American Dad s18e16 Episode Script

A New Era for the Smith House

Oh! The Smiths are back from
their trip in 20 minutes.
Plenty of time for finishing touches.
I can't wait 'til they see this!
- You're back!
- From hell!
Our trip to Gettysburg sucked!
I mean, I love war,
but mix it up a little.
Gimme a beach or a pumpkin patch,
And the place was a dump,
littered with cannons!
The wind was relentless!
Not a single coconut.
You couldn't get a
piña colada anywhere!
Took us forever to get there.
Why couldn't they fight their
war closer to the highway?
I thought Gettysburg would be relaxing,
but they just bombard you
with all these facts about
things that happened.
You know, I was half expecting you
to screw up the house in four score
and seven ways, but it looks great.
And roses?! My favorite old lady smell!
I'm so happy you like it.
JEFF: Wait.
Is this a different [BLEEP] frame?
Ah, yes. Jurgen was over.
He bumped into the old one,
and it broke.
- He what?!
Not the frame!
So, you just replaced it?
And didn't say anything?
But it was just the cheap cardboard one
they give you with the photo.
So I bought you a new one,
a nicer one, from World Market.
Nice is your style. Not our style.
But the photograph is fine,
and that's what's important, right?
The photo is nothing!
It was the frame that
held all our memories!
Remember the blood stains
on it from when dad
challenged the hula dancer
to five-finger fillet?
We trusted you with our bloody,
mass-produced cardboard frame,
and you replace it
with something artisan?
Do you know what they would do
to someone like you in the civil war?
I don't recall because I was
enjoying Jagermeister in the car
during the corporal
punishment reenactment.
But I'm guessing it was unpleasant.
Good morning, U.S.A. ♪
I got a feelin'
that it's gonna be a wonderful day ♪
The sun in the sky has
a smile on his face ♪
And he's shinin'
a salute to the American race ♪
Oh, boy, it's swell to say ♪
- Good ♪
- Good morning, U.S.A. ♪
Good morning, U.S.A. ♪
Wow. We truly live in windy times.
Are you all really still
upset about the family photo?
Family photo?
- The frame!
- Oh, God, the frame!
- Yes, I feel sick.
- We all do.
I wish we could go on a good trip now
to forget about the frame.
I can't, I've used all my P.T.O. days.
You don't get unlimited P.T.O.?
Where do you work, a gulag?
That's low key messed up, Mr. S.
I'm gonna figure out how to
get us a do-over vacation.
Here's what I'm thinking.
Spirit Airlines, 4:00 a.m. flight,
Christmas Eve, destination
North Korea.
BULLOCK: Over the last three months,
windstorms around the globe
have been growing in
frequency and magnitude.
So I brought in an expert
Gust Breezer, wind theorist.
Oh, so this is how he's
getting us a vacation.
Sorry, Stan, did you say something?
Oh, no, it's nothing.
You've been looking to
science for answers,
but science can't explain wind.
We need to look, instead, to history,
the opposite of science.
The Mayans, the Babylonians,
all ancient cultures,
had myths to explain
the source of the wind.
All of them easily debunked by
the granddaddy of them all
the Sumerian idea,
"there's a giant in the ocean
that controls the wind."
Pff! This whack-job calls
himself a wind theorist?
This is not how we
treat a guest speaker!
Dick, I'd fire you for disrespecting
this totally legitimate theory.
But I'm pretty sure
I report to you. Do I?
Come on, sir! A giant in the ocean?
What has your civilization
done to solve the wind mystery?
Hmm? Tell me.
Can't? Then get out.
Smith had the right idea. You're fired!
It was an honor working for you.
If I did. Best damn boss I ever had.
If you were.
I'm sorry, Dr. Breezer.
He's not a reflection of this agency.
The CIA respects both
science and fantasy.
Please, you spoke of a giant?
What's its name?
The Sumerians considered
the giant's name
too sacred to speak.
But [BLEEP] it, I'll just say it.
It's "Tall Jeremy."
We must sail across the ocean
and convince him to stop blowing.
I'd like to volunteer.
Good man, Smith.
Take the CIA yacht.
I'm sorry, it'll be a long, slow journey
because we stocked it with
so much food and booze.
