American Horror Story s09e05 Episode Script

Red Dawn

Just a vacancy, babe Love don't live here anymore You abandoned me - [VEHICLE APPROACHING.]
- Love don't We jam to make you dance, dance, dance Come on and clap your hands, hands, hands [OTHER ENGINE TURNS OFF, MUSIC STOPS.]
Son of a bitch.
- [THUD.]
Dad? It's Dee Dee.
Open the door! I know you in there.
And I know what you doing.
We can talk about this right now, or we can talk about this with Mom later.
That I got 'cause if I do All right, fine! You and that skank better cover up.
- I'm coming in.
- Surely lose a lot - 'Cause your love is better - [GASPS.]
Than any love I know [WHISPERS.]
: What the fuck? The way you love me is frightening You better knock, knock On wood, baby Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh Baby Whoo! I'm not superstitious [SPASMODIC GASPING.]
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I just need to stop the bleeding.
Dad? Dee Dee, what what the hell are you doing here? Mom said you'd been disappearing a lot.
I-I thought you were just running around behind her back.
I didn't I didn't expe You were never supposed to know this side of me.
No one was.
How long? My entire life.
It's a pain I wake up with, a hunger I can't satisfy no matter how much I feed it.
I was born with this.
- And I'll die with it.
: No, no.
No one is born with that kind of darkness.
Do you really believe that? [PANTS.]
I know it.
You're not evil.
You raised me.
You loved me.
This is not you.
This is not my daddy.
: Please, Daddy.
: Please, Daddy.
Please, just put the knife down.
I'm a psychologist.
I can help you.
You can change.
: Please, Daddy, please.
I almost believe you, Dee Dee.
American Horror Story: 1984 9x05 Red Dawn [MUSIC SLOWS, DISTORTS.]
Just because something seems inconceivable doesn't mean that it can't be true.
You were floating.
: Satan.
I was reborn.
Dead, then raised up by the Unholy One himself.
He thinks I'm pretty cool, Dee Dee.
No one's called me that name in years, - not since - That night.
I know.
Satan showed me everything.
Your old man had a wild appetite.
- What the fuck are you? - Isn't it obvious? Evil.
You think it can be treated like an infection, but there is no cure, no pill to take.
The darkness resides in everyone.
Even you.
N-No, you're wrong.
Look at your little experiment with Mr.
He was locked up.
You released him into the world.
In a way, he didn't kill anyone.
You did.
You think you were studying evil? You are evil.
I was only trying to do good.
I Shit.
Don't take my word for it.
: He's right, Dee Dee.
- [GASPS.]
- Evil is born, and you are the fruit of its seed.
The darkness is inside you.
This isn't real.
You're not real.
You are your father's daughter.
Accept it.
Follow in my footsteps.
There's nothing else you can do.
XAVIER: It's not big enough.
No one can see it.
We need to build a signal fire.
Big enough for a plane to see! The cabins, the trees we have - to burn it all! - We're not burning shit, okay? We need to find an exit plan.
Yeah, she's right.
Xavier, you need to relax.
Just breathe.
You want me to breathe? I have breathed the fire of a thousand white-hot suns! [CRYING.]
Dude, stop! Xavier, put that down! Get back! Get out of the way! Don't you see? It all has to burn.
Forgive me, but I had to stop him before he hurt someone! Let's get him to a cabin.
MONTANA: We can't stay here.
We have to rally, go through the woods we'll find help eventually.
Those woods are a maze, and in this dark we'll be walking around in circles.
And don't forget about the traps.
She's right.
I mean, Jingles could have this whole place booby-trapped, for all we know.
Xavier can't even walk.
We should just stay here till sunrise.
There is safety in numbers.
And we have a gun.
- Oh, some bad news on that front.
I used all my bullets trying to protect Trevor from Jingles.
I wish I could have done more.
But there is another option.
Yesterday I saw two people camping on the other side of the lake.
Two of us could take a boat across.
Maybe they have a car.
- God willing.
- Good idea.
Chet'll go with you.
I love boats.
You're very brave.
God bless you.
Be careful, you guys.
BROOKE: Do you think we should wake him up? I don't think you're supposed to sleep with a concussion.
I think the less he sees of this night, the better.
I guess you're right.
Don't you think it's kind of weird that Margaret didn't mention the campers before? Yeah, well, she's a weird chick.
Ray is out there! MONTANA: No, Ray bitched out.
Took off on Trevor's bike - and left us.
- No, no.
I'm telling you, he-he's out there.
Maybe he got to the call box or-or found help! No.
Don't worry.
I promise, I'll be right back.
Yeah, keep that close, okay? [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
XAVIER: Bertie.
Bertie, don't make me do it, please.
Please, just make me a sandwich.
Oh, Bertie, please.
Please, don't make me do it.
- [GASPS.]
- Hey.
You okay? Yeah.
The fire.
Did it work? Is someone coming? No one's coming.
Huh? Where is everyone? Chet and Jesus Lady went to find help.
Brooke went after Ray.
: Ray.
