American Gothic (1995) s01e13 Episode Script

The Beast Within

Father? Father? Father? Father, where are you? Thank you, Father.
Please! Father! Ain't no snow comin' to the Carolinas anytime soon It works.
Of course, it works.
All our products are of the highest quality.
You from Korea? No.
Then, technically, it ain't your product.
Can I change the frequency? lt'll adjust to any frequency you want.
Not only is it a universal remote, it's also a stopwatch, lap counter Pulse monitor.
Yeah, I've seen the ads.
How much? It's $89.
Is that with tax or Tax is $5.
All right.
Let's say, I give you $5.
40 and a pack of smokes.
Okay $4.
40 'cause you laughed at me.
It's $89.
95, sir.
It's also a cheap Korean watch.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
Where were you last night, Ben? Missed you at Denny Warren's execution.
A lot of fireworks.
I was at my son's open house at school.
Nice contrast.
Yeah, not really.
His stepfather was there.
Son of a bitch has a new prosthetic hand and he's flashing it around at everybody, bragging about how much it cost.
He giving your ex any more trouble? No.
But he showed me this paper that Ben, Jr.
Done about the people in town he most admires.
I wasn't mentioned.
Who's driving this car, Ben? Oh, Lucas, now I'm not in the mood for a philosophy lesson.
Who's driving the car? Okay, one hour to sign off.
Where's your keys? The wall.
Who's driving this car, Ben? Me.
And why is that? Because it's my passion.
You're driving because I believe in you.
Because I know you have the potential for greatness.
Does your son know that? Not if he's listening to the Bionic Man.
Then you gotta do something to change his mind.
Prove to him that you deserve respect.
You're the only father he's ever gonna have, Ben.
Dispatch in to unit.
Dispatch in to unit.
We got a report of a at Camden's Appliance.
Robbery? On our way.
Buck out.
Dispatch out.
Answered prayers.
What? Here's your chance to impress the boy.
I'll go in the front, create a distraction.
You slip in the back and save the day.
Look mighty nice in the papers tomorrow.
What if the back's locked? Ben, who's driving the car? Pal! What kind of car you got? I don't own a car.
I ride a bicycle.
Bicycle? I can't ride all the way back to the base on a bicycle.
So take the bus.
I took the last bus here.
If I had a car, I'd give it to you.
Hey, Lee.
Got any new releases? Hey! Whoa.
What's this? Don't move.
Car keys? Lee, is this a joke? I need your car.
Well, so do I.
Drop it! I said, drop it! Police.
Don't move! Ah, hell.
All right, drop it, kid! Ben, he ain't the robber.
Artie? What'd you do that for? I didn't.
Ben, who is this person? He's my brother.
Your brother? We're getting out of here.
Would you have a chat with your sibling? Artie, wait.
Listen to me.
You do not want to take him.
You're not here! Come on, move it, cowboy.
You want me to handle this? No! Artie, take me! Things I do for my people.
Artie! Have you got a car? Look, Artie.
Fort Barker's a half-hour away.
You ain't gonna make it that far.
Why didn't you tell me you were the sheriff? You didn't ask.
Well, I can't sneak back onto my base in a patrol car.
Why don't we stop at the hospital and put a halt to that bleeding? Otherwise, you'll be dead in 20 minutes.
We don't have time.
You wanna die? Yes.
But not yet.
They got an ambulance at this hospital? A fast one? Oh, yeah.
I believe they got a real fast ambulance.
All right.
Pit stop at the hospital.
But if you try anything, I'll shoot you, I swear.
'Cause I've done it before.
Hey, if you're looking to shoot somebody, I know a much better target.
How long has it been happening? Go on, Caleb, tell him.
Last few nights.
Why don't you tell him about last night's dream? I'm in this tunnel and I see a man in a cell.
He's pacing back and forth, hollering for his daddy.
So I figure he wants me to free him but when I get close, he screams.
And then I wake up and start screaming, too.
But only his word is coming out of my mouth.
What word? "Father.
" I told him it was only natural to dream about somebody that you've lost.
But the man in the cell ain't my daddy.
What does he look like? He kinda looks Dr.
Crower? The sheriff needs to see you right away.
Tell him to make an appointment.
He says it's urgent.
Let's go! Got a patient for you, Doctor.
Thank you, Father.
All right.
Here's the drill.
