American Horror Story s12e05 Episode Script


[PERSON 1] We are all
just thrilled for you.
Thank you so much, Karl.
[PERSON 2] Just don't let this little
interlude impede your creativity.
[PATIENT] Oh, I won't, Yves.
I think this baby will
inspire me to do my best work.
We can't wait to see
what comes next year.
You are among the finest
young designers we have.
I'm so lucky to know you both.
[KARL GRUNTS] But, darling,
where is your family?
You mean the baby's father?
Stuck in traffic?
[CRYING] Where are you taking me?
- Shh.
What are you going to do?
- We already told you.
It hurts!
You're having a fucking
baby. Of course it hurts.
Good evening, Ms. Preecher.
I'm Dr. Andrew Hill.
Do you understand the procedure
you'll be undergoing today?
I-I don't think I
Well, you made an agreement
that cannot be reneged.
- But I
- Sorry.
Can you open your legs for me, please?
- Thank you.
Little wider. Little wider.
Very good. Okay.
You're looking good. Now push.
[DR. HILL] Push. Come on.
You're gonna have to push a
whole lot harder than that. Okay?
Come on!
Goddamn it!
- Push.
Oh, God. It's gonna be a long night.
A little help, please? A little help?
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
All this It's all worth it.
[PANTING] All worth it.
It's all worth it.
- Push. Push. Push. Good. Yeah. [GROANS]
He's crowning. He's crowning.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
[DEX] So what exactly would it entail?
[VIRGINIA] Just telling
the jury what you saw.
I didn't see anything, Mom.
Then you can simply testify
as a character witness.
Testifying to your character?
And against your father's.
- I don't have anything against Dad.
- Well, of course you don't.
- He bought you the life you have.
- That's not true.
He sent you to RISD to be an
artist. When that didn't work out,
he bought you a ludicrously
expensive condo to cheer you up.
- Mom.
- Then he bought you a wedding
- to a woman who happened to die.
- Stop this.
Darling, I'm just stating facts.
Drop it.
The trial? I can't, darling.
I'm all set to file tomorrow.
I've hired Luther Feldman.
[CHUCKLING] Luther Feldman
really thinks you have a case?
He represented not one, but three
of Harvey Weinstein's victims.
He does not take on cases lightly.
I just don't want you to come
out of this looking crazy.
[VIRGINIA] Everyone already
treats me like I'm crazy.
What harm can this do?
This isn't a lark, darling.
No one accuses a person
they once loved of assault
because they have nothing better to do.
No one accuses anyone
of sexual misconduct
for any reason that isn't
rooted in desperation.
I love you, and I want to help you.
I always thought it was funny
that we consider men the braver sex.
Women will do anything
to help each other.
Some men won't even stand up
for the woman who birthed them.
I need to get home to Anna.
[VIRGINIA] Didn't you say
she was in the city today?
You're going to regret not believing me.
- Congratulations on your GG nom, Anna.
- Hi. Thank you. [GIGGLES]
We are thrilled to be
working with you.Hi.
Oh, my God. Anna. Hi. Congrats.
meant on the pregnancy.
Who cares about awards? So silly.
Ah. Right. [CHUCKLES]
Do you work with Siobhan?
She's my best friend.
Small world. I love her.
Isn't awards season so intense?
[INHALES] I'm exhausted.Hmm.
And I'm only 21. I can't
imagine how you feel.
Oh, my God. Are those Suprêmes?
Oh, yeah. They're,
you know, from that
I thought they were only sold in
two drops a day, one per customer?
- Yeah, I actually I know the
- May I?
Mmm. I really shouldn't.
I wanna stay a sample size. [CHUCKLES]
[BABETTE] Oh. So sorry.
I have to take this.
It's Lorne Michaels.
Hi, Lorne.
No, that Saturday won't
work. She has another event.
Oh, hey, sweetie. One sec.
Okay. I'll let you know.
I'll check with her team
and get back to you. Okay.
Oh, my God. Are those Suprêmes?
What the fuck was Babette doing here?
Please don't talk disrespectfully
about one of my other clients.
Siobhan, she's in my category.
I don't have a noncompete clause.
Come on. You're
You're my best friend.
We're also work colleagues.
We have to maintain boundaries,
and this is one you don't wanna cross.
- [SCOFFS] Wow.
Okay. Well, I brought
you these overpriced
stupid pastries to say thank you.
And I sincerely appreciate it.
Why are you doing this to me?
not all about you, babe.
We've all got bills to pay.
Are you punishing me
because I got pregnant?
Paranoid much?
- Relax. You're out of the red.
