American Horror Story s08e03 Episode Script

Forbidden Fruit

1 There's really no need to thank me.
Mead said you're the only reason Emily and I haven't been executed.
You saved our lives.
I've been charged with finding the seeds from which the future of mankind will blossom.
It'd be grossly irresponsible to allow a minor infraction to keep out a viable candidate.
The stakes are too high.
- But I killed my nana.
- Hmm.
She died peacefully in her sleep.
Trust me.
You have nothing to worry about.
You see, I have a talent.
Call it a kind of night vision of the soul.
I can see into the dark places that people desperately try to keep hidden.
I don't have any dark places.
Really? So even though you've worked for Coco for many years, and even though she saved your life after the bombs fell, why do I believe that you'd love nothing more than to pick up anything sharp enough to cut clay and slice her throat down to the bone? I'd say that qualifies, Mallory.
Wouldn't you? She can be a handful sometimes, and yeah, she sometimes makes me do things I'd rather not.
You're fucking kidding me, right? I just painted my nails.
Come on, wipe me! [MALLORY SIGHS] That doesn't mean I want to kill her.
She's spoiled, and she's entitled, but she's also helpless.
She needs me.
You wouldn't believe how many times I tried to fire her.
I mean, Mallory could fuck up a one-car funeral, but it was always just easier to keep her around.
- The devil you know.
- [CHUCKLES] - It's interesting.
- What? After my speech about seeing into the dark places, I've come to realize something about you.
- Something dark? - No.
True darkness requires a certain depth of character, but you're much too shallow for any kind of meaningful negativity.
I'm not quite sure how to take that.
I'm just saying it's wonderful to see you again.
I was surprised to find you here when I arrived.
- Pleasantly? - That depends.
Should I be concerned about you causing me any trouble? You know I'm not powerful enough to stop whatever it is you're up to.
No but I don't like unpredictability, unless I'm responsible for it.
Neither do I, which means I don't like not knowing what's to come, at least when my life is concerned.
I want to get to that Sanctuary.
You will.
You're exactly the kind of soul I'm looking for to build my new world.
And what kind of soul is that? ANDRE: Evil.
Sounds corny, I know, but there's no better word to describe my mother.
It is all about her.
Nothing in this world even exists unless it relates to her.
I'm sure she thinks this entire war was just, like, some conspiracy to cancel her show.
She doesn't deserve to be here.
You've made the assumption that I'm looking for people who are pure of heart, unblemished, pure lily white.
The old world lived under a set of rules.
Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shall love thy neighbor, etcetera, etcetera.
Rules that were clearly honored in the breach.
I want a world without the hypocrisy, with the kinds of people who wouldn't just eat from the fruit of the forbidden tree, but who'd cut the fucking tree down and burn it for firewood.
I think you're made for that world, Mallory.
I sense it in you.
I want to leave.
You're afraid.
Aren't you? Of accepting who you are? I don't know who I am.
What do you mean? Sometimes I feel like there's someone buried inside me.
Someone trying to claw their way out.
Who? I don't know.
I just want to go.
- Let me go.
- Don't be afraid, Mallory.
I'm offering you a chance to live.
I said let me go! [CLATTERING] [GASPS] [SCREAMING] [MALLORY PANTING] Who are you? I don't know.
Who are you? [EXHALES] May you rise from the void, Father.
May your darkness guide me.
Power in Satan to overcome my weaknesses.
[GROANS] Power in your name to be strong within.
I found her.
She's here.
I beg for your wisdom.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] MEAD: I'm not a sentimental woman.
Some people have described me as cold, harsh, without empathy.
None of which mattered, because I know who I am.
I have a past and treasured memories.
I remember the first time I was allowed to go trick-or-treating by myself.
I was nine years old and I made my own costume.
Oh, well, aren't you precious? Are you Robby the Robot? I'm Rosie from The Jetsons? CHILD [DISTANT]: Trick or treat! Mm.
MEAD: I loved candy.
I hated fruit.
- I remember my first date.
- [ALL GASPING] Rosemary's Baby, the Lyceum Theater.
Bobby Lombardo.
It was my first horror film.
I was petrified.
But I discovered I liked being scared.
Made me feel alive.
Bobby, on the other hand, made me feel dirty.
I remember my first kill.
[YELLS] [BOTH GRUNTING] I was an agent of the Mossad.
Orin Goetsch was a terrorist.
And I found him living in a suburb in Maryland.
