American Horror Story s02e11 Episode Script

Spilt Milk

(inhaling deeply) (inhaling) (dogs barking in distance) (footsteps approaching) (lightbulb buzzing) (knocking) (dogs continue barking) Johnny, right? Pandora? That's me, honey.
New and improved.
Had my baby three weeks ago.
Just wanted to make sure.
The pictures on the Web site don't show your beautiful face.
Oh, you won't be looking at my face.
Not once these triple D's come out to play, and trust me, I haven't had one complaint yet.
You understand what I want, right? Mm-hmm.
You were, um you were very clear.
I've been saving up all day, honey.
Even gave my baby a bottle of formula so there's no way I'll run dry.
They're so juicy right now, they're ready to burst.
(sighs) If you hear the sound of crying, will they leak? Mmm.
'Cause I I heard that about new mothers and breast milk.
If I hear my baby cry, I get this uncontrollable feeling, like a faucet opening, and then I find myself Mmm.
with a soaking wet bra.
Breast-feeding is so important for early development.
I'm gonna take care of you, Johnny.
All you need is just a little mothering.
But you don't have to cry to be my baby.
Are you hungry, baby? How bad do you want to taste this? (sighs) I'd kill for it.
(moans) Then come to Mama.
(panting) (moaning) (moaning) (door creaks open) THREDSON: Rise and shine.
What time is it? Well, it's time for you to spend some quality time with your baby, Papa.
What have you done with him? He's received his smallpox inoculation, and he's on the schedule for circumcision later today.
Carl, you want to help Kit up? He looks a little weak in the knees.
And let's get him cleaned up.
What have you done with him?! What's your endgame, Thredson? Just tell me now.
Kit, you have a very limited understanding of me.
If there's anything in this world that I hold sacred, it's a child's need for love and protection.
You and I would both move heaven and earth for our children.
Ooh, ooh Our day will come Don't do that around the baby.
Go to the corner! All of you, move back! Move back! Ooh, ooh We'll share the joy Falling in love can bring No one can tell me that I'm I want to name him Thomas after my grandfather.
I like that.
I love you so How's your milk production, Grace? If you're having any trouble with your let-down reflex, there are some things that we can do to help with that.
PEPPER: I know everything you're up to.
You don't fool me for one second.
Carl, Pepper seems a bit agitated.
Why don't we take her for a quiet soak in the hydrotherapy room? And turn up the temperature ten degrees.
See if that helps with her nerves.
Everyone else, we'll have a group therapy session in the cafeteria.
We'll all have a chance to share our feelings about the new baby.
You two, enjoy your precious miracle.
Our dreams have magic Because we'll always stay (baby crying) In love this way Our day Will come.
(baby fussing) (door closes) Am I crazy, or does he look a little like me? He looks exactly like you.
You want to hold him? (laughs) Come on.
(baby cooing) (fussing) Shh.
(sniffles) (baby cooing) Grace I There are so many questions.
I don't even know where to begin.
It comes back to me in pieces, but they're like shards of broken glass.
They don't they don't fit together.
Just tell me what you remember.
(gunshot) GRACE: I prayed for death.
I thought my prayers were answered when I saw a bright, white light.
(baby cooing) Just like old people talk about.
I thought it was heaven.
(baby crying) I felt like I was being torn in half.
(heart beating) I didn't think I could survive it.
But it was him.
Our baby.
They were putting him inside me.
How did he grow so fast? Time works differently up there.
It felt like a hundred years to me.
They're not like us, Kit.
They're not cruel.
And Alma? You said you saw her, she was alive.
They're not perfect, Kit.
They make mistakes.
(gasps) I'm so sorry, Kit.
I know how much you loved her.
(screaming) All the plans you made.
To have children, build a life.
You wanted all that with Alma, not me.
What did they want with her? With either of you? Our only link is you.
What? What? You're special, Kit.
Our baby is special.
People will listen to him.
He's going to change the way people think.
Well, I don't know about all that.
I just want to be a decent father to him.
Alma would want that.
She'd want me to do the right thing.
Marry me, Grace.
(chuckles) That a yeah? Yeah.
(speaks quietly) GRACE: Maybe the monsignor can marry us.
I'd like to introduce you to Sister Colette.
She's here from St.
