American Horror Story s06e09 Episode Script

Chapter 9

1 Are you sure the house is this way? I don't recognize any landmarks.
Yes, they made it super hard to find.
They changed the street names, the address.
I mean, you can't just Google Map the Roanoke House, but I've studied every frame of season one.
I know where I'm going.
Yo, yo, what are you doing? You can't turn the camera off; we got to film everything.
I was just gonna take a leak.
I didn't want to accidentally get a shot of my Johnson.
Why do guys feel the need to name their privates? "Penis" is a perfectly acceptable word.
TODD: It is.
I call mine Little Big Man.
MILO: Dustin Hoffman, 1970.
Definitely, definitely, definitely 1970.
He played a 121-year-old man, raised as a boy by the Cheyenne.
You know, I think he should have won the Academy Award.
Take a picture of me with the sign.
It could be an ironic juxtaposition for the site.
[sighs] How many likes do you think we'll get on Instagram when we post footage of the house at the peak of the blood moon? We are gonna blow up the Internet, right? - [mimics explosion] - We're gonna [mimics explosion] Yeah.
[laughing] Okay, ready? - And - Oh, hold on.
SOPHIE: You know what I love about season one? MILO: Uh, everything? My Roanoke Nightmare is awesome.
SOPHIE: On the surface, it's an interracial story set in a post-racial world.
Which, of course, is a lie.
But they're really talking about the colonization of America.
The Butcher and the Roanoke Colony.
Which became a matriarchy in a patriarchal system.
That's why it's so timely.
It's a battle we're fighting today.
MILO: No, I don't know.
I just think that the show was scary.
Yeah, Milo.
Racism is scary.
Patriarchy is scary.
Wait, you guys.
There it is.
Episode three, that's the tree where Flora's hoodie got caught up in.
[camera shutter clicking] [leaves rustling] Are you okay? You're bleeding.
[shuddered breathing]: Where am I? [panting] Wait! - Come on, we have to help her.
- MILO: Yeah, come on.
[whimpering and panting] [hard breathing] [crying] It hurts so bad.
I don't know where to go.
[crying] MILO: Holy shit.
How is she even standing? Wait, it's okay.
We can take you to a hospital.
[crying]: My car Stop running away! Over here.
[feet pounding] [panting] Go, come on.
- SOPHIE: Oh, my God! - What? [bleep], is that the same girl? AUDREY: I don't understand why you're here.
This production is a shit show.
I've been in a motel for the past three days without a word from anyone.
No one's returned my calls or my manager's calls.
All I know is I have a call time and explicit instructions from Sidney to be out front of the house with a pig man costume on.
I'm not going to get fired or fined just because they're disorganized.
You're an actor? Yes.
He played one of the Butcher's sons.
We had a couple of scenes together.
Sidney figured that things would be getting a little stale at this point, so I'm here to shake things up a bit.
How did you get here? Do you have a car? No.
I Ubered.
AUDREY: What about your phone? - Do you have your phone? - DYLAN: Of course not.
Like I said, explicit instructions.
Be here at this time, no phones, film everything.
Look, I like acting, but where I come from, when you don't follow orders or show up on time, people die.
The lack of integrity in this business is really staggering.
That makeup is really good.
How'd they make it look like your ear is gone? - Is that a piece or something? - No, you idiot.
It's real.
Everybody is dead.
Don't you get that? Sidney.
All the other cast.
Everyone is dead.
We're not pretending anymore.
They're all dead.
What the hell happened? AUDREY: It's all real.
The spirits, the blood moon, the Polks.
It is all real.
We cannot stay here.
We need to build a stretcher for her, and we need to hoof it out of here before it gets dark.
LEE: We'll never make it; it's miles.
And it's the last night of the blood moon cycle.
It's the most dangerous night to be here.
DYLAN: I served two tours in Afghanistan, SEAL Team Ten.
Another soldier and I carried a buddy twice as big, and shot up much worse than you six miles over uneven terrain at 5,000 feet in two hours.
And I don't know what the ghosts have here, but the people hunting us had AK-47s and RPGs.