Vomitgate's behind us. Enjoy this.
Or try to.
[SOFTLY] Okay.
- [SIOBHAN] Wait. I have something for you.
Gotta keep your energy
up. It's awards season.
[KAMAL] Do you need
anything, Miss Alcott?
I'm sorry if this is
a strange thing to ask,
but my wife loves Vogue magazine,
and she asked if you
would sign this for her?
I-I didn't know you were married.
Five years next month. [CHUCKLES]
[CLICKS TONGUE] Let me find a pen.
You did a very brave thing
just now, Ms. Harding.
Thank you, Luther. I'm so grateful
for your support and guidance.
[LUTHER] Well, I'm
proud to represent you.
You're paving the way for
many other women just like you.
There are far too many.
I need to talk to you.
[MS. PREECHER] I know what
it's like not to be believed.
I was 25.
I was rising up in the world of fashion.
Ever since I was a child,
I wanted to be a designer.
I came to FIT,
but I didn't even get
a chance to graduate.
I was scooped up by
Lagerfeld and Saint Laurent.
They dubbed me protégé.
And then?
I had a one-night stand
during Fleet Week. Ugh.
I was going to have it taken care of.
I was on my way to the clinic [SIGHS]
when I was approached by a woman.
She said she could help me.
She said that if I gave her the baby
Why did she want the baby?
I don't know. I didn't
then, and I still don't.
But I have theories.
I put them on the Internet,
and no one believes me.
They call me conspiracist.
But I know these women
are planning something.
Why did you go through with it all?
She said she would give me the
world if I gave her this one thing.
- And you did.
- I sold the patent to my handbag
to Marc Jacobs.
I didn't know who he
was. No one did then.
Now they're worldwide sensation.
I live from the sales, but it's
not enough. It's never enough.
Are you telling me all
this because of my husband?
Your husband? God, no.
I don't know anything
about that asshole.
I'm telling you this
because of your son.
is in great danger,
and so is his wife.
They've been coming for
your family for a long time.
- What? Why?
- They are angry at him.
One of their most
powerful players defected
because she fell in love with him.
- Adeline?
- [SHUSHES, WHISPERS] Lower your voice.
They're everywhere.
Believe me.
[DEX] We're so grateful you
could get up here, Dr. Hill.
[DR. HILL] Oh, well, it's not
something I would normally do,
but given the specificity
of your circumstances
There you go. [GRUNTS]
- I know. I know.
- It hurts. I'm sorry about that, my dear
- Ow.
but what you're experiencing
is a relatively common condition
for women in their third
trimester called rib flare.
But I'm only in the second trimester.
Okay. Well, uh,
I guess the little guy's
growing pretty fast.
But, uh, everything
is healthy otherwise.
He's just putting some pressure
on your ribs as he grows,
especially on this side.
- So, any pain there?
- No, actually. [BREATHES HEAVILY]
- Okay. Well, that confirms it then.
- [DR. HILL] Yeah. Remember, this is good news,
for baby at least.
For mom, it could make things
a little bit uncomfortable.
Now, Cora in my office can send over
some light exercises I recommend.
Um, baths and prenatal yoga
are also really helpful too.
Baths and yoga. That's
That's all you can do?
I mean, I-I can't keep going
on in-in-in this much pain.
Well, I'm sorry that nobody ever said
that pregnancy was gonna be a
walk in the park, Ms. Alcott.
Why don't you describe your
pain a little more clearly to me?
Um, it's it's the rib
and, uh, just this, like,
stabbing pain in [SWALLOWS]
in my groin on and off.
Well, sounds like you have round
ligament pain on top of the rib flare.
But Cora can help with that too.
She just got licensed as
a pelvic floor therapist.
So, we'll set up an appointment.
What does that entail?
[DR. HILL] Miss Alcott,
I need to know that you're willing to do
everything you can for
a healthy pregnancy.
I am. I mean of c of course I am.
Okay. Well, good because it
also means no travel whatsoever
for the remainder of the pregnancy.
Wait. What?
She's nominated for a Golden
Globe. Ceremony's in a couple weeks.
Yes, I understand all that, but the time
has come to ask yourselves a question:
"What's more important?
A baby or an award?"
I mean, get used to
having your dreams crushed.
That's what being a parent is.
My oldest just found out she didn't
get early admission for U Penn.
It's like Hiroshima all
over again in my house.
Pregnancy is like everything else.
Use common sense, you
should be just fine.
Stop listening to your gut?
[WHISPERS] Watch out.
[DEX] What can I do for you, baby?
Invite Sonia over for dinner.
Yeah, she's out here
for the gallery anyways.
