American Horror Story s12e03 Episode Script

When the Bough Breaks




I talked to the detectives in Brooklyn.
- Why?
- They're investigating your stalker, babe.
They need to know that there was
a crazy woman who pretended
to be a nurse at the hospital
where you mis
They think I made up the woman
in our apartment, Dex.
They're just going to think
I made this up, too.
But the hospital's pulling
the security footage.
They won't find her on it.
What? How do you know that?
I just know.
This will be exactly like
what happened in Brooklyn.
I mean, something really
fucked-up is happening.
I can't explain it,
but I know those
fucking cops won't help.
What do you want to do now?
Try again.
No, I, uh, I meant now now.
Like, you want to get some lunch?
Italian, maybe? Meatballs, red sauce?
Do you not want to?
Try again? I mean, I do.
Of course I do.
I just, I don't know about the timing.
I mean, shouldn't we wait until
all this has been resolved?
That's what they want us to do.
Whoever is fucking with me.
They're trying to keep me
from having a baby.
And they succeeded
this time, Dex. But
You think that nurse
She gave me an ultrasound
and 30 seconds later I miscarried.
- I don't know how it works.
I just know they're up to something.
I'm not saying never.
I'm just
Kamal, can you pull over?
[DEX] Babe
What do you need?
I need to be alone.
I'll find my way back.
Mr. Harding, do you want me to ?


Rock-a-bye ♪
Baby ♪
On the treetop ♪
I've been looking for you.
Wait, what?
[DEX] Ah
Oh, Anna. Jesus Christ.
She just got home.
Yeah. Thank you, Detective Wood.
Where the fuck were you?
Were you talking to the police?
There's a whole search crew
looking for you.
Kamal and I looked for you for hours.
You're on a lot of meds, honey.
But not meds that make you
fucking lose time. Wha ?
Well, they gave you a pretty
heavy sedative at the hospital.
You let them give me
a sedative without asking me?
You had just had a miscarriage, Anna.
They said it was standard.
Then why'd you let me walk into
the fucking woods by myself?!
Because I didn't know what else to do.
I am so grateful you are okay.
I saw her.
In the woods, Ms. Preecher.
The-the woman from Dr. Hill's office,
the one that took that photo
of me and posted it online.
You saw her in the woods?
She followed us out here.
I mean, she has to be
the one behind all of this.
The woman in the apartment, the nurse.
All of it.
Ms. Alcott, thank God you're okay.
Kamal, we're going back out.
There-there was a fire right here.
A-And she was up there.
[DEX] Up in the tree?
I don't see any ash.
I-I don't know what to say.
- It was all
That's an intense little guy.
You sure you didn't
see that and think ?
Let's just go home.



When the bough breaks ♪
The cradle will fall ♪
[IN DISTANCE] Rock-a-bye baby ♪
On the treetop ♪
When the wind blows ♪
The cradle will rock ♪
When the bough breaks ♪
The cradle will fall ♪
And down will come baby ♪
Cradle and all ♪
Rock-a-bye baby ♪
On the treetop ♪
When the wind blows ♪
The cradle will rock ♪
When the bough breaks ♪
The cradle will fall ♪
- Who are you?
- And down will come ♪
- Oh, I am, I am so sorry.
- Oh.
I'm Nicolette, Talia's house manager.
I didn't expect you to be up so early.
I was watching a video of me and my baby
to help me lactate.
How old?
She's eight weeks.
You're already back at work?
Well, I'm a single mom.
So what exactly does
a house manager do around here?
Manage the house.
Can I see the video?
Really? Well, sure.
Rock-a-bye baby ♪
Yeah, that's Mary.
She is my world.
- She's gorgeous.
- Oh, thank you.
- You guys look so happy.
- I know.
Do you have any?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
- I didn't mean
- No, I'm sorry.
- I'm just, I'm hormonal.
- Well, you know,
here, take one of these.
This always helps me with my cycle.
Where did this come from?
[NICOLETTE] Oh, that just
I don't know. It just
Well, it was lovely to meet you.
Aw, you shouldn't have.
Did you give Hamish our address?
The director of The Auteur? No.
Well, then how did this get here?
I don't know. Maybe
Siobhan gave it to him.
- She knows better than that.
- I don't think
you have to worry about that guy.
We agreed not to give
anybody the address.
I know, babe. We're on
the same team, remember?
What's going on here?
Is that an allergic reaction
to your makeup or something?
Um, I don't know what it is.
Here have a bite.
Don't worry.
By the time you turn 40,
all of your stalkers
will have moved on
to the next "it" girl.
It is kind of funny.
Every little girl dreams
of being a movie star.
Marilyn Monroe.
They never think about
what it really means.
- I'm going to call Siobhan.
- Why?
You need your best friend
with you right now.
- Hi, pretty.
- [GASPS] Siobhan,
what are you doing here?
Dex called me. He told me to come over.
Th-That was just a minute ago.
That was this morning.
I was in the car an hour later.
You just called me.
I called you from the car.
That was three hours ago.
May I?