Defeated, when reflections in your eyes show me a fool Our struggle was brutal and bloody, of course, but almost romantic, too.
- [RECORD SKIPS] - Like a waltz.
These rose colored glasses Till I choked him to death.
- That I'm looking through - [GRUNTING] [DOORBELL RINGS] - Show only - CHILDREN: Trick or treat! The beauty 'Cause they hide - Your makeup looks awesome.
- All the truth I can think the word "Halloween," and all the memories come flooding back.
I remember all those moments in the most minute detail.
I remember a little boy, beautiful blonde hair.
I took care of him.
I can feel the love I have for him.
But when I turn to look at his face in my memories, he's just a blur.
I loved him, but I must have lost him in some way, because every time I think of him, I cry.
Do I even have feelings? Are they just programmed responses? All this time, I thought my experiences made me what I am, but my memories are false.
I was never a child.
I never had a family.
I never felt love.
Neither have I.
But you have family.
With me.
I'm nothing more than a machine.
Following a set of codes.
What do I do now? - What's my purpose? - Same as it's always been.
To protect The Outpost.
What do you remember about the people in The Cooperative? Did you ever see Michael Langdon before he got here? Mm.
He's not in my memories.
We can't trust him to take the right people to The Sanctuary.
I've already been told I won't be joining the fortunate few.
That's outrageous.
You're the backbone of this Outpost.
And I'll be left here until we're overrun and my bones are broken and picked clean by the monsters.
If you die here, justice dies here.
We have to take action to stop it.
You have a suggested course? Kill them all.
Even Langdon.
Those relentlessly boring young people said that Langdon has a working computer.
We kill everyone, we take possession of the computer, we find out where The Sanctuary is.
And make that journey all that way on our own? Why not? You're mean and self-involved enough to survive anything.
And I'm a goddamn robot.
I will never forget your loyalty to me.
I'm programmed to be loyal to you.
I can feel no doubt in me about that.
Stuck-up cheerleader.
Come on, that's got to be ready by now.
I was a finalist on Top Chef, okay? Shit's like pork.
If you don't cook it long enough, you'll get sick.
You're worried about getting sick? Fucking look at us.
Looks overdone to me.
Who the fuck are you? Look, I'm just trying to find my girlfriend.
We got separated back in L.
when everything went to hell.
I've been on her trail for about a year now.
I heard a lot of rumors about this place, some kind of special shelter for rich people.
Supposed to be in this area.
You guys know anything about that? If there was a shelter, we would have raided it ourselves.
You must've got some bad information.
Take a load off.
Try the chow.
Don't think I like what's on the menu.
Ah, it's not as bad as it looks.
Grows on you.
Got a lot growing on me already, thanks.
- Where's the shelter?! - I don't know.
Please! I-I wasn't always like this.
I used to be a special-ed teacher.
Something's breached the gates.
Could this be an attack? Like those other Outposts? [GALLOPING CONTINUES] MEAD: Get out of the carriage! Show yourself.
Now! The hell is going on? It's clean.
[MEAD GASPS] Apples.
Why would The Cooperative send a carriage with apples? - Not a blemish.
- If they're prewar, how would they have been preserved? It's really not that hard to imagine.
Modern apples have a shelf life of months because of all the chemicals they inject into them at special atmospheric packing facilities.
I ran a nutrition blog before the war.
It was really catching on, I think.
Maybe they were grown in The Sanctuary.
Langdon must have had them delivered to show everyone what will be waiting for the chosen.
Not sure that's a Exquisite.
I'd swear it was tree-ripened.
Looks like a Red Delicious.
Probably grown on the East Coast.
They're not from the East Coast.
They're a gift from the gods.
They're divine providence.
The answer to our prayer.
Perhaps you should take care of the horses before they die on the lawn.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] There's not a bad apple in the bunch.
What if they were all bad? What do you mean? Poisoned.
Might take a little work to extract it, but we've got plenty.
And we won't have to convince any of them to devour these.
But we need to make sure they all eat them at the same time.
A party, perhaps.
LANGDON: I can see into the dark places that people desperately try to keep hidden.
MALLORY: I don't have any dark places.
LANGDON: Really? You're afraid.
Of accepting who you are.
MALLORY: Sometimes I feel like there's someone buried inside me.
Someone trying to claw their way out.
Come on, Venable called an emergency meeting.
These past several months have been difficult for all of us.
And perhaps, in my efforts to keep us safe, punitive measures have been taken too far.
I believe now what we need is a moment of celebration, camaraderie.