Ray! Ray, over here! Hi.
- I knew you wouldn't bail on us.
Did you get help? Help? You were going to the call box.
No, no, I've just been walking.
I'm sorry, I'm-I'm kind of foggy.
Okay, well, try to focus.
Montana said you left on Trevor's motorcycle.
- Then what? - Um No.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Right, I did.
Uh, but, uh, I got on a bike, and I rode out of camp, but I guess I was walking again, but I guess I've I've fallen off? Did you hit your head or something? - [KEYS JINGLING.]
- Shit.
- That's Jingles.
- Come on, come on, come on.
I don't see anything out there.
There's not even a light.
Don't worry, Margaret.
We're gonna find help.
We're gonna get out of this nightmare.
Do you ever think about death, Chet? I thought about it pretty hard when I was in that pit.
It's terrifying.
The rot and the maggots, and your insides turn to jelly.
And what if that's just it? You die, and then nothing.
Just big, black nothing.
Well, you wouldn't feel that way if you believed in God.
God judges the righteous and the wicked, for when the cold hand of death squeezes the last breath from your lungs, it'll be too late to ask for forgiveness.
Thanks for the heads-up.
You've lost a lot of blood.
Make peace with your maker.
Confess your sins.
- You won't get another chance.
- Relax.
We're gonna make it out of here.
Why are you so concerned about my soul? Because I can see your torment.
I know you're harboring a terrible secret.
For all your outward masculinity, I can always tell the real boys from the fake ones.
Fuck you, Margaret.
You don't know anything about me.
I tried.
: God is my witness.
Oh, and you're so pure? There's nothing that you have to confess? Actually, I do.
There's nothing on the other side.
I just needed to get each one of you alone with me.
So I can kill you.
: What are you doing? What are you doing? [GRUNTS.]
No! No, no, no, no, no, no [RATTLING.]
I think he's gone.
I think we should stay put.
Margaret's gone across the lake for help.
I don't think it's safe to move around.
I'm-I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
Aren't you scared? I am.
I am, yeah.
Who would have thought, when this day started, you and I would end up here, running from a deranged psycho killer? I guess nothing ever turns out quite how you imagine it.
Even moving to L.
, I, uh I had this dumb idea, this, this dream to To be somebody? No.
To be nobody.
And why would you want to do that? When I was a kid, I was a total nerd.
I was always the best in my class.
And there was this kid who always came in second, and he hated coming in second.
One day, he just stopped talking to me.
Got everybody else in the class to stop talking to me, too.
I didn't want him to be mad, so I started pretending I didn't know things.
I would, you know, get the answers wrong on purpose.
When he became first, he asked me to get ice cream.
I said yes.
When he asked me to marry him, I said yes, even though I wasn't sure if I really loved him.
I pretended for so long to be somebody that I wasn't.
Now I don't even know who I am.
I kind of know what that's like.
You do? Yeah.
I always wanted to be a doctor.
Like like Quincy.
So I, I worked my ass off to get into the best schools, the best fraternities.
I got so wrapped up in trying to impress the people I thought could make my life easier that I forgot who I was in the first place.
And in the end, it cost me.
Cost me a lot.
So what I'm saying is don't feel like you have to change to fit into the world.
'Cause you're pretty rad just the way you are.
Why'd you do that? I don't know.
Because I felt like it.
Chances are we're not gonna make it out of here alive tonight, and I don't want to die when I don't even feel like I've lived.
So let's do it.
Let's live.
XAVIER: Highway to Heaven, man.
I still have an audition on the books.
Possible two-episode arc as a cheery bellhop.
How's a burn victim ever supposed to play cheery? Hmm? MONTANA: I don't like this.
Brooke should be back by now.
Screw this.
You stay here, I'm gonna go find her.
- Not another step.
- I'm not here to clash.
I only want to help us get out of here.
Says the bitch who punched me in the throat.
I suggest you leave now before I get the urge to kick more of your ass.
I thought I could help people all around the world.
I never would have put you in harm's way otherwise.
The hell are you talking about? Mr.
I released him.
I led him to the camp.
What happened here tonight it's it's my fault.
You did this to me? Look at my fucking face! My Rabbit is parked in the staff lot.
If the three of us pull together, - we can survive this.
- No.
It's your fault I'm a monster.
It's your fault I'll never be on the cover of TV Guide! It's your fault my future is in radio! [RITA WHIMPERING.]
You don't want to do this.
- RITA: No.
Yes, I do.
Get out of my way! RAY: Oh, man.
That was kind of amazing.
Was it good for you? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, it was.
I mean, I think so.
I don't really have anything to compare it to.
You were my first.
Are you serious? I thought you were engaged.
We, uh, never [CHUCKLES.]
So I popped your cherry.
How do you feel? Thirsty.
RAY: Brooke? What is it? What is it? Oh, my God.
Is that my head in there? BROOKE: Yes.
Oh, my God.
- What are you? - Brooke, please No, don't touch me! Don't [GRUNTS.]
Holy shit.
