American Horror Story s03e10 Episode Script

The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks

FIONA: Drink this, it'll calm your nerves.
And when you're ready, I'll cast a little spell on you.
Help you sleep through the night.
I'm ashamed to show you my weakness.
I might have shed a tear or two myself if I'd lost everyone I had.
No, it's not that.
I'm over 300 years old.
Everyone I done ever met done followed after the Grim Reaper.
Some willingly others kicking and scratching.
I taught myself long ago not to waste tears for the dead.
It's your kindness that has touched my soul.
I feel like I've been alone for so long.
It's a relief to have found an equal.
Even if that person come in the guise of an enemy.
We have so much to talk about.
But not tonight.
Tomorrow we'll draw the battle lines after you've rested.
Your master calls.
[GASPS] Tonight's the night you pay me my due.
Not now.
It's been a hard day.
Hard days deserve a harder night.
[LAVEAU GROANING] [CACKLING] You drink my torment like wine.
Why you here in the house of your enemy? I've come to seek a lasting truce.
Not before you deal with my terms.
I want what's coming to me tonight.
Once a year, you must pay my price.
It's the bargain you made so long ago.
[LAUGHING] [SCOFFS] [BABY CRIES IN DISTANCE] [BABIES CRYING] NURSE: Ma'am? Ma'am? Ma'am, it's the middle of the night.
You'll have to come back during visiting hours.
Open the door.
[SIRENS WAILING] [BABY CRYING] OFFICER: I can't let you leave the hospital with that baby, ma'am.
Mama's had a hard day.
OFFICER: Put the baby on the ground and step away from it.
Don't mess with me.
I need this baby.
Put the goddamn baby down.
Now! I warned you.
I'll give you something to cry about.
MAN [ON TV]: Here's an update on the shoot-out at a salon in the Ninth Ward yesterday.
The police have identified a man seen here in this video surveillance footage.
If anyone has information, please contact It's my fault.
All of it.
And now for traffic.
I told him I was filing for divorce.
He was so angry.
He was determined to be a hero.
He had this look on his face.
I should've seen it.
It ain't on you.
It's on me.
I hired him.
CORDELIA: What are you talking about? Your husband was a witch hunter.
Showed up at my place, running his mouth about how he been killing witches his whole life.
About how he had all this access.
How his mother-in-law was the Supreme.
Mm, he hated your ass.
But he gave me a fair price, so [CORDELIA SCOFFS] You were my sworn enemy.
You hired him to kill me? To kill my girls? LAVEAU: Uh-huh.
But he was too soft on you, he couldn't do it.
He was trying to protect you, all right, from me.
Lucky for y'all, he was a stone fool.
[CORDELIA GRUNTS] You're not just blind, you are willfully blind.
You married Hank to prove some childish point and brought a viper into this sacred house.
LAVEAU: It's all water under the bridge now, Mama.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
FIONA: But Hank was not some lone assassin with a grudge.
Witch hunters never act alone.
They are part of an ancient order of men whose sole purpose is to rid the world of witches.
Black or white.
Now, what-- We don't have to waste our time with worker bees.
What we have to do is to find the hive.
The search continues for the newborn baby that was kidnapped from St.
[HUMMING] [SINGING] And it all comes down to you [HUMMING] [LAUGHS] What a lovely shawl.
You keep your distance.
I know your game, lady.
Slit my throat like you did Maddy, or the stake like Myrtle.
Don't bother.
I've surrounded myself with the white spirit light to protect me.
And even if you do put me down I've already made plans on how to bring myself back.
Well, now, why would I want to hurt you? Of all the girls in the house, you are the only one worth a damn magic-wise.
Your daughter, she-- She told me how it works with the Supreme.
You can keep your powers.
But I don't think you fully appreciate the power of the throne.
It's a skeleton key.
Anything you wish for in the world.
The Supremacy comes with a great deal of power and influence.
You are going to know the world, and what's more they are all going to want to know you.
I was talking to an old friend of mine the other day, telling her all about you.
She just begged me to come have a sit-down with you.
She's a white witch.
And try as I may, I cannot get her to play in the shadows with me.
Who are you? You must be Misty.
I'm Stevie Nicks.
[MISTY GASPS] [FIONA LAUGHS] Is she all right? You owe me 5 bucks.
I told you she was gonna do that.
MADISON: Well, that was a morbid field trip.
ZOE: Queenie's dead.
We don't know that.
They haven't released the names.
She could be at the Souplantation.
You know how that bitch loves a bottomless bowl.
Should we go to the morgue? No.
For witches, you guys are such squares.
[STEVIE PLAYING PIANO] [SINGING] Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night And wouldn't you love to love her? She rules her life like a bird in flight And who will be her lover? All your life you've never seen A woman taken by the wind Would you stay If she promised to you heaven? Would you even win? Would you ever win? Oh, Rhiannon, you cry But then she's gone And your life knows no answer And your life knows no answer And he says, "Rhiannon" And he says, "Rhiannon" And he says, "Rhiannon" I'm a huge Eminem fan.