Which is why this weekend, as a gesture of goodwill, we will have a Halloween soiree - Ah.
- Ah.
in the style of a Victorian masquerade ball.
It's Halloween this weekend? [CLEARS THROAT] If only my nana were here to enjoy it with me.
VENABLE: We've all lost track of time a bit.
And this festive occasion is the perfect opportunity to remedy this.
And I encourage you all to use your imaginations, to create what I am sure will be exquisite costumes.
Attendance is mandatory.
Mallory why are you molesting my Loubs? I was just thinking maybe I could use the spikes for a mask.
You've always hated this pair, you haven't touched them - for years.
- Well, have you ever heard of something having sentimental value? Besides, I don't think the, uh, fancy dressing up stuff is really for you Grays.
- [MR.
GALLANT LAUGHS] - Oh, my God, do you remember that Halloween where you dressed up as young Michael Jackson from The Jackson 5, and then I dressed as Michael Jackson on trial for touching little boys? - Yes! It was the best.
- [MR.
GALLANT SQUEALING] I fucking love Halloween.
It's the one day of the year when the rest of the world puts in some effort to be fabulous, like I am every other day.
I don't know why Venable has such a hard-on for Halloween.
It's not like we've celebrated any other holidays since we checked into this hellhole.
The closest thing we had to a Christmas feast was Stu.
- Yeah.
- Wait.
What if Halloween is an excuse? [GASPS] Oh, my God.
They're using the party to announce who's going to The Sanctuary.
Okay, we have to rethink this whole look.
- I just, I think it's too much.
- What? I don't want to rub it in for the ones that don't get picked.
No offense, Mallory.
I didn't think I was going anyways.
I think that the people who are gonna go already know.
What do you mean? Did Langdon tell you you're in? [SIGHS] Well, let's just say our one-on-one was very illuminating.
Did something weird happen to you, too? What are you babbling about? What did he say to you? It wasn't anything he said.
It was uh a feeling.
[SCREAMING] I think I set the room on fire.
What? Like you knocked over a candle or something? No.
Like flames shot out of the fireplace and went everywhere.
I know this is impossible, but I think I made the fire with my mind.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, we're definitely not talking about the same thing.
Maybe it was the blast, the radiation, it did something and now I'm like the Dark Phoenix.
What are you saying? Are you saying you have superpowers now? I don't know.
Never mind.
Oh, well, hey, Mallory, uh, there's a fire right there, bitch, do it again.
Come on.
Prove it.
Make flames shoot out everywhere.
This is pretty lame, even for you, Mallory.
Some people just have nothing special about them, and you have to be okay with that.
Maybe you can see if you have a superpower that allows you to shut your piehole and get back to work.
My costume isn't going to make itself.
And why are you even touching my stuff? Evie's room is full of crap that you can use, not that she'll be needing any of it anymore.
Maybe I can see if I've got a superpower to make you disappear.
- She's out of her mind.
- No treats until the time comes.
Nobody's even seen a piece of fresh fruit in over 18 months.
Where did this come from? Perhaps I should drag in one of the horses who rode through hell to gift us these sweet little wonders so you can look it in the mouth.
GALLANT: I know.
It's symbolic.
It's the Garden of Eden, apples from paradise.
It's obviously from The Sanctuary.
We should say grace to thank the universe for sending them to us.
- You are so fucking annoying.
- MEAD: Enough.
Venable said everyone will get a chance to bob for apples later.
[MALLORY CLEARS THROAT] Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Ms.
Coco St.
Pierre Vanderbilt.
GALLANT CLEARS THROAT] Can we clap, please? Thank you.
[APPLAUSE] - You did that? - Without a blow-dryer.
Sometimes I even astonish myself.
- [GASPS] Tonight is All Hallows' Eve, which marks the beginning of the dark half of the year, when the boundary between this world and the Other thins, and lost souls pierce the firmament, desperate to find their way home.
It is a night to remember the dead, and there have been far too many to mourn.
But also to celebrate that we have yet to join them.
We delight in the small things that were once taken for granted.
To eat.
To drink.
Music and dance.
Everyone, and I mean everyone, should savor this night as if it were their last.
But I just can't live without Your lovin' and affection Giving me direction Like a guiding light To help me through my darkest hour Lately I'm a-prayin' That you'll always be a-stayin' Beside me Used to be my life Was just emotions passing by Really knowing why Oh.
And who are you? Well, you're not Andre.
And I would know my hairdresser anywhere.
Well, this must be Mr.
