figures of of comfort hands morality they're not their complex human beings senior on it seen it yet there's no sense of having this woman the to bring her head feminism sipping her head anything other then her need to find yourself seeking the addicted to panels in a suspect is sort of stretched professional nearly one hundred network television is the way this is one when you think and she's a drug addict and she said her husband she's is breaks the law sometimes it's interesting makes his inner cities deep down she's she is still good linden i've gotten some weird for a long time so it doesn't we must understand addiction and thought you know that's a great thing to get a kick the main characters seven and undertow always pulling them toward some level of destruction usually really does think this is what you have to do to get to the day love the idea that she was the single woman you thought that warning with a boyfriend was the pharmacist some song mister kids and a half that she wants to honor the claims that she's made rapacious commitments that she's made as a mother and has a wife in terms of the year fleshy stretched herself so send that now the cracks extension you know you have this one line connie my what a high-wire act delia seems like juggling nights on the high water and i should stress spinning plates and jetliners on the highway this woman is so many things going on and i think he would managing women especially in order to get drugs for many tactics to rain off and she goes to the hospital there was definitely jackie can't get away during off hispanics system echoes and fishing concentrations to be noted set and so we do fattening that understand at least on some of the straw sort of level feels like you bring her i really appreciate this swinging she has a lot of good intentions and really ultimately wants to be a good person to help other people but she needs fourteen fighter you're in your chaos and i think that's what people related yet he's because she is flawed and many everybody has secrets everybody has darkness and and as a writer is so exciting to really just tell the truth with the standard she doesn't care if my car says interest rates that says in care process and that's horrible cance from the yes she's kind of yep karen the soul of fortune person friday the sheep can free yourself from this addiction what's underneath it because it pretty it's caterpillar person mcafferty into stories there's no cataclysmic events going on a similar earthquakes slowly but surely the steelers in the ground that she was on the world that she and habits and that's that's our promise in real life meaning in time going on here do you hear it would not mind clinton-gephardt indeed anyone think television they can be anything that i think that what makes that interesting dresses that we no longer have to turn it over since the additives that feels but no one will but it's off-limits at this point it doesn't seem like it if it's in within the realm of experience anti-family people i know what happened the writer said pattern on on that's all my in laws of the just has been meeting to be delights in because that's what they it was offering jobs it was i might shoot enough for you darling women on television now aren't pursuit of other things that he has a really nice people like that but it's not their ultimate goal were so lucky as actors that television has increased and cell phone fish so much more freedom to really be all the things that are human even the ones that are sort of others he decides to reflects your television right at that has announced that he can not only is that what liberating but women creative remarks on resides three i think the key to making great tv is this reflects to really reflect really human behavior our hopes and dreams instructs too much for that person is is this series for the two men were not proven visit he has done to border america in prime time on dvd review visit shot media's doubtful recall one eight hundred plane yes