American Horror Story s07e11 Episode Script

Great Again

1 (LOCK BUZZES) KAI: Who do you hate the most in the world? GLORIA: Danvers, the warden.
That "better than everyone" attitude, and those dirty fucking eyeglasses.
Take them off and clean them, asshole.
You're not a woman who likes to be told what to do.
That depends on who's doing the telling.
Open your shirt.
Show me them biker chick titties.
- JIMBO: Kai! - (CHUCKLES) Speak of the devils.
The three of us need to take a walk.
It's all right, Gloria.
It's all right.
(LOCK BUZZES) (WATER RUNNING) What'd you gentlemen like to talk (GASPS) Your silver tongue bullshit's fucking with the natural order.
(KAI GROANS) Cons like to keep it simple.
You got the Bloods and the Crips for the blacks, however many cockroach spic gangs for the wetbacks, and for the white Europeans, you got the Nazi Lowriders and the Aryan Brotherhood.
Could you maybe write all that down for me? I didn't bring my notepad.
(GROANS) Can you do me just one favor? After you kill me, can you send a letter to my girlfriend? She's the best piece of ass I've ever had.
You're serious? It's the least you could do.
Fuck it.
What's her name and address? (CHUCKLES) I don't understand.
You don't know your own mother's name and address? (BOTH GRUNTING) (SHOUTS) (GAGGING) (YELLS) (GASPS) (COUGHING) Ah.
Nice work, Crotchy.
- Thank you, Divine Ruler.
- (EXHALES) Is it what you wanted? It's perfect.
My little pointy-headed ticket out of here.
You should probably break the news to old ginger snap about his ticket to ride.
Crotchy I'm sure when you helped me orchestrate all this, you realized that people were gonna wonder why you survived and your shithead friend didn't.
You're what we like to call a "loose end.
" And for what I've got to do, there's no room for loose ends.
I'm going to have to kill you.
You will be a martyr to the cause.
It's an honor, Divine Ruler.
My sweet boy.
You are the illest motherfucker alive! Thank you, Chuck.
- (WHOOPS) - Now let's get down to business.
We have more corpses in our future.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Hey, beat it, you little piece of shit.
Will you please just let me talk to him? KAI: Scooter, let him through.
Take a seat, son.
Thank you, Divine Ruler.
- My name is - Trevor Geary.
Age 19, serving 25 years.
- Am I right? - How do you know that? I'm not a strong man, Trevor.
Not compared to the monsters in this place.
I realized my first month that if I wanted to survive, I had to make it my business to know everything about everyone.
11 months later, my movement is 16 men strong.
Raise your pinky.
We're connected now, Trevor.
Obligated to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.
Like being under oath.
Got it? Yeah.
You need protection.
I get the shit kicked out of me every day.
I've only been here a month.
I'm gonna die here unless You're a coward.
What? You killed a kid with your dad's Tesla, driving drunk.
And you dumped the child's body in a reservoir.
That makes you a coward.
- Say it.
- Yeah.
I'm a coward.
But I'll do anything to join your gang.
This isn't a gang.
It's an army.
These are my soldiers, and this place is a fertile breeding ground.
While women destroy the world outside, we wait safely for our time to strike.
Whatever, man.
I'm just I'm just so scared.
Do you swear to devote yourself fully to me and my cause, and to never question me? Yes.
I fucking swear it.
We will protect you on a probationary basis.
- (SIGHS) - Men, welcome our new brother.
(TREVOR SIGHS) (SIGHS) How the hell did a man like you end up here? Same as any of these guys.
I was sold out by a filthy fucking rat.
He's still not picking up! Where the fuck is he? Hey.
Speedwagon hasn't missed a single gathering, - and he's never even been late.
- Get off the phone.
Fuck, I don't have time for this shit.
There's too much to do.
- Open up.
- We got to get started.
They're waiting for you.
A little bad news to start.
It turns out finding 1,000 pregnant women to murder Super hard.
No one will ever accuse me of lacking ambition.
So Night of a Thousand Tates is off.
(MEN SIGH) But Night of One Hundred Tates is on.
MEN: Yes! Look under your chairs.
Ally's handed each of you a unique list of targets, all ready to pop.
You raise your hand one more fucking time, and I will cut it off.
How do we know they're all pregnant? Because Gutterball pulled the rosters of four ob-gyns, two Lamaze classes and a Momtra Yoga over on Main.