Ursula's Home for Lost Children.
(baby cries) I'm sorry to say she's here for the baby.
SISTER COLETTE: We have an excellent track record at placing lost children in loving homes.
He's not a lost child-- I'm his mother, this is his father.
A pair of crazies in an asylum.
Not exactly a Norman Rockwell.
You're not taking him.
I'm sure this is difficult for you, but we have to consider what's best for the child.
That's bullshit! A baby belongs with its mother, everybody knows that.
Give me the baby.
Forget it! Give me the baby! Stop! (yelps) (baby cries) You call yourself Christians?! GRACE: My baby! I'll get him back for you, I swear! THREDSON: Kit, I am so sorry.
I can only imagine the heartache of having your only son ripped from your arms.
(gasps) Maybe I can help.
Lana Winters? Yes? Please come with me.
Why? I'm taking you out of this place, but we must be quick.
I don't know you.
My name is Mother Claudia.
I am a friend.
I don't have friends in this place.
You have at least one.
She told me what she did to you.
And she's asked me to make it right.
You can't make it right.
But maybe you can.
In some measure.
Your patient file.
Documentation of every foul thing that was done to you here.
Trust me when I tell you it can't possibly all be in that file.
Which is why you need it for your exposé.
It's irrefutable proof that you were here.
When your story comes out, there are those who will try to deny even that.
You want this place shut down.
I want it pulled down and the earth salted.
Now the clothes you wore when you were admitted, along with your personal effects, are in the lavatory next door.
There's a taxicab on its way here now that will take you wherever you want to go.
But we must hurry.
All right.
Hang on.
That goes with me.
There's just one more thing.
Sister Jude.
It's Lana Winters.
Your friend Mother Claudia's taking me out of this place, and she says that's because of you.
I'm coming back for you, Jude.
I won't leave you here.
(woman screams in distance) KIT: We both know if I get you that tape, I'm done for.
You won't really do anything to help me.
You're wrong, Kit.
Get me that tape, and I will not only see to it that your son is not swallowed by the system, but I will also do everything in my power to secure your freedom, so you can be with him again.
You and Grace, together as a family.
I mean it.
Well, how do you figure to do that? Well, for one, the police are going to need a new, credible suspect for the Bloody Face killings.
I got one for 'em.
So have I.
Arthur Arden.
I understand he's come under suspicion a number of times already, and with his sudden disappearance his guilt is plausible.
But Lana she, uh she'll never tell me where that tape's at.
I made her swear not to.
Just talk to her.
Try to get her to see reason.
Yeah, well, what if she won't? I mean she can be pretty stubborn when she wants.
She's a spirited girl.
If anyone can reach her it's you.
I'll try.
(door opens) (door slams shut) LANA: In a hurry, Oliver? Quick trip out of town? Good.
You are here.
Saves me the trouble of having to look for you.
Did you come here just to bring me the tape? The police have the tape.
They're going to be here very soon.
It's over.
You've been exposed.
(sighs) That's it? It's done.
(exhales) I knew this would happen one day.
I wondered how I would feel.
I thought I would go crazy, but I'm actually relieved.
Living with secrets is not healthy.
I was right, Lana.
I knew you were the one.
I am the one.
I am the one that's going to put your ass in that electric chair.
You're gonna pay for every sick thing you did to me, to Wendy, and to every other woman you murdered.
Where do you think you're going? Making myself a drink.
Care to join me? Sit down.
(sighs) There is no alcohol where I'm going.
I'm not gonna let you take away my last chance to have a martini.
You sure you won't change your mind? You think I'm crazy.
Oh, wait.
That'd be you.
I think we established that when you chained me to the bed and called me Mommy.
PANDORA: Go ahead, baby, you can call me Mommy.
(exhales) You'd be surprised how many how many men have mommy issues.
You think that's my problem? From the way you drained my tit? I'd either say that you have a mommy fixation, or a calcium deficiency.
(laughs) Oh, honey, I'm just kidding.
I just want to slow you down.
Make sure you're enjoying yourself.
You're right.
I'm fixated.
I'm stuck on that cold bitch.
Oh, honey.
You tell me all about her.
JOHNNY: She never loved me.
She didn't love my father.
There was only one person she ever loved.
LANA: Tell me what you did with Wendy's body.