When's he get here? Marshall? You're not his type.
And more importantly you're not the next Supreme.
STEVIE [SINGING]: Rhiannon Rhiannon What about the Seven Wonders? I have no doubt she'll pass every one.
[MISTY GIGGLING] You still cry out for her Rhiannon Dreams unwind Love's a state of mind Dreams unwind Your love's a state of mind That was amazing.
Thank you, honey.
Wrote it in 10 minutes.
She heard the name Rhiannon, got inspired, wrote a song.
I know everything about you.
I'm honored, Misty.
Thank you.
Did I get the shawl twirl? I wanna get it right.
It was perfect.
MISTY: Thank you.
STEVIE: But let me show you something.
One twirl.
MISTY: Okay.
Okay, yeah.
STEVIE: Go that way.
MISTY: Ha-ha-ha.
So this shawl has danced across the stages of the world and now it's yours.
And good luck with the Seven Wonders.
Thank you.
Thank you, Stevie.
Thank you.
That bitch can't even spell her own name, and now she gets the keys to the kingdom? I mean, I came back from the dead.
Yeah, Misty brought you back.
[MADISON SCOFFS] NAN: I could be the Supreme.
MADISON: Yeah, the mind reading's a real party trick, Mumbles the Clown.
NAN: My powers are growing.
I can do mind control.
Prove it.
Put out that cigarette.
Now stick it in your vagina.
Nan, Stop! Both of you skanks, enough.
And by the way, you can't be the Supreme.
You've got a heart murmur.
Not anymore, bitch.
My little trip to the afterlife cured it.
I don't believe you.
It's true.
It was clearly my destiny to die and be reborn, just like our Lord and savior.
So let's schedule the Seven Wonders, me versus Misty and we'll see who the next goddamn Supreme is.
Okay, so who is he? CORDELIA: Harrison Renard.
CEO of the Delphi Trust, an asset management company.
One of the richest men in the country.
And, apparently, my father-in-law.
I thought Hank didn't have any family.
What Hank didn't have were any customers.
No real ones, anyway.
You're sure this man is Hank's father? CORDELIA: Renard.
The French word for "fox.
" And this.
Important men get their pictures taken.
His name really was Hank.
Well, Henry.
Henry Renard, the only son of Harrison Renard.
So tell me about this company, Delphi.
It grew out of the Renards' family business.
They used to be carpenters furniture builders, dating back to the colonies.
Now they specialize in private equity.
Last year they managed over 50 billion in assets.
Where do we find them? Corporate headquarters in Atlanta.
Hell, that ain't nothing but a hop.
So, what we waiting on? Well, before we hop on our broomsticks, let's think this through.
This is a multibillion-dollar corporation.
We've got to be smart about this.
They pray to one god, a green, merciless god: money.
So we cut off their supply, bring them to their knees make them crawl to us and beg for mercy.
Here, I can do that.
I wanna help.
You're tainted.
You let them get inside your head.
We can fight about this for years, but right now, I want to help you.
No! Don't you understand anything? You can't help me.
You can't help anyone.
You're worthless, hopeless.
Get out of my sight.
[SQUEAKING] FIONA: Come to me, Hecate.
Mother of Angels.
Cosmic World Soul.
[SQUEAKING] [FIONA SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] MAN 1: I'm gonna start on the second floor.
[FIONA CONTINUES SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] MAN 2: Got a warrant for search and seizure.
WOMAN: Yes, Mr.
FIONA: Bring them to me in a weakened state.
Make me strong and cunning, so that I may destroy.
Are you all right? Yes.
I'm fine.
[FIONA GRUNTS] Madison can't be the Supreme.
She's selfish and she's a whore.
Didn't realize this before, we can't survive on our own.
The sisterhood protects each of us.
If I was the Supreme I would only do good.
I believe that.
You don't have a mean bone in your body.
Maybe you're the kind of leader we need.
I think they moved Luke.
I can't hear him.
NURSE: Can I help you? Yes.
We're here to see Luke Ramsey.
I'm so sorry.
Luke died yesterday.
I wanna see him.
The mortuary came and took the body away.
I want to say goodbye.
[NAN SOBBING] FIONA: What is that hideous smell? Rattle viper sperm incense.
Clear all the bad spirits out of here.
Get rid of their evil intentions.
It's not evil intentions that's making me sick.
[SPEAKS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] One of these girls is emerging as the new Supreme and as her powers grow, so does the cancer.
I ain't ready to say goodbye to you.
We still got work to do.
Have you ever been in love, Marie? LAVEAU: What has she done to you? [SOBS] Long time ago.