The Polks have cars and weapons.
And they're much closer.
If we can get there and get a vehicle, we can get out of here in half the time.
Plus Monet is still out there.
The woman who played Lee? - Yes.
- The Polks have her.
The ones who did all this to me.
DYLAN: Never leave a man behind Okay, you two stay here.
- LEE: No.
We have to stay together.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Absolutely not.
- You'll slow me down.
- No! We know the way and the layout of the house.
You need us.
Stay close to me.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Let's go.
[door opens] [door closes] So let me guess, you are a fan of My Roanoke Nightmare.
I run a fan site, Army of Roanoke.
So that's why you were out there.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I mean, we thought it was the best way to get more followers.
You know? Be authentic.
Why didn't one of you stay at the scene of the accident and wait for an officer? I'll be honest with you.
I didn't believe any of it until that moment.
[gasping] Oh, my God, oh, my God.
- Todd, Todd, Todd - Let go of me, Milo.
Milo, get off of me, man, okay? I'll [bleep] take you down.
[hard breathing] You saw that.
Th-That's the chick I mean, that's the one we were following.
She's dead, she's [bleep] dead.
Calm down.
J-just take it easy, Todd.
MILO: Dude, come on, you're flipping out.
Just chill.
You guys, we shouldn't have come here, we shouldn't have come here, we shouldn't have come here.
I never wanted to see a dead body.
Now I can't get it out of my head, okay? SOPHIE: Todd.
After we post this video, we're going viral.
[hard breathing] It's totally worth it, dude.
It's totally worth it.
[frightened laughing] It was completely freaky and awesome.
I got Todd to agree to come here.
Anyway, I-I drove, so he didn't really have a choice.
So you have footage of the girl? - Bloody but alive.
- No, Detective, that's what I'm saying, is that she definitely was not alive.
MILO: She wasn't like a zombie.
Although she did have that Dawn of the Dead look, but your typical ghost or apparition is usually more uh, ephemeral.
I'm not saying transparent, 'cause that's like Hollywood cheesy.
I'm talking like Korean.
Totally subversive.
- So the victim was Asian? - No, she was white.
Couldn't you tell when you found the body? Oh, that's just the thing.
There was no body.
- SOPHIE: That's impossible.
- DETECTIVE: Let's cut the crap.
Ever since that show was on TV, we've had to follow up on a ton of bullshit reports, 'cause people like you are trying to get hits on social media at our expense.
Officers had to be taken away from their real jobs so that they can investigate your prank.
No! We told you the truth.
And I'm going to tell the world about what's really happening here.
- About the cover-up by the police.
- Dude, don't you get it? I mean, this is exactly how every horror movie works.
God, the cops don't believe it until it's too late! TODD: It's all there.
On camera, digital proof.
Look, I'll-I'll admit it.
I was freaked out, I was ready to bail.
But now that I've had time to digest this, I'm ready to fight the fear; I'm good to go.
Go back home to Virginia, 'cause if you go anywhere near that house, I will have you arrested for trespassing.
Are you filming me, you little asshole? [panting] DYLAN: Okay, it's getting late, and this place is bigger than I thought.
I say we just take that truck and go, let the cops come back for Monet.
What about leaving no man behind? It's right up there with don't walk into enemy territory blind and unarmed.
If it is this blood moon shit that killed all those people back at the house, we don't want any part of that.
We're not blind.
Give me your phone.
[panting] She could be in one of these buildings.
Get the truck started.
Audrey and I will go find Monet.
One quick sweep.
But as soon as you hear that truck start, the bad guys are gonna hear it, too.
So you're only gonna have about three minutes, and the sun is setting fast.
It's gonna be dark soon.
- Give us a signal.
- Okay.
You see any weapons, grab 'em.
LEE: That's where they had me.
That's gonna be a bit of a hike on this leg.
- Can you check it out? - Yes.
Maybe she's there, and hopefully that camera with the tapes is still there.
I'll get it.
Come on.
Seriously, though, Lee, but we have to be ready to go as soon as we hear that truck start, even if we are empty-handed.