Something's happening to me.
You need real food.
This is orgasmic.
It's the Green Goddess dressing
that went viral on TikTok.
So you feel crazy.
You have that hunted look.
Same thing I had after
I had my miscarriage.
You felt crazy, too?
I'm honestly shocked
I didn't get 5150'd.
I mean, I was this close
from running down
Fifth Avenue screaming,
"Fuck the patriarchy".
I mean, think about it.
Your body's flooded with chemicals
just to get you pregnant,
and then flooded
with more chemicals
once you are pregnant.
And then suddenly you aren't anymore,
so the chemicals just drop off
on top of all of the grief.
It's exactly what happens
after postpartum.
Except you don't even get
the fucking baby out of it.
- Yeah.
Nobody told me it would be like this.
Of course not, honey.
If they did, no one would
even ever try it.
Did you have this pooch?
Like-like your body
didn't get the message
that the baby was gone?
It feels almost sadistic,
but it goes away.
How'd you get through it?
The only thing I did right
was sweat my rage out.
Are you moving your body at least?
- Um, up and down the stairs.
- Oh, fuck, no.
Okay, girl, eat this salad, and
we're going to go on a walk.
All right, chew fast, bitch.
Your security guy is absurdly hot.
I wouldn't mind that guy
following me around all day.
Yeah, you'd think
it'd make me feel safer,
but it just makes me feel crazier.
- Why?
- He doesn't believe me either.
I mean, Dex doesn't anymore. I can tell.
You know, he might be having an affair.
With who?
Sonia, the artist he's been
- Okay, we're done.
- With what?
The pity party. Dex
is not having an affair.
That fake nurse didn't give
you a miscarriage, and there's
no secret plot to sabotage your
chances of getting pregnant.
You're just famous now,
and sometimes it blows.
You have one more week of moping.
And then we're getting you back
into the chair.
- Okay, what chair?
- The beauty chair.
I just booked you the cover of Vogue.
Siobhan, I'm nobody.
If you were a nobody,
would bitches be sneaking
into your house and your hospital room?
You've earned this.
And even if you haven't, I have.
Do you really think I'm ready?
Nobody's ready for anything
motherhood, stardom, miscarriages
we're all just learning on the job.
I'm going to need you to pull yourself
out of your misery
and into your ambition.
Anna Wintour, okay. I have
to take this and take off.
- Love you.
- Love you.
Hi, love.

Kamal? Let's go.

- Hi, Ms. Alcott. Did you have
- a nice time with your friend?
- She had to go home.






[SCREAMS] No, put me down!
No! No!
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Vivant liberi Domini nostri.
Salve, o puer. Ave Satanas.
Vivant liberi Domini nostri.
Salve, o puer. Ave Satanas.
Vivant liberi Domini nostri.
Salve, o puer. Ave Satanas.
Vivant liberi Domini nostri.
Salve, o puer. Ave Satanas.
Vivant liberi Domini nostri.
Salve, o puer. Ave Satanas.
Vivant liberi Domini nostri.

Anna, Jesus. What were you doing?
- He moved.
- What?
I felt the baby moving inside me.
Oh. Oh, take my hands, sweetheart.
You just need some rest.
I'll lie down with you.
You're not listening to me.
[SOFTLY] Here we go.
Look, I know I shouldn't
have been down there,
and I shouldn't have been drinking.
And I-I had this really fucked-up dream,
but then I-I felt something.
I felt something, and
it-it was, it was real!
How did she get there?
I just went to the basement
to-to hide her.
I found her on the beach.
Someone just left a "Summer Day" doll
that's been discontinued for 15 years,
on the beach, with pins
in its fucking stomach?
Well, not just someone.
The person or people
who are stalking me,
trying to intimidate me.
Th-They left one at Andy Cohen's studio.
You can ask Siobhan.
It just [SNIFFLES]
It all feels really unlikely,
I know, but it's happening.
- Are you okay?
- I don't know. I don't know.
I'm sorry, but it was my kid, too.

But do you think it's possible?
[HILL] It can be quite common
for women to continue
experiencing pregnancy
symptoms after miscarriage.
Grief can be very powerful,
and sometimes its effects
are felt physically.
No, but this wasn't a symptom, Dr. Hill.
I-I felt him move.
- Ms. Alcott
- I'm just asking.
I-I know it sounds crazy,
but could the miscarriage
have been misdiagnosed?
After reviewing the blood work
Southampton Hospital sent over,
considering the absence of a heartbeat
on your ultrasound and the
amount of blood you lost, no.
No, I'm afraid that's not possible.
One more thing, Dr. Hill.
Have women reported
experiencing very vivid,
scary dreams in the wake ?
Yes. That can happen.
Remember, what you
went through is a trauma.
Give yourself lots of time
and space to move through it.
Thank you, Doctor.

Um, Ms. Alcott.
Are-are you hurt?
No, I'm-I'm fine. Why?
Well, you're
Oh. Mm.


[CLERK] Ma'am?
I'm so sorry. We're about
to start closing up.
Oh, uh, I-I'm sorry.
Oh, don't be. I know how it is
when you got to get stuff for the kids.
Sometimes I can't believe
it's our job to keep them alive.
- Can I help you find anything?
Did you see those women?
What women?
The women wearing the, um
You and I are
the only ones left in here.
Um, I-I am looking for
a fetal heart monitor.
Oh, a Doppler?
Who knows why they call them that?
Is this your first?
- How far along are you?
- Not sure.
Oh, darn it. We're out of stock,
but I can order one for you.
You know what? That's okay. Thank you.
Wait. I'm sorry. I have to ask.
Do you mind if I
Oh, he's a kicker.
- You can feel that?
- Sure can.
Gosh, you're not showing at all.
You're one of those women
who can just eat fries
at every meal and not gain
a pound, aren't you? [LAUGHS]
There he is again.

Pull over.
- [DEX] Son.
- It's so good to see you.
- [SONIA] You, too.
You're gonna love it, trust me.
- Ms. Alcott?
- Shh.
- Watch out for her.
[KAMAL] Get away!
I'm sorry.
- Lost her.
- I told you.
I told you something was happening.
I told you they were following me.
I-I told you I saw that
woman in the woods.
That was her. I told you.
You didn't believe me. No one did.
- I never said that
- You didn't have to.

Good night, Kamal.
- Good night, Ms. Alcott.


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