Great job, Gutterball.
Manson's family I admire 'em, but they did get a little sloppy.
Their message got lost in their mess.
What we are doing requires more precision.
It is imperative that both mother and child are impaled.
Don't fuck this up! Aim for the belly button, but stab in a downward motion.
If you stab straight, you miss the baby, and our entire message is lost.
Tomorrow night, when your blades tear open 100 pregnant bellies, you will be releasing a power into the universe.
Detonating a neutron bomb of truth, blood and amniotic fluid.
You will be galvanizing an army! With their sisters gutted, women everywhere will be forced to react.
They can't ignore an injustice this brutal.
They'll have to rise up, and in their collective rage, they will train it on Senator Jackson, on all incumbents, on any of the people in power who failed to keep us safe.
As the most vulnerable are slaughtered, as the pregnant bodies pile up on Senator Jack-off's watch, we will be surfing an electoral bloodbath straight to Capitol Hill.
And then the White House.
(MEN VOICING ASSENT) Now, ready your melons, boys.
And kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Exciting night, isn't it? - Yes.
- Hmm.
The Divine Ruler's wisdom is an inspiration.
I'm very privileged to be making this watermelon and feta salad, a glorious recycling of the Night of a Hundred Tates practice session.
- (LOUD CHOPPING) - Nothing goes to waste with this amazing crew.
- (CHOPPING) - (QUIETLY): Beverly BEVERLY: I can't do this anymore.
I'm done.
I wanted to be the last person alive.
But I just want to die.
Kill me.
Ally, please.
I'm begging you.
I helped ruin your life.
If Kai told me to, I would have killed you and gotten a cheeseburger right after.
We all did what we had to do.
And we still are.
That hasn't changed.
What's happening tomorrow night will be glorious.
You'll see.
I know it's hard when you've lost your faith to find it again.
Believe me, I know.
But just hang on a little while longer.
KAI: Where the hell are you, Speedwagon? I'm freaking out, man.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
My sister probably turned him in to the Feds, that goddamn rat! Kai, will you relax? Let me make you a Manwich.
Fuck a Manwich! We got to call it off! Oh, Christ.
They're probably tracing my phone! Hey! Hey, Kai, look at me.
Hey, hey.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
- What? - Calm down.
Shh, shh, shh.
Take a deep breath.
(KAI INHALES AND EXHALES DEEPLY) It is all going to be fine.
How can you say that?! (PANTING) I need to show you something.
Come on.
What? I've been trying to find the right way to tell you.
Goddamn it! I knew it! I knew we'd been compromised.
Where was it? How did you get this? I found it two days ago.
You left us exposed for two days? Why didn't you tell me sooner? I was afraid, Kai.
Afraid of what? Afraid of what, Ally?! I was afraid what happened would break your heart.
ALLY: Hello, Speedwagon.
Shit! Shit.
(PANTING) Please, you can't tell Kai.
Who the hell are you? Are you a cop? - (COUGHING): No.
- You FBI? No.
No, I do data processing for a hospital.
The cops busted me heading to a rave with 120 ecstasy pills in my bag.
They were gonna lock me up for five years.
They knew Samuels was dirty.
They told me, if I could infiltrate the gang and get information on him, they'd drop all the charges.
But they had no idea, no clue about Kai and all the crazy cult shit we've been up to.
Once they did, they made me stay in and get more.
So you're just working for the state police? Isn't that enough? He's gonna kill me.
Look what he just did to his goddamn sister! Are the cops listening in on us right now? Can you call for help? No, it doesn't work like that.
This thing is just a recorder, not a transmitter.
Okay, good.
Take a deep breath.
- Okay.
- It's gonna be okay.
(GROANS) ALLY: Winter was innocent.
She didn't betray me? No, Kai.
Your sister never betrayed you.
It was Speedwagon all this time.
He set her up, Kai.
He fooled us all.
Shh, shh.
What have I done? Oh I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I killed her.
I killed her over nothing.
(KAI SNIFFLES) You listen to me.
- You can give her death meaning.
- (CRIES) You can channel this rage, become the leader she wanted you to be.
Be the man that she believed in.
You can finish what you both started.
(KAI SNIFFLES) You carry out your plan tomorrow night, and you smack this country out of its desiccated stupor and build the world you wanted for her.