I gotta be back on my base at 11:00.
And it's 10:15.
How far are we now, Sheriff? Twenty minutes, or so.
So 15 by ambulance.
Can you get a bullet out of me in half an hour? Why did you bring him here? In case you hadn't noticed, he brought me.
Let them go.
I can't afford any more delays.
They go when you're done.
What are you looking at? Nothing.
You his mama? Cousin.
Tell him to stop gawking at me.
It's rude.
He's scared.
Is that all right? Don't worry, Caleb.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Doc Crower's gonna fix this man right up, aren't you? I can't do anything here.
Emergency room? We can't! Matt, we got people in there.
Not for long.
You got keys to this office? Yeah.
Nurse, you come with me.
Deep breaths.
Tell everybody to clear the building.
What about the patients? What would you do in a real fire? Get 'em to another hospital.
Call the fire department and tell 'em it was a false alarm.
Pardon me, sir.
What happened to you, soldier? Low self-esteem, sir.
It's him.
Who? The man, the one from my dream.
What dream? He's been having a reoccurring nightmare.
About that jarhead? It's him.
They say you dream about the person that's gonna kill you.
All right, time to move out.
Come on! Come on, boy.
I ain't got time for this.
Artie? He's my deputy's brother.
You might have better results if you stop pointing that gun at everybody.
There you go.
Come on, son.
There's a lesson in everything.
Let's move, people.
Let's keep moving.
Let's hurry.
Where's my nurse? I shot her.
And I'm gonna shoot you, too, if you don't move.
Better do as he says, Doctor.
You don't know his history.
Do you? What's happening at 11:00? None of your beeswax.
Must be awfully important.
Important enough to steal a cheap Korean watch.
Shut it up and move it.
Move! Artie! Move! Artie, wait.
I just want to talk to you! Artie! Go! Artie! Deputy, come on this way.
Come on! Come on! Go! Everybody on the floor.
Just like in group.
Except you.
Why don't you talk to your brother? Why don't you shut the hell up? Just trying to move things along.
Sit! Where's the ambulance? Must have left with the other patient.
You said it would be here.
Did I pull that alarm? Get it back.
Artie? Artie, I want you to listen to me.
Now, I know you're in trouble.
But if you give me a chance, I know we can work this out.
What is the matter with him? Was he the middle child? I just wanna help you, Artie.
You know that.
I don't need your help, Benjy! He might be able to get you your ambulance.
He's very heroic.
I just I want to talk to you.
I'll be waiting out in the hall.
Get ready to operate.
I ain't dying here.
Ben, you want me to call the SWAT team or something? No.
There's windows in there.
Now if they get close enough, they might can take him out.
I don't want him taken out.
He's my brother.
What? He's not a bad guy, Rita.
He's just messed up, that's all.
Well, he's got a kid in there with him.
Who? Caleb Temple.
Oh, hell.
And the boy's cousin, Gail.
Crower and Sheriff Buck.
And he is acting awful crazy.
Just let me handle this, all right? I've been doing it all my life.
Well, you're in bad shape.
I'm perfect.
Why are you doing this, Artie? Because I'm Mama's little angel, Ben.
Mama's little angel gone AWOL from the psych ward.
To steal a watch? To be a hero.
Just like you, all-star.
Look, just give me the gun.
Good negotiating technique.
Your boss teach you that? I just wanna help you.
And I want I want a jet plane to Cuba.
I want a lifetime supply of Thorazine.
You got a problem? Huh, Ben? Look, we'll lower the bar.
How 'bout an ambulance? Get back in there.
Look, Artie.
I explained the situation to that guy at the store.
He's not gonna press charges.
You want to help me, Ben? For the first time in your life you really want to help me? Yes.
Then you get me an ambulance and you get me back to my hospital.
I'll take you.
They'll stop a cop car at the gate.
But they'll let an ambulance go straight on through to the ward.
Artie And if it's not here in 20 minutes those people are gonna die.
Son of a bitch.
Give me your handcuffs.
Artie, for God's sakes I want that ambulance in 20 minutes! My deputy talk any sense into you? Nope.
Come on, boy.
Leave him alone.
I'll give the orders, ma'am.
Get up.
Get up! Sit down.
Let's go.
I have to take an x-ray.
Yeah, fine.
And give you something for pain.
No anesthesia.
You don't want me passing out on you, Doc.
Then, I'll use a local.
