American Gothic (1995) s01e18 Episode Script


Here you go.
Never thought I'd see this day.
Got to be a blessing.
He was my daddy.
You've got my condolences then, on both counts.
Show some respect.
Lucas Buck was a better man than you'll ever be.
He helped out a lot of people in this town.
Yeah, he sure threw a lot of business my way.
Sorry about that, Caleb.
Some people don't have any manners.
Thanks, Ben.
I feel sorry for him.
You want a ride home, Gail? Yeah, thanks.
May I have a minute alone? Sure, go ahead, son.
Leave him some space.
Think Caleb will be all right? I'm not sure if we're worse off with Lucas gone.
We? Caleb.
He's a good little man.
Yes, he is.
Took me a long time to accept you as my father.
But now I know it's true.
I can feel you inside of me.
I feel stronger than ever.
And I'm glad you're dead.
See? You taught me well, didn't you? Taught you what, honey? That the body dies but the spirit moves on.
Hey, Rita.
What's up? What's up? What do you mean, "What's up?" Everything's up.
Upside down.
Lucas Buck is D-E-A-D.
How was the service? I didn't go.
Why not? Have you got his blood samples back yet? Well, yeah, but Where are they? They're in your office.
I can't believe you wouldn't go.
Hey, I had to work, too.
Now I'm just a humble soldier, of course but I would have thought all the captains would've gone to that funeral.
Just to make sure he's really dead, if you know what I mean.
What are you talking about? Well, Lucas Buck always was one for big surprises.
So? So, it wasn't more than a lot of people around here were saying you're the one who killed him.
I didn't believe a word of it, of course.
And not that any of this is any of my business, but Well, thank you for that vote of confidence.
But just for the record, Rita, I'm a doctor.
I try to keep people out of their graves, not put them in.
Well, I know that.
I know, just on account of you being with that school teacher, Miss Coombs and her being Lucas' girl for so long.
Well, people just talk, that's all.
Well, would you do me a personal favor? Sure.
Tell them not to.
How did you know I was here? It's a small hospital.
You find any answers yet? I'm pregnant.
Well, that we knew.
How does all this make you feel? Terrified, dazed, angry.
Pick one.
Do you still want to have the baby? Of course.
From what I've seen, I think you'll make a terrific mother.
A child deserves two parents, Billy.
I don't know.
Caleb doesn't even have one and he seems to be doing all right.
I'm not so sure.
What do you mean? Are you Dr.
Peele? Yes, ma'am.
Grandpa, he's in here.
Do you work for my grandpa? I guess I do.
Ashley, I hope you knocked.
That's all right, Doctor.
What's up? Would you mind stopping by my office when you get a chance? You aren't firing me, are you? Just come by when you can.
Let's go, Ashley.
Maybe he is.
Caleb, I just want you to know that if you ever need anything, I'm around.
I mean, in spite of our differences, Lucas meant a lot to me.
How long did you all work together? Over 10 years.
And in all that time, did he ever praise you? Tell you what a good job you do? No, not really.
Well then, maybe there was a reason.
Maybe you weren't living up to your full potential.
What do you mean? Let me see your gun.
What? I'd like to see it.
Well, I'm sorry, son, but you can't.
Lucas let me see his gun.
What's the matter, don't you trust me? Lucas didn't carry a gun.
What's this? Caleb, put that down.
Lucas may not have carried a gun, but he kept one handy.
Yeah, I guess he did.
Now give me the gun, Caleb.
Caleb Why didn't you let me see the gun, Ben? Because little boys are not supposed to play with firearms.
I'm not like every little boy.
I'm Lucas Buck's son.
I know that.
So, when I tell you to do something, you're gonna do it, right? Caleb, what I'm going to do is I'm gonna write this off as some kind of emotional distress.
Now you just give me that thing and we'll forget all this ever happened.
So, you gonna do what I say, Ben? And with my help you're gonna live up to your full potential.
Understand? Do you understand? Caleb.
No? All right, then.
Shoot, Ben, I was just fooling with you.
Thanks for the lift.
Hey, what's the Are you all right? I told you I was just fooling.
I smell a ghost.
You don't have to be this way.
You have a choice.
Think I smell a sermon, too.
I'm your sister, Caleb.
I'm just as big a part of you as Lucas is.
You are nothing but ashes.
I'm tired of your preaching.
I'm tired of your white dress, and I don't want to see you no more.
So why don't you just go somewhere and decompose.
