American Gothic (1995) s01e03 Episode Script

Eye of the Beholder

Previously on American Gothic: I want the boy.
Caleb isn't going anywhere until I say so.
This document grants me sole custody of Caleb.
And I'd like you to sign it.
Happy birthday.
Are you a ghost? No.
Angel? I'm your family.
Be careful, Caleb.
Someone's at the door.
No more running, son.
Caleb! A 10-year-old boy with a 30-minute start.
I want him back by sundown.
Does Caleb know his father's dead? I don't see how he could.
He's been running all night.
Look, whatever you think about Lucas, he's helped out a lot of folks in this town.
How's that? By giving them a second chance.
The Sheriff is after me.
He thinks he's my daddy.
And what do you think? I think he's crazy.
What do you want with him? I'm just doing my job, ma'am, got to protect my people.
Like my parents? They died in a fire, ma'am.
No, they died because they were trapped in a building.
Someone had locked them in there.
You really my cousin? Yeah.
I live in you, Caleb, and so does your father.
Merlyn, look out.
Hello, Mr.
I'm Dr.
Feeling all right? TV in my room's broke.
We'll have to get it fixed for you.
This is Dan Truelane, our anesthesiologist.
So you're the dream master, huh? Oh, yeah.
It's a very simple procedure, Mr.
Laparoscopic surgery four little holes, we take out the gallbladder you'll probably be home in the morning.
Do I get steak and eggs for breakfast? Well, I don't know about that.
You really had us worried, son, running off like that.
You almost gave your cousin, Gail, a heart attack.
Where are we going? To the hospital.
The doctor just wants to check you out and make sure that everything is all right.
Yeah, a quick checkup, you'll be on your way.
On my way where? My place.
I got a wicked electric train set.
And you know what I like for breakfast? Apple pie and ice cream.
Sound good? I really want to stay with Dr.
Son, you had your stay with the good doctor and you ran away.
If he'd been looking out for you better none of that business in the woods would've happened.
Yes, sir, with your family gone now it's time you start trusting the man with the star.
Okay, Mr.
Wills, I'm gonna place this mask on you and I want you to start counting backwards from 10, all right? Sure that thing ain't broke, too? Well now, if your head explodes, we'll know.
Ten, nine, eight Hey, you with us, bud? Yeah.
I was just I'm wondering about Caleb.
Caleb's fine.
Meanwhile, it's showtime.
I'm gonna scrub.
I tell you about my pool table? Look, I'm his family now and until there's a hearing, he can stay wherever he wants to stay.
A hearing? The state welfare bureaucrats, you mean? Ms.
Emory, you been in the big city too long.
The beauty of a small town like Trinity is that we take care of our own.
And the beauty of big cities is that people can take care of themselves.
If you want to stay in the hospital tonight, Caleb, that's fine.
In fact, I might just stay there with you.
Well, won't that be cozy? Just the two of you.
In intensive care.
Hospital can be a mighty cold place, son.
I don't like trains and I hate apple pie.
Well, fine.
You just get a good night's sleep.
Tomorrow we'll ask my friend Judge Halpern to figure out the living situation on a temporary basis.
I'll walk you in.
No, that's all right.
I'm sure you have other duties.
Well, sure.
I reckon I do but this is a pleasure.
Give it up.
Ma'am? I'll just wait out here, then.
You can wait all you want, but I'm staying at the hospital with Dr.
You sure, son? Well, okay, then.
You get up there and see Dr.
See how he's doing.
All right.
Make sure that line's clear over there.
His heart rate's up.
Let me look at his eyes.
Code blue! Dr.
Williams, can I see you down here, stat? Yes, sir.
He's having a seizure.
What's his oxygen? Ninety-five percent.
I need 10 ml IV Valium.
Just hold him down, hold his head.
Where's the Valium? What have you done to that man? Stay out of this room.
Get the boy out of here! It's all right, Gordy, it's all right.
It's all right.
That's it.
This how you treat all your patients? He had a seizure.
Of course he did, he's an epileptic.
According to whom? Tell me, Harvard, what is the proper procedure for anesthetizing an epileptic? There's nothing on this man's chart about epilepsy.