Nobody cares about a spinster schoolteacher.
Not the cops, nor the school, or her family.
Everyone knows what she was.
What we were together.
And I'm the only one who gives a damn.
She deserves a proper burial.
(gas roars) (flames crackling) Her story's pretty complicated.
Are you sure you want to hear all the details? I want to know everything.
She was the first body I had that remained intact.
I put her on ice just for you.
I was gonna dispose of the body, but once I realized how well things were going with us, I thought she could come in handy.
For practice, you know.
THREDSON: It was awkward at first.
Every approach I made felt false, artificial.
I felt like she was watching me.
Being judgmental.
I must confess, I couldn't do it.
I thought about plucking out her eyes.
But then I thought, that's not real, I need to make this work.
So I turned her around.
And finally it happened.
(sighs) More than once.
It was a triumph.
Better than I ever thought possible, Lana.
Wendy allowed us to create this life you have growing inside of you.
It's a little miracle, if you think about it.
Where is her body, goddamn it? Well, after you left me, I had to dispose of all the evidence.
So what I couldn't burn, I cut up.
There are pieces of her scattered from Plymouth to Springfield.
But you know what, Lana? We'll always have Paris.
Let go, baby.
Cry your heart out.
There's no shame in tears.
It's my mother.
She's the one! The only one who can make me feel this way.
Every time I think about her, it makes me want to do things.
Bad things! Johnny Don't let that bitch ruin our whole night.
Now, look at me.
I have a rockin' body and a titty full of milk.
Let me help you forget about her.
You think it's easy? You think it's easy? Come on, baby.
I can't forget.
Come on, I'm about to burst out of my skin.
Do me a favor and just give me some relief.
(screams) Please! Oh, God.
No! Please, baby, oh, stop.
Stop! Stop! You know what bitch did, don't you? Stop, stop, please! Time for a refill.
(sirens wailing in distance) They're here.
Drink up.
This is your last taste of alcohol.
Now that you're out of Briarcliff, you'll never keep that baby, will you? Not a chance in hell.
So I shouldn't expect a little Oliver to come visit every few months? Oh, even if I had this thing, you'd never see him.
You're gonna fry in that chair.
(sirens wailing) I hardly think so, Lana.
(grunts) I'm clearly insane.
I'll be institutionalized.
At the very worst, I'll live a long life in prison.
Maybe I'll even start some therapy groups.
God knows there are some disturbed individuals behind bars.
As for you I have no use for you anymore.
Best you should just be known as my last victim.
Prison's too good for you.
LOIS: I can't believe the cops didn't find anything connected to her.
No bones, nothing.
Jesus, Lois, is this really the place? Really? It's fine.
They found a lot of ashes in the furnace.
I know maybe it's not all Wendy, but I just needed a place to visit a place where I can remember her.
BARB: Of course.
You did the right thing, Lana.
So, are you going to move back into your house? 'Cause it's a big place, and if you need a roommate I have a couple of things I need to tidy up, and when I'm finished, I've decided to move to New York.
I can't help but feel this is my fault.
Don't do that, Lana.
It is not your fault.
This was the work of a crazed maniac.
A man you had to kill in self-defense.
If anyone, it was that nun.
It was the story.
I was going to do anything to get that story.
I just didn't realize how much it was going to cost.
You still have the address I gave you? She's a real doctor.
A good one.
She'll take care of your little problem.
Thank you.
Both of you.
I don't know what I would do (bulbs popping) LOIS: Shit, they found us.
MAN: Hey.
Goddamn vultures.
Oh, sorry, Lana.
I forgot you're one of 'em.
No, we are vultures.
Attracted to the scent of rotting meat.
If you don't want to be linked to the "Sapphic Reporter," you should leave through the back gate.
Yeah, I better.
No one in my family suspects.
Sorry to abandon you.
I still have a job because my lecherous boss thinks he has a chance with me.
(piano plays somberly) (birds chirping) (reporters shouting) MAN: Miss Winters, can you give us any more details about how Bloody Face tortured you when you were his captive? MAN 2: Sources tell me you've obtained the services of Cohen and Mathews-- they're the best lawyers in town.