I found love for the first time and it's given me the passion to keep fighting.
You can help me live, Marie.
I wish I could.
You know the secret.
You gave it to that despicable, torturing racist.
I gave her a vial of my tears.
If I gave it to you, you'd still be bald and weak and living out your last days over and over for all eternity.
Who gave it to you? I don't think you're ready for that.
Tell me your secret.
I sold my soul to Papa Legba.
You conjured him or he just appeared? [CHUCKLES] Mm.
I thought I was the shit back then.
I had just come into my prime and And my magic was strong.
Shockingly strong.
[GROANING] I was pregnant, and I did not accept the idea of death.
I was invincible.
[BABY CRYING] Papa must have heard me.
Showed up one night said, "You can have eternal life, Marie.
I come to you once a year, and you give me what I want.
" Ha.
I thought he meant some kind of sexual favors.
Seemed simple enough at the time.
I wished for it.
It came true.
Unknowingly, I made a deal forged in hell.
Motherhood looks good on you, mambo.
You'd make a beautiful mother.
But children ain't in the cards for you.
Not my baby.
Take it back, Papa.
Take it back.
Take the spell back.
I can be mortal again.
Take it back.
Now, you know that ain't how it works, sugar.
Give the child to me.
I want my innocent soul.
[SOBBING] [BABY CRYING] [SOBBING] FIONA: Does he still come to you? LAVEAU: Mm-hm.
Once a year.
What does he want? You asking for him to come and see you? Because the thing about him is, if you want him bad enough, he'll hear you.
Try and get some sleep now.
Just close your eyes and forget about that for now.
This kebab's some kind of tasty.
[MISTY CHUCKLES] Thanks for treating.
Get used to it.
If you really are the next Supreme, pretty soon you'll be drowning in merch.
Merch? Merchandise.
The cookies.
You know.
No, I'm not sure I do.
MADISON: Stevie gave you the shawl.
Fiona gave you Stevie.
Making you feel like supremely hot shit when the fact is, now you owe them both.
You are cynical.
And I don't think the white witch or the Supreme need my kind of help.
Maybe not today.
But a year from now, you're on the throne, they're in deep shit, the phone rings, and: "Hey, girlfriend, it's Auntie Stevie.
Need some mojo.
You still looking like my album cover?" Everything's transactional.
Guy buys you dinner, he expects a blowjob.
Welcome to Earth.
Are you trying to say that Stevie was working me? Players only love you when they're playing.
No, I know what you're trying to do.
Mess me up, make me doubt myself.
You think I'm stupid because of where I came from.
Well, I'm not so easily bought, and I ain't that easily fooled.
Thanks for the lunch.
You're right.
I do think you're stupid.
You wanna change my opinion? Let me show you something.
[BAND PLAYS UPBEAT TUNE] WOMAN: Oh, yeah! [MISTY SIGHS] Enchant these guys, would you? We just need a minute.
[MISTY SIGHS] So, what'd you wanna show me? That I'm just as powerful as you.
Prove it.
See? You're powerful, I'm powerful.
I don't need you.
I just wanna be your friend.
Now, lose that ugly shawl.
Are you insane? This came direct from Stevie.
Probably has a bargain bin in her basement with 20 more like it to hand out when she needs to make someone feel special.
Stevie would never do that.
[SIGHS] Lose the shawl.
Drop it in the casket.
Let the part of you that's just an imitation of some other witch die.
Give life to you.
The one true Misty Day.
Coffee break's over, boys.
ZOE: We're gonna pay our respects.
You can't mention Luke's dad, right? NAN: I'm not stupid.
We need to know the name of the mortuary.
We find out, we get Misty to bring him back.
And I can be with Luke forever.
[DOORBELL RINGS] I think the fondest memory I have of Luke was when he was 9.
He had made the most adorable little cross out of driftwood.
Where's his body? She meant to ask, where do you plan to have the funeral? Well, there'll be a service in our church, but Luke is here now.
I had him cremated.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
You bitch! I think it's time for us to go.
You killed him with that pillow.
What are you talking about? What are you talking about? Nan, what are you doing? Let her go.
Stop! She has to pay! Nan! You have to be cleansed.
Nan! [GRUNTING] [EERIE MUSIC PLAYING] Could you please stop playing for a minute? I need to focus.
No, no, no.
Listen to the celestial tones.
CORDELIA: What is that thing? It's hideous and weird.
Don't be a hater, dear.
It's a theremin.
I cannot tell you how playing this instrument soothes my soul in tempestuous times.
Nothing could soothe my soul.
I have nothing to offer this coven anymore.
Who am I? What do I do? You buck up, is what you do.
Face reality headlong and carry on.
But how? I have no one, and my powers are gone.
Your salad dressing is absolutely magical.
Maybe you could bottle it.
Cordelia's Conjured Coriander Condiment.