Where have you been? Are you dead, too? Is everyone in this whole fucking place dead? Slow down.
I'm not dead.
I think I would know if I was dead.
Well, he didn't.
He was standing right here, and his head was right over there.
- What are you talking about? - Ray.
He's dead.
And I know that doesn't make any sense, but I can't breathe.
I feel like the world is crumbling out from under me.
I don't know what's real.
I-I don't even trust myself.
Maybe I really am just losing it.
I wish I never came to this place.
Don't worry, Brooke.
Ah! You'll be leaving soon.
You're always playing the victim.
People look at you and they see sweet, innocent Brooke.
Such a "good girl".
But I see what you really are: a fucking black hole where light goes to die.
- What? - And people peg me as the bad girl? Why 'cause I've got rad hair? 'Cause I act on my feelings? Where's my sympathy?! [GRUNTS, GROANS.]
Why are you doing this? When I saw you that day, it was like fate.
Out of all the places in the world you could have been, there you were, right in front of me.
And then, out of the sky, an AK-47 fell in my lap.
It was like the cosmos telling me I was right to hold onto this rage, because I was waiting for you to empty out the entire clip! Wait.
You sent him? Why? [SHORT CHUCKLE.]
Believe me.
I wanted to kill you myself.
But I didn't know if I had it in me.
I know I seem pretty bitchin', but I have moments of doubt, too.
There was only one person in my life who ever believed in me.
My brother.
And you killed him! I never killed anybody! - [GROWLS.]
- Your maniac fiancé pulled the trigger, but you're the reason he's dead.
Sam was your brother? [SCREAMS.]
You never should have brought me here.
I know.
I just wanted to understand him.
Was my father ever the man I loved? Or was he was he always a killer? I wasn't.
Margaret killed all those counselors in the '70s.
She made everyone believe that I did it.
She made me believe that I did it.
Outside the war I never killed anyone before tonight.
Then kill me.
It's all my fault.
All of this.
I can't live with this darkness.
Just do it.
- No.
There's only one kill left.
You you don't get off so easy.
You're gonna have to live with what you've done.
: Fucking bitch! [YELLING CONTINUES.]
- [YELLS.]
What are you gonna do with that, Brooke? Stay away from me.
You're psychotic! Maybe.
A little.
But that doesn't change how this is gonna end.
Those belong to you.
You're Mr.
I should have shot you in the head.
I'm gonna rip you apart.
I played Robin Hood in '79.
Stagedoor Dinner Theater, Tustin.
And thanks to Camp Redwood, I'm back in character.
When you put me in that oven, you cooked up your worst nightmare, asshole.
Margaret? Oh, God, Margaret.
Talk to me.
Margaret? Are you okay? Never better, actually.
Do you accept Satan as your master? KIDS: beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer Take one down, pass it around - 98 bottles of beer on the wall - [LAUGHING.]
98 bottles of beer on the wall 98 bottles of beer Take one down, pass it around 98 bottles of beer on the wall Here we are at Camp Redwood.
You all ready for a fun summer? ALL: Yeah! [SCREAMING.]
- I want you to know in your bones.
You did this! You selfish, evil whore! [SCREAMS.]
Oh! - [CRYING.]
- CHIEF DEPUTY: Oh, my God.
Ma'am? Are you all right? Oh, thank God you're here.
Don't worry, ma'am, you're safe now.
Do you know what happened here? Do you know who she is? MARGARET: Yeah, she's one of my counselors.
And she went crazy.
She attacked everyone.
She attacked me.
Let's get you down Please help me.
What am I supposed to do with this? There was no body next to it? Found it in the refrigerator.
I heard there was a motorcycle wreck by the entrance.
- That body had no head.
- Bag it separately.
We'll deal with who it belongs to at the morgue.
Sir, do you need help? Uh, yeah.
I de-I definitely do.
Are you hurt? Yeah.
Real bad.
Uh, I just don't know how or where, exactly.
Okay, have a seat.
I'm just gonna take some vitals.
Look, I have to get out of here, okay? I can't stay in this place another second.
- I have to get out right now.
- Just take it easy.
It was all bad.
All that blood and death.
This camp is fucked up.
I just want to go home.
Let's get him to the hospital.
Sir, we're gonna take good care of you.
- Just relax.
You're safe now.
I just wanted to go home.
JONAS: This is home.
Hey! Son of a bitch.
Ma'am? You okay? Tell me what's wrong.
I'm fucking dead, that's what.
Whoa! Easy.
You think if I killed you right now they'd give me the chair? Most definitely.
Agree to disagree.
What the hell, Montana? [WITH ACCENT.]
: There is no Montana.
Only Zuul.
: It's a joke, lighten up.
You guys are doing this purgatory thing all wrong.
We can be gods here.
Ugh, you guys are fucking boring.
Let's go.
Come on.
Wow! You know we gonna ride On a blue highway Walk with electro glide On a blue highway Wave below to Christ On my highway Yes, I almost died - Hey.
- On a blue highway Seat belt.
Seat belt? [LAUGHS.]