Are you planning to sue? Any truth to the rumors that you received electroshock treatment daily? Lana, do you have any comment about your reported homosexuality? (reporters yelling indistinctly) Please, Miss Winters! Miss Winters, talk to us! All I can say is read my book.
Miss Winters Book? Miss Winters! I guess there's no more sunshine in my heart (music continues distantly) Don't take that! It's a horse tranquilizer! Come now, Judy.
These pills are perfectly safe.
You signed for them yourself.
Don't you remember? Don't take these pills-- they turn your brains to mush.
(knock on door) Come.
Brother James, those reporters who were here when I arrived, have they been removed from the premises? From the immediate grounds.
There's nothing I can do about those camped outside the gates.
Hopefully if we remain resolute in our silence, they'll eventually tire and go away.
Monsignor, there's been a disturbance in the Common Room.
I think it requires your attention.
I took my troubles down to Madame Rue You know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth She's got a pad Down on 34th and Vine Jude? Carl said you caused quite a commotion.
It's a good thing you and I are friends or you'd be in solitary right now.
She got one thing right, that Devil of yours.
This jukebox has a strange healing effect, it keeps the joy alive.
(music stops playing) What did you want to see me about? Have you fully recognized the irony here? You relinquished your virtue not to a loving woman, but to the Devil.
It's so perfect-- it's perfect, it's perfect.
I don't want to hear you talk like this.
I don't know this person.
What have you decided to do? Renounce your vows? Not at all.
I'm going to stay the course.
I have too much to give, too much to offer.
I can't just throw it all away.
I thought you hung the moon, Timothy.
I had impure thoughts, I'll admit to that.
But I would have done anything for you, I would've done anything you asked me to do, that's how much I believed in your fantasy of the magic carpet ride to Rome.
Believe me, Jude, it's not a fantasy.
Brother Matthew? Carl? Can you imagine the disillusionment, the shame and the disgust I feel now that I see through you and your stupid, pitiful, naked ambition? Shut your filthy mouth! You're an embarrassment.
(laughs) It's an extraordinary thing.
You know that? You throw me in the madhouse, you strip away everything I have, everything I know, you treat me like a rabid dog, like a madwoman.
And you know what happens? I'm blessed with the gift of total clarity.
I am more sane now as a madwoman than I ever was as the head of Briarcliff.
You sound mad as a hatter.
Oh, Carl.
Jude needs some time alone to reflect and pray for guidance.
Take her to solitary.
(Jude laughs) You will not prevail, Timothy.
My God would never allow it.
Sign here.
And here.
What for? Your release papers.
They're letting you out, Kit.
(woman yells in the distance) Thredson-- they caught him? Lana gave them the tape? Yeah, and she did one better.
The lezzie blew his head off.
It's all over the papers.
Reporters are hanging off the rafters, trying to sniff out the "Corruption at Briarcliff.
" That's why you're suddenly a free man.
Clothes from the Salvation Army.
They should fit you-- just leave what you're wearing on the bed.
I have to see the monsignor.
Walker, I can't tell you how pleased I am that justice has finally been served.
I'm only happy to have been a small part of that.
This isn't justice.
I don't understand.
You're a free man.
What more could you want? I want my son back.
Your son? You took him from our arms.
He's got two parents-- me and Grace.
And we aim to raise him as a family.
That's hardly possible, is it? Given that you've just been released and Miss Bertrand's confined here.
That's why you're gonna let her out.
I beg your pardon? You're gonna let Grace out of this place.
Then you're gonna call over to St.
Ursula's and tell them little Thomas' folks are coming to pick him up.
If you do that, we'll never bother you again.
Otherwise, I might have to start talking to those reporters.
And believe me, I have a lot of stories.
I bet you do.
Be reasonable, you can't seriously expect me to release an axe murderess back into the community.
I'm not asking you to.
All you got to do is release her body to me.
Her body? Is this a riddle? Grace isn't dead.
Look at her file.
In it you'll find a death certificate made out by Dr.
Arden before he disappeared.
Frank McCann signed it as a witness.
Her death certificate? Officially, if anybody ever asks, Grace Bertrand died here.
It's already taken care of.
You don't got to lie.
I don't got to tell the truth.
You can make all your problems go away, Father.
Nobody ever needs to know.
(birds chirping) Wait.
Let me get the door.
Here you go.
(closes door) This is yours? Home sweet home.