For all of us.
You can do it.
I know you can.
KAI: Tonight is the night.
Open your backpacks.
We're going to assemble your kill kits.
- ALL: Check! - A change of clothes.
Bring your bloody clothes back with you to be burned - in the victory bonfire.
- ALL: Check! Chloroform and a rag to soak it in.
This is especially important for you guys dealing with multiple targets - like the Lamaze class.
- ALL: Check! What about their husbands? Shock and awe.
They die first.
ALL: Check! KAI: Listen to me.
The most important thing is not in the kill kit.
It's inside you.
Are you able and willing - to die for our cause? - ALL: Check! Are you ready to make history? Yeah! Hoorah! Divine Ruler! Hoorah! Divine Ruler! Hoorah! Divine Ruler! Hoorah! Divine Ruler (CHANTING CONTINUES) Fortify yourselves with some vitamin A! (CHEERING) Where are you going? I'm just going to get some snacks.
Go! Go now! MAN: I don't get this map shit.
Can I just put the address in my phone? KAI: Yes, Sandstorm.
Get there any way you know how.
Divine Ruler, did you send Ally FBI.
You're under arrest.
I just had to hang on.
Rat! You bitch! I'll fucking kill you! Ah You bitch! You fucking bitch! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! Hello guys, how are you? Everything to your satisfaction? - Oh, yes.
Our meals are perfect.
- Wonderful.
Better than ever.
I hate to impose, a-and I'm sure you get this every day, but can I take a picture with you? I read about what you had to go through, escaping from that cult.
I think you're one of the most inspiring women of our time.
Well, that is very flattering.
Thank you.
I only wish it were true.
You know, I'd really rather not take that picture.
I'm just I'm trying to put all that behind me.
Oh, of course.
But thank you so much for coming in, and I hope you enjoy your food.
ALLY: Hello Just one.
Sorry, we're completely booked for the evening.
What's a girl got to do to get a table around here? You must have heard.
Kai pled guilty to everything.
He's not going to trial.
That doesn't surprise you? Why do you care? Because I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Why didn't he turn me in? They took me in the night of the raid, then let me go.
Not another word since.
Beverly, you didn't fit the profile.
A black woman in a cult of angry white nationalists? They thought you were an unwilling victim.
You were the informant.
Is that what you told them? I told them the truth.
I didn't see that you were involved in any crime, except being subservient to those misogynistic assholes.
That still doesn't explain what Kai did, or didn't do.
The DA offered a plea.
He waives a trial to save himself from the death penalty.
He's such a narcissist, he couldn't bear to have anyone else take credit.
You got to admit it's driving you crazy, waiting for him to turn on you.
How did you get so lucky to come out smelling like a rose? ALLY: The FBI came to see me when Vincent put me in the psychiatric ward.
They had their suspicions about Kai back then, after the assassination attempt.
BEVERLY: And that's when you joined the cult.
I became invaluable to the FBI, and in return, I got immunity.
Damn, Ally.
You're the one they all should be afraid of.
Of all the pain you endured, I'm sure watching Kai kill Ivy right in front of you must have been the most difficult.
It was.
I couldn't process it for a long time.
Obviously, I still haven't.
I'm sorry.
Protect our son.
" So I did.
You do know that Kai took credit for every murder except Ivy's? He says you did that.
For revenge for all that she had taken from you.
Yeah, I-I think I read that in The New York Times.
It's absurd, right? Yes.
I joined his cult to save Oz, to save Ivy.
But I couldn't save them both.
I could only save one.
I believe you.
(EXHALES) Thank you.
I know a lot of women, though, who would kill their spouse if they were that betrayed, that humiliated.
And I bet every woman in the world would understand that reaction.
How have you been holding up? I went from a TV news reporter to tending bar at The Flaming Lips.
It's not so bad.
Compliments of the house.
- Thank you.
- Pardon my reach.
Beverly, this is my girlfriend of eight weeks and two days Erika.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
We need to finalize Oz's birthday party.
I know.
Um It's Saturday.
I'm leaning towards mint green tea cake, in honor of Ivy.
- You want to come? - I'd love to.
- Another plus one.
- (ALLY, ERIKA CHUCKLE) - You okay? - Mm-hmm.
I'm okay.
Dating again.
I'm impressed.
Yeah, I know.
