American Gothic (1995) s01e16 Episode Script


Lucas, Tony Mueller's gotten his third ticket this month.
You want me to pick him up? Mueller's an old friend of mine, Ben.
Let it slide.
If you say so.
Well, these old citations, you want me to just file them? Yeah.
Put them in the circular.
Burn them.
Okay? You couldn't wait? No.
This can't wait.
I know the feeling.
No? I thought No, you thought wrong.
This is it, Lucas.
This is what? This is goodbye.
Why? I'm over my head.
I mean, I thought I could just What? Keep it strictly physical? Don't flatter yourself.
I had a case of temporary insanity.
Now I'm out of here.
You are breaking my heart.
You don't have a heart.
You're not even human.
You know, some people would consider that a positive, not a negative.
Not me.
Not anymore.
I'm taking Caleb with me, so if you want to say goodbye, do it soon.
You think it's that easy? Yes, it's that easy.
This isn't happening.
Tell me this isn't happening.
Well, I can run another test if you'd like.
I had a false pregnancy before, and It's okay, Miss Emory.
There's no reason to be embarrassed.
I've seen it all.
Hello, there.
Let's get your legs up.
You want to lay your head back here.
Now this is going to be a little bit cold, but I want you to try to relax, okay? Even if I am pregnant, isn't it a little early for one of these? Cranium's in the mid range and the spinal arrangement looks fine.
It's always such a miracle to see life begin.
Nurse, this computer's crashing again, could you help me out? I'll be right back.
It's okay.
Calm down.
It's okay, take a deep breath.
Just breathe, breathe.
You'll be fine.
Jackson, to Admitting.
Jackson, please come to Admitting.
Well, you're gonna be running with Jackie Joyner, come summer, Miss Berneice.
You mark my words.
I'm telling you.
Good afternoon, Stacie.
Hey, Sheriff.
How you doing? Everything okay? Okay? No, everything is not okay.
You touch me again, I'll vomit on you.
I will.
That'll pass.
What? The nausea, you'll get over it.
Listen, I intend to do the right thing here.
Oh, you do? Absolutely.
I know I've done some things that are pretty bad.
Okay, downright reprehensible, but I'll change.
I promise, things will be different now.
You really want to do the right thing, Lucas? Yes, I do.
Then go kill yourself and do it right now.
I hear something.
What is it, Doc? Give it to me straight.
I can take it.
Your heart's pounding.
Pounding, is that bad? No.
Pounding's good.
I like pounding.
There's no running from me.
You know that.
We were meant to be together.
None of this was meant to happen.
Of course it was.
I need a son now, more than ever.
Why? What happened to Caleb? Nothing.
He's a great kid.
But he can go either way.
For me, or against me.
But this son this is all me.
War is hell.
Caleb, hi.
What are you doing'? Nothing, just thinking.
So what do you want? Me? Yeah, you.
I ain't seen you in a long time and it looks like you need something.
Well, I do.
I need some comfort, you know.
That's what family's for, isn't it? Is it? Yes.
Caleb, what's gotten into you? What's gotten into you? You come here talking a lot of junk about family, cuz but you know what? I don't even know you anymore.
Good afternoon, teacher.
Go away, Lucas.
So you're going to kick me out of your life, just like that? If you need it in writing, darling, that can be arranged.
Just give me one minute, and I'll leave you alone.
That has a familiar ring to it.
Well, there still is a certain animal attraction, dear.
Animal is right.
Oh, I get the picture.
You traded up.
Anyway, these are for you.
This is what I call a "It was sweet while it lasted, but now you've broken my heart" bouquet.
Give them to someone who cares.
That hurts.
What are you doing here? This morning you were escorting the lovely Miss Emory into her house and now you're hitting on me? Miss Emory was a bit distressed.
She was clearly unable to drive, so I drove her back to her house.
Merely doing my duty.
I'm sure you did it, too.
Well, maybe it wasn't as earth-shattering as you and Doctor what's his face, but I did my best.