Caleb, what are you doing? Taking what's mine.
And if you just try to stop me, you might die twice.
Oh, hell! You're alive.
And you're not.
You want to trade places? What's happening with my brother? Notice a little change, have you? Now why don't you help me out of here and I'll explain everything over a cup of Java.
I want you to die.
You may get your wish, Merly Ann.
But what you seem to have forgotten is that Caleb will just pick up the sword if he hasn't already.
His behavior is changing.
And I'm only sick.
Imagine how charming he'll be after I suffocate.
Get me out, Merly.
I get healthy and Caleb will turn around.
But if I die you'll see a monster in that child like you've never known before.
Merlyn? Merlyn? Welcome home, Master Buck.
No, June, I'm not concerned about the ripple effect.
I believe the community will be just as generous as they always have.
Yes, well, I'll look forward to seeing you at the next fundraiser.
Thank you.
Ashley, darling, you're wearing me out.
Listen, would you mind leaving us alone for a few minutes and ask Rita if she'll get you a Popsicle.
Okay, Grandpa.
All right, darling.
You mind twirling that for me a few times? I'm feeling a little out of shape.
You're funny.
Are you aware that Lucas Buck was one of this hospital's biggest contributors? No, but that really doesn't surprise me.
Why is that? He was a fellow who enjoyed control, and money can buy you a lot of that.
Well, his money didn't buy me.
I wasn't implying that, sir.
And it certainly shouldn't have bought him any special treatment.
I'm sorry, what are we talking about? You ordered post-mortem blood tests.
Why? Because I wanted to find out how he died.
I mean, when I left him he was in stable condition.
The next thing I know, he's flatlining.
Where I come from Where you come from is irrelevant.
This is a poor county.
Calling for labs on a corpse is a luxury we can't afford.
Well, can you tell me how he died? Cardiac arrest.
And you signed off on that? Yes.
Are the tests back yet? I haven't seen them.
Well, as soon as they're in, get them to me.
Understood? This isn't really about the money, is it? Get yourself a Popsicle, Doctor.
You realize he left everything to you.
How'd you get in here? I have a key.
Give it to me.
Is that any way to talk to your teacher? Well, I want it.
You don't own this house yet, little boy.
Well, I can make you leave.
And I can give you a spanking.
No matter how powerful you're feeling right now in the eyes of the world you're still a baby.
You're gonna need someone to help you get around.
A guardian, if you will.
You? Well, why not? I knew your father better than anyone.
I think it only fitting that I pass whatever gifts I have along to his son.
You just want his money.
Money is a fat man and a house in the suburbs.
I couldn't care less about that.
What you've got is much more exciting: potential.
I was just telling Ben Healy the same thing.
Well, then you definitely need my help.
Yeah, I suppose I could use a grown-up to drive and cook and things.
Cook? You've got much bigger problems than that, darling.
Gail is pregnant.
What? That's right.
Another heir in the oven.
An heir that should have been mine.
They won't be missing me at the boarding house, that's for sure.
Could you tell her? You want her to come here? And make sure she's alone.
You're your father's son, all right.
Who's gonna be in charge now? I am, Harper.
At least until the next election.
No, it's not gonna be the same.
No, ma'am, it's not.
Is that so terrible? Well, Lucas was always there for us.
We could count on him.
I can't promise that nothing's gonna change, but What about our deals? Are you gonna abide by them? Well, that would depend on the terms Well, Lucas promised that property taxes would never be raised in my neighborhood.
When you get into something like taxes, that's really more of a state issue.
Well, what about the Ladies' Auxiliary? Is your department still going to guarantee safe passage to and from our evening meetings? Lucas did that? Yes, sir.
He did.
He sure did.
Well, how many members do you have? Mrs.
Collier, we have nine people in this whole building.
See? This is just my point.
She's right.
We could give out some free pastries or something.
Thank you, Floyd.
I think you'll do a great job, Ben.
Just might be the answer to our prayers.
Who's that? She's From out of town.
But from a lot of what I've seen, a lot of these so-called deals come back to haunt people.
Many folks I know regret ever doing business with Lucas Buck.
What folks are those? Well, uh They're dead ones.
You know, you shouldn't really ignore the dead.
Sometimes they're just not as dead as you think.
Ben, can we talk? Billy, I'm kind of in the middle of a nightmare right now.
It's urgent.
It may be a matter of life and death.
After I talked to Narone, I went back to my office to find out what the hell he was so scared I'd see in those tests.
And? His lactic acid count was normal.