I'm supposed to be "a nice little girl in mourning for the rest of her life.
" Well, fuck that.
I'm living.
Are you ready? Make a wish.
- Whoo! - (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Hey, what'd you wish for, kiddo? If I tell you, it won't come true.
That's a good answer.
I was testing you there.
Okay, help yourselves, everyone.
I'll get you plates.
Ooh, this looks good.
(PHONE RINGS) - Want me to get that? - Yes, thank you.
Hello? (STAMMERS) She's not gonna do it.
Rachel Maddow's people again.
Jesus, she's still at it? Yeah.
I already said no.
I told them that again.
Maybe it's not the worst thing in the world - if you did one of these interviews.
- No, I don't want to.
She is a legit feminist icon.
Tell her, please.
If she turned down Lana Winters, why would she talk to Rachel fucking Maddow? Thank you.
And besides, all I'm trying to do is put this behind me.
I never wanted to be an icon.
All I want to do is be a soccer mom and a small business owner.
- (PHONE RINGS) - I will get it.
- Okay.
- Thank you, but I'll get it.
Hello? OPERATOR: This is a collect call from KAI: Kai Anderson.
OPERATOR: an inmate of Robert Gordon Correctional Facility.
- Do you accept the charges? - Um, you guys, don't open the presents without me.
I'll be right back, okay? - Yes, I'll accept.
- KAI: You fucking liar! The only thing ever keeping you alive was the fact that you were the mother of my child.
Now you've got nothing! I take it you got a delivery from Elite Genetics.
(UNSTEADY CHUCKLE) Now you can truly see how over you are.
Oz is not your son.
Your gang of circle-jerking fascists are all dead, your brother and sister are dead, and you are trapped in a cage with nothing but other men.
Your sick, ugly, necrotic DNA will rot in prison until you die.
And then it will be gone from the world forever.
You think prison can stop me? Prison is a fucking upgrade! I'm building a real army of real men.
We are gonna get out, and we are coming straight for you.
I am a goddamn movement! I am coming for you! I am gonna rip you apart piece by piece and make that son of a bitch son of yours watch! You hear me, Ally?! I am coming for you! You are a dead woman! (PHONE CLANGING) Hey! That's government property.
I'm ready to go back to my cell now, Gloria.
Yes, Divine Ruler.
(MOANING) After much reflection, I realized I have a duty.
I have survived, I have overcome, and I want to harness the strength I have gained to create hope for our community, hope for the future.
Which is why I am here today to announce my run for the office of United States Senator from the great state of Michigan.
- (APPLAUSE) - (KAI GRUNTS) That's my Senate seat.
On my life, I have been told to smile, stay quiet, look pretty, not to stand out from the crowd.
And you know where that got me? Trapped in a cult, burying my wife, nearly losing my son Oz.
I was only able to break free because I was finally unafraid to separate from the pack.
Well, now that I've escaped a cult, I'm running for Senate to help you escape yours.
It's time we band together to bring down all cults The Democratic party, the Republican party, the entire two-party system.
I know what it looks like when a powerful few control the many.
On Capitol Hill, they may not want to listen to a woman who will take a sledgehammer to their antiquated system of oppression, but with your support, they're not gonna have a choice.
I'm Ally Mayfair-Richards, and I approve this message.
BEVERLY: The focus group liked the ad they like you.
You scored high marks across all the favorability categories, and there's not a person in this country that doesn't know your name and all the shit you've been through.
Then why am I still trailing in the polls? People are rooting for you.
They wanted us to know they're on your side, especially the women.
But when it came time to rate you on strength, you came in at 25%.
Only 14% trust you to lead, and they dinged you on "lack of experience.
" Lack of experience? Code for they're scared.
Isn't it sad when a strong woman scares people more than clowns? What do people see when they look at me? They see Kai.
Well, look we're not helping the situation by putting him in the ad.
Take him out.
Put something out there with just my picture alone.
As long as he's alive, a picture of you is a picture of Kai.
- Oh - You're tied to him.
You'll always be seen as his victim.
Well, we just have to expand people's imaginations.
This debate with Senator Jackson, this is your chance.
He's gonna come at you hard.
This is your only shot for the public to see you take that motherfucker down.
Then we better give them a show.
It's perfect.
Did you get the tattoos? Just like yours.
I'm getting out of here, Rim Shot.