Could have a vasovagal reaction.
You know what that is, don't you? My pulse rate could drop.
And believe me, that's the last thing that you wanna have happen right now.
Can you get an ambulance here right away? I'll do my best.
Is there any other access to that room? No.
But there is a waste disposal chute to the basement.
You might be able to use that to hear what's going on in there.
Is everybody all right? So far, but I never know what to believe with Artie.
Ben, be careful.
The bullet's lodged between your right fifth and sixth thoracic ribs.
So? Get it out.
I will, if you tell me what this is.
Sheriff, you wanna know why I stole that cheap Korean watch? I needed a detonator.
What the hell are you talking about? That there's a bomb, Doc.
Titanium alloy, sewn right into the fat of my belly.
And it's set to go off at 11:00.
But if my pulse drops below 45, it'll go sooner.
Take off this watch.
That'll do it, too.
See, before they locked me in the nuthouse, I was a munitions man.
My God.
It was his idea.
Better get to work, Doctor.
Clock's ticking.
You all right, Miss Emory? Just taking it all in.
Got that cool reporter's detachment working for you, huh? I was just thinking the same thing about you, Lucas.
"There's a lesson in everything.
" Isn't that what you said to Caleb? What's our lesson here? What is it that we're supposed to learn from this little adventure? Patience, I guess.
Patience is a virtue.
You wouldn't be interested in that.
You brought him here.
You have some kind of stake in this.
Something much more cruel and unusual.
Where's your gun? Don't carry one.
And why is that? Like you said, I'm more interested in the lesson.
You put a bullet in a man nothing left to teach him.
So, we're supposed to view your demeanor as some kind of act of pacifism? No, ma'am.
You should view it as an act of seduction.
What is it you find so fascinating about me, boy? Well, I know you.
Is that so? And I know why you're doing this, too.
It's all right.
Maybe he does.
Maybe he heard my prayers.
See this? This is what I used to do my surgery.
I could have just slit my wrists, but that'd been selfish.
I would have left a whole lot a friends behind.
A regiment of men, good men, all in the same pain that I am.
Headaches, visions, otherworldly spells.
They all wanna die.
So, every night this week, I've prayed for guidance.
How can I help? How can I set 'em free? And then it came to me.
In a dream.
Yes, sir.
In a dream.
You're gonna kill them, too? I'm going to carry them to heaven, ma'am.
'Cause that's what they want.
That's what we all want.
Had some practice in that area, haven't you, Art? When he and his brother were kids their daddy took 'em on a hunting trip.
Ben shot a rabbit.
But Artie did him one better.
His gun misfired and he shot their daddy.
Killed him dead on the spot.
Ben tell you that? Hey, we understand.
Caleb lost his daddy, too.
I've tried to be there for him, but he just keeps resisting.
Maybe this little adventure will make him realize how important a father can be.
Thank you, Father.
Here's your bullet.
Give it to the boy.
No, thanks.
Then sew me up, Doc.
Sew up the fat man.
You know that's what they called the first atomic bomb? Fat Man.
Fat Man and Little Boy.
Artie? I'm getting really tired of him.
I called for the ambulance.
It's on its way.
All right.
The ambulance is here.
Did you call Fort Barker? They got the bomb squad standing by and a couple of surgeons.
I can't believe he's done this.
Ben, what about the roads? What about them? You've gotta make sure they're clear.
You can't afford to get caught in traffic now.
Rita, I don't know.
I'm thinking maybe I ought to just take him out in the woods somewhere.
What are you talking about? If I take him back to the base and anything goes wrong anybody gets hurt, it's my fault.
They're gonna be expecting you.
Now, they'll know what to do.
If you're blaming yourself for this, now you get over it.
Your only responsibility now are to the people in that room and you can save them.
If Lucas really wants me to, I can.
What do you mean by that? I don't know, Rita, but something's going on here.
I don't know why, but Lucas is letting this thing happen.
All right, then it's your job to stop it.
But you're gonna have to hurry.
Where's my ambulance? Outside.
Tell the driver to back it into the garage.
Leave the keys.
No, Artie, I know what you're doing and I can't let it happen.
I know what you're doing, too, Benny boy.
What do you think about that? What do you mean? You tell the sheriff about Daddy? No, I didn't.
Couldn't resist airing a little family laundry, huh? Artie, I swear, I never told anybody about that.