Oh, really? Daniel, can you confirm that? "Subject to Jacksonian seizures.
Check with attending physician before anesthesia.
" That wasn't there before.
Are you sure, Doctor? Not having one of them blackouts now, are you? Would you get out of here before I call security? You hang in there, champ.
You're gonna be okay.
Sleep well.
Enjoy your stay.
This wasn't here, Matt.
Look, I don't know what that son of a bitch did but I'm telling you, that wasn't there before.
Well, it's there now.
What you gonna do When Death comes creeping in your room When Death comes creeping in your room What you gonna do You gonna pray to the Lord Oh, please deliver me What you gonna do When Death comes for you What you gonna do There is a heaven and there is a hell But the fires of hell burn on in brimstone Is your soul on fire, Daniel? What do you mean? I'm just teasing.
Come on children And look into Satan's casket And stare into the face of sin You've got to rise and see the face of your tormentor You coming? It's for kids, Cheryl.
Come on.
Come on, you're afraid of what you might see? Look, you go on.
Come on, children, and look into Satan's casket Oh, yes Quite a show.
Leave me alone.
That was some pretty nasty business at the hospital, Daniel.
I'd hate to see a fine churchgoer like yourself punished for another man's crime.
That was just a taste of how irresponsible that Doc Crower can be.
Things happen.
Well, what's happening tomorrow is a little custody hearing and I'd like to count on your support.
I think it's only right that the custody judge be made aware of the good doctor's history, don't you? If this is about Caleb, you don't have anything to worry about.
Crower is not looking to be his daddy.
But I am.
And in order to make that happen, I'm going to need your testimony.
Help put the good doctor's character in perspective for the boy.
Anyone ever tell you that talking in church was a sin? Come on, people Come up and see the reflection of the devil in your own eyes Beautiful wife you got there.
Newlyweds, aren't you? Children, you don't want your souls a-burning today What were the two of you talking about? Who? Lucas Buck.
Trinity, godfather to half the children in this town? Yeah, well, he won't be godfather to our children.
We're gonna have the most beautiful kids in the world.
And the smartest, too.
If they take after you.
Hmm? Is there a problem between you and the Sheriff? No We had a close call in the operating room today and the Sheriff just happened to come in in the middle of it.
He seems like a pretty nice guy, I mean, he has a nice smile.
I hadn't noticed.
You must've been studying him pretty close.
Jesus! Hold on! You okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
You okay? Yeah.
Stay here.
Damn bird came out of nowhere.
You folks need a hand? South Carolina, southern hemisphere or northern? Southern.
Well now, you'd think so, but it's northern.
Now, Tropic of Cancer.
Who can come up here and show me Caleb Temple.
Well, it's about time you got here.
We're so glad you're back with us, safe and sound.
Aren't we, people? Yes, Ms.
Now, you go on and take your seat, Caleb.
I know you had a rough time, but maybe for show-and-tell you could share your adventure with Sheriff Buck.
It wasn't no adventure.
We heard he saved your life.
Well, he didn't.
Well, you go on and sit down, okay? Now, you're the famous reporter from Charleston, aren't you? No, not so famous, just a reporter.
"Local Girl Makes Good.
" I read that story.
Hey, people, how about if Ms.
Emory tells us her adventures as a newspaper reporter.
You know, I have to go.
No, please, Ms.
Emory, please.
Please, Miss Emory.
Come on.
You're such a wonderful role model, especially for the little girls.
Well Well, reporters get to write about what they really care about, you know, like well, the environment, for instance.
Okay, they could If they're concerned about the environment they could write about that or politics What is your favorite subject, Ms.
Emory? Crime, actually.
Really? How would you kids like to hear some true crime stories? You know something? I really don't think Yeah! Okay.
Well, you know, I've been in a lot of very scary situations.
Just last month I had to go undercover.
Hey, babe.
How you doing? More presents.
Who's this one from, Aunt Molly, Aunt Sara? I hope there's something to eat in it, I'm starved.
I haven't made lunch yet.
Oh, that's okay.
I'll just nuke something from last night.