'Kay, this is your home, too.
Come on.
I thought maybe, uh we could get a horse.
A horse? Yeah, as long as you take care of it.
I don't know jack shit about horses.
(chuckles) Still there.
(door creaks) Don't expect a castle.
Open the goddamn door.
(door creaks) I never got a chance to clean up.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
We can do it together.
It's a great house.
And it's not Briarcliff.
It's not Briarcliff.
(wood creaking) Hello? Hey! WOMAN: You okay? You're sure this is what you want? Oh, yes.
There's no doubt about it.
This is not a baby I want to carry around inside me.
In a different life, I would have loved to have had a baby.
But my lover was murdered by the man who raped me and got me pregnant.
Oh, my God.
I'm glad you found me.
Let's get started.
Remove everything from the waist down.
LANA: I take it everything's been sterilized.
DOCTOR: I soak them in boiling water.
There's an electric teakettle.
Those sterilizing machines are too cumbersome to smuggle out of the hospital.
Don't worry, it'll be fine.
(teakettle whistling) DOCTOR: Now, open your legs, Jane.
(gunshot) (loud gasping) I'm gonna have to ask you not to make any more sounds.
As I explained to you earlier, we can't afford to draw attention to ourselves.
I'm sorry.
A little wider, honey.
A little wider, honey.
(gunshot) (distorted screech) (gunshot) (distorted scream) (distorted scream) Stop! (trembling): I can't.
No more death.
No more.
That's a lot of dead people.
If that's what they are.
I'm not saying they're all dead.
I'm saying they all disappeared from Briarcliff in the last two years, all under suspicious circumstances.
Five of them in just the short time I was there.
Should you be upsetting yourself, uh, Miss Winters? I'm fine.
I'm not upsetting myself; you're upsetting me.
You're not listening to what I'm saying.
No, we are listening.
I'm just not sure what you want us to do.
I want you to get me back in there.
There is one person there who can substantiate every allegation I've made-- she used to run the place.
Sister Jude? She's a patient there now.
She's being held against her will.
They won't let me see her.
They won't even let me in the front door.
Well, they are a private institution.
Yes, but if you got a court order What about this Mother Superior? The one you say got you out-- Claudia.
Can't she help you? Transferred to Puerto Rico.
The moment she started making noise, the Archdiocese got rid of her.
(whispers): Please.
Will you help me? That's his baby, isn't it? Bloody Face-- he's the father.
This baby doesn't have a father.
(laughs quietly) You're one tough cookie, you know that? I am tough.
But I'm no cookie.
(speaking indistinctly) Timothy Howard? FATHER JAMES: I'm sorry, Monsignor.
What's the meaning of this? This is a court order giving us access to one of your patients.
LANA: Sister Jude-- we want to speak to her right now.
I'm afraid that's impossible.
I don't give a shit how many pills you've got her doped up with.
Sister Jude is dead.
I don't believe you.
Brother James, fetch me the paperwork on Sister Jude, please? He's lying.
I only wish I were.
It was the saddest day I've ever experienced when I walked into her room and found her like that.
She'd done it during the night.
Fashioned a rope from her bedsheets.
A summary of how she was found.
Her death certificate.
And this number indicates the can in storage containing her ashes.
You had her cremated? She died outside a state of grace.
I could give no last rites, no absolution.
She was, tragically, denied a Christian burial.
Though I keep her in my personal prayers.
You murdered her.
You might as well have tied the noose yourself.
I wanted only good for Sister Jude.
You must believe that.
I don't.
Perhaps if you had come here two weeks ago with this court order, you could have said something to her to convince her to go on.
Sadly, you did not.
(woman speaking low, indistinctly) St.
Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us.
Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us.
Jude, help for the hopeless, pray for us.
WENDY: Lana? (baby crying) Lana? NURSE: I'm sorry, Lana.
I hate to do this to you, but (baby crying) What are you doing? I asked not to see him.
I know, but he's allergic to the formula and he's been crying like this for seven straight hours.
That's not my problem.
I know.
I just took a chance.
I couldn't bear to see him suffer.
I thought maybe if he suckled a bit, he might calm down.
I'm sorry.
It seemed worth a try.
(crying continues) Give him here.
(baby fussing) (crying continues) (crying stops)