Take me with you.
I won't make it when you're gone.
I-I can't make it without you! Believe me I need you just as much as you need me.
Tonight, we'll both be free.
(STIFLED SOB) Thank you.
(GRUNTS) (KAI EXHALES) Come on, we're on schedule.
It was your idea to cut off his face.
Let's get to it.
You clearly know your way around the deli meats.
I struggle with my food choices.
Just help me mutilate the body so he can be me.
(LOCK BUZZES) There's breaking news.
Convicted murderer Kai Anderson was found dead this afternoon.
Face mutilated beyond recognition.
You sure you want to go through with this? Do we have a choice? We've spent weeks preparing for tonight.
Let's do it.
LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT TWO THINGS: Intelligence and independence.
Facts and truth mean nothing if our leader is an idiot, or owned by special interests.
What I can say about my opponent is he's not an idiot.
(APPLAUSE, CHEERING) As most of you know, I have been through hell these past two years.
But so has our country.
This idea that America is a hellhole since the 2016 election is a creation of a hysterical press Would you do me a favor and try not to interrupt me? You can't intimidate me, and I am tired of being mansplained to.
(APPLAUSE, WHOOPING) Now, I have been called a lot of things: hysterical, shrill, snowflake.
You can call me a snowflake if you want to, but I am one of millions and together we make a goddamn blizzard.
(CHEERING) (OVER MICROPHONE): I have a question for Ms.
Can we get your name, sir? I'm Councilman Kai Anderson.
(AUDIENCE SCREAMING) MY QUESTION IS THIS: Did you ever think you were more than just kindling? You're not the flame.
You're the spark to start the fire that I built.
You're not a hero.
You're a symbol.
One I created! Killing people doesn't get the men hard and the ladies wet anymore.
But Americans lose their ever-loving shit when you destroy their symbols, statues, flags, pledges of allegiance, $20 bills, white Jesus and Merry fucking Christmas! You come for any of that stuff, you've got rioting in the streets and domination of the news cycle for weeks.
You symbolize the hope that women will one day win an argument with their husbands, that they won't be catcalled when they walk down the streets, that their bosses won't talk about their tits anymore, that they'll make just as much money as men make, that the fight is winnable! But when I kill you, they'll see that there is no hope.
Women can't lead.
Women can't win! They will always be outsmarted and outmuscled! They need to finally understand that what they can and should do is shut up, know their place and make me a goddamn sandwich! Fuck you, Kai.
ALLY: I know he is very charismatic, but it's all lies.
It's a con.
Everyone, even you, will die in service of his ego.
He is loyal to no one.
Does he make a lot of comments about your weight? You see, that's what he does.
He preys upon your deepest insecurities, your deepest fears, and he uses them to break you.
If I'm being honest, all that Divine Ruler shit really turns me off.
KAI: Don't just stand there and stare at me.
Say something.
Say something! You were wrong.
There is something more dangerous in this world THAN A HUMILIATED MAN: a nasty woman.
(SCREAMING) REPORTER: The polls have closed in Michigan and with just 6% of precincts reporting, we can project that underdog Allyson Mayfair-Richards has unseated incumbent Herbert Jackson, sealing her place as Michigan's next senator.
Exit polls indicate Ms.
Richards will win an astounding 80% of the female vote.
- Tickle, tickle, tickle! - (OZ GIGGLES) Okay, you need to go to sleep.
Come on.
All righty, here's your elephant.
What is it? You won.
Yes, I did.
We did.
Does this mean you're in charge now? Well, I'm in charge of you.
(LAUGHING) (LAUGHS) Of your constituents? Wow.
There's a big word.
Someone's been paying attention.
In our system, elected officials work for the people.
Mm so you get to boss them around? Well, more like lead them.
Help show them the way.
Take them to a better place.
A better world.
I want that for you, Oz.
A world where you can be a better man than the ones who came before you.
I will be.
I hope so, honey.
You want this guy? I need you to go back to sleep, okay? And Erika's here if you need anything.
- Where are you going? - Mama has a meeting.
Some very special, very powerful friends who are gonna help bring about that better world that we were talking about.
What kind of friends? Political people, like Kai? No, honey.
Not like Kai.
Never again like Kai.
A group of powerful, empowered women who want to change the system.
Okay, close your eyes.
I love you, Ozzie.
I love you, Mom.