I'm dying to open this.
Honey, I'm back on call in half an hour.
Dan, come on.
We promised we'd open all our presents together.
It'd be bad luck to change now.
That was five toasters and three Crock-Pots ago.
Okay, come on.
How marvelous.
Who's this from? "With best wishes for a successful marriage.
Warmest regards, Lucas Buck.
" Oh, man.
Yeah, it'll look great in the garage.
Applesauce and tapioca.
Man, hospital food really bites.
Where you gonna live, now your house is gone? Don't know.
They're having some kind of meeting on it today.
Maybe I could stay with you.
I don't know.
My folks might not like that.
Well, I don't need my own room or nothing.
My daddy says, "The apple don't fall far from the tree.
" What's that mean? I guess he's afraid you're like your daddy.
I gotta go.
You know how I lost my house? How? Burned it down.
Merlyn? Where you going? Come on, Caleb.
Follow me.
Come this way, Caleb.
Follow me, Caleb.
Stop the presses! Lucas Buck's been elected Sheriff.
Merlyn? You here? Hope you ain't mad at me.
Come on, Merlyn.
Don't touch that, Caleb.
Not now, not ever.
I just wanted to fix her eyes.
Don't need fixing.
She can see just fine.
How'd you know my name? Everybody knows your name, Caleb.
Now, I didn't mean to scare you, Caleb.
And you're welcome to look around.
Just be careful what you touch.
Hey, I'm leaving now, honey.
Look, I left some of that pasta salad for you on the table.
You like this color, Danny? Yeah, it's very pretty.
Look, anyway, I've gotta go prep Mrs.
Hardaway for tomorrow morning's surgery.
Forget old Mrs.
Come to me, Daniel.
Cheryl, I really Cheryl, I really don't have time.
What is it with you? I've got to get to work.
Startle you, Dan? Didn't mean to.
Used to be the front porch was where friends gathered, kind of a public space.
What have you done? You like my little gift? It was actually for both of you.
That mirror's changing her.
Come on, don't be so dramatic.
Some men might appreciate that change.
But if you don't, all you've got to do is help me out at this hearing and I'll make sure Cheryl straightens right up.
Fair? You want me to lie about my friend.
On the contrary I want you to tell the truth about Matt Crower's curious past.
See you there.
Why aren't you in school? It's lunch.
Well, I don't see you eating.
I ain't hungry.
You lose something? Them masks for Halloween? They're from Africa.
Supposed to represent the spirits of my dead ancestors.
Pretty cool, huh? You ever seen one? One what? Ghost.
Have you? Maybe.
Well, then maybe I have, too.
Man by the name of Andrew Vantage built this house Got the land cheap.
Know why? Swamp? This used to be a graveyard.
Holy ground.
But I've had lots of folks stay here over the years and nobody's complained yet.
Grab three plates.
Have some bread.
Then you can help me.
Help you what? Make soup.
Come on, sit down.
Who's that one for? Ghosts have to eat, too, don't they? You know, I want to help him, Matt.
But I want to do the right thing.
I just don't know what that is.
It's whatever Caleb wants.
Exactly, but he seems to think you're the only one he can trust.
Well, I don't think I'm an option, I mean I'll do whatever I can to see that he gets a good home but no judge would grant me custody.
I basically live at the hospital.
Maybe you could take Caleb back to Charleston, you could start over.
Judge might like the idea of a new environment.
No, his friends are here, his school.
Well all we're talking about in the hearing is a temporary resolution till the Child Services people get into it.
Any temporary situation is fine by me as long as it doesn't include Lucas Buck.
Why is he after Caleb, anyway? Oh, I don't know.
Maybe he wants a protégé.
Imagine a man like that raising you.
Better be careful, Harris.
That stuff will kill you.
Well, it's organic.
I meant the tomatoes.
You know, folks used to believe they were poison apples.
I didn't know you were a gardener, Lucas.
I've been known to pull a few weeds.
Yeah, for me, it's therapeutic.
Plant a seed, watch it grow.
Feel like you're giving a little something back.
Kind of like campaigning, then getting reelected, huh, Judge? I meant to thank you for that contribution, Lucas.