I'm not interested in being exonerated after I'm dead.
Lee, I'm serious.
If you are not there, we are leaving.
I'll be there with those damn tapes.
We didn't come back to this hell house empty-handed.
That's the signal.
[panting] [panting] [sighs, gun clicks] [metallic clinking] [panting] [moaning] Monet? - [yelling] - No, it's okay.
It's me.
It's me.
It's me.
Look at me.
It's me.
- It's me.
It's me.
- [whimpering] Okay.
[door creaks open] [door creaks shut] [beep] [whispering]: Where's the goddamn button for delete? [truck engine starts] AUDREY: Dear God, it's the truck.
We have to go.
We have to go.
We have no time.
[Monet screams, whimpers] - [blow landing] - Oh! [coughs] - [groaning] - [blow landing] You killed Mama.
She was the glue that held this family together.
I'm gonna murder you real slow for what you done.
[Monet whimpering] AUDREY: Can you say that again? Said I'm gonna murder you real slow.
- [Monet screams] - [Ishmael groaning] Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! [groaning] LEE: You better get out of here! I have evidence of everything you people have done on this camera! [truck engine running] Ishmael? Ishmael, they coming! Hey, the blood moon is full, Mama's gone.
[panting] Can't nobody protect us now.
[panting] [truck door slams, engine revving] [both whimpering] AUDREY: Oh, my God! - MONET: Oh, Dylan! - Dylan? - Damn! - Oh, my God.
[both crying] - AUDREY: Oh, no! - Audrey, run.
Run! Run! Run! Go! Go! Run! Oh! Oh, faster! Faster! Go! [screaming] MONET: Oh, God.
- [Monet gasps] - [Door slams shut] Ho-ly shit! I told you.
Why the hell did we come back here?! Well, where else are we supposed to go? [sighs] At least here we have some cover, some protection.
Don't you get it? There is no protection! Christ, that dead bloke we left back there he was in the bloody military, and he's dead! Just how long do you expect us to survive this? Well, I don't know, but we're not gonna survive anything unless you get your shit together! - Calm down.
- Calm down?! Oh, my God, I've just run through the Godforsaken wilderness for miles! I've been mutilated by a carousel of maniacs, so forgive me if I cannot get my [bleep] shit together! [panting] What do you think happened to Lee? [panting] I think she's probably dead, too.
Like everybody else.
Like my Rory.
No, no, no, no, no.
She could still be alive.
Oh, no, she's not! Something terrible happened to her, I know it.
She never would have left this behind.
Lee insisted that no one would believe our story.
She said that the only way to prove our innocence was to get this tape back.
To show the world what they did to us.
That we did what we did because we had to do it to survive.
[panting] What are you doing? [beeps] MAMA POLK: Wouldn't do to have you bleedin' out before we finish taking prime cuts.
- Go on.
- LEE [screaming]: No! - Ooh, sweet Jesus.
- [Lee's screaming continues] God, it's [bleep] demented! Oh.
Wait, wait.
LEE: Baby girl, you've heard many things about me this past year.
About what I've done.
That I've said many things to many people proclaiming my innocence.
[gasping] So I want to tell you the truth.
I killed Daddy.
- Mm.
Mm, mm.
- That's on me and me alone.
Oh, my God.
No one else helped me.
[crying]: It's nobody's fault, except mine.
He was gonna take you away from me, and I couldn't see my life going forward that way without you.
[inhuman howling] [blows landing] [groaning] That's it.
LEE: No more secrets.
I don't know if one day you'll forgive me.
I just want you to go on without the weight of lies and doubt.
[growling] Surrender to me.
Look at that moon.
It's so full and bright.
You can see why people thought it had mystical powers.
It's feminine energy.
Mother moon affects everything from the tide to fertility to the menstrual cycle.
Speaking of blood, this moon is also a killer.
- Did you just make a period joke? - Yeah.
Holy shit, since we posted that video with the dead body and the ghost, we've added 20,000 followers.
- What?! - Yeah, that was an hour ago.