Can I bring my family along?
Um, 'cause Tall Jeremy
loves marital sex?
Dr. Breezer?
It's not his favorite type of sex.
But I say let's hit him with all we got.
Why are all these people outside?
We're going on another
trip and hiring someone
to help out while we're gone.
You're hiring a house sitter?
- But that's my job.
Not just a house sitter.
They got to keep an eye on your
frame-breaking ass, as well.
There's only one thing that
could go wrong with the house,
and that's you.
Is it a witch?
No, witches have brooms.
I think it's
a Dick.
Shut up! It's Dick, my old boss.
Ever since I got fired,
I've been spiraling.
In a fun way?
Afraid not.
I lost my apartment, my savings,
and I'm living in my car.
How? It's been one day.
All that was kind of going on before.
But now I don't have a job either.
I saw the sign out front.
Are you guys hiring?
Yes. We need someone to watch the house.
But more importantly,
what do you know about pet sitting?
A pet sitter should be kind ♪
Handsome with no warts ♪
Always on time ♪
Good with animals ♪
No warts ♪
He is really emphasizing "no warts."
It's making me think he has warts.
I love where you were
going with the song,
but we should probably explain.
This isn't your typical pet sitting job.
We're looking for
a candidate to keep ♪
Their eyes on Klaus ♪
This guy is pathetic ♪
Can't trust him with our house ♪
We need someone who's vigilant ♪
Make sure he stays in line ♪
I've always been
the one in charge ♪
The house has been just fine ♪
Don't let him order Instacart ♪
He'll leave you with the fee ♪
He'll sneak right
into Steve's room ♪
- And read his diary ♪
- It's a blog!
No, we can't trust the
fish with our things ♪
Can't trust me?!
This house would be a hovel without me.
Without me, who would swiffer? ♪
Who'd spray the yard for tics? ♪
I'm the one who keeps the house ♪
Don't need no help from Dick ♪
I think that my experience ♪
Makes me the perfect fit ♪
I'll never take my eyes off him ♪
I'll watch him while I shit ♪
'Cause we can't trust
the fish with our things ♪
No, we can't trust the fish ♪
With our things ♪
Well, our song is over,
and all the other candidates
were blown away by the wind.
You're hired, Dick.
Here are the instructions on Klaus.
- Don't deviate.
- Don't put Dick in charge.
Please, give me a chance
to regain your trust.
- Pleassssssse!
- Klaus, we just sang a whole song.
When have you ever known
this family to change course
after singing a song?
Ooh. Missed a spot.
So, Klaus, tell me about yourself.
What's your favorite season?
Oh, I can't talk.
I'm just your run-of-the-mill,
dumbass goldfish who doesn't even have
a human brain and needs a pet sitter.
- Listen, this wasn't my
- Bah-bah-bahhhh.
I can't hear you. Bah-bahhhh.
You're so stupid.
What are you even doing?
Having my mail forwarded
to this address.
It's just easier since I'm
going to be here a few weeks
Weeks?! [GROANS]
Let's take a look at the rules.
Says here you're not allowed
to touch the burners.
What?! Let me see that.
I touch them to my liking.
Feed it twice a day.
Limit meals to breakfast
and two shakes of fish flakes at night.
Two shakes?!
I eat a whole rotisserie
chicken every day!
Wow. They don't treat you well.
No wonder you're pissed at them.
You know what? Forget the rules.
Want to get some food?
How do you feel about Wow Cow?
Really like Wow Cow.
I've seen how the family belittles you.
They treat you like an outsider.
You know, my ex-wife used to
make me feel like an outsider,
even when I was insider.
[LAUGHS] That's sad.
And then she left me.
Your wife left you?
My wife left me, too,
for an entire bobsled team.
Since then,
I've been desperate for connection.
- I'd do
- TOGETHER: Anything to fit in.
[GASPS] You're pathetic
the same way I'm pathetic.
Klaus, you and I are two
fish in the same school.
You make me feel understood, Dick.
A sensitive soul in a cruel world.
Hey! Can I get
that [BLEEP] spoon I asked for?
Ah, I shouldn't be hard on her.