Maybe some girl time
will be good for me.
Okay. Sure.
Very nice.
Think about pulling the baby
down into the mat as you exhale.
Are you still having
any lower back pain?
No, actually. Feels good.
See? Your body will always
tell you when something's wrong.
[SIGHS] The centerpiece
is doing too much.
I think we need something simpler.
Oh, does this look good
to you, Miss Alcott?
Looks great.
[SIGHS] Okay.
- Sonia.
- I'm so sorry. I know I'm way too early.
[CHUCKLING] That's fine. That's fine.
I just I forget how
close everything is out here.
We're just getting situated. [LAUGHS]
Great light.
[SOFTLY] Are you all right?
Miss Shawcross, can
I g-grab your jacket?
- [SONIA] Oh, thank you so much.
I don't know why she was
looking at you like that.
She was probably just taken
aback by my stunning beauty.
Look, I just wanted to
say, before Dex came back,
I'm-I'm sorry if I've been cold to you.
Stop. You're pregnant and
campaigning for an Oscar nomination.
You can behave any way you like.
Oh, speaking of which.
Some baby gifts.
Oh, you you did not
have to do that. [CHUCKLES]
Please. Babies are the only
people who deserve gifts.
Really, I'm amazed any
of us survived the trauma
of being forced into a world
we never consented to live in.
Oh, God. Speaking of trauma,
Dex told me what's
been happening to you.
He told you about the stalker?
Ugh. Sounds like a literal nightmare.
Yeah, it's-it's been hell.
You know, I
[CHUCKLING] I actually thought
that you were following me
at one point. [CHUCKLES]
I-I know that sounds crazy. I just
I saw someone wearing those green
heels you had on at the gallery.
Oh, God, I never wear green.
Oh, no, the color
washes me out terribly.
Even on my feet.
I must be misremembering.
Oh, pregnancy hormones.
God, I could only imagine.
- Darling.
- Ew. Don't call me that.
Could you
put down your phone?
If only just for the rest of the meal.
Thirty seconds. That's all I ask.
Do you realize there's hundreds
of millions of dollars in deals
in your hand right now?
But there is nothing more
valuable than human connection.
I already came over
here for dinner with you
as if we're, like, a couple.
And now I have to fucking
listen to you talk?
That's way too much
to ask of me, Hamish.
I need to know something. Just answer
my question, and I will give it back.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Tell me the truth.
About what?
That film script you gave
me just over a year ago
the one you told me to put my name on
and direct without any
other information whatsoever,
including who wrote it
and how you got your hands on it
that film, which everyone told me,
including my own agents,
would go absolutely nowhere,
especially if I cast
Anna Victoria Alcott,
who you insisted upon is
now a frontline awards contender
and has been nominated for
no less than 11 Golden Globes.
Why are you saying that
like it's a bad thing?
What the fuck is going on, Siobhan?
And who the hell are you?
Well, I was determined to use my
own menses as the primary material.
I had to collect it, store it, save it.
Everyone thought I was mad.
Well, that's what they always say
about women who end up being geniuses.
Pain is the touchstone of growth.
[DEX] Well, sometimes pain is just pain.
- Not in my world.
I decided the first time my mum hit me,
I was never gonna waste any of it.
- Your mom hit you?
- [SONIA] Almost every day.
Well, she was borderline or bipolar.
Both. Who knows? [CHUCKLES]
You know, women weren't
diagnosed in those days.
They just screamed behind doors.
So, I moved to Berlin when I
was 17 to get away from her.
Started alchemizing my pain into art,
and now I'm grateful for
everything she put me through.
Landed me here,
with you.
- [DEX] So much fun.
- [SONIA] You're an excellent host.
- Thank you.
- Not as good as Anna.
- [DEX] Yeah, it was.
It was a great time.
[ANNA] Let me walk you to your car.
- [SONIA] Thank you.
- [DEX] Okay. Great, great.
I'll see you at the gallery.
wanted to ask you something.
[SONIA] Yeah.
Have you seen this photo?
Um, no.
I can't say I have.
Bloody hell. She looks just like me.
Yeah, that's that's what I thought.
But as a carefree blonde. With eyebrows.
And no facial piercings.
Did Dex say the same thing?
Are you sure you don't know her?
I'd remember meeting someone
who resembles my less evil twin.
- Sorry, it
- Hey.
God, I can only imagine
the amount of pressure
you're under right now.
Okay? You have to be
gentle with yourself.
Call me if you need any help.
My hotel's 15 minutes away.
[ANNA] Looking for something?
[NICOLETTE] Did you have a nice time?
How do you know Sonia?
I don't.