[laughter] We're trending on Twitter.
How much further to the house? Uh, I know we're close.
Guys, I think it's this way.
This is such a good idea.
God, I can't wait to get to the house! [insects chirring, bird cooing] TODD: Man, I don't know why I let you talk me into coming back here.
SOPHIE: To prove to the cops and our fans that we're not liars.
Yeah, of course, we're not liars.
Wait, guys, I think this is where they burned Mason's body.
Oh, sweet.
- SOPHIE [chuckling]: Oh - Hell, yes.
Whoa, whoa is that that girl from before? No, that's Lee Harris.
- From Roanoke Nightmare? - Yeah, yeah, I It looks like she's hurt.
Hey you get the feeling like dark shit's happening all around us? - Todd, wait up.
- Hey, Lee, uh or Ms.
First, let me just say that I-I'm a huge fan.
- [Sophie gasps] - [Todd gurgles] - [thunk] - Oh! Oh! [screams] [both screaming] Ow! Oh, God [both whimpering] She killed she killed Todd.
She [bleep] butchered him! That [bleep] bitch! Shut up! Shut up! I got to see if she followed us.
[screams] Hey, hey, hey, hey.
We stick together, okay? Okay? [Sophie whimpering] It's like The Killing Fields.
This is bad.
This is all bad.
What? What?! [screams] [grunts] Go! Go, go, go, go, go! [panting] Oh, God.
Oh, [bleep]! [bleep]! - [pounding on door] - [screams] Jesus! What the hell was that? I think that was Ambrose.
He played The Butcher's son in season one.
This must be the control room.
They said the entire cast was going back to the house for season two.
Looks like most of them didn't make it.
Oh, God, no.
I love Shelby.
And who's that? Is everybody dead? AUDREY: Oh, my God.
- I don't really care about keeping - That's Audrey Tindall.
- a clear head at the moment.
- She played Shelby.
- A-at least she's alive.
- Wait is this all part of the show? I mean is anything even real? What happened to Todd was real.
MONET: I need a drink.
AUDREY: Monet, don't you have your sobriety to think about? - [bleep] my sobriety.
- No, don't do that.
You have to keep a clear head.
MONET: You don't know me, Audrey.
I can't [bleep] face these monsters without some liquid courage.
Shit! Shit! Look.
It's Lee.
She's coming for them.
It's-it's not a prank.
There's at least three dead bodies outside.
You have to come.
Hello? The cops don't believe me.
It's just like on the show.
Remember? Matt called 911, no one came? Oh, God, she's in the house.
Oh, God.
We have to do something.
What the hell are we gonna do? We have to stop her.
[laughs] What? U us? Are you are you serious? If we get to the house in time we can take her down.
She killed Todd.
And now she's gonna kill Shelby and Lee.
She is Lee! That's the real Lee! You know what I mean.
We're the only ones who knows what she's capable of.
We have to save Audrey and Monet.
Please, Milo.
Help me.
But that freaky guy's out there.
You see him? No.
It's a blood moon.
It's a real blood moon.
Let's go.
[Sophie whimpering] We wasting time here.
We should just take this tape to the cops right now.
What is the point? Honestly? Lee was gone, the truck was gone.
She never would have left that tape there if she were alive.
Sure one of the Polk boys have nabbed her by now.
Well, good.
I hope he was hungry! Shit.
Oh, my God, Monet.
Wish you had a camera on you for that one.
- It's r - [loud crash outside] [whispers]: What the hell was that? Oh, my God, this is it.
This is it.
I don't want to die.
- Oh, God, I'm gonna - Okay, okay, okay! - [whispers]: Shut up! - All right, all right.
Wait, wait.
What is it? Oh, my God.
- Lee.
- Mm, mm, mm.
You're back.
We went looking everywhere for you.
Where did you go? What happened to you out there? Lee.
You don't belong here.
Your vile presence defiles this sacred ground.
- Me? - Who you calling vile, huh? You the murderer.
You didn't fool me, not for one minute.
I knew it all along.
And now, tomorrow, the cops and everybody else gonna know it, too.