Now you can.
What's on your mind? Caleb Temple.
You read my report? Well, I glanced at it.
I just want to make sure we're on the same page.
The boy's had a rough time, you know.
He lost his father, his sister.
He's gonna be all alone, Harris.
He's gonna need proper guidance.
Well, I understand a cousin's in town.
That's true, and under normal circumstances she would be the logical candidate for custody but unfortunately, she is a bit unstable.
Never recovered from the loss of her parents.
Things like that could confuse a child.
That's exactly what I'm getting at.
Caleb has this notion that he ought to stay with this doctor he hardly even knows.
Fella's even more dangerous than his cousin.
He likes his cocktails.
Got you.
At any rate, after much soul-searching, I've decided to step up and offer my home to the boy.
Well, that's certainly admirable of you, Lucas.
I didn't know you liked children.
I feel it's my duty as a concerned citizen.
The youth of today represent the future, Judge.
And I believe we must do everything in our power to make sure they are given the right tools for survival.
I understand.
So, I can count on you to support me on this? I'll do the right thing.
Let's go over it once more.
The patient came in complaining of right upper quadrant pain after eating.
Gallbladder ultrasound was positive for stones.
No allergies.
No allergies.
Alkaline phosphatase mildly elevated.
Normal bilirubin.
Okay, then we're covered.
No, I'm not really concerned about being covered, Danny.
Patient's gonna be fine, I just want to find out what went wrong.
Oh, man.
There was nothing on Wills' chart about epilepsy.
And all of a sudden there was, and now my ass is in a sling.
Says who? What's going on? Everything okay at home? Yeah.
Everything's fine.
You got a job? This is a boarding house.
It may be a non-profit organization, but that's not on purpose.
I don't have any money.
Look, don't you worry about that.
You a good worker.
You know, it's no shame to lose someone you love, Caleb.
It happens.
All the time.
Now come on, I want you to do me a favor.
Smells good.
I think you added the missing ingredient, Caleb.
What? Compassion.
Now you know that big white house over on Jackson? I want you to take some of this over there.
All right? All right.
What you been doing? Making soup.
It must be good.
You know, our mamas were really good cooks.
I bet you take after them.
Did you know my mama? I think so.
I was pretty young then when I moved away.
But I can see her face.
Maybe it's just from snapshots, or old movies, you know? I wish I remembered better.
You look like her.
Yeah? Thank you.
Say, you want a ride somewhere? No, thanks.
Well, I'll see you after school, then.
Cheryl, I'm home.
Honey? Damn that Lucas Buck.
I want that damn thing out of here.
You hear me? You mess with Lucas Buck, and you're a dead man.
Honey, listen, this thing is getting out of control.
Lucas Buck is a real man.
Cheryl, listen to me.
He ain't nothing like you, Danny boy.
What is wrong with you? What, are you stupid? Or do you just look that way? That's it.
No, don't.
No! No! Don't, please! No, Daniel! It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
I tried to stand up to him but he just kept coming after me.
And then he sent that mirror then all this stuff happened to us.
He wants me to destroy Matt at this hearing.
And if I don't I'm gonna lose you.
I don't know what to do, baby.
I don't know what to do.
And how long have you been with the Charleston Post, Ms.
Emory? About seven years, Judge.
It's the best job in the world.
But you'd be willing to take on this responsibility if I think that this is the best thing for Caleb? Yes.
I can give you my financial records, if No, that won't be necessary.
I'm sure you make a good living.
Thank you, Ms.
Coombs? Thank you, Judge.
I'd just like to say, for the record that I admire Ms.
Emory tremendously.
I mean, when she told my class about living in a crack house for two weeks just to do a first-person story, and how scary it was they were all very impressed.
I know I wouldn't have that kind of courage.
Thank you, Ms.
May I say something else, Judge? As Caleb's teacher I know that he's a wonderful boy who needs a firm hand of discipline and you won't find a firmer hand than Sheriff Buck.
Before the Sheriff speaks, perhaps we should hear what the boy has to say.
Caleb, where would you like to go? Guess I'd like to stay with Dr.