And that's bad? When a person dies, lactic acid soars into the bloodstream.
Lucas' count should have been through the roof, but it was fine.
This was not the blood of a dead man.
Now, I don't know whether Narone just made a mistake or he didn't care but I'm afraid he may have buried the son of a bitch alive.
I want you to know, the only reason I'm doing this is 'cause I think you might be right.
Well, let's hope so.
I mean, I had a clue about this before you ever mentioned any blood tests.
A clue? From where? From a friend.
What is it, a mystery friend? Yeah.
I'm a haunted man.
Well, if it ain't the Hardy Boys.
You sure no one saw us come in here? You asked for the back entrance, that's what you got.
No nurses.
And the doors stay locked.
As far as the rest of the world is concerned, I'm still dead.
Hey, if we'd known it meant that much to you, we would've left you down there.
Ben was coming for me your idea? I wish I could say it was.
Had a little push, did you? A little ghostly push? Yeah.
Well, good.
It's nice to have friends.
Where's Caleb? I left him at the boarding house this morning.
He give you any trouble? Matter of fact he did.
Was Gail with him? No.
See if you can hunt her down for me, will you? Bring her here.
Tonight? Sooner the better.
All right.
Lucas, I just want you to know I'm real sorry about what happened.
Not as sorry as Dr.
Narone is gonna be.
Why would Caleb come to Lucas' house? Well, we've looked everywhere else.
Poor thing.
Imagine running off on a night like this.
You have a key? Don't you? Go on, take it.
I'll swing by the sheriff's station and see if they've found him yet.
I'll pick you up in 15.
Why don't you come in with me? I'd rather not, if you don't mind.
Too many memories.
Thanks for your help.
Caleb, you here? Caleb? That belonged to my sister.
She's dead now.
My whole family's dead.
Everyone except for you.
Caleb, what are you doing here? Listening to music.
You like my choice? It's a classic.
I want you to come home.
I am home.
This is where I live now, Gail, in my father's house.
Your father would want you with me.
With you? Like he was with you, you mean? Caleb! You like the doll? No.
No? Why not? Ain't that what babies look like when they're born before they get all scrubbed up? What's happened to you? Guess I've seen my potential and I ain't willing to share it.
You can't have no baby, Gail.
At least not the one you're carrying, anyway.
There can only be one.
Every generation, only one.
One what? Buck.
All right, Caleb, you can stay here, that's fine.
I'm not your mother.
No, you're not.
Stay here as long as you want, but I'm leaving.
Not yet, Gail.
Now I'm telling you, you can't have no baby.
Now do what you gotta do.
Oh, my God! Gail! Someone's at the door.
Feeling better? All too mortal.
Well, at least you're alive.
And since I helped bring you back, you're gonna do the same for Caleb.
Are you suggesting that we had a deal? Yes.
News to me.
Look, I don't have time for your games, Lucas.
Gail is pregnant with your child.
So? That's just a little insurance policy.
In case the boy don't go my way.
An heir and a spare.
The heir is about to eliminate the competition.
What do you mean? Lucas, I've been all over town.
I can't find Gail.
I can't stop him now, Lucas.
Only you can do that.
Why should I? Because as soon as he finds out you're alive, you're next.
How long you think you can hide out in there, Cousin? If you'd just listened to me, everything would be all right.
Gail, you don't have any choice.
Do you hear me? Things would be a lot easier if you'd do what I tell you.
Gail, we both know what has to happen.
If you'd just open the door maybe I can help you.
If that's how you want to play it, I've only got one more thing to say.
You made the bed, now it's time to lie in it.
Gail, I'm scared, please help me.
I won't hurt you.
I don't know what came over me.
I'm sorry.
I just I need you.
I love you.
You're my only living relative.
We're family.
Come on, Gail.
I'm all alone out here.
Come on, Gail.
We've gotta stick together.
There's evil out here.
We're family.
We've gotta protect that little baby growing inside of you.
I thought you were coming out here to protect me, Gail.
Gail Emory.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
Gail! Don't you run from me! Lucas, you're alive.
Gail, look out! She's got a basilar skull fracture.
Blood count's down.
I'm just hoping her spleen isn't ruptured.
What are the odds of There's no baby, Lucas.
I'm sorry.
Did she want it? Well, she said so.
What about the future? Could she still, if she wanted to? She should be fine.
You're gonna get another chance.
Hey, Doc, am I still dead? As far as everyone here is concerned.