We're definitely leaving without paying.
Who knew all we needed
was a fully staffed yacht
with a 60-foot water
slide and a jazz quartet
to feel like ourselves again.
Got to give it to Roger
for hooking it up.
- Hey, where is Roger?
- ROGER: Hey, fam.
I have great news.
I just scored in a trade,
robbed these Somalian pirates blind.
Wait, what?
For our yacht, I got this incredible
oar boat,
a gift certificate for Sam Goody,
and a whole herd of cattle
that we have to pick up
in the Galapagos later.
You traded the yacht?
Are you insane?!
We have to be reasonable.
The yacht is too big, it's too heavy.
We got to travel light and skippy
if we want to find the giant.
Whoa, wait.
We're actually looking for a giant?
- That's a myth.
- A myth you made up.
Exactly. So if it's not
a real myth, it must be true.
Sorry, gang.
He's actually right about that.
I don't care.
I'm entitled to a good vacation,
and I'm not leaving
this yacht for anything.
This is gonna be great.
You're gonna lose so much weight rowing,
and then you're gonna gain
it all back eating cattle.
We're not gonna breed them or milk them.
We're just gonna eat 'em all.
I've had the best time
with you today, Dick.
We've hit up all my favorite spots
Wow Cow,
the mechanical horse outside CVS,
and now the Hallmark store?
Glad you're having fun.
I got to mail this
"props on your new gig, slick"
card to myself.
- Be right back.
- No problem.
- Psst. Klaus.
- Lewis?
How do you know that guy you're with?
You mean, Dick? He's staying with me.
Dick is staying in your house?
You have to get him out
before it's too late.
Dick's a squatter!
No way. Dick's my bro.
Listen, a few months back,
I hired Dick to watch
my pet boa constrictor, T'Challa,
while I was on vacation.
Has Dick gotten any mail to your house?
Not yet, but he did forward his mail.
Why do you ask?
Because once he establishes
residency with the post office
and stays for at least a month,
you can't get him out!
He tried to do that to me, but luckily,
I had to cut my trip to
Hedonism II short due to
a condition clinically known as
"gonorrhea mania."
You mean,
Dick's going to steal our house?
You still have time to stop him.
Oh, damn. I've got a job
interview at Orange Julius.
I'm putting you down as a reference.
- Ready to go?
- No.
I just had a very disturbing run-in
with principal Lewis.
He told me everything.
- Lewis? Who is Lewis?
- Shut up!
I know you're a squatter and
you're trying to take our house.
Maybe I am.
But come on,
it's obvious from the family's rules
that they don't even care about you.
They call you "it".
And you're gonna help them?
No, I'm gonna help you.
I want in.
- Faster. Faster.
We need to hustle if we're
going to find the giant.
Dad! This is getting almost
as bad as Gettysburg.
Screw this. I'm making a call.
We can't hover any longer.
We got to turn back.
Roger, last chance. Get on the chopper.
Can't. I got to find that giant!
The giant's not real, you fool!
That's what they said about Atlantis.
And they were right!
Sorry? What was that last thing?
Ah, nothing like being
at sea for a month
to make my scurvy flare up.
Odd. My key doesn't work.
Dick! Dick, can you give me a hand?
My key isn't working.
I can't let you in, Stan.
Oh, no, did Klaus screw up
the door from the inside?
This isn't your house anymore.
It's ours.
Since you abandoned it
and took to the open sea
for a month,
Dick and I established residency
and took ownership.
Maritime laws. Look it up.
I will not.
Why are you doing this, Dick?
It's gonna be awkward at work.
You got me fired!
Oh, yeah.
Forget that. This is my house.
And I'm getting in with a little
help from my friends, B and E.
Aw, man,
I think I made it harder for us.
Thank God, the pigs!
They're here for you.
But it's my house!
Not according to maritime law, it isn't.
What if I shoot them?
I mean, it would still be their house.
He's not gonna shoot you!
But you can shoot him,
since he's trespassing on your property!
KLAUS: Fair enough.
Those bastards.
Not the cops. It was super cool of them
to take my $10,000 bribe.
That was your bail, Dad.
This isn't over for you.
Well, then,
screw them and Dick and Klaus.