Your best was good as far as it went.
And it'll still be here, when your new love is nowhere to be found.
What do you mean? What'd you do, Lucas? You know me better than that, love.
I don't do anything.
Things just happen.
Afternoon, ma'am.
What's your pleasure? Vodka.
Single, double? Bottle.
It's a vicious cycle, isn't it? We drink to allow ourselves to feel and then we keep drinking to make the feeling go away.
What if you want it to go away permanently? Buy a gun.
Jimmy, I'd like another martini.
If you're out of vodka, I'll slum through gin.
We'll share.
Wouldn't be the first time.
So what brings you to this little den of iniquity? Halfway between my apartment and the edge of a cliff.
You won't get off that easy.
Excuse me? Lucas wrote the book on keeping women in the palm of his hand.
What page are you on? Lucas keeps me in an entirely different library.
The public? Pretty and a wit, too.
I just love women who sleep with your ex and somehow feel it makes them less a whore.
Selena, are you jealous? Stunned would be a better adjective.
Well, get over it.
Believe me.
You don't want what I have.
No, of course not.
I'm falling in love.
Haven't you heard? See you Cliffside, Gail.
It's neck and neck.
And it looks like Team Johnny is pulling out.
Here they come out of the final turn and there is the checkered flag! Team Johnny wins! So what'd you do, put in the fix? Yeah.
Another poor soul under my wing.
Kid'll grow up to be one of my zombies.
Goose-stepping along behind Sheriff Buck.
That's what you're thinking, right? Actually, I was thinking about when I assisted in his operation.
They had his skull opened up, you could see his brains and all.
I was wondering why you couldn't just remove the bad parts? The evil parts.
Because your scalpel might slip, and you'd slice out the free will.
Tell me something, you ever deliver a baby out there in the jungle? Yeah, sure.
Hot water, and a pocket knife.
I mean, the woman does the real work anyway.
Why? Friend of mine's expecting, and I'd appreciate it if you could give her the best possible treatment.
Now this friend of yours wouldn't happen to be Gail Emory, now, would it? Might be.
Anyway, I'm looking for a doctor who can walk and chew gum at the same time to keep an eye on her.
I'll make it worth your while.
You think about it, Doc.
It's been a pleasure.
Pleasure, huh? Tell me, Lucas, what is it that gives you pleasure? Pulling the wings off of flies, or what.
Ask Selena.
She's got a real short memory.
But I don't.
And straight up, you care about her you'll head on back to Botswana or wherever before this thing you two are doing will be the end of her.
Well, that'd be up to her.
Maybe but I'd hate to see her crash and burn.
For old times sake.
See you, Doc.
Are you hiding something? What could I possibly be hiding from you? Your true feelings.
I think you're flattering yourself.
Did you find what you were looking for? Don't! I think about what it would be like with you.
Don't you? Yes, I do.
In my soul, I know what you are.
Would you change me if you could? No.
Did I ever tell you about the illusion of free will? I'm going to get you, Luke.
You and what army, Mama? Come on, Luke, come on.
Here I come! Morning sickness, darling? Go away! You taking your vitamin supplements, sweetheart? If I were, the first thing I'd do is bash your face in.
Now, that's just the hormones talking.
You know what pregnancy is? It's an uncontrollable tumor that's growing inside of you.
Saps all your strength, has its own agenda.
And after nine months it goes into remission and your body rejects it.
Don't talk that way.
There's something wrong with it.
This baby is not normal.
I can feel it.
You should talk to a doctor.
I should talk to an abortionist.
It's me against it.
And if I don't do something soon If I don't do something soon, it's going to destroy me from the inside out.
I can feel it.
The doctor said everything is gonna be fine.
All right, now sit down.
Stop! What, you saw the ultrasound.
You got to admit your emotions are out of control.
I admit nothing, and I'll do what I want! It's not your baby alone.
It's not my baby, period.
Now, get out of here.
What you doing? Let me see that.