And I'm not afraid of you.
Standing there with your little cleaver and saying weird shit.
Yeah, I just called you a murderer.
Anything to say about that? [Audrey screams] No! Oh, my God.
You stay back.
You don't make me kill you.
These grounds must be cleansed with fire and blood.
- [grunts] - Aah! [grunting] Oh! Oh, my God! [screams] This is Sophie Green, and I'm here to bear witness to the evil that is happening out here.
I'm in the woods near the house of My Roanoke Nightmare in eastern North Carolina.
It's all real.
There's people dead everywhere.
Lee Harris is a murderer.
She-she she just killed my friend, Todd Connor, with a cleaver.
And she's on her way to kill Audrey Tindall and Monet Tumusiime right now.
They're in the house and they're in danger.
We called the police but they won't listen.
Sophie, you've got to slow down, okay? - We're almost there.
- How the [bleep] do you know? You have to stay calm.
- We're getting close.
- [bleep] that, okay? We're lost.
Todd was the only one who knew where we were going and he's [bleep] dead, okay? He's [bleep] dead.
We got to turn around.
[bleep] No.
Sophie! [panting] Lee.
Aah! [coughs] [panting] MILO: Are you [bleep] seeing this? Oh, my God.
[Dylan groaning] Holy shit, it's that dude.
[Dylan continues groaning] - [slice] - [pained groaning] [yells] Holy shit.
We got to get the [bleep] out of here! Sophie! [both scream] [Sophie screaming] - MILO: No! - Let go! - Let me go! - No! People are watching this.
Millions of people, we're streaming live! [grunting] [panting] - No! - MILO: [grunts] No.
- The po the cops are coming! - Oh, God! - They're going to be here! - MILO: [bleep] you! - Milo! - You, get your hands off of me! SOPHIE: Help! Sophie, oh, God! No.
Present yourself for slaughter.
We don't deserve to die, you bitch! [crying]: Please, Lee.
We don't want to be here.
I want to be a doctor to-to help people.
Milo's a good person.
He volunteers at the shelter.
Don't do this.
[grunts] [grunts] I want to go home.
I'm so sorry.
[Sophie screams] - [piercing sound] - [agonized scream] Milo! [screaming] Sophie! No! You're [bleep] crazy! [continues screaming] [piercing sound and agonized scream] LEE: She is the queen of every hive.
She is the tree and the lightning that strikes it.
The land will weep with blood and their souls offered as sacrifice.
[panting] [Sophie crying and whimpering] [panicked whimpering] [gasping breaths] [sirens wailing] [indistinct radio chatter] Oh, God.
FEMALE OFFICER: There's another one on the landing.
MALE OFFICER: We are Code 3 on multiple victims down.
[over radio]: Not conscious, not breathing.
Request coroner and forensics.
[woman whimpering in the distance] [officers draw weapons] Ma'am? [panicked breathing] It's okay.
Ma'am, we heard reports of a lynch mob.
Something they saw on the Internet.
Who did this to you? They killed two kids.
[sustained whimper] [screams] Okay, we're gonna get you to the hospital.
All right, can-can you stand up? - I got you no, okay.
- No! - All right.
- [Lee sobbing hysterically] Just stay right here, and we'll get an ambulance, okay? Just stay right here.
Please! Please! Get me out of this hellhole! - Okay, okay.
- Get me out of this hell! All right, all right, we got you, we got you.
Slowly, slowly.
[whimpering] Okay.
All right.
Nice and slow, nice and slow.
- [Lee whimpering] - You can sit down right here, okay? - Okay.
- [door creaks open in the distance] Jesus, there's another one.
[Audrey whimpering and panting] [coughs] [panicked breathing] Are you real? Yes, ma'am, flesh and blood.
I got you now.
You're safe.
Come on, come on, come on, I got you.
[crying and whimpering] Audrey? Thank God.
You [bleep] murderer! OFFICER: She's got a gun! - [gun cocks, Audrey screams] - Drop your weapon! [radio crackles, sirens wailing in the distance] Request backup assistance, suspect down.