But how can we get the house back?
Take 'em to court?
And read all that sea law?
No thanks.
Maybe we just have to face it.
Klaus screwed us over
for good this time.
We can't let Klaus win.
Hey, Steve, you got any thoughts?
Was the Candy Land Airbnb the
only one available, or?
No, there was also a house
with all beige carpeting.
Would you have liked me
following you around all day?
"Don't spill. Don't spill."
New rule, Klaus. There are no rules.
Yeah, eff that thing.
I love being a homeowner.
I don't think we should
take down the family photo.
Why not? You don't still care
about these jerks, do you?
No way.
I'm just afraid your naked body
doesn't match the color
scheme of the room.
You're afraid of that?
I'm not afraid of anything.
Well, except g-g-g-ghosts.
Look, I'm just gonna say it.
The hula skirts are
cultural appropriation.
FRANCINE: Stick to the rules,
but don't forget to have
some fun with Klaus from time to time.
He loves Wow Cow and superhero movies.
He goes nuts for the
mechanical horse at CVS.
Oh, that horse is so badass.
Try to watch stuff with him downstairs
so he doesn't get lonely at night.
The downstairs TV sucks,
so don't watch cool stuff
like "Avatar" and "Westworld" on it,
but it's fine for "Impractical Jokers",
which is all Klaus watches anyway.
Wow. They really know me.
Hey, Dick didn't tell me
the nice stuff they said.
That snaky bitch.
Wait. Was that tiger
originally Tommy Lee Jones?
Tall Jeremy! My man!
Thanks for rescuing me.
You don't look so good.
I'm sick.
That's what's causing all the wind.
[SIGHS] I don't know.
Oh, soup's too hot to eat!
I hate being sick.
Hang in there, buckaroo.
You'll feel better soon.
In the meantime,
could you maybe eat cold soup?
The blowing is really doing a
number on our coastal cities.
Cold soup? Nah.
I'll just go back to eating people.
That works. You can tell
I'm not a people, right?
Of course. Can't everybody?
Great. So eat people, cover your mouth
with that squid when you sneeze,
and can you throw me about
a thousand miles that way?
No problemo.
ROGER: Gracias, amigo!
You were right.
I have to get rid of Dick.
But it's too late.
He already has squatter's rights.
There must be some way to
get him out of the house.
Maybe you could scare him out.
How? He's not afraid of anything.
We went to that trampoline park,
and he barely even looked at
the waiver before signing it.
Oh, and he uses
the bathroom at the beach.
He's fearless!
[GASPS] Oh, no, he's not.
I've come for you.
A ghost!
Are you the spirit of the old
woman whose condo I stole?
No, I'm a generic ghost.
Whoa, that was fast.
We didn't even get to
do the bleeding walls
or the fake satanic ritual.
Tuttle, you can come out now.
It's already over?
Yeah. Sorry, man.
Is that what you think
a ghost looks like?
- [BEEP]
- Hey, this is Chris Pratt.
Nah, I'm just playin'.
It's Stan. Leave a message after the
- [BEEP]
Oh, that was good, Stan.
I needed that laugh.
It's been rough lately,
stealing the house from you and all.
Anyhoo, I've got a big surprise for you.
Meet me at the house.
You're gonna be thrilled.
Kay, bye.
Whew. Dick's gone,
and now I'm gonna get my family back.
Well done, me.
That could have gotten out of hand.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no! No!
What the [BLEEP] did you do?!
I got rid of Dick!
And I saved the family photo.
You burned down the house!
Yes, but what I learned is,
it's not about the house.
It's the people who make a home.
- The carpenters?
- No.
- The architect.
- No.
- Contractors?
- No.
What are you talking about?!
Let me explain another way.
It's like this photo.
The house is the frame,
which isn't important.
You get me? But you guys
are the people in the photo.
ALL: No shit!
The giant was real!
And he's got a hell of an arm.
Damn, you gave Klaus a babysitter
and he still burned down the house?
Come on, Jeff, let's do it in the ashes.
Babe, you are such a little freak.
Whoa that's got to be
tough to hear, Stan.
Why's that?
Should I be upset my daughter pulls ass?
Have a great night!
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