Grandpa, is there more? What, darling? Is there more? Well, there just might be.
Why don't you go downstairs and see if they'll give you seconds.
Tell them it's for your old granddad.
Oh, my God! Boo.
I look pretty good for a dead guy, right, Les? A lot better than you, right now.
Why, I don't believe it.
You knew I was alive when they buried me.
No, Lucas.
What kind of fancy drug did you use to stop my heart? Nothing, I swear.
I've got my blood right here.
All I've got to do is let Billy boy run a little test.
But I think we both know you're lying, Doc.
Aren't you? If you come clean, I might show some mercy.
If not, I may have to perform surgery.
I I was tired of covering for you.
Covering what, Doc? This hospital has always needed money so desperately.
And I gave what I had.
But with a caveat, Lucas, always with a caveat.
And I looked the other way when it came to a questionable death.
So? Isn't that exactly what you've done with me? Man, what is it with you doctors? First your old comrade Matt Crower tries to shoot me then your pharmacist puts a spike in my head, and now you.
Is there something in the ventilation system here? You cost me a child.
And until I recover, Caleb Temple is going to raise hell.
So what are you gonna do? I'm not gonna do anything.
I think we've had enough questionable deaths around here.
You said you'd show mercy if I told you the truth.
And I'm a man of my word.
Which is why I'm gonna spare your granddaughter.
What? If you do the right thing.
No, Lucas, no.
I'm still pretty weak.
You're gonna have to tie your own knots.
Lucas, please.
You or her, Doctor.
Pull up a chair.
Couldn't this wait till tomorrow? No.
What the hell is so urgent that you had to Drag you out of bed? Lucas.
Hello, darling.
Sorry to rouse you but I was just dying to talk.
You're alive.
Try to contain your enthusiasm.
What? I don't think so.
You weren't alone.
What do you care? I don't.
Just an observation, really.
See, I know your scent.
I thought you wanted to talk.
What were you doing in my house? I wasn't.
Dead men are very impatient.
I told you I know your scent.
Now, you were in my house today.
Why? I went looking for Caleb.
What for? He was missing.
I was worried about him.
Ben, do you want to slap her this time? All right.
I went there for myself.
I wanted to be with him.
Why? Because I care.
I saw something in him this morning that reminded me of you.
Of me? That's right.
Believe it or not, I actually shed a tear when you died.
I'm touched.
Go to hell.
How did Gail end up there? We're still talking, Selena.
I sent her.
Did you know she was carrying my child? Was? I'm so sorry.
Miss Coombs, I'd like to rip your throat out.
But you don't deserve the satisfaction.
Get out of here.
Get out! Fire up the car.
Grandpa, where are you? Grandpa, are you hiding? Do you think Gail's going to be all right? I hope so.
If anything looks unusual, you've got my number.
Don't hesitate to use it.
Well, I'll be with her all night, so What's wrong, honey? Grandpa's sleeping on the ceiling.
Dear God! All right, son.
It's you and me now.
Did somebody have a temper tantrum? You listen to me, boy.
I know what you're feeling.
Believe me, I live with the rage every day of my life.
It's part of who we are.
It's what we feed on.
And one day, the world will know your power.
But not yet, Caleb.
As soon as I'm healed, the hunger that's driving you will disappear.
And you'll be as you were.
And when it's your time, I'll gladly step aside.
But I'm not ready to do that yet.
And you're not ready to make me.
Shut up.
Now is that any way to treat your sister? No, leave me alone! What are you doing? Taking the lamb to the slaughter.
Merlyn! What? The only way to rid ourselves of this plague, Merly Ann.
The evil that lives inside this child must be vanquished.
But you said that you could bring him back.
That's the only reason I agreed to help you, to come here.
Who do I look like? Kreskin? I don't think bringing him back is in my repertoire.
Don't you worry, little sister.
This way you'll have Caleb with you forever.
Merly, help! Lucas, don't.
Merlyn, please help me.
No, Lucas, don't! Get thee behind me, youngster.
No! Get thee behind me! No! I will not let you kill him! I know.
Don't do it, Lucas, don't! Help me! Let go, Caleb.
No! Let go and you'll be free.
Lucas, don't do it! Let go, Caleb! No! Let go! No! Lucas.
It's all right, son.
What happened? You fell.
Where's Merly at? Gone.
Gone where? I believe she's part of you now.
There had to be a sacrifice, Caleb.
One of us had to go.
And it wasn't going to be me.
What will I do without her? I think we'll get by.