That's between us.
There is no "us.
" I'm not like you, Ben.
I can't get up in the morning, polish my trophies suck on a doughnut, pretend all's right with the world.
That don't work for me.
Well, I got a news flash for you, son.
That don't work for me either.
My life is just as messed up as yours is.
Then check out.
Believe me, I've thought about it.
It's true! But I got a son who thinks I'm garbage.
And if I did what you're doing, I'd just be proving him right! Well, this was fun.
What are you doing? Getting you out of here.
My deputy's just gonna have to play hero another day.
What about Artie? What about him? We can't let him go.
Son, have you been paying attention here? He's the bad guy.
If we let him leave, hundreds of people could die.
Hundreds of crazy people.
It's a short-acting barbiturate.
It's gonna knock him right out.
What about his heart rate? The other one should keep it steady long enough for me to go in there and get that thing out.
Hold on, I don't care about saving that jarhead.
I care about them.
Since when? It's not just him, Lucas.
It's everybody in that ward.
He ain't gonna make it that far.
How do you know that? Because I'll end it.
I could have ended this an hour ago but I wanted to give Ben a chance.
You could have ended this how? Ma'am, it's Lucas Buck you're talking to.
Anybody got a wrench? What are you doing? Get out of there.
Ambulance is coming.
I want you both against that wall.
It's not too late to change your mind about this.
Man, not you, too.
You know, I understand you wanting to kill yourself.
You got no right to take anyone with you.
No, you didn't hear, Doctor.
My friends want to die.
You take a survey on that? They know that come 11:00, they'll no longer have an option? They'll thank me on the other side.
Which side is that, soldier? Where exactly do you think you're going? I don't care.
You sure? All this pain you're talking about might just be a drop in the bucket compared to what's in store for you.
You may be in heaven now.
Doctor, if you want to do something, this might be the time.
Artie? His timing's impeccable, ain't it? I told you to leave the keys.
I'm gonna drive you.
No, you're not.
Come on, Artie! Ben, I swear to God, I'll shoot you if you don't get the hell out of here.
I'll shoot him for you if you give me the gun.
Ben, get out.
Let me do what I have to do.
No! Damn! Damn it, Artie! You couldn't leave me alone.
Could you? You couldn't just leave me be.
Artie! Get the hell back against the wall! Out of time, people.
The train left the station, we missed it.
Gonna be a short ride.
How's your hand? It's probably broken.
Whose fault is that? Yours.
Lucas, why don't you just haul him out of here? Try it, and I'll have three rounds off before you even touch me.
Sorry, ma'am.
I believe we're stuck.
Well at least you are, anyway.
What are you doing? I'm leaving.
You're welcome to join me if you like.
No, you're not going anywhere.
Come on, Artie.
You're not really gonna kill me.
But your plan's spoiled and you're pissed.
All wired up with no place to blow.
Sit down.
Unlike your psycho friends, I'd like to live a while longer.
But I tell you what, I'll make a deal with you.
I'm not the one who messed things up for you tonight.
That honor belongs to your brother.
If he had done what you asked, you'd have had your ambulance and been out of here.
No, this isn't Ben's fault.
He lied to you, Artie.
He set you right up.
Why should I die and he live? You are a son of a bitch.
Please, ma'am! Not in front of the boy.
What, you want to make a trade? That's right.
Me for Ben.
I blame him for this as much as you do.
Now, Lucas.
I've changed my mind.
You making a move, too, Doctor? Yes, sir.
Well if you think I'm going to respond to that kind of behavior you're right.
Stop it! Sorry, Caleb.
But I believe the doctor's begun to panic.
Go ahead and shoot him, Artie! You'd be doing us all a favor! Your call, Art.
Me or your brother? Have him meet me in the corridor.
Now you're talking.
Don't you worry, Caleb.
Even the worst nightmare can have a happy ending.
I hate you! For now.
I'll see you on the other side, folks.
Look, you are not listening to me.
This ain't a false alarm no more.
In five minutes, this place is gonna go down.
I need every truck you got.
Now! Ben, hang up the phone.
How'd you get out of there? Hang up.
Did you kill him? Me? Rita, I'm gonna need a shot of phenobarb and something to steady a heart rate.
Atropine? Whatever'll do the job.
And see if you can scrounge up a wrench.
Atropine and a wrench.
What's going on? We're gonna get your name in the papers.