Look, it's an A plus.
What are you doing? It's another A plus.
You know, I take my kids very seriously.
Look, another A plus.
That's very funny.
Now, you got the evening free.
And tomorrow morning you are gonna make some kid's day.
I mean, he's gonna wake up, going to school all bummed out, thinking he's doomed, and all of a sudden: "Hey, I got me and A.
" That Miss Coombs is about the finest teacher I ever met.
What's the occasion? It's a goodbye party.
Well, goodbye then.
I always knew you wouldn't stick around.
Well, what for? I mean, my job's done and there's really nothing else here for me.
Except, maybe you.
Well, then why leave? Why not stay? Well, no.
Now, see we've done stepped across the line, Selena.
Sheriff Buck's already warned me he might take it out on you, so I'm gonna take you with me.
Where are you Where are you taking me with you? Uganda.
See, there's an epidemic there and they need doctors and I just put in for a transfer.
They need teachers, too, desperately.
You're really serious, aren't you? Hey, come on, why not? Look, I know that this is a nice ordinary little town and those are two things that you are definitely not.
I'm not nice? Thanks a lot.
Well, that kind of depends on your definition of nice and ordinary.
No way.
Come on, baby, this is it.
It's our big chance.
Midnight tonight we fly to Atlanta.
Hop on a big plane.
Breakfast in Paris.
Dinner in Rome.
Sunrise over Lake Victoria.
Say you'll do it.
Say yes.
Say yes.
See? See? He's doing fine.
Fine? Fine? Look at it.
Look at it.
I see a handsome little man, Miss Emory.
You should feel blessed.
Here, now.
Settle down.
Stop it! Please call the operator.
Well? She's not buying it.
Then you better do a better sales job, Nurse.
Unless you want your supervisor to find out about your extra curricular research in the narcotics supply room.
Hey, Lucas, we've got a call about a jumper on top of Trinity Trust.
Female Caucasian, 30, dressed in a trench coat.
Ben, unless there's more than one jumper, shut up, okay? I got it.
Gail, listen to me now get off the ledge.
You stay away from me! Okay.
Okay, take it easy.
Take it easy? I have a freak inside of me.
Your freak! That's no reason to kill yourself.
You think for one minute I'm gonna bring this thing into the world? Do you? What are you talking about? It's a baby.
No, it's not.
It's the evil inside me that I never wanted to face.
Well, now I'm gonna face it, right now.
So you're gonna jump? Well, go ahead! Go for the glory.
Do it.
Do it! Okay.
I'm going right now.
No, don't do it, Gail.
Don't do it! Caleb, come here! You get out of here.
I need to talk to my cousin.
You're in the way.
All right, I don't want to interfere with a family reunion.
Gail, what's wrong? I can't explain exactly.
But something's happened to me.
Something real bad.
And you think jumping off the roof is gonna make that better? Caleb, I'm sorry.
I let you down.
No, you didn't.
Gail, please don't do it.
I don't know what happened.
But I know I love you.
And I need you.
I can't be any more alone than I already am.
Just can't take it.
I need you, Gail.
I really do.
I'm sorry, Caleb, I'm so sorry.
Peele? Dr.
Peele, it's 12:08.
No, it's just Atlanta has some equipment that needs to be delivered, and your connecting flight's To hell with my connecting flight.
But I thought you were re-upping in Africa.
Yeah, I was.
But my partner and I have disbanded apparently.
It's your call.
We're out of here in one minute.
Are you coming or not? Pilot to bombardier, we have a target at 4,000 feet.
Open the bomb bay doors.
Yes, sir.
Bombs away.
We have a hit.
A very direct hit.
Yes, sir.
Bull's eye.
Today, there was no news.
How's it going, Billy? You want some? Not just now.
It's Early Tombs.
It's Kentucky's finest.
You know, Billy, I got a couple of calls about a drunken vagrant disturbing the peace down here.
You seen anybody that might fit that description? He went that a way.
Clear as a day.