Hmm. But you knew her last name.
- Because Mr. Harding told me.
- Oh, don't call him that.
And you don't need to
call me Miss Alcott either.
- Miss Baldwin likes us to.
- But I don't.
I'm only comfortable doing
what Miss Baldwin asks.
You were looking at
her like you knew her.
She just looks so much like
an old friend of mine
Who's Adeline?
Thank you for tonight.
You opened my gift?
Well, I couldn't resist.
Kamal. We're going to physical
therapy, not the house.
Well, this is the address
the doctor's office gave me.
I had no idea. That's so crazy.
How long have you guys lived here?
Well, Dex has been here, like, 15 years.
That long? I-I always forget he's
older. He looks good for his age.
Um, yeah and I've been
here since we got engaged.
So, like, five years ago.
have a seat on the table.
Um, should I take my shoes off?
[SMACKS LIPS] Um, just
take off everything
from the waist down, and we're good.
- Oh, oh.
Well, we can certainly do
external pelvic massage as well.
If you're open to deeper work, it really
helps if I have access internally.
Up to you.
Yeah, I don't know
about that. [CHUCKLES]
No problem at all. "It's
your body." [CHUCKLES]
So, I guess the pain's
gotten better then?
Let's just give it a try.
I'll give you some privacy.
Sign this consent form for me.
What is all this? Just
standard practice. [CHUCKLES]
Lie down for me.
You'll feel some coldness and pressure.
It's nothing you haven't
felt before. [SIGHS]
[CORA] Your right
iliococcygeus is tight.
I'm gonna try to release it.
[CORA] Any better?
I ca I can't really tell.
Your left pubococcygeus needs
releasing too. One moment.
Okay. [GRUNTS] I wa
I want you to stop.
Just one moment.
You know, uh [STAMMERS] I'm
not I'm not really sure about this.
Just one moment.
- Okay. I want you to stop.
- It's almost released.
Get your fingers out of me!
Not everyone's ready
for the deeper work.
- What are you doing?
I heard that noise again.
- What noise?
- You didn't hear it?
Right. You think the house
is haunted or something.
Anna. [SIGHS] Anna. Anna.
Cora molested me today.
I'm serious.
She stuck her fingers inside of me.
When I told her to stop, she wouldn't.
sorry. I'm sorry. [EXHALES]
What are you talking
about? Dex, it's not funny.
Cora is a trained
physical therapist, babe.
I really don't think that she would
Why don't you ever
just fucking believe me?
Where are you going?
Don't ignore me, Anna.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
You know what, Dex? Maybe I am.
And you know what else?
I like myself a lot
fucking better this way.
I know you're upset that you
can't go to the Golden Globes.
Don't laugh at me.
Wait. You You You think this
is about the the Golden Globes?
What the hell is wrong with you?
What the hell is wrong with you?
Huh? You thought you
could bury your grief
about your beautiful
dead wife by marrying me?
Thought I'd be your cute little prop?
I mean, what century
do you think it is, Dex?
And what exactly are you offering me?
I don't I don't know what to
do. I don't know what to do, Anna.
Admit it.
I'm not having an affair.
[SCOFFS] I know that.
I mean admit that you think I'm crazy.
Just admit that you think
I've made everything up.
That you think there was never
a stalker in our apartment.
That you think I wrote on the mirror
and called the cops to get attention
or some dumb shit.
That I made up the fake nurse.
- That I planted the fucking dolls.
- Yes!
Of course. Yes!
I knew it. I fucking knew it.
What else am I supposed to think, Anna?
None of it makes any sense.
[CLICKS TONGUE] You're right about that.
I love you.
I love you. But
This-This isn't love.
This is suffocation.
This is how you treat a child.
What [SIGHS]
What do you need?
I need you to believe me.
[SIGHS] I don't know if I can do that.
Thanks for your honesty.
I'm gonna watch the Globes. You coming?
It is my great honor to present
this year's Golden Globe Award
for Best Actress in a
Motion Picture Drama.
And the award goes to
- Babette Eno, Daddy, Do You Love Me.
Um, I can't believe I'm even up here.
I wouldn't be here if it weren't for
the amazing shoulders I've
been privileged to stand on.
My fellow nominees, thank
you for paving the way for me.
- Anna Victoria Alcott, wherever
Shouldn't you be at the Golden
Globes with your new fucking client?
[SIOBHAN] Look, I'm disappointed too.
But I'm gonna ask you something.
Do you want an Oscar?
You know I do.
Do you want it as much as a baby?
Are you willing to do
whatever I say to get it?
Good. I'll call you in the morning.
What's wrong?
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