Ain't that what you want? I want to end this.
Well, you're about to have your chance.
We're gonna hit Artie with those drugs and then you're gonna cut that bomb out.
What? Doc's hand is messed up and I got other business to attend to.
You're the man now, Ben.
You're driving the car.
I can't operate on him.
How tough could it be? Hell, you got all of four minutes.
He could die.
What difference does that make? He could die anyway.
It makes a big difference to me.
Well, like it or not, you are going in that room.
So, you can die with him or you can turn this thing around and make it work for you.
Just like I have.
My friends are going to be very disappointed in me.
None of this was supposed to happen.
Then, why don't you leave? I'm going to.
What changed his mind? I don't know.
Is he really leaving? That's what he said.
Hey, Artie.
As soon as I talk to my brother.
I hope you ain't thinking of hurting your brother just 'cause of what Lucas said.
He tries to turn things around sometimes but Ben didn't do nothing but try to help you.
And I'm sure losing your daddy was just as hard on him.
You heard my prayers, didn't you? Yes.
Then you understand.
I understand you're hurt.
But what you're doing here is wrong.
We've all had our share of pain, Artie.
Artie, I'm coming in.
What about Caleb and Gail? I'll take care of them.
You just listen to Doc Crower and he'll talk you through it.
What if I do get the thing out of him? What do I do with it then? Open a window, pretend it's a football.
What? I don't want to lose him.
You won't.
Are you sure? You know what the irony of all this is? He's always told me that I couldn't save him.
My hero.
I'm sorry, Artie.
I'm sorry.
Gonna blame me for this, too? I never blamed you for anything.
What you gonna tell your son? I'm gonna tell him that I loved you and that I didn't want to see you die.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Man, you guys are like a bad war movie.
Rita! Let's go! Doctor, you got about two minutes to turn my deputy into a surgeon.
You gonna do this? What about her? Can you give me an IV stat, Ringer's lactate wide open? No.
Then you're gonna do this.
You come back? Well, I ain't Lassie yet, son.
I still gotta find this key.
But I surprised you, didn't I? Okay, I want you to put your fingers over the wound and spread the skin tight.
Okay, take the scalpel.
Now make your cut.
Follow the stitches, go down till you hit metal.
Shouldn't be too deep.
Oh, man.
We'll need one milligram of atropine standing by.
It's ready.
I'll cover his pulse.
If it starts to drop, I want you to hit him with that.
Okay, go ahead.
It's all right.
You're doing great.
You want retractor? No time.
You there? Yeah, I think so.
Okay, take the scalpel.
Got it.
Put both hands inside him and spread apart the incision.
Oh, Doc, I can't do this.
Yes, you can, Ben.
We need some sponges, Rita.
Got it.
Standing by.
How's his pulse? Dropping.
Give him the shot.
Got it.
It's all right, you're doing great.
Okay, you there? Yeah.
Then, pull it out.
You're gonna really have to yank 'cause there may be some scar tissue.
Lucas got the key.
Oh, man.
We've got 20 seconds, Ben.
Come on, do it! Perfect.
It's jammed.
Cigarettes? All this over a pack of cigarettes? Pathological lying sack of What's that wire? Come on.
So, what do you got? Down there.
Got it.
Hey, Ben.
You did a hell of a job.
How'd you know that room was a bomb shelter? I didn't.
Healy's being much too modest.
While we were in there pleading for our lives he was scouring the old building plans.
Weren't you, Ben? Well, I just did what any man would do.
You want a story for your paper, Miss Emory? Here's your story.
Okay, okay.
Ben, thank you.
Doc, is my brother gonna be okay? Physically, he should be fine.
Emotionally One step at a time, right? That's what they keep telling me.
Caleb, come on.
I'll take you home.
You need a ride? Sure.
Hey, son? You don't still hate me, do you? Well you sleep on it.
I'm sure the answer'll come.
Hey, Lucas.
Did you know that was a bomb shelter down there? Well, look, if you don't mind driving yourself back to the station Rita offered to make me some dinner.
To the hero go the spoils.
Yeah, right.
It was you, wasn't it? You're the one who gave Artie that blade.
It's your dream.
I had to help him out, son.
When he lost his father, he lost his way.
But that's something that's never gonna to happen to you.
Take my hand, Caleb.
Take your father's hand.
Like you said, it was my dream.