He was riding on a very tall camel.
Made a little clip-clopping sound as it moved on across the asphalt.
Is that so? The hell with it, Ben, it was me.
Take me in.
I am ready for my close-up.
What's going on here, Billy? I think Selena is still in love with Lucas Buck.
Okay, I'm beginning to get the picture now.
I got to tell you, Ben.
I think I kind of like her.
Billy, I hate to be the one to break it to you.
Now you're not the first one that's lost sleep over Selena Coombs.
Well, thank you for your concern, Deputy.
It's very moving.
It's like she's got that damn Sheriff in her blood or something.
Like a disease.
Hey, that would make a pretty good song, wouldn't it? Baby, you got a disease Honey, I got some cure Baby, you got some sickness and I got Well, I think we need to think about rustling you up a cup of coffee.
Well, thank you.
Come on, you need to get some sleep now before you get killed.
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
My God.
What have I done? Don't blame yourself.
What? You gave yourself in love.
How do you know? I'm your I'm a woman.
I know how it is to love the wrong man.
You're carrying his child.
That's it, isn't it? I'm carrying something hideous.
Before my mama died she told me that I was conceived in hate after a terrible fight.
My mama was going to leave my daddy but he forced himself onto her.
She called me her child of light.
Because I came from such darkness.
But good can come out of this, too.
What if you'd seen Caleb's ultrasound, what would you have seen? Good or evil? Caleb.
I thought you were supposed to be in Africa by now.
Or Paris or something.
So were you.
Of course, then again, I guess we'll always have Paris, right? But not when you chicken out.
I didn't.
I mean, you're just sitting there like nothing's happened.
Like you think I'm just gonna disappear out of your life.
That was fun, nice little distraction.
But, hey, you know, now I'm done with you, so You don't understand.
I understand.
I understand you not showing up.
Not calling.
Not answering your phone.
I understand plenty well enough.
See, I just didn't expect it from you.
Well, you're wrong.
I just wanted you to get out while the getting's good.
That's all.
You don't have to be scared, okay? Not ever again.
Burn, baby, burn.
I'm so hot.
Baby, what's wrong? Honey, you're burning up.
What the hell is It's Dr.
William Peele.
I need an ambulance.
Number 12 Morning Side.
Yes, now! Help me.
Help me, honey.
I'm so hot.
Help me, please.
Temperature? Still over 108.
You sure? If anything, a tad higher.
What about her blood pressure? She's got a pulse.
That's about it.
Okay, that's it, let's get her out of the ice.
Watch her head.
Doctor, what do you want to do? We could up the antibiotic IV or put her on a morphine drip.
We should probably notify the next of kin.
Shut up.
Get out! Get out! There's no more medicine, baby.
Just magic and faith and belief.
What about him? Lucas.
He did this to you? Lucas.
Nurse! Stat.
This better be good.
It will be.
You about done? Now I'm done.
You've done it the stupid way.
Now you want to try it smart? Do what? Save the woman you love.
Or are you just here to show off? What did you do to her? What do you mean? She's under a spell.
A spell? You've been out in the bush too long, Doc.
That's right.
I have been there.
I've seen this.
Well, just for the sake of argument, let's say she is under a spell.
What would you give to have it lifted? I'm not here to bargain.
Oh, no? Why? What makes you different? You think you can just waltz into this town and help yourself to whatever's mine and pretend the rules don't apply to you? What's the rules? What's the bargain? I give Selena life, and you give me obedience.
Kiss my ring.
Then I'll lift the spell, and Selena will cool off.
Go ahead.
Kiss it.
Kiss my ass.
Forget about him.
He's history.
He can't get you.
Look, I promise.
That's my boy.
I just came by.
So I see.
I just wanted to thank you.
What for? I thought Daktari saved you.
The healing power of love.
That's what it was.
And maybe in his mind, he thought it was him.
But it was your name I called, Lucas.
"Lucas," I said.
So now you know who really loves you.
Yes, Lucas.