[CLICKS TONGUE] I would be honored.
I know the whole interview thing is bullshit.
You have to keep up appearances, but you already know who gets to go to The Sanctuary.
I got into Harvard, so I know how things work.
You'll make the announcement later tonight.
I'll get in, of course.
But I want us to be in sync on who's kept out.
I've spent 18 months with these people, so I think my opinion holds a little weight.
I mean, that's what I'm good at, opinions.
I'm an influencer.
People do what I do because I have great taste.
But you already know that about me, don't you? But what is it you don't know? You see an intelligent, confident young woman who always gets what she wants.
But what you don't know is I'm a woman who also likes to please.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I can offer you something I never even gave my boyfriend.
I'm talking about anilingus.
Defile me any way you like.
Oh, but a warning, I have a very short tongue and a sensitive gag reflex.
I know.
I know all about you, Coco.
Oh, my God, Brock.
How the fuck did you get in here? What happened to your face? Radioactive fallout.
Cannibal attacks.
- Infections that never heal.
- Oh, honey.
There wasn't a minute in a day I didn't think about you.
When that jet took off, I had to put you away in that place in my brain that had everything I loved but could never have again.
Like sushi.
Oh, my God.
I'm so happy.
[LAUGHS] You're back.
You're alive.
You're so angry.
[GASPS] Happy Halloween, bitch.
[CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Congratulations.
VENABLE: Let's all wait until each person has had an opportunity to participate in tonight's activities.
Then we will feast together like civilized beings.
I can't find The Fist or Coco anywhere.
And Mr.
Langdon has declined our invitation.
We got to put the brakes on.
Stop it now.
No witnesses.
It's too late for that.
Once they've had their fun, we'll bring the festivities and your gun to him.
[EMILY WHOOPS] [APPLAUSE] - Oh, I suck at this game.
- [LAUGHS] It's okay.
We can share.
- [GROANS] - [LAUGHS]: Yeah! MEAD: The venom will enter the bloodstream through their digestive tract [GASPS, LAUGHS] causing an immediate breakdown of their nervous systems and the lining of their stomachs.
Oh! - [LAUGHS] - [CHEERING] It won't be pretty.
We give thanks to The Cooperative for this blessed fruit and the bounties they have bestowed upon us.
Shelter from the nuclear storm and the savagery that threatens our borders.
Our humanity.
It is time to enjoy our good fortune.
You have your treat.
Now, that went off rather well, don't you think? Little messier than I would have hoped.
Least we don't have to worry about cleaning up.
We shouldn't keep Mr.
Langdon waiting.
Ladies, I'm a little busy right now formulating my selections.
This won't take long.
What's this? We're making the selections now, Mr.
And I'm afraid you didn't make the cut.
[LAUGHS] I'm sorry.
I wanted to let you have your moment, but I just couldn't hold it in.
You think this is funny? I think I'm impressed, Ms.
I wasn't sure you had it in you.
You've passed the test.
You're perfect for The Sanctuary.
I wouldn't do that.
[GASPS] [VENABLE GASPING] I don't know why I did that.
I was always loyal to her.
It's all right.
You were obeying commands, like you're programmed to do.
My commands.
Did you enjoy executing the poison apples plan as much as I enjoyed coming up with it? You wanted everyone dead? I've never been a fan of getting my hands dirty.
Learned that from my Father.
Always more fun to entice men and women to dirty deeds.
Confirms what I've always believed.
W-What do you believe? That all people, if given the right pressures or stimulus, are evil motherfuckers.
I-I'm having trouble with this.
I know I'm just a machine.
Never say that.
You're not just a machine.
Not to me.
When I tasked The Cooperative's R&D department to have you constructed, I gave them a prototype to model.
A prototype? Of someone from my childhood.
Someone very dear to me.
The beautiful boy.
That was me.
But I had to keep the most important part of you hidden from your mind.
Why? To protect you.
And the plan.
But now it's time to remember it all.
I lost you, and I couldn't bear it.
I can't imagine a new world without you by my side.
The only woman who ever really understood me.
Who ever really loved you.
Baby, I'm-a want you Baby, I'm-a need you Oh, it took so long to find you, baby Baby, I'm-a want you Baby, I'm-a need you.
["SHE'S A RAINBOW" BY THE ROLLING STONES PLAYING] She comes in colors everywhere She combs her hair She's like a rainbow Coming colors in the air Oh, everywhere She comes in colors She comes in colors everywhere She combs her hair She's like a rainbow Find our sisters.
I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.