Or if you'd like a little getaway, maybe a job as a hostess on a cruise ship.
You've got a lovely personality and you're always well-groomed.
Myrtle, are you trying to push me over the edge? I'm trying to give you une demi-tasse de réalité,<8/i> darling.
Let's be honest.
Living in Fiona's shadow is a challenge.
What are your options when your mother's Hillary Clinton? Between us chickens no matter how hard I worked at it, I never felt special, either.
But with my reemergence from the flames, look at me, I'm fabulous, reinvigorated.
One never knows what the universe has in store for us-- Oh, stop! Stop talking! You are insane! My God! I am an absolute failure! Everything that Fiona says is true.
I don't belong here anymore.
I don't belong anywhere.
[GLASS SHATTERING] [RESUMES PLAYING THEREMIN] They've just suspended trading on our stock.
We lost 50 percent of our value in 10 minutes.
We've been in business over a hundred and eighty years.
Now, I give us a week.
Vultures are waiting to strip the flesh from our bones.
SEC has nothing on us.
You get our people on the phone.
Call the senator.
Call what's-his-name.
I've been trying all day.
Nobody is coming near us.
It's like a tornado ripped through this company.
There's nothing natural about this.
It's time we finally deal with those witches.
[SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [SNORTS] You broke out the good stuff.
I don't want to die.
Same as everyone.
I am not the same as everyone.
This could be a big-ticket night for you, Papa.
I'm queen of the witches.
[PAPA LEGBA LAUGHING] I don't give a wet donkey's shit about your title.
I shine to only one thing.
Your soul.
[FIONA SIGHS] Then let's talk business.
[LAUGHING] I give you my soul, and what do you give me in return? Freedom from death.
I want terms defined.
Life everlasting.
No aging, no decrepitude forever.
Just like that.
Just like that? In exchange, you provide services.
One night a year, on the date of my choosing.
No refusal ever.
What kind of services? For instance, would you cripple your daughter? Today? Absolutely.
Murder an innocent? Someone you love.
Whatever it takes.
Then we have a deal.
Seal it.
The deal is off.
Why? You have nothing to sell.
You have no soul.
Bum luck, baby.
No sale.
I'll get my immortality.
All we gotta do is find the young girl that's taking you down.
Haven't you heard? I have no soul.
[SNORTS] [EXHALES] I'll just kill them all.
[CROW CAWING] ZOE: Maybe you are the Supreme.
I mean, the way you got inside her head, only ever seen Fiona do that.
Fiona's a bitch.
I'm gonna be a nice Supreme.
[BABY CRYING IN DISTANCE] I hear something.
You always hear something.
[BABY CRYING LOUDLY] What you doing? I heard it crying.
That's impossible.
That closet was-- Oh.
You the clairvoyant.
You stole this baby to kill it.
You don't know what you talking about.
Now, give it here.
Eat my shit.
I'm the next Supreme.
I just killed the woman next door with my powers just now, and I will kill you.
FIONA: What is going on here? Oh.
She say she the next Supreme.
Say she done killed the neighbor lady.
Oh, great.
Now we'll have more cops on our trail.
Whose baby is that? Mine.
Check the skin tone.
She stole it.
She's gonna kill it.
This girl is out of line.
Nan, hand the baby back to her, or I'll make you do it.
[BABY CRYING] Now leave.
You have blood on your hands.
The both of you.
Now, that girl is dangerous.
Yes, she is.
So whose is it really? It's for Papa.
Every year, his requests get worse, but you gonna come to find out.
We couldn't come to terms.
[BABY CRYING] I barely remember my baby's face.
So when I look at this child, I feel like she mine.
But Papa's coming.
He needs the soul of an innocent.
Well perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone.
FIONA: Jesus Christ.
I didn't think she was this strong.
[NAN GRUNTING AND GASPING] FIONA: Stop making such a fuss.
You're not the first witch to be drowned.
I was very clear.
No substitutions.
Papa, you asked for a soul.
I give you one.
You must provide an innocent.
She's innocent.
She killed the neighbor, but the bitch had it coming.
Oh, come on, Papa, huh? Be a sport.
You two together? Big trouble.
Come, child.
Do I have to wear this outfit for all eternity? Not at all.
You will find the other side is filled with treats for a girl like you.
Anywhere is better than here.
[DOOR CREAKING] [STEVIE PLAYING PIANO] Mm, that's so beautiful.
I've always loved that song, Stevie.
[FIONA EXHALES] The perfect ending to a long day.
[SINGING] Has anyone ever written anything for you? In all your darkest hours Did you ever hear me sing? Listen to me now You know I'd rather be alone Than be without you Don't you know? Has anyone ever given anything to you? In all your darkest sorrow Did you ever just give it back? Well, I have I have given that to you And if that's all All I ever do I want you to remember me Mm, mm