Judge, may I? Go ahead.
Judge, I'd like to guide Dr.
Truelane through some important information about his colleague, Dr.
Why don't you just ask me directly? Because I follow proper procedure.
Don't you? Now then, Dan, how long have you known Dr.
Crower? Since he came to Trinity.
Six, seven months.
Long enough, then.
You two ever drive to work together? Car pool? He doesn't have a car.
Why not? How would I know? Well, as your friend and colleague did he ever share the reason with you that he does not drive? No.
You two ever go out for drinks together? I don't drink.
What about Dr.
Crower? I've never seen him drink.
He ever mention to you a time when he did? I don't remember.
At the hospital fundraiser, maybe? Yeah.
He told me how difficult it had been for him to quit drinking.
Most people can take it or leave it, wouldn't you say? I guess so.
But he found it hard to quit.
So that could only mean, what? He's an alcoholic? That's not for me to say.
Could it be that Dr.
Crower advised you to treat a Jacksonian epileptic with a nearly fatal anesthesia because he's still drinking? That's not for me to say.
I see.
So his drinking doesn't affect his work? I never said he was an alcoholic.
Well, did he ever say it? Yes, but Then he's an admitted alcoholic? Yes, but he's sober now.
I mean, he hasn't had a drink since Since his wife and daughter died? No, you're twisting my words.
How did they die? Didn't they die in a twisted heap of metal on the Massachusetts Turnpike after the good doctor had had too many Chablis or martinis or whatever? Now, ain't that the truth? Yes that's the truth.
Well, now that's a tragedy.
I guess that's it, Judge.
Well, now, Caleb you got yourself some fine kinfolks in your cousin, Ms.
And although she lives in a very picturesque and exciting world I don't think it's quite the one for a 10-year-old boy.
What about Dr.
Matt? The problem is is a doctor works long hours.
And a young boy needs somebody to look after him full time.
That's why I'm awarding custody to someone well-known in this community and someone known as a caretaker for the needy.
A very fine person, Ms.
Loris Holt.
What? That's my decision for Caleb's temporary custody pending review by the state.
Caleb, I want to thank you for that soup you brought over to me the other day.
It made me feel better than I've felt in a long time.
Holt has a mighty fine boarding house.
She makes a mighty fine cup of soup.
Yes, sir, she does.
Now, you okay with that, son? Yes, sir.
I want to thank all of you for coming.
I don't blame you for this.
You told the truth and I won't forget about that.
Now go on back to your wife.
Have you lost your mind? Maybe.
We've had a long and mutually profitable relationship, Harris.
Had, Lucas.
See, I've got advanced prostate cancer.
Maybe I should've started my organic gardening a little earlier.
I see.
Now you're worried about meeting your maker and all that hooey, is that it? Least I'm off the hook with you, Lucas.
Think so? I'll be the judge of that.
Soon as you're well enough to be moved we're getting out of here.
We'll go up north or down to Atlanta.
A buddy of mine from med school he got into reconstructive surgery, I'll give him a call, and No.
Honey? I think I'm okay.
No, let me.
I don't believe it.
How do I look? You look beautiful.
I don't want to run.
We didn't do anything.
You didn't do anything.
I sold out a friend, Cheryl.
I know you told the truth.
If he's your friend, he knows that.
Give me a big piece, Rose.
You're greedy.
Better save some for the other boarder.
The mystery boarder? How about some cake? Okay.
Thank you.
So you're the new mystery boarder.
I picked up some stuff on my way home to celebrate.
Root beer? Is this what Yankees eat at parties? You calling me a Yankee? Well, you are.
I guess I am.
Is that a problem for you? Nope.
Where's your room? It's upstairs in case you need me.
Only in case.
Mine's up in the tower in case you need me.
Only in case.
You gonna pray to the Lord Oh, please deliver me What you gonna do When Death comes for you Caleb? Aren't you gonna say good night? Hey.
I got a new room.
I can see that.
Not mad at me anymore? I never was.
Open the door.
And there's all the people.
I can't feel you, Merlyn.
Well, I can feel you.
What do I feel like? Like family.
Good night, Merlyn.
Good night.